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lauras wish for trying lesbian sex gets granted

steve and laura were a happy couple they had been together for five years and were always happy together, thier sex life had been a typical one, they both enjoyed sex and trying things most coupples try, sex outdoors, tying up, videoing themselves ect. they had never gone to any extremes eventhough they had both thought of things they had never had the nerve to ask he other out of fear of being judged. one thing laura liked to do was watch lesbian porn while her and steve had sex, steve would often tease her while they fucked her whispering in her ear,
"you pretending im a women arent you, your pretending your fucking a girl arent you?" laura never answered him but would smile at him suggestivley, laura did often think of being with a girl, she would fantasise many different sernarios of her with her friends or women from tv of just strangers she had seen in passing. one pirticular night steve and laura were having some hard sex, laura was on all fours. while steve was stoood behind her pumping her hard in her ass, laura loved anal sex, but tonight steve was really slamming her, laura screamed in pleasure as she felt steves rock hard cock thrusting deep into her ass, steve reached round to lauras pussy and pushed two fingers inside her then held them infront of lauras mouth in a "v" shape, still banging her as hard as he could, he whispered in lauras ear,
"theres your friend kims pussy in front of you, what are you gonna do?" laura didnt hesitate, she reached forward and pushed her tongue between steves fingers and pushed it in and out, she could taste her pussy juice on steves fingers, this helped her imagine it more clearly, laura took hold of steves hand and pushed it back into her pussy and then brought it back to her mouth and licked all the pussy juice off, steve felt he was going to come and banged lauras ass even harder, laura was being fucked so hard she could barely stay up on her hands and knees, laura began to orgasm as she did she yelled,
"find me a girl to fuck me." this was enough to make steve cum he pushed as hard as he could against lauras ass as he fired his cum inside her, the two fell on to the bed in a sweaty heap. catching his breath steve asked, "did you really mean that?"
laura still panting and with a smile replied, "yeah, is that ok?"
"sure it is"
"i want you to watch" laura added.
"how about i record it for us to watch?"
"even better" laura said. a few weeks past and steve didnt really know how to go about finding a girl for laura to fuck, laura hadnt even brought the subject up again since and steve wasnt sure if laura still wanted to do it. steve came home from work and saw laura in the back garden talking to thier nieghbor becky, becky was about 17 and although she was 6 years younger then laura and steve they got on well, becky had known steve before he got with laura and had always had a bit of a crush on him, nothing serious at all and since laura had moved in with him she had often gone round thier house for drinks and to hang out with laura more then steve, becky was good friends with laura but was also intimated by her age and her confidence, becky looked up to laura she wanted to be as out going as laura was. as steve watched them talk over the garden fence steve started to formulate a plan. later that night as they ate dinner steve asked laura a question,
"do you still want to be with another girl?"
"yeah" laura said.
"ok, well what about becky then?"
"why becky?" laura said suddenly "you like her dont you?". steve felt like they were about to have a big fight, "no not at all, i just thought you got on and..." laura started laughing
"im just messing." steve felt a wave of relief, as laura continued, "i have never really thought about it, i doubt she would be into that anyway."
"ok but lets just say she was, is she what you would like?"
"yeah i guess so, but i dont think it would happen." laura said.
"she idolises you im pretty sure you could." steve replied.
"what, you just want me to ask her if she wants to try some lesbian sex the next time we are talking in the garden?" laura said laughing.
"no, but i think i may have an idea on how to." steve said. laura looked intrigued,
"ok how?" she asked.
"its pretty simple" he said, "a person can plan to seduce another person right?"
"sure" laura shrugged.
"well if a couple worked together and planned together they could easily do it." laura looked at steve, then a sly smile grew across her face,
"im listening." laura said feeling excited by being part of a plan. steve liad his idea out to laura, she listened to it and was impressed by it.
"how long have you been thinking of this?" laura asked with a smirk.
"thought of it earlier." steve said as he ate his meal
"pretty good honey" laura said. she got out her phone and started texting.
"what you doing?" steve asked.
"inviting becky round friday night." laura said smiling. steve and laura went over the plan, it was a thrill for laura to plan a seduction with the help of her boyfriend she liked the idea of pulling the strings to get what she wanted while making it seem like it was happening naturaly. friday evening soon came round, laura got a few bottles of wine in and got ready, laura and steve sat on thier sofa untill a knock came from the door, steve got up and answered it, he let becky in saying hello, they went into the living room, laura got up and greeted her friend, with a light hug. the three of them sat down put on a film nd drank some wine, laura winked at steve as the three of them polished off the first bottle with ease, laura and steve began to slow thier drinking while all the time keeping beckys drink topped. the first film ended but by now all three were talking and laughing and had lost interest in the film, laura gave the nod to steve to start the plan,
"so how was your day?" steve asked becky
"yeah not bad, just chilled through most of it, went into town got some new clothes thats about it how was yours?."
