This is a fictional account of raw sex with children involved. It is a porno story and only a porno story. Please enoy it, fantasize with it, and role play with your consenting adult partner to your heart's content but please, please, please, leave real children out ot it! They are so very precious and it is not worth the scarring and messing up of a little life for a few moments of perverse pleasure! My wife and I have two lovely daughters and our bedroom door is locked tight when we make love!

I felt Vicky stir beside me and opened my eyes as she first sat and then stood up to head off towards the bathroom. Her cute little naked eleven year old buns wiggled delightfully in what was left of the light from the fireplace embers as she made her way into the hallway! I glanced at the clock and saw that it was 6:06 am and the sky was still dark outside.

“I wonder if she’ll come back or go to her room?”, I thought to myself, “I wonder if she’ll stay naked?”

As I recalled the events of the past evening my dick immediately began to harden again.

I heard the toilet flush and the bathroom door open after a few minutes and was rewarded to hear Vicky padding barefoot softly back into the living room, and YES still in her precious birthday suit!

Vicky snuggled up beside me once again under the covers and as she dropped back off to sleep, she draped an arm over my chest and a leg over my lower belly so that I was treated to the sensation of my cock being pressed under her small soft foot!

The next thing I remember was waking to the sound of a shower running and realized that neither Dolores and Vicky were beside me.

“They must be cleaning up after last night!”, I thought to myself.

I noticed the time was a little past eight o’clock and as I surveyed the surroundings I noticed that it seemed that damp and drying semen was everywhere and the pungent smell of it hung heavy in the air!

I balled up the cum soaked bedding and took it into the laundry room dropping it into the hamper before padding naked through the house into the bedroom.

Dolores was still in the shower as I entered the bathroom so I decided to just slip into the shower with her.

“Gussie!”, Dolores exclaimed with a giggle, “You were so worked up with having Vicky Kaye in the room that you squirted goo everywhere! My hair is a mess!”

I drew her naked body to me as and kissed her deeply in her mouth. We stood there wordlessly hugging for a few minutes under the shower. As I held Dolores the image of our seven year old, Donna, watching us from the hallway last night flooded back into my mind’s eye and as my dick began to harden once again and I pressed it against my wife’s belly.

“Donna!”, I said to my wife, “Donna saw everything Dolores! Everything! She was so cute in her little nightshirt watching us! I wish you had seen the expression on her adorable little face when I blew my load all over you! I didn’t think I was going to be able to cum again the fourth time on Vicky’s tits but then I made eye contact with her precious tiny little face and saw those tiny little legs and tiny bare feet peeking out from beneath her night dress and my cock just exploded!”

“Oh God Gus!”, Dolores groaned, “I’m going to have to spend some very serious mother-daughter time together with all three of them today! We have some very heavy woman talk in front of us!”

Dolores sighed briefly and then we both got out of the shower and dried off before putting on our robes to go to breakfast.

The girls had gotten busy and had the table set when we got there and Dolores, towel wrapped around her hair, sat about cooking up some bacon and eggs. I wondered as we ate if Vicky and Donna had let Rachel in on the previous night’s activities as the mood at the table was more reserved than normal and Donna seemed embarrassed and wouldn’t make eye contact with me but bit her lip and blushed; glancing at where my cock was beneath my robe and looking away whenever our eyes met.

“Yes!”, I thought to myself, “Dolores and the girls needed to spend some quality girl-time alone today and do girl talk!”

Suddenly the power went out and I finished my coffee and breakfast and then got dressed to go out and fire up the generator. As I headed out the door I heard the phone ring and Dolores answered it. I gathered from her side of the conversation that it was our neighbor, Jennifer Stratton, who lived at the end of the road about half a mile from us.

“Gussie?”, Dolores asked while still on the phone, “Jennifer says her power is out too and she asked if you would mind coming over and starting her generator up?”

“Tell her no problem!”, I replied, “I’ll start our’s up and should be there around a half hour or forty-five minutes. Okay?”

“No problem Jenn!”, I heard Dolores say, “I’ll have Gus come over on the snowmobile and get it going, okay?

There was a pause as Dolores listened then said, “No!..….Oh…..really! I can’t imagine him! No way!”, chuckling the whole time!, “No way!”

Dolores and Jennifer continued their conversation as I went outside.

After a few minutes I had the generator running and loaded a few tools and things onto the snowmobile for the short ride over to Jennifer’s place. I went back into the house and found that Dolores had packed a small overnight bag for me.

“What’s up with this?”, I asked, “I should be back in an hour or two at the very most even if Jenn is…well you know….feeling the need?”

“I think you’ll be spending the night with Jennifer”, Dolores answered, “I need to get you out of the house for awhile so I can spend some quality time with the girls alone today. I think we’ll have a little slumber party in the living room with just us girls and Jenn has a little…well…issue with Jeff that I think you can help her solve!.”

“What kind of issue?”, I asked curiously.

“Jenn told me that when the power went out, she was in the shower and suddenly hopped out and wrapped a towel around herself and stepped into the hall. Just as soon as she stepped into the hall, she looked down and saw Jeff kneeling by the door with his laptop in front of him! He must have rigged a small spy-cam in the bathroom somehow and was peeking at Jennifer!”, Dolores giggled.

“Sounds like just a typical red blooded 10 year old to me!”, I laughed.

“I know…I know… and Jenn is pretty cool about it but what unnerved here a bit was that Jeff had his dick out and was masturbating!”, Dolores continued, “It sounds like he was going for the grand finale when she caught him!”

“Still sounds like a typical horny 10 year old boy to me!”, I repeated with a laugh.

“Let me finish!”, Dolores went on chuckling, “Jeff hopped up and ran back to his room when Jenn caught him and, after about 5 minutes, when she calmed down a bit she went and knocked on his door. He came out sheepishly she said and she told him that while it wasn’t nice to spy on her she also understood that young boys his age have needs too!”

“Okay?”, I continued, “Problem solved it sounds like? Right?”

“Almost, except for one thing!”, my wife went on to explain, “Jenn asked if you would mind kind of helping her out and maybe have a little father-son talk with him? Maybe spend the night too?”

“That’s why you’re going with an overnight bag! Can you handle it Gus?”, Dolores continued,” I’d love to be there to help, he’s such a sweet little guy, but I have just got to deal with the girls and last night!

“I think I can take care of it okay!”, I replied and we both laughed.

I went into my den and picked up the cameras, computer and external hard drive that had one of our porn collections on it and stuffed it into the overnight bag for possible use later, gave Dolores a hug and kiss then headed out the door on my mission!

As I headed down the road on the snowmobile, I thought back about our long relationship with Jennifer.

Jennifer had lost her husband Rex in a car wreck about five years before and had never re-married, but lived alone with her ten year old son Jeff. Before Rex was killed we would all sometimes get together once or twice a month to party and have ourselves a foursome. Sometimes we swapped partners and sometimes we didn’t.

I sometimes fancied that Rachel looked a lot like Rex and that Jeff had a strong resemblance to me. It was entirely possible since a lot of our respective DNA had ended up inside and all over both women. It didn’t really matter to any of us as we loved all the kids and we didn’t think it made a whole lot of difference as to whose cumshot actually fertilized either woman.

Jennifer was still not seeing anyone, she missed Rex, but we had fallen back into the old habit of every couple of weeks or so of dropping the kids off at the grandparents for the weekend and getting together for a little threesome at a hotel in town. Jennifer just was not ready for emotional attachment yet but still had a very healthy sex drive that needed to be satisfied. Both women enjoyed watching the other getting fucked and sprayed with semen and Jennifer really enjoyed the sensation of a large juicy load of my hot cum being pumped up deep into her belly (and, as she was frankly very cute, I really didn’t mind all that much doing the pumping!). Whenever Dolores traveled in her job it was also nice to be able to just run down the road and visit a pretty woman who needed to be cuddled and fussed over a bit and who enjoyed having my dick in her cunt; all the while knowing that my wife knew all about it and didn’t mind!

As soon as I pulled up into the backyard, Jeff ran out to greet me, He called me Uncle Gus and I had become more like a second father to him than anything else. He had sandy brown hair, like me curiously, and was a little bit short for his age but a great kid who did well in school and sports and never caused any problems.

Jeff was always interested in mechanical things and so we went over to the generator and fired it up. I had checked it out a few weeks ago to make certain it was ready to go for winter. Jennifer could do it and Jeff too frankly, but I think she just enjoyed having a man around the place for a bit and like I had told Dolores earlier, little things like this were a pretext sometimes whenever she felt the need! I let the generator warm up for a few minutes while I went into the garage and showed Jeff how to open all the circuit breakers in the panel, including the main, before throwing the transfer switch to local and then, one by one, to close all the breakers again.

