I felt someone grabbing my hand telling me, ?Hang on Sgt. J, were almost there,? I tried to open my eyes but they would not stay open long enough to focus on anything. Once again, I fell into a silent dark void free of any light or any sound; once again, I was alone.
Swinging in the Neighborhood chapter 20 Melissa Awaits

Cathy slipped on a robe and I walked her out into the kitchen. When we were at the table Cathy wrapped her arms around my neck and she pulled me down to herself. She kissed me deep and passionately on my lips.

“DON”T YOU KISS MY DADDY LIKE THAT,” Sherri screamed out as Coco started to bark.

“SHERRI,” Kay screamed at her.

Sheri jumped from her chair. She gave Cathy a look of hate before she ran back into her bedroom. I started to head back that way when Cathy stopped me.

“John let me please,” Cathy said.

I shook my head OK as I sat down at the table I looked to Kay as I said, “I was not thinking when I kissed Cathy.”

“That is not the problem John,” “Did you see the look in her eyes?” “That same look in your eyes that day you tackled Joe,” Kay said as she ran from the kitchen.

I sat there at the kitchen table with my face in my hands. Once again, I brought Kay two steps forward while at the same time moving her five steps back. I believed Kay had suggested that I had placed my demons into Sherri just by being around me.

Could I have placed a monster deep inside that sweet little girl’s soul? Was I to blame for the anger and hate in her eyes? I could not live with myself if I was to blame. I slipped a tee shirt on and I slipped out the back door grabbing my truck keys as I did.

I jumped into my truck and I drove away. Once again, I was running from my problems. I knew not where I was going or even what I was doing. It was as if something snapped and I had no control. I raced my truck down the road.

I remember a thunderous sound then the sound of glass breaking and metal twisting. My eyes would not focus as everything turned to a blur. Suddenly I was in darkness once more. I was walking alone seeing nothing but blackness all around me. I fell to the ground not knowing had I tripped over something. All I did know was that I was in a bad way.

“Hang in there Sgt. J help is on the way,” I heard a voice echoing in my ears.

Then blackness filled my eyes once more. I could see nothing as I walked. I stopped and I listened as a distant sound filled my ears. I knew the sound however; I could not make it out as I listened.

Then I heard it clearly though my darkness. My ears filled with a loud thunderous whopping and popping sound. I knew this sound for it was the beating of a helicopter’s blade beating against the air. A sound I heard a lot when I was in Vietnam.

You may not always been able to see them however that sound of their blades beating the air was unmistakable. Whenever I heard it, I would always look up and say a little prayer. Because when you heard that sound, it meant someone was arriving to this hellhole or someone was leaving hopefully alive.

I lie there in total darkness as the sound filled my ears. I looked up to the heavens. At least I think I was looking up for in the darkness I could not even tell which way was up or down. I took a deep breath that shot pain through my entire body as I tried to say a silent prayer.

I felt someone grabbing my hand telling me, “Hang on Sgt. J, were almost there,” I tried to open my eyes but they would not stay open long enough to focus on anything. Once again, I fell into a silent dark void free of any light or any sound; once again, I was alone.

I suggest that you read my last chapter and all others in order to catch up with all that you have missed.

The sound of the whopping and popping of the helicopter blades filled my ears then faded as I heard a voice yell out, “We’re losing him.”

I awoke in an eerie dark place however; there were flashes of bright lights every now and then. I was lying on the ground or on the floor, I did not really know because I only saw blackness as I stood up looking around. My chest was on fire I looked to see that I had no shirt on any more. I placed my hand to my chest however; it was cold and clammy to my touch.

I had to shield my eyes with my hand as the flashing bright light became blinding. Even with my hand shielding my eyes, the light hurt my eyes so I closed them. I felt a warm summer breeze on my face and on my arms. I opened my eyes to find myself standing on the greenest looking grass I had ever seen.

I looked around and I saw the lovely blue waters of a lake nearby. The light shined and shimmered as it reflected off the deep blue water of the lake. I walked to the edge of the water standing there looking all around me. There was no one around just green grass, a rocky shoreline and that deep blue water.

I looked down into the water where I saw my reflection. Suddenly the water went from deep blue to clear. I looked down to see many big fish swimming right at the edge of the shoreline. I looked back all around me again as I had no idea where I was at. I turned to look back out over the water.

“Mister you do not belong here,” I heard a female voice say, coming from behind me.

The voice was that of a small girl. I turned around but I saw no one. I walked a little ways from the water and I heard the girl’s voice again.

“Mister you do not belong here,” she said loudly and almost with anger.

Her voice was clear in my ears. I turned back toward the water and I saw a little girl standing with her back to me. The little girl had long flowing blonde hair that blew in the lake breeze. I tried to walk toward her but my legs would not move.

“Little girl where am I?” I asked her.

The little girl shook her head from side to side, as she replied, “Mister you do not belong here.”

The little girl leaned down and she touched the water with her hand. The water started to churn and it became very rough as waves crashed against the shoreline. The waves did not come near the little girl at the waters edge. Instead, the waves broke all around her but never on her or over her.

I looked out over the water to see the clouds start to roll as they turned from white to gray then to black. I heard thunder in the distance and saw flashes of lights in the clouds and in the water. This was like no lightning I had ever seen. The air around me seemed to tingle as if electrified.

I saw two blinding flashes of light, one right after the other. I felt pain in my chest as my hands went to my chest. I looked to the little girl at the waters edge. That little girl slowly turned to face me. The face I saw was exactly like the one Sherri had drawn of Melissa as her and Carrie looked down at her in her bed.

The little girl smiled at me as she said, “Bye daddy until we meet again.”

I saw another flash of light and more pain in my chest as I heard someone say, “Clear,” as everything went back to blackness I heard, “We got him back lets not lose him again.”

My eyes flickered as I opened them. I could only see blurred images as I looked around. My eyes finally started to focus as I saw a nurse with short black hair standing with her back to me. I looked to my arms where I had tubes running from both of them. My left arm wrapped in something and I could not move it.

I felt up on my face as something was covering my nose and mouth. I felt that it was an oxygen mask. I ripped it from my face. I tried to move but I could not. I looked down to see my left leg under a sheet I managed to wiggle my foot. I looked to my right leg.

My right leg was partially in some kind of cast with tubes running from it. I looked to my right foot. There was a cage like thing on it. My foot looked swollen and I saw there were two metal rods coming out of the sides of my foot. The cage went up to about my knee where I saw three metal rods sticking out on both sides tied into that cage. I tried to move my right leg and my foot but they did not move at all.

I looked down to my chest where I saw wires. I followed the wires to a machine next to my bed. The machine had a screen on it. I watched the screen as a line went across jumping up and down every now and then.

I took my right hand and I grabbed a handful of those wires. I ripped them from my chest. A red light flashed as an alarm went off ringing loudly. I looked to the nurse who had her back to me. She turned toward me and ran over to my bed.

“Sgt. J you have to leave that hooked up,” She yelled as she fastened them back to my chest. After she hooked them back up she slipped the oxygen mask back on me as she added, “You leave this on you as well Sgt. J,” “I have to go inform the doctors that you are awake,” “I will be right back.”

I watched her walk from the room. As soon as she did, I ripped the oxygen mask from my face again. I looked around the room to see nothing but medical machine. I managed to pull my left foot up so it was on the bed. I pressed it down trying to sit up in my bed.

“AHhhhh,” I screamed out as a searing pain shot up the entire right side of my body.

The nurse came back in as she yelled, “SGT. J, you have to lie still.”

