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A new story with a few new themes I wanted to explore. For those who know me somewhat, yes, she is a bit docile for my taste but I'll try everything once. Enjoy!

By the way... I wanted to design this story in a way that I, as a writer, can get my kicks out of it too. For those who are not true sadists, like myself, you'll find out that not every story is meant to please you.

Part two will follow. Someday. I'd like to get you all nice and anxious.

Part I

She sat in the garden silently gazing at the kois swimming around. Lena always felt at ease when she looked at the fish. Soon it would be too cold to stay in the garden for long. She couldn’t possibly ask Mister for a jacket… that would be too bold. She was already happy he gave her a new dress last month. The dress had a light blue color and little gold flowers decorated the waist part. Mister liked to dress her up pretty. When he received it from the tailor she overheard him say it matched her milky-white skin well. It was made out of very thin shiny material covering a thicker fabric under it. Mister forbade her to enter the garden wearing it because it might rip or get dirty. She normally didn’t disobey Mister but the weather was too nice and she made sure to sit on a towel so she wouldn’t become filthy.


Mister was the man of the house. She once dared to glance at the enveloppes which were lying on the table to discover Mister’s name. She decyphered “Lord Andrew Griffith” with difficulty. Lena never got a real decent education in reading or writing. Living in a small village in Russia, she was taken away from her parents forcefully at the age of six by a group of men breaking entry during a midsummer day. Her father got killed instantly by the man who entered first. That same man was terribly aggressive as he noticed Lena was the only child the couple possessed. Her brothers and sisters had died from hunger and disease past winters. He commanded the others to take away the mother. Lena didn’t remember much of that time, only the sound of her mother’s screaming and how the men laughed. She never saw her mother again after that day. The men were surprisingly kind to Lena though, she remembered them giving her sweets and singing songs for her.

She had to stay with them for several months. Her life existed mostly of being chained to the wall with one wrist, but it wasn’t tight enough to hurt her. She slept in the corner of a room with an old worn out matrass as a bed. Every other day one of the men would take her for a walk in a small and badly maintenanced garden next to the cottage-like building. Living the first two weeks in total shock from the violent assault on her family, she recovered by the time the third week of her stay began. In her childly innocence she began to wonder who the men were, asking for their names as they walked by. Even though she had seen her father’s throat slit, she didn’t remember the image anymore. Neither did she seem to feel grief for losing her parents, after experiencing death so often amongst her late siblings.

During her stay in the house she heard more screams alike those of her mother coming from the room next to the one she stayed in. Lena wondered every time what happened to the women the men took in every so often. One day the door swung open by the wind and she saw the source of the many cries she had heard over the weeks. Three of the men were surrounding a woman. She was naked and bleeding from her nose and mouth as she pleaded them to stop. The men were only halfnaked, their shirts were off. Their pants were unzipped and a long piece of hardened meat stuck out of it. One of them had it buried loosely between the struggling woman’s legs, which were also dripping with blood. Lena knew what a penis was, she saw her father’s often enough when she was young when he’d dress or wash himself. However, she had never seen this strange ritual.

One of the men sitting near her, reading a letter, reacted to the yell from one of the men in the room and went to shut the door again. As he turned around he saw Lena and realized she’d seen it all. He came closer and squatted to face her. “Do you know what you just saw?” Lena shook her head. The man smiled kindly. “Well, every now and then a man has needs. They want to do something with a woman. That’s what you saw. ” Lena still didn’t get it, but her inquisitive nature immediately started to ponder aloud. “So why don’t they dance then? Mother and father always used to do that. And I think it hurts less for the lady too.” The man laughed at her adorable innocence. “I think this is a little different. Don’t worry, you’ll find out someday, moja dorogaya.” He stroked her cheek softly, gave her some bread to nibble on and then went back to the table nearby to continue the paperwork. Soon a new man appeared to pick her up and Lena left the group of men, never to see them again.

The journey was a long one. She was taken to England, to a proper house with a group of other girls. There she grew up to be a beautiful girl. She had long black hair, a milky white skin and bright blue eyes. She was a bit skinny even though she was fed well. Here she learned the normal way of doing things. She got introduced to many new kinds of furniture and food, luxurious things also entirely new to her. Her family was poor so they never had much property to put in their tiny house.

A new language was introduced to her, which she picked up quickly over the years. She also got taught an amount of new words, yet the people who took care of them never gave them the chance to learn how to read or write properly. When Lena asked them once for a learning book they replied “she wouldn’t need it.” They told her that when she’d reach the age of 12 she would join the other girls in special education on the subjects they thought was fitting for her future, but this wouldn’t include anything like language or maths. This bothered her, she had some basic knowledge, but much further than understanding what a few letters meant what was too difficult without guidance. She wasn’t very happy in her new home, the people werent as friendly as her parents or the men used to be to her and anyone disobeying the rules got punished hard.

