Thanks to everybody that liked or kinda liked my story. To the asshole say I should stop or quit you can suck my dick. Anyways thanks.
In the last story Brad and Adam got caught fucking Ally and I. We were both sad that both of them were gone. Is been 3 years now. Ally and I are in the 5th grade now and it was a happy year for both of us.

Over the the last 3 years Ally and I got every horny that we didnt get fucked. So in those 3 years we took care of ourself. My dad got a promotion at his job and told Ally and I that we are going to private school. We were excided to go to a new school and meet cute boys but then we learned it was an all girl school and the only close thing to a boy will be a teacher.

Ally and I got boyfriends but we never told our parents. Ally asked mom and dad if she can called them and it was ok with them always wanted another daughter. Anyways our boyfriends were 3 years older and horny as we were. Unlike them Ally and I always got off on each other. So we told our boyfriends that we are going to a new school in fall they were not happy with it.

Since it was going to be hard to see them Ally and I decide to break up with them. They keep talking bullshit as I knew they wanted to fuck us. We walked away and didnt buy there shit. The next we got our uniform we looked adorable. It was like we were 6 year old again. During the summer Ally and I enjoyed our summer we just turn 10 year old Ally 2 months ago and I last month. We went to school to sign up and meet the teachers.

We had a guy teacher in our last class and got me thinking if I can have him fuck me. I looked at Ally I could tell she was getting hot. His name was Mark Spark he was tall like 6'5 over 250 I guess and African. He looked handsome I just wanted to throw myself at him. Ally and I walked up to him to talk with him.

"Hi Mr.Spark." Ally and Amy.

"Hi little ones."

"We are in class last period." Ally.

"Oh ok well happy to have 2 young beautiful girls like you in my class although in every class is all girls." Laughing.

Giggling Ally and Amy.

"Mr.Spark your young to be a teacher." Amy

"Im 30 years old young ladies Im old but I do take care of myself."

"I bet." Ally.


"Nothing. We got to go see you next week Mr.Spark. Bye." Ally.

As we walked back to our parent we were both horny. We when to the bathroom to get each other off. We went into the boys bathroom by mistake. Ally got my panties down and started licking I gasp in relief. I rub my pussy as Ally lick me she was a good pussy licker. Then she finger fucked me as fast as she could. Then it was my turn as I was about go down on Ally someone came in and it was Mr.Spark for some reason he locked the door Ally and I looked on what he was doing.

He took off his pants and we were in shocked at the size of his cock. It was big around and got me horny again. Ally whisper to me that we should help him. I though about it and I nooded for approval. We watch a few seconds more when he turn and his cock was enormous. It was the same size as Brad and Adam very long but Mr.Spark was a little long and bigger around. I though to myself it wont be able fit inside me or Ally. We are little white girls and he was a big black guy with a cock that I though I would only see in porn.

He was jerking off Ally and I walked up to him Mr.Spark had his eyes close. We got to our knees and licked the head of his cock. He was stunned and shocked as he saw 2 young white girls licking his cock. At first it looked like he didnt want to do it but he changed his mind when Ally took his cock in her mouth and I was sucking on his balls. I loved that he didnt have any hair anywhere he was all smooth. I stood up to make out with him as Ally keep sucking him off.

"Ally is my turn to suck that big black cock".

We changed place Ally got to make out with him and I got to my knees I rapped my hands around his cock but I had small hands also couldnt suck him good since I had a small mouth so I took whatever I could of big cock in my mouth only the head was I could take in. I suck and lick him, his cock tense a little so I stop and pull Ally away from him.

"We want you to fuck us Mr.Spark."

He smiled and grabbed me and placed me in the bathroom stahl he wanted to lick my pussy but I stop him and told him to jam his cock inside me. He place his cock at my opening pussy he was so big it didnt want to go and it hurt a little when the head got inside. His whole cock was filling me up when Mr.Spark got half in I cum. I lay there as moved his hip it hurt and was good at the same time I cum again as Ally I wanna try. I was licking Allys pussy while I was fucked by Mr.Spark I think Ally cum on me but was not pay attention due to the big cock inside my small pussy.

