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Young man, high school, you know..
My name is Josh. I am 1.78 tall, so I wasnt the tallest around, but I can't complain. I regularly attend the gym, so I am fit. I have short blond hair, green eyes and all together am not bad...not bad at all.
As for my social status..well, it wasnt great back then. I studied programming and hung around all sorts of people, but many people disliked me. It might have been because of my honesty. I was never afraid to say what I thought.
At the age of 17 I though it had to be the best year of high school ever, but it didnt stop then. A year would have been too short a time for all that happened.


Part 1

Driving my car, thinking about god knows what, I almost missed my friend Steve's house. He had a big party going on, parents away for two weeks and all. I looked for a place to park, but there were way to many cars, so I ended up parking two streets further. I got out and started walking back to the house.

Even though I was still not close, I could hear the music. Not as loud as I would have expected, but loud enough. Up on the lawn in front of the house was my best high school friend Steve.

'Nice party you got goin' here, mate' I shouted on my way to him. As usual, he already had a chick next to him, looking like she would hump him right there and then. 'Lucky bastard' I thought.
'Oy there, Josh. You comin' so late? The hell have you been?' He stood up and went my way.
'Just the car. I ran out of gas half way here.'
'Like Im gonna believe you that. Maybe if a squad of cheerleaders needed some gas and offered to blow you for yours.' he laughed. He then lead me inside. Even though the house was huge, there were so many people it seemed seriously small. Everybody was talking, laughing and in cerain areas – dancing.
'How many people did you get here, you crazy?' I stood amazed.
'I am not counting them, I am busy with other stuff.' He said motioning in the direction of the girl with him. I laughed and asked for drinks. He directed me to the kitchen, winked at me and returned to focusing on the hottie. My feet led me to the place where most of the alcohol resided. Around me were cans of beer, there even was a keg, but my interest was elsewhere. In the harder stuff. I had my tastes for good stuff developing from a seriously early age. It had something to do with me going to a private school. I went through a couple of cabinets and finally found the better stuff. I grabbed a bottle of single malt whiskey and, having no alternative, poured some into a plastic cup.

I wasted no time and drank a bit. 'Oh my, that is good shit, aint it.' I said out loud. For Steve's sake I hid the bottle and went to observe. Some people I knew, mostly just in passing, but some seemed older. Noticing Steve's older sister I realised there must have been some of her college friends. And by some I mean a lot.

Someone had tapped my shoulder and I turned around, only to see a couple of metres behind me free of people. Once I felt anoter tapp on my shoulder I knew. I knew who it was. Turning quickly this time I landed a punch in his ribcage. 'You never understood a joke, did you, Grumpy?' he said. 'What are you doing here, Mouse? I though you were still in the States.' I said seeing my friend Mickey's face. We used to call him Mouse (not only for the obvious reason).
'Just got back today. You know a little booze helps with time lags.' he said, smiling. 'Now tell me where the bastard hides that stuff, before I break this kitchen apart.'
'Second cupboard on the right of the stove. And booze only helps you get even worse.' I handed him a cup, we said cheers and drank a bit.
We talked about his time overseas (mainly his count rising up to eleven, compared to my humble stagnating three) and kept getting drunk.

We then went to enjoy the party. I was motivated to get my score up, embarassed that he got so many. I poured myself another glass and started chating with people. After about a half an hour, I was talking to this girl I'd never seen in school and it turned out she was a freshman at college. Her name was Amy. She was funny and smart. She was only eighteen and in college. That's how smart. She had long, raven hair, blue eyes and nice red lips, retracting to an almost single line when she wasn't smiling. Medium height, slim hips and long legs. To top it off, she had perky D-cup breasts and a small ass. At first I wasn't able to think, because of how hot she was. My head just went empty, turned into a blank white page. I returned to the land of the living and talked to her for a bit, before she excused herself and I didn't see her again that night.

