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We fell into a quick routine of lovemaking as soon as Lauren left for school each day. When I heard the door close and lock behind her, I would get up, go into the bathroom to do my daily constitution and then stop by Vickie’s room to see if she was awake yet. She always was and ready for me to come to bed with her. We would make love the entire morning and then get up and start our day.

This happened most weekdays for a month and I was starting to get worn out from all the sexual exertion but my beautiful, horny daughter could make it big and eager anytime she wanted it and that was almost all the time. I guess that I was fulfilling her fantasy more than even I could imagine but for myself, I couldn’t get enough of her young sexy body.

Or maybe it was the early morning show that Lauren was providing me that got my juices flowing. It seemed that every day when she came in to undress from her pajamas and go take a shower before leaving for school, she increased the display of skin more and more. At first it was just her little butt when she took off her pajama bottoms and panties but next it was stripping bare and carrying her towel to the bathroom and coming back afterward to get dressed for the day.

After a week or so, she would come back from taking her shower with the towel wrapped around her wet hair and being totally naked otherwise. Then she would parade around seemingly without a care in the world about her nudity. She would turn towards my hidden eyes and pull her panties up to cover her crotch area and then fasten her bra, all while facing my position, as if she knew that I was awake all the time.

I didn’t mention her antics to Vickie for fear that I would get my grand daughter in trouble, or at least that is what I told myself, but what I was really concerned with was that maybe she would have to stop giving me the show of my life. Whatever it was, I saw no good reason the blow the whistle on my lovely grand daughter as long as she wanted to show her budding little body to me.

Then the whole thing came to light one morning when Vickie and I were busy in the trawls of making love in her room. We were heavily engaged in a wild session of oral sex, both of us at the same time in the 69 position when the door to her room opened and a certain young daughter got the shock of her life.

“MOMMY, GRANDPA?!” she shouted at the top of her lungs.

She couldn’t move and she couldn’t speak. She just stared at us in our sex filled position, wide eyes and mouth opened.

“LAUREN! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HOME?” Vickie shrieked, pushing me off of her crotch and clutching for the covers. I rolled to the floor trying to hide my nakedness as Lauren continued to look on, disbelieving.

“I, ah, what are…, Mommy I came home…ah, I’m sorry, I, ah…” she stammered and then burst into tears and ran to her room.

“Oh shit!” Vickie exclaimed, searching for her clothes while scrambling to cover herself. I hadn’t brought any clothes in with me because all my clothes were in Lauren’s bedroom so I had no choice but to stay put where I was and wait it out,

Vickie had found a robe and was going down the hall trying to tie it around her waist and consol her frightened daughter. “Lauren, I’m sorry for yelling at you like that but you startled me or us. You should have knocked or something to let me know you were home.”

The yelling stopped when she got to Lauren’s bedroom and there was some muffled conversation that went between mother and daughter. It stopped abruptly and then they both came back into Vickie’s room and sat on the messed up bed. I still had no clothes to cover myself with but had slipped under the sheet and sat there on the bed as they made their way in.

They both sat down on the bed and it looked like my grand daughter had been crying and my daughter had been through hell. But as Vickie started to explain what had just transpired that her daughter had witnessed, Lauren broke down into tearing sobs and threw herself down on the bed.

“Mommy,” she wailed, “I think I’m pregnant. I should have started my period of couple of days ago but I haven’t and I just know that I’m pregnant! Oh Mommy, what am I going to do?”

Her confession came like a bolt of lightning, a clap of thunder that could make the world stand still. I could feel the air being sucked out of my lungs and as I looked at my daughter’s face for her reaction, I saw the blood drain from her cheeks. Her mouth was open and she was trying to respond but nothing would come out.

I sat there impatiently, waiting for my daughter to take charge of the situation but feared that at this time she was incapable to think clearly so I entered in and took over.

“Lauren Honey,” I said in the tenderest voice that I could muster, “I know that you know your own body Sweetie, but just for clarification, what makes you think that you are pregnant?”