The first job was finished and Jennifer met me at the door and let me in through the laundry room where I kicked my wet boots off.

“Gus! Thank you so much for coming over!”, she said as she gave may a big hug!

“Never a problem Jenn!”, I answered as I sat down at the kitchen table to enjoy the cup of coffee and muffins she had sat out for me.

I smiled as I noticed that Jeff kind of “got the hell out of Dodge” and vanished into his room before he could draw his mom’s attention!

Jennifer and I made small talk for a few minutes about the weather and so on until finally Jennifer asked, “Gus? Did Dolores tell you about the other little problem I’ve got?”

“Sounds like the little guy is growing up on us?”, I answered, “What happened?”

“I was in the shower when the power went out and I grabbed a towel really quick to wrap around myself and as I steeped into the hall I saw Jeff kneeling in the floor in front of his laptop” she said slowly, “I realized he was peeping at me, I guess he must have put a spy cam in the bathroom, but what really unnerved me was that he had his shorts clear down around his ankles and his dick out and was masturbating! He was going for it hard Gus but when he saw me he jumped up, let out a yelp, grabbed his laptop and took off for his room like a shot before I could say anything!”

“Whew!”, I exclaimed, “You’ve both had quite a morning haven’t you?”

“There’s something else too!”, Jennifer continued, “His face Gus! My God! The look on his face just before he realized I had caught him! I’ve never seen anything like it with him! I….I…saw the lust in his face, in my sweet little guy’s face, as he masturbated thinking about me!”

“Well…like I said Jenn, our little guy’s growing up on us!”, I went on, “Did it excite you Jenn I mean watching your ten year old son masturbating?”

“Yes Gus! Yes it did!”, she gasped, “I can still see him jacking himself and thinking about me being naked! I’ve never seen a young boy do that before! He was really going to town on it! Yes! It excited me! I…I…wanted…want to see him cum!”

“Did he cum?”, I asked out of curiosity, possibly needing that bit of information for our little talk later, “I mean…Did you see him cum?”

Jennifer nodded no saying, “No…no….I didn’t see anything come out….I don’t think he had time to cum before I caught him! There wasn’t anything on the carpet or wall either!”

“Calm down Jenn!”, I said reassuringly, “You saw Jeff in a state of passion! I know he’ll always be your cute little boy and I know it’s got you all worked up but all young boys need to masturbate! It’s just part of growing up!”

“Yes! I suppose so!”, Jennifer sighed, “And it’s not really that, it’s just that I’ve thought about it all morning and I was hoping that you could have a little talk with him and then maybe we……the three of us…..could afterwhile….maybe?”, she trailed off.

“The three of us what?”, I lead Jenn on!

Gus….Dear God Gus forgive me but I just can’t get the thought out of my head of what it would be like to…to look into his sweet innocent little face while cum is squirting out of his cute little penis!

“I’ll have the chat with him then no problem. Okay?”, I carried on, “But if we go further than just talking you’ll have to follow my lead and it may be a little bit uncomfortable and embarrassing for you…I mean…well…getting naked in front of Jeff, Are you okay with that?

Jennifer turned beet red and nodded yes but didn’t say anything.

“Jenn?”, I asked gently, “Do you understand what I’m saying? What you’re asking? Can you handle Jeff being in the bedroom and watching us make love…I mean, putting it even more bluntly, watching his mom naked and fucking in front of him?”

Jenn again just nodded without a sound except she was breathing heavily and had turned even redder. I could tell that she was deeply embarrassed at the thought but also very highly aroused, and now almost is a state of passion herself from just thinking about it, just like Dolores had been yesterday morning when thinking about doing it in front of Vicky Kaye!

“After seeing all of that, Jeff’s going to need his release too you know!”, I pressed on, “He’s going to need to get it from a real flesh and blood woman and there’s only going to be one woman within a half a mile when the time comes! Do you understand what that means?. Do you know what’s probably got to happen at that point? What you’re going to have to do for him…with him…together?”

“Yes! Gus! Yes!”, Jennifer replied in a thick husky voice, “I know what’s going to happen, I want it to happen, and I….I…I can do it with him! I’m so tired of being all alone here Gus! I need someone here all the time to…to… be with me…to love me and hold me and to sleep in my bed with me!”

We both stood up at that point and I pulled Jennifer close to me in a bear hug and kissed her!

We separated with a hug and a kiss and then I went and knocked on Jeff’s door to get him to go outside with me to take care of a few chores. We worked outside for a couple of hours and then finished up in time for a nice lunch that Jennifer had made for us.

Jeff and I then went back outside and finished up our work, built a snowman, a couple of snow forts and then we even got Jennifer to come out and we all had a snowball fight!

We were back inside about 4:30 and everybody got cleaned up and took a nice hot bath or shower to warm up. Jennifer had disappeared into the kitchen to make dinner and I decided it was a good time to talk to Jeff.

“Jenn!”, I said, “I’m going to have a little chat with Jeff now and get him ready for this evening okay?”

Jennifer just blushed and nodded saying quietly, “Okay!”

“One more thing!”, I continued, “I’m going to send him out alone at some point to apologize for spying on you earlier this morning, and when he’s finished I want you to tell him, you understand and then I want you to take his hands and guide them to your tits and just let him get a good feel through your top! Okay?”, I continued, “Just the two of you, mother and son, alone in the kitchen! Let him get a good feel! Okay?”

“O..oh…okay Gus!”, Jennifer responded nervously, “I…I…I’ll do it!”

“You sure Baby?”, I asked, “You can still back out now if you want to?”

Jennifer hesitated a second and said, “I can do it Gus! I can do it!”

I gave Jennifer a hug and kiss and headed down the hallway for Jeff’s room.

I knocked on the door and went in to find him on his computer.

“Got time for a little talk?”, I asked Jeff.

“Uh yeah…sure”, he replied in an uh-oh here it comes tone of voice.

“Your mom told me about what happened this morning”, I told him matter of factly and he turned red and dropped his gaze to the floor.

“Hey!”, I told him comfortingly, “You don’t need to be embarrassed! It’s something all guys do!

“Really?’, he asked doubtfully.

“Yup! Really!”, I continued, “The only thing you did that was wrong was spying on your mom! That wasn’t a very nice thing to do to someone you love you know!”

“I know!”, he said sadly and I could see tears welling up in his eyes, “I love Mom! I didn’t mean….want to make her feel bad!”

Jeff came over and buried his head on my shoulder as I held him for a couple of minutes.

“Hey Buddy!”, I told him finally, “There’s nothing to worry about!”

Jeff looked up at me and questioned, “No?”

“No!”, I responded firmly, “Your Mom is pretty cool. She loves you and she knows you love her! She’s a big girl and she knows all guys need to do it! Okay?”

“Yeah”, I guess so…” the boy replied as he wiped his eyes.

“Right!”, I said as I ruffled his hair and he grinned sheepishly but it was a grin!

“Don’t you have any magazines or pictures of cute girls so you don’t have to peek at Jennifer?”, I asked Jeff.

Jeff nodded yes.

“Can you show me?”, I continued, “I like to look at cute girls too you know! All guys do!”

“Well….a friend at school gave me this link,” Jeff said doubtfully, “If I show you, don’t tell Mom, okay? She’ll block it on me if she finds out!”

“It’s our secret!”, I told him, “Promise! Us guys have to have our secrets!”

Jeff smiled broadly, obviously relieved that I’d keep our little confidence!

I smiled to myself as Jeff showed me with a little bit of embarrassment, but also with a little pride at being able to share something man to man and very grownup, his secret place on the internet! It was all very soft porn, he hadn’t discovered the hard stuff yet. He was so cute and innocent! Especially when he smiled!

“Man!”, I exclaimed, “These women are hot!”

“Yeah”, Jeff excitedly, “This is a great website! But it’s not like seeing a real girl, and that’s why I spied on Mom!”

“Yeah!”, I responded, “You’re right about that! Seeing a picture is nothing compared to seeing a real woman!”

“Mom said you had your dick out and were playing with it when she caught you this morning?”, I queried the boy gently.

Jeff blushed a little at my question and seemed uncomfortable at talking about something he undoubtedly considered personal and private to the extreme but he nodded yes.

“It’s okay Jeffy, every guy does it you know! You’re lucky!”, I continued as he browsed the photos silently, “When I was your age they didn’t have internet and the only thing I had at first to make myself cum with was a picture of a lady in a woman’s magazine that my mom had. She had a yellow towel wrapped around her and you couldn’t see anything except her legs curled up underneath her. The real word for it is masturbation but most guys just call it jacking off!”

Jeff looked up me and making eye contact, asked very seriously, “Really? Did you do it too?”