At the age of 16, one of the men she grew up with came to pick her up. Lena remembered him vaguely and greeted him warmly. He gave the man in charge a firm handshake, mentioned “the payment was on it’s way” and thanked him. Lena was freezing as they walked towards the car. It was winter and the people had told her to put on the same simple dress she arrived in. Lena obviously grew during the years she spent in the house so the dress now hardly covered her body. She got into the passenger seat and they drove off. The man wasn’t the same as Lena remembered him. He wasn’t kind to her, nor was he mean. He was very quiet and looked at Lena frequently. Lena noticed his pants started to bulge slightly.

In an attempt to evoke some sort of friendliness from him again, she tried to impress him with the things she learned during the stay at the house filled with girls. She now knew what an erection was and why it occurred. This was one of the things the people in the house taught them. They gave explanations about all sorts of body parts and about the ritual Lena had seen as a child, which she got to know as ‘sex’; that which the same man she now sat next to meant with ‘a man wanting to do something with a woman’ when she was younger. Her caretakers had given details on how to do it the best way and how much the man would enjoy it. An erection occurred when a man would want sex.

“You have an erection” she said very casually. “Well noticed” he replied back. However, Lena curiosity was triggered. “Why do you have an erection?” The man could hear she was genuinely unaware about her own appearance. “Because you’re a very pretty girl” he explained. “Does that mean you will have sex with me then?” This caused the man to burst out into laughter. “I see they taught you well back there. No, I will not.” It was silent for a moment. He got amused by her pondering. “Why not? If you have an erection you want to have sex with me… right?” she slowly answered back slowly and confused. “I’d like to have sex with you. But I’m not allowed. The man who is paying a lot of money for you will have sex with you” he explained to her again. “Why not the both of you?” she shot back in seconds. The man smiled. “Because you’re a virgin. People pay good money to be able to have sex with a girl who hasn’t been used yet.” Lena already opened her mouth for the next question, but the man told her to hush for now.

After what seemed like an eternity of driving they arrived at a large mansion. They had been crossing woods for the past hours; the mansion was well hidden from the rest of the world. Lena pressed her face against the window. She had never seen such a large house before. “Impressive, isn’t it? This is where you will live from now on” the man told her while parking the car. She gasped; this had to be a dream. They got out of the car and walked to the front door. Lena was still freezing and became increasingly embarassed for the way she was dressed. An old man opened the door and beckoned them to follow. “Lord Griffith is expecting you, this way please.” They walked through a long hallway filled with paintings, golden statues and coloured vases. Lena had never witnessed so much luxury and colours in her entire life. She nearly walked into one of the statues as she gazed at the painted ceiling.

As they entered another luxuriously furnished room, a tall man sat in a comfortable chair looking at the both of them. He was in his late fourties and looked very sophisticated with his black hair sleeked back, which started to reveal a few grey streaks on either side of his head. As opposed to the bright colours in the house, he was dressed in black. He didn’t smile at Lena as she entered, but took her in with a serious face. She felt akward standing there in rags which hardly covered her body. She felt a creep up her spine and shyly hid behind the man who drove her here. The man stood up and went to shake hands with Lena’s chaperone. “I hope she is to your liking, Sir?” The tall man looked at Lena again, who smiled at him in an attempt to make friends. She had absolutely no clue what was going on. “She is a beauty, indeed. Is she unspoilt?”

“Of course. As we agreed upon.” The man who served as Lena’s human shield, suddenly turned around and pulled her up by her hips, putting her on a side table. Lena was getting increasingly uncomfortable. “Lena, spread your legs” her chaperone asked her friendly but determined. This was the first time she hesitated to do as she was told, but as the man spread her legs himself, she immediately obliged. He shoved her simple cotton underwear aside, revealing a narrow slit without any hair surrounding it. “As you can see she has been taught the necessary means to fulfil your demands, including personal hygiene. She can maintain her own body. He touched her minor labia and spread them softly, revealing the intact hymen. Lena shivered by the odd feeling. The tall man nodded approvingly. As soon as he let go of her Lena locked her legs. She felt her cheeks burning up with embarassment.

