Ok I have got people telling me too stop writing if I didnt listen before what make you think I would start now. Get a life.
In the last story I left you with Amy getting some big black cock inside her white tiny pussy.

Over the weekend Ally was in a mood been a bitch to her guardians and mostly on Amy. Ever since she got her period 2 weeks Ally was lashing out pissed off for no reason. 1 day Ally was so pissed that she blamed Amy for her getting her father and uncle caught fucking them. Deep down she missed them soooo much and to make it worst she was not allow to see them until was 18 which she did not like because Ally would have to waiting 8 more years.

Monday morning Ally was in a bad mood everybody stopped talking and eat breakfast in silent 20 minutes and it nerve racking. Amys father told the girls he would drive them to school and that mom would pick them up after. In the mood Ally was in Amy though maybe it was not a good idea for her to go to school and she was right because Ally was like a ticking time bomb ready to blow up.

So nothing really happen during school I was relived until school was over. I forgot my math book in Mr.Sparks class so I went back to get it as I got closer I notice all the classrooms were teacherless and I hear voices coming from Mr.Sparks class. I didnt understand at first but I as came close to the room it was Allys voice. I though Mr.Spark got trouble from what happen on Friday.

"I want to you to fuck me hard and fast OK!!"

"I cant right now what if we get caught theres to many people in this floor. Lets do it friday alright."

"NOOO!!!!!! If you dont fuck me right now Im going to the principal and tell him what you did to me and Amy weeks before school started. Also I know about you and Amy last friday fun and it would be bad if you get caught because I loved having a big black cock in me. So what it going be?"

I didnt know what Ally was doing but I hear my my mom said once before about the hospital controversy at her work were moms boss was sleeping with a lot nurse. Then a few nurses blackmailed there boss for firing the nurses that he sleeped with which of course every nurse he fucked had the same idea so I knew he was screw and I mean screwed in the ass.

Anyways back to Ally so I though was Ally blackmailing Mr.Spark to just to fuck her. Another controversy thats what mom said when she found out about her boss and I like that word controversy. As I was thinking about the blackmail and controversy Ally and Mr.Spark stopped talking and moaning I guess Ally was getting what she wanted I decide to watch the show.

I walked in the classroom and they didnt even notice me that I came in. As I sat down I pull my skirt up and side my panites off a little to finger fucking myself. I see Mr.Spark going down on Ally she was getting off by it while move her head side to side. She touched her nipples and I could tell that she was growing boobies it was cute. When Mr.Spark came up from under Allys pussy he looked at me then Ally looked at me but it didnt bother her I continued watching them I as finger fucking myself.

I had 2 fingers inside my wet pussy then stuck another finger and then another one. I wasnt getting any satisfaction from masturbating so I grabbed something a bone thing it was kinda big so I stuck it inside my pussy as I watch Mr.Spark pounding Allys brains out. Ally was so demanding at first but as soon she got her pussy full of big black cock Ally keep saying harder and faster Mr.Spark picked up the pace and that shut up Ally only moaning came from her.

I was fucking myself and made myself cum. I keeped on looking as I heared moaning from Mr.Spark I knew he was about cum inside Allys fertile pussy and she wanted it because she didnt say to pull out. I pulled my panties up and pull my skirt dowm. I walked over and saw the damage of Allys abused pussy leaking of cum. Ally got up and try to look normal as she could.

"Sorry Mr.Spark I guess needed to be fucked bad. Please forgive me."

"Its ok Ally next time be careful I can get in trouble if anyone found out about my relations with 2 young girls."

Ally hugged him so did I we left school as mom was waiting for us. Ever since the hard fucking that Ally got from Mr.Spark she was less of bitch. In the coming weeks I had got my period told my mom about it. She explained to me that I was woman but I was a woman since I was 7. I laughed in my head but she told me that she was going to put me on birth control I asked what was that again explained it would stop me from getting pregnant. The next thing shocked me that came out of my moms mouth.

"Honey I know you have been doing with Mr.Spark your math teacher."

I was like oh damn we got caught but how could this have happen. I had deep feels for my math teacher just like I had for Brad. I need to sound like I didnt know what she was talking about.

"I dont know what your talking about mom. Mr.Spark is my teacher if you mean by tutoring me then yes."

"Honey dont play dumb I know you and Ally had fucked Mr.Spark."

My eyes went wide when mom said fucked. I knew I couldnt keep it from her so I told her the truth and mom took it calmly she was not mad or angry in fact I was surprised on what mom asked.

"How was it honey?"

I blushed as my cheeks turned from white to red.

"Umm ok I guess."

"Just ok come honey I saw you that friday you lay on his desk as he pound your little pussy ripping it open. Tell me how was it?"

"Umm it was amazing mom I ever had felt something so good in my life."

Mom looked at me and looked turn on I guess. She decide to tell me about when she was my age and that my grandfather let his friend fuck my mom. I understood now why my grandfather touched me when I was very young maybe I dont for sure because I reminded him of my mom when I was little. Back to mom, she said she had about 20 of her dads friends to come over and fuck mom anytime they wanted. Mom was homeschool by my grandmother she to had her guy friends to come over and fuck her.

She had been fucked by her dad when she was only 8 years old and she lost her virginity to her dad. Mom had been fucking with out protection until 12 and half then she got her period my grandmother explained that she could get pregnant but mom didnt care because doctors said she may not be able to get pregnant that it make years for mom to be knock up.

I was shocked what mom told me. She had over 2000 fucks before she was 12 and had 5000 fucks until she was 16 at the same time she was trying to get pregnant and then when mom was 18 she when out with guys 2 or 3 times her age. She told me the story where she fucked this 80 year old guy a day before she meet my dad. Then another shocker from mom I though was today shocker day or something. She said that she found out she was pregnant with me and that my dad may not be my dad.

I told mom that I cant take all this in at once. So we stop I went to my room and I could do is think of my father or should I say my "father". It didnt really matter because I have a dad that loves me and cares for me even if was not my father he always be my dad.

The school year was about end is was a good school year but with just one problem Mr.Spark was arrested for having sex with Ally and to make it worst Ally got pregnant by Mr.Spark. Both Ally and Mr.Spark were happy that Ally got pregnant I on the other hand was jealous because I loved Mr.Spark but he loved Ally more. So I found out that the principal walked in on Ally and Mr.Spark fucking. Ally bend over the desk as she was getting fucked like little a naughty schoolgirl.

When dad found out he didnt want to do anything with Ally anymore. Ally was taking away from the house I cry that she was taken away from me I gave her the house number before they took her. I was sad the whole summer as I planned out to have a wonderful summer with Ally. Dad wanted me to enjoy my summer but just couldnt. I spend my summer not talking to dad as much and when summer was over I talked to him even less when school started.

I wonder how Ally was doing. Mom found the address were Ally was staying I didnt hear anything from her I cried at night knowing I lost my best friend. Everyday I run home sit by the phone hoping Ally calls but nothing. Later at night I looked up at the stars and said Ally hope your doing good wherever you are I promise we will meet again love you always best friend.

To be continued...
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