She came over and she pulled my left leg back down straightening it flat onto the bed. She covered my left leg back up with the sheet. She bent over picking up the oxygen mask I had ripped from my face. She tried to slip it back on my face but I moved my head each time she did.

“NO, I don’t want it on,” I yelled out as the searing pain hit me again.

The nurse stood at the side of my bed as she placed her hands to both side of her hips as she said, “If you let me put this back on I might let someone come see you.”

I shook my head OK and relaxed as she slipped it back over my face. I watched her walk from the room. I lie there wondering who was going to walk in through the door. I closed my eyes trying to think how I even got here. All I could remember was that little girl standing at the waters edge.

Her vision filled my head as the little girl smiled at me as she said, “Bye daddy until we meet again.”

“Melissa,” I called out into my oxygen mask.

I opened my eyes to see Kay walking toward me as I lie in that hospital bed. Kay’s eyes were red and swollen. I could see that she had been crying as she stood beside my bed. I felt her hand take my right hand into hers. Kay brought her other hand to the side of my face.

Kay stroked the side of my face as she said, “Welcome back John.”

I squeezed at her hand as I asked, “How long Kay?”

“Seven days John,” Kay replied softly stroking the side of my face.

“What happened?” I asked not knowing how I got here.

“Later John right now they want you to sleep,” Kay replied still stroking my face.

I looked beside her to see the nurse pushing a needle into my IV. I tried to scream out NO but my eyes fell into darkness again. The next thing I remember is hearing Kay’s voice again.

“John wake up, John time to open your eyes,” Kay said.

I felt my eyes flicker as I struggled to keep them open. I felt Kay’s hand stroking my face as I finally got my eyes to stay open. Kay was leaning over me smiling at me. I looked around the room I was in. It was different from the other one I had been in, this room had no medical machines in it only the stand for my IV.

“Could I please have some water?” I asked.

Kay poured me some water from the stand next to me. She handed it to me but my hand shook badly as I tried to take it. Kay took a hold of my hand and she pressed it back down onto the bed.

“Here let me help you John,” Kay said softly as she placed her hand to the back of my neck raising my head then bringing the glass to my lips.

I took four or five sips then shook my head OK. Kay softly laid my head back down onto my pillow. I tried to lift my left arm however, it would not move. I saw it strapped down to the bed and that it was in a cast. I moved my left leg bending my knee. I looked to see my right leg up in the air held up with wires and braces. I looked to Kay.

“Your right leg and ankle is in traction,” Kay said.

I felt my chest for wires and tubes there were none. I felt to the side of my chest. I ran my fingers across my scar from Vietnam. I felt Kay taking my right hand into her hand. I turned to her staring into her eyes. Kay’s eyes were no longer red and swollen. They were bright blue and sparkling as I stared into them.

Kay squeezed my hand as she asked, “John, do you remember anything?”

I lie there working my brain for my reply before I replied, “I remember darkness, falling to the ground.” Someone said, “Hang in there Sgt. J help is on the way,” as I told her what else I remembered.

I remembered hearing helicopter blades beating against the air. Then I felt someone grabbing my hand telling me, “Hang on Sgt. J, were almost there.” I remember seeing darkness with flashes of bright lights all around me. I closed my eyes because they were so bright and hurt my eyes. When I opened them, I was in a strange place.

“The grass was the greenest grass I ever saw.” “The grass ran into a rocky shoreline along a deep blue lake.” “Waves shimmered and shined as they crested in the water.” “I saw big fish swimming near the shoreline,” I said to Kay staring into her eyes.

“What else, John?” Kay asked.

“I heard a little girl’s voice that said, “Mister you do not belong here,” I replied. “I looked for her but did not see her anywhere until I walked away from the waters edge,” I added.

I heard the little girl’s voice again as she said, “Mister you do not belong here.”

“I turned back toward the water to see her standing there with her back to me as her long blonde hair blew gently in the lake’s breeze,” I said to Kay.

I told Kay how a storm came up as the little girl dipped her hand into the waters of the lake. I heard thunder and saw bright white flashes but not like any lightning, I had ever seen. The air seemed full with electricity and my chest started to hurt each time the light flashed.

My lips trembled as I said, “That little girl turned toward me and she smiled at me as she said,” I stopped not saying a word as Kay just stared at me.

“What did the little girl say John?” Kay asked as she stroked her hand against the side of my face.

“Bye daddy until we meet again,” I replied. “I saw another flash of light and more pain in my chest as I heard someone say, “Clear,” as everything went back to blackness I heard, “We got him back lets not lose him again,” “Then I woke up here in the hospital,” I added.

I could see the tears running down Kay’s cheeks as she said, “That explains why the nurses would hear you calling out Melissa from time to time.”

“Your truck had a blow out and it flipped over rolling many times down into a ravine before coming to rest against some trees,” Kay said.

She went on to tell me that if not for Sheriff Steve I may not be here right now. He just happened to have seen some truck parts lying off the side of the road. When he stopped to investigate, he saw your truck down in that ravine.

Sheriff Steve told us that some how you had gotten yourself out of your truck. Your truck’s roof smashed down and the front end wrapped around the trees. He found you lying on the ground next to it. “That was his voice that said, Hang in there Sgt. J help is on the way,” Kay said as she went on telling me what happened.

The Sheriff said that at first he did not feel any pulse when he checked you. He started to give you CPR and he called for Life Flight to come to the scene. That helicopter was the blades you heard. The air medics told me that they lose you on the flight to the hospital but were able to shock you back just before they landed at the hospital.

Kay wiped the tears from her eyes as she said, “Your heart stopped again in the emergency room as they were checking you over,” “They used the shock paddles on you twice before they got you back.”

“That was why I heard someone say clear,” I replied as I squeezed her hand. “I am sorry to have put you through this Kay,” I added.

“Do you remember anything before the accident?” Kay asked me.

I thought for a few seconds remembering kissing Cathy and Sherri yelling at her. I told Kay that and also about how I was to blame for Sherrie’s out burst as I had put my monster into that sweet little girl.

“I remember running away not wanting to face my problem,” I said looking away from Kay.

“John that was not what I meant when I said that to you,” “If anyone is to blame for that I am for what I put her through,” Kay replied wiping her eyes once more. “John you had us all so scared you died three time and they brought you back three times,” Kay added.

I thought about that and the vision or dream that I had. I wondered if that had been Melissa, I had seen at the lake. I also wondered why I had not seen Carrie. That must have been what that little girl meant when she had said, “Mister you don’t belong here.”

“JOHN, are you OK,” Kay said.

“Sorry I was lost in a daydream,” I replied.

“John somebody here wants to see you,” “She has been worried sick over you,” Kay said as she walked from my bed.

Kay walked out of my room and she returned a few minutes later. Kay walked back in with Sherri holding her hand as she brought her over to my bed. I reached out to rub her face as she got near.

Sherri grabbed my hand and she held it against her face as she said, “I thought I had lost you daddy,” as tears rolled down her little cheeks.

“I am here princess a little banged up but here,” I replied fighting back my own tears.

“Daddy I am sorry I yelled at Cathy,” “I did not know you could kiss someone and not be in love with them,” Sherrie said as she looked toward her mom. “Cathy explained everything to me and so did mommy,” “I understand now,” She added squeezing my hand tightly.

The nurse came walking into the room and she said, “I am going to have to ask you two to leave while I dress his injuries,” “When I am done I will come get you two.”

Kay and Sherri each kissed my hand as they said, “We will be back,” before they walked out of the room.

