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If you never had it happen to you, how do you know what you would do?
Apologize in advance for any errors that I missed during editing. I don't do this professionally. Even with the errors I hope it's enjoyable.
In this story I'm not very deive with the scenes, the sex or the death scenes. I do hope I put enough content in that they make sense.

What would you do to a cheating spouse?

My name is Matthew Carter. This all started nearly a decade ago at the time I was married for a little over three years to my wife Kimberly Lorraine who friends call her Kim most of the time. I call her KL as my pet name for her. Most people would assume it was her initials but it's not and before you ask it's private. I was in the Air Force when we met, I was a Captain, she loved a man in uniform and I was an impressive site. I stood 6 foot one weight 180 pounds well-muscled body. I did not's look like the typical nerd, but I was in IT and work mainly with computers and computer networking. I had not decided yet to make the Air Force a career or not although I made Capt. on my first go around and all high proficiency marks on each and every evaluation.

It looked like I was going to go far in my Air Force career until one day someone proved the old adage if you give an idiot enough rope he'll hang the whole unit. My supervisor, who I'll refer to her now as Col. Korn, made a really very stupid decision. I had to go along with it, she out raked me, and I was stupid enough not to get the order in writing. When General Nuisance discovered what Col. Korn had fouled up, the shit hit the fan. No, these are not real names. I was chosen to be the scapegoat, gone were the perfect evaluations. My decision to leave the service was simple after that. But I had enough time on my contract to either repay for my schooling or spend a year in small remote station, where my wife couldn't join me. Gen. Nuisance told me if I did well there he would clear my record. I doubted that to be true. It was just a method so I didn't raise too much hell for his pet Col.

Being in the services tough on a marriage, being in the service in a remote location is brutal on a marriage. I maybe get to call once or twice a month, I wouldn't even get to see KL any time during that year. We had to stay in touch as best we could, use e-mail and my sporadic phone calls. After the first month, her e-mails become shorter and coming less often. Sometimes I didn't think she even read the ones I sent her. I had a few friends back at base where she stayed mainly because she didn't have to give up our house and had a job in the area. I asked my friend Rachel, who is also in my old unit she knew what the raw deal I had gotten, she would mind checking in with Kim I think she may be a little depressed.

One Friday afternoon five weeks after my deployment, she actually got off work early she ran by my house to see if Kimberly would like to go have dinner with her. Kimberly knew her from when we were dating, Rachel and her then boyfriend would double date with us when we just started going out. When Rachel turned onto my street she noticed a staff car parked behind my car in the driveway to my house. Seen it there she panicked knowing the military notify personal death by officers accompany with a chaplain they always ride official staff cars to do this. Rachel parked on the street and ran to my door knocking on it hoping it wasn't what she feared. When Kim comes to the door dressed only in a house coat, her face wasn't expression of embarrassment not grief Rachel knew. A hat rested on the coffee table it had a general rank insignia. Rachel suspected who it was. When Kim turned down Rachel’s invitation very hastily Rachel made it an open offer then quietly left.

Rachel proved to me what kind of a friend she actually was when she made a very expensive phone call to let me know what she had seen, she actually called from her cell phone while she still set on the street a block away, waiting for the staff car to leave. She asked me if there's any possibility that this was a platonic event. That the general was a friend of hers just to come by to check on her well-being. When I reflected back on their meeting the general admired my wife more than what a man, and a married one, should admire another man's wife. I didn't like it then but I wasn't about to do anything about it not with him just looking.

I decided the plan of action. I was going to put hidden cameras and microphones all throughout my home. The only problem I was 4000 miles away with no way of getting there. I could hire a private investigator to surveillance the home but they would not install cameras inside.

I continued e-mailing Kimberly just like normal trying to make sure I didn't tip my hand. Although I made sure I called when she wouldn't be able to answer the phone not trusting myself to actually speak to her.

I wrote an e-mail to Rachel explaining my plan to her. Rachel is also in IT and was an excellent installer she also had a friend of hers that would be willing to help. He hated the general also. I told Rachel to be very careful or she may be in the next barracks over from me.

Going into the small village I purchased a new laptop and installed several pieces of software that would allow it to go on the Internet as a ghost. I created an e-mail account using false names and other false e-mails; I didn't want anyone to be able to easily trace it back to me.

