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Sometimes things happen because they need to. This was my feeling about my meeting with
Bill and Bess. They were an older couple, perhaps in their seventies, and I was in my mid-
sixties. This is what happened. After the death of my wife, I had returned to the sexual habits
of my youth. To put it in plain English, I started jacking off again with as much interest and
dedication as I had felt during puberty. I had decided that I didn't want to adjust to another
person at my age and would remain single. Of course there had been a few offers for meals
and even more, but they soon realized my lack of interest and stopped calling. I had about
decided to turn into a hermit.

One beautiful, warm spring day, I was out enjoying the budding trees, the birds singing, and
the fresh air. I was lost in the wonder of nature renewing itself when I suddenly realized that
I was sitting in a very pretty lady's lap. "Oh, excuse me! I'm so sorry," I explained as I got
up. "I was looking up in the trees and didn't see you there." I had tripped and fallen before I
realized what was happening." "It's kind of nice to have a handsome gentleman falling for
me again," the lady said with a twinkle in her eye and a beautiful smile. "My name's Henry,"
I felt compelled to say. "Mine's Bess. Actually it's Elizabeth but Bill has always called me
Bess. My mother didn't like it at first, but eventually she began to call me that too. I've been
Bess for many years now." "Your husband?" I asked, wondering if he was still alive. "This
old codger walking up right now," she said with a loving tease. "Bill, this nice man is

"I can't leave you alone for ten minutes until some old man starts trying to get in
your - - " "Bill!" she scolded. "Henry here might be offended." "I don't know why. Surely he
knows men and women do that kind of thing. Have sex." I smiled at his teasing and admitted
that I realized that it did happen to some of the luckier ones.
Bill looked me straight in the eye and smiled a devilish smile. He put his arm around his
pretty wife and pulled her close. "Henry thinks he'd be lucky to have sex," he said and kept
his eyes locked with mine. "Henry must not have an available outlet for his sexual needs."
"Actually, I don't, except my hand," I added and blushed in the admitting. "Then we need to
improve his luck," Bill stated and still held me in his stare. "I've been introduced to so many
available women that I'm a little tired of that game," I explained. "I wasn't planning on
introducing you to any one," Bill quietly explained. "I was thinking more of well - the three
of us going to our house and getting to know each other a little better." I was suddenly
speechless. I felt a flush of blood rush up my neck and a twitch of interest in my boxers. Bill
continued to hold me in his stare but it was friendlier now. "Maybe Henry isn't interested,"
Bess quietly suggested. "Not all men are as randy as you are." "Of course he's interested,"
Bill said and smiled at her.

I was glad to be released from his hypnotizing stare. "He's male isn't he?" "Actually, I was at loose ends this evening, wondering what I was going to do to fill the hours. It's been a while since I've visited with anyone. I'm enjoying the socializing,"
I explained. "That settles it!" Bill said and took Bess by the hand. "Come on, Henry. Let's go
to our house and socialize."
We walked the two blocks to their house and stepped into the past. Everything was straight
out of the fifties. I felt like a teenager again. I felt the need to wear my jeans on my hips and
roll up the sleeves of my white T-shirt. "Takes you back a little, doesn't it?" Bess asked as
she took my jacket and hung it in the hall closet. "We've had fun searching for the real fifties
artifacts." "I feel like I did when I was in high school," I explained as I glanced down at a
kidney shaped coffee table. "Good. That means your dick is at the ready," Bill said with a
good-hearted slap on the back. "Well " I blushed and couldn't think of an answer. "You'll
have to forgive Bill. He's gotten to where he just says what he's thinking. And it's usually
about sex," Bess said with a happy smile on her face. "When I had cancer, I realized that I
was not going to live forever. That was when I decided to be who I wanted to be and do what
I wanted to do. As long as Bess is happy with it." "That's a good way to be. Are you " I
asked before I thought. "It's all gone. Surgery took care of it. Four years this May. If I go
another year cancer free, I'll be diagnosed as cured.

I miss my instant hard-ons but I'd rather be alive and limp than dead and stiff." There was sudden silence with that statement. Bess and I were waiting for Bill to make the next move. Bill was lost in his thoughts for a few moments and then broke his reverie with a big smile. "Okay! That's all explained. Now for the good part. I have a pump that gives me really firm erections and I'm cancer free."

