Back to the young girls who have come into my life...
(Continuing Young girls/developing young women enter my Life, sometimes with a twist in direction… but always with a new experience for this older man…
If you do not like underage sex, stop reading….)

Perhaps a week later, I stopped to buy 2 grilled sausages from a stall in my soi; the woman who ran it every evening was very elegant, always well made-up and dressed in fashion – even though she cooked and served snack/easy food from a roadside stall. I liked her sausages, and sometimes had a craving for, and made mashed potato and peas to go with them for my dinner. Mi also liked them, so it was handy if I hadn’t prepared anything else for her to buy her one and serve with rice and some soup or vegetables I always had for her at home.

This evening she served me, and then asked if I might give English lessons to her daughter 1-2 days a week. I agreed I could and asked her school level, age and English ability; her mother said she would send her daughter round tomorrow morning if that was ok, and I could determine if I could teach her. I nodded, and told her any time after 08.00 would be fine; my Mi should be awake by then anyway. She smiled and thanked me, asked for my mobile number in case she had to cancel, said her name and that of her daughter, Kim, and I rode off on my bike; no need to give my address: everyone seemed to know where I lived, and our red Ford Fiesta parked outside was the only one of its colour in our village, as far as I knew.

Tomorrow arrived, and so did a long raven-haired, very slim long-legged, well-developed beauty, promptly at 08.00! I realized I knew her from the village, but didn’t know her father must be a foreigner – didn’t know him at all I thought – but she was clearly a product of such a union with her Thai mum, and I had always thought of her as 16 or 17: her mother had told me she was 13! Her body was accentuated by a short pair of shorts and a halter top, but she did have a bra on also.

Kim greeted me respectfully in Thai, and then switched to English, with a decided French accent. I invited her in and she sat on the sofa, and I in my sofa chair. I told her to call me ‘Steve’ when we were together, asked her easy questions, found out her long-gone father paid for her upbringing, and she went to the French International School, where they studied Thai and English also.
Actually her English was quite excellent, given her age and education level, and I told her so; she smiled “But my writing and grammar is not so good.” “Ok, good, now I know what we should concentrate on, but I cannot promise to make English grammar easy! However, at least it doesn’t have male and female genders attached to nouns a la Française.”

That blinding smile shone at me again “But the male and female genders should be attached right, Luong Steve?” I felt a red flush on my face as I absorbed the double entendre, and decided to go to the kitchen for some water for Kim and a beer for myself.
Returning, calmer, I apologized and asked if she would prefer I wore a shirt in her presence. She laughed and then studied me for a long minute before apparently reaching a decision: “I am friends with Mung and Ping” she offered, pausing before adding “We talk about everything, and I came here for the same lessons they had.”

Oh my, Mung and Ping were the most recent 14y.o. girls in a growing list of young girls/women, all of whom seemed to know each other and pass on their ‘satisfaction’ of lessons with Luong Steve; Mung had been incredibly forward, went straight upstairs to our spare bedroom and called me up to a naked, waiting body – which I had photographed it was so beautiful in the poses she offered. Mung had been raped by her father at age 9, but wanted me to be her first lover, and left me with scratch marks which took days to heal when she had an amazing Climax. Ping was a virginal but aggressive lover, and she ejected huge volumes of her juices from her cunt, and she somehow got my old cock working only 5 minutes after our first marathon session had ended in dual climaxes.
Now I had another friend in that circle of friends who had been told of Luong Steve’s lessons and wanted…what did she mean by ‘the same’?

“What exactly do you want to study, young Miss Kim? At 13y.o. you should hardly even like boys, let alone old men, so I need you to tell me please.” “I want to study getting fucked.” There, simple – what had become of ‘innocence’ these days, I wondered?

“Kim, you are 13, why don’t you wait until the ‘right’ man comes along in quite a few years into your young future? What would your mum say if she knew?” She calmly said “My mum knows, Steve; it is why she wanted you to be my teacher; she is friends with the mothers of my friends….”
I did my best to continue to dissuade her; “But Kim, at 13y.o. do you really know this is what you want, right now?”
“Yes” she answered, and came to my chair to kiss me lightly; “I need a teacher, Ajarn, and I have chosen you.” She used the term for teacher/professor, and somehow it seemed as if this 13y.o. girl had the maturity of a Woman and had decided for herself once she had seen and spoken to me. She leaned her mouth to mine again, knowing I would kiss her – they all seemed to know Luong Steve melted easily – and yes, I melted, and kissed her back, deeply; my mouth covered hers, and my tongue pushed apart her lips and gently entered.

