A continuing fantasy, younger girls....
(Continuing Young girls/developing young women enter my Life, sometimes with a twist in direction… but always with a new experience for this older man…
If you do not like underage sex, stop reading….)

Ping’s mother arrived late, but I was still watching TV, so her requested entry was ok, though my wife and daughter were asleep upstairs.
This was the mother of both a very young Ping, who I had fucked now several times, and Ping’s changing sister-to-brother Lee, who had fucked me 4 times in one go. Was I going to be scolded, whacked, and reported to the Police….? I waited as she entered, closed the screen door, and she came to where I was standing to welcome her. As I was about to wai and offer respectful greetings, she waved that all away and wrapped her lips around mine and her tongue swiftly into my mouth. I staggered back, but her hands were around me, and she held me in strong arms, and kept me right there.

“I want what my children have had, Luong Steve, please. It is ok, they tell me everything, and I accept everything; but what Ping and Lee told me, made me feel…well, you can feel” and she took my hand and placed it squarely on a very wet cunt, without panties!
“Don’t you and your daughter own any panties, Khun…?”
She laughed, “My name is Lin, and yes, we do, but Ping said it would just be a waste of time to wear any, or a bra also.” Lin opened the buttons down the front of her blouse, dropped to the floor on to my mattress, and took it off, revealing large swollen nipples jutting from large breasts, and seemingly ready to lunge at me. But her hands did first, as she tugged at my shorts, down they went, and she fondled my growing cock as she asked “Don’t you have any panties, Steve?

I glanced at the landing to upstairs, and listened, Lin said “We can be quiet, Steve if you fuck me gently and long, I promise to hold any screams inside. But you will fuck me, of that I am sure. A physical fuck; I am not asking for love or emotions: just a pure fuck, man to women.
She lay on her back on the mattress, shucked her short skirt off, and beckoned my body to hers. She had a delectable body to be beckoned to, and I lay down facing her on our sides.
“First about Ping, Khun Lin; I didn’t rape her, or hurt her; she was clear about what she wanted, and, though it was against my better judgement, I am not very strong in resisting a dominant force like Pings, and we did as she directed, while I tried to make it gentle and special for her.”
“As for Lee, that was a surprise, but a pleasurable one, and I didn’t fight him off, didn’t try to, so we did what seemed right for both of us also.”
“I hope this explains that I hope I am not a perverted old man, preying on youngsters; but I do enjoy teaching the youngsters who ask me for Lessons!”

“Well, I don’t exactly need a lesson; rather, I need a refresher, a reminder fuck.” She was direct, no doubt a trait passed on to Ping.

She pulled at my cock, and in response I pulled at her nipples, but she wasn’t here for romance: she only wanted my cock inside her and for it to do its job for her. But I wasn’t such a lover, and I rolled her to all fours and entered her harshly from behind, her cunt accepting me with a squeak, but the lubrication sucking me in no trouble: well at least half-way, where I hit her back wall, and she pulled forward a little.
“Oh my, you are big Steve; perhaps I am too small for you?” “We will manage” I said, and I prodded my cock forward just a few cms.

I soon realized I wasn’t emotionally enjoying this; thankfully my cock knew its physical job and it did the work of pleasuring her, but my emotions were no longer attuned to older/mature women: it just didn’t work for me anymore, not after the youthful pleasure I had been enjoying, even submitting to, of recent times.
Lin didn’t seem to feel my emotional dilemma; she writhed and groaned and grunted, pushed herself back as my cock had no trouble hitting her walls, and she soon pushed at me, dug claws into my buttocks and held me in her for moments until she burst with the stars of an orgasm. She hung her head, wriggled her bottom and clearly felt it begin anew and she gasped as she felt a second one.

