Our son, Geoff ,and his wife, Margo, visit.
Our son, Geoff, and his wife, Margo, came to spend a few weeks with us. They had been out several
years ago and wanted to explore California more. Since we have a couple of extra bedrooms they
asked if they could stay with us and we, of course, said yes. We spent several days doing the usual,
downtown San Francisco, Fisherman’s Wharf, China Town, and the wine country.

Into the second week, we were having wine and cheese one afternoon when Margo asked me, right
out of the blue, what it had been like to teach Geoff about sex. Well, for a few moments I was taken
aback, but Geoff chimed in that he had told Margo about his sex education many years ago. OK, I
said. At first it felt like schooling and not all that erotic. During subsequent activities, it did become
quite erotic and I got very aroused not only by the sex but by the thoughts that it was my son. We had
several 3-somes, James, Geoff and I. Geoff and I had a number of activities by ourselves, either after
school or at night. I told Margo that often when Geoff would come home from a date he would have a
hard on and I would suck him off to relieve him so that he could get to sleep. Sometimes he would
come home from school and I had been having erotic thoughts and day dreams and he could sense
this and offer to suck me and bring me to orgasm.

These activities occurred over about a year and a half and when his 18th B’day was approaching he
came to us and asked if he could have intercourse with me. James and I talked about it and decided
to allow him to do it. On his B’day, the three of us all showered together and then went to the bed. I
lay down and James told Geoff to lie on top of me between my legs, just like he had watched us
before. His cock was by this time raging hard, throbbing and dripping precum as I felt it against my
thigh. I took it in my hand and guided the head between my lips and told him to thrust forward. He did
just that and in moments was buried deep in me. James told him to slowly pump in and out and in
maybe 45 seconds, I could feel this tremendous surge of his hot cum in my pussy. He moved out
after high school and it just ceased.

She said that she had often asked Geoff if he would have sex with me again and he would always
say that, it had all been in the past and the circumstances probably wouldn't occur again. She asked
me if I would have sex with him and I said basically the same thing. She asked if James and I still had
sex and I explained the current situation to her. She then asked me if I really had not had sex for the
past 6 yrs, and I said not with James but we still had sexual contacts with others.

James jumped in and said maybe we should all get in the spa and have a nice warm soak and
another glass of wine. Margo said that sounded great. We all went upstairs to undress and then went
down and out to the spa. Now, Margo is a very attractive blond and when we got into the spa I saw
that she was shaved but had left a nice patch on her mons. She’s 38 and in very good shape for
having had two kids. We all got in and just relaxed and chatted small talk for half an hour or so while
sipping our wine. Geoff said that Margo had wanted to ask me about our sex edu ever since he had
told her about his education but the time just never seemed to be right, till now.

James asked Geoff what their sex life was like and he said that it was OK, and Margo said yes, but it
seemed to lack the spark that they had once had. James then said that maybe they should add some
spice into their sexual activities.

She asked, “Like what??”

James said, "Well, the two of you could pose for some X rated photos, you could try some light
bondage sex, and you could try sex with others. Any and all of these different things could add some
spice to your sex."

Margo said, "Would you take some photos of me and of us? What could we do for bondage sex? How
could we try sex with others?" She looked at me and said that she would like to watch me suck Geoff
off. Geoff said to her that she would have to suck Dad off, and she said, ‘That’s just fine with me." I've
sucked him off in the past and he's fucked me also so I'm comfortable with all of it.

So, Geoff sat up on the side of the hot tub and I began to suck his cock and play with his balls. It took
a couple of minutes and I had a mouthful of my son’s cum once again. James told me to kiss Margo
and give her some, so she and I kissed and I squirted some of my son’s cum into his wife’s mouth
and we both swallowed it. Then Margo told James to sit up on the side of the tub and she proceeded
to suck him off, when she had drained him dry, she gave me a big wet kiss of his cum. We stayed in
the hot tub for about 15 more minutes and finished our wine, then got out and dried off and went
upstairs to our bedroom.

James asked Geoff if he was OK with having sex again with his mom and he said that if everybody
else was OK with it then he was.

I lay down on the bed and he lay next to me and began to play with me, I was already so hot from the
talk, the wet kiss from Margo and the wine, that it didn't take very long for me to tell Geoff to get on
top of me. He did, and I slid his nice big cock back into my pussy again after almost 30 yrs. He was
bigger than at 18 and filled me to max. He was just as excited as I was and it took only a few strokes
before we both orgasmed. I squeezed him as hard as I could to get every last drop of his cum. As he
slid out of me and rolled to the side, Margo began to lap up the pussy juices and her husband’s cum
as it dripped from my cunt. As she was licking me clean, James came up behind her with a strap-on
and proceeded to fuck her. Geoff got hard again watching his Dad fucking his wife while she was
licking his mom’s pussy and he told James to let him take over and he then began to pump Margo
like a mad dog rocking the bed against the wall. It took him longer to cum this time but when he did it
was massive and Margo collapsed on the bed and James rolled her over and spread her legs and
started licking his son’s cum from his daughter in law’s pussy.

