Dave the sailor.
We met Dave online when he emailed and said more than the usual curt, “Hi, I like your pussy, wanta fuck,” that wind up in the trash quickly.

We emailed several times and chatted also. A couple of weeks later I told James that maybe we should meet and he arranged to meet Dave over coffee. They did and after a bit James told Dave that I didn’t like to have sex with condoms and would he have any objection to a blood test for STD’s. Dave said no problem and James took a blood sample and ran the test in the bathroom. He came back and told Dave that everything was ok and that we should go to the house and meet Kyla. They arrived and James introduced me to Dave. I was wearing the body-stocking in my pic and just a long open shirt over it. We sat down and had a glass of wine. After a while I asked Dave if he would like to see more of me and he said ‘For sure.’ I stood up and dropped the shirt and turned around in front of him. He said, “Kyla you’ve got a fantastic body.”

I told him that I would like to see his cock, so he stood up and undid his pants and stepped out of them. Oh my god, I instantly got wet just looking at his huge, thick cock and I asked him if I could lick it a bit for him. He nodded, and I went over and knelt down in front of him and started to lick his cock and fondle his balls. I took him in my mouth and began to suck until he shot a hot huge load down my throat. When I finished, I said that we should trade places and I sat on the sofa and spread my legs for him to eat me. His tongue felt so good lapping my pussy lips and I almost came when he touched my clit. He kept lapping and stuck his tongue in me and began to finger my clit and suck on me, it was only minutes before I exploded in a fantastic orgasm.

When he and I regained our composure, he said that we should wait till next weekend to go further, I agreed and we said that we would meet him at the marina on Friday evening.
We got to the marina and Dave invited us aboard his boat and we cast off. We sailed out of the bay and headed south to a cove where his house was. His home was just off the beach and we anchored out. Twenty minutes or so later, a motor boat pulled alongside and it was Dave’s son, Rob, and his g/f, Liz. They came aboard and that made six of us on board for the weekend. Dave, his mastiff Brutus, Rob and Liz and James and I.

Dave fixed dinner and we all enjoyed it along with a couple of bottles of good wine. Afterward, he said we should all get comfortable and meet back in the salon. We went to our cabin and I changed into a light blue bra and briefs. When we returned, all the guys had on just Tee’s and Liz was only wearing a loose fitting teddy.

Dave asked me if I would like to start off the evening with Rob and I said sure. Rob came over and sat beside me and we began to kiss and touch and it wasn’t long before we were on the floor in a sort of 69 position. We kept playing with each other as Dave and Liz got together. James was taking a few photos and Brutus was just nosing around. It wasn’t long before I told Rob to lie on his back and I got on top of him and took his hot young cock in my pussy. I rocked around for several minutes and after the 15 minutes of sucking him, his cock couldn’t hold it any longer and he shot his cum deep in my wet, craving pussy. Dave had Liz’s legs over his shoulders and was pumping her tiny pussy for all it was worth, he stiffened and gave Liz a big load and as he pulled out James began eating her pussy and I moved over and sucked him off, so much for the icebreaker…

Chap II

We awoke Saturday morning to the smell of fresh coffee and bacon frying. Dave had almost finished fixing us a great breakfast. When we were done and cleaned up the table, Dave asked what we wanted to do today. Liz said that she wanted the 3 guys to take her all at the same time. I said that I wanted the same. Rob said that he had always fantasized of fucking his dad. So we cleared the deck, so to speak and Liz took off her shirt. She told Rob to lie down on the floor and she would mount him, Dave would fuck her ass and she would suck James off. They all arranged themselves and I sat on the opposite settee. Liz mounted Rob and began to ride him hard. Dave got behind her and she slowed down for him to insert his cock in her little ass, she gave a start as he began to thrust his cock in her tite asshole and she let out a little yelp.