When I felt her tongue, I played with it with my own, and then I sucked hers into my mouth, and mine within Kim’s mouth, only very lightly and without any deep entry. She moaned, didn’t withdraw anything, and I felt for her breasts through her light top; again I gently felt the contours and smoothed over them lightly, and up to her neck. She was craning her neck, probably uncomfortably, so I slipped down to my mattress and pulled Kim along with me; ‘ah much more comfortable’ her sigh seemed to say.
I made her comfortable and stood up for a moment, my hardening cock clearly tenting in my shorts; I walked over and locked the door, positioned the fan so it was blowing air at the mattress, and returned to Kim’s side, sliding my shorts off as I slipped down to join her. She whimpered a little looking at my cock, and I brushed some long hair off her cheek and bent to kiss her cheek lightly; “Don’t be scared Kim; ‘it’ and I won’t touch you unless you ask and show me you want more than this, but you had to see what might be both the pain and the reward if you continue.”

I lay there beside her, my legs and hers almost the same length, and I did a very un-Thai like act by rubbing my feet on hers and curling at her toes; our groins were at the same level but I kept my jutting cock away, while I only kissed her lightly on her cheeks as she lay on my pillow.
This left her abdomen and breasts untouched, but I had a free hand to slip under her top and slide back and forth across her smooth skin and taut abdomen, a sporting girl’s feel to it, and also a lucky, or careful, fat-free body, no folds of skin or excess bulging anywhere under my touches. She allowed my hand to go around her and stroke her back up and down and around; a slight intake of breath when my fingers came in contact with her sporting bra but no withdrawal or tension when my fingers slipped under for a moment, but I withdrew them and moved to fondle her shoulders and neck, and she sighed contentedly then for a few minutes.

Then she sat up, stretched, and crossed her hands to pull both her top and her sports bra off at the same time, letting me feast eyes on such young, perfect breasts, nipples hard and shiny, perhaps happy to be released from the confines of material. I slowly moved one hand up in the air and deliberately towards her breast; she leaned closer to me, and I knew she was granting me the right of touch. “Oh, you are beautiful, Kim, and so soft and so youthful, but so grown-up. You have seen my ‘cock’, you must know it is excited with you; but I will only do what you ask me to do, and will stop the moment you ask me to stop, or not to do; ok?”

“I want you to touch me everywhere, Ajarn, show me the places meant to have pleasure, but also show me the places meant to give pleasure to my man.”

I let my hand fall down slowly to her breast, and I cupped it all; she shuddered under the touch but pushed her torso at me, and I rubbed slightly harder over her nipple, feeling it harden at the contact, I moved my hand away, knowing she wanted it back there, but letting her emotions heighten as I stroked up and down her backbone, top of neck under her ravishingly long hair down to the bone at the start of her buttocks’ crack at the hem of her shorts, and then up the sides pausing at each rib as if counting them.

She motioned me to stop then, and I did; she sat, her breasts facing me, and she unbuttoned and unzipped her shorts, removing them and discarding to the side: no panties needed = a girl who came prepared to be naked perhaps? She lay back down but rolled to the other side, away from me, shuffling back so her buttocks jammed my cock and she lifted one leg and my cock slid between her buttocks and along the folds of her cunt, leaving a streaky trail of pre-cum on the way. She didn’t say a word, nor did I.

I went back to cupping a new breast, but this time allowed my fingers to settle on her nipple, tweaking and twiddling it, rubbing it up and down, my mouth watering as I lowered my head and sneaked my tongue out to take over from my fingers; she moaned when I touched her nipple lightly with its moist tip, and I then circled her mound with the flattened tongue and she groaned and shook. No word did she speak, no protest, as I continued to introduce her to areas which I felt were pleasurable, and that included her available earlobe, to which I moved my teeth for a gentle nibble for a few moments, before returning to her breast and nipple.

It was time to move to Lesson #2, but first I moved my mouth from a quivering, hard nipple up to her neck and kissed her lightly there a few times, then her ear, her cheek, and licked at the corner of her lips lightly; she twisted her head and torso, offering her mouth, and by consequence her other side’s breast. My tongue sought to enter, and she opened her lips, wider when my hand now rubbed over her new breast and nipple, and now one hand could roam between the two breasts and two nipples, and she grasped my tongue with her teeth, pulling me inside.
Our tongues danced inside her mouth until she pushed hers into mine, and our mouths locked then, and we kissed.