Then she surprised me; “can you do to me what my son did to you please?” She wanted me in her arse, a new experience I guess, and perhaps it would help her understand a little more. At least, this my altruistic thought, as I pulled back, slopped a finger in her juice oozing from her cunt, and lubed outside and in her back door opening. My cock found a tight fit, but a slow penetration to allow her time to get used to the feel, and soon my cock’s head was in her, and she only whelped a little.
“Is this your first time, Lin?” She nodded, not speaking, so I said “Try and relax your bottom muscles; it will be more comfortable, but you tell me if you want me to stop, ok?” She nodded again, but I felt a relaxing of her sphincter, and I slipped further inside more easily.
I was grateful when after a few minutes of allowing my cock to probe in and out, she stopped me; “Now I know how it feels, Steve, but I don’t think this style is for me. My cunt is tingling beautifully, and that is enough excitement and sex for me. Thank you for doing this.” She slipped on her skirt, buttoned her blouse and stood; she blew me a kiss and left with a smile on her face.

Whew! I was thankful if she was satisfied, but I wasn’t; and it wasn’t another woman such as Lin who could satisfy me: it now had to be a youngster: an Elsa or her friends, a Ping, Mung, Oh or Kim…or anyone similar if the consent was mutual, or if she was able to dominate me into the ‘Lessons’ I now seemed infamous for.
But above all, they had to be young – no more ‘grown-up’ women as such appealed to me anymore.

My savior came within a few days, when next Mi and I went to the beach – our next attempt to get Mi to walk barefoot in the sand, so we could go for a swim; that was the trade-off I made her: she walk in the sand, Dad would take her into the water! So far we had had good times there, sitting under the umbrella, but Mi clinging with all limbs if I put her anywhere near the sand! Oh well, Dad was patient…we would just keep trying.
The woman who ran the umbrellas we always sat under, who got my beer and ice also, had 2 young daughters always there when we came. Today, the mother yet again watched my persuasive attempts to get Mi’s feet into the sand, smiling at my attempts and my gentle frustration. She sent her daughters over: one was 4 and the other 12, I knew. They offered Mi their hands, and she surprised me by taking them both, Dad in close attendance behind.

Lo and behold! Mi, after an apprehensive look at a smiling Dad saying “It is ok, Mi, see the girls are walking in the sand, no shoes…” took a tentative one step out of her thongs on to the sand! She had no chance to reconsider as the littlest held her hand and pulled her into a stumbling fast walk further on to the sand. Mi squealed – thankfully, in delight, and Dad heaved a great sigh of ‘at last!’
Mi was soon sitting on the sand, not sure about this stuff getting up inside her costume, but happily playing with the bucket and toys I always carried for this one moment of discovered truth to Mi: sand is fun, even if gritty and sticky.

I sat at the side, and the 12y.o. joined me, smiling up at me, almost like a wife sharing in the pleasure of their daughter’s great moment doing a new thing. She and her sister were both very black – Mi was heading the same way after all our swimming outings, while I was much browner than I had been in many years – and they obviously spent their leisure time here at the beach with Mum. She didn’t really talk with me, shy perhaps, not knowing English perhaps, knowing my Thai was limited perhaps; but she seemed content to just sit with me as we watched the 2 little ones, and I called out encouraging words to my Mi.

The water was out on the tide, but the shore wind was blowing, and Mi saw some kids flying their kites. She looked at me “Kite”; I nodded and said “Can you wait here for 1 minute while Dad will go to the car and get your kite, ok?” Normally, she would be up like a rocket, running to hold Dad’s hand and go wherever he was going; but this time she seemed ok to stay. I looked at the girls’ mother and, in Thai, said “Is it ok if I run to the car for 1 minute?” She nodded, and I trusted her enough to watch Mi.

Her 12y.o. – Dee her name she told me – ran with me, holding my hand; at the car, I flicked the immobilizer button and opened the boot where I had Mi’s plane kite, bought on a previous trip as an inducement to get her into the sand…perhaps today was the day. We ran back, Dee still clasping my hand tightly: Mi was as absorbed with her new friend as a minute earlier. Whew!
Dee’s mother smiled ‘ok’ as I huffed my way to my daughter. She looked around, grew excited and said “Kite!” and scrambled to her feet. Dee looked at me, asked “I do for you?” and she and Mi and Doo, the 4y.o.’s name Dee had told me, walked hand in hand down the slight slope to the flat, wet sand where the tide was way out. I put my hat on, filled my beer, and walked close to them, but I let them all play without interference.

