I left off with Becky going to the movies with me
The movie was fairly uneventful I let her pick and it was your typical chick flick, I didn’t think too much of it but afterwards she smiled at me and said “thank you Robbie it’s been ages since I have seen a movie. Never mind since I have gone out.”

“It’s still early” I smiled back at her “want to grab a bite to eat?”

“No you have already spent so much on the movies I don’t want you to put yourself out and then…” She trailed off as if I was expecting some thing.


“Well I mean what if I don’t want to have sex?”

“Then you don’t want to have sex.”


“Really” I smiled at her. “I didn’t equate taking you out to having sex with you.”

“Oh god I’m so relieved, Um where are we going?”

“We went to this steakhouse and we ordered, I insisted that she not order salad, she was looking a little thin anyway, on the way to too thin. When the food arrived I smiled as she talked around the drool that was obviously being made in great abundance. We chatted as we ate and after about four glasses of wine it appeared that it was time for me to take Becky home. She wasn’t so much a bad drunk more of a silly drunk. So after paying for the meal I took her to the car and helped her inside. I slipped into the drivers seat.

“Robbie, why are you being so nice to me?” she slurred.

“Because I have always liked you Becky.” I responded as I started the engine.

“It was a short drive to her house and surprisingly she passed out on the way. I walked up to her apartment, which was inconveniently on the second floor and knocked.

“Where is my mom?” Rebecca asked.

“She’s downstairs, I’m um going to have to carry her inside, I just want you to be by the door so that I can get her inside.”


I went back downstairs and picked up Becky, she wasn’t what you would call light but she wasn’t particularly heavy either. A flight of stairs later and Rebecca opened the door and showed me to Becky’s bedroom I laid her on the bed and situated her on her side in case her stomach decided it didn’t really want the food and wine that it had ingested earlier. I leaned over and kissed her on the cheek and walked out to the living room.

“Wow, Mr. Robbie?”
“Just call me Robbie Rebecca,”

“Wow Robbie you’re strong.” Rebecca said, I half grinned at that.

Just did what needed doing is all” I smiled at her. “If you girls want maybe we can go to the beach tomorrow.”

“Really Mr Robbie… I mean Robbie?”

“Sure why not?”

“Tell your mom to call me in the morning okay?”

“I will I promise! Wow the beach” I walked out of the apartment and closed the door behind me and heard Rebecca throw the lock.

It was nearly noon when Becky called me and I answered the phone. “How you feeling?”

“Well I was feeling pretty lousy when I got up.”

“It looked like you might not be up to much.”

“What happened last night?”

“Well we went to the movies, we had dinner and drinks and you apparently have a very low tolerance for alcohol. I drove you back to your place and carried you inside and laid you out on your bed and went home.”

“There was no… funny business?”

“Becky, first and foremost I find nothing attractive about a passed out woman, and secondly you told me earlier that you didn’t want to have sex, so no I didn’t try or even think about taking advantage of you while you were incoherent.”

“Thank you, now what’s this about going to the beach?”

“Well I thought it would be fun?”

“With the girls?”

“Why not?”

“Well we wouldn’t likely get any… you know alone time.”

“Well yes I kind of anticipated that but I thought it would be fun for them.”

“Robbie, can I tell you something?”

“Sure Becky”

“I don’t think the girl’s swimsuits are … suitable for public, okay for splashing around in the kiddy pool in the back yard but not so much for the beach.”

“We can work on that. How about an alternative?”


“Well I have a little piece of land out a few miles out of town with a little creek on it how about there?”

“No one would see them?”

“There would be no one for miles.”

“Okay well pick us up in an hour then?”

“If you want me to, or if you prefer I can just give you directions and you can head out that way.”

“Robbie, much as I would like to I don’t think my car is worth the risk, do you have something that can hold the four of us?”


“I take that as a no.”

“Well I don’t own anything that will hold five people, but I can make a call and get a rental that will do the job.”

“Are you serious?”

“Yes I’m serious”

“I don’t want to trouble you, I mean it’s an extra expense.”

“It is but I think you’re worth it”

“You’re sure you want to do this”

“Of course!”

