It was a gloomy day outside as I was driving to see my boyfriend, Samuel. It had been almost a week since we had last been together and I was horny.
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Little Slut

It was a gloomy day outside as I was driving to see my boyfriend, Samuel. It had been almost a week since we had last been together and I was horny. As his house came into view I could feel my heart start to race and my legs warm up as my pussy got wetter. As I approached the door I couldn’t help wondering what Samuel had planned for me. He had hinted at something special; something that would keep me satisfied for a long time. In hindsight this should have been a clue as to what was about to come.

As I walked in I was greeted by the normally disheveled Samuel. A quick glance at the bulge beneath his pants told me all I needed to know about his current state of mind. Taking my hand he led me into the living room, where we embraced and kissed, but I could feel something different in his body. Our eyes met, and an almost imperceptible smirk formed on his lips, before I could react his hand was already up and moving.

My pulse spiked and eyes widened in surprise as he hit me across the face. The combination of surprise, pain and pleasure left me stunned for a moment. This gave him the time to grab my shoulders and drive me back into the couch. Moving quickly, he laid on top of me, pinning me to the couch as he reached over the arm to find the rope he had hidden there earlier. As he continued to pin me with his body he grabbed my hands and tied me to the couch. I closed my eyes and took pleasure in feeling his heart beat race against my chest, his erect cock pressing into my stomach. When he finished tying me he got up, and started stripping. As his shirt came off I stared at his chest, heaving with quick breaths. A small gasp escaped my lips as he undid his pants, revealing his huge erection. I struggled, pulling against the ropes, relishing the feeling of being restrained. It was only a few more moments until Samuel was on top of me. He quickly pulled up my dress. When he realized that I was not wearing any underwear a smile crossed his face, “You little slut”, he said.

The desire in his voice was unmistakable, he wanted me, and he wanted me now. Grabbing my knees, he threw my legs apart and climbed on top. I wanted him so bad. His cock was just on the verge of penetration, I could feel it pressing gently against me. I wanted him so badly I had to bite my lip to keep from begging for him to stop teasing me. He wasn’t done yet though.

He kissed me gently, running his fingers along my smooth cheek. Then, without warning, his kissing turned into passionate biting. My hands tightened into fists and a small moan escaped my lips. He was still playing just on the edge of penetrating me, and feeling him so close, but not in, made me squirm with desire. When he pulled away he could see the desperate need for satisfaction in my eyes, and it was all the encouragement he needed. With one last gentle stroke of me face he started plunging in, accentuating it with a sharp slap of my face. My back arched with pleasure; he was finally in, plunging hard.

There was a fire burning in Samuel’s eyes and once again I had to fight the urge to beg him to go deeper, harder. Soon, it seemed that my silent pleas for him to go deeper weren’t necessary. He stopped, and leaned back on his knees, still inside me, grabbing my legs and bringing them up, into the air. He inched slowly closer, penetrating deeper and deeper as he rested my thighs against his chest, knees bent and resting on his shoulders. He went deeper, and deeper. It was exhilarating as he started thrusting again, pushing harder and faster with each movement. I could feel every inch of his cock moving in and out of me, thrusting with violent rhythm, in and out.

The seconds stretched into eternity as the pleasure built up inside of me. My heart was racing, he felt so big inside of me, I couldn’t take much more of him. With Samuel looming so close on top of me, forcing my legs against my stomach and the resistance of the rope I could feel myself getting close. “No!” I thought, my rebellious side kicking in, “He won’t get me this easily.” With this thought I angled my hips upwards; taking him deeper. His head suddenly jerked back, his own pleasure being increased. A sadistic little smile crossed my mouth as I let out a little giggle. My victory wouldn’t last long though. My rebellion had started a struggle for control that I would end up losing.

Samuel quickly regained his composure and reached around my legs to start fondling my Clit. “Damn,” was the only word I managed to say before my mind blurred and my body took over. I was helpless to do anything to try and control myself as the pleasure ran through me. I could feel my body tense, my legs started forcing Samuel back a little bit, but this didn’t stop him. He pushed back against me and continued to pleasure me, pushing me closer and closer to orgasm. All the muscle in my body tensed, trying to hold back, then, like a release of a flood, my body started shaking. In a second all my muscles released then tensed up again. My body was shaking, my back arched and I pulled against my restraints. He had met his goal, and given me an amazing orgasm.

As my shaking subsided, he gently he took my legs and placed them back on the couch as he crawled into missionary position and gave me a second to recover, but it was only a second. He immediately started thrusting again as I relaxed and enjoyed the blissful aftereffects of a great orgasm. Everything he did felt amazing, and I was in such a state of pure bliss that I felt like I was in a dream. He soon intensified his thrusting, getting ready to finish. Just as he was getting to the peak of his intensity he stopped, gave me a sadistic grin and pulled out. I stared up at him, surprise written all over my dazed face.

“What’s wrong?” I asked. “Is it over already?”

He smiled back at me, pride in himself and sadistic pleasure in his face and said, “Yes, it’s over. For now.”

To be continued



2015-03-27 05:02:34
I gots to tell you, this was short as hell. People like length... in everything. ;) So elongate or put the second part up. 5.5/10

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2012-05-07 18:38:17
Shortest story ever and it don't sound very true

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2012-05-03 17:48:23
to short not enough details and overall a dumb story If he is gonna tie you up why not gag you or do some other kinky stuff just restraining your arms is nothing.

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2012-05-03 00:02:38
Could people who are voting negative as least say why?

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