The Good Teacher- A Paperboys Dream

It was a rainy, Friday night. I was a thirteen year old paper boy, out collecting from
my customers. On my paper route were two brick buildings of apartments. I was
looking forward to them just to get out of the rain. The long halls both up and down
stairs were lit by a single naked bulb. Very few of the people were home when I
knocked on their doors.

In the second building I had three customers. The first, upstairs wasn't home. The
second was and he was grumpy as I waited for him to scrape up the forty-five cents
for the weeks paper. He growled at my 'Thank you' and closed the door. I walked
reluctantly to the last customer at the end of the downstairs hall. I knocked and
waited. The click of high heels came toward the door and the lock clicked. The door
opened and she looked at me a moment.

"Collect for the paper, Mrs. Bell?" I asked

"Oh, uh sure. Just a second," she stuttered. She turned from the door and then turned back.
"You're soaked. Would you like to come in and dry out a little," she asked. Her eyes
were bright and she motioned me into the apartment.

I stared a moment. I knew that she was a school teacher. Not at my school but one
across town. She was still dressed in the skirt and blouse that she had worn to school
that day and the high heels. In retrospect, she must have just gotten home.
Warm, welcome odors wafted from the apartment and I looked at her full womanly
figure. I wasn't sure but she smiled and her brown eyes seemed inviting.
"Yes, Ma'am. I guess so," I stammered.

She closed the door behind me and pointed to a chair in the small, crowded living
room. I glanced around at the lived in room and felt immediately comfortable.
"I was making hot chocolate. Would you like some?" she asked.
I stared up at her for a second. Her breasts seemed like pyramids form below. Sharp
pointed, white encased pyramids. Her blouse clung to her body like it was wet.
"Um, Uh, yes, Ma'am," I croaked.

She smiled and turned out of the room. I could hear the soft sounds form the kitchen
as she did things. Soon she returned and handed me a hot mug of steaming hot
chocolate. Her red full lips smiled softly as she sat down on the sofa across from me.

She sipped her chocolate and looked at me. I sipped mine and looked at her. Slowly,
I became aware that I could see up her skirt. I burned my tongue.
She was wearing a tight, dark blue wool skirt. Her knees were a few inches apart and
what I could see was faint but visible. Her bare thighs above her stockings were
white and touching together. Just above them I could make out a small white
triangle. I decided I had better stop staring. I glanced up and found her watching me.
Her lips were curved in a peculiar smile. I looked away to the window.
The shade's were down on both of the windows but I could see shadows from the
street light on the corner. Lightening flashed in the distance and I could hear the rain
on the glass.

"Sounds like it might rain all night." She spoke finally, her voice soft and distant

"Yeah, uh, yes, Ma'am." I looked back to her face. I was having trouble keeping my
eyes above her chin.

"Do you have very much collecting to do tonight?" She licked her red lips and sipped her

“No, Ma'am. The apartments are at the end of the route," I lied. I didn't even know
why I did. She glanced at the window and I looked down. Her knees were further apart. Her thighs weren't touching and the small white triangle had become a white band between them. I swallowed hard and felt heat risein my crotch. Her legs opened a little more. I could see the sheen of the nylon panties. I looked up quickly. She was still looking at the window.

"What grade are you in, Jeff?" She turned to look at me.

"The. . ." I had lost my voice! "The eighth!" I blurted.

"You're thirteen, then?"

Yes, Ma'am. Two months ago."

She seemed pleased with the answer. She rose, taking he cup. "I think I want some more hot chocolate. How about you?"

"Yes, Ma'm, please," I replied, eagerly, handing her my cup. I watched her wool encased hips as she walked to the kitchen door and disappeared. I pushed at the bulge of my cock in the front of my jeans. It felt like it was swollen to full size. I was no stranger to it being hard. It got that way often enough. And sometimes at the wrong time. I wasn't sure this was the right time.

She sat her cup on the end table and bent down to set mine on the coffee table at my
knees. I didn't remember the top two buttons on her blouse being open. I could see
the valley between her large breasts and even an edge of her white bra. My cock
jerked and I almost gasped.

"There you are," she said, dropping slowly onto the sofa.

I lifted the cup and sipped slowly. My tongue was already burned enough. The
chocolate had a faintly sharp after taste. I didn't remember that in the first cup.

