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Hey guys here is that part two
Hey Guys, Thanks for the positive votes, here's that part two I promised!

The theater was a little cold, even for me. There was only one other couple in it, but I doubt they were even watching the movie. It was some cheesy romantic with some predictable ending. I guess that was the reason she chose this movie. Megan H. was really going to town with this one. I hardly paid attention to the movie; all that I really cared about right then was Megan's head, bobbing up and down. I took in the feeling. Her lips covering her teeth, applying a little pressure but not too much. She took as much as she could then gently slid back up. She repeated that quite a few times. Eventually she started deep-throating me. The feeling was almost too great. Each time I felt the very back of her throat I had to fight off my own ejaculation.
When the feeling was becoming almost too much she moved her head back and starting jerking me off. She turned her head toward me while she quickly pumped, from base to head. She gazed into my eyes, her eyes displayed how much she wanted my cum. eventually it became too much and my semen spurted out, hard. A few shots landed on her face; before it covered her hair and my shirt she moved her head down to catch the rest. At that point I saw her do the sexiest thing all day, she swallowed. Then she licked the rest off her face and wiped it clean. That automatically got me hard again

Not missing a beat she stood up, she pulled her skirt down and sat in my lap.
"Hmm, not wearing any panties?"
"Nope," She replied.
She rubbed against my re-hardening shaft making sure he was ready for a second round. After a few minutes of rubbing she took my entire length in one swift motion. I grunted as she started moving up and down my shaft. She moaned as she moved faster and faster. I turned her around so that she was facing me. I pulled her shirt off and started massaging her chest.
"No bra either?"
"Nope," she replied again. Damn I liked this girl.
Her chest was small enough to fit in each hand. I ran my finger over her nipple a few times before taking one in my mouth. I switched ever few minutes, feeling the texture of both nipple and breast with my tongue. I then moved to her neck sucking and nibbling. Getting rid of some goose bumps with my tongue. I traced my way back to her chest, kissing all the way. Her speed and intensity started to increase, she even started to moan. That’s when I felt her orgasm rip through her. Looked like a hard one. Had I not came earlier I might have done it right there and then. As she came down from her orgasmic high, I gently started to start back up. Faster and faster. That’s when she stopped again.
"Hey wai..." I started to stammer.
She repositioned herself to that my shaft was pressing against an even tighter hole. Now I'm not all for anal, but who am I to argue with this girl.
She slowly lowered herself onto me. As I felt myself sink into her bowels I could hear her moan a little more. I reached my hand around her and started to gently massage her clit. I kept going slowly in and out. Eventually I started to speed up, rubbing quicker, in pace with her thrusts. She grabbed my hand and started rubbing faster and faster. While she kept rubbing I started to move my middle finger into her pussy. I kept it fast, trying to finish before the movie did. After another few minutes I felt another orgasm ripple through her. Her butt hole tightened down on my dick, I almost instantly started to cum in her ass. We shuddered in unison. I held her like that for a minute or two while we partially rested and partially watched the movie.
As the movie characters made that final love kiss and finished there happy ending, Megan slid her skirt back into place and through her shirt back on.

"Beep Beep Beep"
"The fuck?" I mumbled to myself.
"Beep Beep Beep"
I slammed the snooze button and rolled over from my side.
"Another one?" I quietly mumbled to myself. That had been the fourth dream in a row about any of the Megans. Second about Megan H. I looked at the clock, 10:00 on a Saturday morning. Last week had been amazingly crazy. I had fucked all three of the Megans in my life. Two of them were virgins. I hardly believed it myself.
I clumsily threw on some shorts and a white t-shirt.
"Another wet-dream Val?" My sister asked as I walked into the kitchen. She was a college student who was crashing at the house for her weekend.
"The fuck you talking bout'" I asked. Usually I didn’t cuss freely at my house. But since neither of my parents were home at the time, and what my sister just asked, I figured I was just fine.
"I could hear you moaning from my room." Which was right next door to mine. Thin walls, not that hard to hear. "Megan huh? She hot at least?"

