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My sister finds out what she is
Sister – Brother – Lover

Chapter One

I never thought about it much but I knew my sister was different. Pat was a year younger than me and we were always on good terms. I saw how the sisters of my friends were, teasing, snobbish, and mean. I would hear the guys tell stories about their sisters being a pain and realize how lucky I was.

When she became a teenager she turned into a real looker. Not only were her hair and figure gorgeous but she had the sexiest skin. I had to keep reminding myself that she was my sister but there was no ignoring what a beautiful woman she was becoming.

This story starts when I was 15 and Pat was 14. I knew that mom was concerned about something and she was making doctor appointments for Pat. They were not saying why which made me curious. Pat seemed fine but I still worried she might have cancer or one of those serious illnesses.

Finally when mom was not around I told Pat how worried I was and asked if she was sick. The smiled and told me that her periods hadn’t started and that mom thought they should have. Pat was never embarrassed about sex. She would discuss a romantic movie scene or the latest school gossip openly with me. With mom she had learned to be more careful lest she get a lecture on modesty.

I told her that from what I heard about periods she should consider herself lucky. We both laughed at that and she said she was not looking forward to them. I was relived that it didn’t sound like my sister was going to die.

There were more doctor appointments and then a specialist. One afternoon mom and Pat came home from seeing him and that was the day it all changed. I could tell something was wrong. Pat was crying and mom was ignoring her. Pat went straight to her room and mom went to hers.

This made no sense to me. If Pat had something serious then why wasn’t mom being supportive. I wasn’t going to let my sister cry alone so I went into her bedroom and sat on the bed next to her. I put my arm around her shoulder and pulled her close. At first she resisted but then gave in and leaned on me sobbing.

I really wanted to know what was going on but knew it was too soon to ask. I let her cry and after a while it started to come out. “It’s not my fault.” I nodded my head “Of course it isn’t”. “Why is mom blaming me?”

I had no idea what was going on but I took a guess. “She is just confused and upset and needs time.”

Pat got a little angry at that point. “She is confused! What about me? I am the one this is happening to! I am the one who’s entire future is ruined!”

This wasn’t sounding good and I desperately wanted to know what was going on. Was Pat going to die? Going blind? Getting her legs amputated? I couldn’t wait any longer. “You know I will always be there for you. What did the doctor say?”

She looked up at me and blurted out. “The doctor said I am not your sister!”

I stared at her trying to figure out what she meant. “You are adopted?” I had seen pictures of mom when she was pregnant so I didn’t think this was the case but you hear stories of kids finding that out.

She looked down at her feet. “No, we are related but I am not your sister.” She took a deep breath and blurted out. “I'm your brother!”

Now I was even more confused. Adoption would not have changed how I cared for her. But how could my long legged perky titted sister be my brother?

She must have seen my confusion. “I have male pseudohermaphroditism.”

That didn’t help. “I don’t know what that means.”

She had stopped crying and explained obviously quoting the doctor. “It means genetically I have an XY chromosome like you so I am male. But due to a genetic defect my body didn’t respond to the testosterone that would make me look male.”

Talk about needing time to process! If my mom wasn’t acting so weird and Pat wasn’t crying real tears then I would have thought she was playing a joke on me. We had studied about the XY and YY thing in school and I thought I understood it but now she was telling me that her genes said one thing and her body another.

Suddenly Pat started to tear up again. “That’s why I never had periods and I can never make love or be married or have a baby and everyone is going to think I’m a freak!” And she put her face on my shoulder and cried.

I may not know much about women, or pseudo what ever, but I knew what to say. “I don’t think you are a freak. Whether you are my sister or my brother I still love you and will always be there for you.”

She pulled back a little and looked into my eyes and smiled a bit and I knew I had said the right thing. Then she started sobbing again. I could feel her tears wetting my shirt. “And how is anybody else going to know about your private medical condition?” The doctor isn’t going to send a memo to school you know. If you don’t tell anyone they will treat you the same as always.”

Pat pulled away and there was anger in her look. “And what about when I start dating. What if I am making out with a guy and he finds out I am not really a girl?”

I didn’t have a ready answer to this as it was entering an area that was awkward to think about. I couldn’t look her in the eye. “I don’t know. You look like a girl so I always assumed everything matched. Are you different down there?”

Pat teared up again. “I always thought I was normal but how do I know? It’s not like I compared myself to other girls. What if I am deformed down there?”

I pulled her close and we were silent as I thought about that. “Look, you went to the doctor a bunch of times and they examined you, right?”

Pat gave me a doubtful look. “A bunch of different doctors looked at me. It’s not fun having strangers poke and prod down there.”

