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Daisy is finally taken into the house.
Jack sat in the darkened bedroom and watched Daisy through the thin curtains. This was the third night in a row she kept the silent vigil Peter had assigned her. She stood underneath a tree just on the opposite side of the road from the house. Each night, she arrived at nine p.m. and stayed until one in the morning. Unmoving. Feet together, arms at her sides, eyes fixed on the front door.

Anyone walking or driving past might notice her but they wouldn't think anything of it. Not unless, perhaps, they came back an hour later - or two - and saw her still standing there, planted like an ornament or a fixture, in exactly the same position hour after after, night after night.

Jack took a sip of scotch from the shotglass on the table then turned back to his laptop.

*she's still there* he typed.

*i had no doubt* Peter answered. *i own her completely* Jack shook his head.

*this is very different from what i'm used to. i'm really not a game player, not like this anyway*

Jack stared at the screen for a long time before Peter answered.

*i envy you a bit. but back to business. are we still set up for the weekend?*

*oh yes.* Jack looked at Daisy through the curtains again. She was so tempting, standing there in her all-white uniform. He looked at the clock. It was ten forty-three. In two more minutes, the timers would turn on and she'd have to endure another six minutes of the vibrator that was held tight against her cunt with long strips of duct tape. During that same six minutes - at one minute intervals -- another timer would deliver short, low-level jolts of electricity to the metal probe pushed deep up inside her ass.

*have you been able to video her yet?* Peter typed.

*no, it's been too dark and my low-light gear is in the shop*

*a pity. it's coming up soon, isn't it? the quarter hour?*

Jack typed *yes* then took another sip of the scotch and looked outside. After two more minutes, Daisy closed her eyes. He could see the hem of her short skirt moving, just slightly, but enough that he knew she was rocking back and forth as the vibrator did its job. Her mouth parted slightly when the shocks came on and he saw her raise one hand toward her chest but drop it back down quickly. She opened her eyes, looked at the house. Scared, no doubt, that someone had seen her. And indeed, someone had. Jack jotted the transgression down in his small notebook and took another sip of scotch.

When Daisy got home, she stripped out of the white uniform and hung it carefully on a hanger in the closer. White bra, panty and camisole, a single pullover white dress, garter and thigh-high stockings. Then, she went into the study. Ben was asleep in their room and she knew not to disturb him. No point getting him to fuck her, he would be too gentle and that wasn't what she needed.

She lay down on the sofa, raised her legs high into the air then further until she'd nearly wrapped her feet behind her head so she was looking up between her spread thighs. Then, she reached for the belt she had placed on the sofa next to her. She swung the belt hard against her ass, over and over, twenty times in all. She'd rehearsed this months ago and knew how hard to hit to get the maximum pain with the minimum marking. It wouldn't do to let Ben see red welts on her ass next time he used her. She smiled at the though of him "using" her. She loved the word even if he didn't.

She imagined it was Peter administering the strokes. Or one of his friends doing it while Peter and the others watched. Then, she masturbated as she imagined them lining up to fuck her, two by two, always two by two, one big cock up her ass and one deep down her throat. She wanted to be beat but Peter wanted her to be fucked and what she wanted was, she knew, of absolutely no importance.

As she started to cum, she started slapping herself between the legs with her free hand, biting down hard on her lips to keep from crying out as she came and came.

Friday night was chilly and Daisy felt herself shivering as she stood in the driveway. Following Peter's instructions, she was wearing even less than usual tonight. Just the white dress, ornamented with two wide gold bracelets, several strings of pearls, and white high heel shoes. Peter had done most of his design work underneath the dress. She wore two pair of nipple clamps, her nipple stretched painfully forward to accommodate both; a thick, flared dildo deep in her ass, another in her cunt, and a remote control vibrator that was turned on, speed set to low. She's smeared the ass dildo liberally with IcyHot as he'd told her to. In her mouth, a tablespoon of mashed habanero was setting her tongue and gums on fire, tears were running freely down her cheeks.

Two couples had arrived by car so far. The headlights of their cars lit her up as they pulled into the driveway and parked further up the cement, just past where she stood. Both pairs had circled her, touching and prodding, laughing and talking about her. One of the men lifted her dress up around her waist and stroked her cunt gently with his fingertips. Daisy shuddered at the feeling of complete humiliation that went through her, exposed there for anyone who drove by, just a curious object to the couple who stood talking about her, admiring how smooth her belly was and laughing about the abuse she could be put to.

The third car pulled up shortly after. The driver turned off his lights and parked, even with and to the left of where she stood. He got out and circled her twice before stopping directly behind her.

"Spread your ass cheeks."

Daisy was shocked, none of them had spoken directly to her before. She didn't move and he walked around in front of her.

"Spread your ass cheeks."

Daisy hesitated, then cried out as a sharp pain exploded across her left nipple. He'd flicked her hard and was pulling his finger back to do it again. Quickly, she reached around and grabbed her ass cheeks, pulling them apart and holding tight.

