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Jason’s Growing Family
Valley Honey

“Jasmin Sonia Carter,” Jason called after his nineteen year old daughter before she and her half sister Nancy had a chance to get away from him. Jason was sure his daughter realized she was in trouble from the tone of his voice and the fact that he’d used all three of her names and he wasn’t surprised when the preteen took her time turning to face him. Midway through her turn Jasmin hesitated for a second to make sure that her father got a good look at her swollen belly and milk filled tits. Well into her seventh month Jasmin’s pregnancy was easy to see, especially since she wasn’t wearing a single stitch of clothing.
“Yes daddy,” Jasmin said in feigned innocense, resting her hands on her swollen belly once she was facing her thirty-six year old father.
Jason had to admit that his daughter knew how to distract him and he had to turn away from the pregnant girl before he forgot what he was talking to her about. Turning his eyes Jasmin’s seventeen year old half-sister didn’t help much since her naked belly was just starting to show a bulge of it’s own now that she was in her fourth month.
“Jasmin,” Jason said, turning back to his oldest daughter, determined to keep himself on track no matter how much he wanted to stroke her belly. “What did you say to your brother Mike to make him so upset?”
“Nothing,” Jasmin said so quickly that Jason just looked at her expectantly while Nancy sidled up to him and put her arm around his waist possessively. Without thinking Jason reached down to give his daughter’s breasts an affectionate stroke.
“Well,” Jasmin said slowly when she realized that her father was expecting more. “I did tell Mike that if he wouldn’t fuck me now then I’d never let him fuck me again.”
At eighteen years old Mike was Jason’s oldest son and had always been popular with all the female members of the family, and his popularity had skyrocketed since he started fucking the girls when he turned sixteen. Jason wasn’t sure, but he suspected that at least two of the recent pregnancies in the family belonged to his son instead of him.“Tell me something, Jasmin, did Mike say he couldn’t fuck you, or he wouldn’t fuck you?”
Jasmine wasn’t sure why her father wanted to know exactly what her brother had told her but she knew it had to be important so she did her best to remember. “Mike said he couldn’t fuck me,” she finally admitted.
“That’s what I thought,” Jason sighed while Nancy stroked his slowly hardening cock. “I’m guessing you didn’t ask Mike why he couldn’t fuck you before you made your threat.”
“No, I didn’t,” Jasmin admitted cautiously.
“Well Jasmin,” Jason said, letting his finger drift past the slight bump of Nancy’s pregnancy to tickle her damp pussy lips, “if you had Mike would have told you that he was being punished. You see, your brother failed his last math test and I told him that his punishment was that he couldn’t fuck anyone until he passed the makeup test.”
“Oh,” Jasmin said flatly.
“And now Mike’s sitting in his room crying because of what you said,” Jason added. “Don’t worry, he doesn’t think you’re going to cut him off. He knows you’re too horny to follow through on your threat, but he feels bad because he couldn’t fuck you. Not only that, now I have to punish you because of your thoughtless actions.”
“I guess I deserve it,” Jasmin said bitterly.
“I’m glad you agree,” Jason said, taking his fingers out of Nancy’s wet pussy and giving them an appreciative sniff before he licked them clean. “I think it would be to give you the same punishment as your brother. You’re not allowed to fuck anyone until Mike passes his makeup test.”
“That’s not fair, daddy,” Jasmin whined. “My punishment depends on Mike and how well he does on his makeup math test.”
“That gives you some incentive to make sure your brother passes his test then,” Jason told his daughter with a grin. “You are better at math than your brother, by tutoring him you make sure he’s ready to pass his test and that puts an end to both your punishments.”
“That’s true,” Jasmin said with a thoughtful grin as she thought of the possibilities.
“So what are you standing around for?” Jason asked his daughter. “If you hurry you could have Mike ready for his makeup test just after lunch.”
“Right,” Jasmin said turning to head down the hall so fast that her swollen belly and milk filled tits swayed.
“Remember, Jasmin,” Jason called after his pregnant daughter, “no fucking until Mike passes his math test. And remember to apologize to him before you start tutoring.”
Nancy waited until her sister was out of hearing range before she said, “You know she’s going to find a way around your punishment, right daddy.”
“Of course she will,” Jason chuckled while he rubbed Nancy’s juicy slit. “That’s why I plan to record the whole study session. I’m sure Mike and Jasmin will stick to the letter of their punishment and not fuck, but I’m also sure your sister will find a way around their punishment and that will make for a very hot video that some of our special customers will enjoy.”
“Does that mean that you’re going to work on the website and videos?” Nancy asked excitedly.
“That’s right,” Jason said with a grin, already anticipating what his daughter was going to say next.
“Can I help you?” Nancy asked, practically bouncing on her toes she was excited.
“Of course you can,” Jason said with a smile. “I always enjoy your input when it comes to the website and our videos, sometimes I think you have better ideas than I do. Besides, I enjoy the other things we do when we’re working together.”
“So do I,” Nancy giggled as she followed her father, half-brother, and uncle to his office.
Once in the office Jason pulled the office chair away from his desk and dropped into the seat before he turned to help Nancy climb into his lap. Once the sixteen year old had settled down with her father’s slowly hardening cock rubbing against her hairy pussy. “Now,” Jason said with a sigh of pleasure while Nancy purred against his chest, “let’s see what your brother and sister are up to.”
Jason activated the computer screen and scrolled through the active cameras until he reached the one in Mike’s room. A second later the screen filled with the image of Jason’s oldest son as he frowned at the open math book in front of him. Mike glanced up from his studies to see the red light just under the video camera and gave it a crooked smile. “Yes dad,” Mike said with an exasperated sigh, “I’m studying. You don’t have to check up on me you know.”
“Now that’s an opening line if I ever heard one,” Jason chuckled just as a soft knock came from the door. Michael’s surprise was obvious as he glanced from the active video camera to the door and then back again before he remembered to respond.
“Who is it?”
“It’s me,” Jasmine called through the bedroom door. “Dad told me why you can’t fuck me and I’m here to apologize and help you study for your test.”
“Come on in, the door’s not locked,” Michael said with a sigh before he turned to give the camera a knowing grin.
Jason watched as Jasmine came through the door and turned to give her brother a good look at her swollen belly and tits before she turned to look at him. From the hungry look Michael gave his older sister it was obvious that he enjoyed a pregnant girl as much as his father. “Mike, I’m sorry I didn’t give you a chance to tell me why you couldn’t fuck me. And I’m sorry I hurt you, I didn’t really mean it when I said I’d never let you fuck me again.”
“I knew that,” Mike said with a weak grin, “you’re way too horny to stay away from me or any other cock. It was just a matter of time before you asked me to fuck you again. Were you serious about helping me get ready for the make-up test?”
“It’s part of my punishment for hurting you the way I did,” Jasmine told her brother. “Actually it’s not part of the punishment, it’s part of the solution to the punishment.”
Mike gave his half-sister a puzzled look and she explained what she meant, “My punishment is the same as yours. I’m not allowed to fuck anyone until you pass your math test. The best way to end the punishment is for me to help you with your studies. The sooner you pass the test, the sooner we can both fuck.”
“That sounds like one of dad’s punishments,” Mike said with a wry chuckle. “So, what do you have in mind?”
“I thought we’d try the incentive method,” Jasmine said, licking her lips while she looked at her brother’s crotch.
“Hold on, sis,” Mike said, putting his hands up like he was going to push his pregnant sister away from him. “We’re not allowed to fuck, remember? And dad’s recording everything right now so he’ll know if we do.”
“I thought he might be recording,” Jasmine said, looking past her brother and waving to the camera. “We can do other things besides fucking you know, and dad knows it too, that’s why I think he was so specific about what we couldn’t do. Now, here’s what I have in mind; I’ll quiz you. Whenever you get a question right I’ll give your cock a stroke. If you get five questions in a row right I’ll give you a quick suck.”
“This sounds good already,” Mike said with a grin.
“Then, if you get ten in a row you can suck on my tits and drink my milk,” Jasmine continued. “And if you get twenty in a row you get to eat my pussy.”
“Now that I really like,” Mike said with a broad grin as he let his eyes run down his sister’s body from her milk filled tits to her swollen belly, and finally down to her sopping pussy. But I bet you have something really special in mind if I manage to get a passing grade on my practice test.”
“How does this sound?” Jasmine asked with a grin while she pressed her pregnant belly against her half-brother’s arm. “If you pass your practice test before lunch you get to rub your cock along my pussy lips until you cum all over my belly.”
“Oh, that does sound good,” Mike said, licking his lips while he stroked Jasmine’s belly with one hand.
