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She rolled onto her side facing away from me and pulled her top leg up. “I know how much you love my ass. Put it in and it will be safe and warm until it goes down.” I moved next to her and gently slid into her ass. “MMMMM, that feels much better than forcing it.” I felt her flexing the muscles in her butt, holding me tight inside her. That’s the way we drifted off to sleep.

The Girls Next Door – 10
Bills Birthday Pt 1

When my alarm went off at 5am, CJ had rolled away onto her stomach. She had kicked the covers off and her butt cheeks were still red in the light from the lamp on the nightstand. I couldn’t resist. I reached over and gave her a quick smack on her ass.

“OOOWWW, what the hell.” As she turned and sat up, her butt hit the sheets and she yelled again. “Damn they still burn. You hurt my butt. You need to make it feel better.” She got on her hands and knees and pointed that cute, red ass at me. She looked back at me with puppy dog eyes. “You need to kiss it and make better so I can go to school today. You don’t want one of your wives to suffer all day do you? Besides if you kiss mine I’ll kiss yours, husband.”

I moved her so her knees were on the edge of the bed then I got down on my knees on the floor. I was eye level with her cute round ass. I leaned forward and put a wet sloppy kiss on her right cheek. She winced and started to pull away. “You can’t move away if you want it to get better.” I grabbed her hips and pulled her back to me and put another kiss on her left cheek.

“That hurts. Can’t you kiss somewhere that’s not red, please?” I put my hands where there was no red and spread her cheeks. This time I put the wet kiss on her crinkled brown anus then I pushed my tongue past her sphincter. She wiggled her ass and pushed back to me. “Oh lover that feels so good, but I know you have something bigger and better for me don’t you?”

“Are you sure that’s what you want this morning?”

“I wanted it last night, I want it this morning, I want it any time you will let me have it. Feel how wet I am just thinking about it.”

I put my hand on her slit and felt her moisture on my fingers. I stood up and put my shaft on her slit and rubbed it thru it until it was slick with her juices. I put the head at the entrance to her dripping tunnel and slipped all the way in. I held my shaft deep in her velvet grasp. It was tight and clenching like it wanted me deeper. “Husband of mine, don’t make me wait. Fuck my pussy and then fill my ass with you gorgeous cock.” As I fucked her pussy I pulled her up so she was on her hands instead of her elbows and holding her shoulders pounded into her. She grunted every time I hit bottom and my balls slapped her slit. After several minutes she reached back trying to push me back.

“Stop, please. I want you to fuck my ass and fill it with your cum.” When I pulled my dick out, she lay down on her breasts, reached back and spread her cheeks. “Put it in my ass deep and fuck me until you cum. Don’t tease me. Put it all in, in one stroke. Please, do it now.” I put the head at her asshole and pushed until I had all 8” buried in her bowels. “Oh damn lover it feels like you pushed it into my stomach. Now fuck me. Fuck me hard.”

As I pumped hard into her ass I pulled her up where I could wrap my left arm around her chest and squeeze her right breast while I used my right hand to rub and pinch her clit. Oh baby I’ve never felt this good. Fuck me and make me cum.” I was pumping into her as she laid her head back and moaned. I felt my cum starting to flow as she yelled “Fuck my ass I’m cccuuummmmmiiinnnngg.” Then she went slack. All that was holding her up was my dick in her ass and my arm around her chest as I blasted my load deep in her bowels. When my dick stopped pumping and her ass pushed it out I laid her on her side and lay down next to her.

I put my arms around her and she pulled them tight. “Uuummm, that is a great way to start the day. I have so much of your cum in me I’ll probably slosh when I walk.”

Well how about we get in the shower and see what we can do about that?” We got off the bed and I led her to the shower but before I could get the water on she turned me to face her and dropped to her knees.

“Now it’s my turn to kiss.” She took my semi-erect shaft in her hands and started licking my dick, that had just fucked her ass, clean. When she was satisfied that she had everything off she held it up with one hand as she used the other one to pull and twist my ball sack so she could lick it clean. When she was done she put her lips on the head and kissed it gently several times before stretching her lips over it and taking my shaft down her throat. She sucked and stroked on my dick for a few minutes then pulled it out and stood up. “We don’t have enough time now but when you get home tonight I’ll make sure it’s satisfied before dinner.”

We soaped and rinsed each other then rubbed a little more for good measure before getting out. When we had dried off I went back in the bedroom to get ready for work. CJ was on the porcelain throne and I heard something splashing in the water and laughed. “Hey mister it’s not funny. It’s your fault I’ll probably have your cum coming out of my ass all day.” Like I was the one asking to be fucked in the ass, but I knew better than to say anything right then. I was sitting on the bed tying my work boots when she came out of the bathroom and stood in front of me.

When I finished and sat up, she pulled my head between her breasts and hugged me tight. “Just a little something for you to think about today.” I stood up and whispered in her ear as I held her close. “I think of all four of my wives all day long and I know you will all be waiting when I get home.” I grabbed my jacket and helmet and started for the carport with my naked CJ hanging on my arm. I got on my bike and before I could put on my jacket CJ put one foot on the driver peg and swung a leg across and sat in front facing me.

She wiggled her butt down into my lap then put her arms around my neck. “Ooooh I like this. I bet your cock will go in either hole. Next time we have a night alone together I want sex on the bike. Me first, ppplllleeeass?” I told her I would save bike sex for her. She leaned back on the tank and pulled my head down to a nipple. “How about a quick sample?” I sucked on that one as I squeezed her other breast and pulled on that nipple. I switched breasts and did it again. She had her eyes closed and was moaning softly. When I rose up she opened her eyes and said dreamily, “Are you sure you have to leave? If you stay I’ll make it worth your while.”

She stood up on the pegs to get off and that put her mound at eye level. I pulled her hips to me and put my mouth over her clit. I rubbed it with my tongue and sucked on it before I pushed her trembling body back. “If you’re standing here naked when I get home we will take care of your bike fantasy before we go inside.” She got off and grabbed me in a hug, kissing all over my face. “Oh thank you, thank you, thank you. You’re the best husband a woman could want. I will be waiting right here wearing only this big smile.” I got my jacket and helmet on before CJ gave me another big hug and kiss and again promising to be waiting right there.

“Make sure you get everyone up. We don’t need anyone late or missing school today.”

She reached down and gave a squeeze to my shaft thru my pants. “Yes husband dear. I’ll make sure all the wives are up.” As I rode out I watched CJ throw me a kiss then rub breasts her until I couldn’t see her anymore. My day dragged. Maybe it was because all I thought about all day was bike sex. Bike sex with CJ, bike sex with Anna, bike sex with Alissa and the best bike sex with Amanda. Uuummm, Amanda laid back on the tank with those glorious 36D’s in my hands, my dick in her love slot and her luxurious mane of red hair spread across the handlebars. God I needed to get home.

I left work at 4:45 and headed home. When I got to the end of the driveway I saw CJ standing in the carport wearing her smile. Right next to her was Anna wearing the same thing. CJ was waving at me and Anna had something in her hands. When I stopped I saw Anna had our digital camera. I got off and removed my helmet. As I took off my jacket CJ grabbed my pants and started on them. “Don’t you think you should start with my boots?”

She smiled at me. “I can start making your cock hard with your pants around your ankles, but if you insist.” She bent down and went to work on my boots. I asked Anna what the camera was for.

“None of us has had sex on a motorcycle so we want pictures for the special family album.”

“So you’re going to do porn pictures now?”

“Only for you and CJ, She’s going to take pictures of you and me when it’s my turn.” CJ had my boots and socks off and was back to working on getting my pants off. I stepped out of my pants while unbuttoning my shirt. CJ grabbed my dick and started sucking on it. “Damn wife you act like an addict in withdrawal. Slow down and enjoy.”

“Slow down my ass. I have been thinking about this all day. I thought school would never end. I got home and have been waiting out here for nearly an hour. You need to move faster husband.” Damn what kind of monster have I created? I told Anna to go get two large fluffy towels then pulled CJ up so I could position her on the bike. I had her put her left foot on the front floor board with her right knee on the passenger seat and her hands on the hand grips. This spread her sex and I could see she had started without me. Her lips were puffy and her clit was engorged. Both were visible with her slit spread slightly.