"Raise the dress, idiot." She let go and pulled the dress up around her waist, then grabbed and opened her ass again. She raised her head as she heard a car turn the corner several houses down. The lights swung across the yard and lit her and the man up for a second. She stood up and let the dress fall back into place.

He immediately slapped her across the face, back and forth, four times. The car slowed down but didn't stop. Daisy shuddered. The car pulled into a driveway a few more houses down and she froze, her stare locked on the car. It was one of the neighbors, he saw what they were doing. He'd call the police. She'd be found out, her picture in the paper, her marriage ruined.

"Hey!" the man clapped his hands in front of her face. "Your ass, bitch. Open it up."

Daisy kept her eyes on the man who got out of the car as she bent over and pulled up the skirt again. She opened her ass and the man walked around behind her. He took the base of the dildo between his fingers and twisted it. Daisy cried out this time, sobbing from the pain. Her body had adjusted to the burning inside her but when he moved the dildo, it was like a fresh stream of lava had been shot up inside her. She bent her knees and sniffed, eyes streaming tears, her lips still clamped shut because of the peppers. A single, long string of snot hung from her nose, almost to the ground now.

The man who'd parked the car was walking across the street. Daisy panicked, felt the rush of shame, wanted to run. Here she was in a total stranger's driveway, ass naked and exposed to the night air.

"Lady, are you all right?" he asked. "You know I can call the police if something is going on here."

The man behind her pushed the dildo deeper into her ass and she gave a gasp. "Go ahead, do you have anything to say to the nice man?"

Daisy raised her head but couldn't open her mouth without spitting out the mashed peppers. She was trapped. If he didn't say anything, he might bring the police, but if she did, he'd see the peppers. Her mind swum and she felt the dildo being pulled halfway out of her, the burning chemical getting hotter and hotter.

The man in front of her crouched down. "Do you have anything to say? You look like you are either being assaulted..." he leaned in closer, "or you are a whore who wants to show off her body." He slid his hand down the front of her dress and felt the clamps hanging from her left nipple. He jerked back and stared at her. "Oh, you're one of *those*. Fucking sick pig." He shoved his other hand underneath her dress and squeezed both of her tits, shaking them so the pain from her nipples shot through her and made her cry. She opened her mouth and spit out the pepper, crying out now "please, please, stop, oh, ow! please!" while he twisted and pulled at the clamps. The man behind her held one hand around her waist and shoved the dildo deeper into her ass with the other one. After several minutes, they tired of playing with her and stepped back, laughing and talking, then they both went into the house.

Daisy dropped to her knees and hung her head down and cried. She was lost. This wasn't what she wanted! She wanted so badly to be inside, a pain slut, a fuck-whore, a submissive tied to something and spanked or caned, sucking cock and licking pussy and all she was was a toy outside to be played with before they went inside to the main event. Just like she'd been all week. A joke. Something to look at but not really part of the scene going on inside.

After several minutes of sobbing, she scooped up the peppers from the driveway and pushed them into her mouth, the spice now mixed with grit and dirt. She stood up and felt the familiar rush of pain as her body adjusted itself to a new position. She clenched and unclenched her ass, swimming in the pain, desperate to turn up the speed of the vibrator and at least make herself cum.

"You're practically useless," she heard from behind her. A beam of light cast her shadow down the driveway as the man came closer. He walked around in front of her and ran the flashlight up and down her body.

"Your body isn't even worth fucking," he said matter-of-factly. "Or beating." He raised the dress with his hand, pulling it up until it covered her head and left her body naked and shivering. "You really are not very attractive. Thighs are too thin, belly muscles not taut, arms out of shape. You are pretty much a useless piece of meat. You do have the requisite three holes, so maybe someone in there will want to make use of you, as long as you don't open your mouth to speak or attempt to do any thinking for yourself."

He dropped the dress and circled her one more time.

"The women inside are beautiful. They are sexy and confident and nothing at all like you. You are pathetic. You want to be used. And you don't even bring us a body that will entice us."

Daisy was crying openly now. Her dreams of being a fuck toy for them were evaporating. She thought about her body, how it looked in the mirror, how she'd always felt it wasn't good enough. All of her fears came to the surface and he was validating them all. She had been right, she had nothing to offer them.

"Peter suggested we might want to try you."

Daisy felt her heart jump, her hopes rise. Peter had put in a good word for her.

"But he may have been wrong. I see nothing at all that makes me even want to bring you in there," he nodded toward the house. "I think you may as well go home."

Daisy dropped to her knees and wrapper her arms around his ankles, kissing his shoes. "I will be anything you want. I will do anything you want me to do. Oh please, I cannot go home again, I...oh please," she was sobbing wildly now, licking loudly at his shoes. She reached around and flung her dress up, exposing her ass and back, opened herself up, still slurping and begging, "look, look, use me, use me, please..."