The nurse took some cotton sticks and she cleaned around the sets of metal rods in my foot and in my leg. I found out from her that cage was an immobilizer and that it kept me from moving my ankle, foot. She told me that I had shattered my ankle into nine pieces. The nurse finished cleaning the immobilizer and before she left, she took a hold of my hand.

“Your daughter is such a sweet little child she has been drawing us all the loveliest pictures,” the nurse said. “That little girl looks just like her daddy too,” she added as she walked away.

I did not tell her any difference as she walked away. I only smiled to myself, as she had not been the first person to tell me that. I guess it was because of my own blue eyes and my blonde hair.

I was looking toward the door thinking Kay and Sherri would be walking back into my room. However, Rod and Cathy came walking in instead. Cathy bent down and kissed my forehead and Rod grabbed my hand.

“Damn buddy you fucked your truck all to hell,” Rod said.

“That can be replaced,” Cathy said smiling at me.

The two of them stayed with me for a while talking. They talked about how Rod was getting his divorce and that they had been keeping an eye on Kay and Sherri. Cathy told me that Kay and Sherri never left my side. When they needed to go home to change clothes or anything else, Cathy told me that one would go and the other would stay. Cathy told me that one of them would have their hand in mine as they talked to me trying to wake me. As we were talking I remembered about going to give Rod the money for his schools.

“Rod, I will get you that money as soon,” I started to say.

Rod stopped me as he replied, “Kay already handled it buddy.”

We talked for about a half hour or so before they told me they would see me later. Cathy bent over and she kissed me on my lips then she hugged me. As she hugged me, she whispered into my ear.

“Thanks for not staying John,” she whispered softly into my ear.

I was not for sure what she meant or even if I heard her right. They had me on some strong painkillers. However, man did it ever hurt each time I moved the right side of my body. Rod and Cathy left and Kay came walking back into my room.

“Where is Sherri?” I asked.

“She is with Rod and Cathy,” “I thought maybe she should stay out as the doctor is coming to see you,” Kay replied.

She had no sooner told me that than two doctors came into the room. They grabbed my chart reading it. One checked my ankle and leg, while the other checked my left arm. They talked amongst themselves for a second.

They turned to me and the one doctor said, “Sgt. J.”

I stopped him as I replied, “My war was over a long time ago please call me John.”

The doctors took turn explaining my injuries to me. I felt Kay squeezing my right hand hard as they did. They told me that they had to fuse my right ankle together and that I would not be able to bend it ever again.

I should be able to walk on it again but only time would tell that. The other doctor told me that they did the best they could with reattaching my left arm. He told me that it was too early to tell if they had done so successfully.

“Sgt. J you are lucky to be alive with the amount of blood you lost we shouldn’t even be talking to you,” the one doctor said. The other added, “You must have an angel looking over you,” as they walked from my room.

I looked at my left arm and I tried to move my fingers. I felt nothing as I did. I could not see my fingers as everything covered in a cast including my hand. I looked to my right ankle I already knew it would not move as I had been trying since I woke up.

I felt Kay’s hand rubbing at the side of my face as she said, “John don’t worry about that the main thing is that you are here.”

I did not reply as I was thinking that maybe it would have been better if I were not here. I also thought about the months ahead of me, that I had done this all before. I was not sure I wanted to do it again.

“JOHN, I know what you are thinking and don’t you even go there,” Kay said. “You may have been happy there but what about Sherri and me,” Kay added as tears filled her eyes.

I squeezed her hand and smiled to her as I replied, “It was nice there but my duties lie here with you and Sherri.”

“Rod told me you took care of getting the money for him,” I said.

“Yes, I talked to Frank when he came up to see you,” Kay replied. Then she asked, “That was OK wasn’t it John?”

I smiled again as I replied, “It was as long as your still my wife to be.”

“I am yours forever, John,” Kay replied kissing me gently on my lips.

I spent four or five weeks in that dam hospital until I bitched enough that they sent me home. Once back at home, Kay and Sherri nursed me back to health. I made Kay go back to college without me. I was in a wheel chair most of the time. I had to miss a few months of college however; Kay saw to it that I did not fall behind. I told her I would be fine with Sherri watching me as it was summer time and she did not have school.

It also gave me a chance to talk to her. I may have given her the impression that hate and anger could solve all your problems. I tried to instill in her that might was not always right. Deep down I may not have believed that myself. That sweet little girl and I grew even closer together with Coco at our side.

Kay also handled my business while I was laid up as well. Kay did a great job at it. One day Kay had gotten home from college and she had to go into work. Sherri was laying on the living room floor drawing as I was reading. I had not looked at her drawing book the new one ever.

“Princess could I see your drawing book?” I asked.

Sheri smiled at me as she replied, “Sure daddy I hide nothing from you.”

I asked her to go get me something to drink. I flipped through her drawing book. There were pictures of the swing outback, a lovely drawing of our house with the three of us standing in front of it. Above Sherri had written, “Our Happy Home.” There were pictures drawn of Coco in fact a lot of him.

I flipped through some more of it until I came to a drawing that besieged me. It was a drawing of a lake. Where the grass was greener than any grass, I had ever seen. The gentle cresting waves were blue as they crashed against a rocky shoreline. A little girl stood facing the water her long blonde hair blowing gently in the lake’s breeze.

Sherri’s drawing was just like where I had gone to after my accident. Every little detail I could remember was in her drawing. Sherri walked in with my glass of water.

“Princess, what is this drawing of?” I asked.

Sherri looked at it and she replied, “Just a drawing that popped into my head the day you went to the hospital daddy.”

“Who is the girl?” I asked.

“Whoever you want her to be daddy,” Sherri smiled as she took her drawing book and lay down onto the floor.

I just shook my head from side to side. I suddenly felt something wet licking at my right toes. I looked down and saw Coco licking at the toes on my right foot in the immobilizer. I smiled and did not yell at him because I had actually felt his tongue. That was the first time I had felt anything in my right foot. I tried to move my left hand inside that cast. I yelled out loudly in pain as I did.

“DADDY, what is wrong?” Sherri yelled jumping up from the floor.

“Just a little happy pain princess that’s all,” I replied smiling because I had felt my fingers moving.

Cathy and I formed a rather unusual relationship after my accident. Cathy would stay with me when Sherri had to go back to school or while Kay and Sherri went shopping. Cathy also stayed with me every Friday night as Kay took on my duty of taking the girls from Sherri’s school skating.

The first time Cathy and I were alone was on a Friday night. Kay was taking Sherri and her friends skating. I was not exactly the best company during that time. I had just returned home from the hospital. I was glad to be home however, I had some issues to deal with. To be truthful I may have been more fucked up now than when I had returned from Vietnam.

The first issue I had was just being here. That was twice I had cheated death. Anytime Kay and Sherri went anywhere I always told them never to speed and always look out for the other person. I would lie there or sit there in total fear each time they went anywhere. I was like Kay now I was waiting for the other shoe to drop. I was scared to death that death would take his revenge out against me on them.

The second issue was about my vision of Melissa. I never told Kay or talked to her about it other than in the hospital. I knew my duties lie here with Kay and Sherri. However, I also longed to be with Carrie and Melissa as well.

I was lying in bed when Cathy walked into the room. Cathy came up and she sat down beside me on the bed. She looked at me tilting her head to the side as her hand touched mine.

“John, you’re cold and shaking,” Cathy said looking at me strangely.

“I do this every time Kay and Sherri go somewhere together,” I replied turning my head from her.