My sister and I had always been cool with each other after I caught and her boyfriend "gettin it on" so to speak. I had never looked at her sexually, too weird, but she wasn’t all that bad looking. I never saw her as hot, but most dudes did. She was about 5' 4" with pretty large breasts. She had a cute innocent face with dark black hair a little past shoulder length. Her name was Alexandria, but everybody called her Alex. She had played lacrosse in high school and was pretty athletic. Her current boyfriend was a 6' 5" college basketball player. Dude was crazy tall and pretty cool. I never hung out with him much.
"You know it," I said with my classic smile.
"So which one," She asked, "There were four when I was there, Three now I guess since Megan F. was a senior when I was there..." Her senior year had overlapped with my freshman year. She was one of the nice popular girls who talked everyone. I kind of figured she knew each of them, or at least of them.
"If I told you it would spoil it..." I said as I poured my self a cup of coffee and pulled out the pre-cooked bacon.
"C'mon Val, tell me already." She said.
With a rather large smile on my face I calmly replied
"All three..."
"What! Asshole. You know one of them is going to end up in tears!" She yelled at me. My smile quickly left my face. Shit, she was right.
"Well, one of them was just a one time thing. Megan W. just needed a pick me up." I tried my best to defend myself but realized that I wasn’t going to win this one.
"What does that change? You’re still going to hurt Megan M.!" I had almost forgotten that Megan M. had been apart of Alex's freshman welcome group. They were partial friends, not close or anything. "And for Megan H! You know how many girls she's pissed off by stealing their men?" She went on, I knew I was in some deep shit when Megan W. told me that that happened to her boyfriend, but I didn’t know that it happened that often.
"Fuck, I really am in some shit. Well I’ll try to make up to Megan M. We're going to the movies today."
"Ding" The smell of bacon flooded the house.
"You want a BLT?" I asked Alex.
I quickly whipped up two and we ate them in silence. When we were done we watched some stupid movie. By the time it was done it was almost two. Alex's boyfriend stopped by and picked her up to get lunch and took her to see a movie. I checked the movie time and went to go pick up Megan M.

After we fucked on Tuesday we decided to wait and see how our relationship would go. We had already been close friends, but weren’t quite sure if we were ready to take it to the next level. This was our first official date, and I was pretty excited to see how it would go. She was already waiting outside her house as I pulled up. She was looking pretty hot wearing a form fitting volleyball t-shirt and jeans. After a quick greeting we left to go eat a late lunch at Chipotle's and then headed to the movie. She had picked the movie; it was a trending cliché chick flick whose ending was pretty predictable. She was excited to see it though, or so it seemed.
When we got to the theater I followed her up to the upper middle row, she went to one of the side sections. I was kind of confused as to why. The theater was empty, but we were moving to an awkward position in the theater.
"Why over here?" I asked.
"Shh," she replied, "it’s starting."
Sure enough the previews had stopped and the title was displayed across the screen. I saw another couple sneak into the theater soon after. They sat in the front, not daring to move up closer. As the main characters were starting to be introduced Megan took my hand in hers. Her hand was soft and smooth, her thumb started to caress my hand. This small gesture didn’t go unnoticed. I felt a tenting and started to get a little worried. I didn’t want to get caught with a boner on a first date, that would be just a bit embarrassing. I tried my best to ignore it and pay attention to the movie. After a few minutes I felt her hand tighten, I glanced over at her to see if she was alright.
"Oh my," She said, obviously staring at my hardening dick, "will this happen every time we see a movie?" she asked.
"Oh," I stammered, shifting just a bit, "it's only because you just so hot." I managed to squeak out. The instant it left my mouth I realized how cheesy it sounded.
"Hmm, a little cheesy," She said reading my mind, "but I’ll take it" That when it started, she started to lean in for a kiss; I couldn’t just let her down so I also moved in. The kiss started as one of those innocent ones, no tongue or anything, just a simple show of passion. It was pretty intense. Then I felt her tongue press against my lips, I happily let it though. Her tongue explored every inch of my mouth, then went for some tongue wrestling. While she was doing this she started to massage my crotch, gently rubbing it. After a quick look around the theater, she unzipped my pants and let my cock loose.