The tall man walked to the back of the room, the chaperone following him. They sat at a table where a device Lena didn’t recognize as a laptop was waiting for them. “The price we have agreed upon” he said as coldly as before while ticking in a few buttons on the laptop. The chaperone thanked him. “You know where to reach me” he said before turning around and leaving the mansion. Lena was confused. He hadn’t even said bye to her. She looked back at the man who now stood near her again. “You have a very nice house, sir” she said hesitantly in an attempt of politeness. The man didn’t reply. Instead, he yelled for the older man who had opened the door for them earlier.“See to her, Edward, I wish to have her ready for me tonight.” The man, who Lena later knew to be his butler, bowed and obliged to his wishes, then he beckoned Lena to follow him.

He took Lena to a small room which seemed to be the opposite of all the grand luxury she had seen in the mansion. The room contained a small bed with a simple nightstand, a wooden cabinet with 3 drawers and a mirror on the side of the wall. There was one window without any curtains and a dusty lamp hanging on the ceiling. The room led into a small tiled bathroom on the side with a toilet and a shower. “This will be your room. You will stay here until further notice.” He shut the door and left Lena alone. She sat on the bed and looked around. She wondered if she was going to like living her. Eventually she fell asleep on the hard matress.

She was rudely woken up by a woman who yanked at her arm. “Wake up” was all she said while spreading a shimmering cloth on the bed next to a drowsy Lena. “You are to take a shower now, take care of yourself and after that, you are to put this on immediately.” Lena, freightened by this harsh treatment, bolted out of bed and into the little bathroom. The woman waited for Lena to finish what she told her to do and nodded approvingly. After brushing her hair and spraying some perfume on her neck – the latter being an experience completely new to Lena – she motioned her to follow.

As they walked through the hallway the woman explained her some rules. “You will address your master as Mister. Tonight you will be silent. You are not to make any sound. When he dismisses you, you are to leave the room immediately and withdraw to your own chamber. Do you understand?” Lena nodded. She had no idea what words like ‘address’ and ‘withdraw’ meant, as she was never spoken to in such a formal manner, but the message was still very clear to her. The women opened a big door to the right of the hall and motioned Lena to enter. She immediately shut the door behind her.

Lena now stood in a dark room of considerable size. Again she saw many luxurious artworks and decorated furniture, but she had to squeel her eyes to see them properly. The room only had a dim light on either sides of what she concluded was a big bed taking up one side of the room. As her eyes got used to the dark environment she saw a shade sit on the edge of the bed towards her. He silently took her image in. Lena was unsure what to do. Luckily the man took initiative. ‘Come to me’ a cold and calm voice said, which she recognized as the same voice from the man she met this afternoon. Lena, trained to obey immediately, stepped forward until she stood inches away from him.

Wanting to flinch away from his hands reaching for her, she was able to calm herself and let it happen. The man stroked her stomach through the thin fabric of the nightgown the woman had spread out on the bed earlier. It was all she was asked to wear. He let his hands glide down over her hips and pulled her closer in between his semi-spread legs. ‘Take the gown off’ he commanded her equally icey, little kindness could be detected. Lena felt nervous and scared, but his soft stroking pleasantly tickled her and made her a bit more at ease. She lifted the gown over her head and held it in her hands questioningly. The man became annoyed by her pondering and took the gown from her harshly, throwing it on the floor next to the large bed. Then his hands reached back for her stomach, which was now bare. This time his hands moved up towards her small but perky breasts.

Lena’s heart started to pound in her throat. As he fondled her softly she stood there, not sure whether she should look down to watch his actions or keep her eyes straight forward. However, as the man was rather tall and the bed was situated high, her face was nearly at the same height as his. Not wanting to keep eye contact she simply looked away. Lena couldn’t get her head around this new feeling. No one ever touched her breasts this way before. Suddenly he pinched her still rather soft nipples simultaneously. Lena gasped by the unexpected move and stingy feeling. But he didn’t let go. As he increased the pressure on the sensitive buttons, the pain grew and she attempted to step back. At that point he let go of her breasts and pulled her back towards him by her hips.

As the pain faded away she only felt a strong tingling sensation in her breasts. Again he stroked the small bosom of the nervous young girl. This time the nipples turned hard quickly due to the soft stroking. She felt anxious, afraid he might hurt her again. He moved his hands downwards like before, holding her slim hips with one hand and grabbing her wrist with the other. He pulled her hand closer to him. Lena stared at her own hand being led between his legs. She felt her fingers bump into something hard and fleshy and she understood what it was. At that point the man used a small remote to brighten the dimmed lights. Now Lena saw his naked body with a hard rod sticking up against his stomach anxiously. She saw a bead of transparent liquid rest upon the top. ‘Kneel down’ he commanded her and, still fascinated by what she saw, she dropped to her knees easily. This was the first time since her childhood that she saw a real penis, besides the numberous pictures she’d seen at the house she grew up in after the men left her there. The man smiled, amused by her fascination. ‘Go on, let’s see what they taught you’. Lena felt reluctant and more nervous. She knew what he expected of her and she had practiced it on objects almost every week in the house as she was told to do, until the woman in charge decided she was fully educated. However, this felt different.