Her breasts were mesmerizing within my hand, my other hand only able to stroke her neck and hair and shoulder, supporting my sideways-turned body as it was, but then she pushed herself fully on to her back; my cock was painfully trapped but I extricated it from its new twisted position, and I slowly moved over the top of her, on my knees, my cock bobbing and weaving above her womanly treasure of opened thighs.
My mouth never left hers or hers mine; more importantly, her hands went to my back, stroking for a minute or two, and then I freed my mouth gently as my upper body slowly raised itself until I was sitting on my bent legs between her legs, with 2 free hands to entrap her mounds and nipples, yet still be able to bend down to flick her mouth with my tongue, flick a nipple, or kiss her again deeply.

She could feel my cock jerking and dripping above her cunt, pre-cum oozing, and I had felt her own pre-juices before similarly oozing over my cock when trapped there between her thighs. No words, just movements to show I could proceed. I slowly pushed my legs, and cock, down the mattress away from her thighs, as my lips kissed lightly their way down her chin and neck, through the small valley between her breasts and straight, but side to side, downwards.
Kim had to know where I was ultimately headed, and her body shuddered under my lips, and even her nipples gave a jerk, when I paused at her belly button and slurped my tongue in the little indent; it is a direct route from there to her cunt, and that’s where my mouth headed.

My cock was leaking more as the excitement mounted and as it jumped around, it was dropping stringy pre-cum on Kim’s legs, and I needed to know if she was getting wetter also, so I removed a hand from one breast and gently, but quickly, reached down behind my arse, and under to her cunt lips for the slightest of touches bottom up: she was soaking, and she jumped slightly, but I brought my hand back up quickly, to show her I was not going there yet; I lifted my mouth up and let her look as I placed the finger from her juice onto my tongue and swirled it around my mouth as if a wine tasting, before making a show of swallowing with pleasure. She gave the smile of one who has been praised, and her hands went into my own long hair to stroke me gently up and down where she could reach.

I accepted the invitation, and put my mouth back down to her lower abdomen, but I prolonged it only for a short time – I am not a cruel man – until my lips rustled through her sparse, short hairs and felt the top of her slit. I paused, allowing her the opportunity to pull my head up….and then I wriggled my tongue from top to bottom of her cunt lips, just once. She jumped and moaned and shuddered all at once, so I went in the reverse direction, my flattened tongue pushed hard across both her lips, not attempting entry. She repeated herself, and pushed my head down with her hands; and so I began Lesson #2: her cunt. “I said “Lesson #2 Kim, are you ready?”

“What was Lesson #1, Ajarn?” “Upstairs, Kim, and this Lesson is downstairs, understand?” I stretched a hand to touch her breasts, her neck, her ears, cheeks and all her upper torso: ‘upstairs’. Now I pressed my tongue back to her slit, pushed a little harder: ‘downstairs’. My hands went under her buttocks, raising her only a little, but opening her to me, to this new world she was asking for.

She smoothed the hair she had ruffled moments earlier, and I again pushed my tongue at her cunt opening; she relaxed and yielded herself to me, her lips dripping her woman’s pre-cum, and soft and pliant as I entered her, my tongue the probing tool, darting this way and that, prodding her walls as it went into the depths to its limit. She began a constant moaning, her body quivering, not shuddering now, but her fingers dug harder into my hair, my shoulders began feeling the scratches of her nails, and then she moved her legs up to catch my flapping cock as it jerked, her knees bumping up at it to feel it.

My tongue had finished its opening stanza, the next music would be from fluttering fingers inside her, if she allowed. I sat back a little, her knees locking on my throbbing cock, rubbing it, as my mouth retreated from her cunt for a moment. Then I took my right hand from her buttock, and very gently trailed my fingers from bottom to top, top to bottom of her cunt, soaking now, soaking my fingers, and I wagged one finger only at the outside entrance to her inner self. She didn’t flinch; she clenched her legs painfully against my cock until I had to struggle to get it released so I could slide a little further now up the bed, wanting my mouth to be back at her breasts as a gentle companion to my fingers beginning to work below.