“And let’s not forget that when you pass your make-up test after lunch we’ll be able to fuck for real. Then you can pump all that wonderful baby juice of yours into my pussy.”
“I wish I didn’t have to wait for you to have dad’s baby,” Dave sighed, “I’d love to cum inside you and knock you up, sis.”
“Well, once daddy’s baby is born I promise to give you first chance at knocking me up with the next one. Ok, Mike?”
“Ok,” Mike said with a disgruntled sigh.
“So, let’s see where you are in your studies,” Jasmine said, leaning close to her younger brother and blowing into his ear before she turned to look at his text book.
“That does sound like fun, daddy,” Nancy said, squirming around on Jason’s lap with his cock rubbing against her cunt lips.
“What part?” Jason asked with a groan of pleasure while Nancy’s quivering pussy kissed his prick.
“The part about sucking Mike’s cock and fucking him,” Nancy replied. “Daddy, can I suck your cock”
“Of course you can,” Jason said, sliding his chair back far enough Nancy to slide off his lap and kneel in front of his chair. While Nancy started licking his cock with her experienced tongue slithered along the length of his shaft Jason reached for the computer mouse and shut down the live feed on Mike’s room while leaving the recording running.
“Why did you do that, daddy?” Nancy asked, taking her mouth away from her father’s cock long enough to speak while she stroked the shaft with her hands. “Things were just starting to get interesting.”
“Not really,” Jason said, “Jasmine will keep Mike focused on his studies as long as possible but it will be a while before your brother answers enough questions to really get an incentive reward. “I’ll record everything for now and then afterward I’ll edit out the slow parts so the movie will catch the highlights without the boring stuff.”
“That does sound like a better idea for our customers,” Nancy said with a wry grin.
“Speaking of our customers,” Jason said, sliding the mouse across the pad and clicking open his browser and e-mail. “I was headed here to do some work before lunch. Our customers wouldn’t be too happy with me if I got behind on their orders - or on editing the new videos.”
While Nancy sucked his cock Jason tried to concentrate on his work to keep his mind off the pleasure spreading from his shaft. While Nancy pushed him toward his orgasm Jason managed to fill the new orders and get them ready for shipment. Jason even managed to burn replacements for the videos that were running low, blessing his own insight on buying the new commercial grade DVD burner he’d purchased a year earlier.
Once he had the new discs burning Jason turned to check the fan mail sent to the site. He glanced through several letters before coming to one that made him smile and look down at his ten year old daughter while she sucked on his cock. Jason knew that if Nancy continued to work on his cock it wouldn’t be long before he blew his load down her throat. After taking a quick look through the rest of the e-mails Jason went back to the one that had caught his interest and turned to look at his daughter’s bobbing head.
“Nancy,” Jason said to his daughter, “you have a fan letter. Do you want to read it?”
“Do I really have a fan letter, daddy?” Nancy asked, taking her mouth off Jason’s prick and turning to look at the computer screen.
“You sure do,” Jason said with a grin, helping Nancy get to her feet and then into his lap.
“Daddy,” Nancy said hesitantly while she held her drooling pussy just above her father’s cock, “may I?”
“Yes, Nancy, you may sit on my cock,” Jason said with a smile as he held his shaft steady while the ten year slid her cunt down on her father’s prick until his pubic hairs tickled her bare clit.
Father and daughter sighed with pleasure and then Nancy leaned forward to read the e-mail on the screen:
Dear Nancy;
I enjoyed your newest video so much I just had to write and tell you. I think it’s
so horny that your daddy managed to knock you up at just sixteen years old and I’m
looking forward to watching you fuck him and your brother well your belly grows
big with your baby and your tits swell with milk. Do you know if your father plans
to make a collection of your pregnancy videos like he did for your sisters? If so
I’d like to place an advance order for the video right now.
Your Biggest Fan
Horny Boy
“What a great letter,” Nancy said when she finished reading it out loud. The little girl wiggled her ass around on Jason’s lap, making her father groan with pleasure while his hard cock shivered in the girl’s pregnant pussy.
“Would you like to write answer your biggest fan, Nancy?” Jason asked his daughter while her pussy squeezed his shaft.
“May I, daddy?” Nancy asked excitedly, reaching for the computer keyboard before he father had a chance to change his mind. Jason grinned when his teenage daughter hesitated with her fingers poised over the keys. “What do I say?”
“I’ll tell you what to say, Nancy,” Jason chuckled. “All you have to do is type it up and send it.”
“Thank you, daddy,” Nancy said, giving her father an extra wiggle that pushed him a little closer to filling her belly with a fresh load of cum.
“Dear Horny Boy,” Jason said, watching his daughter hunt for every letter on the keyboard. “Thank you for your wonderful letter. I’m happy to have such a big fan, so happy that I’ll make sure that my daddy sets aside one of my collection videos just for you. Of course it will be at least five months before the video is ready but I appreciated your letter so much that I’m going to ask him to send you an advance copy of the video for free.”
“Daddy, can we afford to do that?” Nancy asked.
“Of course we can,” Jason told his daughter. “In fact, by giving away an occasional free video we get free advertising for the rest of our videos. Ready to keep going?”
“Ready,” Nancy said, stretching her fingers over the keyboard and giving her father’s cock an extra hard squeeze with her cunt muscles.
Jason took a deep breath and concentrated on holding back his orgasm for a second before he continued dictating the letter. “In the meantime, since it will be a long time before my video is ready, you may want to check out my sister’s pregnancy collection. You may even want to check out the collection my daddy made from the day I was born to the day he popped my cherry. If you like watching my belly grow I’m sure you’ll love to watch me grow up and learn all about sex. Once again, thank you for the wonderful e-mail. Your horny, pregnant, daddy lover, Nancy.”
“Did I get it right, daddy?” Nancy asked as she finished typing her own name.
“You did just fine sweetheart,” Jason said, looking over what his daughter had typed and smiling at the misspellings. The mistakes were just enough to ensure that his daughter’s fan would actually think the letter was written by a horny sixteen year old. “Now go ahead and send it, and I just bet Horny Boy is so grateful for the free video that he orders the rest of them right now.”
“You could be right, daddy,” Nancy said, hitting the send button and settling back against her father’s chest while he stroked the bulge of her baby belly.
“What time is it, daddy?” Nancy asked dreamily while she raised and lowered her wet cunt on her father’s hard shaft.
“I’m not sure,” Jason groaned, his eyes closed so he could concentrate on the pleasure of his daughter’s pregnant cunt sliding up and down his cock. He knew he wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer and then he’d be giving their baby a cum bath right in his daughter’s womb.
“Aren’t you suppose to have lunch with mommy Beth today?” Nancy asked with a soft moan, the little girl could feel her own orgasm building every time she slid her hairy slit up and down her father’s shaft.
“Yes I am,” Jason said distractedly, shifting his hands to Nancy’s hips so he could help the girl pick up the pace of their fucking.
“Well as hungry as I am,” Nancy said, leaning forward so her clit rubbed along her father’s cock with every stroke, “it must be close to lunch time right now.”
“You’re right,” Jason said, opening his eyes and checking the time display on the computer. “In fact we’re running a little late for lunch.”
“In that case, daddy,” Nancy hissed, “you better hurry up and cum in my pussy so we can get to lunch before Beth and mommy get mad at both of us.”
“You’re right,” Jason grunted, slamming his cock as deep as it could go in Nancy’s pregnant belly and holding it there while he stopped resisting and let his jumping balls shoot several wads of hot cum into his pregnant daughter.
“I’m cumming,” Nancy whined as her father’s cum filled her cunt and dribbled out from around her pussy lips. “Thank you, daddy, thank you.”
“You’re welcome, Nancy,” Jason said while his daughter’s pussy stripped the last drop of cum from his slowly wilting cock. “You know I can’t refuse anything a pregnant girl asks me to do.”
“Especially when you’re the one who knocked her up, right daddy?” Nancy giggled.
“Especially when I knocked them up,” Jason agreed with a grin while his soft cock slid out of Nancy’s tight pussy with a small pop. “Nancy, you haven’t had lunch with Beth and your half-sisters in a while, why don’t you come with me and we’ll all have lunch together.”
“Can I fuck you again during lunch?” Nancy asked hopefully.
“No,” Jason said slowly, “that wouldn’t be fair to Beth or your half-sisters. After all, they’re just as horny as you are.”
“But not as pregnant,” Nancy giggled, “at least Angie isn’t and I know she wants you to be the first one to knock her up. Ok, daddy, I’ll let some of your other daughters have a chance at your cock. But after lunch can we come back and watch the video with Mike and Jasmin?”
“Sure,” Jason said, holding the office door open for Nancy and then following her out into the hallway. “In fact, you can help me edit the video. With any luck we can have it ready for the website before dinner.”
“And fuck along with the video,” Nancy said, skipping happily toward her lunch. Chapter 2