“Yup!”, was my reply, “I did it just like you when I was your age and if I don’t have a woman to help me I still get on the web just like you and I do it too! A guy has to relieve himself somehow! It’s just a fact of life. It’s normal and nothing to be ashamed about! Can I share a secret with you now that I bet you won’t believe?”

Jeff nodded eagerly!

“Your mom was actually flattered that you wanted too look at her while you masturbated!”, I said, “She thinks her little guy is cute and pretty special!”

“I don’t think so….”, the boy replied dubiously, “She seemed really mad!”

“Your mom was upset because you were spying on her, not because you were doing it while thinking about her!”, I continued gently, “Women need to do it too!, Even your mom masturbates!”

“No way!”, Jeff replied in astonishment, “Really!?”

“Really!”, I continued, “I’ve even watched her do it!”

I went on to explain to Jeff the rather special relationship between myself, Dolores, and his mom since his dad died and how I sometimes helped his mom fill a need and how this had led me to see Jenn masturbating.

“Wow!”, Jeff went on shocked,” How do they…I mean a girl that is….do it? They don’t have a cock to play with?”

It was just the opening I wanted!

“I can show you easier than I can tell you!”, I told the amazed boy, “Let me drive the computer, okay?”

I logged onto to Dolores’s and my favorite husband-wife site on the web and downloaded one of the raunchier videos that showed the couple doing it all!

“This is a really grown-up website Jeff!”, I said as the 306 meg file downloaded, “This stuff is pretty strong! Think you’re old enough to handle it?”

Naturally Jeff nodded, “YES!”, with all the enthusiasm a horny ten year old boy could muster!. He was so cute and I could tell that he couldn’t imagine anything stronger than the soft porn site he had shown me earlier!”

The action started with the woman on the bed slipping her panties off and then, spreading her legs wide, she began to rub her button!

I hit the pause button.

“A girl has a button, something called a clitoris.”, I told Jeff as the high resolution close-up image of the woman’s cunt was frozen on the screen, “It would have turned into a penis if she’d been a boy rather than a girl! It has even more nerve endings than a penis and is very very sensitive. Rubbing it feels even better to her than stroking our penis and jacking off does to us. So that’s what a girl rubs when she masturbates! It’s also what we need to rub and lick and kiss to make her happy, feel good, and want to keep doing it with us!”

Jeff was breathing heavily and in a mild state of shock at his first exposure to real pornography!

The husband came in and knelt between his wife’s legs and began cunnilingus on her as I continued, “A girl is so very sensitive down there that the best thing to do to get her excited is to start with licking her button and pussy, like her husband is doing here!”

The video went on to show the usual blowjob, fuck, and belly cumshot and final slow motion re-play of the guy shooting his wad, as the enthralled boy watched wide-eyed.

In the next video the guy jacked off and blew his load all over his wife’s face!

I’d rather have him look at straight sex and fucking than risk his getting off into the weirder areas of the web I thought and so, as the video ended, I asked Jeff, “Would you like your own login to this website?”

Jeff nodded eagerly yes (what red-blooded ten year old boy wouldn’t?)!

“Then I’ll give you a little early birthday present!”, I told him as I pulled out my credit card and soon had him set up with his own username and password. As we got him set up I told him to never chat on-line with anyone he didn’t know in person and to never ever give out or post his address, phone number, or information that someone could use to find him. I told him a few of the bad things that could happen if he did and, as he was a sharp kid, the message seemed to sink in. I also told him to either ask his mom or me if he ever had any doubts. I promised him he would never, ever, get into trouble or be yelled at for asking and he nodded understandingly.

I then connected my hard drive and began to download our porn collection for his later enjoyment (and probably Jennifer’s too)!

As we let the hard drive download to his computer we chatted and I told him “You know, just like seeing a real live naked woman, like your mom, is better than a photo, it feels a thousand times better still when you cum when you’re up inside of a real woman that you love, than it feels cumming with just your hand!”

Jeff’s eyes widened at that as he couldn’t conceive of that wonderful feeling being even that much stronger!

“The best part I think though is just feeling yourself inside of a woman you love after you cum!”, I went on, “She feels so soft and warm and nice inside!”

“Wow! I wish I could do it with a real girl!”, Jeff said wistfully.

“Well maybe you can?”, I lead him along, “I don’t think you can do it with a girl but I’ll bet you can do it with a real live woman, this evening, that is, if you really want to? We have one here with us you know?!”

“No way Uncle Gus!”, Jeff stammered, “The only woman here is…is….Mom?”

“Right!”, I carried on, “You were jacking off this morning thinking about her weren’t you?

“Yes but…..”Jeff nodded.

“But what? Haven’t you ever done it before all the way?”, I asked, “I mean thinking about your mom until you cum?”

“Yeah!”, Jeff replied sheepishly, “Lots of times! I’ve even seen her naked before with my camera, I just got caught today! It always feels so good to do it after I’ve seen her naked!”

“Well then, if you like thinking about it with her, wouldn’t you like to do the real thing and actually put your dick inside of her and feel yourself squirting inside her body?”

Jeff’s mouth dropped open as he realized what I was suggesting.

“Y…Ye…Yeah I would he stammered but…but...awww…there’s no way she’ll do that with me Uncle Gus!”, the boy said excitedly, “Is there? I mean……she’s my mom!”

I reached over and ruffled his hair and told him. “Maybe she will, maybe we can both get to do it with her if we play our cards right! She was pretty excited this morning about seeing you with your dick in your hand jacking off thinking about her!”

Jeff blushed as he recalled Jennifer catching him masturbating but he thought about it for a few seconds!

“Oh Wow! Do you really think mom would let me do it inside her?”, Jeff asked in amazement evidently thinking now that it might actually be possible!

“I’ll tell you what!” I told him, “You to go to the kitchen right now and I want you to tell your mom how sorry you were for spying on her! Okay?”

Jeff blushed beet red but nodded yes and said somewhat dubiously, “Okay….?”

“Go ahead Son!”, I told him gently, “I talked to her already and I think you’ll find everything is okay! You do this and I’ll bet you find things are better than just okay!”

Jeff nodded, “Yes?”, doubtfully, with a curious look on his face trying to figure out what I meant, but left the room closing the door quietly behind him with a “click” as he went.

I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall in the kitchen at that moment to see what happened next but the two of them needed a bit of privacy, at least for now.

Jennifer would later tell me what happened with a giggle, “Jeff came into the kitchen behind me at the stove and wanted to talk to me! Very sheepishly he told me how sorry he was for spying on me! I wrapped him up in a big bear hug and told him not to worry or to feel bad about it! I put my hands on his shoulders and I told him that I understood a young boy, a young man that is, has his needs too and it’s only natural that when there’s only one woman in the house he’s just got to try and have a peek at her! Oh God Gussie! He was so cute! So sweet! So…so… innocent! He was just one big red blush!”, Jennifer went on, “I just stared into those great big blue eyes with my hands on his shoulders for at least a minute before I began to stoke his hair! I finally screwed up the courage to take both of his hands in mine and guided them to my breasts like you told me to do! I told him to feel them and to rub them and squeeze them all over! I thought his eyes were going to pop out! I just stood there for at least five minutes and almost swooned from the joy and wonder I saw in his sweet face! I finally turned away telling him to stop for now and that I had to finish supper now but that we could all “play some more grownup games together” after dinner if he liked!”

That was the point shortly thereafter that Jeff suddenly burst back into his room where I was exclaiming breathlessly, “Uncle Gus! Uncle Gus! You won’t believe it! Gosh! You won’t believe it!”

“Won’t believe what?”, I asked completely deadpan!

“Mom!…she let me feel her tits!”, he answered, She let me touch her tits through her clothes!”

“Way to go!”, I laughed, “See! I told you she wouldn’t stay mad for long didn’t I! Didn’t I tell you that she got all worked up from seeing your little show this morning?”

Jeff just nodded enthusiastically!

“She said we could play more “grownup games” after dinner too!?”, the boy asked with a gasp, “Does that mean she’s going to let me…let me…?”, he left the question unfinished.

“Yup!”, I replied, “I think it’s a safe bet your mom’s going to let us both!”

“Wow! Oh wow!”, the boy exclaimed again as he sat on the edge of the bed, “Am I gonna get to see her…naked!?”

“Pretty much unavoidable I would think!”, I told Jeff, “Pretty hard to do it otherwise!”

Jeff’s eyes were wide and bright and shining with anticipation, full of wonder!

“Let me tell you something Jeff!, Okay?”, I asked the boy as I observed the noticeable bulge in his shorts, “It’s gonna be a little hard I know, as excited as you are, but I really want you to try and not touch yourself down there! Okay? I promise that if you can wait, it’s gonna be a hundred million times better than anything you’ve ever felt before! I want you to try and think about something else and try not to jack –off and cum until this evening! Okay?”