Through tears stained eyes I could see the glare that she was giving me as she cocked her head to one side as if to ask, “Do I have to explain in graphic detail?”

I took that look as it was intended and tried another angle. “Lauren, your Mom and I have been through this situation before don’t forget so I know something about what I am asking so please give me a break. Now there are lots of reasons for missing a period and being pregnant is just one, so I repeat, what makes you think that this is the only alternative?”

She looked down into her hands as the tears continued to flow down her cheeks. Her mother had closed her mouth but had not found her tongue as of yet and as Lauren answered my question, a gasp left her mouth and the color that had started to return faded quickly.

“I just knew it when they did it to me. It was the wrong time but they insisted on doing it right then. I told them that I didn’t want to get pregnant but they all said it would be alright and if I wanted to join their club then I had to let each one of them do it to me. It hurt a little at first but I think that I was starting to like it the first time but when they asked me to do it the next day I began to worry. And now I’ve miss my period and I’m pregnant and it’s all their fault,” she wailed and broke down sobbing into her hands.

I thought for a minute as I looked into my daughter’s eyes. I saw nothing that I could interpret as reason coming from them so I continued to interrogate my grand daughter. “Lauren Baby, you mentioned “They” did it to you, do these boys have any names?”

“They’re just some guys that I met this summer at school. They said that they had a club and wanted me to join but they had a initiation that I had to do and it was letting each of them put their cocks into my pussy and do it with me,” she said, still crying.

“How many boys were there?” I asked, starting to get very upset.

“Just three,” was the answer.

“Just three,” I said, fuming by this point. “And Lauren Honey, do these three boys have names?”

She looked into my eyes and she saw the rage that was building in them. She wiped her eyes and answered, “Grandpa, I don’t want to say who they are. I just want to get rid of this baby in me and forget about them. Please don’t make me tell you their names because I don’t want you to turn this thing into a circus or anything. Please, Grandpa, Mommy, don’t make me tell.”

Vickie gathered her daughter up in her arms and gave her a hug only a mother could give as I put my arms around both of them. We let it drop, for now anyway as I let them leave me alone in my nakedness. I suddenly realized that we didn’t even discuss what Vickie and I were doing in her bedroom.

After getting my clothes out of Lauren’s bedroom, I let my grand daughter take over her own bed and get some rest after her racking experience confessing the details of her ordeal to her mother and me. I met up with Vickie in the kitchen and we started talking about men and boys and what we all wanted.

“It’s not just men,” I told her. “You see, I have a little confession of my own to make. I have, ah, committed incest with your oldest nieces this summer and it was them who instigated the relationships.”

I stopped and watched as the gist of what I had just confessed sunk in. Her eyes turned dark at first and then lit up like a sparkler. She burst into laughter and jumped into my arms. “Oh Daddy, you ol’ pervert! All the while I was beating myself up over having a relationship with you and now to find out that you’ve been banging my nieces and, I presume, loving every minute of it?”

I shuck my head in the affirmative and grinned and then a dark shadow closed her face. “But you haven’t done anything with Lauren have you?”

“God NO!” I said incredulously, “I know that I’m a pervert but at least I wait until they are old enough to know what they are doing.”

She continued to have this strange look in her eyes and then finally opined, “If Lauren has had sex with these three guys that got her pregnant then she knows what it all about doesn’t she?” She was asking the question to herself almost, thinking as her mouth spit out the thoughts and then she said, “So maybe you could teach her that not all men are jerks and that there really are good men out there. Oh Daddy, what do you think, she must have some bad feelings about boys and men in general. You could teach her that not all men are the same. Daddy, what do you think? Can you see yourself making love you Lauren?”

I was shocked beyond belief over her question, over the whole concept of my daughter, her mother suggesting that I make love to her 13 year old daughter, my grand daughter. The thought almost repulsed me at first but after a second thought, I started to get that feeling deep inside my loins and I started to think seriously about how this would work.