I put my hand on her sex and felt the moisture in her slit. She jerked when I touched her clit. “It looks like you started without me.”

“I had an itch that started in first period and only got worse during the day. I had to change my panties at lunch. By the time we got home the second pair was soaked. Now I need you to scratch it for me. OOOHHH SSHHIITTT.” I guess pinching her clit got her attention. She was gasping as she had a small orgasm. “Oh…..Damn…..I….Wasn’t…..Expecting…..That.” she was still trembling as I slid two fingers into her hot, soaking wet love hole. “Oh God Here It Comes Again.” Then she groaned so loud that Anna, coming back out the front door. heard her.

“What did you do to my sister? Are you ok” I kept stroking her hole with my fingers and CJ was having trouble answering.

“Oh…I’m ok…two orgasms……another one……starting.” When I heard that I reached around her leg with my other hand and started rubbing her clit again. “Oh fuck, again. I’m cumming” just to add icing to the cake I leaned down and licked across her crinkled brown anus. She jerked back hard. “Oh shit I think I’m going to fall.” I pulled my hands away from here mound, grabbed her by her shoulders and pulled her back towards me. I wrapped my arms around her and held her trembling body tight. She rested her head back against my shoulder and held my arms with her hands. She turned her head and smiled weakly. “Husband I feel so weak right now. Just hold me and let me rest.”

“Would you like to go inside for a while, we can do this some more later.”

“I don’t think I could walk that far.”

“That’s alright.” I picked her up in my arms and with Anna opening the front door carried her inside and laid her on the couch. Amanda and Alissa saw us and came over.

“What happened to CJ?”

Anna told them “Our husband gave her three big orgasms back to back and she was so weak she almost fell of the bike, so he had to carry her inside to rest.”

CJ had her eyes open now so Amanda asked her “Dear is this true did our husband fuck you to orgasm three times?”

“No, he hasn’t put that cock in me yet just his fingers and tongue. He said he would take me back out later and fuck me on the bike. I felt so weak and wonderful at the same time. Husband would you sit here and let me put my head in your lap while I rest?” I sat down on the couch and she rolled on her side putting her head in my lap facing me. She moved just enough to stand up my shaft between her lips and my stomach. She held it to her lips and rolled her head back and forth sliding her pursed lips up and down the underside of my shaft.

“I thought you wanted to rest.”

“I’m feeling much better already, husband dear.” She put the head of my dick in her mouth and was teasing it with her tongue as she slowly stroked the rest of my shaft. I leaned my head back, closed my eyes and just enjoyed the feelings.

That is until Amanda came in and said “Ok you two dinner is ready. You can have your dessert after.” Thirty seconds later she came back in and we hadn’t moved. “Now, please we are waiting.” CJ kissed the head of my dick and sat up.

“Sounds like mama wife is cranky husband, I guess we should join them.” We went to the dining room and joined the rest of my four young wives. While we ate we talked about this coming weekend. CJ and Alissa were having a get together for the girls on their volleyball team. Amanda was going shopping during the week for the basics, chips, dip, hot dogs and burgers. There weren’t going to be as many as last time and it was a daytime party. Amanda reminded me that my birthday was the weekend after that and the four of them were making plans so I was supposed to make sure I didn’t have to go to work for anything.

When we finished eating and the table was cleared, Amanda asked for a family meeting. We went to the living room and sat together on the couch, rather I sat on the couch with CJ on my right, Amanda on my left, Anna hugging my left leg and Alissa hugging the right. “Ok what do we need to talk about?”

Amanda started. “You asked me to marry you. We need to set a date so we, your wives can start planning.”

“It has to be after school is out in May so we can all go on a honeymoon. Do you want to be June brides?” There was a chorus of yes’. “Is a small ceremony with four bridesmaids ok?” Yes’ again. “Does anyone have an idea where we want to spend a week on the honeymoon?” Someone said the beach, another said the mountains. I even heard Hawaii. “How about if the four of you put your pretty heads together and come up with a location then we can work on it? What else?”

Lorraine said “Babies.”


“Babies, when can we start having your babies?”

“I…I…I guess I never thought about it. What do you want?”

“Amanda wants to go off birth control as soon as you guys are married. As soon as she gets pregnant Alissa will get off her pill and then I will stop when she is pregnant. Anna wants to wait until she graduates. We want a house full of your babies running around. With four mommies they will be well looked after.”

“What about college?”

Amanda spoke up. “Alissa and I, like you, are set for life. We will make sure CJ and Anna get degrees. We can care for the family while they go to school.”

“Babies, really? Don’t you want to spend some time just having fun as a family?”

“Don’t you want a Bill junior you can teach about life and girls? Besides a family can have more fun with lots of kids.”

“Lots of kids? How many is ‘Lots of kids’?”

“At least a softball team.” Wow, this was a lot to take in. my four wives wanted babies, lots of babies. I know that if I say no they will just smile and say ‘ok’ then go off the pill anyway. At least if I agree I won’t have four women pregnant at the same time.

“Well I guess we need to start working on a home expansion. We’re going to need a nursery and more bedrooms.” That must have been what they wanted to hear. They piled on me and smothered me with hugs and kisses.

Anna smiled and said “Then CJ and I won’t be the only ones calling you daddy.” CJ reached down and fondled my balls.

“I sure hope there are twin girls in there for me.” Later she would wish it was only twins, but that’s another story.

“What else do we need to talk about?”

Anna said “I want to get my drivers permit. I passed Drivers Ed but nobody has had the time to take me to DPS.” Amanda said she would take Anna and the paperwork her parents gave us to get her license on tomorrow.

“What else?”

Now it was Alissa’s turn. “Now that everyone lives here we need a schedule.”

Now it was my turn to smile and act innocent. “What for?”

“We need a schedule for sharing you, my dear husband.”

“Saturday and Sunday are my choice. Any schedule starts tomorrow when I get home. CJ and I have unfinished business this evening.” That earned me a big kiss and a squeeze of my shaft from CJ. “Work it out and put it on a calendar in my bedroom closet. No sense in leaving it out in plain sight. What’s next?” When none of the wives said anything CJ spoke up.

“If that’s it I have a date with a motorcycle and a big hard dick.” She got up pulling me with her and we headed for the front door. “Come on husband. You still owe me some good lovin.” We went back out to the bike she climbed back on like she was earlier and looked back at me. “I think you was about to eat my pussy.” I spread her thighs then bent down and slipped my tongue into her slit. I licked down to her clit and sucked it out of its hood. She tried to jerk away but my lips held tight causing her to yelp. I sucked on it until it was so swollen it seemed like a little finger in my mouth.

I slid my tongue back up her slit until I reached the entrance to her pussy. I stabbed my tongue in and out of her hole and felt her push back against me. “Oh husband your tongue feels so good but I really want your cock in there.” I pulled away from her and had her get off the bike. I put one of the towels Anna had brought out over the tank and seat. Skin tends to stick to leather and paint. She put one foot on the peg and swung to other over facing me. She sat on the tank and slid down as I aimed my dick at her pussy. When it was buried completely in that hot, tight tunnel she wrapped her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck. She remained still except for the muscles in her vagina massaging my shaft.

“Mmmmm, this feels so good. Can we sit here like this for a while?”

“If you keep massaging my shaft like you are, it will only be a few minutes until I fill you with my seed.”
As she nibbled on my neck and ears she whispered “I want to make you cum without moving.” She flexed the muscles around my shaft increasing the pressure in my groin. I was trying to think of anything to delay the inevitable but she began clenching her thighs, making her sleeve even tighter. Then she started whispering in my ear again. “Can you feel my pussy squeezing you cock? Don’t you love the way your teenage wife feels on your lap with your cock held deep inside her. Don’t you just want to fill her womb with your seed? If you truly love her, cum now, fill me.”

That was all I could take. “I’m cumming wife.” I shot a full load of cum into her, squirting and squirting as she milked the last of the cum from me. She had her legs clamped around my waist holding her tight so nothing leaked out.