"not bad work sucked but its the weekend now." steve replied. they continued to drink and chat, then laura spoke,
"im bored of films lets play cards." steve got a deck of cards from the drawer and sat at the end of the table, laura took hold of beckys hand and sat her down with her at the other end of the table.
"lets make in interesting, strip poker, boys against girls" laura said, before becky could say anything steve fed his line,
"but there are two of you thats not fair." laura laughed,
"are you affrad?." she said, becky feeling lauras confedence and wanting to act like laura added
"yeah come on steve dont be a pussy." they all laughed laura and steve caught each others eyes and gave each other a quick nod, the plan was going perfectly. steve dealt out the cards and between him and laura secretly working together they played the game making sure the games were won in such a way that laura and becky became completly naked while steve only had his boxers left, laura took sly peeks at beckys body it was good, her tits were bigger then she had thought and her pussy was shaven, laura also caught becky looking at hers too,
"oh well i guess i won that." steve said.
"oh come on at least let us get the chance to get your cock out." laura laghed,
"ok one more game but what do i get if i win?" steve asked,
"you wont." laura said back.
"but if i do?" steve pressed the question again.
"whatever you want." laura replied. they played the game and just like they planned steve won again, he sat back smuggly and said
"i think i would like to see you two kiss."
"is that all?" laura said and turned to becky and gentle kissed her on the lips, this was part of the plan to see beckys reaction, they were both pleased to see she was into it and having fun, and quickly kept it going,
"no no no that wasnt good enough, both of you stand up, put your arms around each other and kiss with tongues". laura shrugged her sholders like it was nothing and stood up, she turned and was surprised to see becky had stood up at the same time, she was clearly enjoying it which was what they wanted. laura pulled beckys body aganst ers, thier tits squished together and the two closed thier eyes and frenched kissed, laura had to play it cool, but she could feel her pussy getting wet as they kissed laura moved her hand and put it on becksy breast she sqeezed it gentley, laura felt beckys hand on her tit, becky did the same soft squeezing, rubbing motion that laura was, laurawas positive that becky would sercome to her seduction, they stopped kissing and sat back down, laura looked at steve, and continued the plan,
"did you like that, hun?"
"yes i did, i would love to see it again." steve said remembering his lines. laura looked at becky as if to ask if she wanted to do it again, becky leaned over and kissed laura, the two of them stood up and again pressed thier bodies together this time thier kiss was more passionate, faster and with a lot more tongue, larua slid her hand down beckys back and on to her ass, then moved her hand arond to the front of becky and placed her hand on beckys cunt, becky didnt flinch or move lauras hand away and laura didnt try to open beckys lips or push a finger inside becky instead she just held her hand agains it, they continued to kiss, becky placed one hand opened wide on lauras tits then slowly ran it down her stomach and rested it on lauras pussy, she also kept her hand placed against lauras cunt, without penatrating. laura slowed the kissing down till they stopped and took hold of beckys hand and the two both sat back down
"you two looked like you enjoyed that" steve said right on que.
"i know i did.2 laura said, hey needed becky to say something positive to know they were on track,
"me too." becky added, laura and steve both smiled, steve knew the next part that things were working would be when laura ran her finger around the rim of her wine glass,
"your a great kisser, becks." laura said as she turned to her friend and leaned towards her,
"thanks, you too." becky said with a giggle, she too leaned in and the two shared another kiss, this time though laura still had hold of beckys hand, and under the table, out of steves site, laura took beckys hand and placed it between her legs and slowly moved it up and down on her clit, then with her hand on top of beckys laura used one of her fingers to push one of beckys fingers into her pussy, becky slowly moved her finger in and out of lauras wet cunt, laura kept her hand on top of beckys to keep becky fingering her as they stopped kissing and looked back at steve, laura reached for her glass of wine, took a sip of it then placed it back down and ran her finger around the rim, steve new that becky was fingering laura now, and acting completly unawear he proceeded with his next line,
"i knew you two would like kiss i just knew it." laura stilll getting fingered replied,
"oh really mr smart ass you just knew did you?, hunny you wouldnt know anything even if it was happening right under this table." becky smirked and tried not to laugh, she was unawear that steve did know what was going on, the joke was a way to make becky feel more at ease and make the whole thing seem like it was all happening naturaly, it also helped the bond between becky and laura, like friends with a secret. becky continued to finger laura under the table, laura looked at steve and mothioned him to come to her, steve got up and walked around the table and stood next to laura, he was still only in his boxer shorts and becky could see his hard cock bouldging inside, steve was stood to the left side of laura who was still sat down with becky to her right steve couldnt see under the table from there and tried not to look so becky would continue to play with his girlfriend, with her left hand laura reached up and took hold of steves boxers, grabbing hold of