“Daddy’s here,” sixteen year old Angie called to the rest of her family when Jason and Nancy entered the house. It was obvious the girl had been waiting for his arrival, and considering how wet her pussy was Jason was sure his daughter/niece had some plans for him. Jason could almost see the hope in his daughter’s eyes die when she realized that Nancy had arrived with him.

“Don’t worry, Angie, I’m only here for lunch,” she assured her half-sister. “I spent the whole morning working on the web site with daddy and he made me promise to let you and the other girls have him for lunch.”

“That’s good,” Angie said in relief as the two of them followed her in to the dining area. “Mommy promised me I could sit on Daddy’s cock while we eat, but I was a little worried when I realized you were with him.”

“Daddy has plenty of stamina for all of us so don’t you worry, Angie, he’s going to knock you up soon,” Nancy said, rubbing her swelling body to prove her point.

“I know,” Angie said with a brave smile, “but I still wonder why he wastes his time fucking you when you’re already pregnant.”

“Because I enjoy fucking pregnant girls almost as much as I enjoy making them pregnant,” Jason told his daughter, letting the girl take his hand and lead him into the dining area where the rest of her older brother and sister sat around the table just as naked as she was. “Besides, would you want me to stop fucking you just because you’re pregnant? Do you want to go nine months without fucking because I’m trying to knock up the rest of your sisters?”

“No,” Angie said with a quick shudder, “I don’t think I’d last a week without a fuck from you or one of the boys.”

“Then stop being jealous because I fuck your pregnant sisters as well as you.”

“Yes, daddy,” Angie said, giving her father a gentle push into the waiting chair before she climbed into his lap and slid her shaved slit down his already hard cock, grinning at her sisters while they pouted in there own chairs. Jason did notice that Angie’s sister was sitting in her brother’s lap. Brother and sister were both working hard toward their mutual orgasm when Beth entered the dining area with the food.

Beth was the only one in the room wearing anything, but once she set the food down she whipped off her apron to reveal her large belly and milk filled tits before she lowered herself carefully into her chair. “Dig in everyone, there’s plenty of food and we all need our energy - especially the ones doing all the fucking.”

“Yes, mommy,” Angie said with a long moan. Jason’s daughter wiggled her hips to set his cock as deep as it could go and clamped her pussy muscles around the shaft to hold it in place while she ate her lunch.

Jason did his best to hold back his own orgasm while Angie’s cunt muscles massaged the whole length of his cock. He reached for his own food and started eating without really noticing what it was while fucking his daughter’s tight teen slit.

“Jason,” Beth said, getting her brother’s attention for a few seconds.


“Mom asked me to remind you that you’re having dinner with her tonight,” she continued. “She said she had something important to tell you, but she didn’t tell me what it is so don’t bother trying to get me to talk.”

“I won’t,” Jason promised before he turned to Nancy. “Do you know what our mother wants to talk to us about?”

“No,” Nancy said with feigned innocense, “and even if I did, mommy make me promise not to talk.”

“I guess I’ll just have to wait for dinner to find out then,” Jason said with a shrug.

“Daddy, I’m going to cum,” Angie moaned as she rotated her sucking pussy around her father’s cock. “Cum with me, daddy. Knock me up with your cum.”

“I’ll try,” Jason grunted, shoving his cock deep in his girl’s fertile belly and shooting off several wads of cum where he hoped they’d do some good.

“Was that good, Angie?” Beth asked her daughter. “Was daddy worth waiting for?”

“Daddy is always worth waiting for,” Angie said while her tight pussy stripped all the cum from her father’s prick. Maybe this time it will work and I’ll have a nice big belly by the end of the summer.”

“I hope you get your wish, Angie,” Jason said, pulling his soft cock out of his daughter’s twat and she caught the last couple drops of sperm on her fingers before she shoved them into her slit. “I do enjoy fucking my pregnant daughters - almost as much as I enjoy knocking them up.”

“And we love it when you fuck us, daddy,” Nancy said, “whether we’re pregnant or not. And trust me, Angie, once daddy knocks you up you’ll want his cock even more than you do now.”

“That’s impossible,” Angie said, turning to give her father a big kiss before she settled back in his lap again. “I’ll never want his cock more than I do right now.”

“Are you sure you aren’t pregnant already?” Nancy snickered.

“Not yet,” Angie said, “but maybe this fuck did the trick.”

“Ok,” Beth said when she saw that everyone was finished with their food, “whose turn is it to clean up?”

“I’m taking Angie’s turn so she can get an extra round with daddy,” Mary told her mother as she got to her feet. The eighteen year old caught her balance on the edge of the table when she overcompensated for her swollen belly then she started stacking the plates to take them to the kitchen.

“I’ll give you a hand, sis,” Billy, Beth’s oldest son offered just before he started grabbing the plates near him.

“In that case,” Beth said while she looked at Angie, “Angie, you get the first fuck as soon as your father is ready. When Mary finishes the dishes she’ll get the next fuck. And since you’re so anxious to have your daddy’s baby Angie, you can take my turn and fuck him a third time.”

“Jason, I have to nurse Cindy, but I’ll be back before you’re done. Do you ever wonder why you have so many more daughter’s than sons, Jason?”

“Sometimes,” Jason said while Angie slid off his lap and turned to suck his slowly rising cock back into action. Sometimes I think I’m lucky to have so many young horny girls to fuck. Other times I think I’m unlucky because I don’t have enough sons to help me fuck all my daughters.”

“Come on, Jason,” Beth said, patting her swollen belly with a broad smile, “you know you’re happy with things the way they are. This way you have all the young pussy you want and you don’t really have to worry about sharing it because your daughter’s all prefer you over their brothers.”

“”Yes they do,” Jason groaned with pleasure when his daughter sucked his hardening cock down her throat. “I guess I really do prefer things the way they are, especially when all my girls want me to give them big bellies.”