As I closed my mouth around one breast, I also inserted a finger between the lips of her cunt; they sucked me in further, and I added a second – very, very gently inserting it, but not trying to invade very far.
I searched for the pleasure she could have from a stimulated clit, and I found the nub, under-developed maybe, but more than enough to send her into a spasm as I rubbed a finger over and around it, even as my mouth closed on her nipple above and did the same. She moaned and writhed; her cunt up at my fingers, so I allowed them to penetrate a little further, spread them wide to feel the ridged walls of her cunt and put my thumb inside her cunt a little way to continue the fondling of her clit. She didn’t cry out, but she did moan out loud, as the front of her virgin cunt was now spread wider than perhaps she had ever experienced, and my first contact of thumb to clit produced a squirt of her juices, and a shudder, and a Climax.

Lesson #2 was a success, but I wanted to add, if we could, a 2nd and maybe 3rd climax to cement the pleasures of love-making – without actual cock penetration – into her young mind, so she would know for the future what a lover could do for her, if he or she truly tried to make love a pleasure.
I changed breasts, diving on to her nipple with my teeth, and I pulled my 2 fingers together to dive further into her, dragging my thumb behind, widening her canal, scraping past her clit and just letting her feel the invasion of a male, and what it might be like when she was fucked in the future.

She jumped her hips up and she did cum a second time; but that wasn’t my primary objective: her pleasure was: so when she began a 3rd climax a minute later, as my fingers spread and stimulated her, and my mouth sucked a whole breast inside to gorge upon, and she found herself so overwhelmed she couldn’t stand it all, she asked me to stop “please, I will die”, I stopped and spent 5 minutes letting her calm down, very slowly removing my fingers to just graze her sensitive cunt and lightly licking her breasts and equally sensitive nipples. She moaned and groaned, but eventually her breathing slowed under my hand on her breast now, and she snuggled into my neck for a further rest, enclosed within my arms.

She stirred, “Oh my, I have never felt so happy to have lessons before…What is #3, Ajarn?” I laughed lightly, “Lesson #3 is for next time, my young Miss Kim, if you choose to have. It is 10.00; I think your mother would consider 2 hours enough for your first day. Indeed, for the next Lesson, you need to be refreshed and not worn out as it seems you are now.”

“Oh” she pouted “But I feel fine – more than fine; I feel …I don’t know what I feel, I just know I am ready for more study, now! What is the next Lesson, Ajarn, please tell me? We have studied upstairs, and downstairs…what is next?” “Can you not guess, young Kim? Lesson #3 is ‘inside’. Go home now; come back when you are ready, and if your mother agrees, and if you truly want after thinking.”

She seemed to consider arguing further, but then nodded her head, sat up with those beautiful young breasts staring me in the face, and smiled when she saw the brightening and widening of my eyes at the view. “Are they nice, Ajarn; do you want them some more?” I leaned to her breast and nipped at her nipple, hard enough to have her yelp; “Ok!” she said “I will go, but I know you do like them…and me, right?” I leaned towards her other breast, teeth bared, and she scuttled backwards and quickly dressed.
She stood, smiled and thanked me respectfully for her Lessons; “I will be back in 10 minutes for Lesson #3 Ajarn” she laughed and ran out as I lunged toward her, laughing myself: what a fun morning!

Before Kim returned – and I was sure it would not be today, let alone 10 minutes - indeed within 15 minutes of her leaving, and while I was in the shower, I had a visit from Ping. I had closed, but not locked, the screen door before showering, so at a voice, I poked my head around the doorway of the bathroom, and told her to come in.
I didn’t mean into the bathroom, but that’s where she came: standing at the doorway while I had a final rinse, my back to her. “I understand why my sister Lee thought your buttocks too sweet not to fuck, Luong Steve; they are cute!” I didn’t jump or exclaim; Ping had given me her virginity a few days ago, and she was indeed the last woman (well, 14y.o. girl) with whom I had released my own cum, and she was the wettest fuck I have ever had, and the most stupendous nipples…she was a very special girl indeed: she deserved the right to enter my private spaces.

“We were supposed to go out for a day, Steve, but we haven’t been yet, remember? We couldn’t go the next day as you had said, so I came to ask you: can we go today please, I don’t have school….?” She pleaded and put on an innocent face, as if ready to break into tears if I said other than “Yes, ok Ping; we can go today.” It was getting a little late to fit into my pick-up routine for Mi if we went a long distance, so I thought for a moment, and said “Do you like swimming Ping?” I finished drying myself, and put my shorts on, and pushed her out of the doorway lightly.