The theater was kind of cold; her warm hand felt pretty good in mine earlier, but even better when it was wrapped around my cock. She used slow even strokes, making sure to go all the way up and down. While she was doing this I somehow managed to unbutton and unzip her jeans, I slid my hand into her panties and started to gently massage her pussy. I moved my hand up and down, rubbing against her slit and occasionally having my middle finger enter her. I sped up in tempo with her, rubbing faster and faster. Soon I stopped rubbing and just focused on finger fucking her. I went as deep as my hand would let me and as far out as her panties would allow. She kept pumping on my cock faster and faster in return. It wasn’t long before I felt her start convulsing on my fingers in orgasmic bliss.
"OK," She said quietly, zipping her pants up and buttoning them. "Your turn."
After a quick look around the theater she lowered her head into my lap. She started by flicking the head with her tongue, then taking the head into her mouth. I also checked around the theater. The other couple didn’t seem to be watching the movie either. I couldn’t see the girl, but from how the guy had his head back I could assume where she disappeared to.
"Shit." I quietly let out.
"What," Megan M. asked.
"I think I know that guy." I knew I'd seen him before, but couldn’t put my finger on it.
"Don't worry about him," she coolly said "let’s just focus on the here and now." She went back to work on my cock. Taking as much of it as she could. She used her tongue quite a bit. She rubbed the underside of my cock left and right while her head bobbed up and down. It really was pure bliss. After a few more minutes of this, I really couldn’t take any more.
"Megan," I whispered.
"Hmm?" She hummed. The vibration from it sent chills straight through me.
"Shit, I don't know how much longer I'm going to last."
"Hmm." she hummed again, in confirmation. She sped up and a couple seconds later I was shooting stream after stream of cum into the back of her throat. Much to my surprise she downed all of it. She sucked and sucked as my cock limpened in her mouth. After my episode this morning I really couldn’t keep it up.
"Your turn." I said as I zipped up my pants. I moved to my knees and unzipped her pants again. I pulled her panties out of the way and began gently licking her outer lips. I eventually moved to her clit, lapping it and later sucking on it. I flicked it and lightly nibbled on it. Her pussy was dripping wet within a few minutes. I moved my hands under her t-shirt and bra and massaged her chest, which fit nicely in my palm. After a bit I felt her orgasm start to come upon her. She grabbed my head and forced it into her pussy. I managed to hold my breath while I tongue fucked her, faster and faster. She shuddered pretty hard as her second orgasm rippled through her. After a minute or so of this orgasmic bliss she finally stopped and collapsed into her seat. I pulled her pants back up and zipped them up.

As I sat back into my seat, she shifted and rested her head on my arm. Within a few minutes she completely passed out. Damn she looked cute. I ended up watching the ending of the love story, but I couldn’t shake the feeling I knew the guy up front. Who was he? It looked like the girl he was with had come up and was laying on his shoulder, kind of like how Megan was with me. I shook the feeling and tried watch the end of the movie. There was about a good thirty minutes left. Same old chick flick ending, guy ends up with girl after messing something up with her. In this one he cheated on her with some slut, but in the end she forgave him and they ended up dating again. Yeah, sounded kind of familiar.

As the credits started rolling I woke Megan up with a kiss and a shake.
"Hmm?" She innocently hummed.
"Movies over," I whispered, "lets get outta here"
"M'kay" She said as she slowly yawned then stood up. Damn, even her yawn was pretty seductive. On the way out she went to go use the restroom, while she was in the john I ran into somebody I knew. Somebody I really didn’t want to see, or talk to. Do you want to take a guess on who it was?
"Hey Val," Megan H. said as she walked over to me. "What'cha doing here?" She asked.
"Oh, I just came from that chick flick playing in theater three." I answered. I was really waiting for Megan M. to come out and rescue me.
"Huh, I've never really seen your soft side. Maybe I will sometime later." She said with obvious implication. With I step back I worked up enough guts to ask
"So what are you doing here?"
"Oh. I came with Jack to see that same movie. Good Movie huh?"
I knew I recognized that guy. Jack was the super jock. He was captain of the football team and weight lifter galore. He was your average jock, worked every muscle in his body but his brain. Made sense, her with him. I just hoped that would be enough to stop her from hitting on me here. What Alex said to me earlier played through my mind. I really didn’t want to hurt Megan M.
"Yeah," I said as Megan M. came out of the restroom.
"Hey Megan!" She said.
"Hey," Megan H. replied. "You here with Val?"
"Yep!" Megan M. answered as she walked over to me and put her arm around me. I leaned down to kiss her to prove a point, she returned with a soft innocent peck. Megan H. was obviously displeased with this.
"Oh," she said.
"Well I see ya next week." I told her as we walked toward the exit.

