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Hi part 2 of the first 1 - If you don't like it that's fair enough everyone has different tastes and feel free to rate it negatively but if you have racist or abusive comments just keep them to yourself, constructive criticism is always welcome but there's no need to be offensive for the sake of it - Hope you enjoy
Sequel to Big Black Boss and Danielle the secretary – Definitely necessary to read Part 1

After I pulled out of her it hit me what had just happened! I mean I know after that day’s events you wouldn’t have thought it but I love my wife and family and have been faithful for the past 16 yrs of our marriage. As I looked at the sexy little slut with her legs spread on my desk, pussy dripping with my cum and her own, I started 2 get pissed. What had she made me do? She looked up at me as she slowly slid her finger up and down her creamy lil slit, panties still shoved to the side as she brought her dirty fingers up to her mouth, sucking off the thick gloops of nut that she brought to her lips, moaning ‘daddy your cum tastes good let me clean it up off your dick’.
My twitching cock told me to let her, to let her suck off everything that her naughty white pussy had juiced all over my black dick but the more I thought about what I had done the more I wanted to punish her, get nasty with her and teach her not to go round exposing herself to married men.
‘Turn around and bend over again’ I barked
‘Oh baby I wanna clean that cock’ she moaned
‘I don’t care what you want look what you’ve done, made me unfaithful with your dirty lil mouth, teasing me with that tight ass pussy, turn the fuck around don’t make me force you’
As I was talking she stuck her finger inside her pussy and started to slip it in and out, I realised she was loving being treated like a slut, loved what she was making me do. I’d had enough, I grabbed her up by her hair threw her around and bent her back over the desk. Ripping the soaking panties down to her ankles I brought the palm of my hand down spanking her soft white cheek hard.
‘What are you doing?’ she tried to protest but I carried on the assault with quick sharp slaps, forcing my hand between her thighs I started slapping her creaming lil fuckhole. She was shaking ‘ow I’m sorry daddy, please…. Ah stop’, but soon enough I could hear her moaning and panting against the desktop. With my hand still wedged between her legs, spanking her juicy pussy nice and hard I took a step back to admire the view. Her thick round ass, legs spread stretching out the soaking panties at her ankles. My cock was hard again and throbbing, aching for the nasty lil cunt that was juicing all over my hand as I slapped it. I pulled her up by her hair nibbling on her ear as the spanks got slower and harder.
SLAP ‘you like daddy slapping ya lil pussy dontcha?’ I whispered as instead of bringing my hand forcefully back down I pushed 2 fingers inside. Mmm her messy little pussy felt good, still tight, and creamy, spilling out all over my thick black fingers. As I closed in behind her I could tell she was close shaking and panting ‘daddy don’t stop, ahh shit daddy that feels good’.
I brought my thick black cock up to her pussy, sliding the cut head over her clit ‘want this dick back in your pussy slut hmm?’
‘Oh fuck daddy I’m gonna cum, ahh make me cum again’
I started slapping my cock against her juicy slit, the sound of it making me leak more precum as the head crushed and bounced over her clit. Her whole ass was covered in our juices now and as I prised her cheeks apart her tight lil ass hole had my dick twitching, eager to force its way in. I slipped my cockhead down from her clit towards her ass lingering on her wet pussy, and gently poking it inside.
‘Ah that’s it baby fuck my pussy, mmm that dick feels good, oh shit I love that big black cock stretching me out’ she panted.
‘Mmm baby take it for daddy, gimme sum more of that tight juicy pussy’ I grunted as I pushed deeper inside her ‘ like dat nasty? Aghh u like that dick rubbin up in that pussy from behind?’ she was moaning so loudly as I slipped in and out of her with slow deep strokes.
‘Yeah, oh yeah don’t stop baby I’m gonna cum, oh shit daddy I’m gonna cum’ she was screaming as her pussy got event tighter, twitching and pulsing around my dick. ‘Oh shit that’s it baby, cum all over that cock, cum all over daddy’s big black cock’ I moaned as I pounded through her orgasm. It took everything I had not to coat her pussy in my nut again as her tight lil cunt squeezed on my dick but I wanted her asshole and I was gonna fucking take it.
She was collapsed against the desk trying to recover and catch her breath. I pulled out of her pussy and reached around to grab a tittie and tease her clit with my finger. With my other hand I brought my cock to her tight little asshole, rubbing my cream coated cock against it trying to open her up enough to take at least my head.
‘What are you doing? She slurred ‘I’ve never…’
‘Shh baby just let me poke it, you’ve got my dick wet enough to just slip in the tip’
‘nooo’ she moaned, but as my finger circled her clit she was breathing faster again and rhythmically grinding her pussy forward onto my hand and then her ass back against my wanting cock. I suddenly removed my hand from her pussy and pulled back my dick from her ‘you want me to stop yeah?’ I teased.
‘No don’t stop daddy your dick feels good stroking against my asshole’
‘yeah u like it dontcha baby?’ I said as I returned it and began to nudge it a little deeper into her virgin hole. ‘Ah fuck it feels too big, it’s not going to fit’ she whimpered. ‘agh daddy’s gonna make it fit’ I moaned and thrust 3 inches inside. She winced from the pain but soon my thick head was slipping in and out easier and as when I quickly pinched her clit I felt her pussy gush and spill out over my balls. Damn her little tight virgin ass felt good and she was no longer resisting it, pushing back trying to get it deeper inside her.
‘that’s it baby work that tight ass on my dick’
‘Oh shit it feels so good, fuck it harder for me’
‘Yeah you like this big black cock in ya ass slut?’
‘Oh shit it’s gonna make me cum again daddy don’t stop’
She nearly had my whole dick up in there now and as she met my thrusts I could feel my cum rising to the tip of my cock. I slid two fingers into her pussy and rubbed my thumb against her swollen clit.
‘Fuucckkk!’ she moaned ‘oh fuck daddy I’m coming, oh yeah, fuck that asshole baby’
Her asshole clamped my cock as her pussy spilled out all over my fingers. I gripped her hair as my dick shot hard, the hot streams of my nut spilling out and allowing me to slip out of her ass and squeeze what was left out onto her ass cheek. I collapsed back onto my chair exhausted but satisfied. It was looking like work was going to become more tiring than ever before………

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I love black men!

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Love this!!! Have always wanted to be used at work!!!

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Need long chapters & to continue along this line, as well as hve boss be her Blk Master & to Obey All his rules, also put her in All Blk Gangbangs, use restraints, other devices & toys

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