I ordered all the parts for the surveillance gear online and have them dropped at a mailbox for Rachel to pick up. I was trying to make the parts and traceable. I did not want any possible connection to Rachel. I use prepaid cash cards with false names to pay for them. The mailbox was also under a false name, and Rachel has the combination no need for her to speak to anyone to pick them up.

Kimberly hated going into the basement she would barely go just to the laundry room area and quickly leave, she never explained why she had a fear of the basement. I had to go clean the cobwebs out prior to leaving just so she'd use the laundry. So the basement was a logical place to put a computer with lots of hard drive space to store the video until I could review it. Once reviewed the video and took all the incriminating footage I would back it up to the cloud. Had Rachel install a key tracking program on Kim's PC and set it up to transmit to image server in the basement for me to review online. The one good thing about being 4000 miles away is I'm in a different time zone allowed me to do this without Kimberly noticing a slowdown when she would normally be online.

A week after Rachel at all the parts was simply waiting a time to install them. The general got a temporary duty assignment for conference out-of-state he would be gone a week. Rachel drop by again to speak with Kimberly she told her she had some time the next week and will be free. Kim like before hastily turn down Rachel's offer. When Rachel tries a different day the same thing happened again, Rachel asked if she was free any day that week. Kimberly again was quick to turn down and explained that she would be going out of town for about four or five days the following week. Rachel just dropped it and asked if she was free tonight, Kim accepted that offer as a general had driven on by seeing the car in the driveway.

Rachel had a key that I sent to her, when Kim was in the bathroom getting ready to leave, Rachel checked to make sure the key still worked, now certain that she had access for the following week Rachel was ready for the installation.

The following week was only the seventh week of my year in the ice box, I start calling this place the ice box because no matter what time of year it was, it was cold. The days were very long the nights are very short and it was still cold, in six months the days will be very short around 20 minutes, and a nights very long. I wasn't looking forward to any of my time I had left here.

Wednesday and I got a call for Rachel again the installation was complete she piggybacked off my wireless, and the wireless of the couple of my old neighbors. The cameras were the secure type even if they knew they were there they couldn't access the images. She gave me the Internet protocols and addresses for the image server. We did a quick test run and I can see her move from room to room and nearly real time with only a few seconds delay. Rachel closed the house up ensuring everything was identical to when she started. She was a little paranoid about this she even took digital photographs to ensure she didn't move anything and if she had she would replace it back in its original spot. The only thing different from Rachel coming into the home till she left was in the basement in a far corner my wife had placed all my belongings boxed and discarded. Rachel use these boxes to conceal the server she built a platform to keep it off the floor the boxes concealed the server and the cool the basement helped preventing the fans from making excessive noise.

I use the Internet to watch the footage and deleted any empty recordings which contained nothing of interest. Saturday morning I got my first real interesting video, the general showed up in golfing attire. Obviously his alibi to his wife was he is golfing. While he was there I called the golf club and had him paged. I didn't even wait on the line for any reply. It was enough to prove that he wasn't at the course. It didn't take the asshole and my wife long to go straight to the bedroom. I'll spare myself the pain of retelling you about their adultery. You can imagine how much it hurt seeing that. He was there for about all of ten minutes he shorter than me in a lot of ways.

Two minutes after he was done I gave my wife a call when she didn't answer and it went to the answering machine I was sure to leave a sweet message to her. I lied, I told her how much I loved and missed her how much I was looking forward to coming home. I even told her I wanted to make children as soon as we had the chance. She had wanted a child more than I did before I left, now I wonder if I had knocked her up she might not be doing this, but on the other hand it's much easier to leave the cheating bitch without a child involved.

When they came in and listen to the recording I was recording what they did and what they said. He asks her. “Are you really going to let him impregnate you?”

Her reply to him was. “Fuck no! Just before he gets back I'll let you get me pregnant.”

That set my time for my revenge, just over ten months from now I'm due to return. If she was going to do that to me I use it as part of my revenge. I was going to make sure I filed for divorce the first day that early pregnancy test would tell her she's pregnant. Now the question is what to do to the general, as a general he is a very powerful person and could ruin any chances I would have in any job. I wonder if he would give in to blackmail, print, copy or steal classified information to keep his affair secret. A security breach would strip him of his rank and privileges, possibly even seem him sentenced to Leavenworth for a long, long time. Truly I didn't any part of treason. Two wrongs never make a right.