‘What are you waiting for?’ he snarled at her impatiently. Lena still froze up. ‘I-im sorry, I’m…’ she started hesistantly. A moment later she fell back with a shriek. She held her burning cheek on the place his hand landed seconds before. ‘Don’t talk back at me!’ he yelled as he got up. His erection swung up and down, as if it was just as impatient as the rest of him. Lena immediately curled up in fear, but he grabbed her neck and picked her up with ease. He sat back at the edge of the bed and dropped Lena in front of him. Lena, terrified of getting slapped again, immediately took the head of the throbbing dick in her small mouth. As she tasted her first beads of precum ever, she pulled a disgusted face but kept it low so he wouldn’t see it. She softly started sucking and bobbed her head up and down as she was taught. At the same time, she used her hands to massage the rest of his genitals. She had no clue whether she was doing it right but as she heard the man softly moan she felt at ease knowing he was satisfied.

Suddenly he ripped her head off his cock by her hair, Lena shrieked again by the sudden harsh treatment. The man got up, causing Lena to fall back. He knelt down and picked her up, throwing her down on the bed harshly. Lena, still terrified, curled up in fetal position. It didn’t take the man much effort to roll her on her back again and spread her legs. As her panick grew bigger she started squeeking uncontrollably, feeling tears form in her eyes. She knew what was going to happen –in theory anyway- but she couldn’t imagine such a monster fitting inside her body. This mystery didn’t seem to bother the man much as he leaned over her positioning himself in front of the small entrance. However, instead of ramming himself in, he moved his fingers down to her genitals. He softly moved them up and down between her lips. He stopped to tickle the small rosebud. Lena, still trembling with fear, couldn’t help but feel strange pleasurable shivers everytime he’d get near that little button. In the past, the women in the house forbade the girls to touch themselves there, afraid they might damage the hymen or get ‘too used’ to their own pleasure. Their only purpose was to pleasure their master, not themselves.

As nature took over Lena felt her breathing speed up. She never knew this kind of feeling existed and as the shivers and tingles got heavier she leaned back both confused and overwhelmed by the new sensations she experienced. He kept rubbing the button while moving his finger up and down to check if she developed any slickness. This didn’t take long, as her body was completely ignorant to these new found feelings.

Lena screamed as he suddenly pushed the entire length of the erection roughly inside of her, breaking the hymen with ease. Another slap in the face punished her again for the sound she made. This didn’t bother Lena as much as the first time. She just wanted to get away from this horrifying pain. It felt as if she was being ripped in half. She crawled and flipped her body in every direction trying to flee the scene. He didn’t seem to sympathize her. On the contrary, it made his pounding movements even rougher. As he moved along with her attempts to escape from under him, he pushed her fully to the headboard of the bed, trapping her between the wooden plate and his body. Now he was able to really put some strength into his pummeling, as Lena had moved back everytime he tried to slam himself back inside of her. She shrieked again and again with every violent shove he performed onto her. The sheets turned scarlet as both the hymen and her insides started to bleed by the harsh treatment.

As the man started to breathe harder, he also picked up his pace, each thrust following the other more and more swiftly. As he was near to that ecstatic moment, to free the semen he had saved up for a week only to fill his newly obtained treasure with, Lena slowly felt herself sinking away into a nightmare of pain and darkness. She fainted the moment he let out a bestial grunt in vigor as he released every drop of his masculinity in the virgin womb. She woke up a short hour after her sexual debute, but hurt for days after that first encounter.

After months of being taken by him, Mister, several times a week, the hurting started to diminish. Eventually he started to lubricate her better before entering her. Not to lessen her pain, but to protect his precious property. He wanted her clean and undamaged. Last time he made her his, the bruises were visible for days after. Likewise, her cuts didn’t heal as quick as the first times. He had to take precautions to keep her in mint condition.

Lena got accustomed to her new life surprisingly fast. She learned what her master enjoyed quickly but more importantly, she learned to obey immediately, as well as to be silent to avoid any abusive behaviour. The few days a month she’d have her period, Lena learned to avoid Mister. He wouldn’t initiate sex, but he would be much more agitated than usual. Even the pill he commanded her to take, and which she did religiously, couldn’t calm his revenge for not being able to use her as he pleased. Lena knew that as long as she was bleeding in a way which was not caused by Mister, she was a thorn in the eye of her cold-hearted master.