"What was that about?" Megan asked me as we got into my old Mustang.
Oh, she’s just jealous because I fucked her after I fucked you, and now she sees me with you. I thought to my self.
"I really dunno." I said.
"Huh, seemed a little upset." That conversation didn’t really continue after that. The entire ride to her house I gave her a brief deion of the movie she slept through. About half way through it she interrupted me.
"So what are we?" She asked, worry and wonder covering her face.
"Since it was a red light, I looked into her beautiful light brown eyes. With a smirk I replied
"Probably human, maybe dancer." She smiled her beautiful smile.
"No, us?"
'Oh," I said, taking a second to pretend to think about it. "Well we used to be friends. But I would love it if we were something more. But that’s you call."
"Like boyfriend/girlfriend type thing?"
"Yeah, I'd be down with that."
"Well then it's almost official."
"Almost?" I asked, wondering what she meant.
"Well it's not Facebook official yet."
"Oh, I almost forgot." The rest of the ride home we didn’t really talk about anything in particular. When we got to her house it was almost five. We chilled at her place and did some legitimate studying for our seventh hour, English.
By the time I got home it was pretty late. My sister grilled me about how my date went. I spared her quite a few details, but I did share that I had an "official" girlfriend. She thought that was good, that I made the right decision and the right Megan, and then went on to say how cute of a couple we made.

The rest of the weekend went by pretty uneventful. I did get a few texts form two of the Megans. Megan M. told me how excited she was to have a boyfriend, and how she couldn’t wait for our next date. Megan H. kept texting me on Saturday and Sunday, both to see how I was, and if she could see that "soft side" of me. I really tried not to be rude and blow her off, but I'm sure that's what she though I was doing. I didn’t see either of them until that Monday. The next few weeks all went by similarly, except I spent a little more time with Megan M, and a little less time with Megan H.
It wasn’t long before Megan M. and I found regular times for sex. We discovered how little we did almost every day after school, and how the bathroom by the auditorium, the one we did it in the first time, was the perfect place for some after school "extra-curricular activities". It wasn’t any thing slow or romantic, just some fast and hot "quickies". It wasn’t until a month or so later that things went sour.