I am certainly going to make sure his wife had the information so she too could file for divorce on the same or around the same time I did. I was also going to make sure I shared this information of his illegal affair, with the Air Force Jag. It's against the uniform military code of justice or UMCJ, for a superior officer to have an affair with the junior officer’s wife. The day after the Jag got it I would make sure the press got a copy too. That way the Jag would be forced to act, not just covering up a small affair, and have the general retire with all the benefits. Well his wife would take half of his retirement, plus whatever else the civilian court would give her. All I really had to do was set back and let them incriminate themselves.

Before the general left my house I again page him at the golf course. This time I left a message for him to call home. I didn't think it would tip them off but it might tip his wife off if she is being suspicious of him. Hell if she got her own private investigators gathered evidence against him made her own Jag complaint, all I had to do is file a complaint and have my records expunged removing that one bad performance report. I know that would save my career. Shit my dad had a Congressman for a friend, I play him that last recording that should be enough to get that done for me.

I had another idea, I would complain about being stationed here when they were together. I wanted to see if the two of them have a conversation about that. Who knows the general may admit that he sent me here just to have access to Kimberly. Or the two of them may even laugh about it, and admit it’s both their ideas.

Over the next two weeks I get a total of ten hours of video footage of them together, most of the time he is supposed to be on duty, which would be dereliction of duty another UMCJ offense. With only a few seconds delay I can watch and get an idea of approximately what time he would be with Kim. I sent Rachel e-mail telling what I suspected given her heads-up that I might need some confirmation on a few dates where he was out of the office.

Time here past slowly, the two cheaters made love in the bedroom which made it very easy to gather just footage I needed. They fell into a pattern where he would come by between two and two thirty and leave by four in the afternoon. Usually two to three times a week they would spend time together. I got quite a lot of footage of them together. Because of the time difference I can usually watch it live if I wanted to. But after a while I really got sick of them.

Some men say it turns them on the see someone else with their wives not me. In the small village they had a Starbucks, go figure, with a Wi-Fi I would sit there in there after duty in a corner booth sipping my coffee and copying the files over. Occasionally I would listen to them using their phones to be discreet. Sometimes I would just copy it to the laptop for later.

Kimberly only answered the phone twice from the time I got there until November. I would use a laptop to record everything she said. It was harder to lie to her life than on the answering machine. I talked to her, with every fiber of my being wanting to scream at her, I know what you been up to bitch. I cut phone call short or just simply disconnected. The next call or e-mail I would apologize for being cut off. I spent a lot of time describing the weather in those e-mails not wanting to talk about anything really important.

Near the Christmas holidays I place that phone call I watched as they ignored the phone ringing. When the answering machine picked up I began. “It's just about Christmas and I may not be able to call again. So if you're there please pick up…” It almost looked like she tried to get up and he wouldn’t let her. So I continued. “I miss you so much. I love you and I can't wait to be home again. I'm sorry I'm not there to be with you I feel I let you down. I'm not there to protect you or even to comfort you. I love you so much. I wish the general had never sent me here. I wish I just resigned my commission even if I had to pay back for the school the Air Force sent me to. I better go now someone else needs their turn on the phone maybe they'll have better luck than I did. Bye I love you.” I hung up the phone, and watched as it recorded.

My wife laughs and says. “One of these days I'm going to have to talk to him or he's going to suspect something's going on. I know you you're not going to divorce your wife even when I'm caring your baby. So I need his stupid ass to keep a roof over my head.”

The general said. “Your asshole the husband is never going to figure this out. I'll send him to another out of the way spot, and you will be right here. Maybe a tour in the Middle-East, and then sent him right back to where he is at.”

My wife began laughing. “If you don’t bring him back, even a moron would know the kids not his, you want your wife to know what you do with your afternoons. Besides that you need to fix his career so I don't end up married to a career Capt.”

The general looked angry then begin the dress, he said to my wife. “I will not be coming over here on Saturday some jackass keeps paging me at the golf course.” Using the ghost for voice over IP I called his office when I was told the general wasn't available I disconnected. I know call logs sometimes are required for general officers. This was another piece of evidence I was generating.

About an hour after the general is gone, Kimberly plays the recording again when it finishes she plays it one more time she is starting to smile listing to it after it finishes the second time she plays it for a third time at the end of it she is laughing she laughs so hard she wipes a tear off her cheek before hitting the delete button. She says to herself. “I got that idiot wrapped around my little finger.”