After the two guys got in rhythm James stood in front of her and she took his cock and balls in her mouth and began working them around. Rob came first then James and Dave lasted the longest. When he pulled out of her ass and Rob’s cock slid from her pussy, a great flow of cum began to spill out of her holes. Brutus went over and began to lick her up. She got up and came over to me and kissed me with a mouth full of James’s cum and slipped some in my mouth. She sat on my lap and began to move her hips against me. I pulled one leg up so that she straddled my other leg and our pussies could touch and she now rocked back and forth rubbing her clit against mine till we both climaxed. This was the first time for me to have a pussy rubbing against mine like this and it got me very hot. While she had been rubbing our pussies together I was sucking her little pert tits. As we climaxed, I hugged her tightly against my breasts and just held her as we spammed in orgasm together.

Rob asked his dad if he could fuck his ass and Dave said why not. He stood in the middle of the cabin, bent over and raised one leg on the edge of the settee as rob lubed his cock and began inserting it in his dad’s ass. James knelt down in front of Dave and began to play with his cock and balls. I got very hot watching this; James has never done something like this before. He and I have licked a guy’s cock together but he’s never done it alone. As Rob began to pump Dave, James took Dave’s cock in his mouth and slowly moved it in and out while he held Dave’s balls in his hand. Rob arched his back and stiffened as he shot his cum into Dave’s ass and Dave let go with a cry as he came in James’ mouth. As Dave pulled out, Liz went over to James and sucked Dave’s cum from his mouth and again came and gave me a sample.

With the guys now all spent, Liz and I decided to get together again. I took the strap on and laid her back on the settee and spread her legs and began to fuck her. I was really wishing at that moment that I had a cock to fuck her with instead of the strap on, but it still felt good. I fingered her clit as I pumped her pussy till she had another orgasm.

James said he and I would get into a 69 position and Liz could fuck me. We did and soon all got into a synchronized movement, as James sucked me and Liz was fucking me, James reached his hand around and finger fucked Liz as she pumped my soaking pussy till I came in James’s mouth and Liz had another climax.
We all just sat around to rest; we had been at it for several hours and all had cum several times. Now it was time to stop and fix lunch.

Chap III

After a nice light lunch and a couple of Long Island Ice Teas, to cool us off, Dave asked if we were all ready to begin our afternoon session. Of course, we all said yes. I said that I wanted to have all three of the guys at one time and told Dave to lie down, I got on top of him and took his cock in my pussy and bent over Dave and told Rob to fuck my ass and told James to stand in front of me. I took James’ cock and balls in my mouth and rolled them around as Dave and Rob began their thrusting.

They got into a rhythm and one would thrust as the other pulled back and I got very excited as they got faster and harder. James shot off in my mouth and I swallowed his cum. I felt Rob shoot off in my ass and he slowly pulled out and Dave began to thrust even harder till he shot his cum deep in my pussy and lay back exhausted on the floor. I got up and sat on the couch and a few minutes later Dave rose up and sat next to me.

We all rested for a bit and Dave stood up and lifted the cushion from the settee. He reached into a locker under the settee and took out what looked like two rods with straps on each end. He told Liz and I to stand in the center of the room facing each other and one of the bars down on the floor in front of each of us. Then he told us to spread our legs as wide as the bars and wrapped a strap around each of our ankles. My bar was about 3 feet wide and Liz’s bar shorter but each was wide enough to keep our thighs from touching. A pillow was set on the floor in front of both of us and the guys helped us to kneel down, we were told to lean forward sort of a knee chest position and our arms were moved back along our thighs and straps from each end of the bar attached to our wrists. Another pillow was put under our faces to make us more comfortable. We were at an angle to each other and could see the other’s entire body.

Dave then said that we were going to be whipped, but only lightly, just stinging blows. Both of us agreed and I saw Dave raise his arm behind Liz and snapped a rod across her ass and she lurched and let out a yelp. Then he straddled her body facing her ass and had a leather whip of some kind that he brought down over her ass and I assumed that the ends reached her pussy. She jumped again and let out a cry. This was done by each of the other guys, Rob and James. They stopped and Rob went behind Liz and began to lick her ass.

