Not a real story. I dont give a fuck you guy think. Dont waste your time if you checking for errors. Fuck off.
In love with 5 pedifiles Part 3

Hi I left you with Brad fucking me. So this how Brad and Adam got caught fucking me and Ally.

After a few mouths of Brad fucking me I have told Ally that I was ready to get my cherry poped and was nervous just thinking about it.

The weekend came when Ally stay with me at my house we played video games all weekend and told I be gone for 2 weeks. I havent been at Brads house in 2 weeks because my grandfather die and I had to attened his funeral I was kinda close to my grandfather he would always get me cute thing like a dress or shoes even panties. One time my grandfather put his hands under my dress when I was 3 I dont know how I remember that since I was every young.

My grandfather got me a thong for my 4th birthday and for Chirstmas he got me crouchless panties. I model them for my grandfather both of them he told me I was a beautiful angel. I still have both of then and still fit me and I want to wear one of them when I get my cherry poped by Brad.

Anyways back to Ally. She told me that her father have poped her cherry and ever since then both Brad and Adam have been fucking her everyday and that Adam want to break mine. I was scared because Adam is a rough guy. When I gave him a blowjob 1 time he forced his cock inside my mouth and I couldnt breath. This only happens when when I was alone with him or Ally and I alone with him. Ally like the rough sex I dont. We were already 7 years old and about to enter the 2nd grade.

POV from Ally

I was alone with daddy the week Amy left I walked to the living room and told my daddy something he was waiting for a long time. I walked in with a robe on and looked like he was about to get some action from his little girl. Only if he knew.

"Hi daddy"

"Hi baby."

"Daddy can we have fun?"

"Sure baby get on your knees"

"No daddy I mean fun"

I disrobe and got on top of him. I kissed him and he kissed back then he lay me down and work on body. He always caress my body first but once he goes to my pussy he goes crazy and gets rough. Thats always gets me turned on that I just didnt if he hurt me. Daddy undress with a hard cock ready to enter my tight pussy. In my thoughs I just want him to jam his cock in me so bad.

"Come baby suck daddys cock. Be a good little slut.

I smiled as I grabbed daddys big cock and sucked it good. I knew by just my tiny mouth that he was going to cum fast so I pull on his ball sack and he last for a few minutes more before he cum on my mouth and all over my face. He was always rough but time he didnt jam his cock in my mouth I was a little disappointed but thats not what I wanted the most. I wanted daddy to pop my cherry so bad. As daddy was about to put his pants on I got on 4 presented my ass to him. Daddy got the picture as he started to lick my pussy I got so wet that I lay daddy down and I sat on face.

Daddy lick me for 10 minutes I had cum twice already. I was tired that I didnt want him to fuck me anymore but then he carried me to his bed and the biggest surprise was waiting for me. I knew daddys cock was big and though could it fit inside me. As I was think 3 inchs yes but the whole thing I did not know but daddy cock was entering my tight pussy. As I though he was about to fuck with 3 inch daddy pushes more and it was hurting so bad. I felt something blocking his cock for going in further.

"Ally baby your going to become a woman tonight"

When he said that I was just in shocked it was like if he was reading my mind but I wanted it anyways. The next thing I know I was in pain.

(Gasp)"ahhhhhh daddy stop!!".

He didnt stop he keeped going going for a 10 minutes after a few minutes it started to feel good. I saw his cock going in and out of me. Then he he got me on all 4 and fucked my doggy thats what daddy said. I saw him on top of me and his cock when deep inside of me hitting something which I found it was my uterus.

I cummed on daddys cock twice and I felt him about cum too as I felt his cock get harder the next thing I knew I felt this hot warm liquid go inside me. I collapsed on the bed as daddy on top with his cock still inside of me. I turn on my back and saw daddys cum and my blood together. I fell asleep as I was woken up by my uncle Brad fucking my already used pussy and he cummed inside. Daddy and uncle Brad fucked for the last the 2 weeks until Amy come back.

End of Allys POV.

"Wow Ally. Can you and your dad leave the house tonight so Brad and I have what you had?"

"Sure Amy anything for my BBF."

Later that night I walked to Brads house. I guess Ally told Brad about I wanted because he was dressed had the lights dimmed. I didnt know what was this all about. I though for a moment this was a date.

"Hi Amy come on in"

"Thanks you look every nice.


I walked in and there was a table with candles and flowers. Next got eat dinner. We talked about all the things we and Ally and her father did. After dinner was over we watch a movie and I love that whole night. I was nervous when we got to the bed room. I decide to wear my pink thong that my grandfather got me.

The movie end we sat for a minutes Brad gave me a kiss as we started to make out a little. At 7 years old my mind was all over the place and didnt think about about much so to stop worrying I just things happen. Brad got into kiss me neck and liked it it go me crazy. He fondle me which I liked a lot I got on top him which I could feel his cock poke my pussy. I just wanted to rip his pants and make his cock slide in my tight pussy.

Brad get me off him and grabbed my hand lead me to his bedroom it was cover with red things he explain it was rose petals. I wasnt thinking about any of that but the sex. Brad undress and saw I was wear a thong.

"Well you have a thong. Did you take from you mom?"

"Umm no my grandfather got them for me a few years ago."