Dee unraveled the string, headed the plane into the wind and had only to run a few paces to achieve lift-off. Mi screamed in delight, as did Doo, and as did Dad almost!
Dee was a wonderful carer of little kids; unselfishly showing the youngsters how to hold the string, never getting upset when they got it tangled, always laughing with them when it swooped up or down, and always by their sides. A slightly concerned Dad was never far behind: a Mi falling face down in the sand might not get the same laughter as she was showing now!
After perhaps 15 minutes of fun, the wind dropped for a minute and the kite came down to earth; I said to the girls, “Time for a rest and a drink, come on; after we might have a swim ok?” Mi wanted the kite up again, but she truly was an uncomplaining girl with Dad, and she accepted what I said without tantrums or tears.

I had water for Mi, but told the girls to go and get a drink, gave Dee 30baht, and they came back with only water, and change; ‘well done’ I thought: kids who didn’t immediately buy pepsi/coke or another sugar-filled drink. Of course, I had beer…but that was something different!
I did have some oranges which we all shared, and after that mess, I suggested a swim, and sent the girls off to ask their mother. They ran back, ‘ok’, so I carried Mi and we headed out to meet the shallow water; Dee and Doo ran ahead into deeper water, supremely confident, and Mi wanted to join them. I let her walk until a wave splashed at her face, and she put her arms up for Dad to carry her. Doo then came to me and asked the same: “carry me”, so I had them both in my arms as we stood letting the small waves break over my knees and thighs.

Dee didn’t want to be carried – just as well! She just came and wrapped her arms around my lower body, across my groin; tightly squeezing. It was a baby’s action, but also a provocative one when her arms were joined at the wrist right at my groin, and they moved up and down and around: that was deliberate, rather than an innocent rubbing of a baby, or the action of the waves. I looked down at her grinning face; “are you ok, Luong Steve?” Dee asked demurely. I was a lost man faced with such guilty innocence, and I had to grin in response, not answering but nodding my head ‘yes’. She squeezed a little tighter with her hands now firmly joined and planted over my rising cock.

I squatted down on to my knees, holding the two little ones safely above the water, but aiding the weight I was carrying from the extra buoyancy. But I was letting them feel the waves washing up and down their bodies; Mi, in particular, I need to be wary but unafraid of the sea, and Doo seemed at home with the water at this depth. “Where is your father, Dee?” “Oh, he ran away when Doo was born - we don’t know him, just have Mum.” That explained Doo’s holding on to me, a male to play with for a little while.

On my knees, Dee’s hands were under the water almost, as were the pants legs of my costumes, and her hands now felt their way up them, either side, closing in on the rigid cock still somewhat held in the middle; not for long. Focusing my attention on Mi and Doo, I said “Dee, do you know what you are doing to me?” She laughed “Oh yes, Luong, my mother says this is the way to a man’s heart…way up there!” With that exclamation, she pushed her hands up my hard shaft as if heading for my heart!
I deemed it time to get the girls out of the water, but then Dee’s mother came down to take over. “I need to go to the toilet” I said quietly to her, “Where is it?”

Dee said “I will show you”, and whilst not exactly the best way to go by myself, Dee’s mother said “Yes, better Dee show you; I will take care of the little ones. “ “Dad is just going to the toilet Mi, ok?” Mi never let Dad go by himself – until now; she looked at me, and I knew she understood, but she stayed in the water, clasped in Doo’s mother’s arms now; ‘no worries’, she seemed to say to Dad.
Dee took my hand and led me out of the water, up the little slope, across the walking path, past the sidewalk eateries, exchanging –ribald or other- comments with all of them, and across the road to the clearly-posted sign for the bathrooms: which I could have found myself. I went into the men’s and found I needed to do more than a squirt of piss, so I entered a stall, did what I had to do, washed myself and came out to wash my hands: no soap. Dee was at the doorway, and she said “Follow me, Luong Steve” and I did – into the Ladies Bathroom.

“Dee, I can’t go in there!” “Sure you can, for soap…only take a minute, Luong. Come on!”
I ducked inside, amazed it was empty, ran to the sink, soap, washed my hands, and turned to run out: Dee said “Come with me”, and she led me into a stall and locked the door.

