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My first story on here which has some truth... just not all. Please feel free to email me at
My long time girlfriend and I run a business in a small rural town. Business is brisk and has been more than enough for us to handle. About five years ago she was diagnosed with viral meningitis caused by West Nile. Unfortunately that turned out to be a misdiagnosis and it was later upgraded to MS. The diagnosis changed our relationship dramatically. Before the diagnosis, daily we used to sneak into the back room for a quickie or I would find her spread out with her fingers in her pussy or she would deep throat me into bliss. That quickly changed and over the past five years the only sex I’ve had is with myself. I’m not bitching. Its not her fault this happened and I’m happy to help her through this. She deserves that much and more. The closest hospital with the help she needs is 3.5 hours north of us and with the trips, 2-3 days long each, becoming more and more frequent I started having more and more trouble keeping up with the business. Its simply been wearing me out.
The time before her last trip, her daughter Jyll made the long trip into town to help. Jyll has her mom’s work ethic and is one of the prettier 22 year olds I have seen in a long time. We get along great and its always wonderful to have her around. So when her mom asked me if I wanted her daughter to come up and help I jumped on it. Her daughter’s one demon is alcohol. She doesn’t ever drink at work but has one or two every night. Sometimes it gets way out of hand and is definitely a problem she needs to deal with.
Pretty much right after her mom left things fell apart for Jyll. Her boyfriend was in Arizona for work but when she called he was drunk and with another woman. Stupid bastard even put her on the phone to try and convince Jyll it was innocent but considering his past transgressions, Jyll wasn’t buying it. Still she worked hard all day, in between texts and calls, even through their break-up.
After close I took her out for dinner. We chatted and had a pretty good time. I even manage to get her to smile and laugh. We had a few drinks went back to the house and went to bed…. separate beds. I know what you were thinking.
My surprise came at 11:20 when my cell phone rang. It was Jyll. She was calling me from a bar, very drunk. “I’m at the bar and I need a ride home. Im here with this guy and he is kinda scaring me.”
“Okay okay. What bar?
Minutes later I was walking into the downtown sports bar in my sandals, jeans and t-shirt where I found Jyll so drunk she could barely sign the credit card receipt. I got her out of there into my car and drove her home. She cried all the way. Weeping about how she gave him her heart and he shit all over her. When we got home I had to carry her in, crying the whole time, and set her down on the couch. Over the next 45 minutes she talked, I listened, she cried, I held, I even had to take her to the bathroom a couple of times. She even managed to beg one more drink out of me threatening to go “crazy” if I didn’t give it to her.
About 12:30 she asked me to help her to the bathroom again. Like before I kinda shuffled behind her supporting her under her arms to keep her from falling or drunk staggering into the wall. She would hold onto my hands like some sort of weird parallel bars. This time however she moved my hands and covered her breasts with them. Almost like it was a natural thing for me to do and for some reason I needed help. She got in the bathroom, shut the door and I stood outside contemplating what the hell that was all about. After a few minutes she opened the door took a few steps and fell up against the frame. Laughing, “I think I better go to bed!”
The closest bed was actually mine and she wasted to time staggering in and falling onto it laughing. “God I’m fucked up!!!”
Trying to be nice, while realizing I was on the couch, I offered one of my t-shirts for her to wear to bed. When I turned around to hand it to her she was sitting up and had already unbuttoned her shirt and was removing it. “Not shy are you.”
“Should I be? I’ve seen you looking at me.”
“Yeah busted but you weren’t sitting on my bed drunk in your bra.”
“I could take it off if you want,” as she reached around her back but stopped just short of flicking the clasp.
I just stood there watching with my arms crossed grinning. After a few seconds she let go of the clasp, bra in place, smiling.
“I knew you were all tease,” as I threw the t-shirt at her.
She actually managed to catch it and throw it back at me laughing. She missed wildly. “Oh I’m a tease am I? I know you’ve thought about it.” She spread her jean clad legs and traced a finger up the inside of her thigh. “I know you’ve thought about fucking me. When you’re jacking off do you think about cumming deep inside my pussy?” She rolled over, on her knees, face on my comforter with her ass point up at me in the air. She reached from underneath and between her legs and ran a finger down her ass. I’m wishing she had taken her jeans off with her shirt. “Or maybe cumming deep in my ass?” With surprising agility she swung around so she’s now laying on her back, legs bent at the knees and head hanging off the bed just a foot from me. “Or maybe you fuck my mouth and pump cum down my throat.” Her finger tracing the corner of her mouth. Reaching out she ran her hand down the bulge in my pants. “So how about it…. You going to pull that cock out and slide it in my throat?”
