A slave girl meets her MASTER

I am kneeling, chained to the dock. I am bound with several other women. We are necked except for the iron collars encircling our necks. A chain runs through a hoop on the collar and is attached to an anchoring ring on the deck. We are to be sold at auction.

I notice you looking at us. I strike the most provocative pose that I can. As I am not allowed to stand, I place my hands on my knees and spread my thighs as wide as I can without falling over. I thrust out my firm round breasts, and hold my head high, extenuating my neck in its iron collar.

I know I have your attention. You come over for a closer look. My sisters in bondage clamor to strike a similar pose as they see you inspecting us.

You place your hands on my face and force my mouth open. You check my teeth for decay and ware. Then you pull open my eyelids and look for signs of disease. You feel around my neck for lumps, as would a doctor. Your hands lower to my breasts as you continue your inspection

You prod and poke clinically at my teats. They respond to your ministrations, by becoming more firm and erect. You say something about muscle tone and push your fingers into my abdomen. You squeeze the muscle of my thigh and run your hand up to my pubic mound. You cup my pussy with your hand and feel the moisture exuding from me. You say excellent response as you continue to massage my twat.

I keep my hands on my knees and my eyes straight ahead as you examine me. It is not my place to change position unbidden, but my body is betraying me. It is responding to your touch. You have awakened something inside of me. I have been trained as a pleasure slave. My body's responses honed to their highest level. At my master's slightest touch I am ready to give myself to him; I need him to take me.

I know that you are my master, when you tell the steward to remove me from the chain, I cum in your hand.

The steward removes me from the chain and attaches a leather leash to my collar. You exchange money for the leash, and he tells you that the collar must be returned to the ship before she sails. You nod and tell me to heal. I quickly get to my feet and follow you.

You lead me through the streets. You stop at the smithy and tie my leash to a hitching post. You enter the forge building and are in there a long time. When you emerge, you are carrying a canvas wrapped package. You hand me the package and untie me from the post

I follow as you lead me to the Inn. You tell the Innkeeper you want a room for the night, and he pushes a key and the ledger across to you. You sign your name to the book, and pick up the key. Like a happy puppy I follow you to your room.

You remove your hat and coat, and hang them beside the door. Then you take the package from me and unwrap it. In side is a surgical steal hoop. It is a collar of the highest grade. You show me your name and address emblazed on it. Removing the iron collar of the trader, you lock the new one in its place.

I drop to my knees, placing my head at your feet, I say, "thank you master." I look up at you, my eyes pleading with need.

You ask me my name, I reply, "My master has not given me a name."

You say, "Girl what is your function."

To which I respond, "My master’s pleasure is my function."

These responses were drilled into me when I was trained, but it only now sets in, as now I am responding to my master, and not a trainer.

A lump forms in my throat, and goose bumps crawl across my flesh. I swallow hard trying to dislodge the lump, but it will not move. Tears flow unbidden from my eyes as my body once again betrays me. Slave heat it is called. Never before have I felt it. My stomach Knots up, and my entire body feels as if it is on fire. The moisture flowing from my vagina must be forming a puddle on the floor.

You smile smugly and slowly undress. The pain in my stomach Increases, as I watch you remove your boots. I want to do it, I need to undress you. Still you torture me by not ordering me to perform.

You remove your shirt and trousers, and fold them neatly before placing them in the wardrobe. The fire in my stomach burns agonizingly as I look at you.

When you finally speak to me the sound of your voice causes an orgasm to flow from my body. You tell me to lie on the bed. I do as you order me.

You run your fingers over my flesh, familiarizing yourself with my body. I do not know if you know or care that you are wracking my body with sweet torment, as you caress me. My body has been conditioned to respond with an agonizing need for my master. I am on fire with that need. Each movement of your hands on me stokes that fire.

After you have explored every inch of my front side, you command me to roll over. I obey instantly but cannot contain a whimper as I do. You begin the agonizing massage on my upper shoulder. And caress my entire backside from neck to foot. By the time you order me to roll back over, a wet spot larger than a dinner plate has formed beneath me.

You command me to spread my legs. I do, bending my knees, thinking that you are finally going to take me, and end this hunger you have built inside of me. You lay over me and kiss my mouth. I cum as your tongue enters and explores it. It feels as if you are counting my teeth, which are tingling as much as my pussy.

You kiss and lick my face. Then lick down my chin to my neck. You kiss my collar and down to my chest. You circle around my teats, and lick up to my rock hard nipples. I orgasm steadily as you suck on them. You kiss my navel and down across my belly. I am spasming uncontrollably as you lick my pubic mound. My hair is matted down with my juices.

My vulva is red and hot to the touch, as you run your tongue over my quim. I am dripping like a faucet as you spread my nether lips. I moan in agony as you eat me. I quiver as orgasm, ends with orgasm. Your face is coated with my juices. You look up at me, your smile an evil grin. You know exactly what you are doing to me.

You slide up my sweating body. You kiss me and I lap my cum from your face. I plead with my eyes for you to take me. Your hard cock is pressed against my super-heated cunt, as you lay over me. I think to myself, just a little wiggle and it would be in me. I finish cleaning your face, and you rub your hard cock against my clit. I am desperate for you to penetrate me, but you pull away.

I am sobbing with need as you bring your penis to my mouth. I take it and suck it into my mouth. I close my lips around you and sigh. At last you are allowing me to full fill my function. I suck on you like an infant nursing on its lactating mother. My tongue drawing patterns on the underside of your cock. This is what I was born for I think as you’re cum fills my mouth, and my body shakes with yet another orgasm. I open my mouth and let just a trickle of semen escape down my chin before I swallow your load.

You tell me to get on my knees. I roll over and put my ass in the air for you. You put the head of your cock against my vulva and push in just a little. I cry out, breaking my training when you pull out. I am crying into the pillow as I feel you put the head of your erection against my anus. My breath catches as you push it into my ass. The sensation of being filled mocks the emptiness of my pussy. I clench my sphincter around your shaft. The need to fill your desires out weighing my own needs, I rock back against you, as you fuck my ass. The pressure against my bowel is sending spurts of pleasure across to my cunt. Before long I am cumming around your cock. My shivering buttocks squeeze around you milking a load of sperm into my ass hole.

You collapse onto my back, and roll over pulling your deflating penis free of my clinching ass. I remain face down crying into my pillow. You run your fingers through my silky hair and say in a soothing tone, "You did a great job; I am very pleased with you."

The fire wells up inside me. My cunt is burning with desire. Every fiber of my being is consumed with the heat. IT HURTS SO MUCH. The pain increases with each orgasm. Then as in a moment of clarity it comes to me. I roll over on to my back and look up at you. Tears pour down my cheeks as I say it.

"MASTER I BURN FOR YOU. I NEED YOU. I need you to take me. I need you to FUCK ME. Master"

You lay over me once more. I reach down and guide you into me. My pussy sucks you in, pulling you deep inside. You piston into my cunt. You stretch the walls of my saturated hole. Never has it felt so right. I feel a calmness wash over me, Draining the built up fire from my body. I cum with you, as you empty your seed into my pussy. Not the orgasms that I have had continuously, but a real gut wrenching cunt cruncher. I pull you to me holding you inside me.

"Master" I sigh as our lips meet. "My master" I am complete.

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good story....nicely written...but she forgot to say thank you master

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