“Oh no” I said to myself, “This is a scam; I am going to be caught with a young girl like this!” Dee said “ssshhh, somebody’s here; be quiet” She was right, somebody entered, and when Dee heard them enter a stall, she unlocked ours and grabbed my hand and ran out laughing.
“You looked so scared Luong Steve, what were you thinking?” She cocked her head to the side, and I felt foolish. I smiled at her, held her hand tightly, and we ran across the road and back to Dee’s mum and my little girl, and Doo: all of whom seemed not to have even noticed our absence. Dee squeezed my hand, “Don’t be afraid of me, Luong Steve.”

But I was. A 12y.o. femme fatale had taken control of me.
Mi was playing happily with Doo, in the sand; I put some sunscreen on her shoulders and exposed neck and a little on her face; I smiled at Doo’s mum: “Mi’s mother complains I am getting her black; I think she looks beautifully healthy – just like your girls.” I asked Mi if she wanted another swim, but she shook her head and said a polite “No Dad”. Doo’s mum said she was about to give Doo her lunch, could Mi join them, and I said that was fine, and would she mind if I had a quick swim – I never have the chance taking care of Mi all the time. She smiled, “No problems, take Dee with you; she also takes care of Doo all the time, but she also likes a little freedom now and again. Don’t worry, Mi will be fine, and I will keep showing her where you are. Have a good swim!”

Dee was very happy, and she and I ran into the water, after I told Mi Dad is going for a swim; she was unconcerned.
The tide was coming in, so it wasn’t so far to the water’s edge; but this beach had a very flat bottom and you have to wade quite a way out to get to a depth for swimming. I kept looking and checking Mi, but she looked up once and waved, then turned back to her sand games with Doo. Oh, I was so happy we, and Mi particularly, had met up with Dee and Doo today: Mi’s first foray into the world of sand under her feet, a swim, and now playing in the sand – the same sand she used to be so wary of.

Dee said “Mi will be fine, Luong Steve; my mum and Doo will take care of her; come on, let’s swim.”
I looked at Mi one last time, and ran ahead of Dee and dived under the waist high water, a few strokes, and up for some strokes on the surface. Then I stopped and found Dee right beside me, then right in front of me, then behind; she was circling me like a shark stalking its prey: and I was sure I was the prey.

Without a doubt I was, as she swam in close to grope my cock, swam away and circled yet again. What could a normal man do? Grow a raging hard cock is what. Dee was small, lithe and lean, and lightning fast as she had me turning every which way to try and catch her. But her hands flashed at my groin, knowing what was there was growing, and then she came from behind, clasped her legs around my waist, her feet dangling and rubbing my groin, and her arms around my neck, and she was kissing my back: a 12y.o. Aphrodite, seemingly knowing far more than her years. I sank into the water, as much to hide her as to perhaps drown myself.

I couldn’t pry her legs away, so I used the length of my arms to reach her buttocks: how lean and tender they felt in my hands! I tickled them somewhat, perhaps groped them a better description, and couldn’t resist my fingers going to the crotch of her swimsuit, lightly poking at what was there within: her young, tiny cunt.
Now she bobbed in the water, and I probed again, and she swiveled right around my body, now locking legs behind me and pressing her groin against my groin; her cunt against my cock. Her arms were around my neck, so she couldn’t fall, so my hands were free, and I slid them between us to take hold of the little nubs which would become her breasts. She leaned her head back and groaned.
“I have done this before Luong Steve, and I told you: ‘don’t be afraid of me’. My father raped me for a year from age 10, but my mother threw him out when she found us one day. But I loved the feel of his cock in me, and have wanted it again ever since: now I have chosen you to do it.”

I was one moment feeling sorry for her, and the next flabbergasted! My cock was oozing pre-cum, mixing with the salt water as Dee released her hands from my neck, legs from my waist, and she slipped my costumes down to hold my cock in 2 small hands, then one hand, as she fumbled with her own costumes and pulled one side away from her cunt, pressing the head of my cock through the space. I was a bystander, allowing all that seemed to be happening to happen.

