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You have my complete and total devotion
To serve you and to love you is my compulsion
I can't bare to think of a life without your shackles
I'd rather have my ribs chewed on by jackals
Your stern commands make me feel as if you care
Your stripes of punishment I gladly wear
My body is your property to do with as you wish
Any way you choose to abuse it, I willingly relish
I submit to you my whole self
Another one of your toys to put on the shelf
Take from me whatever it is you desire
Please just tell me you love me before you go for your nights retire

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2011-11-17 00:18:20
Life is short, and this article saved vlaauble time on this Earth.

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2010-09-26 19:36:55
Very nice. Nothing is better than the combination of true submission and love.

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2009-03-09 19:20:38
that was excellent. i really enjoyed that.


2005-03-14 12:14:27
There once was a man from Nantucket, who when up the hill with a bucket........................


2005-01-29 23:15:01
What about meter?

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