With his prick ready for action Jason picked Angie up in his arms and carried the eleven year old girl into the living room and dropped her on the oversize couch so she squealed excitedly when she bounced off the cushions, making Jason even hornier than he’d been all day.

As soon as Angie stopped bouncing around Jason pushed her legs apart and started licking her nearly hairless slit. Angie had just enough blond hair around her pussy for Jason to taste it, but not enough to be seen if you weren’t up right next to it. Angie was still giggling from her short flight to the couch when her father started sucking her cunt lips, but it didn’t take long for her to start moaning with pleasure instead.

“Oh yes,” Angie groaned, “fuck me daddy, fuck my pussy and fill me with your cum.”

“Whatever you want Angie?” Jason asked, stroking his shaft in and out of his daughter’s pussy while he played with her clit with one hand and her small tits with the other.

“Thank you, Daddy,” Angie said, “it makes me horny thinking about how big my belly is going to get with your baby growing inside it.”

“Is anyone getting this on camera?” Jason asked, pulling back from Angie just enough to give everyone a clear view of his cock sliding in and out of her tight little pussy. “I know the automatic cameras are on, but an extra view of this fuck would be great for the website.”

“I’m on it, daddy,” Nancy said, “I’ve been recording everything since we finished lunch, and I’m getting some great closeups right now.”

“Keep this up and I’ll have to give you a real job with the website,” Jason chuckled. “Something more than ‘pregnant horny daughter number five.’ Maybe assistant editor for now with some directing jobs when you have some more experience.”

“Thanks, daddy,” Nancy said, “but right now I’m happy with ‘pregnant horny daughter number five.’ Now on the next thrust I want you to pull out a little more than usual and then hold it before you slam it home, let’s give our customers a good look at your cock while you’re sliding it in to Angie’s cunt.”

“I think I’ve created a monster,” Jason muttered, but he did exactly what the pregnant girl suggested because he knew his customers would enjoy it.

“Daddy I’m going to cum,” Angie squealed a few minutes later.

“So am I, honey,” Jason groaned. “Let’s cum together and give your womb a nice hot cum bath.”

“Yes!” Angie screamed, her body shuddering with her orgasm while her father slammed his cock as deep as it could go and shot a full load of cum in his daughter’s belly. While Angie recovered from her orgasm Jason held the girl close and stroked her flat stomach while he kissed the back of her neck and complimented her on what a great fuck she was.

“Thank you, daddy,” Angie murmured, “but you still have to fuck Mary and then I get another chance at your cock. And you know how impatient we are when it comes to your cock. And you have to do more work on the website once you’re done with us, so you better move on.”

“Actually I already have,” Jason said with a grin, “Mary started sucking my cock as soon as I pulled it out of your pussy. So, I better switch my attention to her before she gets impatient and decides to bite it instead of suck it.”

Jason slid off Angie’s satisfied body and waddled over to the second couch while Mary continued to suck his slowly hardening cock. Mary’s soft brown hair covered her face and block the sight of her small lips around his cock but Jason managed to reach past that to massage the girl’s almost nonexistent tits with their erect nipples. Mary already had two babies by her father, but for two weeks she’d been insisting that it was time for her father to knock her up again.

When his cock was fully erect Jason pushed his daughter away from his shaft and back on the couch before he spread her legs to reach her slit. As near as Jason could tell Mary didn’t have a single pubic hair around her slit, and even with her juices dripping slowly from the throbbing pussy lips she didn’t look like she was big enough to take his cock, but she was ready and it wasn’t the first time her father had knocked up her.

Jason spread his daughter’s legs as far as they could go and brought the head of his cock up to the girl’s tight cunt lips. He glanced up for a second to make sure that Nancy was still recording everything and then pushed through his daughter’s natural resistance until he butted up against her cervix.

“That’s good daddy,” Mary said, looking down at the bulge her father’s cock made in her belly. “I’m sure that’s deep enough to get me pregnant when you cum.”

“You don’t have to be deep to get a girl pregnant,” Jason pointed out, “but it feels better that way.”

“Yes it does,” Mary moaned, “and this is where I want you to be when you shoot your load and knock me up. You know, daddy, when you knock me up I’ll be the first daughter with three or your babies.”

“You’re forgetting about Jasmine,” Nancy said without taking her camera off the action. “And don’t think that will give you any extra fans on the website either.”

“Stop teasing your sister,” Jason told both his daughter as he continued to slide his cock in and out of Mary’s tightly packed cunt. “You have your fans and Nancy has her fans, just because you manage to get pregnant with your third child, that doesn’t mean that you’ll get any of her fans. After all, Jasmine hasn’t lost any of her fans and she was the first daughter I managed to knock up. In fact, now that she’s pregnant with her second baby she’s more popular than the two of you put together.”

“In that case maybe you should knock me up with twins so I can catch up with Jasmine,” Mary said between moans of pleasure.

“Sorry, honey,” Jason said with a wry grin, “but there’s never been a set of twins in our family as far as I know.”

“In that case we’re due,” Mary insisted, “so make sure you give me plenty of baby juice to work with.”

“I’ll do my best,” Jason promised.

For several minutes the only sound in Beth’s living room was the sound two couples fucking as Billy started fucking his half sister Nancy right next to their father and Mary. Jason could feel his orgasm approaching and tried to hold back against his daughter’s tight little eighteen year old cunt. Just as he was about to give in and shoot his load in Mary’s pussy the girl started screaming and twitching and he realized that he’d managed to hold out once again.

“I’m cumming, daddy,” Mary screamed, her pussy clamped even tighter around her father’s shaft and he growled as he shot his load deep in the girl’s quivering hole.

“Well, honey,” Jason said as he panted for breath, “if you really want twins I think I just gave you enough baby juice to do the job.”

“You’re not done yet, daddy,” Angie said, rolling her father off the couch and on to the floor. “This time let me do everything. You just lie back and enjoy the fuck while you try to knock me up.”

Jason had never seen Angie so aggressive. She’d always been a horny girl and a hot fuck but this was more than she’d ever done before. For a few seconds Jason wondered if Nancy might be right and her sister was already pregnant, but he suspected that she’d be even hotter than this once the hormones started rushing through her body. This must be a natural progression for the horny young girl, and Jason intended to enjoy every second of it.

With her father flat on his back Angie straddled his face so that her shaved pussy was less than an inch from his nose then she leaned forward to grab his soft cock and stroked it gently with her hands. She stopped to lick her sister’s juices from her hands and then turned to where Mary was still recovering from her fuck. Your juices taste great, sis. The last time I tasted anything this good was when Nancy was ovulating and daddy knocked her up. If you’re going to get pregnant this is probably the best day for it.”

“Daddy, you’re not licking my pussy,” Angie pouted.

“Sorry, honey,” Jason said, “I was distracted by how lovely your bald twat is when it’s right in front of my nose like this. Don’t worry, I’ll make up for it.”

Jason was enjoying the taste of his daughter’s pussy so much that he didn’t even realize his cock was getting hard again until Angie pulled her cunt away from his tongue. “That’s enough pussy eating for now, daddy, it’s time to fuck.”

Angie lowered herself down to meet her father’s cock and guided it between her drooling pussy lips and into her tight preteen hole. Jason let out a little moan of pleasure as his cock entered his daughter’s body for the second time in an hour. He watched Angie’s twat as it nibbled it’s way down his shaft until it had everything but his balls.

“Are you enjoying this, daddy?” Angie asked with a twinkle in her eyes.

“Yes I am,” Jason groaned.

“Good, because I’ve wanted to try this for a long time, and now I finally have a chance. Hang on, daddy, I’m going to take you for the ride of your life - or maybe the ride of my life.”

“Either one is good,” Jason groaned while his daughter continued to ride his cock enthusiastically.

“What did I miss?” Beth asked as she joined the audience.

“Not a thing, Beth,” Nancy told her half sister. “I recorded everything so you can catch the whole show later.”