them at the top in the middle, she pulled her hand straight down and steves massive hard cock sprung out, laura took hold of it at the very base, causing it to droop a little at the end, she then put her mouth over his head and took a long wet suck on it, laura then slowly pushed her mouth further over his cock sucking on it as hard as she could, she then held the cock up and ran her tongue from his balls up his shaft then around his throbbing head, laura then ran her hand up over steves helmet and then back down his shaft she wanked him very slowly, sucking on it as she did, her right hand disappeared under the table and took beckys hand from her cunt, becky was watching laura suck on steves cock, she was getting very wet looking at the massive dick. laura rubbed beckys hand on her tit but kept moving it up, becky watched unable to speak as her hand was taken to steves cock, laura placed beckys hand half way up steves shaft, becky let out a trembling breath as she felt steves thick warm meat in her hand, laura began to slowly move beckys hand up and down steves prick simulating the same wanking speed she had done, she let go of beckys hand and becky continued to wank stevs massive dick while laura sucked on the end of it, laura took steves meat out her mouth she put her hand around the back of beckys head and pulled it towards steves cock, becky couldnt belive what was going on but she was loving it, she wanted the cock in her mouth but didnt want to seem too eager, but laura could tell she wanted it, becky almost fell over laura trying to get to the cockshe put a hand out to steady herself right on to lauras tits, before moving it behind laura and on to the back of lauras chair, becky was now leaning across laura on her knees with her hand on the back of the chair to steady herself her right tits was resting lauras and her ass was to lauras right , becky opened her mouth wide and began to give steve head she sucked on his cock as she thrust it in and out of her mouth. laura used her right hand and slipped it between beckys legs, becky adjusted herself a little to spread her legs a bit more for laura, laura slid two fingers into becky and pumped them slowly, after a few minutes laura stood , this ment becky had to stop sucking on steves cock and move back over to the chair she had been sat on, laura sat on the the table and open her legs wide, she took beckys hands and pulled becky back off her chair, becky was now stood up inbetween lauras legs, laura was still sat up and saw still at about the same hieght as becky, she pulled becky against her and the two began to kiss again, lauara loved the feeling of beckys tits pressed into hers, laura moved her head to the side and becky kissed and licked her neck, laura then leaned back a little and pushed her chest out, becky kissed her way down on to lauras tits she sucked hard on lauras nipples, then flicked at them with her tongue, laura looked down at becky playing with her tits, laura laid back on the table, beckys head was now on her flat, tight stomach, becky kissed it softly moving down and then back up to her belly button, laura wasnt sure if becky was waiting for approval or if she didnt want to, so laura decided to help her out, laura placed her hand on beckys head and gentley pushed it down her body, becky didnt try to fight it at all she slipped down between lauras legs and was now looking right at lauras open cunt, becky looked at it for a few seconds then began to kiss it all over, becky was overwhelmed with excitment, she stuck out her tongue and pressed it against lauras clits and slowly massaged it, as the sensation hit laura she closed her eyes and bit her lip, laura began to move her hips simulating sex, as she did this her pussy rose up a little and beckys lips moved over lauras pussy hole becky felt a warm thick liquid on her lips and chin, she licked it from her lips, it was sweet tasting, becky liked it, she opened lauras pussy with her fingers and pushed her tongue all the way in, she felt lauras pussy juice pour into her mouth she swalloed it and thrust her tongue as deep into laura as she could, laura let out a moan and started to grind her hips harder she reached down and held beckys head in place grinding faster and faster becky thrust her tongue in and out as fast as she could, laura was yailing now, and she soon came, harder then she had ever she let out a long crie of oohhh, before laying back on the tables not moving, breathing really hard and pushing beckys head into her pussy, she relaxed her grip on becky and sat up as she did she pulled becky up and the twwo kissed again becky pushed her tongue into lauras mouth wanting laura to taste her on pussy juice, laura sucked on beckys tongue, enjoying the taste, laura got off the table, still kissing becky, turned her around so that becky was against the table then gentley pushed becky back onto it, becky hopped onto the table and wrapped her legs around lauar, kissed becky some more while she played with her tits, laura then took one into her mouth and sucked on beckys nipple laura played with beckys tits for a few minutes laura then pushed becky down flat on the table and then dropped between beckys legs, laura could see beckys love juice running down her inner thighs, laura immediatly licked it up, running her tongue up to beckys wet cunt, laura wasted no time, and pushed her face into beckys pussy luaras mouth filled with beckys love juice laura swalloed three mouthfuls and women cum, as she licked beckys inner cunt walls, becky moaned in pleasure as laura tongue fucked her, laura was living her fantasy and was enjoying every second of it, laura rubbed her face in beckys pussy feeling her warm soft lips wiping across her nose and cheeks, laura began to lick and suck on beckys clit becky began moan uncontrolably she ran her hands over