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A story on which you, readers, do not all agree on its quality (let's be honest, i do not make the unanimity). If you have enjoyed the first two chapters, I hope you will enjoy this one. If you have not read the first chapter, you have two options:
- Read them the two first chapter
- Read the resume below.

As always, vote, critics, comments and suggestions are welcome. Just for your knowledge, English is not my mother tongue… it might sound strange to read.
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The story so far: our protagonist (who calls himself Jack) has ended up with a video on which Amanda, a young mother, is fucked by her daughter Jennifer. Jack has blackmailed her to get the best orgasm of his life and she had not given it to him. He has decided to train her for a second chance… (and it took me 2 chapter to tell only this…)

Chapter 3:
I have to tell you, I am quite proud of how I managed my power over Amanda. First of all, I was totally enjoying myself (and that is the main purpose of all this). I took my time with Amanda for many reasons: the adrenaline was not the main purpose. I did not knew how she would have react with me saying “I fuck you whenever I want, wherever I want and however I want or I show this video to the cops”. It might have been too much for a video where Jennifer was clearly taking the initiative and on which Amanda was no doing anything to her daughter. That was why I decided to begin small with her and drag her little by little into perversion (and I was not over with this). I also wanted her to willingly fuck me. For that, she needed to find an interest in it and I gave it to her: a way out.
Monday morning, I woke up the happiest man on earth. I had finally her under my total control and she might be happy of it (it was this or the cops…). But I realized that I should not ruin my chance. I told her I would give her a second chance but why would she trust me? I was not willing to give it to her before months, at least. I had to build trust between us for this to work.
The answer to this issue was quite simple. I needed to give her rules. Where my power begins and where it ends? What does she have to do, can and cannot? What I will allow myself, and what will be forbidden. If I asked her to follow my rules and if I followed mine, she might trust me in the end for the way out. Rules would also allow me to make her feel my power but also to be nice to her. I would be kind, but fair.
I could not think properly, so I decided to build these rules with her. I thought it could be fun.
I was in front of her house at 2:45. Like she did it the day before, I waited. I said 3pm, it had to be 3pm. I was about to ring at her font gate but the door of the house opened before. It was Amanda, carrying her trashes. She walked toward me and said:
- Can you come back later?
- What?!
- Just 15 minutes, half an hour would be perfect. Jennifer has not finished her lunch. She will go out with friends of her after.
- Look, I couldn’t care less if Jennifer see me or not. I am not your date or even you sex friend. I am here to train you for next time. I said 3 and it is. You let me in.
- But…
- There are to buts. I understand that you don’t want Jennifer to see me. This is why I will not ask for a proper presentation. I can let the both of you finish your lunch, but I will wait in your house. Understand?
- I… Can you wait in my room?
- Here we’re talking the same language. Where is it?
- You take the stairs and it is the one at the end of the corridor. Please be quiet, I don’t want Jennifer to hear you.

And there I was, finally: in a room I had watch for hours. I was like a little kid: bouncing on the bed, opening every drawer, messing in the bathroom. After ten minutes, I heard Jennifer saying goodbye to her mother. I went to the window and looked at her. She did not have much from her mother in her look but she had this aura, an aura that ignited lust in a man. And I am a man.
I smiled. I did not even fucked the mother and I was already lusting for the daughter.
I heard the door opening. I did not turn back. Footsteps were going toward me. I felt a breath on my neck. A hand grab my crotch and fondled it.
- To know that you were upstairs, waiting while my daughter was eating her desert… it mad my cunt itchy.