Bill mixed a pitcher of martinis and poured us each one. They were almost frozen they were
so cold, and absolutely delicious. I felt mine hit and my whole body relax. This was
beginning to get interesting. "Henry, are you interested in more than visiting?" Bill asked as
he poured seconds for us. "I really like you two. I think I'd like to know you better. Yes, I'm
interested in more than just visiting. What do you have in mind?" "Let's get naked and see
what happens," Bill said and began unbuttoning his shirt. I was shocked to say the least.
However, when Bess began to unbutton her dress, I decided to throw caution to the winds
and started to undress too. Soon we were three naked humans, sitting comfortably in their
living room, totally at ease with each other and enjoying the wonderful freedom of

Bill motioned for me to join them on the sofa. They moved apart, leaving a space for me in
the center and indicated that I should sit between them. I felt a partial erection but it seemed
so natural that I wasn't embarrassed. "I like it that my wife can still get that kind of reaction
from the men," Bill said. "I must admit, seeing you two naked has given me an excitement I
haven't felt in a long time," I explained and placed one hand on Bess's knee and another on
Bill's. "I didn't realize how much I missed the touch of a beautiful woman." Bess placed her
hand on my bare leg and slowly inched her way closer to my rapidly growing manhood. At
that moment, Bill let his hand make a parallel movement on my other leg. I moaned and
threw my head back on Bill's arm. I felt a soft hand take my now very erect pleasure tool and
another bigger, rougher hand caress my balls. I thrust my hips up with no control over my

Bill stood up and pushed me down where he had been sitting. As I lay on my back, Bess
straddled me and slowly lowered herself on to my throbbing thruster. I reached up and took
Bill's limp dick and pulled him down so I could take it in my mouth. I had never tasted a
man before. I was surprised at the coppery taste and the musky smell, but the soft dick in my
mouth felt good and I let myself enjoy the moment and dismissed all inhibitions. He placed
his knees on each side of my head and leaned over to kiss Bess. I reached up with on hand
and caressed his balls. With the other, I fondled her large breasts and tweaked her erect
nipples. She was slowly raising and lowering herself on me. Bill was beginning to move his
hips and I sucked and slobbered on his dick. He began to moan and twist. Bess was going
faster and faster. I squeezed his balls a little harder and let his dick head go deeper in my
throat. I pulled it out and sucked it back in.

Soon I found that I could simulate the rhythm of sex for Bill, and his moaning and groaning
rewarded me. I felt Bess arch her back and scream out in a shuddering growl. Bill did the
same and I felt something hot begin to fill my mouth. I was so caught up in their orgasms
that I swallowed it all and sucked for more. Bill reached down and pinched both my nipples.
I had never had that happen before and the shock of the sensual feeling sweeping my body
took me over the top. I began to thrust into Bess with a force that I didn't know I still
possessed. I sucked on Bill until I almost swallowed his manhood. I felt a spasm of ecstasy
wrack my entire being and my body pumped out my love potion deeply into Bess. I thrust,
jabbed, poked and probed her with all my soul. I heard my scream escape around Bill's dick
and pierce the atmosphere. I kept thrusting and shooting until I realized that Bess was in the
throes of another orgasm.

We banged into each other with an uncontrollable power as our climaxes matched each
other. I gradually slowed down my thrusting into Bess as she gradually slowed down her
raising and lowering onto me. Bill pulled his tender dick from my mouth and we all began to
relax. Bill sat down and put my head in his lap. Bess leaned over and collapsed on top of me.
We were all three sweaty and slick from the powerful sex. I could feel Bess's heart beating
against my chest as it gradually slowed down to normal. I could feel Bill's stomach against
my head. It felt good and right. He tenderly placed on hand on Bess's back lovingly patter
her. She reached up with her hand and held his dick and balls in a familiar caress. I felt as if I
had known them forever instead of just a few hours. We stayed in that position for a long
time, savoring the rapture.

"Can anyone use another martini?" Bill asked and slipped out from under my head to get
them. "I could use a martini and another session like this," I mumbled. "When I recover."
"Me too," Bess moaned against my shoulder. "Then let's have one," Bill announced. "We'll
have supper on the balcony and then we can get in our king size bed and see what happens.

We won't wear any clothes for the whole weekend." "I like that idea," I moaned. "I do too,"
Bess agreed and snuggled closer. Besides, I didn't get to use my pump!" Bill groused in a
good humor as he poured the icy liquid into the stems. "Are you going to drink these things
or am I going to have to pour them on you?" Bess sat up and took her's from Bill. I sat up
and took mine too. An icy martini wasn't exactly the sensation my body was craving. "That
was a great orgasm," I admitted after a few sips. "I never sucked a dick before either." "I've
never had a man suck my dick before. I can't believe the powerful orgasm I had without an
erection. It was really good." "I have you both beat. I had two!" Bess bragged and we all
three laughed in a warm friendship that I was glad to find.

The End


2007-12-22 17:23:52
You write really tasteful erotica. Thank you for an excellent story. 10/10


2007-05-19 05:08:06
I wasn't really sure what I would think about two men together. Now I understand what men love about hearing about two women. :P


2005-10-18 21:02:15
Dirty old men and women need love and sex,too. No matter if its bi or straight. Loved the story, could have been longer though.Gave it a 8.


2005-08-31 18:21:53
Erotic as all get out, i loved it, him sucking husband's cock. the whole scene, it should be a movie. i just read the last scene again, it is tooooo hhoootttt!!!!!!:))-


2005-01-22 11:13:54
your stories light a fire in me that hasn't been there in a while.
I'm wondering if I were to have another man again if he could be like some of the ones you write about...

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