“Okay Uncle Gus!”, he said, “I’ll try! As I ruffled his hair!

We both went out into the living room and Jeff helped me to get the cameras set up in both the living and bedrooms in order to send a feed back to Dolores and the girls so they could share in the evening’s festivities if they wished.

Dinner was reserved as we ate, all of us pretty much lost in our own thoughts.
We cleared the table, putting the dishes in the dishwasher, and settled down in the living room to watch the news on TV.

Jennifer took the remote as the news finished and turned the TV off and proceeded to ask Jeff, “Well Jeffy? What about it? Are you ready to get busy and play some of the grownup games I mentioned?”

Jeff blushed but nodded and said very softly, “Yes!”

“Mmmmmmm!”, Jennifer groaned in anticipation of the taboo she was about to break, “Then go ahead Baby!”, she told the boy licking her lips, “Let’s start with you taking my clothes off! Okay Honey?”

“Okay Mom!”, Jeff squeaked nervously enough to make us both smile!

Jennifer reclined back in the chair saying as the boy hesitated not knowing what to do, “Do then it Baby! Get started! Start with my slippers!”

Jeff, now literally as red as a beet, stood beside the recliner and slowly, ever so slowly, slipped first one and then the other house slipper from her feet. Jenn’s eyes widened and she sucked in her breath as her son removed her anklets and she felt his hands brush the flesh of her bare feet, marking the first time the two of them had had sexual contact, knowing that soon, oh so very soon, those same little warm soft hands would be caressing , her most intimate moist places as well!”

“Yes Jeffy!, Yes!,” Jennifer purred, “Rub my feet! Go ahead and touch Mommy Baby! She wants you to touch her! Mommy wants to feel your soft hands all over her!”

Jeff massaged Jenn’s feet for several minutes before she told him, “My pants Jeff!, Go ahead and pull my sweatpants down now!”

Jennifer raised her ass a bit for the boy to slide her sweat pants off to reveal her long shapely legs and then reclined all the way back in the chair to make her legs more readily accessible to Jeff.

“It’s okay Jeffy!”, Jennifer coached, “Rub my legs Sweetie! Feel me all over!”

Jeff slowly began to rub his mom’s bare legs and nervously began to work his way up to her calves. The sight of a very horny, but nervous, ten year old boy massaging his mom’s leg’s was as delicious as the fact that of the three people in the room, only two were fully able to appreciate what was happening!

He slowly kept going higher but was reluctant to go into the forbidden zone under her pink panties!

“You can go higher Jeff”, I encouraged him, “No secrets tonight”!

As Jeff’s hands slid up to feel and fondle his mom’s pussy through her panties she groaned with pleasure, spread her legs further apart, and took a deep breath as she looked down at her wide-eyed ten year old son now totally absorbed with getting his first feel of a woman’s’ genitals, her genitals!

As Jeff was getting a good feel, Jenn pulled her sweat top up over her head to reveal her bare breasts!

“MOM!”, Jeff gasped at the sight of his mom’s ample breasts!, “OH MOM!”

Jennifer reached forward and taking her son’s hands in hers she guided them to her bare breasts. Jeff was now very very nervous and embarrassed!

“You’re doing good!”, Jenn said soothingly, “Mommy’s big brave boy is doing so good for his first time! Such a nice good boy! Feel Mommies titties Sweetie, just like before in the kitchen! Look at them Honey!”

As Jeff relaxed, Jenn took the boys hands in hers and rubbed his hands over her tits until he got the idea and began to do it himself!

I thought Jeff was going to swoon as he felt up his mom’s warm soft tits! He soon became positively fascinated with Jenn’s erect nipples!”

“Take one of those nipples in your mouth Jeff!”, I coached the boy, “Just lick and suck on it!

Jeff suckled the nipple for a awhile before I guided him on by saying, “Now then, use your tongue lick her breasts all over! Keep feeling her with your hands and rub her belly as well!”

Jennifer gasped as Jeff sucked on her tits and emitted a load moan as her son began to give her a tiity tongue bath!

“Jeff! Oh Gawd Jeff!”, his mom moaned placing a hand on the side of his head, “You feel good Baby! Sooooooo good! Mommies little boy feels soooooo good!”

Jenn slid a hand inside her panties, it was obvious she was ready for them to come off as well!

“Jeffy!”, Jenn told her son, “Pull Mommy’s panties off Sweetie! She wants to be naked in front of you!”

Jeff hesitated for a few seconds and then slowly pulled his Mom’s panties down over her legs and let them drop on the floor!

Jenn was now stretched out and completely naked in front of us!

Jennifer sat back up in the recliner and, taking Jeff’s hand, pulled him over to stand in front of her. Jeff’s eyes rolled up and down taking in his mother’s total nudity!

Jenn pulled his top off and then with a mother’s love in her voice told him, “Look at my eyes Sweetie! Just look at my eyes Baby and don’t look at anything else! Okay?”

Jeff stared obediently into his mom’s face as he had been told for almost a minute while Jennifer cooed and smiled at him as she brushed his sandy brown hair with her hands!

“Mommy’s naked just for you baby!”, Jennifer purred, “Mommy’s completely naked for her boy! Just like in the shower this morning but you don’t have to spy on me now or ever again to see me because Mommy wants to be naked for you whenever you want her to be; she wants you to enjoy yourself and to enjoy her! Okay? You can masturbate in front of me if you like too! Just like this morning! I luuuv to watch a guy masturbate! I like to see their big hard cocks squirt! I want to see your cock and play with it until it squirts its’ nice warm juicy cum for me! I want to feel your big cock warm and hard squirting inside of me Sweetie! I want to feel your wonderful creamy white juice inside me! Will you do it with me my Baby! Will you give Mommy your boy juice? Your hot boy sperm?”

Jeff was in a mild state of shock at this point and really couldn’t answer!

Jennifer just smiled at him in and kept stroking his hair! She guided his hands back to her tits as she spoke to him!

He didn’t even realize it as Jennifer began to undo his belt buckle with her free hand, unzipped his fly, and unsnapped his jeans so mesmerized was he by her words and her nudity!

“Keep looking at Mom’s face and feeling her warm soft titties Sweetie! Okay?, Jenn directed as she pulled his pants and under shorts down to his ankles in one swift motion!

I knew in that instant that Jeff had to be my son because his dick was a perfect miniature clone of mine and, at something like six inches long, three quarters of an inch thick, and still growing, the boy was definitely well hung for his age! Needless to say he had a raging dripping hard-on at this point too!

A sharp, “Gasp! Mom No!”, popped out of Jeff as he stood naked in front of his mom. He tried to cover himself with his hands but Jennifer pulled them away gently so she could admire her son’s equipment!

Jennifer’s eyes widened a bit at the sight and size of her son’s erection and then she reached out and began to fondle Jeff’s erect cock with the long cool slender fingers of one hand while cupping and squeezing his balls with the other.

Leaning forward, Jennifer suddenly took the boy’s dick into her mouth!

“Mom!”, the boy groaned, “If you don’t stop I’m gonna…gonna!...”

Jennifer stopped suddenly, sensing the urgency in Jeff’s cock and not wanting him to cum just yet, and reclined about halfway back on the chair, and, as Jeff stepped out of his pants, she opened her legs fully, draping them over the arms of the recliner, for her son to be able to have a good look at her pussy!

“Touch me down there Jeff!”, she ordered after a bit, “Feel your mom’s hot pussy! Feel Mommy’s pussy baby! I want you to feel my juicy hot pussy!”

Jeff reached forward and began to knead the lips of Jennifer’s furry pudenda!

Jennifer pulled her cunt lips open wide after a minute or so saying,” See my hole Honey!? This is the hole you came out of when you were born! Look at Mommy’s naked fuck hole Honey! Look at it!”

Jeff stared hypnotized by his mothers words and the sight of her vaginal opening!

“Kiss me Sweetie!”, Jennifer instructed, “Kiss Mommy down there! Kiss her hot juicy pussy! Lick it!”

Jeff looked at her with a shocked expression on his face as I told him, “Remember the videos? Remember what I said about the button?”

Jeff nodded determinedly and put his face into Jennifer’s bush to tentatively begin licking her pussy lips!

“Oh YES Jeffy! YES!”, Jennifer cried, “Push your tongue up my hole Honey! Push it up into mommies hole!

After a bit Jeff came up for air, his face sopping wet with his mom’s juices, and I said quietly, “Masturbate Jennifer!, I said again huskily, “Masturbate for us!”

Jennifer placed her hand in her bush and began to pleasure herself in front of the boy (and me too!)!

Jeff stepped back from the chair and was watching his long legged naked mom writhing lewdly in front of him!