Her cunt was, naturally, small, but she knew how to use her muscles, and she sucked me in centimetre at a time, and as added inducement, she pressed her mouth to mine, and sucked my tongue also, a hard, longing suck rivaling her cunt muscles for the length she could take inside her body’s openings.
After a few minutes, she had all she wanted, everywhere she wanted, and we fucked mouth and cunt, there in the breaking waves, the water aiding the motions of groin to groin and mouth to mouth.

I had what I wanted also: a young body enveloping my own, caressing my cock within the folds of a cunt so young, but so wantonly old. Dee was a wonderful youthful lover, so her father (whatever may have been his faults about father-daughter incest) must have been a caring lover and had taught her well how to enjoy sex; we did.
He must have also had a decent-sized cock, as I wouldn’t have believed Dee’s little body could take my prick; but she did, all of it, with only a whimper and a sigh when it hit her back wall at full-length, and only a few centimetres of me outside her cunt lips. Her hands were gripping my back, scratching but her nails were short enough to not cause me pain, as she let her costumes fall against my cock, no longer needing to pull the crotch aside: I was in there, where she had intended I be, and where I had wanted to be, to be honest.

In the little waves, the buoyancy was a beautiful way to have sex, and Dee moaned and groaned her way to…an orgasm? I didn’t really believe a 12y.o. pre-pubescent girl could have one, but she certainly exhibited the powerful signs of one: clenched thighs around my cock, a heaving of her body and a jet of juice even I could feel in the water, before she laid her head against my shoulder, shuddering. I ploughed in again, and she shuddered continuously, biting against my collar bone hard.

Unlike with Lin, my balls were aching for release today, and I murmured to Dee “Did your daddy ever cum inside you Dee?” She nodded “Every time, but he said nothing could happen. Do you want to cum inside me Luong Steve, oh yes please?” And as I thrust again, I said the same words her father had “Nothing will happen to you Dee, trust me.”
My cock erupted in her tiny canal, and spurt after spurt of stored semen burst up through my cock and into her. Dee screamed into my shoulder, held me so tight, but pushed her groin and cunt at me so I was as deep as she could possibly take, and her climax was a long, noisy, biting one.

I hadn’t noticed, but the movement of the tide and the waves had pushed us towards the shoreline, and I heard Dee’s mother call out, quite close, “Would you like some lunch; it’s ready?” I threw my head towards her, and she was smiling; she nodded her head once, as if to say ‘it is ok’ and turned back to the 2 small ones.
Amazingly, my costumes were still around my ankles, and I gently disengaged my cock from Dee’s cunt, and pulled her costumes together over her groin, and mine up my legs and over a cock feeling still full of life. Dee was anything but: she lolled in my arms, but I had to rouse her to get us out of the water and up to her mother. Finally, she understood, and though she stumbled, we walked up the sand and collapsed into chairs at the table. Mi looked at me and said “Dad tired, sleep now.”

She was so right, and she was also tired, so I got her bottled milk, laid her in my lap to cuddle her as she drank, and there we both slept.

When Mi woke, waking me, it was late afternoon, the sun heading low on the horizon – and Dee’s mother’s hand in my costume’s leg fondling my cock. Mi sat up, pressing her bottom into my lap, pressing the hand on my cock even harder on my cock.
“I just wanted to feel what Dee had inside her” she said; I started to speak, but she placed her other hand over my mouth gently “It is ok; I knew what Dee was doing with you, even as I knew what she and her father were doing. I didn’t stop it for a long time, until I realized Dee was enjoying it too much, and at 10-11y.o. it wasn’t right. But today, at 12y.o. it is clear she wants to have a man inside her; I wanted to feel what it was: it feels nice.”
“It’s all right; I just wanted to feel again: I have given up on sex since my husband….” “You shouldn’t” I said with a smile “I have too, with my wife, with other women; but – forgive me – with girls like your Dee, they take over and it happens. Perhaps it will happen again for you.”

After I took Mi over to shower; now she felt the sand was annoying in her bottom and everywhere! We changed clothes, packed up, said our ‘byes to Dee, Doo and their mother, and we headed home, a much later hour than expected, on a day of so much happening which was unexpected.

(End of Part 10)
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