One again I was glad to be a boy. “And did they tell you anything was wrong? I mean before they found out this XY thing.”

She seemed ready to argue. “No, but that is not the same.”

To make my sister happy I was ready to argue as well. “Then you tell me how some boyfriend, who probably has no idea of what a pussy is supposed to look like, will ever think you are anything but a gorgeous girl.”

She opened her mouth in surprise. “I can’t believe you said that.”

“You mean pussy. I’m sorry if I offended you but it is what we were talking about.”

Pat smiled. “Not pussy. You said I was gorgeous.”

I smiled back glad that she was feeling better. “You are the prettiest girl in school. I know it and all the guys know it and now you know it. Don’t let it go to you head.”

She looked serious again. “But I still can’t have a baby.”

I hugged her again. “I know. But sometimes women can’t have babies and they can still be happy. You could adopt one.”

Pat signed resignation. “You’re right. Not everyone is able to get pregnant.”

I gave her a serious look. “And I don’t have to worry about some guy knocking you up in high school.”

She gave me a look that should have struck me dead and punched me in the arm. “That was mean.” But then she leaned back against me so I knew she wasn’t really mad. “So what do I tell people? Arlene knew I was going to the doctor and is going to want to know”

Arlene was her girlfriend. I thought for a moment. “If you tell her the truth then it will be all over school. It doesn’t matter if she promises, she will still tell someone. Tell her just what she needs to hear.”

Pat nodded and I continued. “Tell her that the doctor found that there was a problem with your ovaries. That is why you don’t have periods and that he doesn’t think you can have kids. If she asks for details tell her you don’t remember all the medical words”

She nodded again. “And then she will understand why I am upset but won’t think I am a freak.” She smiled at me again. “How did you get to be so smart?”

“I have to be smart. I am the big brother.” We both laughed. "You should call her now and tell her.”

Pat nodded and gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. She picked up the phone and started to dial so I left her room. Back in my room I sat there trying to wrap my mind around what I had learned.

I thought about the XY thing and the hormones that made me a male. I thought how good it had made me feel to be supportive to my sister. I thought about her dating and making out. I thought about her pussy wondered if it was normal and what it looked like.

That was one thought too many and I soon had a boner. Being a teenage boy just saying the word pussy gives me a boner. Pretty soon I was rubbing my pants and then, without even deciding to, I had it out and was stroking it.

That was when my sister burst into my room. She started to say something but froze when she saw what I was doing. Instead of blushing our turning away she got this really thoughtful expression. Finally I covered myself and whispered “Didn’t you ever hear of knocking?” I whispered because as embarrassing as having my sister walk in the idea of my mother coming to see what we were shouting about was even worse.

Pat continued to stare at my crotch. “Sorry. I just wanted to tell you about my call to Arlene and I forgot. The silence stretched out. “When I saw it I started thinking that if it wasn’t for this pseudo thingy I would have one of those. I would pee standing up and jerk off every day.”

Like I said my sister is not shy talking about sex with me. I managed to get myself zipped up and now that we were talking I wasn’t upset with her. “And you would be horny all the time and loose half your IQ every time you saw a pretty girl.”

She smiled at me. “Do you loose half of your IQ every time you see me?”

“You are my sister so I only loose 25%.” We both laughed at that.

Pat got more serious. “What is it like?”

“What? Being horny or liking girls?”

She looked back at my crotch. “Not that. What is it like having a penis? If I had grown up as a boy I would have had one and I wondered what it felt like.”

I never really thought about it so it was difficult to explain. “When it is soft I don’t notice it much. Of course there is the whole peeing standing up thing. But when it gets hard it can get uncomfortable. Sometimes it points the wrong way and I have to rearrange it in my pants.”

Pat looked confused. “What is the wrong way? Why does it matter what way it is pointing? And what makes it get hard?”

Since when was I the sex ed teacher? I tried to explain what I had learned but being able to do something doesn’t mean you can explain it. She seemed more confused when I was done.

Pat bit her lip for a moment and they softly said. “I still don’t understand. Could you show me?”

I was used to Pat being open but this still surprised me. She wanted to go from talking to show and tell. “You want me to show you my penis?”

She stared at my crotch and then looked me in the eye and nodded. “We can’t. Mom is just down the hall and she would totally freak if she saw us.”

Pat turned to close my door and then locked it. “Problem solved.” She was trying to sound confident but I could tell she was nervous.

The idea of showing her my cock was turning me on. Also I figured it would be doing her a favor to let her learn in a safe way. “OK” I said. I stood up and faced her. “My penis is hard now.” I pressed my hands on either side of my zipper accentuating the bulge. “This is the comfortable position. It still feels tight in the pants but I can stand and walk around OK.”