“I don’t know how, and never go, Luong Steve.” She was sad as she admitted this, but I smiled “Perfect! I know just the place, and it is only 10 minutes from here, in the next village; it is where I take Mi, not deep, just right for young kids and girls who can’t swim, I promise; would you like to go there with me Ping?”
She smiled happily, and said “Can I run home and check with my Mum? I am sure she will agree; when will we go?” “Let’s say, be back here in about an hour, if you can go you lady, ok?” She ran off, calling “Nice bottom, Luong Steve; I will tell my friends: ‘today I studied Luong Steve’s bottom!’” I could neither chase her, nor call out “NO!” so I wiped my red face, and got a cooling beer to sit down with and relax for 5 minutes.

When Ping returned, in much less than an hour, I was almost ready; I had made sandwiches for us, packed some fruit and water for her, beer for me, put on my costumes under new shorts, and checked Mi’s swimming bag for towel and sunscreen, tissues: we left after I had put money and keys into my pockets, locked the house, and climbed into the car.
10 minutes later we were at the pool; I unloaded, paid the small fee for us both, and found it, as usual when I came with Mi: empty of anyone except us. I unpacked as needed, offered Ping water which she declined; offered her sunscreen which she declined, but which I applied to my own shoulders, after stripping off my t-shirt and shorts. Ping had a braless (I was surprised as she was quite big) shirt on, and a pair of shorts, but she looked around and found the Ladies’ Toilet and went in there…returning in a swimming costume too small for her developed body. My cock jumped.

“I had this when I was smaller, but I don’t have another one, Luong Steve; is it ok?” I gulped; well, nobody else here, even the manageress had gone to lunch after I had paid her. “For today Ping, it is fine, but I suggest we go shopping later, just to buy a second one for you…for the next time. For today, it is beautiful on you.”
She smiled, appeased, and took my hand over to the side of the pool. She was just like my Mi, only 12 years older, so I told her to sit on the edge, as did I, and then I helped her into the water, the depth easy, but even more arousing as it came to just under her breasts, whereas for Mi it was just enough under her chin to be safe with Dad beside her. I showed her the steps Mi always sat upon, and she did the same, until I ducked under the water to get wet and cool myself a fraction.

“Can you do with me what you do with Mi, helping her learn to swim?” she asked. “Ok, Ping, we go for a walk; you can hold my hand if you get worried, but you are a big girl, so we just walk around so you can feel how the water helps you float. It is very relaxing.” She held my hand to come down from the steps, and never let me go.
I faced her in front and took both her hands, walking backwards; “Now, just let yourself float out as I pull you along; keep your chin up” I put my hand under her chin and showed her what I meant, but she sipped some water, spluttered and struggled until I pulled her into my arms to calm her. She wrapped her legs around my waist tightly….

That was the end of that Lesson: my cock surged upwards towards her loins, and when she felt it knocking at her cunt’s door, she reached down and opened the door and the teacher became, yet again, just a man; and this man lusted after the girl against his body. And that girl had pulled aside her costumes and my cock, of its own volition, had wriggled up and inside, and was now banging on the door, needing my muscles help to force an entry, to accept the invitation.

I looked into Ping’s sparkling eyes, and backed her against the side of the pool, checked no-one else had arrived, and pulled her costume down from the top to feast on her breasts, as my cock now pounced and began its entry into her cunt, the wall supporting the hard thrusts it needed to make.
She squeaked, smiled, groaned, and then pushed herself back at me, and I ate her breasts whole, her nipples the topping on a dessert, and the juice I knew would come in volume began flowing into the crystal clear water of the pool: the sauce for the topping. Oh my, how to explain this, or how to make sure the filter also took away sexual excretions….Ping was beginning to eject the constant flow of juice she had when we had first made love; copious amounts, more than anyone should be able to store in their body it seemed!

I eased my thrusts into her cunt, and lifted my mouth from her breast “Ping, you are such a sexual woman, we should do this outside the water: other people might not want to swim in our sex juices!” I pulled her top up, eased myself away, and lifted her by the bottom outside the water to the pool top, and then I pointed and motioned her to the Ladies’ Bathroom.
In there, we fucked; in one of the shower stalls, the water turned on lightly to hide Ping’s squeals, and to wash into Bangkok’s drainage system her juices of joy. I was still strong enough to hold a lightweight, young girl with legs wrapped around my waist, up against the wall and probe my cock up and down inside her cunt. She came, and came again before I felt the need for release, and we came then as I reached the back wall of her, and lifted her body a good 15cms higher on the wall, burying my mouth over hers to stifle the scream, and my hands at her nipples to heighten the climax she felt.

