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Chapter 4
Dark figures swirl around with in the never ending blackness. I try to move but I can’t. It feels like I’m forever falling into darkness. I know my eyes are open yet they closed. The warmth I usually feel throughout the day is gone and replaced by coldness. I start to close my eyes and wish for something to warm me. I feel a burning light upon me. I open my eyes as I stand in a white room.
I turn a full 360 and wonder where I am. I feel a hand placed on my right shoulder. I look over that shoulder to see Eric standing there same eyes only wearing a red short sleeved shirt, red shorts and sun glasses. He looks so handsome in red. I shake the thought out of my head knowing I’m not gay girls are supposed to like guys and guys supposed to like girls so why do I feel so fluttered and so high when Eric is around.
“You need to start admitting your feelings or you’ll end up in places like this again” Eric says in the most loveliest of voices.
“I don’t understand” I say in a confused voice.
Eric walks around to in front of me and asks, “How do you feel about me”
“I like you.” I tell him.
“How much?”
“Like a brother or a great friend.”
“You’re lying to yourself.” Eric says simply.
I look at him like he’s crazy and ask, “And how would you know that.”
Eric casts his right arm out and pictures of him appear. I look on in shock seeing that the pictures being played are the dreams I’ve had of him and me. I see the dream where Eric and me are making out our bodies rubbing against each other and finally him lying me down and making me his woman. I shake my head and say, “Those are just nightmares! I’m no girl!”
“And yet you look like one.”
Eric disappears as I appear in a mirror room after a blinding light shines into my eyes. I see a sexy woman with b cup tits and a small ass. I move my hand out towards her. She wears a white shirt that goes below her waist. The woman raises her slender arms up like me and when my arm comes up to eye level I realize that woman is me. I look down and see my chest pouted out a little well more than it was. My breath is caught in my throat as I walk backward to only run into a mirror behind me. I turn around and continue to face myself no matter where I go. I close my eyes and fall to my knees covering my head with my arms not understanding why this is happening or why would this even happen.
“Please… make it stop…” I say shaking.
I open my eyes again and look up to see Eric above me and he asks, “Than tell me how much you like me.”
I look straight up into those mysterious cold eyes that just captivate me and I reply, “I don’t like you… I love you.”
Eric smiles and crouches down to me. He cups my chin and places his lips upon mine. The roughness of his lips against my soft lips feels so amazing. I take a deep inhale of his masculine musk and fall into deep ecstasy. He moves his lips away from mine and says, “Wake sleeping beauty.”
Everything become so bright I close my eyes. I reopen my eyes to the real world of Eric just a few centimeters away from my face. I stare into his wonderful dark blue eyes and shoot up to kiss him. I don’t care if anyone here staring eyes widened or mouths dropped I love this boy and I’m going to show it. A voice in my head says, “Good now good things will come more and bad things less.”
I hope the voice in my head is right because kissing this boy feels so right yet I know it is so wrong. I pull away to look into Eric’s startled eyes. Well Now I’ve probably scared him further away from me but at least I’ve expressed my feelings.
“Well shit!” I hear Rich say from somewhere in front of me, “and here I thought that wouldn’t work.”
Eric is blushing hard and moves away from me to show a smirking Richard.
“What happened?” I ask trying to remember how I got knocked out as I start to realize that I’m in the hospital not the nurse’s office.
“Well let’s see… you tripped on your shoe lace and smashed your head into the floor so hard you gave yourself a concussion than after you were out a little bit I betted Eric here that if one of us kissed you you would wake up. “
I shake my head realizing that Rich would do something like this. I look at Eric looking down at the floor and I smile and say, “Well I don’t mind as Eric kisses me again to make sure I’m really awake.”
He looks at me like I’m crazy and I say, “Come on now.”
Rich looks at me shocked and says, “What kind of dream did you have.”
“A wonderful dream without you in in it Rich.” A say moving back some of my hair with one hand like a regular girl would behind her ear.
Eric shuffles his feet a little and walks over to me where he kneels down and we kiss. His rough lips are just the greatest thing since underwear to me. He breaks the kiss and I say, “You’re the best boy in the world you know.”
Eric looks away and says, “Flattery won’t stop reminding me that you need to learn to protect yourself.”
Rich walks over to me and asks, “Can I get a kiss too since it was my idea sleeping beauty.”
I glare at the pervert and say, “No now sit down you big pervert.”
Rich looks at me hurt a little and sits down in a chair below the wall T.V. I pat the spot on the bed for Eric to sit and he takes it. I sit up and ask, “So how was the kiss.”
Eric says softly, “Soft like a girl…”
I smile and say, “Good because I had a… realization that I really am like a girl and I accept that.”
Eric looks at me and raises an eyebrow.
“Yea from now on I want to be known as a boy girl or girl boy either one.”
Eric chuckles a little bit in his deep sometimes scary voice and says, “I hope you know what you’re getting into.”
“Yea and I can’t wait to start training as long as you train me sensei Eric.”
Eric sighs and says, “You’re really trying to keep me from leaving your side aren’t you.”
“Yep.” I reply with a grin.
For some reason I’ve never felt more happy and giddy in side. I’ve come a long way since my family died. I guess everything is star. The door to the room opens and a man walks in wearing a black hoodie, black pants, and black tennis shoes. I see some of his spiked downward hair coming out of his hoodie. The man‘s hair is a light yellowish brown.
“Been a while bitch.” The man says simply.
I look at Rich to see if he knows who it is but he seems as stunned as me. The man pulls down the hood on his hoodie and that face brings back so any painful memories. I gasp at the sight of my brother and stutter out, “W….Why are you here?”
He smiles a kind of evil cocked grin and says, “Just here to visit my old family a visit but turns out their all dead except for you.”
I stare at my brother Unbelieving of this. He has been gone for so long and no one knew where he was and he decides to come to visit after the rest of the family dies. If I’ve learned anything from being with a bad family is that when there seems to be something off in a room that’s the time you need to be on guard the most.”
I grab the side of Eric and clutch hard on him and lean closer and whisper in his ear, “Watch him closely.”
Eric eyes look at me from the corner and I can tell he’s wondering why I would say that.
“Just trust me, “I whisper a little bit scared as my brother walks towards me.
I now know things are only going to get more exciting. I can fill everyone except my brother holding their breath wondering what is going to happen and what he is going to say. My brother looks past me and Eric and says, "Also.... I need your help."


2014-12-17 07:27:22
Ok, so does the character have b's or was that just a reflection of what is to come.... The stories are really short and need more to fill them. Each chapter is barely a scene long. Please build, elaborate, and expand on your idea. It's a great Idea... Let me give you an Idea of what I mean by deion...
This was how I woke up....

The Alarm sounded loudly in my ear as I reach over to shut it off. I could feel my body ache from the pounding I received from my boyfriend the night before. Slowly I rose from the bed and glanced over at him still asleep. I slowly stretched and ran my hands over my slender body, from my perky C-cup breasts down my flat stomach and around over my pelvic bones. Glancing over into the mirror, I could see that my skin still had a slight rosy glow. My shoulder length red hair was all disheveled from being tossed around and there was still dried cum on my chest. I looked into my shinning blue eyes and gave myself a naughty grin before taking a shower...

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