Jennifer, after masturbating for a couple of minutes suddenly took Jeff’s right hand and guided his middle fingers towards her cunt hole!

“Push Sweetie!”, she commanded gently, “Push them into me Baby….Ahhhhh yeeeessss Baby YES! OH YES!”, she squealed as his fingers entered the part of her that is most girl!

Jenn then worked his thumb around to massage her clit saying, “Rub me here with your thumb Baby!” Work Mommy’s cum button!”

“Oh Good Boy! Good Boy!” Jennifer purred, “Now just move your fingers in and out of me and work my clit!”, she gasped, “Yes! Ohhhh yes! You’re a natural! OH GOD YES!”, she exclaimed as Jeff, wide-eyed, finger fucked his mom!

I took the opportunity, while mother and soon were so totally absorbed with each other, to get a bit more comfortable myself and changed into my birthday suit along with them!

I made my way around to Jenn’s head, Jeff’s eyes were as wide saucers as he saw me pull my nine inch cock down to the horizontal and squat slightly beside his mom’s head!

“You know what I want Jenn!”, I told her, “Let him watch you do it! Let’s do it in front of him Sweetheart!”

Jeff let out a load gasp as he saw my cock enter his mother’s mouth and he watched wide eyed as she sucked my dick right in front of him!

“Jennifer! Oh Jennifer! Wow!”, I groaned, “You’re giving me a blow job in front of a ten year old virgin boy!”

Suddenly Jennifer’s back arched and her pupils rolled up into her head leaving only the milky whites of her eyes visible. She spread her legs even wider across the arms of the recliner and grabbed Jeff’s wrist trying to pull him even deeper into her!

“Don’t stop Jeffy! Unnnnnnn! Don’t stop Gussie! Pleeeeease!”, Jenn grunted as she grimaced and a look of pain crossed her face as she started to cum!

“Umm Ahhh!….Ummmm Ahhhhh!…..Ummmm Ahhhhhh!”, she grunted louder and louder before finally filling the air with a piercing scream of, “Ahhhhiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Jeff’s fingers froze inside of his mom’s cunt as he looked down into her contorted screaming face framed by her beautiful jet black hair on the headrest of the recliner! I knew from the look on her face and her animal grunts that I no longer had to worry about whether or not she was willing to go all the way or not and I knew now that Jeff’s lucky cock would find its’ release buried far up inside of his mom’s femininity before the night was out!

Jennifer then pulled Jeff’s fingers out of her cunt and sat up on the edge of the chair to take her son’s sex organ into her hands and gently masturbate it once again.

“Mom Ohhhhhhhhhh!”, Jeff groaned at the incredible sensation of a woman’s soft warm hands back on his dick again!, “Momma…Momma…..Oh Mom!”

“Feel good Honey?”, Jennifer asked the boy smiling nastily as she paused for a few seconds.

“Yeah!”, Jeff grunted in reply!, “Oh yeah! Mom…..Oh Mom! Don’t stop! Please….!”

Jennifer smiled again and kept on stroking Jeff’s penis! The boy was in ecstasy as his mom stroked his cock and worked his balls with her long slender cool fingers!

“Mom!”, Jeff gasped again suddenly, “I…I…think I’m gonna squirt if you keep going!”

Jennifer stopped before she made her son cum telling him with a giggle, “Mom’s going to stop now, okay Sweetie?” I don’t want you to squirt your stuff out just yet! I want you to watch me and Uncle Gus first, okay Jeffy? Mom will give you lots of beautiful and wonderful cummy-cums afterwards! I promise, Okay?”

“Okay Mom!”, Jeff responded along with an enthusiastic nod of approval!

Jennifer stood up put her hand over Jeff’s shoulder and he placed his hand around his mom’s waist, just above her ass, as we headed down the hall to the bedroom. I followed behind them and watched both of their asses jiggle as they walked. Jeff was so cute! He was a little short for his age and barely (no pun intended) came up to the top of his mom’s tits but he was such an adorable sweet little guy!

As we entered the bedroom I pulled Jennifer to me and kissed her.

“Son,” I told the boy quietly, “I need your Mom tonight! I’m going to stick my dick in her pussy and squirt sperm in her belly, just like in the videos we watched earlier! Your mom and I both want you watch her take my cock into her belly!”

“Mom!”, the boy gasped in shock from the sudden rough talk, “Mmm...Mom!”

“Talk dirty Jenny!”. I told the shivering mother, “Tell him what’s going to happen! “Make it nasty!”

“We want to do it in front of you Honey!”, Jennifer mewled huskily, “We want you to watch us! I want to be fucked naked in front of my baby! Mommy wants you to watch her take Gussie’s big dick up inside of her hot pussy! Mommy wants you see her pussy with a cock in it! Her pussy Jeffy! Mommy’s cunt! Mommy wants you to see her fuck hole with a cock in it! I want you to see Gus’s juicy thick cum running back out of my naked cunt hole and drip on the covers when he pulls his dick out of me!!”

I was pretty much out of it now and with one smooth motion, pushed Jennifer back onto the bed and, taking her feet I opened her legs wide revealing her moist glistening pussy to the boy again as I fondled it!

I let the sight sink in a bit with Jeff and then I climbed up on the bed to straddled Jennifer and began to titty fuck her as the boy watched and listened to his mom’s animal grunting and gasping and to the deliciously nasty slurping sound my dick made as it slipped between her breasts now well lubricated by the copious amounts of pre-cum flowing freely from my dick head!

After a minute or so of sliding my cock between Jennifer’s ample breasts I pulled out from between her luscious melons as I wasn’t ready to cum just yet!

Jennifer seeing the shocked look on Jeff’s face rolled over and down to the foot of the bed to take his face in both of her hands saying, “It’s okay Sweetie! It’s okay! Just enjoy Baby!”

Jennifer kissed the boy and then got onto her hands and knees while I slipped behind her butt and slid my cock up into her cunt and began fucking her doggy style!

I could see her titties jiggling in time to my thrusting in the mirror on the wall but what captivated me was seeing Jennifer and Jeff staring into each others faces in the mirror on the dresser! Jeff ‘s face, beet red, was only inches from his mom’s!

“Oh God Jennifer!”, I grunted as I kept thrusting in and out of the naked mother, “This is it! It’s happening! He’s watching us! Watching us fuck!”

“Jeffy! Oh Jeffy! My baby!”, Jennifer gasped as she saw his gaze drop to look at her breasts swinging to and fro!, “Go ahead and look at them Honey! Look at Mommy’s big titties jiggle! It’s okay Baby! It’s okay!”

Jennifer then reached out with one hand to guide one of Jeff’s hands to cup the soft areola and nipple of her right breast gasping, “Squeeze me Honey! Squeeze my nipples!”

Jeff was a quick learner and was soon industriously at work with both hands roaming all over his mom’s nipples and titties!

I screwed Jenn for a couple of minutes doggy style and then I suddenly put my hands under her shoulders and rolled us both backwards so that my ass was on the bed and Jennifer’s ass was on my belly leaving Jenn’s legs spread wide open giving Jeff the perfect view of my cock stroking in and out of his mom’s pussy!

Jennifer squealed with delight as she suddenly was taken for the ride backwards and then gasped with shock when she realized that she had been so opened and lewdly exposed to the boy! She tried to close her legs but I kept them spread wide apart with mine!

“No Gus! No!”, she gasped, “Please not like this! Don’t let him see me like this!”

I reached both of my hands around Jennifer and fondled her breasts as I continued, despite her feeble protests to piston my penis in and out of her, fucking her in front of Jeff!”

“Yes woman!”, I hissed in her ear, “Just like this! We’re fucking in front of your kid! Look at him woman! Look at his face! His sweet innocent face!”

“Oh Gawd Gus!”, Jennifer moaned, Oh Gawd noooooooooo!”

“I’m not going to cum in you this time Jennifer!”, I hissed into her ear as I suddenly realized how I was going to give Jeff the grand finale to the first act of our play!, “I’m going to shoot spermatozoa all over you, from head to toe while he watches! He’s going to see you covered in hot human sperm woman! Hot human sperm spraying all over your naked body! In your hair, your face and all over your tits! You’re going to be looking right into his innocent face while it happens! !”

“Mmm….Mom!”, the boy stammered at seeing his mother taking a cock up into her pussy in such graphically plain view!

“Jeff!”, Jennifer gasped at last, “Come to Mommy Jeffy! Come to her Baby!”

Jeff hesitated but then climbed up over the foot of the bed and knelt down between Jennifer’s and my bare legs! Jennifer reached out to take his face in her hands as she mewled, “Oh God Baby! Oh God Hun! Watch Mommy! Watch Mommy and Gussie fuck!”