She opened my pants with her hand and then put it in it. She masturbates my shaft to get it hard before taking care of my balls.
- I heard yesterday that these two boys felt lonely without my attention…

With both of my hands, I grabbed her ass and pull her on me. She moaned loadly.
- Get the crap out. I want you naked, on your knees, sucking on my balls in 20 seconds.
And I began to count it down, without changing my position: facing the window. She did better than what I thought: in 19 seconds, she even found the time to close the curtain. She was on her knees, her legs open and her ass resting on her feet. Her back was arched, pushing her breasts on my legs and she hungrily sucked my right ball in her mouth. She took my shaft and massaged it. As for myself, I managed to grab one of her tits and played with it. I immediately recognized the feeling that I had on my chest the day before: really soft skin and rock hard nipple. I also felt for the first time the weight of them. And they were quite heavy. If her breast would have been food, it would not have been destined for the gourmet but for the fat guy: all you can eat and in quality! I discovered that when talking about sex, I was the fat guy. She stopped sucking me and stood up, pressing her body against mine. I was feeling her pubic hairs on my crotch.
- You’ll see, I will give you the greatest pleasure of your life, and I won’t need you to fuck me.
- Who told you to stop?
- I just wanted you to know.
- Well, let me tell you something…
- What?
- You’re right, I won’t fuck you today.
- You’ll see, you won’t regret it.
- I know, because you will.
- I will what?
- Fuck me.
- But you said that…
- I won’t fuck you. When I give my word, I keep it believe me. But you are going to fuck me.

And I laid on her bed, waiting for her.
By her look, it was obvious that my move was unexpected. She had no choice: she got on her bed, and on me. My cock was so hard that it was pulsing my heart beat.
- I see that you want to take your time. Fine, but now, I want you describe out loud everything you think and feel until I climax.
- Up until now, I was thinking that I had the upper hand. I was still playing with you but I had the initiative. I even managed to enjoy myself but now… now I look at your big hard cock and I will do exactly what you told me to. I am going to fuck you. Me, not you. With every man I have known, I was the dominant one… of my god, I feel so humiliated. Look I give your word back. You can fuck me. I’d rather have you fuck me like a hore. I will scream I swear, from pleasure or pain… or even both, as you like. Fuck me please… I don’t want to be the one who… if it is me who fuck you, it will be a choice but if it is you, I could convince myself that it was a rape. I don’t understand… if you fuck me, you will dominate me, completely. Here you let me take the lead. I will take the role you want but please don’t make me do that.
- I’m waiting.

She grabbed my shaft and put the head on her pussy lips. It took all my willpower to not push my hips but she was waiting this. She had her way to resist to me.
- If your still waiting for me to fuck you, I will not respond of myself and maybe I will enjoy myself AND give the video to authorities. I will flip a coin. If you do as I tell, and don’t forget to describe what you feel, I’ll keep to myself what I have…
- Your cock is sliding into my cunt and… oh my god! It hurts and, ooowwww… I have it all in. give me a few seconds to catch my breath. It has been so long since I last… I almost forget the difference with my dildo. I feel like a virgin, I fear that it tears me apart!

And she began to ride my cock. I was hearing her but my pleasure was overwhelming and I could not understand a word from her at that point. She was sincere: she really was tight. Her sessions with her dildo did nothing to her on that part. It did not take me a long time to cum, hard.
Amanda was laying on me, my cock still inside her. When it had completely softened in her, she asked me:
- How was it?
- Ooh fuck! It was the best experience of my life.
- I’m glad to hear this. To show you my gratitude, this is for free.

And she licked clean my dick.
- Now that you have what you wanted, I want you to leave this house and do not come back, ever.
- Well… today I wanted to discuss the rules with you, the one on which we will build your training.
- What training? I do not need any training! I just gave you what you wanted!
- I will try to explain with words you will understand… what do you do in your job?
- I’m a teacher in high-school.
- Perfect. Now imagine that one of your students did a great job on the exercise you gave him. He just succeeded an exercise, but he did not pass his test. Today is the same thing: you did really great, but it was not the exam… And as you will have train before the exam, I will expect better than these two last days. And to show you that I am a man who can be trust, I decided to build our relationship on rules. In all my kindness, I also decided to hear what you would like in these rules. I will listen to you but I will only consider your opinion as propositions…

To be continued
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