We planned it out roughly during the afternoon hours, deciding that my daughter should be present to watch. It was her idea “to answer any questions that she might have” but I think that she was as turned on by the thought as I was. But all of our fine planning came to naught when Lauren burst from her room with the news that her flow had started while she was sleeping and that everything was going to be fine.

That next week, all three of our lives got back to normal with Lauren going to school, me joining my daughter in her bed and making love each morning and the two of us spending the rest of the day talking and relaxing as we finally had the time to reacquaint ourselves with each other’s lives.

Vickie had received a great settlement when we was let go. There were a reason given for her termination and that was that she was asking for too much time off to raise her daughter but the real reason was that she had turned down the advances of her boss and told him that she wasn’t interested in sleeping with him. But she was interested in sleeping with me and we made mad, passionate love all morning, every morning for the longest time.

On the following Saturday, right after Lauren had officially finished her flow, she came into her room to get her stuff to take her shower. I was peaking out at her from my hiding place, pretending to be asleep. I saw as she stripped down to her nothingness, grab a towel and proceeded to the bathroom. But when she returned, she removed the towel from around her, turned to face me lying there under the sheet and then took one step over to the side of the bed, pulled back the covers and crawled in beside me. All I felt was the warmth of her naked body and a spot or two of moisture clinging to her soft skin.

I opened my eyes to her shining smile and a knowing look so I turned on my back and she crawled up on top of my naked body. I could feel her tiny bush against my crotch and her developing breasts smash against my chest. The look in her eyes was devilish as she softly said into my face, “Mommy is on her way in to see us do it. I think it turns her on to watch don’t you?”

I just smiled as I heard my daughter enter the room. “You just couldn’t wait a second could you?” she asked of her daughter. She sat down on the edge of the bed and ran her hand over her daughter bare skin. “Oh how I envy you Lauren. Grandpa is going to make you forget all about the other guys. You’re in for the time of your life.”

“No pressure here,” I thought to myself as I raised my hands up on Lauren’s back and started to softly caress my grand daughter lovely skin. She rested her head down on my shoulder and gratefully received my magic touch and I started the soft gentle manipulation of sensations, subtle stimulations and touching of her erotic areas.

She would breathe heavily when I caressed her sides next her breasts and when I licked the nape of her neck, she mewed like a little kitten. I scooted her up on my body until her breast area was face high and I began to lick and lightly kiss her skin on her chest. But when I touched her nipples with my lips, she let out a feint moan and she held her breath in anticipation.

She raised her chin upward as I took her nipple in between my lips and softly started to suckle on it. Another moan, this time louder than the first, escaped her mouth as she pressed her chest inward towards those sucking sensations. Then I was on to the other, licking, sucking and biting her tenderly while still rubbing my hands up and down her back.

She was breathing erratically by this time as my mouth was consuming both of her tender young breasts. My hands had found her small little butt and was pressing, manipulating and squeezing her cheeks with my powerful massaging movements and as I separated them each by pulling them apart, I exposed her little rose bud to her Mommy and the fresh air. I heard a small gasp and cry come from the observer and I knew that my daughter was well engaged with her daughter’s education.

I hooked both of my hands down between her legs and drew them up to force my grand daughter to scoot up my body and finally rest right on top of my face. She cried out loud as she settled down and I managed to reassure her by telling her to relax and enjoy. She took my advice as her mother’s hand started to rub her back with affection.

I looked up into my grand daughter hidden treasure that was partly covered by her sparse covering of soft, curly pubic hair and I could see her tightly pursed lips with just a hint of moisture seeping out of her opening. I suck out my touch and gentle ran it to the very spot where the fluids were coming from as she exploded from the sensation.

She screamed out loud as she threw herself down upon my tongue and as I slid it in between her two quivering lips and ran it up towards her hooded node, she arched her back and threw back her head as she cried out with emotions, “OH MY GOD GRANDPA, YES, OH YES!”