Pat was staring at the bulge. She nodded without taking her eyes away.

I used my finger to point down the left leg of my pants. “When it is soft it is flexible and can point any direction. But if it is pointing down my pants leg and it gets hard then it feels like it is being twisted in the wrong direction and it hurts.”

Pat continued to stare at my bulge. “I need to see it to understand.”

Was she really asking what I thought she was? “You want me to take off my pants?”

Pat nodded. “Yes, I want to see it for real.”

I started unbuckling my paths and then unzipped. Her eyes were glued to what I was doing. I dropped the pants to the floor and she continued to stare. I started to push my shorts down and the tip of my penis came into view. Pats mouth opened as she continued to stare. My shorts dropped to the floor and my erection stuck out at a 45 degree angle.

Pat was so absorbed in staring at me I thought she might fall down. “Maybe you should sit in the chair.” She grabbed my desk chair without taking her eyes off of my cock. Then she rolled it closer.

Pat kept rolling the chair closer and closer until she was right in front of me. Her head turned this way and that as she studied me. She was so absorbed in looking my genitals that I think she forgot I was there. Her finger reached out to touch the head of my penis. Then she poked it and it sprang back. She smiled at this and poked it again.

Suddenly she was using both hands to feel the head and shaft. Pulling it forward and to the side to understand what its natural direction was. She tried to pull it down farther and mumbled “Oh, I see.” She felt the texture of my groin hair and then started to feel my balls.

She was a little too firm. “Be gentle with those.”

Pat looked startled, suddenly remembering there was a guy attached to that stuff. She looked up at me very seriously. “I will. Did I hurt you?”

“Not yet but I was afraid you would give them a squeeze.”

“What are they?” She seemed fascinated.

“Guys call them balls.” She nodded at this. “They are my testicles and they make the sperm. If you feel carefully there is a little tube that the sperm travels through to get to my penis.” I was trying very hard to control my reactions as having a girl touch me there was arousing me.

Pat carefully felt around and finally mumbled. “There it is.” She felt my penis a bit more and then asked. “What makes the sperm come out?”
I nervously told her. “Touching me like this you are about to make it come out.”

Pat looked at me confused and then suddenly smirked. “You mean like when you masturbate. I want to see it come out. Tell me how to make it happen.”

Looking back I should have been thinking that this had gone too far but all the blood had gone from my brain to my cock and the little brain was in control. I told her to wrap her hand around the shaft, yes like that, and stroke up and down. She was awkward at first and I put my hand on hers to show her how.

This was the first time a girl had ever touched me there so Pat didn’t have long to wait. I tensed up and shot sperm in an arc onto the floor. Three more spurts followed. Pat kept stroking and I had to grab her wrist to stop her. “It gets too sensitive after.” I managed to tell her.

There was still a dribble of sperm on the tip of my penis and she reached out to touch it causing me to jerk. She looked closely at the drop and rolled it between her fingers feeling the consistency. “This is what makes babies.” And suddenly she looked sad and I knew what she was thinking.

She stood up and very seriously spoke. “Thank you for showing me. I learned a lot.” As she walked to the door I scrambled to pull my pants back up. At least when she left she pulled the door shut behind her.

I started using tissues to clean my cum off the floor. It was not the first time I had to do that. It was definitely a first with my sister. She had always been open with me but never interested in sex. I guess finding out about her condition had made her curious.

For a bit I felt guilty. I had molested my sister. No, she had come into my room. She had asked me to show her. She had touched me with out my even suggesting it. Finally she had insisted on jerking me off. The only bad feelings had been when she thought about never being able to have a baby, not because of me. Hell! She thanked me for doing it.

I used my laptop to learn more about her condition. The first problem was I didn’t know how to spell it. Eventually I found an article about confused genders that named it and it got easier. I wanted to be able to answer her questions so I read carefully.

At dinner that night mom and dad would not look either of us in the eye. I could see that this bothered Pat and it angered me. Daughter or son, she was their child and they should still love her.

After, as Pat and I walked upstairs to start our homework, I told her to give them time. She nodded and then gave me a hug and a kiss. Pat started to go into her room but then turned back and looked down. Her hand reached out and felt the bulge in the front of my pants. “Boys” she smirked. Then she went into her room.

Where was this going? I could understand a one time thing out of curiosity but would there be more? Was this casual touching going to continue? It seemed unfair that she got to touch me but I didn’t get to touch her. I visualized my hand on her boob and decided to jerk off. This time I remembered to lock my door.

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