"Oh I see. I guess he wanted to do what Im going to do to you tonight"

"I guess"

I giggled and smiled as Brad kissed me again. I was just wearing my thong and thats it. Brad started to get undress and he look handsome. I told Brad to skip the licking and he agreed. He when to the bathroom to get something he put it all over his cock and rubbed some on my pussy. Brads cock was very hard as I was ready for his invasion. He looked at me as he entered inside me. I was hurting a little.

"Ok baby are you ready?"

"Yes Im ready"

He jams his cock inside me and it hurt a lot that I start to push him off. He pinned my arms and kissed as he told me that he loves me. Brad started to move his hips slow the pain started to fade a little. In and out of me felt good. Until I told Brad to go faster which he did. I was enjoying every inch of his cock. I picked my head up and saw blood but didnt care at all. We turned over as I was on top and had control. Next I was ride Brad as fast as I could I looked a Brad face and I though I was hurting but didnt care about that. I loved the cock inside me. I cummed like 3 or 4 times until I felt something warm hit my inside me and with drove me over the each as I fell on top of Brad.

We layed there for a while. He called my mom if it was ok if I could stay over and mom said yes. Brad and I had sex 3 more time that night and Ally and Adam came home so I grab Adam lead him to his room and asked him to fuck me. Adam just when for it and fucked me twice. Both Brad and Adam were asleep. I when to Allys room were she was naked and she saw my cummed cover body as she smile.

"How do I look?"

"Haha eatable."

Ally came over to me and started to lick me the cum of me. After I was clean I sleeped with Ally naked. The morning I woke up next to Ally and saw her legs open. So I licked her until she woke up. Brad came in saw the whole show and called Adam. Now both of them had there cock ready to fucked Ally and I. We were up for it.

Over the last 2 months it was magic. I was sleeping with Brad, Adam, and Ally. I was happy because halloween was coming up Ally and I had already started school and to make it better Ally and I are in the same classroom. When we fo to the bathroom we play with our pussies a little. Few weeks later it was Halloween Ally, Brad, and Adam went trick or treating. Ally went as wonderwoman and I went as Batgirl. Ally and I are geeky we love comic books video games and other things.

Ally as wonderwoman her little ass was cute I wanted to grab it. Me as Batgirl my outfit was tight from head to toe. Both Brad and Adam were so turned on by our outfit that they tryed to cover there hard ons. So we all went out trick or treating. After 5 hours we all when back to Brads house we all eat candy.

After a few minutes of eatting candy I see Brad and Adam talking.

"Whacha you talking about?"

"Oh nothing." Brad said.

"Oh come on tell me"

"Brad lets just tell her she going to to find out anyways." Adam said.

"Ok Ill tell you." Brad said.

We walked back to the living room. As I was hearing what they were saying. I was interested I looked over Ally and she was excided. We all decided to do it. Ally and I went with Brad to his bedroom. Adam come a few minutes later with video camare. Yup we are going to film ourself having sex. I remember when I saw my first porn and I though wish I could do one like that one and now I was getting my wish.

Adam was holding the camare as Brad worked on Ally and I with our outfits it turn me on. Brad kissed me and then Ally then back to Ally and back to me again. Ally and I started to kiss each other as Brad got naked. His cock was so hard that I grabbed it and started to suck it. Ally was making out with Brad then I feel my pussy getting licked and it was Adam. Adam got naked and didnt care about getting suck. Adam fucked me raw and it hurt like hell but my pussy was getting wet which got Adams cock wet as well.

Ally and Brad started to fuck as well. We switched partners after a few minutes. We all enjoyed it but Halloween had a surprised for all of us. It was scary when it happen. My dad caught Adam and Brad fucking Ally and myself.

"Amy! WHAT HELL!!!!!!!!."

Dad came in both Brad and Adam got off the bed but dad punched both of them. Dad covered Ally and I and took us home. He called the police within minutes both Brad and Adam were arrested.

Ally was didnt had any other family and was told that she was going to be in foster care. She cried and then I cried we were like sister. My mom grab me and tool me home I cried the whole ride home because Ally and I were so closed my dad stayed to find out more on what is going to happen to Ally. A few hours later dad came home.

"Amy come here please."

I was still crying about Ally.

"I got a surprised for you."

"What is it dad"

"Close your eyes"

I did and I got hug when I open my eyes then pull this person off me it was Ally. I scream and hugged her as we jumped. I cried a little and was happy it was her. Dad told me since he and mom accepted to be the guardians of Ally that she was able to stay with us. We went to my room and she was happy to be here.

"I cried that I would never see you again."

"Me too Amy me too. I cried when you left."

"Well we are together again and no 1 is going keep us away from each other. Agreed?"


We eat dinner watched tv and went to bed. I was happy I had Ally in the house but I was sad that Brad was gone and Ally lost both her father and uncle. I never did get a chance to say I love you to Brad. Ally couldnt sleep.

"Are you ok Ally?"

"No I miss my daddy and uncle. I dont have anyone to love anymore.

Ally crying and I hugged her.

"Ally I love you. You are my BBF your my sister now. We will always be together I promise.

"Amy I love you too thank you".

I hugged Ally as we fell asleep.

To be continued...

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