“You think you cheated death again don’t you,” Cathy said turning my face to hers.

I shook my head yes as Cathy shook her head no as she added, “Well you did not you almost cheated yourself out of the life you have longed for,” “All because you ran away from your problems or troubles facing you again.” “A brave fearless man in the face of battle yet scared to fight for what he wants in life.”

I smiled to Cathy as I replied, “I can no longer run so I guess I will have to face my problems alone now.”

“Never alone John,” Cathy replied as she placed her hand onto my heart. “For you carry a special someone in your heart at all times,” Cathy added.

“Did Kay tell you of my vision?” I asked her.

“Yes she did John,” Cathy replied.

“Why did I only see Melissa and not Carrie?” "Why had the sky grow dark with storms as she stuck her hand into the water?" I asked her.

Cathy smiled as she replied, “Maybe because Carrie had her hands full fighting death from you.” Cathy thought for a second before she added, "Maybe she was showing off for daddy," as she smiled to me.

Cathy then rubbed her hand at the side of my face as she said, “Maybe you only thought you had seen anything.”

Cathy went on telling me that near-death experiences are part of the dream mechanism and that the person having the experience is in a REM, or “rapid eye movement,” state.

“Part of our “fight or flight” reflexes to keep us alive includes the switch into the REM state of consciousness,” she said.

During REM sleep, there is increased brain activity and visual stimulation. Intense dreaming occurs as a result and the bright light so many people claim to see. I just stared at her with my eyes listening to her talk.

“The activation of the visual system caused by REM is causing the bright lights,” Cathy said. Then she added, “And the tunnel people speak of, is caused from lack of blood flow to the eye.” “The eye, the retina of the eye, is one of the most exquisitely sensitive tissues to a loss of blood flow. Therefore, when blood flow does not reach the eye, vision fails, and darkness ensues from the periphery to the center. And that is very likely causing the tunnel effect.”

I had been laying there staring at her intently as she talked. The movement of her head, her mouth all reminded me of Carrie. I breathed in deeply as the scent of White Diamond fill my nostrils. I grabbed her hand from my face. I closed my eyes thinking it was Carrie talking to me. When Cathy stopped talking, I opened my eyes again.

I smiled to her as I said, “Thank you Cathy for becoming Carrie to me just now,” “When you talk like that to me you become Carrie.”

“Then close your eyes John as Carrie takes you into her arms,” Cathy replied as she lies down beside me half onto my chest.

My eyes close and our lips meet. Her scent fills my nose and our lips roll across each other’s. Her tongue filled my mouth as my tongue filled hers. I open my eyes just for a second to make sure that it was Cathy I was kissing and not Carrie. We kissed like that for well over an hour.

I wanted Cathy to make love to me however; she would not for fear of hurting my leg and ankle. Cathy sat up in bed stroking my chest just as Carrie used to do. I opened my eyes as Carrie faded from my view and Cathy once again became Cathy.

“Cathy I am sorr…” was all I got out of my mouth before I felt her finger on my lips.

“If it pleases you to think of me as Carrie it is fine John,” Cathy said smiling. “But lets just keep it for when we are alone,” Cathy added running her hand to the side of my face.

By becoming Carrie to me, Cathy helped me greatly with my issues. When she stayed with me, we would talk about her issues as well as mine. We both found it strange just how much it helped us both. The other thing strange about it was that neither of us fell in love with the other. That had been my worst fear. Cathy had Rod and I had Kay to show all our love too.

Kay was like Cathy in that she was afraid she would hurt me during sex so all I ever got was hand jobs and blowjobs from her. I let Kay have fun with Rod while Cathy sat with me. The first time that Kay and Rod did anything the first thing we made sure of was that Sherri was spending the weekend at one of her friend’s house.

The four of us started out in the living room. Well it was just Rod and I until the girls came back from shopping. They told us that they both had brought new outfits. We figured that they had meant dresses or pantsuits. That was not the case when the two of them walked back into the living room.

“Holy Shit,” Rod cried out when he saw them walk into the room.

My back was to them so I did not see what they were wearing. Kay had on a red outfit that pushed her big tits well above the cut of her outfit. They jiggled and bounced with each step she took. Kay had her hair all done up nice and bright red lipstick on her plump lips. The outfit had an attached garter belt to which red nylon ran down her lovely legs. She had a pair of white high heels on as well.

I turned my attention toward Cathy when she walked in behind Kay. She had on a pink and white outfit just like Kay’s with the attached garter belt. Her big tits barely fit into her outfit. Cathy bent over in front of me and when she stood back up one tit had fallen from her outfit. Carrie used to have that same problem with the outfits she worn. Cathy had on white nylons that really made her lovely legs and thighs stand out with pink high heels on her feet.

Kay went over to Rod and she placed her hands on his knees as she bent down in front of him. Kay shook her tits side to side for him. I watched his eyes following them when she did that. Cathy knew what I wanted she back her butt to my face. Then she bent over touching her toes. I saw her smiling at me from between her legs.

I only had a pair of thin shorts on and my cock grew instantly hard. Cathy’s plump ass sucked the outfit’s bottom right up between those lovely butt cheeks. When she stood up her butt, cheeks hung out. I watched them jiggle as she walked over to Kay.

Cathy took a hold of Kay’s hand as she said, “I give you my man as you have given me yours,” as she placed Kay’s hand into Rod’s.

Kay looked back to me as I replied, “You have fun Cathy will sit with me,” as I smiled to her.

Kay kissed Rod as they stood in front of me. Kay gave me a kiss as Rod took her back to the bedroom. I told Cathy she could go join them if she wanted too.

“No John, not until you can join us as well,” Cathy replied as she cuddled up next to me on the sofa.

Cathy and I kissed deeply and passionately for a while, before I broke our kiss as I said, “Damn girl you look fucking hot,” “You would have been a hit at Carrie’s Place.”

Cathy smiled as she replied, “I wish I could have attended one of your parties.” “John, do you miss that?” Cathy asked me.

“Sometimes but what I always used to enjoy was when Carrie would tell our story to our guests,” I replied.

Cathy smiled as she got up from the sofa. She walked over by the fireplace. She turned and she placed her arm up onto the mantel of the fireplace. Cathy looked to the sign then to my medals.

She looked to me as she said, “This is a love story about two very special people who met through fate,” “The story starts out with a girl and boy raised together since birth in their neighborhood.”

I smiled as Cathy went on telling me my own story. I had to help her on a few parts however, she reminded me of Carrie as she told me the story. I had to tell her about the letter from my lieutenant to Carrie behind my medal case. Cathy went to tears herself when she read it to me.

“John you never told us that part of the story,” Cathy said. “You were very brave and thoughtful for saving his life and the other men at your base camp,” She added as she put the letter away back behind my medal case.

Cathy picked up our wedding picture showing me next to Carrie in my uniform. She brought it back with her as she sat down beside me on the sofa. She told me how handsome I looked in my uniform and how you could see the joy and happiness on Carrie’s face. Cathy placed the picture down onto the coffee table and her hand went to my shorts.

Cathy’s hand grabbed at my cock through them. She pulled the waistband down tucking it under my balls. She took my cock into her hand as she kissed the head of my cock. Cathy sucked my cock into her mouth. She ran her mouth up and down on my cock a few times. Then she took it back into her hand.

Cathy stared at me with that puppy dog look as she asked, “John can I try riding your cock?” “If it hurts you I will stop,” “I am just so horny for you,” Cathy added.