Margo then said that she wanted to fuck both James and I and so we got in a 69 position with me on
top first and James began to suck me and Margo started fucking my pussy. As she was doing me,
James started fingering her pussy while sucking mine. Geoff positioned himself across his Dad’s legs
so that I could suck his cock and then James' cock and back and forth. Margo orgasmed first from
James' fingering her clit, then James gave me a hot cum drink and I told George to lay down and I got
on top of him took his cock in my very wet hot pussy and proceeded to ride him like a bucking bronco
till he exploded in me again.

James told Margo to lie on the bed and move her ass right to the edge and put her feet up on the
edge and spread her legs wide open. Then he did something he’s done a few times with me, he got
between her legs and began to rub her pussy with his soft dick. He can’t penetrate but is able to rub
the head of his cock against her clit and when he was ready to cum would push the head of his cock
into the vaginal opening and cum there. So it was for him sort of fucking his daughter in law once
again like he had done on their wedding night a long time ago.

We all just lay back and rested for a bit and before long James said it was timefor some
B & D.

Margo asked what was that and James said, “You’ll find out very shortly.”
He placed a blindfold on her and preceded to spread eagle her on the bed and restrain her hands and
feet. He placed a little pillow under her hips to elevate her pussy just enough to make it more
accessible. Unbeknown to me he had called some friends to come over to party and just then the
doorbell rang and I was startled by it and jumped. James said it was OK and went down and shortly
Bill and Mary along with their son Jeff came into the bedroom followed by James. He quietly
introduced them all to Geoff and explained to him that they came over to give Margo the time of her

Geoff said, "OK, let’s get started."

James went up to Margo and asked her if she was comfortable and she nodded yes, and he told her
that she was going to experience sex like she had never before, but if anything reached a point that
she wanted us to stop, all she had to do was say, “Stop.”

All of us surrounded the bed and began to rub her body; she was startled by all the hands on her at
once but quickly settled into the mood and began relaxing. James had told all of us to stay away from
her pussy so we just rubbed, kissed and stroked her face, neck, tits, belly and legs. James had our
fur mitten on and that is a very erotic touch. It didn't take long before Margo was writhing in her
restraints and James told Mary to start licking one of her breasts and Jeff the other. Bill was to lick her
belly and I was to lick her pussy. Of course, Margo had never had four tongues licking her at the
same time and really began straining against her restraints and moaning quite loudly. James told me
to move aside and he inserted a finger into her cunt and started massaging her G spot. This really set
her off and she got vocal and really began straining against the restraints holding her down. James
stopped and motioned Geoff to fuck her now and Geoff got between her legs and inserted his cock
and started pumping his wife while three strangers were licking her. It didn't take long before she
screamed out, straining at her restraints and arched her back to meet Geoff’s thrusts as she
orgasmed and collapsed.

We let her rest for 15mins or so and then James told Geoff to fuck Margo and Mary to straddle her
face so Margo could suck her pussy. Geoff shot off and slid out. Margo was still sucking Mary and Bill
took Geoff’s place and started pumping Margo’s pussy. Mary came in Margo’s mouth and I took her
place and had my pussy sucked while Bill continued to fuck Margo. When Bill came, James took
several photos of all the cum running out of Margo’s pussy. Then Mary started lapping up her
husband and son’s cum running out of Margo. I climaxed and could feel my juices running into
Margo’s mouth and hear her pleasure from it all.

James then released Margo’s restraints and we turned her over on her belly and re-attached her
bonds. Now she was face down and had extra pillows under her hips to elevate her ass more. James
told Jeff to fuck Margo in the ass and he did, when he was done, Bill took his place then Geoff fucked
his wife’s cum filled ass. James told me to get the strap on and we spread Margo’s legs further so I
could reach her pussy more easily. I then inserted my “dick” in her and fucked her as hard as I could.

When I got tired, I gave Mary the strap on and she proceeded to fuck my daughter in law’s pussy as I
had done. Next, James released Margo again and told Geoff to lie on the bed and Margo mounted his
cock and lay on top of him. James told Jeff to fuck her ass again and he was followed by his dad.
Then James put on the strap on and fucked his daughter in law’s ass while she was riding her
hubby’s big cock.

She just collapsed in another orgasm and we all had to rest from this marathon

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2012-05-06 07:29:07
That is a bad story why is 3 complete strangers fucking some peoples wives that is very bad I would not let three strangers lick me and fuck me if they did I would start punching them till they stopped and I would of kicked piched and did whatever I could to shop the 3 strangers licking me and fucking me

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