Megan M's parents were out for an entire weekend, off to celebrate their anniversary. Because it would be just her at her house she invited me over. An entire weekend of "Studying". I could barely mask my excitement. I gave my parents some story about how a friend of mine was going camping this weekend, which was true, and how he had asked me if I wanted to go, also true, and I said yes, that's the lie. They were all for it, said I needed some camping experience, and how it would be good for me. After what seemed to be forever, that weekend finally came. I drove over to Megan's house; I pulled my car into her garage, just in case my parents happened to drive by. I turned off my phone, didn’t want any interruptions while we were studying, and finally knocked on her door. Megan opened the door and let me in. She was looking incredibly sexy; she was wearing a fancy white robe that went just below her knees. The top was a little opened, showing that she had on a black lace bra underneath. Her light brown hair fell evenly across her shoulders and framed her cute pale face. Her large light brown eyes glared up at me, she wore a little make up, not a lot, but a good amount. I could tell by the look on her face that she was pretty horny.
"So..." She started, "are you going to ogle at me, are you going to come in and fuck my brains out?" Damn I love this girl.
I walked into her house and followed her up the stairs. About half way up she untied the belt knot. Holy Shit, I might just take her on the stairs. Another few steps up she slid off the robe. Man, she was wearing some matching lace panties. It was amazing the way her pale legs looked against those black lace panties. It took everything I had to not just grab her there and fuck her. Once we were at the top of the steps (which seemed to take forever to get there) she unhooked her and let it drop. Geez, this girl really knew how to get me going. It felt like either my eyes were going to pop out, or dick was just going to burst out of my pants. Once we reached the doorway to her bedroom she slid her panties down. I couldn’t take it anymore; I scooped her up effortlessly and laid her on the bed.
"Like being a tease, huh?" I asked as I slowly moved her onto the bed. I gently licked her outer lips, slowly, exaggerating, tracing each bit. I reached up and grabbed one breast and massaged it. I then slid my tongue up and down her slit, once again, very slowly. I moved from bottom, almost to her puckered hole, all the way back up to the top. I repeated this process a few times. After awhile I moved from the top of her slit up to her belly button, where I teased it and flicked the inside. I then traced my way up to her left breast (her right was occupied with my hand). I circled the nipple a few times, and then took as much as I could into my mouth. I sucked it into my mouth, and I flicked her nipple with my tongue with at the same time. I then let go of her right breast, traced my way over to it with my tongue, and repeated the actions I did with the left. After a few seconds of this I traced my way up to her neck and madly kissed it. Then I made my way up to her mouth, I madly kissed that part also. We kissed for what could have been forever. Our tongues wrestled and explored each others mouth. It was pretty amazing. After a while I just couldn’t take it any more, after gently kissing her one more time I pulled down my workout shorts and boxers and placed my member at her entrance. With a few more passionate kisses I slid into her. After ten or fifteen minutes I felt that familiar build up in my balls. I pumped harder and harder until I came, rope after rope into her.
Still hard we changed positions, reverse cow girl. With her back facing me I gently massaged her ass, sat up a little, and started to rub her clit. I rubbed faster and faster, harder and harder until,
"Oh, oh, oh, fuck me harder." she moaned. Fuck her harder? Sure I flipped her over into a doggy style like position and fucked her harder and faster. I even threw in a spank for good measure.
"Oh God, Yes, Fuck me Jack.... Shit."
"What the Fuck" I yelled after abruptly stopping. Did she really just yell for Jack? That jock asshole. Using her blankets I wiped off my dick and started getting up.
"No, wait I didn't mean to say that." She begged and pleaded for me to stay. I just couldn’t. "Don't leave me, please."
"No." That was all I said as I pulled up my shorts and left her room, slamming the door behind me. Jack? The dumb ass jock? Anger flooded me as I started up my car and left her house. I wondered onto the highway and drove in no particular direction. I sped as fast as I could just wanting to get as far away as I could. It wasn’t until my gas light warned me that I broke out of my trance. I was nearly out, damn. I had just filled up before I left to go to... Nope, not going to think about her. I pulled into the nearest gas station; I filled her up turned around and drove back. When I left her house it was around six thirty, now I was a state or two away and it was close eleven thirty. Shit how was I going to explain this one to my parents. Oh well. I sped back home. I didn’t get back to the city until about five, filled my tank up and headed home. It wasn’t until I parked my car did I realize I still had my phone off. Fifteen texts, almost twenty missed calls, and twelve voice-mails, and they were all from, who else, but Megan M. I pressed ignore to them all, until I came across one from Megan H. She had left a voice-mail. I listened to it quickly,
"Val?" She was in tears, and she didn’t sound too well. "I didn't think you would answer, if you would just call me or text me, or something." She sighed, "Oh, I don't even know why I'm trying." Her line disconnected. Shit. She sounded genuinely depressed. I should probably call her. And call her I did. It rang twice before I hung up.
What are you doing? I thought to myself, its five A.M. Nobody’s even awa…
"Ring, Ring, Ring" Well I’ll be damned.
"Hello" I answered my phone.
"Val?" Megan H. asked, she still sounded like she'd been crying.
"What's the matter?" I asked her. She broke into tears again. She said a few unintelligible words. Didn't understand a thing.
"Listen, I can't understand you. Do you need me to come over?" I figured what the hell do I have to lose. I pretty much already broke up with my last girlfriend, so I can't exactly cheat on her.
"Yea." She managed to mumble.
"OK. Text me your address, I be there soon." I hung up and started my car. My parents probably wouldn’t notice me sitting in my car outside the house. I started it back up and headed to the address Megan H. had texted me. When I pulled up to the house I quickly realized where it was. Let’s just say it wasn’t the most respectable of neighborhoods. There was Megan, sitting on the porch, crying.
"You alright?" I asked as I stepped out of my car. She started to look up and shake her head yes, but quickly answered,
"No..." She then broke back into tears. I sat next to her and let her cry on my shoulder. I pulled her face to mine and asked her what happened.
"Jack... He... He...." Was all she got out before she started to cry again.
"Tell me, did he... Hurt you?" After I asked that she sobbed some more, then gained her composure and shook her head yes. "What did her do?"
"He... He... He tried to force me to sleep with him...." She broke back into tears. I let her cry some more. Was she really crying because he tried to do her? Wasn’t this the same girl who got a few guys in trouble for cheating on their girlfriends? Either way I could tell she was genuinely sad. I scooped her up and carried her to her door. I asked if it was unlocked and she shook her head yes. I opened the door and had her point me to her room. I laid her down on her bed. I don't know what came over me, but I laid down next to her. Within a few seconds I was completely out. I guess that car ride took more out of me than I thought.