“Great,” Beth said, her eyes glued to the current action. “Looks like Angie’s enjoying herself.”

“I’ll say,” Nancy agreed. “If she’s like this now, just imagine what she’ll be like when daddy really does knock her up.”

“I don’t have to imagine it,” Beth said proudly, “she’ll be just like her mother.”

“I always said you were my horniest sister,” Jason said while Angie rode his cock like a wild girl.

“I’m your only sister, Jason,” Beth chuckled, “after all, Aunt Nancy, Liz, and mom are all half-sisters. I’m your only full sister.”

“You know what I mean, Beth,” Jason grunted with the approach of another orgasm. “I count all four of you as my sisters, and you’re the horniest of all, but I’m starting to think Angie could put you to shame.”

“Good, a mother always wants her children to do better than she did.”

“I will, mommy,” Angie promised her cunt sliding faster on her father’s cock with every stroke. “I’ll be the horniest girl daddy ever fucks.”

“You’re almost there already,” Jason said, “once I knock you up you’ll be the horniest for sure.”

“Then do it, daddy, do it now,” Angie screamed as she slammed her body down one last time so that her father’s cock was buried deep in her thirsty pussy while her whole body quivered in orgasm.

When Angie’s cunt muscles clamped down on his shaft it was too much for Jason and he shot off a full load as deep as it could go in his daughter’s fertile womb. “There,” Jason said, gasping for breath as Angie rolled off him to lay on the carpet next to her father. “If that doesn’t knock you up I don’t know what will.”

“Another fuck,” Angie suggested while her mother slid one of the sofa pillows under her ass.

“You hold it right there, Angie,” Beth said, giving her daughter’s belly a quick pat. “That pillow should help you keep the cum where you need it.”

“Thanks, mommy,” Angie said with a wistful grin. “Do you think it will work this time?”

“There’s a good chance,” Beth said, “you are old enough now, and you’re between periods so it’s the right time for you. And I think it worked, but we’ll see.”

“Well,” Jason said after he caught his breath, “I hate to fuck and run but Nancy and I really do have a lot of work to get done for the website, especially if we’re going to get this fuck edited and posted to the site for this afternoon.”

“Don’t forget, daddy, we also have to edit and post the scene from Jasmin and Mike’s study session.”

“Right,” Jason said thoughtfully, “that makes two shows we have to work on. If we hurry we may be able to finish things by the time I’m ready to fuck again.”

“Thanks for lunch, Beth,” Jason said, giving his sister a quick kiss before he gave her milk filled tit a quick squeeze and lick. “Breakfast tomorrow, right?”

“That’s the schedule,” Beth said, arching her back to push her breast into her brother’s mouth. “Lunch, breakfast, overnight, and supper. A rotating with your four original family fucks. Just make sure you have enough energy for me and my girls after spending the night with Liz.”
“I’ll do my best,” Jason promised. “Come on Nancy, let’s get back to the office, we have a lot of work to do before I can fuck you again.” Chapter 3

“And, we’re done,” Jason announced with one last click of the mouse before he rolled his chair away from the desk and stretched. He glanced over at Nancy, naked in her own office chair and saw her frown at the monitor screen.

“Are you sure, daddy?” Nancy asked, leaning forward in her chair so that the slight swell of her pregnant belly pouched out even more that usual.

“I think so, but just to be sure we’ll take the time to look over the whole film now that we’ve finished editing it,” Jason said, grinning at his seventeen year old daughter. “Why don’t you come over here and sit on my lap while we watch the show. If I’m right the film will make both of us so horny that we’ll want to fuck anyway so we may as well be ready.”

“I’m always ready to fuck your cock, daddy,” Nancy pointed out as she made her way across the room. She straddled her father’s lap and sat down on his cock, making sure that the shaft slid into her pussy as she lowered her hips down to meet her father’s thighs.

“Ok, daddy, I’m ready. Go ahead and start the movie,” Nancy announced once her father’s cock was firmly seated in her belly.

“You’re in a better position to start the movie than I am,” Jason pointed out. “You don’t have a horny pregnant teen in your lap, you can reach forward and roll the mouse over the file titled, ‘Study Incentive,’ and then double click on the folder.”

“Like this?” Nancy asked, rolling the curser over to the file and double clicking the icon. Jason wasn’t fooled by his daughter’s act because he knew her computer skills were even better than his own but he decided to humor her anyway.

A few seconds later the screen was filled up with the image of Mike bent diligently over his math book. There was a knock at the door and Mike turned his head away from the books fo just a second while he turned to his bedroom door and called out, “who is it?”

“It’s me, Jasmin,” came the muffled reply. “I’m here to apologize about what happened earlier and to offer my help while you’re studying for your make-up test.”

“The doors open so you may as well come in, but I don’t have time to do anything right now except study for my test. And even if I wasn’t busy on my studies I promised daddy I wouldn’t fuck any of you girls until I pass my make-up test.”

“And that’s why I’m here,” Jasmin said, slipping through the door and closing it behind her naked butt. “After what happened dad decided to give me the same punishment as you. I’m not allowed to fuck anyone until you pass your make-up test. But since I’m better at math than you are I thought it would be a good idea to help you, especially with the incentive program I’ve come up with for your studies.”

“Well we’re now allowed to fuck, but what kind of incentive do you have that could possibly work better than sex?”

“That’s it,” Jasmin told her brother, “the incentive is sex, but it’s not fucking so we’re not breaking any promises with this plan.”

“I think that will work,” Mike said with a grin, “exactly what do you have in mind?”

“We start with something simple,” Jasmin said thoughtfully, “let’s say every time you get an answer right I’ll give your cock a quick stroke. If you get five questions in a row I’ll give you a quick suck. After ten questions you get to suck my tits and get a taste of my milk. And when you get a passing grade on the practice test you get to eat my pussy.”

“What happens if I get a perfect score on the practice test,” Mike asked, licking his lips while he looked at his sister’s pussy.

“If you get a perfect score on the practice test than we’ll do a 69 and I’ll give you a blowjob while you eat my pussy,” Jasmin offered. “But I know that’s not going to happen.”

“Don’t be so sure, sis,” Mike said with a chuckle. “With that kind of incentive I’ll find a way to get that perfect score.”

“In that case let’s get started on those problems,” Jasmin said, taking her brother’s match book and looking over the practice questions. After a few seconds she chose a question and read it off to him. Mike used his paper and pencil to work out the answer and read it off.

“Good job, Mike,” Jasmin said, looking over her brother’s work and nodding her encouragement. When she came to the end of Mike’s work she reached down to give her brother’s twitching cock a quick stroke with her fingers. “Keep that up and I’ll be sucking your prick in no time.”

“Never underestimate the offer f sex to a horny teenager,” Mike said with a grin as he turned to the next problem. A few seconds later Jasmin nodded at her brother’s final answer and gave his cock another stroke. Mike managed to get three more answers correct and when he got the fifth one in a row his pregnant sister sucked the tip his cock into her mouth and gave it a quick lick before she released it.

“Now that’s what I call encouragement,” Mike said with a soft sigh of pleasure.

“And just think,” Jasmin said after she licked her lips, “five more correct answers and you get to suck my breast, ten more and you get to lick my pussy.”

“Then I better get to work,” Mike said, turning back to his computer.

“This is so sexy it could be one of our best selling videos ever, daddy,” Nancy said, wiggling her ass around on her father’s lap so his cock twisted around in her pussy. “You did a great job editing it, no one would ever guess Mike missed two questions along the way.”

“Well it would make things pretty boring if we showed nothing happening every time he missed a question. This way we get to see the action with none of the boring bits.”

“I may be wrong,” Nancy said, snuggling her back against her father’s chest, “but I think this video will be one of our best sellers when we upload it to the website, especially if you include the fuck scene after Mike passes his make-up test.”