Besides that, her life was that of any ordinary servant. She had to serve her master during the day as well as during the night. She ran little errants within the residence and also stood near Mister at dinner in case he wanted anything. However, she never cleaned or did any of the regular tasks. Mister didn’t want her frail skin to come in contact with any desinfecting substances. Her white skin was very important to him and he made sure she received the utmost care to keep it fully intact and flawless. This included many luxurious creams and bath articles. Bathing time became Lena’s favourite moments of the week, when she was allowed –or actually, forced- to use all of the fine articles purchased especially for her. Her life knew both ups and downs in that sense. But she would soon learn that Mister would not be shy to damage her snow-white skin in order to esthetically improve his beautiful pet.

It was a random Sunday morning when Lena squatted down next to an open doorway which led to a rather small foyer. Mister had company from another man, or actually, another Mister. Mister told Lena she was not allowed to refer to his friend as any other way than Mister. So both Mister and Mister were in the foyer. It confused Lena a little herself. Although Mister, her own Mister, had not summoned for her, she was curious by nature and always felt the urge to be near when an interesting conversation took place. Her legs started to tremble by the uncomfortable position she was in, but squatting down was the only way she’d be able to sprint away when someone would approach her. Both Misters would probably not be too appreciative of her eeves dropping.

However, the risc she took was big compared to the reward. It took Lena a lot of effort to understand what they were saying due to the amount of fancy words they used. Lena giggled softly when the other Mister said ‘Bangkok’ because it sounded a lot like a dirty word, even though she had no clue what the word meant. The next moment she immediately kept quiet, because she heard them speaking of her. ‘…quite lovely. Rosa isn’t as fine as she is.’ Lena was surprised to hear a tone of pride in Mister’s voice as he replied ‘Yes, she is exquisite. Even more so because she is as docile as a lamb and as agile as a cat, you can turn her in any way without worrying she will break a limb. You should have chosen a Russian girl instead of... where did she come from again?’ ‘I believe it was Portugal. Or Spain. Some mediterranean country. I’m not entirely sure, but I can assure you I do not recommend it. Her voice is too raspy for my liking now that she aged.’ Mister laughed in a way that gave Lena the chills. ‘Then remove her vocal cords. A slave does not need to speak.’ The other Mister smiled in a less enthusiastic manner. ‘Perhaps. Where is she anyway?’

Lena launched up in the air when she heard Mister call her. As she was about to take a step forward, she held her position for a few seconds to pretend as if she wasn’t near the foyer at all. She took a deep breath and timidly entered the foyer. ‘Hello Lena’ the other Mister kindly greeted her. Lena smiled at the warm and rather uncommon greeting, but as she saw Mister’s face she quickly held a strict face again. ‘Here!’ he snarled as if he spoke to an insubordinate basset hound. As she took her position next to Mister –standing, she wasn’t allowed to sit unless Mister allowed her so, which was next to never- the two men continued their conversation.

As several minutes went by, the atmosphere of the conversation went grim. Mister became more and more unpleasant. He even punched her in her side when she squeeked while Mister pinched her to show his friend her mint condition. She didn’t understand why Mister went so cruel, she was just standing there as she was meant to.

It didn’t take long before Lena found out it wasn’t she who upset Mister. ‘…when Rosa did. She must look exquisite under that fabric. Perhaps you can…’ ‘I don’t think so’ Mister interrupted his guest. ‘Also, I believe it is time I must excuse myself. I have business to attend to.’ The other Mister, aware he had outstayed his welcome, kindly obliged and walked towards the doorway. ‘Good afternoon Andrew’ he nodded at Mister. ‘…and good afternoon, Lena’ he added as he glanced at the young girl. However, before she could reply –as she was taught to do when someone addressed her- Mister stood in front of her, blocking her view.

‘Out!’ he snarled at Lena when the guest left. Lena knew better than to stay around and hastily made her exit, wondering what just happened. Mister was angry, that’s for sure. She decided to head for the kitchen to grab an apple and while she munched the piece of fruit quietly –something which fit the strict diet Mister had ordered his servants to keep her to- she sat in a corner thinking about what the other Mister had done wrong.

It was dusk when she heard Mister yell for her. She found him in the same foyer as he was before; this time accompanied by another guest, a man she didn’t know. Before getting in more trouble, she rushed towards the spot she stood earlier that day before Mister had to ask her to. Maybe that way she could get on his good side again. She shrieked as Mister yanked up her dress and revealed her bare genitals to this complete stranger. ‘Shut up’ he hissed, ‘spread your legs’. Lena did as she was told to, while she felt her face flush and avoided eye contact with either of the men. Mister touched her inner thigh and Lena felt a shiver. ‘This would be a suitable place’ he told the guest. The guest nodded, stood up, took several odd objects he had laid down on the floor and walked to a side of the room.