“That feels so warm inside me. I can’t wait to tell the other wives that I made you cum by just sitting in your lap and talking dirty to you.” I wanted to rest a bit but she had other ideas. Using her arms and legs she began rocking on my semi-rigid shaft. Soon I was hard again, slipping in and out of her cum slick hole. I took hold of her waist and was pulling her down hard on my shaft as she closed her eyes with her head back moaning softly. With her legs locked around me I grabbed her waist and raised us up just enough that I could plunge my shaft into her without being restricted by the contoured seat.

As I repeatedly drove my dick into her hot, silky, sleeve she grabbed her heaving breasts and alternated sucking on her nipples. She was moaning loud when I looked up and saw Anna taking pictures. I smiled at her and she licked her lips. “You two look good enough to eat. Can I have a taste when you’re done?”

“Anything my wives want they can have.” I continued pounding CJ’s love hole as she groaned and started shaking. As her orgasm overtook her I kept pounding, causing her to prolong her orgasm.

“OF FUCK… I CAN’T….TAKE….ANY…MORE….PLEASE…STOP….PLEASE..STOP.” I kept pounding as my cum boiled up. I was pounding her and she was shuddering and gasping for breath as I finally shot a gob of my seed deep in her womb. “OH…GOD….IT’S…SO HOT….YOUR… CUM FEELS…SO HOT….PLEASE….DON’T….STOP.” I kept pounding her hole until there was no more cum left and my energy was spent. CJ had her eyes closed and her arms were hanging limp. I sat back on the seat taking care to hold her tight so my sperm stayed inside her.

Anna moved close and took a picture of my dick penetrating CJ’s pussy. I pulled back slowly as she continued to snap photos. When I eased the head of my cum covered dick out of CJ’s pussy some of our cum dribbled out and down across her little crinkled asshole. Anna handed me the camera then bent down and licked the cum off the head of my dick before stretching her lips around it and pushing down until her nose was buried in my pubes. She stroked my dick in her mouth as I took pictures of her smiling around it. She rose up licked my shaft clean then licked cum off my ball sack.

CJ was still out of it when I un-wrapped her legs from my waist and got off the bike. I held her legs up and spread them as Anna put her face between them and licked up the cum that had run out. When her tongue swabbed CJ’s ass, her eyes opened and she raised her head so she could look down at Anna. She saw me with the camera and smiled. “That feels so good. I bet the pictures will be good to.” Anna spread CJ’s slit and put her mouth on her pussy. I could hear her sucking and slurping cum with CJ and moaning as she did. When she had cleaned out her pussy she stood up and kissed CJ. “Sister you taste so fine with our husbands cum inside you. I hope he fucks me like this when I get my turn with him.”

I took several more photos of them kissing before CJ sat up. “I know it’s late but I would like to go play with you in the pool.”

Like I said before “Anything my wives want they can have.” I helped her off the bike and when she stood up her legs wobbled.

“Damn husband you fucked me weak in the knees. I need a minute to recuperate.” When she was ready she grabbed me and Anna and we were off to the pool. CJ and Anna were floating around the on their backs and I was standing in water up to my neck. As each one floated close I pulled them to me with their legs spread until their mound met my lips. I put my hands under their butts to hold them up while I licked their slit, nibbled on their clit or tongued their holes. After teasing one for a few minutes I would send her floating away and pull the other one to me.

We were out there about 15 minutes when Amanda and Alissa came out. “Does this mean your motorcycle date is finished?”

“Yep, but I hope I get to get another one. You should have one to. You will never forget it.”

“Can we join your pool party?”

“Come on in. The water and our husbands tongue are real warm.” The next thing I knew all four of my young wives were floating around the pool with their legs spread. It had been a while since I had nibbled on a redhead so I pulled Amanda to me sliding her legs past my head until I could lock my lips on her tasty clit. As soon as I touched her she jumped.

“It’s been to long since I’ve been with you, husband. We need to do something about that.” I felt her jump again as I put my hands under her butt to support her and rubbed a thumb on her asshole in the process. As I licked and sucked her slit and clit, I pushed on her little pucker with my thumb and it popped past her sphincter. she jumped and shuddered. “You should tell your wife before you put something in her ass. I almost drowned when I jumped.” I worked my thumb in and out of her ass and felt her anal muscle relax. She moaned and said “I like the way it feels. Do you have something more filling you could use?”

I pushed her waist down until I could have her put her hands behind my neck. I moved us to shallower water where I could move her ankles to my shoulders leaving her ass pressing my hard dick against my belly. “You said I was supposed to tell you before I put something in your ass. Are you ready for me to put my fat 8”dick in your ass?”

“More than ready. Bury that beautiful piece of meat in my ass and make me cum.” I put her back against the side of the pool and she put her arms over the edge to hold herself up. I put my dick at her pussy and drove it in. I held it as she took a deep breath. “God it always takes my breath away the first time you ram it in like that. I thought you wanted to fill my ass though?”

“Patience wife I want it slick with your juices first.” I held her up by her ankles as I drove into her pussy again and again. Her chest was heaving and she was gasping for breath when I slipped out of her pussy and drove my dick all the way to my balls in her ass. “Damn…. Husband…. it feels like…. you just pushed…. a small ….baseball bat…. in my ass. Wait a minute and let my ass get used to your big stick in it.” I looked up and Anna was taking pictures again.

“You should carry her out of the pool impaled on your cock so I can get pictures of you fucking our sister wife in her pretty ass.”

Amanda smiled at me and put her arms around my neck. “Can you handle walking and fucking me at the same time?” As an answer I took a step then jumped up a little and as we came down I drove my dick an extra half in into her bowels. “Oh fuck husband, I won’t doubt you again. I think you just hit my tonsils.” I carried her out of the pool until Anna told us to stop. She lay down on the deck with her head and the camera between my legs.

“Now slide your ass on our husbands cock.” Amanda started rocking her ass on my dick while Anna took pictures. “You look so hot from here. Your anus stretches out as his cock comes out then it rolls inside as it pushes back in. Totally unexpected Amanda and I both jumped as Anna sat up and ran her tongue down my dick and across Amanda’s asshole. “It even tastes so good. When you’re done I want to clean both of you.” I turned to sit down on one of the deck benches and dropped the last 2 feet to the bench. Again it drove me deeper into her than I had been before. “I think you broke my tonsils that time.”

She was shuddering as I held her waist and pumped into her. She grunted and her head flew back as her girl cum squirted into my lap. I didn’t stop. I kept pumping her ass as I came closer to cumming. Her orgasm continued as I blasted my seed onto the walls of her bowels. Her arms went slack and I put my arms around her, holding her and keeping hr from falling backwards. She was taking short quick breaths and her eyes were closed.

As I started to lift her off me Anna said “Wait, lie back on the bench and stay inside her.” I was lying down with Amanda dozing on my chest as Anna took pictures while I slid my shaft out of her ass. Anna had me stop again when only the head was inside. I jumped as Anna licked around my shaft where it disappeared in to Amanda. More so when she licked down my shaft and started on my balls. I saw the flash going off. CJ and Alissa had taken over the camera duties and were egging Anna on.

With her licking and sucking I was getting hard again. I now had several inches inside Amanda. My dick jerking, waking her and she rose up on her elbows smiling at me. “Mmmmm, you’re still inside me. Does that mean you want more?”

I always want more of my wives sweet favors but right now I’m waiting for Anna to get her fill of our cum.” Just then Amanda jerked and looked back. “Ummm I can tell now. She just tongued my pussy lips.” Anna pushed Amanda forward just enough to remove my dick from her. I felt her stroking my shaft as Amanda shivered. Then I heard the slurping noise of her sucking and licking Amanda’s ass. I felt her hand be replaced on my dick with her mouth. She sucked and licked everything from my dick and balls then moved round to kiss Amanda and me.

“Thank you husband. Thank you to mama wife. This has been a great evening but I think we need to get our husband to bed now. His alarm goes off awfully early.” Amanda got up then pulled me up. All four wives crowded around me hugging and kissing then we were off to bed. I went to sleep with my head on my redheaded wife’s breasts looking at my youngest wife, 15year old Anna, lying on the other side. My two 18 year old wives were spooned behind Anna and me.

When the alarm went off in the morning I was still resting on Amanda but one hand was clamped between her legs with two fingers in her hole. Anna and Alissa were spooned together on one edge of the bed and CJ was on her stomach on the other edge. When I tried to move my hand Amanda woke up and kissed the top of my head as she pressed me to her breast. I whispered “Do you think we can sneak out and take a shower alone?” She nodded and we slipped quietly off the end of the bed and into the bathroom.