I woke up to the smell of bacon and pancakes. At first I couldn’t remember where exactly I was. I looked around, this wasn’t Alex's room, her's wasn't this girly. Megan M's room wasn’t this feminine. Whose room was this?
"How do you like your eggs" I heard a voice call to me. That's right; Megan H. Everything that happened to me yesterday hit me like a lemon wrapped in a gold brick. I recalled heading to Megan M's, I remember recklessly speeding on the highway, I remember calling Megan H. and finally I remembered taking Megan to her room. I don’t think I fucked her. I know I slept with her, but I think that was it.
"So, how do you like em'." She asked again.
"Scrambled" I called out. I started to stand up and follow her humming to the kitchen. She still had a few tear streaks on her face, she wore grey sweatpants, a school t-shirt and some fluffy slippers. Her brown hair was done up in a pony tail, man she looked cute. I asked for the restroom and she pointed out a nearby door. Her house was kind of small. It was two stories. Her bathroom seemed kind of crowded, with a full bath, toilet and sink crammed into a smallish room. I urinated, washed my hands, and walked back to the kitchen. I found the eggs and bacon on a plate with I cup of OJ near it. I found Megan eating the same thing on a couch in the living room. She motioned me to join her, so I grabbed my plate and went to her. We watched some movie on her television and ate quietly. When we were finished I took her plate to the kitchen and put it into the dishwasher. When I came back to her I decided it was time to talk.
"So..." I started. I could see her eyes start to water up. "Take your time. I can stay as long as you need me." After a good thirty minutes of her crying on my shoulder she finally worked up the strength to speak. I really have never seen anyone cry so long or hard.
"Jack tried to rape me." She practically whispered.
"I thought you two were..." I started, and quickly stopped.
"I don't just fuck everyone." She said, she looked hurt by what I said.
"But I though I saw you and him doing it in the theaters the other day."
"No." She said, sounding annoyed and offended.
"But you were gone for like half the movie."
"About halfway through I left to get more popcorn, because the ass ate it all and was too lazy to get himself."
Oh, that made sense. I guess that explains that. And I guess he was just stretching with the room.
"But what about all those guys who cheated with you." She rolled her eyes, obviously annoyed.
"Ok, four guys. Everyone always blows it out of proportion."
"Oh," Was all I could say. Man I felt like an ass.
"I didn't know they weren’t single." She said, "Side effects of not having a computer to use Facebook."
Wow, I felt like a real asshole. "I'm so sorry." Was all I could muster.
"It's ok." She replied. We sat like that, close together, for a while.
"Well, we could sit here all day, or we could always go see a movie." I really didn’t want to waste this Saturday.
"Now there’s an Idea."
"Hey, wait." I said, just realizing something, "Where are you’re parents?"
"I don't know." She said. "Probably out working, or maybe just out together. They kind of drift in and out from time to time."
"Huh." I whipped out my phone to check movie times. I pressed ignore to all of Megan M's calls, and then found a decent movie neither of us had seen. It was a romantic comedy. It looked kind of good. We left for the early show and got there in time to catch some previews.