I pulled her up onto my lap and she straddled my thighs. My hard cock rubbed between her pussy lips as she slid back and forth on me. We kissed deeply and with passion as she rose up taking my cock into her hand. I felt her rubbing it against her wet pussy.

“Ahhhh,” Cathy moaned out as she sat down onto my cock.

Cathy started to rock on my cock as I buried my face between her tits. I went to sucking on her tits as she started to move up and down on my cock. That only lasted a few minutes before she started to bounce wildly onto my cock.

“AHHhh,” I moaned out as I buried my face between her tits again.

My moan was one of pain but I did not want her to stop. I grimaced in pain with my face buried between her tits as she fucked the hell out of my cock. Cathy had a tremendous wet orgasm as she rode my cock. I felt her jumping off my cock.

“JOHN why didn’t you tell me it hurt?” Cathy asked.

I pulled her face to mine as I replied, “I was willing to bare the pain to see that lovely smile you get when you orgasm,” “It was well worth it,” I added.

“Thank you John,” Cathy said as she kissed me.

Cathy wrapped her hand around my cock and she started to pump it up a down on it. She leaned up to my ear as she whispered, “I bet Rod started out by eating her pussy.”

Cathy went on whispering into my ear all the stuff the two of them would be doing. My cock throbbed in her hand as she did. When she got to the part of Rod fucking her deeply and then spilling his load deep into her hairy pussy my cock twitched then started to spit cum.

Cathy shot her mouth down onto my cock. I placed my hands to the back of her head as she sucked out the last few drops. Cathy rose up from my cock kissing me fully onto my lips. She shoved her tongue coated with my own cum into my mouth. I tongued her mouth back as she did.

Cathy broke our kiss as she said, “Mmmmmm I love a man who shares his own cum with me.”

I stared into her face as she got that cute little smile on it. Cathy tilted her head to one side staring at me. I stared back into those deep jade eyes of hers. For the first time in a long time, I did not see Carrie I saw Cathy.

“Cathy I love you,” I said as I took her into my arms.

We kissed deeply and passionately before Cathy broke our kiss as she asked, “You meant that for Carrie right?”

“No for you alone,” I replied.

Cathy smiled as she asked, “You meant that like brotherly love?”

“You know what I mean,” I replied.

“Just checking John after all a girl can dream can’t she,” Cathy said smiling ear to ear.

“WOMEN,” I replied as I took her back into my arms.

About fifteen minutes later Kay and Rod came walking back out. Kay sat down beside me quietly not saying anything. Kay took a hold of my hand and I saw her lips started to tremble. Kay started to cry as she held my hand.

“What is wrong Kay?” I asked.

“Nothing John these are happy tears for I can not believe you love and trust me enough to allow me to have sex with another man,” Kay managed to get out between her sobs.

I took her into my arms as I replied, “It takes a special bond between a couple to enjoy this type of a lifestyle.” “It takes commitment, understanding and a very strong love between the people involved.” “The only rule I have is always be truthful,” “Not only with me but with yourself as well,” as I pull her tightly against the side of me.

I hugged her for a little bit then I pull away from her lifting her face up to mine as I placed my nose on hers as I said, “The next time get Rod’s cum from out of your hair,” laughingly.

Kay looked over to Rod as she replied, “Dam you I asked you if any went in my hair.”

“No worst than his cum around my girls mouth,” Rod replies as he wiped a bit of cum from Cathy’s cheek.

The four of us bust up laughing. The four of us stayed up a little longer talking. When it came time to go to bed, Cathy suggested that if Kay wanted to she could sleep with Rod tonight and she would sleep with me.

I smiled to Cathy as I said, “You know you have to hold my urinal for me when I pee at night.”

Cathy just smiled as she went over and got my wheel chair bringing it over to in front of me. She held it steady as I made my way into it. Kay gave me a kiss and Rod winked at me before Cathy wheeled me back to our bedroom. Cathy got me into bed then she cuddled up next to me.

“I better enjoy this night because it may not happen again,” Cathy said.

“Why is that?” I asked.

Cathy smiled as she replied, “Wait until Kay hears him snore,” giving a cute little laugh.

I even talked Cathy into trying to ride my cock again while we were in bed together. Man, it hurt like hell but at least I filled her pussy full. She fell asleep in my arms shortly afterwards.

From there on out I would just enjoy laying my face into her long blonde hair smelling her scent as she stroked my cock with her hand. Cathy would suck me as well but I liked the hand jobs better as I could kiss her during them. Rod and Cathy came over to play just about every other weekend.

I spent a little over ten months in that wheel chair. I finally got the cage removed from my ankle and leg. I walked with crutches but at least I could have hot sex again. I had gotten it removed at the hospital and the next day in the morning, I talked Kay into having sex there in the hospital. The nurses on duty were shocked about it when they found Kay lying in bed next to me. However, we explained we were sorry it just had been a while since we had made love.

I had to learn to walk again for the third time in my life. It seemed a little easier this time around. Sherri and Coco would take me for walks around our yard. Sometimes Sherri would get going to fast and I would fall behind them.

That dam dog would stop and look back to me standing there until I caught up with him. Then he would bark alerting Sherri that I was no longer beside her. I believe he was repaying me for all those times I carried him up the steps into the house. My arm and hand healed nicely as well; my little finger took the longest time to start working but it did finally.

I walked with the help of a cane for a while. However, by September of 1984 I was pretty much my old self. I could walk well without showing a limp most of the time. I would never be able to run again, however that was OK as I was tired of running away.

Kay and I got married in October of that year. We were going to wait until the following summer so we could have the wedding at the lake. However, I had a better idea. We had a very small wedding with only five people attending. There was Kay, Sherri, Cathy, Rod and I only at the wedding which we held in a small country Chapel.

Kay, Sherri and I went to Niagara Falls for our honeymoon. We took Sherri along as neither of us wanted to go without her. I also took the girls to see New York City, as they both always wanted to go shopping there. We had fun as a family for about two weeks.

On the way home, I had a surprise for both of them. I drove them to a little lake about 30 miles from where we lived. It was not the same lake, where I had a house with Carrie. I told them I was checking it out as I had heard the walleye fishing there was good. I pulled up into the driveway of this cute little cottage. I pulled all the way up to it where I stopped our car.

“John, these people may not like you parking in their driveway,” Kay said.

I smiled as I asked, “May I park in your driveway?”

Kay’s mouth dropped open as she replied, “My driveway,”

“Yes here is my wedding gift to you,” I said as I took a hold of her hand. “Let me show you the inside of your own house on the lake,” I added as I got out of the car.

I took a hold of Kay’s hand and Sherri’s hand as I walked them to the front door. Kay stood there telling me how beautiful the cottage was. I told her to wait until she saw the inside.

“Go ahead open the door to your cottage,” I said to her.

Kay turned the handle and as she stepped in everyone yelled “SURPRISE.”

I had invited a few friends over for a house warming party. Coco was there barking as well. Coco was no longer that small little puppy he stood a little over knee high and weighed close to 60 lbs and growing each day. That dog was pure chocolate too in color.

Coco ran to Sherri then to me. I gave Kay and Sherri a quick tour of the cottage with Coco beside Sherri the whole time. That dog and Sherri were always together. When Sherri was not at home that dog would follow me around until she did return home.

Our new home had a big living room with a stone fireplace, and medium size kitchen with a dining area. It had three bedrooms one being the master bedroom with a king bed in there as well. One bedroom was fit for a princess. The other bedroom was a guest bedroom in case Rod and Cathy spent the night. I finished giving them the tour when Sherri wrapped her arms around my midsection as she too had done some growing of her own.