Jennifer then took his hands in hers and guided them to her breasts saying, “Suck my nipples Baby! Suck Mommy’s nipples while she’s getting fucked! Suck my nipples with your mouth like when you were a baby and play with my tits!”

Jeff was wide eyed and I thought he might actually faint from excitement as he felt her breasts and sucked on Jennifer’s ample tits to the sight and slurping sound of my cock going in and out of his mom directly beneath him!

Jennifer reached forward and, taking one of her son’s hands in her’s, she guided it to her belly, on top of her lower bush saying, “Press me Baby! Press here hard! You can feel Gus’s cock moving inside of me! Can you feel it Baby? Can you feel it moving in mommies belly!”

“Oh shit!”, I exclaimed, “I can feel him!” as I suddenly felt an added pressure on my dick and realized that what I was feeling was the pressure of the boy’s small warm hand on his mother’s naked belly!

The boy swallowed hard and then looked up to fix his shining blue eyes on us as he exclaimed softly, “I can feel it Mom! I feel it moving up and down in you!”

I suddenly pulled my dick out of Jennifer and let the boy stare at the tip for a few seconds as it lay pointing straight up nestled between the lips of Jennifer’s dripping pussy and freely oozing pre-cum from the angry red tip!

“Okay Son!”, I directed, “Move over for a second! I can’t hold back any more!”

Jeff moved aside with the wide-eyed look of, what’s next?, written all over his cute face. He didn’t have to wonder long!

“Straighten your legs Jenn!”, I told the naked mother!

As Jennifer complied, I clamped my legs outside of and over hers and reclined to lean back against the pillows against the headboard which left Jennifer sitting upright on my lower belly with my engorged dick sticking up obscenely from between her legs and half buried between her pussy lips! I placed my hands on Jenn’s back to keep her sitting upright as I began to thrust back and forth, thigh fucking her in front of the boy!

“I’m gonna cum Sweetheart!!”, I groaned loudly after only a minute, “Jenn I’m gonna cum!”

“Jeff! Oh God Jeff!”, I grunted, “I’m going to cum on your mom! I’m going to cum all over her! Watch me cum on her! Shit!.....Oh shit!....Here it… comes!

“Give it to me!”, Jenn gasped, “Let him see it! Let him see you squirt juicy white cum all over me!”

“Unnnnnngh!…….Unnnnnnngh!”, I grunted and then, as I looked at Jeff’s angelic wide-eyed face and big blue eyes, it was all over!

The first rope of semen only shot about six inches into the air to land on Jenn’s belly, but the second streamer was thick and enormous and shot at least three feet into the air to fall back across Jenn’s hair and face, as well as her tits! It seemed like I just kept cumming and cumming as more and more semen spurted, gushed, and finally just oozed out of my dick all over Jenn and in front of the wide eyed naked boy for about half a minute. His dick tip was now running freely with pre-cum as well!

After a couple of minutes or so of recovery, I slid out from underneath Jennifer. Her long bare legs spreading wide open once again in invitation to her glistening wet pussy!

“Okay Son!”, I looked at Jeff, saw his penis was standing straight up and dripping as well, and told him gently, “Your turn! You’ve waited long enough! Slide over here Buddy and get in between your mom’s legs!”

Jennifer quickly slid a pillow under her butt to help make “things” more accessible to Jeff for his first time!

Jeff meanwhile, unsure of what to do or expect, slid nervously across the bed and got between his mom’s legs and stared down at the pussy of his spread eagled mother completely naked before him but, just as soon as Jeff had got settled in, Jennifer had his dick in her hand and was guiding it towards her glistening wet fuck hole!

“My dick went rock hard again at her words and the thought of what was about to happen right before my eyes! The mating of a ten year old boy with his own mother!

“Push Jeff! Push Honey”, I heard her say firmly as the head of the boy’s cock vanished into Jennifer’s thick black bush!, “There! That’s it! Push it into me Baby! Push!”

I heard both Jennifer and Jeff let out a loud, “Gasp!” and knew that meant his penis head had passed through the tight outer ring of her vagina and was now up slipping deeper and deeper into the depths of Jennifer’s soft silky warm womanhood!

Jennifer wrapped one long naked leg up and over her son’s back and the other under his butt pulling him even deeper inside of her!

“Fuck me baby!”, Jennifer grunted, “Give Mommy her baby’s cock! She wants her baby boy’s cock, Fuck Mommy with that great big dick! Give it to me Baby! Give it to me! I want my boy’s cock in me now! Jeff! Let Mommy feel her big boy’s nasty filthy cock in her belly!”

Jeff began thrusting in and out of her from pure male instinct!

I knew the poor little guy wouldn’t last long given how worked up he had been since seeing Jennifer in the shower earlier in the morning!

“Squirt it in me Jeff!”, Jennifer demanded, “Squirt that big nasty cock inside Mom’s belly! Squirt Baby! Squirt for Mommy!”

I was now out of it myself and heard myself grunting, “Give it to her Boy! Give it to her now! Fuck her! Cum in her belly! She wants it! Give her your sperm!”

I knew when he went glassy eyed and stated yelping, “Mom! M…M…Mommmmm! Momma! Momma!” his hot juicy pearl colored boy jizz was spitting out the end of his dick and deep up into Jennifer’s soft dark fertile cunt!

Jennifer arched her back upwards and opened her mouth in a soundless scream as she felt the first hot rush of her son’s semen erupt violently into the very same warm soft birth canal that the boy had slid down just over ten years ago!

Jeff seemed to pump his seed into Jenn’s cunt for at least fifteen or twenty seconds without stop.

Finally spent he collapsed onto his mom, his dick still deep inside of her, head resting on the pillows of her breasts, now oblivious to the fact that he was lying in my own still warm wet slippery semen! Jennifer just hugged him tightly with her arms and legs and the lucky little guy virtually had a warm Jennifer wrapped all around him!

“Did I do it okay!”, Jeff asked his mother with great concern in his voice!

“”Oh Good boy!”, Jennifer purred as she stroked his hair, “Oh my good good boy! You were perfect Sweetie! Perfect! Such a good little boy! What a wonderful good little boy!”

Jennifer dropped her legs slowly back to the bed and then she and Jeff just lay there silently, both in a state of utter contentment, his head on his mom’s bare tits, small hands cupping her breasts with the sweetest and most relaxed and contented of smiles on his face and blinking his bright blue eyes slowly as his mom whispered to him, hugged and petted him and continued to hold his still developing manhood deep inside of her pussy as well!

The only sound in the room for the next few minutes was the deep and heavy breathing of three very content and satisfied people!

“Does it feel good Honey?”, Jennifer tenderly asked her son at last, “Do you like being up inside of me?”

“Yeah Mom!”, Jeff answered enthusiastically, “It’s great! Mom you’re fantastic!”

As he raised his head from her breasts, I could see that some of my semen had gotten smeared into his hair, sponged up from Jenns’s tits, and he looked into Jennifer’s eyes very solemnly to ask, “Mom?, “Are you okay? I didn’t hurt you did I?”

“Mmmmmmmmmm Baby no way!”, Jenn purred in response, “You were wonderful! You felt….feel… so good in me!”

“Mom?”, the boy asked again more softly than before, “I squirted a lot of…of stuff inside you! Ar…are you going to have a baby?”

“Maybe Sweetie!”, Jennifer purred happily and proudly, “I think I just might! I hope so anyway! I want to have a baby with you!”

“Momma…”, Jeff added smiling, his eyes warm and soft, “ I….I love you!”

“Oh Sweetie! That’s so nice! Thank you!”, Jennifer responded hugging him again and wrapping her warm legs around him tightly, “Momma loves you too! So much Sweetie! So much!”

“Mom?”, Jeff asked tentatively after another minute or so, “C…C ….Can we do it again?”

“Yes Baby of course we can!”, Jennifer answered with a contented sigh smiling gently as she brushed his sandy brown hair back from his forehead with her hand, “Whenever you like!”

“I mean….can we do it….like right now?”, Jeff pressed on anxiously, “Please Mom? Please! Can we?”

“Oh Wow Jeffy! I dunno about that…..?”, Jennifer said with a mock seriousness, “You mean now? Right now? This very minute? I don’t think two people have ever done it again that quickly in the whole history of the world!”

“Mom! Please! Please!”, Jeff pleaded with a tinge of desperation in his voice, I just gotta… it with you again! I need to…want to….please! Please!”

Jennifer giggled at Jeff’s discomfort with expressing his need to mate with her again as she said, “I kind of thought you might need to Sweetie! I can feel that great big dick of yours getting harder and harder up inside of me again!”

“It never really went soft you know!”, she added with a tinge of admiration that I could see made Jeff smile!, “What a nice virile little guy!”