I could barely stand myself. “You are one hell of a tease.” I kneeled down and whispered in her ear, hand on her shoulder, “but I wouldn’t want to hurt you.”
She took my hand and pulled it down her chest and under her bra. Her nipple was incredibly hard and her breasts smooth like silk. In my ear, with her lips touching its lobe, she hissed “I’m not fucking teasing.”
That’s all it took. I used my free hand to undo my pants and pull out my cock. I don’t think its even been more hard than now, stood up and slipped it into her wanting mouth and throat and she greedily took it all in trying to pull more of me in than what is possible. I ran my hand down her chest, grabbed her bra and broke it off of her. Then continued down, unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans and slid my fingers over her shaved, soaking wet lips.
She let out a deep moan and pushed my hips back releasing my cock from her throat. “Oh FUCK” came from her as she frantically ripped whats left of her bra off and stripped out on her jeans ending up on all fours, cock at her mouth again. She grabbed it and ran her tongue around it and my balls while running her hand along my ass. I took her by the hair and fucked it back into her mouth all the way to my balls. Her free hand went between her legs as she started fingering herself while I skull fucked her like a champ.
After a few more strokes I pulled my cock from her mouth, “I want to see what you are doing”.
Gasping she sung her ass around and lay back on the bed with her legs wide and spread her lips for me to see her soaked pussy and hard clit. I could see her juice seeping from her.
“Don’t forget your fingers.” She responded by humping three into her waiting hole.
I knelt down. “Hold your lips open for me.” She pulled them apart and I locked my mouth over her clit causing her to thrash wildly. I slid my own three fingers into her and began to piston them in and out of her.
Grabbing my hair and humping my face she screamed “IM CUMMING” as she squirted a torrent of juice onto my hand. One hand on my head she shouted “FUCK DON’T STOP NOW!” Her other hand appeared by mine and after dipping into her pussy with mine slid two fingers into her ass. The effect was an immediate second orgasm which I immediately removed my fingers and wrapped my lips around her and drank as much of her down as I could.
When she subsided I stood and leaned into her sliding the first few inches of my cock past her lips. Her eyes flew open, “Oh yes fuck me….” I could feel her fingers pumping in her ass through my cock as it slid all the way into her waiting pussy, my head bumping up against her cervix with about two inches to go.
Her eyes flew open and she gasp for air as I fucked her clawing at my chest with her free hand trying to pull me down to kiss her. Finally our lips met and her tongue tasted herself on me. The kiss didn’t last long. “Don’t cum in me yet…… I want to feel you in my ass first….”
I pushed myself off and out of her and pulled up one leg forcing her onto her side. Her fingers stayed pumping her ass. I lined my shining cock up and slowly pushed into her ass. It was like the air went out of her as her mouth opened in a gasp. “AHHHHHHHH fuck Jesus get in there!”
Her ass was so tight I didn’t think I could get in until she pulled her fingers out. That gave me all the room I needed. I buried my cock the rest of the way in on one long hard quick thrust that made her utter an animal scream. Simply I pounded her ass for all its worth and she love it. Pulling at her nipples and clawing at the sheets she came again and again in rapid succession.
Panting and nearly fucked unconscious, I pulled my cock out and I pushed her back on the bed and climbed up behind her brought her onto all fours and slid my cock back into her pussy doggie style. Her body responded by pushing back trying to get my entire cock into her. I reached down and grabbed her hair and pulled her upright so she was just on her knees. Her hands wrapped around behind me and kneaded my ass. My hands moved to her breasts and rubbed them as I held her close. My hard cock throbbing in her pussy. She whispered hoarsely, “I haven’t been fucked by just one guy this good in a long, long time. Finish inside of me. I want to feel you cum in me.”
I pushed her back down on her hands and knees, took her by her hips and began to thrust hard into her. She met each thrust by slamming herself back on to me. Her knees leaving the bed on each thrust. Shouting “FUCK FUCK FUCK” with every thrust. Finally I couldn’t hold it anymore and with one last hard thrust forward shove the head of my cock past her cervix and filled her womb directly with what felt like was gallons of cum. That sent her over the edge again and we both screamed one final orgasm out.
Immediately she passed out and I collapsed next to her. After a few minutes to catch my wits I cleaned myself up and as much of her as I could before retreating to the couch. Implications of what just happened spun in my mind. Tomorrow might be very interesting.

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2012-05-02 17:42:24
Great story and well written.I love anal and the tightness of it gripping my cock.

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