“Daddy what is in that room?” Sherri asked pointing to a closed door.

“That princess is a very special room,” I replied smiling to her then to Kay.

Kay looked at me funny as she said, “JOHN.”

I smiled as I replied, “Nothing really special other than this room is to be your drawing room,” as I opened the door.

The room faced the lake and the entire back wall was glass except for the big X wooden frame that held the windows in place. There was a nice big fancy slanted drawing table with pencils and paint. There was an artist easel there as well. The room had track lighting above for when the sunlight did not shine in through the back wall.

“DADDY, is this room for me?” Sherri asked as she ran into the room with Coco right behind her.

“It sure is princess,” I replied.

“Any other surprises John?” Kay asked with a smile.

“Well there is the hot tub, the boat house and the boats,” I replied.

“JOHN,” Kay screamed.

“Just two of them one for fishing and one to entertain,” I replied with a smile as I wrapped my arms around her.

We kissed deeply and romantically standing there in the drawing room. I broke our kiss and we turned to see Sherri already sitting at her drawing table sketching away. Coco lying at her feet looking at us with his head tilted to the side.

“John I love you,” Kay said as she pulled me back down to her lips.

Kay and I walked back out and joined our guest as Sherri stay in there drawing. Most of our guests did not stay long and soon it was just Rod and Cathy. I thanked them for their help in setting this all up, as it was they who moved all of our clothes and household good. Our construction company had done the wall window.

“John we thought we would let you hang these,” Cathy said as she handed me the sign that read, “Hush, hush my love or the creatures of the night will get you,” and the case with my medals in it.

“Maybe we won’t…” was all I got out of my mouth.

“JOHN, you will be hanging them both above that fireplace,” Kay said. “In fact go get your tools and we will do it right now,” Kay added.

My tools were down in the boathouse as I had my men put my workshop in there. I walked into my workshop to see that they had put the drawings of Sherri’s that I had in my drawers into frames and they hung through out my shop. The one of my eyes hung above my workbench. There was a little metal plague on the frame. Written on it was. Look into my eyes and hear what I am not saying, for my eyes speak louder than my voice ever will.

“I put that there John,” Cathy said.

I smiled at her as I replied, “Words to live by.”

Cathy walked over to me and she wrapped her arms around my neck pulling my face down to hers as she said, “I closed and locked the door this time.”

Her lips met mine and she kissed me deeply. I closed my eyes as I kissed her back. I breathed in through my nose as the scent of White Diamond filled them. I brushed my hand through her hair as her tongue sought out mine. I broke our kiss as I lay my face to the side of hers.

I whispered softly, “How I have missed you Carrie.”

Cathy whispered into mine, “How I have missed you John.”

Cathy broke our hug as she stroked her hand against my face and she said, “Remember John I am always with you in here but I have to go for now,” as she rubbed her hand to my heart.

Cathy walked to the door then stopped as she looked back to me as I replied, “Thanks Cathy for being Carrie and for understanding.”

I grabbed my tools and returned to our house. Kay helped me hang the sign and my medal case. A course Rod and Cathy helped with no a little to the left no a little to the right. We finally got it hung and as I did, I noticed Carrie’s wedding ring still attached to the branches around the frame of the sign. I smiled as I saw it sparkle.

The three of us loved our cottage on the lake. Before long, it was soon Christmas of 1984. I had a special present to give to Sherri. I was going to adopt her as my own daughter. I went to our lawyer and had him handle all the paperwork. When I talked to him, he had told me that he would have to find her real father in order to have him sign some papers.

I had told him that would be OK. I also thought that I might just pay him a visit as well. I would have but my lawyer found out he died in a car accident in Florida. That paved the way for me to adopt Sherri.

Come Christmas we threw a Christmas Eve party at our lake house. We gave all the gifts out to each other on Christmas Eve, as that was how we had always done it in my family. Sherri’s adoption papers I placed in an envelope and stuck in high up by the star on top on the tree before we went to bed Christmas Eve night. In the morning as Kay and I sat at the kitchen table drinking coffee.

Sherri came in and she asked, “What is on the tree by the star?”

“I don’t know maybe we should go see,” I replied.

I picked her up and held her up to the star. Sherri grabbed the envelope and I put her back down. The envelope had “To Sherri,” “From Santa,” written on it.

Sherri opened the envelope and tears came to her eyes as she read it. She wrapped her arms around me as she said, “Thank you daddy for making me believe in Santa Claus again.”

Winter turned to spring and it was time to get the girls enrolled into Rod’s school of self-defense. Neither of them was thrilled about the idea. However, I told them that it sure would make me feel better if they learned how to defend themselves.

“You’re going to be joining us as well daddy,” Sherri said as she patted my belly. “You have added some inches here,” She added.

Sherri was right I had gained about 50 lbs and none of it was muscle. I agreed only because I knew Rod had a weight room as well as boxing equipment such as speed bag, and heavy bag. When the girls had class, I would go work out in the weight room or on the punching bags.

Kay and Sherri both looked cute dressed in their Tae Kwondo Gi’s. They both enjoyed it once they got started with it. I enjoyed it too as it gave me a place to work my aggression out. I loved beating the hell out of the heavy bag.

Kay and I both finished college in 1985 both of us getting associate degrees in business. Kay and I turned our focus on our Construction business. We both worked five days a week and I on some weekends not a lot of them especially in the spring and summer. During the spring and summer I taught Kay and Sherri how to fish, I also taught Sherri how to swim which she ended up swimming better than I ever could.

Sherri had herself a job; as well, she became our company artist. She would draw any landscaping projects we took on. Her drawings were some of the best I had ever seen. I also learned she was good at making blueprints.

The girls took to learning Tae Kwondo with ease within two and half years. Kay had her blue belt and Sherri had her brown belt. I was proud of them both and I learned that they could defend themselves. Kay I found out the hard way.

I snuck up behind her before class one day as she was warming up, the only person around was Sherri. I got behind Kay and I reached both my hands around grabbing her tits from behind. I felt her grab my arm then her foot slamming down on top of my foot before she hip tossed me to the floor.

“Damn woman I think you broke my toe,” I said as I lie on the floor.

Kay and Sherri helped me up and into Rod’s office. I removed my tennis shoe and my sock. Sure, enough my big toe was starting to swell by the time their class was over that day it started to go black and blue. Kay had broken my toe when she slammed her foot down on it. I did not mind, as at least I knew she could defend herself.

One other day during their class I was watching them going through their training. One of Rod’s students was showing them. I noticed the male student taking it a little easy on Sherri. I believe because not only was she a girl but she had developed into a rather lovely teenager by the time she was 15 years old. Sherri also had some fair size breasts on her. I figured she would end up with ones just like her moms.

Rod and I walked into his office and we were talking about it. He assured me Sherri knew how to defend herself. Rod tossed me a solid black face mask and a rubber knife.

“There is a way to find out,” he said with a smile.

I slipped into one of his black outfits as he went out to his students. I heard him telling them that he was going to test one of his students. He called Sherri out in front of every one as the class sat to the floor. Rod explained to her that she was going to have to defend herself from the coming attack.

When I heard him say that, I walked out silently. Rod had her back to me so she did not see me at first. Rod told her that her attacker was upon her. Sherri turned and I jabbed the knife toward her. She grabbed my incoming hand that held the knife. She struck with her hand to the inside of my wrist, which disarmed the knife while controlling my arm with her right arm, and she continued through by taking the knife with her left hand.