Jeff looked at her, the lingering question still clouding his boyish face with concern, still wanting her to clearly say yes before continuing. He was such a sweet charming little guy! A real little gentleman and nice kid! I thought I was going to cum again from just watching them negotiate the thing knowing all the while that Jennifer was just teasing him gently and would say yes!

‘Do it Baby!”, Jennifer finally told him after a few seconds with a chuckle, “Go ahead and do it! Give Mommy another good fucking Sweetie!”

Jeff merely nodded eagerly and. with a broad relieved grin, got himself situated and began pumping his penis in and out of Jennifer!

Since he had managed to finally at last get the first terrible load out of his balls that he had been trying so desperately to get rid of since he had earlier watched Jennifer in the shower, he was able to last a lot longer and he had the stamina of youth going for him to boot!

Jennifer just lay there with her long slender legs pulled back to make it easier for her own kid to fuck her. She kept on looking at him lovingly as the two copulated and it was obvious that she wasn’t even trying to cum this time but rather was getting all of her considerable enjoyment from the pure pleasure she knew she was giving to Jeff by letting him stroke his penis in and out of her pussy! The look of pure ecstasy radiating from Jeff’s young face said it all!”

“Does it feel good Honey?”, Jennifer asked lovingly as we listened to the soft slurp-slurp-slurp sound of Jeff’s penis going in and out of her, “Are you happy Baby? Are you enjoying yourself with Momma?”

“Oh God Mom YES!”, he grunted in response gazing into Jennifer’s eyes, “You feel so g…good! Good! Oh! Mom! Oh Mom!” Jeff’s eyes were big and blue and warm and soft as he looked at his mom!

Jeff pretty much kept those eyes glued to his mom’s face but then, after about five minutes or so, I saw Jeff glance down along the length of Jennifer’s naked torso, pausing briefly at her jiggling tits and belly, still glistening with a coating of my own spunk, to stare at the point where his cock was pistoning in and out of his mom!

Jeff looked back up suddenly and his eyes went glassy once more and his thrusting was now becoming faster and grew ever more urgent!

Jennifer had noticed it too and, scooping up some of the ample cum I had sprayed all over her before for lubricant, slid her hand back over Jeff’s butt to insert her finger into his anus saying roughly!, “Cum Baby! Cum for Momma! “Squirt that big fat nasty cock up inside Mom’s belly again! Make it squirt for Mommy!”

The boy literally came unglued as Jenn found just the right spot in his rectum! His back arched and he drove himself involuntarily even deeper into Jennifer!

“M…MMM….Mom!”, the boy squealed, “MOM! Nooooooooooooo!”

Jeff then tried to pull away but Jenn had wrapped her legs around him and held him tightly in, and against, her own body! He wasn’t going to get away from her, nor out of her! Not just yet anyway!

Jennifer placed the palm of her free hand under her son’s chin and laid her long cool fingers along his cheek as she said lewdly, “Give it to me Jeffy!, Mommy needs the stuff that’s inside of you Baby ! Cum Honey! Squirt it up into Momma’s belly! Cum in my belly Honey! Shoot your sperm in Mommy’s belly!”

Jeff stiffened and his eyes became as big as saucers as he began ejaculating for the second time into Jennifer’s moist warm cunt squealing,” Momma!...Ahhhhhh…Oh Momma!....Momma! unnnngh!”, while his cock pumped rope after rope of his hot thick pearl colored young spunk out of his testicles and far up into the silky warm darkness of Jennifer’s feminine depths!”

“Oh!....Oh!....Oh God! Nooooooooooooo!”, Jennifer gasped as she suddenly went into an unexpected and sudden orgasm herself and arched her back lifting Jeff up screaming, “Mommy feels it Hunny! She feels your hot cum Baby! Give Mommy sperm! Mommy wants her baby’s sperm! Squirt in me….. NOW! Make a baby in me Jeffy! Make a baby in mommies belly! In her naked belliiiiiiiiiiiiiii!”

“Mom!”, Jeff gasped, “Mom!...Mom!...Mom!”, as his balls continued to empty their living contents into Jennifer’s cunt!

Mother and son both hung in the air for several seconds until their climax had passed before collapsing once more on the bed with their pulsating genitals still locked lovingly together!

I let the two naked lovers lie together for a few minutes before I laid down beside Jennifer. I ruffled Jeff’s hair and stroked one of Jennifer’s breasts as I said, “WoW! Jeff? After watching you two, I need a turn with Mom now while you rest! Okay Son?”

Jeff just nodded and smiled and Jennifer and I watched as he drew his penis back out of her! The boy was still not soft!

I motioned Jeff to sit beside Jennifer as I positioned myself between her legs.

Jennifer merely grunted with pleasure ,like an animal, as she felt my cock enter her and bottom out.

“Wow!”, I gasped when, after a few seconds, I realized my dick was totally immersed in a warm fluid that had to be the semen from Jeff’s two previous ejaculations!“

WOW! Jeffy really shot the cum into you didn’t he!?, I exclaimed, “Talk about sloppy seconds!”, I chuckled!, “He really unloaded!”

Jennifer just giggled and said, “ YES! My little guy really knows how to do it!”

Jeff just sat on the side of the bed and grinned sheepishly, a little embarrassed at her comment, but proud at having obviously satisfied his Mom!

I glanced over and winked at Jeff and his cute grin became even broader!

Jeff just sat watching me slowly fuck his mom and Jennifer told him after a few minutes, “Hop up Sweetie! kneel by my head!”

Jeff was quick to comply and as soon as he was in position with his thighs against Jenn’s hair and his dick and balls over her forehead! Jennifer took his cock in her hand and began masturbating it with quick heavy strokes and occasionally pausing to lick the underside of the shaft and balls or to take the head into her mouth to explore the hole in the tip of his cock with her tongue!

Having my cock in Jenn missionary style put me in a perfect position to look up and see Jeff or to look down and see Jenn working the boy’s dick right below my face!

I glanced up at Jeff occasionally as the look on his boyish face was precious and it really got to me but I noticed that Jeff had turned beet red again and I could tell that he was still embarrassed about just kneeling there stark naked while his own naked mother played with and licked his dick!

“It’s okay Son!”, I said gently, “It’s okay! Just enjoy the feeling! Enjoy Momma playing with you! Remember people do this everyday! There’s nothing at all to be ashamed of or embarrassed about! Okay Jeff? Just enjoy it!”

“O…Okay Uncle Gus!”, Jeff answered with a slight stammer, “I’ll try!”

“Good boy!”, I answered with another wink!

“Mom! Stop!”, the boy grunted after a few minutes of the new and delicious sensation of his mom’s tongue and hands swirling around his dick, “You’re gonna make me cum…..on your face!”

Jennifer released her grip on her son’s cock and told him with a nasty grin, “Ohhhhh I know you are Baby, but just not yet!, I’ll stop for now but you do it Honey! jack-off for Momma! Stroke that big nasty boy cock like you were doing in the hallway this morning! You looked so hot! Mommy wants to see make yourself cum and squirt!”

“On your face Mom!?”, Jeff asked incredulously!

“Yesssssss!”, Jennifer hissed nastily!, “Shoot it all over my face! I want your sperm all over my face Sweetie! All over my face and in my mouth too! I want to be the first girl to taste and swallow my boy’s sperm!”

“Do it Jeff!”, I encouraged the boy breathlessly, “Your mom likes it! And I want to see you cum too! Go ahead and do it in your Mom’s face!”

Jeff looked up at me, and then at Jennifer for a few seconds more, and then slowly took his cock in his hand and began to masturbate!

“Beautiful Jeffy! Puuuurfect!”, Jennifer mewled as her son jacked-off, “You look so hot Sweetie! So nasty!”

“It’s okay! Do it Honey! Do it now!”, Jenn purred on, “Squirt it all over Mommy’s face you nasty little boy! Let Momma see it gush out of you!”

Jeff looked up a me for a second as if not knowing what to do but he continued masturbating and his stroking became faster and faster and he started grunting!”

“Do it!”, I growled, “Give it to her boy! Give it to her! Cum in her face!”

Jeff’s hips began to buck and he humped his thighs into Jennifer’s thick black hair as thick ropes of creamy juice began spurting rhythmically out the tip of his dick to splash all over his mom’s face in thick white streams!”

“YES Baby YES! OH YES!”, Jenn squealed, “You look so hot Jeffy! So nasty!”

The lewd sight of a naked mother having her ten year old son’s dick ejaculating heavily all over her face mere inches in front of mine, so close in fact that I could smell his hot fresh semen, was too much for me and I suddenly began pumping my own hot cum deep up into Jennifer’s belly!

‘I’m cumming Jeff!”, I grunted as my balls began pumping jizz, “I’m cumming in mom’s belly!”

