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My first story. If you like I will write more
As far back as can remeber I have always had a thing for older woman. There was always just something so sensual and sexy about them. Even from very young when got my first hard-on is was because of an older woman.
My story starts at about 13 y/o. I was staying at my uncles house for the weekend. He was just recently married to an average looking woman with nice tits. It was the 2nd night there and I was sleeping on the couch in the family room. When I had this strange feeling that I was being watched. I opened my eyes slight slightly an saw my new aunt with the blank, lost stare on her face staring at my crotch. Apparently, my dick had fell out of my boxers and was hanging out in the open. I was kind of shocked but turned on at the same time. My aunt had this flustered look about her and I could see her lips moist with saliva.
Not wanting to make her feel awkward or to cause a scene I just closed my eyes and remained still. although my dick had other ideas. I was turned on by the heat of her stare and I started to get a boner. I though that I dies with t he embarrasment until I felt a warm hand softly grab my cock and slowy stroke it. I never felt this before and I liked it. I didn't want it to stop. She started stroking my cock faster and the pre-cum was lubricating my shaft. Then she started to moan and i peeked up and saw her hand under her nightgown playing with her pussy. That's when our eyes locked. She had this funny smirk on her face and the lifted up her nightgown so I could see her finger the first snatch I ever saw. With what felt like instinct I raised my hand and grabbed her hip and tried to pull her close. She paused for a moment the looked at me and said sshhhh as she grabbed my cock and slid her pussy down on it. We where grinding for just an few minutes when her body started to shudder and I felt warm, wet fluid flowing onto me, I could hold back no longer and shot my hjot cum into her pussy.
Once I finished dhe got up, straightened herself, gave me a kiss on the forehead and a smile then wandered back to bed.
I lied ther in disbelief of what had just ocurred and reeling in the desire to do it again. This same thing played out every night for the next few nights. She would come in, get me hard, we would both get off in a couple of fast hard minutes and then she would go back to bed.

This experience set me up for a life of older women. All through my teens I would find woman 30's to 50's for hot action. Physical apperance as long as they were clean and took care of themselves, size and looks made little differance. This lasted ubtil I was 19 and then I hit a dry spell. It was difficult not getting any and I was horny as hell. Then one night while I was watching tv on the couch. I started thinking about that first night with my aunt and I could feel the stirring in my cock. That's when my mother came into the room, I have never looked at my mother in a sexual way. She always walked around in a light nightgown at night so when she walked in and bent over to pick something up in front of me, I saw clear down her top. For the first time I was attracted to my mom. I thought to myself...could I, should I.......but how?

I was so very horny that I decided to give it a shot. She left the room and I got comfortable on the couch and pretended to be asleep but first a stuck my cock out through my boxers. A short while later I heard her walk into the room and her footsteps stopped short. I knew she was staring, I could feel it.
I peeked and saw her blank stare at my cock witch by the age of 19 was 8.5 inches long and quite thick. i knew this was my chance so I opened my eyes and watched her watch me. After a few seconds she saw me looking but I just had a big smile on my face and by now my cock was rock hard. She knew what I was thinking and I saw some aprhension in her face but what she did next shicked me. A totally different look came onto her face and she droped to her knees and grabbed my cock. She looked me straight in the eyes and asked if this is what I wanted. I could only nod yes. She winked and said "promise not to tell anyone"? I noddedonce more and she sank her mouth onto my cock. It felt wonderful, even with all the woman I have been with My mother sucked the best cock. I reached down and started rubbing her pussy, it was so wet and hot. Soon she was sitting on my face in a 69 and I licked her sweet juices and she started to come on my face. Her body convulsed on my mouth and in one swift motion she spun around and hopped right onto my cock. In one hard fast plunge I was buried balls deep inside my mother. We fucked for over an hour when we heard a car door. At that very instant I shot my load deep inside her.
She jumped up and ran to the bathroom, I barely ahd enough strength to get upstairs to my room.
Later that night when we were all together in the living room, my father got up and left the room. My mother leans over to me and says "Just so you know your father cannot perform and I have not had sex in 5 yrs. and if I was o.k with it would I like to continue our new found game.
And that is how mine and my mother fuck fests started..................................................................................more to come.


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2011-03-06 17:01:40
I fuck my step mom everyday thrice. She has 42 sized breasts. I have triple penetrated her ass with two of my friends too.

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2010-08-14 11:47:56
Great one. My mom and I started fucking when I was 17. she'd walk around barely covered when she bathed or she'd wear skimpy stuff when we were home alone, which was often as dad had a three state route to work and would often be gone Sunday night or Monday morning through Friday evening. I would do my best to catch her nude from the shower and one day I complained I had to pee and needed to get in. She opened the door dripping wet and told me she knew what was up and why didn't I just fuck her. She kissed me and pulled me close, totally wetting my clothes and I fucked her right there leaning against the face bowl. It was incredible. We fucked the next five years nonstop as I went to college locally, staying home at dad's request.
Mom's have great pussy, deep, always hot and very aromatic. Wonderful experience. We still fuck today.

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2010-06-28 02:36:41
Good story, but a little too short. Knoeing your father can't perform, get your mother pregnant with the first of many children. I was 13 when I first fucked my mom and she had a baby 9 months later. We continued until I was 22 when I moved to another state, but we had 4 children together and it was great.

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2009-09-10 21:39:31
I saw spelling errors and it is to short

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2009-07-26 06:05:13
I have been fucking my step mom snce i was 15 i am 31.Her pussy is the best i ever had and loves it n the ass i fuck her about 3 or 4 times a week.Sometimes her sister joins n awsome tits and body and we fuck like all night

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