While we waited for the water to get warm we stood hugging and talking. “I’m sorry if it seems I am neglecting you. Some days it’s just difficult to keep 4 women completely happy.”

“I’m ok. I know I’m number one in your heart. Sex is not everything. I like just holding you and seeing you happy. The fabulous sex is a definite bonus.” When the water was warm we stood under the rain showerhead and rubbed each other clean sharing hugs and kisses as we went. We stood outside the shower and toweled each other, then just held each other as we stood under the heat lamp in the ceiling.

“When is your day with the new schedule?”

Thursday, why?”

“Would you like to do dinner and a movie?”

“You mean a date?”

“Yes, it would be our first date”

Yes husband that would be nice”

“Don’t say anything to the others this will be our secret for a couple of days.”I slipped into the bedroom and gathered the clothes I needed and dressed in the dining room as I watched Amanda moving around the kitchen making coffee for me and starting breakfast for the rest of our family. Watching her nude body glide around the kitchen I was entranced by her trim, toned body and the way her hips swayed as she walked. Her firm 36D breasts had no sag and anyone not as familiar with them as me might have thought they were enhanced. None of my young wives were, and I loved them, and knew our children would.

I realized she had stopped and was looking at me staring. “Well darling do you see something you like?”

“I love everything I see. It’s less than two months until we marry. Let’s start working on expanding our family tonight. We can tell the girls at dinner.” She ran over to me, sat in my lap and hugged me. When she looked at me there were tears in her eyes.

“I’m so glad you said that. I have wanted to start since you proposed.” I drank my coffee and went out to leave. Amanda walked out with me and sat on the bike tank facing me. She pulled me to her breast and hugged. “Please be safe so you can come back home to me.” She bent down and kissed me, then got off. I left for another day at work.

That night we told the other wives about our decision to have Amanda stop taking the pill. They were very happy and even had a little ceremony popping her pills out of the plastic cases and dropping them in the trash. Wednesday we had a family movie night, they all wore nighties and we had popcorn, soda and candy. I was pleasantly surprised that everyone was good. We cuddled, heads laid in laps and skimpy panties stayed on. What I didn’t realize was that there was a plot afoot. They wanted me well rested for the weekend.

Thursday when I got home from work Amanda and I took a quick shower dressed and headed out for our ‘date’. Such a peaceful evening, holding hands at dinner while talking about the family’s future, cuddling at a movie and a moonlight walk in a park. We got home just before midnight and the house was dark. Even my bed was empty. We cuddled under the covers and fell asleep.

When I got home Friday, the day before the volleyball pool party, my truck was gone and no one came out to greet me. When I opened the front door the living room was dark but I saw a light in the kitchen. When I walked in the kitchen I was surprised to find Kathy and Lorraine from the last party working with their mostly bare backsides to me. “Hi ladies, to what do I owe this treat.” I startled them but when they turned and saw me they both came over and hugged me.

Kathy the strawberry blonde that had asked me all the questions spoke first. “Your family said they had some things to take care of and they would be here before the volleyball team arrived tomorrow. They asked us to be a special birthday treat.”

“My birthday is next weekend.”

Now it was Lorraine the exhibitionists turn. “We know but when Amanda asked us to make sure you were taken care of until tomorrow afternoon, we were more than happy to help. We even brought special outfits. What do you think?” They backed up for me to look at them and turned around. They were both wearing maid costumes, at least part of them. They had on a tiny white apron that started at the waist and stopped above their pubic mound, a white ruffled collar, 5” heels and a see thru bra with cutouts for their nipples. There was nothing in the back except the strings for the apron and bra. I liked these maids.

“So what are you supposed to do to take care of me until then?”

“Anything your heart desires, but tomorrow morning we’re supposed to take you somewhere and be back at 12 o’clock.”

“I brought a paddle in case you think we have been bad.” Then she smiled wide and shook her head yes.

“Did you fix dinner or do we have to go out?”

“We’re not just pretty toys. We have fried chicken, real mashed potatoes, gravy and asparagus in a cheese sauce.”

“Let’s eat then.” When they brought our food to the table I had them stand next to me, bend at the waist and spread their cheeks. I slid two fingers into each of them and stroked until they started to moan. I pulled my wet slick finger from their pussies and touched them to their assholes. They both jumped but as I started to push Kathy grunted as she pushed back forcing both fingers all the way past her Sphincter. Loraine just moaned more as they slipped into her ass. As I stroked their asses I asked a question. “Do you want to eat dinner, get fucked in the ass or eat my cum?”

Kathy yelled “Fuck, fuck, fuck, I want you’re cum in my mouth.”

Lorraine said “I want your big fat cock in my ass. Will you do it now, please?”

I pulled my chair away from the table and told Kathy to take my shoes and pants off and get on her knees in front of me. When she was done I told her to suck on half of my dick. While she did that, I told Lorraine to straddle my lap facing Kathy. When Kathy had my dick well lubricated I told her to take it out and aim it at Lorraine’s pussy as she sat down and forced it all in. While Lorraine was bouncing on my dick I had Kathy put my ball sack in her mouth and swab it with her tongue. I took Lorraine's tits in my hands and used them to pull her down hard on my dick.

These pussies I had not fucked in weeks were bringing me close to cumming. I told Lorraine to stand up and had Kathy suck my dick. As she started pushing own on my shaft she was not getting it all in. I told Lorraine to force her down on my dick so I could cum in her throat. At first Lorraine was reluctant but as I squeezed he breasts and pinched her nipples I told her “if I cum in her throat you get your ass fucked.” I felt her pull harder on Kathy's head and just as the head slid into her throat I shot 5 ropes of cum down it. Lorraine let go of Kathy's head and she pulled my dick out of her mouth.

“You’re not done yet, suck it till it’s hard again so I can fuck Lorraine's ass.” Kathy started sucking again and stroking with her hand. In just a couple of minutes my dick was hard again. I had Kathy release my dick and line it up with Lorraine's puckered ass. I put my hands on her waist and forced her down until the full length of my dick was in her ass.

“OH FUCK ream my ass with that big fat cock fuck my ass, fuck it hard.” I had her stand enough for me to slowly withdraw then ram back into her ass. She grunted each time I rammed into her. I had Kathy lick Lorraine's pussy and suck her clit as I fucked her ass. As soon as Kathy's tongue touched her clit she jerked and started shaking. Her juices were flooding from her hole and Kathy was trying unsuccessfully to catch it all. I was not quite ready to cum again so I kept pounding her ass while Kathy sucked on her pussy. The intensity of Lorraine's orgasm increased as we continued to assault her ass and pussy. Lorraine stopped shaking and her breath slowly returned to normal as Kathy stood up with a smile on her cum covered face.

“Kiss Lorraine and let her taste your lips with her cum and mine on them.” I sat there watching two gorgeous 19 year old girls kissing with my cum on their lips and my dick in one of their ass’s. This was an early birthday treat I would remember for a very long time. When they stopped kissing Lorraine leaned back and turned her head so she could kiss my cheek.

“Your dick feels so good in my ass don’t take it out. I want to sit here and eat dinner while you fuck my ass again.” we stood together and moved our chair closer to the table. As we ate slowly Lorraine would wiggle her as or make short strokes on my shaft. When we finished eating she stroked my shaft hard then turned to me grinning, “Can I have dessert now?”

“Do you have something special in mind?”

“That big piece of meat you like to put in my ass sounds good with some special sauce.” She stood up pulling my dick from her ass with a squishy pop. She turned around, got on her knees and started licking my dick. When she had it clean she moved to my ball sack. When she had cleaned every speck she stood up and sat in my lap. “Do you feel taken care of for now?”

“I pulled Kathy close to us. I am very well taken care of. What would you ladies like to do?”

Kathy said “I want to get out of all these clothes. Then I have 2 holes that need man meat in them.” Suddenly their maid outfits went flying and they stood before me in nothing but their hi-heels. “I want you to fuck my ass and pussy while I eat my Lorraine dessert.” I got up, took them by the hand and led them to my bedroom. While they got on the bed I went in the bathroom and took one of my little blue pills. I admit I was no spring chicken but one of these made me the cock-o-the-walk for a good 4 hours and it sounded like I was going to need it.