I reached my tongue to her clitoris and she cried out again but she was soon rocking forward and back, trying to rub her pleasure button against my rough tongue in an involuntary method of self stimulation. But I had other uses for my tongue so I dipped it back down between her legs and found her vaginal opening and stuck it as far as I could up into her canal.

The observer was panting loudly and I could feel her hand on my cock. Withdrawing my tongue from Lauren’s pussy hole, I muttered from between her legs, “Vickie, this is Lauren’s turn. Stop playing with my cock!”

She removed her hand and I no longer felt the added stimulation that she was providing so I inserted my tongue up Lauren’s tight little opening once again and lapped at her juices. Lauren was going crazy with desire as I began to suck on her nubbin. She was reaching a point of no return as her breaths were coming in a labored fashion and the look on her face was one of strained emotions and just as she was about to burst from the build up, a since of a total release wept over her like a tsunami wave. It took her to the unknown heights of pleasure that literally consumed her every sense of being. She exploded into another world that only lovers have been to and the ride kept going until it lost all of its powers against the sandy shores.

It left her stranded there on her perch upon my face so I hurriedly moved her down to straddle my hips. Once there, I placed the tip of my engorged cock right at the entrance of her vaginal opening as I asked the ultimate question, “Are you ready?”

“Uh huh,” she murmured.

I allowed her to stay on top to give her full judgment in how far and how quickly I slid it into her opening. Even though she was not a virgin and had a few boy cocks inserted in there, I was still cautious not to force her in any way. So as she got settled down and I grabbed my cock and held it towards her opening, she started to lower herself down on it as the head made its way between her lips.

As it entered her tight confines along the journey to her depths, the walls seemed slick from her juices and the muscles allowed the intrusion. But as I reached the depths of her womb and entered into uncharted territory, she started to feel a little discomfort as the pleasure turned into a little pain or tightness. I rested when I had entered her fully as she let out her lungs full of air and as I started my withdrawal, her hips moved involuntarily back to allow the feeling that she felt from my penetration to be exaggerated even more.

I entered her again and she let out a loud moan as her legs went wider and she sucked me in between them with power. “Oh my God,” she muttered when I bottomed out the second time and then she squealed with glee as I withdrew my cock again. But I quickly reinserted it and her eyes flew open and a smile came across her face.

She rolled off of my cock and landed on her back but I reinserted it and I began my rhythmic ramming of my cock deep into her uterus, dragging her juices out with every with every withdrawal. As I kept up the jack-hammering action of my hips, I felt a finger of the observer between my butt cheeks searching madly for my anus and I heard the cry of my lover as her mother found hers open and willing to be entered. And as I was about to explode into my gigantic orgasm, she found what she had been searching for and inserted in as far as she could up my rectum.

Lauren was straining to reach her own desired level of emotions and as she closed in on them, she held her breath and arched her back. Digging her heels into the mattress and throwing her hips into each thrust, she grabbed my butt and pulled me even deeper into her crotch as she begged me for more. Then she could not hold it back any further and exploded into a ravishing eruption of emotions that caused her mother to utter her approval.

We both became almost violent with our releases from the thralls of our orgasmic release. Over and over we slammed our bodies into each others as we pounded the last out of our crotches until finally we started to come down and with one last exhale, we fell into a blissful slumber that last nearly a half hour.

I awoke to someone sucking on my deflated cock, sucking all of Lauren’s juices from the surface. I knew from experience that it was Vickie’s mouth that was sucking on me and I smiled at the thought of my daughter tasting the fresh juices of her daughter’s wet pussy from my cock. “Now that’s what I call togetherness,” I thought to myself with a laugh.

That was the only time that I made love with Lauren until she got on the pill but we performed oral sex and manual manipulation on each other many times until we were certain that she was protected. We formed a threesome on occasion and were very happily screwing our brains out when Thanksgiving neared and we got a call from Florida that changed everything.

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