"Do you like my special recipe for hot chocolate?" she asked.

"Yes, Ma'm. Its very good." Warmth was spreading down my throat and into my

“Do you have a girl friend, Jeff?"

"Uh, well, um. . . No, Ma'am." I could feel the blush sweep over me.

"Tell you what, Jeff. Why don't you drop the 'Ma'am' and just call me Grace." She
leaned forward as she spoke. The flesh hills in the 'V' of her blouse looked like they
would jump out any second.

"Yes, uh, okay, Grace." It was hard to say her name. It was hard to talk.

"Fine." She leaned back with a smile and crossed her legs. Her skirt had ridden up
until I could see the underside of the crossed leg all the way to the top of her

Another sip or two of the chocolate and I was feeling very warm and strange. It was
good and made me feel good. I wasn't sure if I should be feeling that way.

"That chocolate tastes great but I feel a little weird," I said.

"Bad?" she asked, watching me. She uncrossed her legs and turned toward me, knees

"No, not bad. Warm and funny." My eyes dropped to her knees and they were wide
apart. The room light filled all the shadows and I could see her thighs and stockings
and the crotch of her panties. I saw a dark, wet looking spot on the nylon. I
wondered if she had wet her pants.

Things were getting a little fuzzy. I looked up at her face she had a strange look in
her eyes. I could see a little perspiration on her upper lip. I bit my lower lip. It was a
little numb.

"Did my chocolate cause that?" She was looking at my lap.
The front of my jeans was one big bulge.

"Uh, No!" I stammered, twisting and turning trying to make the bulge smaller.

"Then what did?" She was leaning toward me, her eyes fixed on the bulge. Her
tongue licked her full red lips and her nostrils seemed to flare. The way she stared at
it made it worse. My cock started to throb.

"I . . . I don't know," I lied. "It just does that sometimes."
I was about to panic. I set my cup in the saucer on the table and started gathering my
route book and raincoat.

"I guess I had better go," I stammered.

"Oh, don't go just yet, Jeff," she said softly. Her slender fingers curled softly around
my wrist. It was like electricity flowing from her hand. "I'm sorry if I embarrassed
I laid my book and coat aside, slowly. My ears were buzzing and I looked down into
the valley of her breasts. Maybe just a few minutes more.

"What time is it?" I croaked.

She looked at the clock on the shelf behind me. "7:20."

"Well, I guess I can stay a little while," I relented.

"Good! It's nice to have someone to talk to." She relaxed a little but let her fingers on
my arm.
"Move over here on the sofa. I like to be close to someone when we talk," she

I was reluctant to move because I would lose the vantage point I had for sneaking
peaks under her skirt. She tugged gently and I rose and moved around the coffee
table, crouched over. My cock was still a bulge and I was trying to hide it.
Her perfume filled my nostrils as I sat down on the end of the sofa. She tugged at my

"No, down here, closer," she demanded.

I slid across to her. She was still holding my wrist. Nonchalantly, she sat my palm on
her stocking covered knee and covered it with her hand.
"Now, isn't that better?" Her eyes had that strange look again.

I nodded and reached for my cup. Turning it up I emptied it. It burned faintly as it
went down.

“Empty?" she asked.

"Yeah, but that's enough for now."

"Here have a sip of mine." She held the cup to my lips. The red print of her lips
touched mine and I sipped the chocolate. It burned much stronger than mine had. I
almost coughed. She took it away and turned the same place to her lips and watched
me over the rim as she emptied the cup.

I was very conscious of my hand on her knee. I was also conscious of the aching
throb in my pants. Her eyes were fixed on mine.

"Your hand is so warm," she said softly. "Is that as warm as your hand?" She pointed
to the bulge in my jeans.
Before I could find my stricken voice, she ask, "Does it hurt?"

"Uh, no!" I squeaked. Her hand was moving mine slowly back and forth on her knee.
My thumb curled the hem of her skirt with each stroke.

"What do you do when it gets like that?" She was staring at my bulge. Her breathing
was getting raspy. She licked her lips several times.

"Well, uh, well, nothing," I replied.

"You mean it just goes away?"

My thumb was disappearing under the hem of skirt with each stroke. Her knees had
opened to a 'V', the hem of her skirt three inches above her knee. I was mesmerized
with what she was doing with my hand. I knew if she kept on, I'd be touching bare
skin above her stocking tops soon.