When I came back into the bedroom Lorraine was on her back with Kathy sitting on her face, her legs in the air and Kathy's face buried in her pussy. Kathy stopped slurping for a moment and looked back at me. “Come on big fella, you know where we want that big cock of yours.” I got up on the bed and moved behind Kathy. When I got close Lorraine grabbed my shaft and sucked it into her mouth. She slathered it with her spit and rubbed it slick.

She aimed it at Kathy's wet hole with one hand as she pulled on my hips with the other. As she slowly pulled me into her hole I felt Lorraine's tongue licking at my dick and Kathy's slit where my shaft was disappearing. Kathy was moaning as the last of the 8” pressed into her velvet sleeve and the head penetrated her uterus. “UUNNNGGGHHHH, your cock is so far inside me I feel like a stuffed turkey. Now fuck me and fill me will your baby makers.”

I was making long, slow deep thrusts and each time I hit bottom she cried out “UUNNNGGGHHHH.” I was afraid I might hurt her until she yelled again. “OH GOD this is what I have been wanting. Fuck me faster and ram your meat inside me.” I grabbed her hips and pulled her hard to me as I pounded into her. Now there was just one long series of “UUNNNGGGHHHH, UUNNNGGGHHHH, UUNNNGGGHHHH” as I tried to shove my dick through the back of her uterus. Kathy tried to push back but only managed to force her slit down on Lorraine's face as I drove inside her again. Her back arched as her head flew back.

“OH, OH, OH, I’M CUMMING. Stop and let me enjoy this.” But I kept driving into her pussy increasing the intensity or her orgasm. She put her hands back trying to push me back but I took her by the wrists, pulling on her arms and driving into her. With one last powerful thrust I drove my shaft into her and holding it deep. “IIIIEEEEOOOOOYYYYY, STOP! STOP! PLEASE STOP! I can’t take this.” When she looked back at me there were tears in her eyes. I released her arms and bent down.

“I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

“It didn’t hurt. It was too much pleasure.” I still had my hard shaft deep inside her and she jumped as it pulsed. “Oh my god, you’re still hard?”

“And I still have one more hole to fill. Are you ready to overdose on pleasure tonight?”

“I’ll try, but please be gentle.”

“I’ll try.” I reached under us and rubbed two fingers thru her slit as Lorraine licked my balls. I moved the fingers to her puckered ass. I rubbed across it lubing it with her juiced and my cum. She reached back and spread her cheeks as I pushed one finger past her anal ring. She jumped at first, and then pushed back as I got 1 joint, then two and finally the whole finger past the entrance. As I stroked her ass her sphincter relaxed and she groaned as I added a second finger. Soon her stretched ass had three fingers stroking in it.

I drove my dick deep in her pussy several more times, causing her to gasp for breath, then asked “Are you ready for me to fill your ass with my dick?”

“Oh fuck yes, please take your dick out of my pussy and fuck my ass. Do it now, don’t make me wait any longer.” I pulled my dick from the grasp of her cum slick love hole and put the head against her asshole. She clenched her ass and I slapped the right cheek. She yelled and relaxed them momentarily. As she did I ran the full length of my shaft in her. I felt my balls slap Lorraine's face as she kept licking Kathy's clit, sucking up the mix of mine and Lorraine's cum that was leaking from her pussy.

She clenched her ass again, this time it was so tight I couldn’t pull out. Her head whipped around to me. Thru gritted teeth she said “Oh shit, you fucker I said be gentle. Oh damn, I feel like you shoved your whole hand in me.”

I smiled at her and said “Not yet but I’ll try if that’s what you want.”

“Stop talking and fuck me.” Her ass relaxed and I pulled back slowly. This time I pushed in slowly. When I was all the way I held it again. “Ms Lorraine, are you ok? Kathy jumped, slapped Lorraine's pussy and jumped again, this time harder. “What’s going on?”

Kathy said, “That little slut bit me on my clit, twice.” She jumped and howled “Oh shit.” Before she could do anything else I reached out with one hand and pushed her head into Lorraine's crotch.

“If you spent more time licking and less time talking that wouldn’t happen.” To say thanks, Lorraine sucked my ball sack into her mouth and hummed. The vibrations made my balls tingle and pressure build. Kathy tried to say something but with my hand on the back of her head pushing her into Lorraine's crotch all that came out was ‘mmmffffttttttpppp’. I held her hip with the other hand and began pumping into Kathy's ass. Every time I felt my balls hit Lorraine's face, Kathy would groan into her pussy.

Kathy was pushing back harder and shaking her ass as I fucked harder into her. She started shivering and moaning louder, suddenly her back arched and she tried to scream into Lorraine's crotch. I rammed my dick into her as her ass clamped on my dick like a trap. That was the trigger, cum shot up and out of my shaft deep into Kathy's bowels. She was still trying to yell but I still kept her head down. When my shaft stopped pumping cum into her ass I pulled it out of its hot confines and felt cool air on it.

When I let go of Kathy's head she rose up and rolled off of Loraine. I lay down next to Kathy and moved Lorraine so we were all facing the same way and pulled them into a hug with their heads on my chest. “Well my birthday treats are you ok? Are you ready for round three or do you young things need some rest?”

Kathy moaned then said “Can we just lay here and hold you for a while?”

“I guess you could but are you going to let this go to waste?” I indicated my chemically assisted steel hard shaft.

Kathy's eyes went wide. “Oh god you’re still hard?”

I laughed. “Why do you think my family wanted someone to take care of me?”

Lorraine grinned. “I think I know what it needs.” She straddled me, asked Kathy to hold my shaft at her wet pussy and eased down on it until she was resting on me. She leaned forward resting on her elbows and kissed me as she rocked back and forth stroking her soaking wet silk tunnel on my shaft. “Well birthday boy are you ready for a long slow fuck? Can you last as long as this young one? Kathy lay back down with her head on Lorraine's foot and was watching her pussy swallowing my shaft then releasing it to start over again.

Kathy reached in with her hand and rubbed her palm across my balls and when Lorraine paused with just the head still inside her she would stroke the rest of my dick that was still outside her hole. After a few minutes of this slow motion sex, Lorraine moved forward until the head came out. She looked back at Kathy and smiled.

“Your turn.” Then she leaned forward and guided a nipple to my lips. As I sucked on her dime sized inch long nipples I felt Kathy's warm breath on the tip of my dick just before I felt her lips stretch around the head and engulf my dick taking it all the way in her mouth and throat. As I sucked on Lorraine's nipple I could feel Kathy's throat trying to suck my dick deeper. She deep throated my shaft for several minute when she pulled of my shaft, changed to giving me a hand job and pulled Lorraine down so she could suck the nectar from her pussy. Several minutes more and she move away from Lorraine's hole.

“Raise up sister, you can have him back for a while.” Then she put my dick in Lorraine's pussy where it was once again encased in her warm wet hole. The continued fucking, sucking and stroking me agonizingly slow for the next 20-30 minutes, I lost track. Several times bringing me close and stopping until the building pressure went away and I could continue. This time when I felt the pressure building to the boiling point I have Lorraine get up and lay cheek to cheek with Kathy. On my knees by their heads I stroked my shaft until ropes of cum shot out hitting them on their faces and breasts. As the last little bit dribble out I wiped it on Kathy's cheek.

I fell back against the headboard exhausted. I sat there and watched them sit up on either side of me and lean across me to lick and suck my cum from each others body’s. When they were finished they lay down next to me and we had a three way kiss. I could taste my salty cum on their lips. “What time do we have to leave in the morning?”

Kathy told me “No later than 8am.”

Can we get up at 7 and be gone by 8?”

They looked at each other and Lorraine answer. “If all you want in the morning is a quickie we can.”

“Let’s set the alarm for 6, just in case. We just have one thing left to take care of.” I pointed again to my dick that was pointing to the ceiling.

Kathy groaned and rolled her eyes. “Damn, will that thing ever go soft again? I know you’ve cum at least 4 times tonight.”

“It just needs somewhere warm and loving to spend the night.” Kathy laughed and rolled on her side facing away from me and pulled her top leg up.