I was squirming with anticipation and suddenly felt the sting of the light rod across my ass. I jumped and let out a loud moan. Dave hit me again several times and it caused a very unusual feeling, it was painful but pleasurable at the same time. I wanted him to stop but wanted him to go on. The next blow was lower and just caught my pussy lips and my thighs. Now, that hurt. He paused to let me feel the full pleasure of that blow and asked if I wanted to continue. I said yes, go ahead and he hit me with the leather multi fingered strap, sort of like a cat-o-nine

The position I was restrained in wouldn’t allow me to move at all, I could only turn my face from side to side. I saw Rob get up and Brutus took his place and began to lick Liz’s pussy and she began to squirm and let out sort of sobbing moans. Next thing I knew, Dave said, “Brutus mount”, and Brutus jumped up on Liz’s back and began to hump her trying to find her cunt hole. It didn’t take him long and I knew when he had found it by the way Liz stiffened and let out a real scream. This seemed to drive Brutus on and he really began to pump her, at times lifting her off the floor.

The whipping of my ass had stopped when Brutus began fucking Liz and though my bottom was stinging, I began to feel a sort of fear, pleasure seeking sensation all over my body. Brutus came in Liz’s pussy and dismounted as he did, I was whacked again with the leather throngs and this time a bit harder than before. The ends of several of the thongs caught my open pussy and hurt really bad. Dave stopped and I felt someone began to lick my stinging pussy lips. One of the thongs had caught me right on my clit and that brought tears to my eyes. The licking on my pussy stopped as Brutus moved out of my vision and I felt his nose against my pussy then his tongue began to lick me. Someone straddled me and spread my ass cheeks opening my pussy lips for his tongue. God, it was deliciously erotic and I was getting hotter with each lick. Then I heard Dave’s command, “Brutus mount” and felt him jump up on my back and could feel his hot dick probing my ass and thighs as he searched for tight little hole to accept his big cock.

After several attempts, he struck home and I felt his hot big cock split my pussy as it was rammed deep in me, I screamed and began to sob. His pump rate was quite rapid and he fucked me for several minutes that seemed like an hour and just as suddenly as he had penetrated my pussy, he shot off his full load of hot cum in my pussy. After Brutus had dismounted from Liz, Rob had knelt down behind her and started licking her ass and pussy. When Brutus dismounted from me I could feel a tongue began to lap at my dripping pussy, later I learned that it was James.

The clean up lasted for a few minutes and then I saw Rob standing behind Liz and began to fuck her. I felt Dave’s cock probing my ass and he penetrated me and began to hump my ass just like Brutus had done to my pussy. Rob shot off in Liz and pulled out and I could see James get behind Liz and he began to lick her and suck her. Dave was still pumping my ass as Liz exploded in a cry as James brought her to climax. I could see James still behind Liz and knew that he was holding her clit between his lips and milking her climax for all he could.

Dave shot off in my ass and James left Liz and began to suck and lick my ass and pussy. He got to my clit and it didn’t take much for me to explode in orgasm as James held my clit between his lips and teased me over and over till I was exhausted.

Liz had been released and I was also. We both just collapsed on the floor and lay there for 10 or 15 minutes.
Dave said that both of Liz and I should suck off Brutus. I lay back and Dave brought Brutus over to straddle my face and I raised up and took his cock in my mouth and I sucked on him for several minutes and got a mouthful of his cum and I swallowed it just like I did the guys cum.

Liz got the strap on and said she was going to fuck Rob’s ass. He bent forward and she began to insert the dildo in his ass. As he straightened up while she fucked him, James knelt in front of Rob and began to suck his cock. Liz pumped him faster and I saw him cum in James’s mouth. James came over to me and gave me some of Rob’s cum, we both swallowed.

Now, Liz and I got into 69 and began to suck each other’s pussy. I could smell the different cums in her as I licked and sucked her, Dave, Rob and Brutus. It was very erotic all mixed with the juices flowing from her hot little cunt. She got really busy on me and when she stuck a finger in my ass I couldn’t hold back any longer and climaxed just as she did from my clit work.

We were all exhausted and sex was over for the night.
….to be continued.

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