January comes and goes and he spends more time with her. It's February and is near the middle her cycle, I'll be home in a month and I know this is a time she is planning on becoming pregnant. I waited until one day when I know the general be with Kimberly. It was near the time for me to file for divorce. I e-mailed base Jag using software to mask and redirect my IP address on my ghost computer, a death threat on the general I even gave the address of where the assassination was going to occur, my house. I knew that they security would rush there probably kicking the door and find them in bed together. This may or may not be enough to start process, but I’ll also e-mail his wife with the information that her husband was having an affair and where the find him at. That worked out far more differently than I could ever anticipate. Apparently this was not his first affair and his wife had threatened to kill him if she ever caught him at it again.

It only took her four minutes to get there, three minutes faster than they security. The dumb asses even left the front door unlocked my wife and the general had become so complacent. When his wife walked in she closed and locked the door quietly behind her. She was carrying a 9 mm pistol walking into the bedroom she lifted it up as the two were still copulating as my wife shouted. “THAT'S IT CUM IN ME LOVER I WANT YOUR BABY. At this point the general’s wife cocked the pistol aiming right at the back of his head. The general was seated with my wife laying on the bed with her legs over his shoulders the position that my wife found too painful for me I would push too deep. She just stood there. Base Security saw the general staff car in the driveway they knew they were at the right home.

The general turns facing his angry wife the gun pointed directly in his face when base security shouted. "Open up Military Police."

When no one immediately opened the door they kicked it in, the noise startled his wife who fired hitting the general right in the face. He fell forward not quite covering Kimberly set there screaming covered in his blood. Panicked Kimberly kicked at the general rolling him off of her, Kimberly screaming the entire time. Security heard the shot and screams immediately rushed into the bedroom seeing the woman with the gun they opened fire.

Unlike Hollywood bullets don't always stop in the first person they hit many times it will go straight through and injure or kill the person behind them. Unfortunately that was my wife, they fired six times with two bullets striking a screaming terrified Kimberly, and although immediately not fatal the delay caused by the confusion over what just occurred slowed them calling an ambulance. Kimberly lay there bleeding profusely as his cum trained from her cunt. Kim passes out shortly from loss of blood and still they haven't called an ambulance. If they hadn't hesitated, and ambulance arrived five minutes sooner she may had survived.

I set there horrified as those events played out in front of me. It's odd the things that go through your mind in a situation like that. Would have the general’s wife killed Kim? If Kim survives the horror of that stop her from cheating? Would she still get pregnant? Could I forgive her after that? I didn't want this to happen to her, hell I didn't want it to happen to either of them.

With those events I was notified by the base chaplain of my wife's death. Then he tells me the official storyline. I informed the chaplain what the truth really was. I was angry and took it out on the chaplain I played him that last fifteen minutes of my wife's life. I tell him the entire truth how I suspected her having an affair. How I hired an individual to install surveillance equipment, I lied to protect Rachel. How I had planned for him to be called having an affair by security then his wife was to walk in. How I was going to send her a complete copy of all their activities. Make him watch it over as I continue. She had walked in with a gun and kills him, how security was late. How they didn't even call an ambulance until Kimberly probably bled to death. He starts to cry, only then do I realize I had been crying the entire time.

Later after calming down, I back up all the recorded video, especially that last day I called my father explained to him what all had happened. He was already notified by the military but with no explanation. I had him download what was in the cloud. Being 4000 miles way, I couldn't stop Dad from watching. I told him not to, but as he watched it. He became angry, and I can tell his anger was equal to my own.

I called a Jag lawyer and I explained to him everything, I told them my intentions were simply to have his ass caught in the act, how I informed security several minutes before his wife. How his wife is actually beaten security to my address. I asked if there's any way that I could be held responsible for the actions of the general's wife. I had set up the laptop to record all my conversations with timestamps at the beginning and ending. I presented my laptop it had a full set recordings of my wife's and the generals activities and conversations. I had created backups sending both out the day before; I created two more before handing over my laptop to Jag. I give one to the base commander and ask if he keep it for safekeeping. The other I hand it to a retiring staff Sgt. with the instructions to keep it safe and only posted on the Internet if I was being made a scapegoat again. I showed him that last recording; he had a wife to do the same, so he was definitely in my corner.