“Does it have a favorite?” I lined it up with her ass and slipped in until I was pressing against her hips. Kathy moaned softly. “Is it happy now?”

“Very.” Lorraine spooned to my back and put an arm across both of us, holing Kathy's breast. For the first time in a while I fell asleep snuggled in the arms of two young women who were not my wives.

I don’t remember much about the dream except one minute I was sitting on the couch surrounded by the four women who wanted to be my wives and the next thing I knew I was being suffocated and my arms were tied. I was struggling, trying to breathe when suddenly I woke up. My arms were pinned to the bed by Kathy kneeling on them. She had her slit on my mouth rubbing her clit on my nose. All I could see when I looked up were her breasts and her hands on the headboard. When I struggled trying to get a breath she looked down, rose up enough for me to breathe and smiled.

“About time you woke up. I thought I was going to cum by myself.” Just then she gave a little shiver. “Oh fuck, I think I just did.” A few moments later she looked down at me again. “Wanna help me with the next one?” I tried to talk but she still had my mouth covered and all that came out was garbled. She rose up just a little. “Oops, sorry.”

“Damn girl you almost smothered me.”

“Consider it payback for jamming your cock in my ass when I asked you to be gentle.” Then she lowered herself back down cutting off my air. When my eyes went wide she rose up again. “Are you gonna be good?”

“Are you going to release my arms?”

“Heck no I’m winning for a change.” Then she giggled. “Now make me feel good, lick me.” I stuck out my tongue and she moved so it was touching her clit. Just as I started to flick it she lowered herself and moved forward enough for me to run my tongue the length of her slit. I struggled a little so she would think she had control but the truth was I could have pushed her off at any time. Lying here licking her, watching her breasts heave and her flat belly shiver while all I had to do was hold my tongue out was a no brainer. I had been so focused on breathing and pleasing I hadn’t felt the rest of what was happening.

I couldn’t see but I felt lips sliding over the head of my shaft and all the way to the base. Lorraine took my shaft from her mouth and was stroking it fast and hard as she rubbed and squeezed my balls. I felt her spit on the head and smear it on me for lube. She put several inches back in her mouth sucking it like a straw and of all things humming. Kathy slid back until I could reach her clit but instead of using my tongue I sucked hard on it and held it between my teeth so she couldn’t move.

A small jerk turned into a series of shudders and soon she was gripping the headboard hard as her legs went weak and she rested on my face. Cum squirted from her hole into my mouth. “Fuck, I wasn’t expecting that.” Lorraine suddenly drove me deep into her throat as she kept trying to hum. This was all in needed. As I was trying to swallow all of Kathy's juices I shot my load into Lorraine’s throat. Kathy moved off of me in time for me to look down at Lorraine’s happy face with my dick buried deep in her throat.

Lorraine sat up next to Kathy and was holding her lips together. When she stuck out her tongue I could see my cum on it as Kathy sucked it into her mouth. Watching them kiss and hold each other, any one that didn’t know how much they love cock would have thought they were lesbians. Lorraine broke the kiss and looked at me, “Now that we’ve had dessert where are you taking us for breakfast?”

“After that performance, any place you want to go. Did you bring anything besides the maid outfits?”

“Amanda told us you might want to take us somewhere so we packed for the weekend. What do you want us to wear?”

“Short skirts, Tank tops and heels if you have them. If not you can raid the girls closets.”

“Great we’ll be ready in about 20 minutes.” I put on some slacks and a sports shirt and went out to the living room to wait for them. When they came out it was worth the wait. Kathy had her strawberry blonde hair I a ponytail that reached below her shoulder blades. She was wearing a top that was two wide strips of cloth that tied behind her neck and draped her 34DD breast then joined at the waist, a small strip tied then together behind her back. Below that was a tight stretch mini shirt that stopped about two inches below heaven.

Lorraine had her shoulder length hair brushed out with a tank top that displayed her braless 34C’s perfectly. She was also wearing a tight stretch mini shirt that was as short as Kathy’s. Both of them were again wearing those 5” heels they had on when I got home yesterday.” Together they said “We’re ready.” I got the keys to Alissa’s mustang and we left. I started the car and lowered the top.

Kathy hollered “Shotgun” and sat up front with me. Lorraine said that was ok because she wanted to stretch out on the back seat. I found out what she meant a little later. As we passed an 18 wheeler on the hi-way he honked his air horn and I looked up. He was looking down at the back of the car. I moved the mirror so I could see what he was looking at. Lorraine had her skirt around her waist, her top pulled above her breasts, smiling at the driver as she played with herself.
Lorraine saw her and laughed. “You’re just a cock teasing slut. Two can play that Game.” Then she pulled cloth of her top apart exposing her breasts and looked up at the driver licking her lips. His horn was blasting away and that was probably not all. I sped up to get away from him but he must have told all the truckers over his radio what he saw, most of them where honking as we went by. We had to go by a large adult toy and video store on the hi-way leading to town and today I decided to stop. We parked in their covered lot and I waited as the girls got out and arraigned the little bit of clothing they were wearing.

When we got inside I found a glass case with nipple and labia jewelry. I found the ones with dangles I liked and had the girl behind the counter get them a bunch of them out for me. I also got two sets of nipple clamps that were connected by gold chains. The sales girl looked at Kathy and Lorraine. “He must like you a lot.”

Kathy told her “Most of it is for his wives at home.” this drew a puzzled look from her. Kathy explained, “He has four wives that live with him. We spend a weekend every now and then. And this weekend they’re out shopping and didn’t want him along so we’re keeping him busy.” She just shook her head.

“Are they going to wear theirs or do you want it all in a bag?”

“Where can they put it on?”

She smiled. “I don’t think anyone will object if they do it right here.” I picked up one of the nipple clamp sets and turned to Kathy. She already had her top opened up exposing her breasts and playing with her nipples to make them swell. When I slipped the loop over one of them she pulled on the nipple as I tightened it. We did the same with the other one and then I rubbed them both with the palm of my hand, watching as her eyes closed and she moaned softly.

I picked up the other one and turned to Lorraine. She had pulled her top over her head and it was lying on the counter. We put hers on and when I rubbed them she took my face in her hands and kissed me. “We’re supposed to be taking care of you.”

“And you did a damn good job last night and this morning.” Next I picked up a set of the labia dangles and turned back to Kathy. “Pull up your skirt” she rolled it up until it looked like a 4” belt, exposing all of her beautiful sex. I could tell how aroused she was. When I knelt down to put the dangles on her aroma was strong and musky and her lips were glistening with moisture. I slid one hand thru her slit before spreading her slit and clamping the dangles in the middle of each outer lip. I slid my hand thru one more time then let it close. I gave each dangle a little tug to make sure it was tight enough and stood back up. “Walk around and tell me how it feels.”

I picked another set and had Lorraine raise her skirt. She was as wet as Kathy and gave a little moan when I tugged the dangles. “Now you walk around for a bit.” I looked around for Kathy and saw her on the other side of the store, where the videos were displayed, showing off her new jewelry to a couple of guys that had been watching. I moved to the end of the aisle they were in and saw that she still had her blouse open and her skirt rolled to her waist and was letting then tug on the chain and dangles as she rubbed her breasts. Lorraine had walked over to them and let them examine her as well. Before this got out of hand I called them. “Girls, it’s time to go now.”

They both smiled at me. “Yes daddy we’ll be right there.” The two guys quickly walked away and Kathy and Lorraine strutted back to me laughing. “Can we shop a minute?”

Sure, just behave and quit teasing.” They headed to the toy section with their skirts still up and Lorraine topless. I turned to the sales girl and she just grinned.

“Must be difficult, trying to control 6 women.”

“You got it all wrong. There no controlling them. It’s like trying to herd cats. If I say yes we’re all happy. If I say no they do what they want any way. I’m just along for the ride.” She started ringing up all the jewelry when they came back. Kathy had a double dildo strap-on with 8” and 6” dildo’s. She handed it to the sales girl. “What is that for?”

That’s for us when we can’t visit.” She looked at the sales girl and in one of those stage whispers said “The big end looks just like his.”