her breasts and squeezed them hard as she brgan to cum, laura lifted beckys legs a little so beckys ass was on show, she moved down and ran her tongue over beckys asshole, becky was a little shocked but was to worried to stop laura incase it ruined what was happening besides becky kind of liked the feeling of have her asshole tickled by a tongue, laura carried on tickling beckys ass before finaly pushing her tongue inside it, becky flinched at first but soon relaxed lauras tongue was soft and not very long, becky didnt feel any pain instead she felt a new kind of pleasure as lura wiggled her tongue inside beckys ass, eventauly laura went back to beckys soaking wet pussyand licked at it some more, she then moved her head up and took hold of one of her tits, placed the nipple on beckys clit and rubbed it as fast as she could, became screamed out as she came, a small amount of love juice trickled down over lauras tit, laura stood up and pulled becky up to her tits and becky sucked her juice of it, laura pulled becky off the the table gentley and kissed her in a passionate embrace, then laura climbed back up on the table and got on all fours and faced away from becy and steve, laura then reached back and pulled becky against her, becky instinctivly lowerd herself behind laura and started to lick her pussy again, becky was knelt down lick lauras pussy looking up at lauras ass, becky ran her tongue from lauras clit, through her pussy then up over her ass, then pushed her tongue into lauras ass, pushing it in and out, as she did she slipped two fingers into lauras pussy. laura savered the moment having a girls tongue in her ass was amazing and both women were loving every second, laura was being over come with lust, the plan was to sixty nine with becky until they had come a bunch of times, but now laura had an image in her head that really turned her on and was determined to make it real, she got off her hands and knees turned around and kissed becky, as she did she turned around and layed on her back, becky was now lent over lauras head still kissing her, she pulled becky over her, becky climbed on to the table facing the other way moving down lauras body, soo they were in the sixty nine position both eating one anothers ass holes and pussies, laura was looking up at the cieling with beckys pussy on her face, she tilted her head back so she couls see steve and told him to come over, steve wasnt sure what was going on, this was not part of the plan, he came over and laura motioned for a kiss, he bent over and kissed her tasting beckys ass and cunt,
"i want you to fuck beckys cunt, i want drink your cum out of her." steve was a little taken back, he loked at her uncertain, but laura just smiled at him and licked at beckys clit,
"i want to drink steves come out of you." laura said to becky
"ok" becky replied not bothereing to take her face out of lauras pussy, becky had cum a lot of times and was almost in a trance, and now she was going to get fucked by a guy she had had a crush on for a long time. steve postioned himself behind becky and pushed his cock inside her, his balls slapped across lauras face, she continued to rub beckys clit with her tongue occasionaly holding it up and letting steves shaft and balls run across it, becky began to moan loudly as steves massive cock filled her pussy and lauras tongue stimulated her clit, the pleasure was too much for becky she pushed her face hard into lauras cunst sucking on her lips, she smeared lauras love juice all over her face and then pushed her tongue and mouth into lauras cunt hole, steve was banging becky hard on occasion he pulled out and pushed his cock into lauras mouth, deep throating her before putting his cock back into beckys quiviring pussy. steved slammed beckys cunt for twenty minutes while her and laura massaged each others clits with thier tongues, steve pushed his cock into becky deep as he came, becky felt steves cock swell and then fill her with his spunkthis made becky cum again too, steve pulled himself out of becky and let laura lick his cock clean, steve stepped back and watched laura lick beckys pussy until untill his cum began to pour out in to lauras mouth, laura loved the taste of steve and beckys cum mixed together, laura used her tongue to spread the mixed cum all over beckys pussy making in wet and sloppy, laura then pulled becky down over her and kissed her pushing the cum into beckys mouth, they shared the cum as they kissed then went back to sixty nineing each other, becky spat the mixed cum into lauras pussy and covered her cunt in the mixed cum juice. the two women continued to lick and suck on each others sloppy pussies giving each other multiple orgasms with thier tongues and fingers. eventualy the two girls were exhausted, becky climbed off laura and turned around, she lay beside her and the two kissed for many minutes. after, becky, steve and laura got cleaned up and dressed. they talked for a while on the sofa becky and laura agreed that they would be girl friends even though laura was with steve, he was ok with it as they had said that he would be involved with it too as long as sometimes they got do things alone. becky said she was tired and was going home, laura walked her out and kissed her goodnight. when she came back into the house steve was taknig down all the hidden cameras they had set up around the room and under the table. laura kissed him and told him wgat a great boy friend he was and how good the plan had gone, steve told her he was happy she now had a girl friend to play with. laura reassured him he was her first priorty and he be part of time becky came round, with that steve took the camera to his pc and began editing the films to make a movie of that night for him and laura to watch when they fucked next.


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