Lena was completely confused by now and felt incredibly uncomfortable standing there half naked. Mister apparantly read her thoughts, but didn’t react the way she would have liked. ‘Undress’ he commanded her. ‘Mister…’ she squeeked and looked at the guest who squatted in front of the fireplace. Mister stood up and slapped her across the face. Lena felt her cheek burn but it didn’t match the burning shame she felt inside. To avoid more abuse, she did as she was told. She wanted to cover herself with her hands, but was wise enough not to do so while Mister kept his eye on her.

‘Lay down on your back’ he commanded her. On the floor, Lena wondered if Mister wanted her to have sex with him. Or with the guest. Or both? ‘You belong to me. No one will ever have you, for as long as you live. How long you will live, depends on you. Understood?’ Lena nodded, not understanding why Mister repeated something which she already knew. ‘Hold her’ the guest told Mister while he stood up. Mister leaned over Lena and held her wrists above her head with one hand, while his other hand pressed down on her neck. He didn’t press hard enough to trouble her breathing, yet kept his grip firm enough to keep her neck in place. Lena didn’t struggle. She didn’t quite understand why Mister would want to hold her. Did he not know she’d oblige to him or to the guest if he ordered her to?

The guest came closer, with one of the strange objects in his hand. Looking up, Lena could distinguish a long metal rod, completely black with a red tip. The guest kept both her left as her right leg tightly in place. Even though it hurt Lena, she didn’t make a sound, afraid that Mister, who kept his eyes fixated on hers the entire time, would punish her. ‘You are mine’ Mister stated once again.

A short second later, Lena screamed her lungs out. A hissing sound from her thigh mingled with her screams. A burning sensation jolted through her leg and bounced through her entire body. The pain was so unbearable Lena thought she was going to pass out any moment. While she felt equally hot tears roll down her cheeks she looked at Mister in pure desperation. Mister didn’t move nor did his face show any sign of emotion. The hissing soon stopped and the guest got up. Even though the burning poke did no longer touch her skin, the searing hot pain still jolted through her body as painful as before. Mister, who took his hands off Lena’s wrist, but kept his other hand firmly positioned on her neck, shook hands with the stranger and thanked him. The guest nodded and left without glancing at his burn victim once. His job was done and his paycheck would soon follow. A servant received the guest at the doorway and closed the foyer doors while escorting the guest towards the exit.

Finally, Mister let go of Lena. But Lena couldn’t move due to the immense pain. Mister turned to look at her thigh. Through a haze of red, the letters ‘A’ and ‘G’ were clearly visible. ‘Now everyone will know you are my possession. No other man will ever lay a finger on you’ he smiled contently. All Lena could do was cry and cry. She couldn’t move and she couldn’t speak. She was mentally numbed down by the excruciating pain and traumatizing experience. All she could was hear how Mister unzipped his pants. As he stroked himself with one hand and his beloved pet with the other, Lena could hear his breathing speed up. She kept a straight look at the ceiling, unable to even so much as turn her head. From the corner of her eyes she saw the figure of Mister move downwards. Shortly after, she started to cry even louder as Mister ejaculated with a grunt and aimed his semen on top of the fresh burn wound.

He didn’t take much time to enjoy the post-orgasmic bliss. Almost immediately he stood up, tucking his semi-flaccid penis back into his pants and zipped up. He didn’t speak or look at Lena, but left her. She heard him command a servant to ‘pick her up and get rid of her for now’ in the doorway. The rest she experienced as a blur of tears and trauma. It took several days before she had the strength to come out of her bed. It took a week before she was able to face Mister again. Even though she had received the ultimate gift of Mister, a sign of his dedication to her, she had never felt so worthless. But the pain faded away and the scar remained. She belonged to Mister, in every way a human, an object, could belong to someone.


As she sat there in the silky blue dress she followed one of the fishes in particular. It wasn’t swimming around calmly like the others, but it was always busy racing towards the corners. Lena figured the fish wanted to get out of that tight enclosure just as much as she did. She felt lonely, funny enough even more so when Mister was not around. In the end he was the only one paying attention to her existence. The rest of the servants ignored her. It was late spring and Mister left during that time to the city for business. He would only reside in, what Lena found out was just a summerhouse, in between meetings. She had no idea what kind of business he participated in, but she knew it would take a long time before he would come back again. Or so she learned in the three years that passed.