Ally opened her legs for Mr.Spark and he had the same problem Ally pussy was small but the head was inside her. I saw Allys face and knew she was feeling what I was feeling a moment ago. The face she made it was like she was been ripped open I watch as that big cock went in and out of Ally. I didnt notice I was rubbing my pussy as I try to finger fuck myself but I was lossen up by Mr.Spark big black cock. Mr.Spark was jamming Ally good as he told Ally and I to get on our knees we didnt know why he want to and the next thing we knew his hot warm sticky cum blasted in our faces. We suck Mr.Spark clean and then we lick each other clean.

"Mmmm Mr.Spark that was amazing." Ally

"It sure was I enjoy that big cock of yours inside my tight pussy or should say my lossen pussy hahaha." Amy

"Girls Im so sorry I didnt know what came over me. Please forgive me."

Ally and I looked at each at he say to us we laugh and hug Mr.Spark and touch his semi hard cock.

"Mr.Spark theres no need for an apology. We wanted this as you can tell we are not virgins. We are 2 horny little whites that needs a good fucking. And you really fucked me good Im going be sore tomorrow I bet." Amy

"So will I hahaha. We are ready when ever you are Mr.Spark if you know what I mean." Ally.

Ally grab Mr.Sparks cock as he jump on what Ally said to him about been ready whenever. We got dress and clean ourself up and left the bathroom. We left school 30 minutes later and we were tired so we when bed. I dreamed about fucking Mr.Spark again with his big fat black cock inside my white tight pussy.

Morning came as mom called us for breakfast. I notice Ally was standing try to walk as for me I was feeling a little pain in my pussy. I decide to pull down my jammies and saw my little pussy kinda redish. I pull them up and try to walk but hurt a little it took us 15 minutes to get downstairs lucky mom was not in the other room. Once I sat down in the hard wooden chair I got back up as I knew I could not sit Ally as well could not sit.

We eat fast while standing up once we finished mom caught us all funny and asked what was wrong. I need to think of thing fast. When Ally said that I need to use the bathroom which I agreed. Ally said that she too need to use the me bathroom. When went upstairs it was good that shared a bathroom. We took each other jammies off and saw that our pussies were swollen. I guess by Mr.Sparks big cock yesterday.

Ally decide to put lotion on my pussy and she rubbed some on me but it hurt I didnt get turn on at all. Next I did it to Ally and she too didnt feel turn on we usually get turn on but this time we didnt. So a few weeks has passed by and we were starting school in a few days but Ally didnt want to go to school because she got her period. Sometime Ally is a hot head so my parents let her stay home for a week. I was jealous that she got her period.

I went to school by myself the first week of school and thru the week I always saw Mr.Spark looking at when were are doing Math problems. I suck at math didnt really get most of the time. I notice Mr.Spark looking at me like "I wanna fuck that tight pussy of yours again." I looked back at him and he looked away. The last day of the 1st school week ended. I would stay at school for 2 hours for some help in the subjects I had problems only on Friday teachers would do this and I decide for help.

I asked Mr.Spark for help but he though it was a different kinda of help. We were there alone he got up locked the door. I didnt mind him closing the door because if wanted pussy I would give ot to him since I have not off in a week.

We sit close to each other Mr.Spark putting his hands on my back and the other on my leg. I was wearing a white shirt and black skirt I grew over the summer and my skirt looked kinda of a mini skirt. Anyways I had pigtails I looked adorable thats what dad said.

Mr.Spark start touching my whole body Im starting to get hot I moved his hand down my pussy.

"Wow Amy your wet already"

Giggles"I havent been fucked in a long time."

"Ill take care off that"

He kisses me then my neck he takes of my shirt off and licks my nipples it was amazing. I grabbed his cock and yup just like last it was big and I mean BIG.

"We dont have much time"

"Its ok just jam it inside." Giggling

So he place me on his desk rises up my skirt and pull down my cute winnie the pooh panties down a little he puts my legs on shoulders. I could feel his large cock poking my pussy and I feel going inside just like last time it hurt but not so much I felt full like he was fuck me all the way to my belly.

"Fuck me hard Mr.Spark please.

With that he just when on a fast pace and hitting uterus also moving his desk as he fucked the shit out of me. I rapped my legs him I wanted to felt his warm cum inside me. Mr.Spark want to pull out but that was not going happen as I felt his hot sticky cum inside my pussy.

"Well I guess your going be a daddy." Laughing.


"Relax I havent started my period yet."

Mom pick me up from school I went to bed all tired from the hard fucking I got from Mr.Spark cant wait for next week.

To be continued...

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