“Do you really think they’ll have a fuck scene for us?” Jason teased, bouncing Nancy on his lap so his cock slid in and out of her pregnant twat.

“Of course they will,” Nancy said with a groan of pleasure. “It wouldn’t be a great video without the fuck scene. But even without the fuck scene this is one horny video.”

“It sure is,” Jason agreed with his daughter before the two of them turned back to the video.

“This is a great incentive, sis,” Mike said, licking the milk from his lips after he sucked Jasmin’s tits after his tenth correct question. He stroked her swollen belly with one hand and then leaned down for one last suck on her nipple before he turned back to his computer. Ten more correct answers and I get to suck you pussy, right?”

“That’s right,” Jasmin told her brother before she squeezed her own tit and pushed her breast up far enough to lick the milk that dripped from her nipple. “And after lunch you’ll take the make-up test. If you pass that then we’ll be able to fuck this afternoon, how’s that for an incentive?”

“What happens if I get a perfect score?” Mike asked with a broad grin.

“Like that’s going to happen,” Jasmin smirked. “Tell you what, if you pass with a C we’ll fuck. If you get a B we’ll fuck now and after this baby is born I’ll give you first chance with the next one. And if you get an A the next baby is yours for sure.”

“Promise me two babies for a perfect score and I’ll show you how well I can do,” Mike said.

“Done,” Jasmin said with a grin. “But it will never happen.”

“With two babies as an incentive it is going to happen,” Mike promised. “Now let’s get back to studying.”

“Jasmin should have known better,” Nancy snickered, sliding her pregnant cunt up and down her father’s hard cock. “She knows how much Mike enjoys knocking girls up, if anything is going to push him to get a perfect score it’s the promise of two babies.”

“He does take after me,” Jason chuckled, giving his daughter an extra hard thrust of his cock, her pussy was so tight around his shaft it felt like she was trying to strangle his prick. “Let’s see how he actually does.”

“Yeah, daddy, skip ahead past the test,” Nancy gasped, pumping her pussy up and down her father’s cock. “The real fun starts after the test.”

Jason clenched his teeth together and fought down his desire to shoot off his load while he leaned forward to fast forward through the short version of Mike taking his make-up test on the computer and started the replay while his son checked on the results. While the show restarted Jason leaned back in his chair and bounced Nancy on his lap while they watched.

“Good news and bad news,” Mike told his sister with a good humored grin.

“How good and how bad?” Jasmin asked, mimicking her brother’s grin.

“You owe me one baby,” Mike said, turning the screen so his sister could see it, “but you don’t owe me two. I managed to get an A, but I missed a perfect score by two points.”

“I knew you could do it, Mike,” Jasmin said, taking her brother’s hand and leading him to the bed, “and now that you’ve passed your math test we can fuck.”

“But we can’t make a baby,” Mike said, running his hand over his sister’s swollen belly.

“Not yet,” Jasmin said, pushing Mike’s hand down the swell of her belly until it came in touch with her wet cunt. “But we can practice for now.”

“Now that sounds like a good idea,” Mike said, pushing his naked sister further up on his bed and spreading her legs so he could reach her drooling pussy. “The more we practice,” Mike said between licks of Jasmin’s juicy slit, “the sooner I’ll knock you up.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Jasmin groaned, scooting around on the bed until her ass was on the edge of the mattress so Mike could fuck her without putting pressure on her pregnant stomach. “Since we’ve already had the appetizers, why don’t we skip right to the main course. Fuck me, Mike. Fuck me like you were going to knock me up right now.”

“Incentive,” Mike chuckled, lining the head of his cock up with Jasmin’s pregnant pussy. He ran the tip up and down his sister’s drooling slit a few times until the shaft was slick with her juices and then shoved his prick into her belly with one quick thrust so his balls bounced off the older girl’s tight ass.

Jasmin let out a sigh of pleasure as her brother’s cock slid slowly into her tight little pussy and giggled when Mike ran his hands across her swollen belly. “Just think, sis,” Mike said, “a year from now it could be my baby in there instead of dads. Does that make you as hot as it does me?”

“It sure does,” Jasmin moaned while her brother slid his prick in and out of her pussy, faster and faster with each stroke until his cum filled balls were bouncing off her bouncing ass. “Something that would make me even hotter is if you started sucking on my tits and drinking my milk.”

“I didn’t even realize you were lactating already,” Mike said, leaning forward to grab Jasmin’s milk filled breasts and squeezing them until the nipples popped erect with a drop of milk on each tip. “Now that’s what I like,” Mike said, bending over his sister’s swollen belly to lick the milk drops off her tits before he sucked each nipple between his lips and sucked until he swallowed a mouth-full of milk from each breast.

“Delicious,” Mike said, smacking his lips and then leaning back down for another helping.

“And sexy as hell,” Jasmin groaned as her brother sucked on her tits again. “I could cum just from having my breasts sucked, that’s how sensitive they are when I’m pregnant. One thing I really love about being pregnant is having my tits so sensitive I cum when someone touches them.”

“In that case dad and I should be able to keep you happy for years,” Mike said with a grin, shifting his hands back to his sister’s swollen belly as it bulged with her baby’s kick. “We’ll keep you knocked up from now on.”

“That’s a promise I’ll hold you to,” Jasmin gasped, her whole body quivering with her approaching orgasm. “You and daddy, both. Oh, God, I’m cumming.”

“So am I,” Mike groaned, slamming his cock all the way into his sister’s pregnant pussy and holding it there while he gave her baby a cum bath.

“Thank’s, Jasmin,” Mike said, leaning forward to give his sister a tongue filled kiss while he held his slowly wilting cock in her milking cunt. “Just remember, you promised me the next baby once this one is born.”

“Maybe I’ll give you the next two after all,” Jasmin said, licking her lips. “If you keep fucking me like that I’ll think about it for sure.”

“More incentive,” Mike said with a grin while he slowly pulled his slimy prick out of his sister’s slit while it tried to milk every last drop of cum from his shaft. “I’ll make sure every fuck is this good or better if it means I get to keep knocking you up.”

“Here, let me clean up your cock for you,” Jasmin said, licking her lips while she rolled onto her hands and knees and turned around to face Mike.

The video froze as Jasmin sucked her brother’s shaft into her mouth and the credits started rolling across the screen. “That’s one horny video, daddy,” Nancy said, giving her pussy an extra hard bounce on her father’s cock while it slowly wilted in her belly. They’d both managed to cum at the same time as Jasmin and Mike on the video.

“It’s sure to be one of our best sellers,” Jason said with a broad grin. “At least for a while, once your collection is ready you could outsell them.”

“But the collection won’t be ready until after I give birth,” Nancy said with a sigh while she slid off her father’s lap and turned to lick him clean while his cum slid out of her cunt and down her inner thigh. “And by that time Jasmin and Mike will be working on her next baby. You better make sure that I keep up with her if my videos are going to sell as well as hers.”

“I’ll do my best,” Jason promised, “but Jasmin already has a couple years and a couple babies on you, she already had her own fans before you were old enough to be on the website, but your fans are growing by leaps and bounds, and that’s not count the fans that you and Jasmin share. Speaking of sharing, how would you feel about doing a video with your sister? That should reel in both your fans.”

“You know me, daddy,” Nancy said with a broad grin, swallowing their shared juices after she licked Jason’s cock clean. “I’m always ready to do a scene with Jasmin, especially if you and Mike are part of the action.”

“I think we can manage that,” Jason said with a matching grin. “Now as I remember the plans for tonight, you’re suppose to take care of the younger kids so mom and I can have our private dinner. So why don’t you go ahead and take care of the kids while I finish things up here and then head over for dinner.”