However, every few weeks he would come stay a weekend to get away from what surely was a hectic and stressful environment. But this summer was different. Mister hadn’t visited the house in many weeks. She overheard the servants say to one another that he had been taken up by something they called a ‘hostile take-over’, which sounded very important, even though Lena hadn’t a clue what it was.

One day, as she was again pondering on Mister’s whereabouts, she felt a sudden nauscea and she held her stomach with a painful groan. She’d been feeling sick for days now. Luckily Mister wasn’t at home or he would surely punish her. Simply for being sick and unusable. Lena learned that much by now, everything which made her unusable was automatically her fault. She had been sick just before Mister left too. Lena remembered those horrible days in which she had to throw up nearly every day. But he didn’t care much for her situation and still forced intercourse on her twice that week. She decided to go inside the house to make sure she wouldn’t catch a cold as well.

Weeks passed and Mister was still nowhere to be found. However, Lena wasn’t bored. The servants, tired of her useless lingering around the house, buried her with chores and she adapted to a rhythm of working from six to six every single day. This didn’t worry her much. What did worry her was the disease which didn’t seem to go away. She dreaded the idea of it being a virus. The nauscea didn’t stop and she often felt tired. Afraid of the consequences this could have, she didn’t tell the servants anything but often went to bed right after dinner. Even dinner had become an odd ritual since Mister had left the residence. She felt lonely, but even more strangely, she felt more hungry. Lena had always been a petite girl with little appetite, but now she easily ate 3 portions of her regular supper. Lena dreaded her new appetite, she felt herself getting fatter, but at the same time she couldn’t stop eating. Her anxiety only caused her to eat more. Seen as Mister wasn’t around to decide her appearance and the servants simply didn’t care, she started to wear wide-fitting clothes to hide the fact she gained weight.

One day, many weeks later, as Lena resided in the lounge she heard a familiar voice sound through the hallway. ‘…as well as three of the larger versions. I wish to have any notice on progress immediately’. She immediately panicked and realizing the inevitable truth; Mister was home. The disease had gotten less, she didn’t feel so nausceous anymore. But her stomach had grown to large proportions. Mister would kill her. She started to squeek in fear and curled up on the couch as much as her body size would allow her. ‘Lena’ he said shortly as he saw her, followed by a frown. ‘What on earth are you wearing? Get changed immediately!’ he sneered at her. Lena was terrified; if she would get up he would surely notice how fat she was. If she didn’t get up, disobeyed Mister, she’d be in trouble. She slowly got up, trying to hide her stomach from his sight but there was little possibility she could hide it all.

She saw Mister turn pale. Then three shades of red. An explosion was nearing and Lena froze up, bracing herself for any physical trauma he was about to inflict. Instead, her master roared ‘GEOFFREY!’ through the house. The elder butler, the one who guided Lena the first day and was, as she found out later, the head of the staff stormed in the room with a weird sense of elegance he always seemed to have. ‘Yes sir?’ he replied formally. ‘Would you be so kind to explain this to me?’ he stepped forward grabbing Lena harshly by her upper arm and pulling her in front of him. Geoffrey turned the same pale colour as Mister did before. He opened his mouth to reply, but closed it knowing he didn’t have an explanation. ‘I don’t know, Sir’ he answered timidly. ‘She’s been pregnant for months and you never even noticed it, you incapable idiot!?’ he yelled right back at him.

Now it was Lena’s turn to turn pale. ‘Pregnant…’ she thought as she put a hand protectively on her stomach. She knew what that meant. There was a baby inside that fat belly? She never knew exactly how that process worked, only that it happened with sex and that a baby was the result. She learned only a little about it in the house. The woman would stand in front of them telling them to always take their contraceptive pill, or else… If it was at all possible, Lena turned even paler. She didn’t understand. She took her pill every day, every single day. She never missed it once.

Suddenly Mister roared again, but this time it wasn’t directed at anyone in particular. It seemed to be a hopeless scream followed by a more hopeless sigh. He realized what happened. He cursed himself for being such a fool. He should have known not to have sex with her when she was sick. Due to her frequent vomiting, her pill would have lost its effect. However, he was not planning to take the blame for this. The little slut forced herself upon him. She was the one tempting him with her seductive ways. She would pay for this. ‘Sir..?’ Geoffrey, still timid and clever enough to keep a low profile, tried to inform on Mister’s sudden outburst.