"Most of the time," I lied.

"Come on, Jeff. Don't lie to me," she chided. "You play with it, don't you?"
Panic. She had read my mind! I stared at her heavy lidded eyes. She almost looked
mystical. Her face was flushed. She was breathing noisily through her red lips. I just
stared, motionless.

My whole hand was under the hem of her skirt. I could feel the swell of her thigh as
she stroked my hand back and forth. The texture of the stocking changed from mesh
to solid band under my sweating palm. My ears pounded with the same pulse that
throbbed through my jerking cock.

"Don't you!?" she hissed. My finger slipped over the solid band of nylon and grazed
soft smooth skin.

"Yes!" I gasped. The impact of her bare thigh and her hypnotic gaze slammed by
adolescent system with unfamiliar sensations.

Grace smiled and seemed to relax a little. She held my hand on the nylon band. I
could feel a button and a strap under one finger. Her other hand had come to rest on
my leg, inches from my crotch.

"Does that make it feel better?" Her tongue peaked through her lips as I struggled
with an answer.

"Yeah, uh yeah," I stammered. My own breathing was getting raspy and rapid.

"Does it squirt white stuff?" Her words were a hoarse whisper.
She knew! She did read minds! My mouth work silently. No words would come out.
Finally, I just nodded.

She almost growled. It was a moan and a sigh. Her eyes closed and she pulled my
hand onto her bare thigh and stiffened. I could feel heat near my fingertips. Living,
pulsing heat. Her eyes opened.

"It's been sooo long!" she gasped.

"Huh?" My voice almost recovered.

She shook her head and smiled. "Have you ever had sex with a . . . girl?" She seemed to be deciding on the last word.

I shook my head and swallowed to a dry throat.
She sighed and leaned back. I glanced down and her legs were wide apart. Wide
enough to push the skirt up and I was looking at her white thighs and my hand on
one of them. The wet spot on her panties was very vivid and much larger. My
fingertips were but an inch from touching her panties.

"I haven't had sex in a long time," she confessed. "I want to very badly, now. Would
you like to do it with me?" Her eyes were wide, now and she nibbled at her lower

I gasped at the fleshy thighs and the pussy that I knew was just beyond that nylon
band. My hand was basking in the heat from her pussy. The word had popped into
my mind and I played with it as I enjoyed the view. Her fingers on my leg were
squeezing slowly, pulling the denim tighter then releasing, sort of remote stroking of
my cock.

It wasn't that I couldn't decide if I did. I couldn't find my voice to answer and I didn't
think a nod was a good enough answer.
"Yessss!" I gasped.

"You are so much younger than I am. You can never tell anyone about it or I will get
in a lot of trouble."

"I won't tell anyone!" I replied.

"You have to promise on your word of honor."

"I promise on my word of honor!" I didn't even know what that was but I was so
stirred up I would have sworn any oath imaginable.
Her hand left mine and pulled my head toward her. Her hot lips met mine and I stared
wide-eyed at her face and closed her eyes as she kissed me. Finally, I closed mine. It
seem the thing to do.

Something hot and wet touched my lips and pushed through. It was her tongue! She
was frenching me! Something popped inside me. My breath whistled through my
nostrils. Her tongue explored my mouth and wrapped around my tongue. Electricity
was discharging into my system from somewhere.
Suddenly her tongue withdrew but her mouth stayed open. At first I didn't understand
then I probed timidly. I scraped my tongue across her teeth and licked at the roof and
sides of her mouth. She moaned into my mouth and pulled my mouth tighter to hers.
I thought I would suffocate but I didn't care!

Wheezing and gasping, she broke away and pulled my face into her neck. Her hands
were rubbing all over me. My arms, chest, back, down my sides. Her long finger nails
raked the denim of my jeans.

"Touch me," she rasped.

Where? I felt her thighs opening and closing on my hand. Hot soft flesh capturing
and releasing it. I pulled it out and stroked her back. She whimpered and grabbed my
arm and moved up to my hand. She pulled the open palm to the front of her blouse. A
large full breast encased in cloth filled my hand.

"Squeeze it!" she demanded.

