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the feeling of u near me
is one i cant forget
how i long for your touch once again
in the dark of a cold room

so lonely and yet
still never alone
you come into the room
instantly warming the atmosphere

as you glide across the room
feelings sensual and close to you
the actions we commit
so loving and nice

my body enveloped with yours
two people now as one
two beings in the heat of the moment
take eachother to the next level

after it all in love they atand
together now and forever
bonded by their actions
and extatic for the experience

anonymous readerReport

2011-11-16 21:05:02
Just what the doctor ordreed, thankity you!

Anonymous readerReport

2008-08-06 15:18:13
Man,that was good but needs alittle improving!


2005-03-21 11:11:59
lay off both Poetry and Literature PUHLEEZ !


2005-03-14 12:16:00
What webpage?
Google-Your search - "the feeling of u near me" - did not match any documents.

Try running it through the spell checker before you post it.


2005-02-07 15:30:37
fuck everybody!!! atleast your are trying to do something creative...luv ya!

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