‘You are dismissed. Take the girl with you and lock her in her room until I know how to solve this…’ he took a breath and regained his normal cold posture ‘…irregularity.’ The butler grabbed her roughly and dragged her up the stairs. ‘You stupid brat, you’re going to get me fired someday!’ Showing no sign of taking her fragile state into account, he pushed her inside the room roughly and locked the room. Lena crawled up against the side of her simple bed, fearing the consequences of her behaviour, even though she still didn’t quite understand how she could get pregnant in the first place. It didn’t take long before the door clicked to unlock. Mister stood in the doorway, together with the elderly butler. ‘Sir, are you sure you…’ he questioned carefully. ‘This child will not be born’ he replied coldly, cutting off the butler’s words. ‘Please provide medical attention to her when I finish’ he said as he entered the room, locking the door behind him.

Lena squeeked and hid behind the bed. ‘You’ve been a very bad girl, Lena. And bad girls get punished. Lay on the bed.’ Lena, nausceous with fear, slowly crawled on the bed. Mister stepped closer and shoved her loose shirt up. As he stroked her bulging belly he sighed, realizing he was unable to take her to a clinic. Chances were that her pregnancy had already exceeded the limit of weeks for the girl to be able to have an abortion. The situation left him no choice.

Her high-pitched scream pierced through the room as the first blow of his fist hit the stomach full force. She pleaded him to stop as his fists rained down upon the fragile belly of the young girl. Lena rolled off the bed in desperation, nausceous and disorientated, holding her already bruised stomach and curled up in a ball to protect herself and the unborn child. This didn’t stop his vengeful actions. He walked around the bed to meet Lena’s small body. Her face was wet with tears and her breathing became hasty and irregular. As she crawled away from him she left a trail of blood behind on the poor wooden floor.

However, he wasn’t convinced he destroyed the foetus yet. Instead of placing Lena, curled up yet again, back on the bed, he continued with his feet. He aimed his kicks with his leather semi-pointy shoes in between her limbs to hit the belly. Though small crackles sounded every so often -ribs breaking perhaps?- he continued his assault mercilessly, the next harder than the one before. Lena tried to protect herself futily by rolling around and waving her arms to stop the kicks, making the kicks she received from above land aimlessly everywhere on her body. She screamed and she pleaded. The longer the torture lasted the less sense her sentences made. “I, no, please, Mister, no, baby, can’t, no, belly, Mis-, pain” she brabbled in an endless stream of emotionless words as the blood flow leaving her genitals became heavier.

After several minutes a lifeless Lena was placed back on the bed, while three servants were busy taking care of the injuries she suffered during the attack. A doctor, a close friend, had been called in as they were almost certain Mister broke several bones. ‘You realise you could have killed her, Andrew?’ the doctor replied in a worrying tone. ‘I had no choice, Leo. If she would have given birth… I can’t raise a bastard child. Or let it leave the house. Imagine what it would do my reputation if they knew of her existence.’ Lena, only semi-conscious, felt tears swelling up in her eyes again. She wasn’t sure what hurt more, the injuries or the dehumanizing way they spoke of her.

‘Well, everything has its consequences. You should’ve paid more attention to her health and the effect it has on her intake of the pill’ Griffith nodded shortly in guiltful agreeance. As the doctor got up to leave he sighed. ‘Whatever you done to her, it didn’t work. The foetus seems to be intact. The ultrasound shows a stabile heartbeat. However, you did a good number on the rest of her body. I suggest you don’t try this again, or you might end up with a corpse.’ He nodded shortly to Griffith and exited the house. Mister took a last look at Lena, realizing that regardless of his actions, this child would probably be born shortly. Nevertheless, he’d never let this worthless creature raise it as her own. He had other plans in store for the both of them…


2018-02-20 02:34:20
I very much appriciate good writing and this is excellent. You relate the story with ease, making me feel her submission form the beginning. My taste are a bi more... extreme, but I could see a purpose for keeping a girl like her around for awhile. I’m intrigued as much by your introduction. I’ll be reading more of your work.


2015-07-28 09:44:42
Im not a sadists im a madists but i did like the story good job


2012-05-25 13:49:01
Thank you sir / ma'am :) I do enjoy reading comments from those who are acquainted with the full scale of my work. I'm very flattered by your comment. Yes, it is more sinister. I suppose it reflects my emotions in a certain period.

Actually I'm rather amused that this story has issues gaining a high rating. Perhaps too dark for most of the readers. But hey, De Sade didn't get any credit for '120 Days of Sodom' while living either, now did he?

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2012-05-24 16:44:06
This stories more sinister then the rest but like all your other stories it is beautifully written so thankyou for sharing this I can't wait to read what happens next :)


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Can all the jerk-offs stop commercializing their penises below my story before I castrate you all? Thank you.

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