I squeezed and mashed the spongy flesh. I could feel a hard button in my palm
through the layers of cloth. I could feel her hand working between us. I realized that
she was unbuttoning her blouse. Her raspy breathing was hot in my ear as she tugged
the blouse out of her skirt and stripped it off her arms. I look down for the first time at
a female torso, the top covered by just a bra.
"In back," she instructed.

In back of what, I wondered. She pulled my hand from her breast and guided it to the
back of her bra.

"Those are hooks. Unhook them," she continued.
I started to struggle with them and it hit. I was undressing a woman. When I opened
those hooks, her breasts would be naked. I started to tremble and couldn't get
anything undone.

"Wait," she chided. She pushed me back and put hers hands behind her. One motion
and the strain went off the straps. She paused and looked at me. She realized this was
a first for me. Slowly, she brought her hands back, her upper arms holding the cups in

"You pull it off." Her voice was soft and thick.
I lifted and pulled the cloth away from her body. The large white globes of her
breasts sprang into view. Dark brown nipples crowned them with hard little buttons
in the center.

"Touch them," she rasped.
My hands hovered for a few seconds and then went almost reverently to the smooth
skin. The nipples pressed into my palms.

"Oh Yes!" she hissed. "Squeeze them!"

I obeyed. I cupped and squeezed the spongy globes, rolling the nipples between my
fingers as she instructed.

"Kiss them."
I leaned forward and kissed the brown button of one.
"Now the other."
I repeated on the other.

"Lick it!" Her voice was getting hoarse again.

I flicked my tongue across the hard flesh.

"Suuuuck IT!" She whined. Her hand clutch the back of my head.
I opened my mouth and covered the brown crown and suckled like a new born. She
was trembling under me. I could hear her moaning and groaning. Her fingers plowed
my hair and raked my neck. I got the hang of it and moved from one nipple to the
other. It was having a definite effect on Grace but it was driving me to a frenzy.
She pushed me away and look at me for several seconds without a word, her hands
holding my face. One hand slipped and trailed across my chest and dropped to my
lap. It lay for a moment on the throbbing bulge in my jeans.

"Now, lets free this hungry monster!" she said throatily.
Her fingers found my zipper and opened it. The belt buckle and the waist button
followed. Two fingers slipped into the opening and scrapped the bulge in my jockey
shorts. I gasped and she smiled.
Her fingers maneuvered to the opening in the front and warm soft fingers curled
around hard hot cock. Stars burst in my head and I clamped my eyes shut.
"Ooooo, its so hard and sooo hot," she cooed.

Her fingers tugged and guided until I felt cool air on my cock. I was gritting my teeth.
I looked at her face. She was intently staring at my lap. I looked down. Her whole
hand encircled the shaft, leaving only the head exposed. She squeezed and I groaned.
"You have a beautiful cock!" she whispered. "So pretty that I want to kiss it!"

My eyes snapped open wide and I felt the pressure build with anticipation. She
smiled at me and then leaned over. I felt her hot breath first, then soft lips. Everything
went blank and I lost control. I groaned and my teen age balls jerked. Her wet hot
tongue licked the head and I started shooting come!
"Mmmmmmmm!" she hummed. The first squirt hit her lips. I lost all contact after
that. I arched my back and pumped my first non-autosexual load of come. As I slowly
came back to simple sensory overload, I realized that my entire cock was encased in
something wet and warm. It was Grace's mouth!

I wheezed and groaned for several minutes. She laved my still hard cock with her
tongue and made soft noises. It never went down. It was still hard as a rock. Her
mouth made a popping sound when she released my cock and sat back up. There
were drops of come on her cheek and at the corners of her mouth.
"Delicious!" she whispered, licking the corners and her upper lip.

I couldn't believe what had happened. She had sucked the come from my cock and
swallowed it!

Her fingers still clutched the rock hard shaft of my cock. Before when I had jacked
off, my cock had shrunk. Now it was as if I hadn't even come.

"Now, its my turn," she said.
Her free hand grasped my hand and pulled it to the crotch of her panties. The nylon
band was wet and slippery. She pressed my finger into the slit and juices squished out
onto my finger. She pulled it back and forth over a bump I could feel through the
gooey cloth. Each stroke made her gasp and her hips jerk.
She pulled my hand from her crotch and lifted it to my nose. The subtle sharp odor of
pussy filled my nostrils.
"That's what hot pussy smells like," she informed me smiling. She rolled my hand
over and pushed my fingers into my mouth. "And that's what it tastes like."