The sales girl looked down at my crotch and back to Kathy. “From the size of that tent I bet it does.” Lorraine had three bottles of flavored lube, strawberry, cherry and watermelon. She also had two remote controlled 3” eggs. Once again the sales girl smiled. “Let me guess, he gets the remotes? By the way you need batteries. I had her get batteries and when she hit the button the eggs jumped on the counter. “Do you want them in the bag or will they wear them out?” I turned to the girls and they were grinning from ear to ear and nodding yes.

“I think they want to wear them.” While she ran my card I slipped an egg into each of them. They were so wet from being nearly nude in the store and looking at sex toys that they slid in effortlessly. All that showed was a small wire about the size of a hair that was the antenna. I turned both remotes to the lowest setting and turned them on. Both girls were startled at first then went back to smiling.

Kathy said “That feels soooo good.” Then she got that evil smile she has and looked at Lorraine. “DDAADDDDYY, can we leave it on, Puhlleeaasssee?” I looked at the sales girl, who was laughing and signed the charge slip. “Herding cats.” She just laughed some more.

I hope you and your GIRLS have a very interesting time?” I told the girls to fix their clothes. Now it was Lorraine’s turn.

“But daddy this feels so good.”

“Fix your clothes, it’s 9am and I want to get something to eat.”

With her fake pout she said “Spoil sport.” Then they rolled their skirts down and Lorraine put her tank top back on. The nipple clamps and chain showed thru Lorraine’s tank top and her nipples were prominent. Kathy's clamps and nipples made impression in her top and the chain was visible between the strips. I had them take the bags and head to the car. When they were about 8’ in front of me I could just see the charms on the end of the dangles rubbing their thighs. Just as they started out the door I rolled the knob of both of the vibrator remotes to a medium speed and watched as they stumbled when the vibrations started. They frowned at me then leaned on each other, walking across the lot. I smiled at the still laughing sales girl and went out to see what else I could do.

I caught up as they wobbled up to the car. I opened the trunk and threw the bags in. I closed the trunk and stepped back. “Ladies, your acting like you’ve been drinking, I’m going to need to put your hands on the trunk and spread you legs so I can search you.” They giggled but did as I instructed. I stepped behind Lorraine with my bulge against her ass, reached around her and grabbed her breasts. As I pinched her nipples outside the clamp she shivered and gave a loud moan. I stepped back and slid one hand up her thigh. Just as I rubbed her wet slit I turned her vibe all the way up.

“OOOOOOOHHHHH, then her legs gave way and I held her up with one hand in her now sopping crotch as I wrapped the other arm around her waist. I let her gasp for a few moments before I turned it off. I helped her back up and she stood on wobbly legs. “Oh damn sister those thing are instant orgasm.” Kathy was looking at her and grinning.

“Daddy you’re not going to do that to me are you. I promise to be good forever and ever.” I didn’t say anything, I just stepped behind her, put my hands on her waist and ground my bulge into her ass. When she started grinding back I reached around and grabbed her breast and pinched her nipples like I had Kathy. She pushed back harder rubbing up and down on my thigh and shaft. I stood her up and spun her around then pushed her back on the trunk keeping her legs spread and her feet on the ground. I took the gold chain between her nipple clamp in my right hand and the dangles from her labia clips in the left.

I bent down and sucked on her clit then tugged on lightly with both hands. She gasped and her body started shaking all that she could get out were grunts. I sucked and tugged harder and the grunts became one long wail. I stopped and stood up. I could see her juices running down her legs. Just as she started to calm down I turned her vibe to max and had to catch her and keep her from sliding off the hood. Her juices were flooding now and she was shaking so hard I turned the vibe off so she wouldn’t hurt herself.

When she quieted down I got both of them standing by the car. “We are going to breakfast now. Will you be good until we are done or do I need to use these again?” I held up the remotes.

In low tired voices they said “We will be perfect angels, Daddy.”

“Are you staying with me all weekend?”

That’s what Amanda told us to pack for, Daddy.”

Will you mind me and do everything I tell you to do without question?”

They looked at each other then back at me. “Yes Daddy”

“Here are some rules for you to remember. Whenever you at my home or with any member of my family or me you will be wearing the jewelry I bought you today. The vibes you are wearing will be in and on at least level 3 when you arrive and you will hand me or Amanda the remote. When you are with us you will not wear pants, shorts, tights, panties, pantyhose or bras. Last but not least you will always call me Daddy unless I say different. If you don’t follow these rules, or hesitate to do what I tell you to do, you will be spanked. You have one chance to say no right now. If you do, I will take you back to my house and you can collect your things and leave with no hard feelings but you will not be asked back. If you say yes we will have some great times together. Now, what is your answer?”

They whispered to each other for several minutes then turned to me and together said “Yes, our answer is yes. What do you want us to do now daddy.”

“Get in the car and behave like good girls until I tell you different.” We loaded up and went to a café in Austin I knew. We sat and ate a big breakfast. We had a female server so pokie nipples and jewelry showing thru a top was not a problem. When we finished it was only 10:30 and we weren’t supposed to be home before noon. “We still have some time to kill. Is there anything you would like to do girls?”

Lorraine spoke up. “Can we go to the mall and shop for shoes Daddy I think I would be fun today. You can watch.”

“You will have to be very careful.”

“We’ve done it before Daddy. We’re very careful.” We drove to one of the malls and walked in with Kathy and Lorraine hugging an arm on each side of me. As we walked, with them looking for the right place to look for shoes, they told me that the jewelry on their labia were tickling their thighs and lower lips sending shivers thru their sex and making them wet. They found a store they liked and walked in.

An Asian girl in her twenty’s came up to them and asked if she could help. Lorraine showed her a pair of 5 ½” heels and asked if they had them in a size 8. She disappeared in to the backroom and came back out with a box and asked Lorraine to have a seat to try them on. She sat on a stool in front of her and raised one of her feet to take off her shoe and put on the new one. She stared up her leg at her pantyless crotch for a moment then they exchanged a few words quietly. She finished fastening that shoe and changed the other one. They both stood up and Lorraine walked around for a moment before giving me a discreet wave and going to the backroom with the girl.

Kathy and I looked for a few minutes then found a bench to sit on out in the mall. I made sure she sat close and kept her legs together while we waited. When I saw Lorraine walk to a register I went in and paid the bill. When we were out in the mall with Kathy I asked what I had just paid $100 for.

She opened the bags she and handed Kathy a box. “Those are on sale for 130 dollars. The pair I have on are $140. She said I deserved a large discount and to please come back. Thank you for bringing us to the mall Daddy.”

“Are we ready to go back home now?”

“Yes Daddy.” We got back to the car and thru these bags in the trunk with the rest. Lorraine got in the back seat and I stopped Kathy from getting in. There was no one in the lot around us so with the passenger door open I had her bend over and put her hands on the seat.

Lorraine got herself off with her little tryst in the stock room. Let’s you and me catch up.” I unzipped my slacks and pulled out my dick. It was already hard and all I had to do was rub it in her wet slit to make it slick. I put the head at the entrance to her vagina and slipped it deep inside her.

“UUUMMMMM, Daddy you sure know how to make your girl feel special.” Now do it some more, Daddy and make me feel extra special.” She reached between her legs with one hand and rubbed her slit and my shaft. As I pumper in to her hot tunnel of lust I rubbed my thumb across her tight little asshole. “Ooohhh Daddy, that tickles. Do it some more.” I pushed harder and my thumb slipped past her sphincter. Daddy, what did you put in my butt?”

“It’s just my thumb sweetheart. Does it hurt?”

“Oh no, Daddy, I kinda like it, can you do it again?” I stroked her asshole with my thumb as I pumped my dick in her pussy. She was moaning with every stroke until I pulled my dick and thumb out. “DADDY, put it back PUHLEASE.” I rubbed the head of my dick across her little crinkled hole and then pushed it in. “Daddy what are you putting in my butt now? That’s not your thumb.”

“It’s daddy’s penis. You know the thing you like to lick like a lollipop. Just relax and tell me if it hurts.” I shoved my dick in her ass until my balls slapped her slit. She put her hand back on the seat to keep from falling.