He kicked her gently backward, stood still and crossed his arms.

"Strip and remove those silly toys."

Daisy leapt to her feet and pulled the dress over her head and threw it to the ground. She jerked the dildoes out of her holes and slid the vibrator down around her ankles.

"You will be nothing to us. Less than nothing." She nodded eagerly. "An animal. A thing to be used." She knelt in front of him again, this time with her knees wide, her hands spreading her labia, back arched and breasts offered. "A piece of meat. If you consent, if you go through that door with me, there is no going back. There is no safe word. There is nothing but our whim."

"Yes, yes, yes," she sobbed, reaching for his feet again with trembling hands. He stepped back. "Get up and go to the porch." She started reaching for her clothes. "Leave them here. You won't need them." She felt a rush of elation at his words. He'd accepted her servitude, the only thing she had to offer, her complete and abject destruction. She felt her cunt soaking wet and her pulse quickening. She was going to be used.

For three hours, Daisy lay on her back on an ottoman, her head hanging off of one end, her open legs off the other. Nobody touched her, not to caress or hurt, not to entice or torture. Every so often, someone would squat over her face and she would perform her duties. If it was a woman, she was coming to have her cunt cleaned after a fuck. Usually, as soon as the woman squatted and opened her legs, a gush of fresh cum would splash into Daisy's eyes and nose, then she'd squat lower and Daisy would use her tongue and lips to suck out as much as she could from the woman's cunt or ass. Then, she'd lick and lick until the woman felt clean enough and got up and walked away. Daisy wasn't allowed to use her hands to clean her face, anything that dripped there just dried there or ran down the side of her head and into her hair.

When the men came, it was for her to suck the pussy off of their cock and balls. When she finished, they usually moved forward just enough that she knew they wanted her to clean their assholes with her tongue.

Daisy went at her tasks eagerly, partially hoping it might lead to something more but mostly because it turned her on. The humiliation was getting deeper and deeper into her now, the way the pain had years ago.

As she slurped fresh cum from a pussy or licked clean a shaved or hairs ball-sack, she felt her body respond. Her cunt lips were swollen and her clitoris stiff. She wanted to badly for someone to touch her or to tell her it was OK to touch herself, but she wouldn't disobey. They'd let her into the house and that was accomplishment enough. She didn't dare risk it.

At around one in the morning, the party started thinning out. Couples said goodbye and left, their cars throwing headlights across the living room wall. Eventually there were only two men left. And Daisy.

Without a word, they lifted her off of the ottoman and walked her into the basement. Her arms were weak, her back was sore, her legs had fallen asleep and she couldn't walk. They let go of her two steps from the bottom and she stumbled, fell forward on the cold floor, her arms breaking her fall just in time.

One of the men tied her wrists and the other wrapped thick ropes around each ankle. They dragged her by her feet across the basement, the rough floor scraping her shoulders and back. Halfway across the room, they flipped her face down, now her breasts and nipples were being torn by the sandpaper surface of the floor. She felt rather than saw them attach hooks to the ropes around her ankles, then she heard the crank turning and felt her body lifted into the air.

She swung there upside down for several seconds, legs wide apart, arms hanging limp in front of her. She saw them walking around the room, circling her, all in deathly silence.

The first blow was a long leather whip. It wrapped around her belly and back, raising a thick, red welt. She didn't scream, just sucked in her breath hard and prayed for more. The next whip stroke wrapped around her left thigh, the next her left calf. Whichever of them was doing it, he had had a lot of practice. He worked up and down the left side of her body inch by inch, the pain caressing every part of her. She heard him panting as he walked around and started working up and down her right side. She was crying out loud, the tears coming easy and free, the pain turning her on like never before. She needed someone to touch her cunt, to make her cum. She stared begging for it and they stopped the whipping.

"ArrrhhhhhH!" she screamed once as the first blow of the thick belt came down on her cunt, then bit her lip to stay quiet. He came back again quickly, over and over with no time between strokes, each one hitting dead center down the middle of her open crack. She was jerking back and forth, her body trying desperately to cum, her legs and belly muscles getting tired quickly from so much work.

She felt a cane cut across the back of her thighs and screamed freely now. One of them kept whipping her cunt with the belt while the other worked his way up and down the backs of her legs with the cane. The pain was horrible, white explosions behind her eyes, her body unable to do anything else now but shake and spasm, the orgasm building closer and closer until she screamed "yes, yes" and they both stopped.

"No! FUCK YOU! NO!!! HIT ME!!!HURT ME!!!" she screamed over and over as she watched their feet, they walked silently in circles around her for several minutes, then she saw the cane and the belt fall to the floor and watched them walk to the stairs. "COME BACK HERE! FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU! I NEED IT! I NEED IT!" she screamed as they walked up the stairs. The lights went out and the basement swallowed her in complete blackness.
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