“Ok, daddy, I’ll see you later,” Nancy said, giving her father a quick kiss and before heading out the door. Chapter 4
“Hi, mom,” Jason said, grinning at his mother when she opened the door for him. His eyes ran up and down his mother’s body and his smile grew even broader at the sight of her swollen belly under her apron. Nine months pregnant with his twins and she managed to arouse him even more than all his daughters put together.

“Come on in, Jason,” his mother said, opening the door wider and stepping back to make room for her son. “Dinner’s almost ready.”

“Something smells good,” Jason said with an appreciative sniff, closing the door behind him and following his mother’s bare ass toward the kitchen.

“Don’t expect too much,” Karen said with a chuckle, rubbing her bulging stomach while she walked into the next room with her son on her bare heels. “In my condition I can’t do anything too challenging, but I managed some stuffed chicken breasts and scalloped potatoes.”

“Sounds as good as it smells,” Jason assured his mother. “And I’m looking forward to some special desert.”

“I’m sure you are,” Karen giggled while Jason ran his hand over her naked ass and then let his arm wrap around her waist so he could run his palm along her big belly under her apron. “But I am nine months pregnant with twins.”

“I know, but there are positions where your belly won’t get in the way, and it wouldn’t be the first time I was fucking someone jsut before she went into labor.”

“I should know,” Karen said, “the last time I gave birth your cum was still dripping out of my pussy while I was pushing Janet out of my womb.”

“That did give you good lubrication for the birth,” Jason pointed out, moving his hand down past his mother’s waist to finger her drooling pussy lips while she pulled dinner out of the oven.

“Well there is one more reason why you shouldn’t plan on fucking me tonight - at least not exclusively me.”

Before Jason could ask his mother what she meant a small form entered the kitchen from the other door and ran across the room to wrap her arms around his thighs so her head rested next to his erect prick.

“Daddy,” the young girl cried excitedly, her lips kissing Jason’s trembling shaft passionately.

“Vicky,” Jason said turning slightly so his nine year old sister/daughter could reach his cock. He turned to his mother as she placed the stuffed chicken breasts on three plates. “I thought it was just going to be the two of us tonight.”

“So did I before I took Vicky to see the doctor today,” Karen told her son. “Actually I suspected that we wouldn’t be dining alone after Vicky woke up with morning sickness the last three days in a row. I took her to see the doctor today and he confirmed her pregnancy.”

“Are you sure?” Jason asked, looking down at his nine year old daughter as she licked and sucked on the tip of his cock. “I mean, she’s so young. I didn’t even know she was having periods yet. And so far I only fucked her once, for her birthday last month.”

“I thought she was too young too,” Karen said with a shrug that made her milk filled tits quiver under her apron, “but after three days of morning sickness I had my suspicions and Dr. Cole confirmed my suspicions this afternoon. Since you usually celebrate when one of us finds out we’re pregnant I thought I should include her for tonight’s dinner.”

“Are you going to fuck me too, daddy?” Vicky asked, stroking Jason’s shaft as she looked up at her father hopefully.

“Of course I am,” Jason said, stroking his daughter’s long brown hair. “I’m just sorry I waited this long before fucking you again.”

“Don’t worry, daddy, I know you have a lot of girls to fuck, you don’t have time to get to all of us all the time.”

“Yes, I do have a lot of girls to fuck,” Jason said with a grin, “and some of them are going to be very jealous of you. Do you know how many of your half-sisters wanted to be the youngest pregnant girl in the family. By getting pregnant at nine you’ve set the standards pretty high for the rest of your sisters and half-sisters.”

“I know,” Vicky said with an impish grin.

“Dinner’s ready you two,” Karen called to her children as she finished setting the table. “So let’s eat.”

“Let me help you with that,” Jason said, holding the chair for his mother and then helping her to slide under the table.

“Help me too, daddy,” Vicky said, slipping her bare ass onto the dining chair.

“Hold on there, sweety,” Jason said, sliding into his own chair and lifting her onto his lap. “Don’t you want to sit on my lap while we eat?”

“Can I, mommy?” the young girl asked her mother hopefully.

“Of course you can,” Karen told her daughter with a smile, “after all, this is your night to celebrate.”

“Our night to celebrate,” Jason told his mother, holding his cock steady while Vicky lowered her cunt on his shaft.

“If that’s the way you want it,” Karen said, watching the way her daughter’s belly bulged when her father’s cock slid all the way into her body.

“What do you think, Vicky?” Jason asked his daughter between bites, playing with her mosquito bite tits with one hand while he used the other one to feed himself. “I’ll fuck you now while we eat, and then after dinner I’ll fuck mother. And then the rest of the night is yours. We’ll fuck while we watch TV and then sleep together so I can fuck you two or three times during the night.”

“I can let mommy have one fuck,” Vicky decided, squeezing her incredibly tight cunt muscles around Jason’s invading prick as she spoke, “as long as I have all the others for tonight.”

“Greedy little slut, isn’t she?” Jason asked, turning to his mother with a grin while he jiggled the preteen girl on his cock.

“Well she is our daughter,” Karen said with an affectionate grin as she watched her children.

When they finished dinner Jason helped his daughter to slip off his erect cock and set her on the floor. “Vicky,” Jason said, giving his daughter a quick kiss, “why don’t you clear the table and take care of the dishes while mother and I fuck?”

“Sure, daddy,” Vicky said as she gathered the dishes on the table, “but only if I can join you when I’m done.”

“I look forward to it,” Karen told her daughter, running a finger across Vicky’s small tits and down to her drooling cunt lips. “I always enjoy eating my girl’s pussies, especially when they’ve been fucking.”

“I know, mommy,” Vicky said with a bright smile, “and we enjoy having our pussies eaten. I’ll take care of the dishes now, but I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

“Nine years old and pregnant,” Jason said with a shake of his head while he watched his daughter’s bare ass bounce into the kitchen. “Did Dr. Cole say anything about the birth?”

“You’re right, nine is young; and I was worried that Vicky might not be able to carry the baby to term - or that she’d need a cesarian when the time comes. But Dr. Cole says that she’s already starting to develop and he thinks there’s a good chance that she’ll be able to give birth naturally.”

“I thought she was showing signs of developing,” Jason said with a wry grin. “When I popped her cherry last month her chest was flat as a board, and now her breasts are already starting to grow, and her hips look a little wider too.”

“Yes they are,” Karen agreed, “and once the hormones kick in the changes will be even more noticeable. I think Dr. Cole’s right, she will be developed enough to give birth when the time comes. But right now, I want to know what plans you have for me.”

“For us,” Jason corrected. “I realize this could be our last chance to fuck before the twins arrive, but since your belly is to big for us to fuck in bed I thought we’d try something a little different. Maybe something a little kinkier.”

“Oh, like fucking my own son while I’m carrying his twins isn’t kinky enough,” Karen giggled.

“It gets even kinkier when you add the fact that our daughter is going to join us,” Jason pointed out with a wry grin. “But I was thinking something a little more physical.”

“And what would that be?” Karen asked innocently.

“Let’s start by taking off that apron,” Jason said, stepping behind Karen and pulling the ties loose before he slipped it off her naked body. “After all, you’re not working over a hot stove anymore so you don’t need the protection. And it would get in the way if we left it on.”

“Now what?” Karen asked, tossing her only piece of clothing across the back of a chair.

“Now you turn that chair around and use it for support while you bend over,” Jason instructed.

“Like this?” Karen asked, placing her hands on the seat of the chair and wiggling her naked ass enticingly.

“Just like that,” Jason said, moving behind his mother and reaching down to finger her slit. He pulled his hand away from his mother’s drooling pussy and licked his fingers clean. “Nice, wet, and ready to fuck.”

“I sure am,” Karen told her son, spreading her legs to give him easier access to her cunt. “Fuck me, Jason, fuck me now.”

“I always obey my mother,” Jason said, grabbing Karen’s hips to hold her steady while he brought the tip of his cock between her drooling pussy lips and then he thrust forward, sliding into her pregnant pussy until his balls bounced off her erect clit.