The theater was a little cold, even for me. There was only one other couple in it, but I doubt they were even watching the movie. Huh. Deja vu. As the movie started it I realized it was another cheesy romantic comedy. Wait, I thought to my self I've seen this before. Twice. I didn't let it bother me. I just watched the movie. Eventually Megan ended up on my shoulder. Wait, that guy in front, I recognize him. Where have I seen him before? I couldn’t pay attention to the movie anymore. Where had I seen this guy before? The movie ended with the classic guy gets girl ending. As we started walking out, Megan said she needed to go to the restroom. I walked her over to it and waited by the exit, which was nearby. I saw Alex by the door. Shit that's where I knew the guy form. It was Alex's boyfriend.
"Hey Val," She said walking to me. "What are you doing here?"
"Oh just came from theater three." Deja vu? "What about you?"
"Same. I thought you were going on that camping trip with Sage?"
"No, I was going to spend the weekend with Megan. Don't tell mom."
"Oh you brought Megan to the mov... Shit don't look now but it's that whore Megan H." She said, hate oozing from her voice. Megan H., all smiles, walked over to me and put her arm around me.
"Hey Alex!" She said after putting her arm around me. Man if only she knew what Alex just said.
"Val! What the FUCK are you doing here with her? I thought you were here with Megan M!" Alex practically yelled at me.
"I thought you were single Val?" Megan yelled at me, obviously upset that Alex suggested that I was still with Megan M.
"Stop yelling." I said. "I can explain."
"Yeah, I'm sure." Alex said before storming off to her car.
"What the hell Val?" Megan said to me before storming off.
"Wait Megan; let me tell you what happened.
"Hey," Alex's boyfriend wondered out the bathroom, "Anyone see..."
"In her car..." Megan and I glared at him at the same time.
"Sorry..." He backed up and walked out the door.
"Megan and I broke up last night." I explained.
"Yeah and you came right to me, making me look like a man stealing whore!" She yelled walking out the door.
"Megan wait, she cheated on me!" I said following her. That stopped her in her tracks. She turned to look at me. Tears forming in her eyes. Shit, I really screwed the pooch on this one.
"Did she?"
"We were about to..." I started to say, pausing so she understood what it was we were about to do, "when she called out Jack's name. Now I see that as cheating, so I left her. I drove as fast and far as I could, almost two states out, when I realized what I was doing." I said, I could feel tears forming in my own eyes. "When I drove back here I finally decided to check my phone. That’s when I saw you phone call and called you back."
"Why did you hang up?" She asked, tears starting to fall from her eyes.
"I thought you would be asleep." I said as I wiped a tear. I went to hug her, and she embraced me. We stood like that for a good ten minutes, until we got honked at to move out of the street. We walked to my car where I drove her home. We rode in silence. Both of us just tired. I followed Megan to her room where we laid together for a while, until finally falling asleep. We didn't do anything sexual; just layer together, asleep in each others arms. It was pretty awesome.
"I woke up first and looked at the clock. It was about seven p.m. on that Saturday. I started to get up. I needed to call and explain things to Alex. I really didn't know how she would take it.
"Hey Val?" Megan called as I started to leave her room.
"Looks like I finally got to see that soft side of yours? Huh?"
"Yep, and here I though you meant something else." I said as she threw her slipper at me. "OK, OK. I’ll be back."
I walked out onto her porch and called Alex. She answered on the fifth ring.
"What do you want?" She snapped at me.
"Calm down, I just want to explain myself."
"Explain what? That you’re cheating on that poor Megan M. for that skank?"
"Hey, she is not a skank. Megan M. cheated on me, and after I found that out Megan H. called me because she needed a shoulder to cry on." I lowered my voice; I started to realize I was yelling. "Megan H. has been honest to me, and to me it sounds like all she is guilty of is a few mistakes. So leave her alone." Alex was silent for a few minutes.
"I'm sorry then." She finally said.
"And why are you sorry?" I asked, anger dripping from my voice, "Because you wrongly accused Megan H. of being a slut or skank? For yelling at me without giving me a chance to explain myself? Or for siding with Megan M. before you found out she cheated on me? Tell me." Alex was quite for another few minutes. Eventually I heard a sniffle or two and finally just hung up. What the fuck was up with her?