I heard Jennifer grunting and saw her eyes roll up into her head leaving only their milky whites visible as she shuddered into yet another orgasm!

Jeff pulled away from his mom and flopped back, a little wobbly, and I noticed that his dick finally seemed to be soft. I had only came twice however and I was still semi-hard as I pulled out of Jennifer’s semen saturated twat while the boy watched my penis leave his mother’s naked body!

I moved up to take Jeff’s place at his mom’s head and began to jack myself off the way he had over the naked woman’s face!

Jeff had never seen another male masturbate before and the look on his innocent boyish face was beyond description. I didn’t say a word but the sight of him watching me masturbate over his mom’s face, and the look in his eyes, aroused me just like the previous night when Rachel watched me jack-off on Vicky’s breast bud and, after a couple of minutes, I lowered my cock onto Jennifer’s face to allow four large ropes of thick gooey jizz to spurt out of my dick and onto her hair and face!

Jeff and I finally just knelt there spent, dicks drooping, and just looking at each other!

Jennifer suddenly rolled over and then rose to a squat on the bed. As she did so I could see her flexing her lower belly muscles when a few seconds later a torrent of semen gushed out of her vagina to form a huge puddle on the comforter beneath her!

“Just look at how much of that stuff you two squirted up inside of me!” Jennifer said in a mock scolding as our semen continued to dribble out of her, “Not even counting what you two squirted on me! You both should be feeling a whole lot better and more relaxed right about now I think!”, and then she laughed happily as her breasts jiggled!

I think both Jeff and I felt a little sheepish at that point!

Jennifer got off the bed giggling at the shocked expressions on our faces, after she had finished emptying the contents of her cunt on the bed right in front of us, and came over to me for a hug and a kiss as Jeff watched with an embarrassed expression on his face.

Jenn and I hugged tightly as we kissed and she curled her right leg upwards to the horizontal from the sheer pleasure of the embrace!

“Oh my God!”, I thought to myself, “I just fucked a woman right in front of her ten year old son!”

Jennifer then stepped over to Jeff and placing her hands on his shoulders stooped to give him a long deep kiss as well!

Jennifer then said to Jeff tenderly, “Feel better Honey? Are you nice and all relaxed now? No more tension down there?” as she gave his penis and balls a squeeze and a couple of playful tugs just for good measure!

“It feels great Mom!”, the boy replied a little drowsily and it was obvious he was feeling the physical, mental, and emotional exertions of the evening!

Jennifer realized that we were both pretty much done for the time being and declared in the husky voice of the recently satisfied woman, “Okay, guys! It’s only nine o’clock but I think you’re both about finished for the evening so let’s clean up the real mess you two made before we go to bed!”

Jennifer headed for the shower in her bedroom saying with mock severity as her bare ass cheeks wiggled their way through her bathroom door, “Okay you two! Out of here! Go find your own shower!”

I let Jeff hit the hallway bathroom shower first while I tuned off the cameras in living room and bedroom figuring that Dolores and the girls had seen all there was to see for now!

I called Dolores on the cell for just a hot minute as I waited for the shower, to see how things were going back home.

“Gus! Oh Gus!” Dolores exclaimed without even saying hello, “That was unbelievable! It was so…so….I dunno? Hot! Jeffy is just the sweetest little stud isn’t he?”, Dolores laughed, “ He’s so cute! His dick for ten is amazing! I can’t wait to see it in person!”

Dolores went on to tell me that she had a wonderful long talk with the girl’s and that they were all excited now to learn more! Dolores told me they all four sat around the widescreen in the living room and squealed out loud at the raunchier moments of our little performance!

“Did you build a nice fire in the fireplace?”, I asked my wife.

“Oh yes!”, Dolores replied, “The lights are off now, the fire is nice, and we’re going to just hang out and chill and watch TV before we sack out in the living room!”

Each of the girls of course had to take the time to say excitedly , “Hi Daddy! Love you!”

We chatted a few more minutes and then exchanged, “I love you’s” and “Goodnight’s” before hanging up.

I proceeded to get cleaned up and met Jennifer and Jeff back in her room after about half an hour or so and all of us were now wearing pajamas and ready for bed.

Jennifer put her hand over Jeff’s fly and exclaimed, “Ah-ha! Just what I thought young man!”

She put her hand inside the boy’s fly and removed his penis which amazingly was rock hard! Oh to be young again!

“You want some help with that before we go to bed Sweetie?” Jenn purred!

Jeff, of course, just nodded enthusiastically and I noticed he seemed to have quickly gotten over being embarrassed about nudity!

“Baby, when you feel the need to cum just do it okay?”, Jennifer added, “Don’t hold back and don’t worry about where your stuff’s going! Just do it for me! Okay Honey?”

“Okay Mom!?”, he replied questioningly, “not sure where she was going with all of this!

Jennifer then smiled and took his cock deeply into her mouth and began to suck it!

Jeff placed his hands on either side of his mother’s head and humped her mouth for several minutes until I saw him stiffen and exclaim “OH!....OH…Mom!...Mom! …Mmmmmm…Aghhhhh!”, as he filled Jennifer’s mouth with sweet hot cum!”

Jennifer grunted approvingly as she swallowed every drop and then sucked the boy’s dick dry and licked it clean before tucking it gently back inside of his pj’s! giving it a pat while telling him, “You’ll sleep real good now Baby!”

“What about you Gussie!”, Jennifer asked, “Would you like a little something to help you sleep too?”

I just grinned as she pulled my dick out and began the blow job!

I had a perfect view of Jeff as he sat in the chair beside the bed watching the whole thing as I unloaded into his mom’s mouth!

“Don’t swallow it Jenn!”, I gasped as I came, “Hold it in your mouth! Okay?”

“Uh-huh!”, she replied as my semen continued to fill her mouth!

I withdrew my cock from her mouth slowly so as not to spill anything and told her, “Okay Baby!”, slide over to Jeff and open your mouth wide for him! Show him what’s in there!”

The boy was wide eyed again at the sight of his mom’s mouth filled with cum!

After he had a good look, she swallowed my load and returned to suck my dick dry and lick it clean as she had done Jeff’s earlier, before tucking it back away with a pat!

While Jeff recovered glassy eyed in the chair, Jenn and I changed out the bedding, just tossing the soaked stuff in the corner for now, and then Jeff scrambled eagerly up onto the bed as Jenn situated herself to lie on the pillows.

Jeff knew just right where he wanted to be and quickly snuggled up to his mom with his head on her shoulder, his leg on hers, and a small hand on her right breast .

Jeff moved slightly to give Jenn a big kiss on her cheek then saying softly, “I love you Mom!”

“Oh Sweetie I love you too! So much! Do you feel good Honey? Happy?”, Jenn asked her thoroughly spent son warmly hugging and kissing him and once again tenderly stroking his hair!

“I feel (yawn) great Mom (yawn)!”, he answered looking at her with large soft warm eyes, “But really (yawn) really tired!”, and with that, he stretched mightily and immediately dropped soundly into an exhausted sleep. Our little man had had a very very big and busy day, (and evening too!), and was now clearly out of it!

“Thanks Gus!”, Jennifer replied dreamily as I lay beside her gently caressing her other breast through her pajama top, “Thanks for making it so beautiful and wonderful for us….and for him!”, as she held her son tenderly in her arms!

“Well Jenn…”, at least you won’t have to spend anymore nights here sleeping alone and wishing you had someone in bed with you to hold you and love you!”, I said, “I think our little man will be up to the task of keeping you happy and well satisfied!”

“I know he will Gus!”, she said as she stroked Jeff’s hair lovingly, “I just know he will! Just…just….thank you so much too! From both of us!”

“Just don’t forget to invite me over every now and then!”, I added with a chuckle, “I’ll still want to “visit”, especially when Dolores is out of town!”

“Don’t be silly Gus!”, Jenn finished with a giggle, “Of course I’ll still want you too and besides, we still have quite a few things left to teach our Jeffy! Don’t we? Instead of our threesomes, we can have foursomes again!”

“Maybe even up to a seven-some if we include the girls?”, I chuckled, “Maybe we should all get together for a little slumber party later this week and just party? What do you think?”

“Hmmmmmmm!”, Jennifer replied clearly intrigued, “I dunno….maybe? I’ll talk to Dolores!”

I leaned over and kissed her deeply in her mouth as she smiled and dropped off into an exhausted but content and well satisfied sleep with Jeff in her arms!

The last thing I remembered, before nodding off myself, was how precious Jeff and Jenn looked all snuggled up and cozy sleeping together and the sound of their deep contented breathing and how nice it was to be in bed with them, and how warm and nice and right the world seemed as my eyes closed!

(More to cum in part 4)

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