“Oh God,” Karen moaned with pleasure as her son’s cock started stroking in and out of her tight cunt. “I’ve missed this so much since I got so big with the twins. I don’t know why I didn’t let you keep fucking me, I’ve done it with all our other children.”

“But this is the first time you ever had twins,” Jason pointed out, enjoying the way his mother’s pregnant pussy squeezed the whole length of his cock whenever he pulled it out of her hole. “You got so big so fast you were worried something might happen, and I understand that. But we’re not putting any pressure on the babies this way, so the twins are perfectly safe. And I get to enjoy your tight pussy all I want. It’s still hard to believe your pussy is so tight after all the babies we’ve had together - not to mention the two babies you had with dad.”

“Father always said my pussy was even tighter after I gave birth to you,” Karen sighed, “I don’t know if he would have felt the same way after Beth was born but I never had a chance to find out since he died while I was pregnant with her.”

“I don’t think it will matter how many children you have, mom,” Jason groaned, “your pussy will always be the perfect fit for my cock.”

“Daddy, you say that to all the girls you fuck,” Vicky said as she entered the room.

“And it’s true about all the girls I fuck,” Jason snorted. “Your pussies are all tight, and you’re all a perfect fit for my cock.”

“And your cock is the perfect fit for our pussies,” Vicky finished. “Now what do you want me to do?”

“So what do you want her to do, mom?” Jason asked, slowing his thrusts down a little so Vicky could join the fun.

“Vicky,” Karen said thoughtfully, “why don’t you get under us and lick my pussy and your father’s cock at the same time.

“Oh good,” Vicky said, crawling under her mother’s swollen belly so she could reach the point where her father’s cock entered her mother’s belly. “Now I get to taste you and daddy at the same time.”

“Jason,” Karen said with a chuckle, “I think Vicky here must be the horniest daughter we have.”

“I think it would be a tie for the title of horniest daughter,” Jason said, shivering at the touch of his daughter’s tongue and the way his mother’s slit quivered around his shaft. “With all our daughters sharing the title - including the ones who aren’t even old enough to fuck yet. They don’t all have the same talents of interests when it comes to sex, but they all share our sex drive.”

“You’re right,” Karen moaned. “We’re one horny bunch, the boys and the girls.”

As Vicky licked her mother’s pussy and her father’s prick she could feel her mother’s huge belly swaying back and forth with every thrust. Reaching blindly the little girl managed to find one of Karen’s milk filled tits and she squeezed it hard enough to get a spray of breast milk from the hard nipple.

“Vicky!” Karen snapped. “You know better than to waste my breast milk like that.”

“Yes, mother,” Vicky said contritely. She pulled her mouth away from her mother’s pussy and ducked under her bouncing belly to get to her swaying breasts. She held the left breast steady with one hand until she could get the nipple between her lips and start sucking on it. Karen’s breast milk filled her mouth and she swallowed it with obvious pleasure, running her hands across her mother’s bulging stomach and wondering if her own belly would get that big before her baby was born. While Vicky ran her hands across her mother’s belly she felt the muscles tighten against her palms.

“You’re doing a good job with my left breast, Vicky,” Karen hissed at her daughter, “but could you work on the right one now? I don’t want to be lopsided when I get to the hospital.”

“Why are you worried about the hospital now, mom?” Jason gasped pushing his cock as deep as it could go in his mother’s belly in spite of the way her cunt muscles had tightened around his shaft and tried to push it out.

“Well, Jason,” Karen panted, “did you notice how my pussy clamped around your cock right now?”

“I sure did,” Jason grunted, “you came so hard I thought your pussy was going to cut my cock in two.”

“Jason, that wasn’t an orgasm; that was a contraction,” Karen groaned. “And I think my water just broke too.”

“I think you’re right,” Jason said, looking down at the pool of water on the floor.

“Hurry up and cum in my pussy, Jason,” Karen told her son, meeting every thrust of his cock with a frantic thrust of her own. “As soon as you cum I want you to call Dr. Cole and then Nancy so she can take me to the hospital.”

“I can take you to the hospital, mom,” Jason offered, each stroke faster and harder than the last one as he reached for his own orgasm.

“We’ve been through this before, son,” Karen grunted, “we need to keep you out of sight whenever we go to the hospital to give birth. People are suspicious enough of our family. If you’re the couch when we’re giving birth some people will make the connection for sure. Right now Nancy is the best one to be my birthing coach because she’s only two months along with her new baby, she isn’t even showing right now. But Beth and Liz are both too big to hide their pregnancies. When Liz gives birth in a couple months you can go to the hospital with her because everyone knows you’re married, but you stay away from the hospital for everyone else. Ok?”

“Ok,” Jason said reluctantly, slamming his cock as hard as it could go in his mother’s contracting pussy as he shot his load so deep he was sure he was giving the twins a cum bath.

As soon as his cum petered out Jason pulled out of Karen’s cunt and ran for the phone. By the time he finished his calls and returned to the dining room Vicky was helping her mother get dressed for her trip to the hospital. “Nancy’s on her way, mom, and Dr. Cole’s already at the hospital. It turns out his daughter just gave birth to his new daughter about an hour ago so he’ll meet you there,” Jason told Karen. He grabbed her maternity panties and helped her get into them. He paused just before he pulled the panties up to her waist and stared at her hairy pussy for a second.

“Something on your mind, Jason?”

“Yeah,” Jason said, blushing slightly. “I was just wondering, why do you let your pussy hair grow in between babies? I mean, I knock you up almost as soon as you get home from the hospital, and since they shave you every time you go in to give birth it’s not like you have that much time to let it grow in.”

“I know,” Karen said with a slow smile, “but you have so many bald pussies to fuck I always thought you enjoyed a little variety, I know the boys do.”

“I do too,” Jason admitted, “it’s just that it suddenly struck me as strange the way you always let it grow in. Promise me you won’t change.”

“Of course not,” Karen said. “And if they give me the option I’ll ask them not to shave me this time. Ok?”

“Ok,” Jason said with a grin.

“Mommy Nancy’s here,” Vicky called from the living room.

“I’m almost ready,” Karen called, she reached for her bag but Jason beat her to it.

“I can’t take you to the hospital, but at least I can carry this to the other room,” Jason told him mother, offering her other arm.

“Thank you, Jason,” Karen said, accepting her son’s support as she made her way to the front door. “Why don’t you and Vicky use my bed tonight? Make sure you take care of that little girl, this is her first fuck with a baby in her belly.”

“I’ll take good care of her, mom,” Jason said, giving Vicky a broad smile, “really good care.”

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2012-10-17 00:34:06
@patlaborvi That reminds me of some of Frank Mccoy's stories involving the SFPIA (Society For the Preservation of Incest in America), or of Homer Vargas's "Fertile Valley" series.
Welcome to the canon of great incest writers, BTW!

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2012-06-22 14:45:08
That is too funny!! Glad you were able to figure out what he was sainyg. It's so cute the things they say at this age and how we can get a little glimpse into how their little minds work.

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2012-05-16 17:46:32
I can't wait till Vicki's belly starts to swell and her boobs get big.


2012-05-10 00:31:14
I didn't really want to comment on why people aren't suspicous about all the pregnancies in the family because it involves some things that don't really come up until later in the story. First off, it's fiction, things don't always make sense compared to the real world. Second, the whole family is home schooled so the children don't have much contact with kids outside of their own extended family. Second, the main income for the whole family comes from their website and movies, no one has an outside job, so again, little contact with the outside world. And finally, the family owns a large plot of land outside of the city so they have few neighbors, and most of the neighbors they do have share their incestious life style - including the family doctor.

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2012-05-09 01:38:26
Nice chapter and I got to reread what I forgot from the previous chapters

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