Of course I was worried some girl or woman would enter, so when I had brought Ping down – both physically to her feet, and emotionally to stable, I rinsed her under the water, and then myself, and I told her I would go out first, back into the pool. She nodded groggily, and I kissed her gently and went out – whew, no-one around. But Ping called me back; “Steve, I never thought the first time could come again: it did.” I smiled, blew her a kiss and escaped to the pool before the police were called.

5 minutes later Ping rejoined me in the water, but so did a friend: oh my, it was Mung, another 14y.o. I had deflowered recently, and who had left me with streaks of passionate scratches down my back which had taken days to heal, and she said now, reminding me “Did you bring your camera Luong Steve? I think Ping and I could offer some good poses and shots for you….” She posed like a model, and indeed she was wearing a most sexy, brand-new costume I thought, which hugged her, let her nipples protrude – those big nipples I remembered – and I ruefully shook my head. “Today was to be Ping’s first swimming lesson, Mung; that is what we came for.”
The 2 girls laughed, and I blushed; they laughed more, and Mung asked Ping “How has the lesson been so far?” Ping rolled her eyes, made a fucking motion with her hips, and even pulled at her own tits; it seems Mung got the general idea, and she asked me for a ‘swimming’ lesson also.

I was saved from further embarrassment by the arrival of about 12 noisy youngsters and several teachers/carers, all her to swim. My 2 girls expressed their disappointment, so I took the opportunity and went for a swim across to the other side of the deep area – where I don’t take Mi – and back again, enjoying the extra depth and a chance to really swim. Meanwhile the young group, who I now noticed were all girls, perhaps 8-10y.o. had stripped to costumes, and was all ready to jump in for a swim. They were quite an arousing group to play old man voyeur to.

I climbed out of the pool, just in time to see Ping and Mung heading for the exit; “Ping, where are you going?” Mung answered, we have a friend down this soi, Luong Steve; we’ll be fine to go home on the village bus later.” I was a bit concerned; after all, I had brought Ping here, so I said “I will stay here one more hour; best if you come back and go home with me Ping, and you also Mung perhaps.”
They waved ok, and trotted out.

I sat down on the side of the pool, the sun hot, so I sank down under the water, which itself was warmer than showers I took at home, but at least it was wet, and it hid my somewhat risen cock. I looked around; all the girls were in the shallow water pool, where I was, with several of them sidling closer it seemed.

One girl, perhaps the boldest of the 3 closest, said “Hello”, and I smiled and answered in Thai; the 3 of them then greeted me in Thai with respectful wais, and giggled. The first girl wanted to speak English, so we went through the usual standard questions and answers, after I had received a nod from one teacher to my query if it was ok to have this conversation. That included finding out they were all 11 year olds from the school next door to the pool.

Finishing that part, I asked if they knew how to swim; they are just starting they said, so I said “Show me, off you go” and they all swam off as best they could, splashing arms and heads and legs in every direction. Ironically perhaps, the boldest one was less capable than the other 2, and she swallowed a mouthful of water and came up spluttering, so I slipped through the water to assist her back to the side, holding her arms; but when she stumbled forward I had to lift her again. I put one hand under and held her waist, but this left her arm dangling, and she boldly put it to my groin and rubbed up and down my cock.

Depositing her safely against the side of the pool, I stayed under the water to her side, not touching her, but her hand could reach me, and she did the same again on my now-swollen cock; no accident this girl’s intentions and actions, and it had certainly worked on this man.

The teacher wandered over and asked me “Is my daughter being good with you, Khun…?” I gulped: her daughter! “Steve” I said, “And she is fine, a little too adventurous perhaps, but she is fine, no problem, khun mae.” She smiled, and then looked at “Elsa, don’t you be annoying Luong Steve; I know what you are like when you want something…or someone…all to yourself. Please behave as a good girl –and you 2 girls also” she added, as the 2 friends of Elsa were now swimming/walking back towards us.
Elsa smiled innocently at her mother/teacher, and as she walked away, Elsa’s hand returned to what it was doing earlier: holding my prick, only now she was inside the leg of my shorts, and rubbing it with abandon! This was not only dangerous, but it was driving my cock wild; I wanted to climb out of the pool, but the raging hard prick prevented this if I wanted to keep it somewhat secret.