My father received his copy although it was smashed; he had an IT firm that could reconstruct nearly 90% of the original files. With the copy of the cloud files, it was enough to show the Air Force was to blame for my wife's death. He showed it to the congressman who immediately stopped the military from making me a scapegoat once again. When I informed him my commander also had a copy he sent an aide to retrieve it. Apparently my commander had some dealings in the past with that particular general. He gave a congressional aide my copy but he informed him that he had created several other copies and have them move to other individuals he trusted. He requested that my bad performance report be expunged.

Apparently the general and his wife were consoling my wife when a terrorist attack takes their lives. The general was buried with military honors and I was requested to being part of his honor guard. Now isn't that freaking ironic. I respectively turn down the offer. I was order to attend, I was also ordered, to keep my mouth shut about the general’s activities. I requested clarification of that order, on which activities that I was order remain silent, his dereliction of duty while having an adulterous affair with the junior officer’s wife? I made them put that order in writing, but they refused.

That was the terrorist attack was official story, until my father showed a copy of how my wife died. Dad filed a lawsuit against the Air Force for me, which was quickly settled out-of-court with more money than I thought I would ever see. Put it this way the Air Force bought one less fighter that year.

With the Congressman's help everything was quietly accomplished my bad report that sent me out to the icebox was expunged, Col. Korn quietly retired.

Needless to say I still left the Air Force when my contract was up. I started to date Rachel shortly after I returned. Rachel decided also to leave the military her contract was up three months after mine.

At the house I remove all the recording devices and have it thoroughly cleaned and ready the house for sale. I remove and donating all the furniture to charity, I didn't want anything to ever remind me of her.

When I told Rachel of the settlement she asked. "What do you attend to do with the rest of your life?"

"Stay someplace warm and keep a good woman by my side." I pulled Rachel’s nude body closer to me.

Rachel giggled and said. “Oh yes Mat that sounds good to me.”

Six months later Rachel and I married. Now I'll never have to leave her side. I'm glad she wouldn't have it any other way. One day when Rachel was busy around the house she set me down with a good book and told me to read it. I wasn't worried as long as she was within the same house as I was. That afternoon she flipped on our computer system to show me what she'd been up to. The house was fully wired every room was covered by two different angles at least. Every spot in the house where we made love had three or more cameras focused on it.

"Why did you do that love?" I asked her being very confused.

Rachel is giggling as she replies. “So we can record our lovemaking. That way we can determine exactly when you impregnate me.” I pulled her close kiss her passionately and then start removing her clothing.

That was a few years ago, with no way of figuring out the exact time she became pregnant, we simply keep all of the recordings from that week. Today we're transcribing our fourth week onto a more permanent media. Rachel's puts our two-year-old daughter back to sleep in her bed, we look in on our five-year-old son, and his four-year-old brother as they sleep peaceably. Our life keeps getting better as I gently rub her belly caressing our unborn child. Rachel asked. “Do you think it's going to be a girl or boy this time?”

I'm not sure what strikes me because I say. “Twin girls.”

Rachel giggles and says. “Good, we’ll have you guys outnumbered then."

The best part about Rachel is I know for sure she loves me. We are good friends and respect each other, which makes it easier. I have learned what love truly is, it so much better with Rachel than it ever was with Kim. I don't even really want to compare the two, but if I have to, being with Kim was like standing under the moon on a cold night, compared to being with Rachel is like standing in the bright warm sun. If you ever spent a year where you're chilled even in the middle of summer, you would know how good that really feels. It seems I just love to sun bathe now.

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2017-01-23 04:45:00
Sounds like what happened to me. AD/TDY in far away places is damn hard!


2017-01-03 07:11:14
I Feel Sorry for the General's Wife. She Never Wanted Her Husband Dead just Scared. The 2 Traitors got theirs one from his Wife the Other from the MP's

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2016-03-10 03:27:23
Interesting fantasy. Generals never go to Leavenworth. they are demoted to their previsions permanent rank and retired. Costs them thousands in retirement per year and their honor. Have seen Captains and a Major at Leavenworth demoted to E-1 as prisoners.

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2016-02-04 21:45:00
Reads like a poor translation with no editing? A good story though.

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2014-12-12 05:46:04
Excellent story it is great that finally a woman gets what she deserves, for cheating a bullet. If all us guys that found out a woman was cheating could have that happen women would stop being slutty whores.

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