I was not put off by the taste. As a matter of fact, it was good. It also made me curious
to know what it tasted like first hand. She pulled my hand back to the slippery nylon.
"Rub the button," she whispered, guiding my finger.
I rubbed back and forth over the slick, wet cloth. The button seem to swell and grow.
Her legs spread wide and her head rolled back on the sofa. Her hips were lifting and
shifting with each caress.

"Oh God! Inside!" she gasped. One hand pulled the waist band of her panties out, the
other pushed my hand down inside. Suddenly, my fingers were buried in a hot,
slippery slit. Juices coated my fingers and she gasped and jerked as my finger probed
and searched the gooey folds.

"There! THERE!" she barked.

I found the fleshy knob and rolled it under my finger. She jerked and thrashed. Her
mouth dropped open and she held onto my arm. Suddenly her back arched and she
jerked violently.

I watched and waited. She thrashed and bounced for several seconds and then slowly
sank back to the sofa. My hand was drenched with juices from her pussy. She pulled
my wet hand out of her panties and looked at the shiny, wet fingers.
Without a word, she lifted them to her mouth and methodically licked her own pussy
juice from them.

"Now, we can fuck," she said matter-of-factly.

I nodded. I was too lost in all that I had seen. I glanced at the clock on the shelf. It
was eight thirty.

She rose on wobbly feet and pulled me up with her.
"We're going to bed." She led me to the bedroom and clicked on the bedside lamp.
She unzipped her skirt and peeled it and her slip off. I stood in awe, my cock hanging
out, looking at her body. White panties; garter belt and stockings. Her dark nipples
were still rigid and pointed.
She hooked her thumbs in the waist band of her panties and stripped them off. I
stared at the black bushy hair at her crotch. I was so enthralled that I almost wasn't
aware that she was stripping me. Suddenly, I was naked.
She dropped a knee first to the bed, pulling me with her. She rolled onto her side.
Somehow I was on my side, facing her, inches away. Her long fingers curled around
my bobbing cock and tugged at it slowly. I felt it grow to full size and throb again.
"God! I need your cock!" she rasped.
She rolled onto her back and pulled at my cock. I clumsily followed her lead and
found myself lying between her full, soft thighs. Her fingers pulled at my swollen

Suddenly, something hot, very wet and very slippery enveloped the head of my cock.
"Push it in!" she commanded.
I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do. Her hand released my cock and both hands
grabbed my ass and pulled. I sank to my balls in the hot, wet sheath. I gasped and
almost fainted.
"Pull it out and push it back in," Grace coaxed.
I tried to master the motion. Each move sent intense sensations through my body. My
breathing became more ragged with each thrust.
"Yessss!" she hissed. "Do it! Harder!"
I lost contact with reality. My body took control. The pressure built. Passion
saturated my mind and body. I worked my hips clumsily, pumping my dick in and out
of her clutching hole. I was vaguely aware of the squishing sound the juncture of our
bodies made. A faint, distinct smell of sex filled my nostrils. All factors pushed me
quickly toward a climax.
"Now! Now!" she barked. her body strained and jerked. Her back arched and her hips
She arched high off the bed and froze. Shudders ran through her straining muscles.
Her fingernails raked my back. Suddenly, my balls jumped and blazing colors flashed
behind my eyelids. Unbelievable sensations exploded in my body. It felt as if my
whole body and sole were spurting from the end of my cock!
Long minutes passed as I tried to find the world and reality again. I wheezed to the
surface. Grace was clutching my body, whimpering. Her hole clutched in spasms at
my waning dick.
"Sooooo gooood!" she crooned.
She rolled me slowly back and forth, her eyes closed, her body slowly ebbing back to
a stable state. I watched her, fascinated.
At nine fifteen I was dressed and reaching for the door knob. Her hand rested on my
arm. I looked up into her brown eyes.
"I hope we can do this again, soon," she whispered.
"Me, too!" I replied. I looked at the hills of her breasts in the 'V' of he robe and almost
turned back to the bedroom.
She kissed me on the cheek.
"Thank you, Jeff," she said.
The door closed behind me and I went back out into the rain. The bike ride home
through the rain was a vague dream.


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