Elsa called to her friends, as if inviting them closer, and moments later I was surrounded and attacked, the 2 newest girls clearly wanting their own feel of the foreigner’s cock.
I put my hands under the water to pry their hands away, but my 2 hands were unable to cope with 6 small ones all trying to maintain a firm hold on some part of my cock, though one pair moved and closed around my balls, squeezing them, but thankfully not so hard as to cause the excruciating pain they could have. The remaining 4 hands now seemed satisfied and essentially took turns to run them up and down and back again from the tip to the base, ruffling through my hairs with fingers like tentacles.

Where are the teachers, Elsa’s mother, I looked around frantically but they were all occupied with the other youngsters, and ignored my predicament.
I took a deep breath, made myself sink under the water, and pushed my feet hard against the wall and streaked away underwater, the girls unable to keep hold. I surfaced at the wall on the other side, a safe 5-6m away from them, and sucked in deep breaths while I pushed my cock at least into some order in my costumes.
The girls called to me and began walking towards me, and then they were called to order by a teacher; they followed that call dutifully, but Elsa turned around and said loudly enough for me to hear “See you in a little while, Luong Steve.” I swam back to the side closest to my towel and chair, climbed out hoping none of the girls were looking, and covered myself with my towel, sitting down to restore calm to my persona.

I hoped the group was going to be occupied until the time limit was up for when I had told Ping and Mung I would go home; that was another 30 minutes, so I lit a cigarette and drank some beer in the corner, and then decided to go for a shower and change into shorts, at least using up more time alone.

But I was only alone until I was standing naked under the shower, and Elsa darted in, closed the door and grabbed for my cock, shoving it in her mouth in one movement, and dug her fingers into my buttocks to keep her mouth locked on me. Although not fully hard, for a small mouth, she was swallowing all of me – god, 11y.o. I stupidly thought. I put my hands lightly to her head and shoulders to pull her away, but she dug her nails claw-like and obstinately refused to let go, sucking now and she certainly was making me harder by the second now.
“Elsa, Elsa, you can’t be doing this; you shouldn’t be doing this, what if a teacher – your mother – comes looking and finds you in here?” She mumbled from the side of her mouth “She can’t have you; you’re mine first!” With that she closed her mouth fully and did her best to eat me down to her stomach. I groaned; she was very good at this –experienced? – I found my hands now stroking her head and shoulders, and under to twiddle the nipples which would one day form part of succulent mounds of breasts. She moaned with me, as I rubbed them harder as she worked her mouth and tongue harder on me. I was now full-length, too long for her, but she never stopped trying.

“Elsa, do you know what is going to happen if you keep me in your mouth much more?” “Ah-uh” she sputtered, bobbing her head as she then moved her hands to my balls and fondled them lightly but magically stimulating.

She must have done this all before, it was clear. But any further logical thoughts were spurned as my cock took over everything, and it swelled and my balls clenched, and I could only grasp her head now, tighter to let her know I was going to cum.
I spurted up my length, and down her mouth and throat – and she swallowed, and then again, and once more. Had she not been sucking so painfully hard I might have managed another spurt for her obvious enjoyment, but pain took over and my cock retreated from her mouth quickly.

She swallowed, licked her lips, and stood there smiling and looking at me; “I told Mum I was coming to the bathroom, and getting a drink: I didn’t lie did I, Luong Steve? Nice to meet you, see you again!” She bounced out and left me under the shower.

When I had recovered and carefully looked out…no-one was looking at the Men’s Bathroom, so I checked the clock: time up. I sat down with a cigarette, and the remains of my beer, and phoned Ping. “Ping, I am going home now; please tell your mother you are ok, and where you are, and Luong Steve wanted to bring you home…” She laughed into my phone, “I am home Luong Steve, and I have told my mother – everything! And Mung apologized to her and said you tried to get them to to come home in your car. No problems, Steve, and my mum would like to come and meet you, ok?”
I rolled my eyes at the phone, “Of course, Ping, I understand. Yes, anytime, and I am glad you are ok, at home.”

Elsa was busy with lessons, and I sneaked out, into my car and drove home.

I did see her again, but 2 years later…and that’s another story…

(End of Part 9; if you are still reading, Part 10 has started….)

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