I walked back inside to see Megan sitting next to a window. She heard everything I said, she looked like she was about to cry again. I sat next to her and hugged her again.
"Nobody has ever defended me before." She said before sniffling a few times. "Usually people just call me a whore and laugh, but you defended me." She leaned over to kiss me. I don't know why but I pulled back.
"Megan, we don't have to do this if you don't want to." I said. Everything in me said do her, but I knew I couldn't, not after what happened to her just yesterday.
"I know, I want this. I have for a while." Well that was all the reasoning I needed. I leaned into the kiss, it was a passionate one. Our tongues explored and wrestled. It was an experience like none other. Not letting go of each others lips we walked to Megan's room. Breaking for only a second we ripped off our shirts, we went back to kissing while she fumbled with her bra. I helped her slide off her pants and panties while I picked her up and laid her on her bed. With no more foreplay I guided my cock to her hole and lined it up. With one fluid thrust I was in. She wasn't as tight as either of the other Megan's, which had both been virgins when I took them, but she was comfortable. I increased speed slowly. I could feel her pussy grabbing hold of mine, gripping it and trying not to let it go. It was one of the most amazing experiences. I picked her up and switched places with her, into a cowgirl on top position. I let her control the speed and tempo. She started off slow, making sure to go as far as she could. She eventually started to speed up, faster and faster. Soon she was going full speed, also started to buck my hips to meet her half way. This actually was the longest I had lasted with any girl. She orgasmed on top of me pretty hard, I switched again so I was on top and pounded away. After a minute or so her orgasm subsided, I sped up faster and faster, and was soon rewarded with her second orgasm. This time I couldn't hold back and came in her. Rope after rope of sperm flooded her insides. I laid down next to her, we spooned and fell asleep in each others arms for the second time that day.

I woke up the next morning, Sunday, to find Megan sucking on my morning wood. This really was the first time I have had this happen to me, in the morning that is. I let her find a comfortable pace that she was alright with. She took as much as she could, and was soon going full speed, using her hands to massage my testicles while deep throating me. I knew I wouldn’t last long, and as soon as I warned her she only sped up and within seconds I was cumming in her mouth. Much to my surprise she downed it all. Damn was that sexy. We both walked to the kitchen, me in boxers her in just her panties. She made some breakfast and we went back to the lovemaking. We pretty much did that till lunch. Then ate. Then made more love, though there was quite a bit of sleeping during the second half. Around two we took it to her shower, we washed each other and made sure not to miss any spot. I finally decided to head home around four. I was feeling pretty much on top of the world.

The next few weeks I ignored Megan M. and she ignored me. Megan H. and I became official, not Facebook official, but official nonetheless. Things stopped being awkward between Megan W. and myself. It seemed like things were starting to go pretty enjoyably.

Val leaned back away from the table, and examined the crowd around him. Most of them looked in disbelief.
"Yeah right, then you woke up. Right Val?" Sage said sarcastically.
"Believe me if you want, but that's what happened." Val replied
At that moment Megan H. walked passed the lunch table.
"Hey Megan," Cole called to her, "Are you really dating this fool?"
"This guy?" Megan walked to where Val was leaning in his chair. "Is this kid spinning false stories about me?" she asked, she seemed serious, but Val knew she was only playing. They had been going out for a week or two now.
"What?" Val asked jokingly, "Me? Lie?"
"As long as he's making me look good," she leaned down and started a passionate kiss with Val.
Both Sage's and Cole's jaw dropped. Val pulled away before Mr. K saw them and they got in trouble.
"Believe me now?" Val asked with a huge grin on his face. "See ya late babe." He called as Megan left the table.
"See ya!" She sang back to him.
"Ok, that was an alright story," Sage said. "But did what happened during that camping trip you skipped out on?"
"Only about," Cole paused to fake thinking, "A thousand or so time."
"I haven't heard it yet." Val replied.
"Well Cole, guess your going to have to hear it again." Sage said as he started recalling what happened a week or two ago.

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