“Okay we will be ready when you get here”
True enough I didn’t own anything that would hold five people but fortunately the rental company had a small SUV and I picked up the girls and their mother and drove out to the small ranch I owned. I suppose that was a half lie since it was about 90 acres and I kept a heard of goats and some horses out there. There was a small cabin; which had four bedrooms, for hunting purposes, otherwise it was quite Spartan, a functional kitchen and dining room. I picked up some simple groceries hotdogs and hamburgers and things like that and stowed them in the back and we headed down the winding dirt road to my ranch.

We pulled up to the Cabin and I showed the girls inside. They dressed in their swim things and I put on some swim shorts and led them the fifty or so yards to the swimming hole, it was a bend in a creek where the water moved slow and it was surprisingly deep in the middle about twelve feet, when the weather was right like it was now. The girls leaped into the water and I retreated back to the cabin and collected some chairs simple folding camp chairs and brought them back to the edge of water along with a .45 caliber pistol, just because. I laid it on the ground beside my chair.

“What’s the gun for?” Becky asked apprehensively.

“Because occasionally there are snakes, and hogs and I’d rather have it handy than not.”

“Its safe right?” she asked looking at the girls who were happily splashing in the water.

“It’s as safe as it can be playing in a river.”

“Okay, though that’s not really that reassuring.”

“Well you said no to the beach, this is what I had as a backup”

Kelly climbed out of the water her one-piece had some holes in it and it was stretched to its limits, she had a very obvious camel toe and her nipples were all but showing through the thing material. “Come on mom are you going to come in or what?”

“Okay fine”

Becky shrugged out of the shorts that she was wearing and pulled off her tee. The suit she was wearing was oddly stretched and didn’t fit her well at all the legs seemed too big and I caught a glimpse of her dark thatch as she walked toward the water her daughter tugging her hand.

I got up and followed them and all of us splashed around for a good hour. I climbed back out and started a fire in the fire pit that was situated nearby. Soon the sound of roasting meat drew the girls out of the water and I was surprised to see that in addition to Kelly’s badly fitting one piece, Tracy’s two piece did very little to hide her budding womanhood. The tops of her areolas were easily visible despite the swath of cloth that was apparently stretched to its limit trying to cover them. And the bottoms were so tight that they barely covered her mound in fact a scrabble of dark hair poked out of the top of them and the were riding up in the front and back. Rebecca’s suit fit her better but it was loose in all the wrong places and a few times she almost flopped out of her top. I did my best to hide the fact that I noticed these things but, I could only hide so much. After dinner and some soda and the girls played with the goats for a little bit chasing them around and petting the more docile one’s they climbed the stairs into the cabin and found beds to sleep in. I was almost asleep myself when there was a soft knock at the door.

“Yes” I called.

The door opened and Becky stepped inside. She was wearing a threadbare nightie. “I just wanted to thank you for what you did today, the girls loved it”

“your welcome I said” she paused at the door a moment and then stepped inside, the floorboards creaked a little as she padded up to my bedside.

“I don’t understand why you are being so nice to me?”

“Because I can be, I guess” I responded. Becky leaned over and kissed me on the lips gently. I let my fingers slide through her short hair as she opened her mouth and kissed me more deeply. I gently pulled her into our kiss and while our tongues danced her hand drifted down my bare chest. She broke the kiss as her fingers slipped lightly around my aroused cock. She leaned over and took it into her velvety soft mouth. I gasped as her toungue did wonderful things tickling and swirling around me. My fingers found her breast and gently teased her hard nipple. She slurped loudly as her head and hands worked in conjunction to stimulate me fingers wrapped tightly around my cock and light fingertips caressing my balls. I gasped loudly and murmured, “I’m Cumming” as she sucked harder and with more vigor. I erupted inside her mouth and she slurped and swallowed and stroked my cock until the last dribble of cum was coaxed out of it.

She sat up on the side of the bed and wiped her mouth with her hand. “Thank you” she whispered and kissed my cheek. I chanced a glance across the moonlit room and as the flash of at least one pair of eyes looking in on us from the doorway.

“Your welcome” I said, “How about shopping tomorrow?”

“No… I’ll think about it”

“Sleep on it”

“Okay” she said as she slipped back into the darkness of the cabin.

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