“Oh God Daddy, my butt feels ssssooooo full. Do it again Daddy, please do it again.” I pulled my dick all the way out and pushed it back thru her anus and all the way in. “Yes, yes, Daddy keep filling your little girls butt.” I was ramming my dick in her ass and she was pushing back meeting me half way. Oh Daddy I feel all tingly inside and I’m shaking all over. Don’t stop Daddy I think I’m ready for you to fill my butt with your gooey stuff. NOW Daddy.” I took a hold of her hips and jammed my dick hard into her and blasted cum deep in her ass. Her legs were wobbling and her arms shook as she tried to keep from falling.

“DDAADDDDYY, I love your penis filling me with your stuff. Give me more.” I pulled back and jammed my dick in several more times before I stopped spraying her insides. When I was done I pulled my cum coated dick from her ass and turned her so she could sit back in the seat. As soon as she was down she grabbed my cock and brought it to her mouth. “Here Daddy let me lick my favorite sucker.” When she had cleaned all of our come off, she smiled up at me. “Ok Daddy, I’m full now. Can we go home and play some more?”

“Yes darling we’re headed home now.” I closed her door then got behind the wheel and drove off. As soon as we were on the highway I had another thought. “Aren’t you girls hot in all those clothes?”

They both smiled and the next thing I knew they had stripped off their tops and skirts and put them in my lap.

“Oh thank you Daddy. Now you can see your girls naked in the sun light.” The rest of the way home they kept trying to get my attention. Lorraine in the back would wet her fingers in her pussy then reach around my seat to wipe her fingers on my lips then Kathy sitting facing me in the passenger seat would take my hand, rub my fingers thru her slit then do her best impression of a blow job on them. There were 15-20 cars parked around the street by the time we pulled in the drive at home and I had another huge tent in my pants with both girls giggling. My truck was backed in, hooked to a white box trailer under the carport. I opened the trunk, had the girls get the bags out then led them naked into the house.

Amanda was in the living room when we walked in. “Well, I see you made it back home.” she looked at the tent in my trousers. “And I see you saved some for me.” as she hugged me and rubbed my bulge, I told Kathy and Lorraine to put the bags in the bedroom, put on their bathing suits and join the others outside.

“Yes Daddy.”

“Yes Daddy.”

Amanda stepped back and looked at me. “What’s that about?”

“They are now my daughters and they have sworn to do whatever I tell them to do. The first thing was the jewelry. They have to wear it whenever they are here or with any of my wives. They are also wearing 3” remote vibes and whenever the get here they have to give one of us the remote.” I pulled the two remotes out of my pocket and held them up. I rolled the power level to max and back down to #3. We heard yelps and moaning coming from the bedroom. “Everyone ok in there?” we got two replies in shaky voices.”

“Yes Daddy.”

“Yes Daddy.”

“I even got some bling for my wives. I’ll give it to you when we can a get together alone. How’s the party going?”

“Great, everyone is here and they’ve been asking where you are. Why don’t you get some shorts on and join us?” Just then Kathy and Lorraine came out of the bedroom wearing little string bikinis. The clips on their nipples were obvious under the thin material with the chain dangling between them. The labia dangles were hidden under the material but left funny bulges.

Girls come over here and show Amanda your jewelry.” They walked over to us and pulled the top pieces aside so Amanda could see the nipples clips. She looked down and saw the little bulges.

“We need to do something about those girls.” She got down on her knees and pulled the dangles out around the side of the suit the pulled the cloth into heir slits. “There, that’s much better.” They looked at me and Lorraine spoke.

“Daddy, what do we call her?”

“Since she is going to be my wife you call her Mommy.”

“Thank you Mommy. Can we go outside and play now?”

“Go ahead.” When they left Amanda and I went in the bedroom and shut the door. “I missed you. What have you been up to?”

“Later. Let’s get you changed.” She unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it off, tossing it in a corner. “What did you buy us? She got down on her knees and took off my shoes and socks.

“Do you want yours now?” She unfastened my pants and pulled them down for me to step out of them. “If you do you have to take your bikini off.” She reached behind her untied her top and let it fall to the floor. She turned her back to, slowly bent at the waist as she slid the tiny bottom down and then looked back at me.

“Is this what you want, darling?”

“You know I do, but for now stand up and face me.” I opened one of the bags and picked out a matching set of nipple clips and labia dangles holding them up for Amanda. “Now pinch your nipples and pull on them.” When they were hard and swollen I slipped a clip over one and had her pull on it as I slid the loop tight. She gave a little moan as I pulled on it. I repeated this with the other nipple and she gave a small shiver when both were on and I pulled them at the same time.

I had her lay back on the edge of the bed and pull her legs back under her arms. As she watched I spread her lips and sucked hard on each one she jumped as I did. “Is that in the instructions?”

“No I just love sucking on them.” I clipped one of the dangles to the middle of each lip then pulled on the dangles to hold the lips apart while I slipped my tongue thru her slit and flicked it on her clit.

“Oh damn, I missed that.” I stood up and she looked at me surprised. “You’re stopping?”

“I’ll give you a lot more later, but I think we should join the party.” She put her bottom back on like she had done Lorraine and Kathy but left her top off. “Oh are you being brave today?”

“Just put your shorts on and wait 5 minutes before you come out back.” I waited like say said then headed for the back deck. When I stepped out the door I was met by a crowd of topless women yelling “SURPRISE.” 3 or 4 of them grabbed me and led me to a table they had set up that had a big cake shaped like a Vulva on it. As two girls I didn’t know snuggled close pressing their breasts against me they all started singing Happy Birthday.

When they were done one of the girls at my side said, “Your girls told us you wouldn’t eat any of the penis cake they got for Anna so we took a picture of one of the girls here and had it made into a cake. If you guess who it is before she leaves, Amanda said you can have it to.” The other girl said “We didn’t put candles on it because we have something better. CJ says you’re a tit man so all of the girls here are going to line up and instead of blowing out candles you get to kiss 25 pairs of our titties.”

“I hate to tell you this but that’s only 50, I’m turning 51.”

“We’ll take care of that after you do the 1st 50.” They had me sit in a chair and they lined up in front of me. The 1st two were the girls that had been at my side. I thought I was supposed to just give each nipple a kiss but I soon found out they wanted more. As I kissed a nipple I would be pulled tight to it and held there often being asked to suck it hard or squeeze it as I did. Some of them put dabs of icing or ice cream on them adding to the fun.

Somewhere about the middle of the line, after I had spent several minutes kissing and sucking on a perfectly shaped pair of 36DD’s on a knockout blonde that was about 5’10”, she bent down like she was kissing my ear and whispered “Guess me later. You won’t be sorry.” She stood up, winked and moved away. 30 minutes later, after 50 tasty titties, my four wives walked up to me where I was sitting with the two girls still at my side and grinned at my frosting and ice-cream covered face. Alissa handed me a wet towel and laughed.

“You could at least wipe the evidence off your happy face. Are you ready for number 51?”

“Sure.” Then came a surprise.

Amanda said “5 of the girls volunteered to make number 51 a special gift. We have a box with their names in it and you get to pick one. Instead of kissing another tittie, you get to kiss a virgin pussy.” I reached into the box held in front of me and pulled out a paper with ‘Lela’ written on it. When Amanda read it there was a shriek at the back of the group and a petite, 34A, Asian American ran up and jumped in my lap. I couldn’t believe how happy she was. She was kissing me all over my face and neck.

I whispered to her “Why are you so happy?”

“The boys at school think I’m flat chested and skinny. I’ve never had a boy even touch me down there. When they asked if there were any virgins that wanted to do this I didn’t think I had a chance. But here I am. I even tried to get Amanda to let you take my cherry but she told me that was up you. Please, I don’t want to still be a virgin at graduation.” I looked at Amanda. She just smiled at me and nodded yes. I turned to Lela.

“If you’re serious, stand up look at the crowd and ask them if they approve. If they say yes I will take you to my bed and grant your wish.” I thought that would change her mind but I found out how determined she was. She jumped off my lap and started yelling.

“Hey, hey, everyone listen.” They were all looking at her now. “I asked Bill to take my virginity but he said I had to ask all of you first. Please say yes.” All of the girls there started yelling ‘YES’ or ‘Bust her cherry’. She looked at me, almost pleading. “Now?” I stood up, picked her 90 pound soaking wet body up and walked towards the door with a bunch of women chanting ‘Do Her, Do Her.’

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