I was amazed at how easy she made it look however; I had forgotten a rule myself. Because the next thing I knew, I felt an elbow strike to my midsection followed by the grabbing of my right arm sleeve. I felt myself flying into the high and she hip tossed me to the ground. Her foot pressed against my throat.

The class went wild and I heard Kay say, “If only your dad could have seen that,” as she hugged her.

I picked myself up from the ground and removing the black face mask I replied, “Might not have seen it but man did I feel it.”

“DADDY, that was you,” Sherri yelled out.

“Yes princess and believe me I wish it had not been,” I replied as I limped my way back to Rod’s office.

Rod followed me and he was laughing as he said, “Well I think you found out what you wanted to know.”

Life treated us good. As a family, I knew of none happier than the three of us well the four of us as Coco was a part of our family as well. I had only one little problem that I had to learn to face. That problem being that sweet little girl I called princess. She had become the daughter I never was able to hold. I always treated her as if she was my daughter and she always treated me as if I was her real father. None of her friends ever knew she was not.

The problem I faced was Sherri growing up, as she was no longer that little girl of ten. The year was 1990 and Sherrie was a junior in high school she was on her spring break from school. I had noticed how she had grown up earlier that year however I had not prepared myself to what I was about to see.

It was in mid April and spring had arrived early at the lake. Well it was more like summer as the temperatures were in the 80’s. Sherri and I had made plans to go fishing that day. Sherri was already up and dressed to go fishing as I walked into the kitchen. She even had my breakfast ready for me. While I ate, she was after me to hurry up and finish eating.

“Come on daddy lets get going,” Sherri yelled.

“The fish are not going anywhere,” I replied. “Besides I have to get gas into the boat and our fishing stuff,” I added.

“Already done,” Sherri said with a smile.

I filled my thermos with some coffee before we both went out the door. I should have stayed in bed that day. We had only been on the lake fishing for two hours and I was already six fish behind her. She had four keeper walleyes in the live well to me not having any yet.

We started to do some trolling at around 11 o’clock in the morning. The sun was beating down on us as the day started to heat up. I slipped my pants off as I had shorts under them. Sherri told me that she was hot as well. I watched as Sherri slipped her off as well. When I say, I watched it was only because she was in my line of view as I guided the boat.

She started with her pants. She stood at the front of the boat slowly removing them. I watched as her lovely thighs then the rest of her lovely legs came into view. I looked up to her ass to see that she had a swim suit bottom on that is if you could call it that. It looked more like a string running up between her plump butt cheeks.

Sherri took off her sweatshirt next reveal her ample tits. They jiggled and shook as she bent down folding her sweatshirt. Sherri stood back up and she posed for a second up in the front of the boat. I must not have been paying much attention to her in the last couple of years as her breasts had become bigger than Kay’s.

“Do you like my new swim suit daddy?” Sherri asked.

“Princess, please cover your self,” I replied as I turned away from her.

“But DADDY,” Sherri yelled out.

I just shook my head side to side not looking at her. Sherri hung her head as she put all of her clothes back on before she sat down in the front seat. I could see she was wiping away tears as she tried not to let me see them. I guess I had never thought of her growing up especially into lovely young women. I realized I might have over reacted to her swimsuit.

“Princess come back here and sit,” I said to her as I patted the seat right in front of me in our boat.

Sherri came walking back and she took a seat with her head looking to the floor of the boat. I popped the boat up into neutral letting us coast to a stop.

“Princess I am sorry,” “I over reacted,” I said as I lifted her head up with my finger.

“I shouldn’t have worn it,” “I just wanted to look nice for you daddy,” Sherri replied.

“Princess you could be wearing rags and you would look beautiful to me,” I replied. “It just that…” was all I got out.

“It showed too much tits, ass and pussy,” Sherri said looking at me.

“Well maybe especially to your father,” I replied with a smile.

“OH daddy I did not mean anything by wearing it,” Sherri said. Then she smiled as she asked, “You didn’t think I was trying to seduce you did you?”

I could feel the warmth coming from my face as I turned the brightest shade of red. Sherri laughed as she said, “Daddy you’re blushing,” “And so cutely I might add.”

I gave a little laugh as I said, “Women.”

Sherri replied, “I know you can’t live with them and you can’t live without them,” as she smiled to me.

“Go ahead Princess take you stuff off hell maybe I will catch some dam fish,” I said popping the motor back into gear.

Sherri came over to me and she gave me a hug as she replied, “Thank you daddy I hope someday to find a man just like you to call my own.”

Sherri stood back up and she took her clothes off sitting back down in her swimsuit. I may not have agreed on what she was wearing but damn that young woman was going to drive the boys nuts come this summer. Her damn swimsuit did not help my fishing in fact I think all the fish swam to her hook to get a peek at her.

It may have been that I was not really thinking about fishing. I was thinking what happened to my little girl. I wondered where that little ten year old whose skates I would fix had went. I did not want her to grow up however she had.

We finally stopped for the day and headed in to our dock. I saw Kay sunning herself on the dock. I docked the boat and Kay sits up with both her tits hanging out for us to see. I shake my head as I tie the boat off. Sherri tells her mom how she smoked my ass in fishing today.

“Way to go girl you show him,” Kay said to Sherri. “I love your swim suit too by the way,” “You should take your top off so you don’t get tan lines,” Kay added.

“KAY, don’t be giving that girl any ideas,” I yelled up at her from the boat.

“Don’t mind him Sherri he is just old fashion,” Kay replied as she shook her tits at me.

Sherri looked over to me smiled then stuck her tongue out laughing. I was leaning over the back of the boat checking the motor out when I saw two objects jumping from the dock. They both hit the water hard as about 40 gallons of water came splashing over me at the back of the boat. I look to see Sherri and Coco both smiling at me from the water.

It was going to be a long hot summer I thought as I dried my face. I turned to Kay who was laughing up a storm. Her tits hanging out shaking as she did. I jumped from the boat scooped her into my arms and jumped into the water next to Sherri and Coco.

“JOHN, you got my hair wet,” Kay yelled out as she coughed some water out.

I wrapped my arms around her as I replied, “Lets see what else is wet,” as I slipped my fingers into her swim suit.

“John, Sherri is here,” Kay replied.

“Her and Coco are way over there swimming,” I said pointing to them as they were swimming toward our neighbor’s house, which is about 50 yards away.

Kay wrapped her arms around me as I held her. We kiss deeply and with passion. I could feel my cock growing hard as it pressed against her swimsuit. Kay removed one arm from around my neck. She pulled her swimsuit from her body she tossed it up onto our dock. I feel her hand pulling my shorts down releasing my hard cock.

I felt her legs wrapping around my waist as she guided my cock up into her pussy. Kay started to bounce up and down on my cock. I wrapped my arms around her back helping her. Kay was whispering in my ear how good my cock felt in her pussy as she rested her head on my shoulder.

I on the other hand had my eye on Sherri. Well not on Sherri, but on the boy who was helping her up onto his dock. Kay stopped bouncing on my cock and she pulled her head from my shoulder looking into my face.

“You’re not really into this,” Kay said.

“Sorry Kay,” I replied. Then I asked, “Do you know who that boy is with Sherri?” I asked pointing to the dock down the way.

“That’s Todd his family moved in there a couple of weeks ago,” Kay replied looking to them. “JOHN, I see that look don’t you even think about it,” Kay yelled at me.

“What I was just concerned that was all,” I replied.

Kay smiled at me as she said, “John she is not your little girl anymore,” as she looked to Sherri and Todd standing together at the dock.

“I guess I am just being over protective,” I replied. “Damn it he just kissed her,” I yelled out.

“JOHN, if you remember right you saw to it that she could protect herself,” Kay said grabbing my face with both her hands.

I smiled as she did because I saw that Coco had come onto the dock and his growling and barking had broken their kiss. Kay made me promise her that I would not make a big deal over it. As Kay put it we were suppose to be new modern parents. I swam over to our dock using the ladder to get out of the water.

Kay looked up at me on the dock as she said, “Toss me my swim suit so I can put it back on before I get out.”

I smiled at her as I picked it up and started to walk away. I took a few steps then I looked back at her as I replied, “Hey, we are new modern parents,” as I flung her suit over my shoulder walking away.

“JOHN, you wait till I get my hands on you,” Kay yelled as I just kept walking.

I got to the end of the dock where I stopped. I turned to see what she was going to do. That woman climbed that ladder with her butt hanging out. Her big round perfect tits swayed side to side as she slowly walked down the dock toward me. Kay did not try to cover her tits nor her hairy pussy. She walked up to me and she threw her arms around my neck. She pulled me down to her where she gave me a long, deep passionate kiss.

Kay broke our kiss as she asked, “You did not think I would do it did you?”

I just shook my head no, as she grabbed her suit from my shoulder and she walked toward the house. I watched her shake that hot little ass of hers all the way to the house. Kay stopped and she looked back to me as she motioned for me with her finger.

“I think we have some unfinished business to handle,” Kay yelled to me before she walked into our house.

I walked into the house and Kay was waiting for me on the sofa. She was lying on her back with her legs spread wide. I saw she was using two of her fingers on her pussy. I walked over and stood there watching her playing with her pussy.

Kay would dig her fingers up into there then move then around for a second or two. She would pull them back out and rub her juices onto her clit. Kay was eying my hard cock as it pushed my shorts outward. I slipped them off as I took my cock into my own hand.

I stood over her pumping my cock as she fingered herself. Kay soon had her clit all swollen and wet with her juices. I could not stand it any more as I dove in between her legs taking her clit into my mouth. I sucked lightly at her clit as she squirmed beneath me on the sofa.

“John you going to make me squirt,” Kay cooed out.

I sucked harder at her clit as I slipped two fingers up into her wet pussy. I curled them against her rough spot. Kay moaned loudly as I curled and then uncurled them against her spot. Kay’s juices started to flow out as her thighs shook. Her blast of juices caught me squarely in my face.

“Fuck me John,” Kay screamed out.

I climbed between her legs lifting them to my shoulder. I slipped my hard cock straight up into her pussy. Kay wrapped her arms around my neck pulling my face down to hers. We kissed deeply and passionately as I fucked her pussy deep and hard with my cock.

“AHhhh fuck me John,” Kay yelled out between our kissing.

I did as she asked me to do. Her pussy was leaving out wet squishing sounds as my cock went in and out. I fucked her like that until I felt her pussy sucking at my cock as another orgasm came over her. I went faster with my cock as I fucked her deep and hard. I felt my cock throb as I buried it deeply into her pussy. I kissed her deeply and passionately as my cock filled cum deep into her pussy.

“Ahhh Kay I love you,” I yelled out as my cock spit the last few drops into her.

Kay lowered her legs from my shoulder as I heard, “You two should really get a room.”

I turned to see Sherri leaning over the sofa. I panicked and I jumped up off Kay. I stood there with my cock still hard and dripping with our juices. I placed my hands down in front of my cock. However, it was too late for Sherri was staring right at it. Kay started to laugh which caused her pussy to let out one of her outstanding pussy farts.

Sherri looked to her mom as she said, “MOM that’s disgusting.”

That was my cue to make a run for our bedroom. I turned and made a beeline for it. I could hear Sherri and her mom laughing as I got to the bedroom door.

I heard Sherri telling her mom, “He sure has a cute butt and no wonder you are always smiling mom,” Sherri said to her.

I sat down onto our bed wishing I had never even got out of bed today. I was embarrassed over the whole deal. Why had I not just lain down on top of Kay until Sherri walked away? Then I wondered just how long she had been standing there. Kay came walking in, she took one look at me, and she started to bust up laughing. I grabbed her pulling her down onto the bed as I laughed with her.

Kay finally managed to get out through her laughter, “You should not have gotten off me.”

“I realize that now,” I replied turning red again.

Kay and I showered then I returned into the living room. I was sitting there when Sherri walked into the room. I looked up at her and she smiled at me. I turned my head away from her. Sherri came over and she sat down beside me she placed her hand to under my chin as she turned my face toward hers.

“Daddy, I have seen cocks before maybe not like yours but I know what they look like,” Sherri said as she rubbed her hand to the side of my face.

I could not say anything in reply. Her hand rubbing at my face had taken me by total surprise. What was worst it placed me into a deep trance like state as she rubbed it over the side of my face.

“Daddy, DADDY, are you OK?” Sherri asked as she removed her hand.

“I am fine princess just lost in a daydream that’s all,” I replied.

“Thinking of angel Carrie wasn’t you daddy?” Sherri asked.

I stared into her lovely blue eyes as I replied, “She is always on my mind princess.”

Sherri smiled at me as she placed her arms around my neck. Sherri pressed her lips tightly onto mine kissing me fully on my lips. It was a quick fast kiss but still a kiss on my lips. She normally kissed me on my cheek or my forehead.

“Sherri I don’t…” was all I got out before she placed her finger to my lips.

“Daddy it was just a simple kiss,” “Everyone else kisses you on the lips and it is about time I did as well,” Sherri said as she got up from the sofa.

Sherri was heading outside before I got a chance to say anything to her. I looked to see Coco standing there with his head tilted to the side staring at me. I stared back at him for a few seconds.

“Coco, go with her keep her out of trouble,” I said to him.

That dog gave a quick little bark and out his doggy door, he went. I sat there just staring at the fireplace. I sensed trouble in the air just as I used to when I sat alone in the jungle at nighttime in Vietnam. It was something you came accustom to feeling when you knew something was just not right. Be it a sound, a flicker of light or a smell that did not belong in the night of the jungle. Believe me any smell that topped that stinking jungle of Vietnam at night over there only meant trouble.

I could feel it as sure as I feel these keys as I type. I knew not what it was but trouble was soon to come. I heard a voice deep within me as it said, “I am here when you need me.” The voice I heard was not of Carrie it was the monster deep within my soul.

That will end this chapter.

As always, let me know that you are enjoying my story. Sorry for the long chapter but I wanted to get as much into this one as my next chapter will end my story. Sorry I was a little late in getting this one out as I got busy with some early fishing. I leave you with this to ponder until my next chapter.

“Your memory is a monster; you forget - it doesn't. It simply files things away. It keeps things for you, or hides things from you - and summons them to your recall with a will of its own. You think you have a memory; but it has you!” John Irving

See you soon with my final chapter.

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Any good investigator knows that it is a LACK of details, that labels a story fiction. When someone is telling the truth, it is like a dam breaking, the story comes out all at once. The details in Johns story are what makes it the truth.
The readers who don't think that Kay should be having sex with Rod or anyone else, do not understand the swinger lifestyle. To them I say, none of your business.

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This story is definitely fiction as nobody can remember such small details the author has repeatedly mentioned in the story. Even if it were to be true i think it ended with death of carrie and the author is overcompensating for his loss by writing it.

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