After a while, I noticed something was happenning on the 1st floor. People were massing on the stairs, shouting and laughing. I made it upstairs, pushing a lot of unhappy people out of the way and saw something I wasn't expecting. In one of the bedrooms was Steve. In bed and not alone. The girl from before was with him and they were getting it on. Unlike Steve, she didn't like the attention. Appartently, they went to the room and someone accidentaly went in. Steve did not stop, even though she hasd begged him to. She was hiding her face in a pillow, while he fucked her mercilessly from behind. 'How come I had not noticed how chuby she was? Well, we all like it somehow, don't we?' I thought.

He continued to pound away at her. A few folks in the room were recording the whole thing on their phones. Steve now had her on her back and already in her. If she had any boobs at all, they would be just flying back and forth. He got tired of her trying to hide herself and ordered her to look at the cameras in the room. Her face turned red as she sheepishly followed his commands. 'Good girl' he said and pulled out of her cunt. He then dragged her to her knees on the bed and forced his large fat cock into her mouth. She obviously was no fan of mouth-fucking, but she had no choice. After a minute or so he started coming in her mouth and she gagged as string after string of hot cum hit the very back of her throat.

Steve then told everybody to get out of the room. Almost all were talking about it for quite some time. I had a couple more drinks, this time it was just beer, seeing that someone else found that bottle and left no trace for me to find it. For once, I had nothing to do, noone to talk to was around, so I just stood there, drinking. I received a few glances from a couple of girls. I recognised them from school. I raised my cup to greet them. The girls giggled and turned away.

After a few moments, a blonde walked up to me. I struggled to remember her name, so she had to tell me. 'Yeah, Samantha, right. Sorry, I just have a problem with names.' 'Like you could remember us all.' She fluttered her eyes and asked me if I cared to dance. 'Boy, I would love to, but I dance like a fish on dry land.' She laughed and said: 'I will do most of it.' and winked.

So I went with her to the dance floor that Steve geniously created by removing furniture from the living room. It didn't take long and she was grinding her ass on my crotch. I was beginning to set up a tent there. She was not the kind of girl you would call sexy, but she was good looking. Only a short skirt covered her ass, so I slowly slid my hand to her bare legs and started moving up. When I got to my target, I was shocked. The slut wasn't wearing any panties! I started rubbing her clit. She let out a silent moan and I continued by inserting a finger in her pussy. Boy, was she wet, or what? A lot of people must have seen us, but nobody cared. I then put in a second finger and got her moaning ecstaticly.

Out of nowhere, Steve popped up right next to me. 'Take it to a room, would you? I'd like to keep people thinking that I am the exhibitionist one here, mate.' he said pointing at the stairs. What can I say, I felt like I just got a didlo shoved up my ass. Samantha just giggled and dragged me to the stairs. We went up and straight into the previously mentioned, now empty, room. She jumped on me and kissed me passionately and we explored each others wet tongues. When she let me go, she pushed me to the bed and closed the door. She walked towards me and undid the buttons on her shirt. No surprise – no bra. I grabbed her ass, lifted her up and threw her on the bed. My hand ventured down to her wet hole and I started sucking on one of her tits. Soft, nice C-cup tits. She seemed to be eager, as she pushed me asside, undid my fly and pulled my pants and boxers off. My now throbbing 17cm cock sprang out in full attention. She wasted no time and got to her knees.

Her wet tongue slid along my shaft. She then continued by sucking on the head, before trying to take as much of my cock in as she could. She barely pushed half in and started choking. Bobbing her head up and down made me feel like I was about to go over the edge, but I needed some pussy before that. I pulled out of her mouth, which caused her to elick a disapointed moan. I put her on the edge of the bed and did not hesitate to push my hardon into her dripping wet cunt. I started fucking her and with every moment I increased my speed and strenght till I got to my limit. She was now moaning like crazy and shouting 'Fuck me! Fuck me!'. I could't take it much longer. I slipped out of her and she immidiately understood what I wanted. She jumped down and her knees hit the floor just as I began shooting my load on her pretty face. Some of my cum also landed on her chest and legs. She smiled and started cleaning herself, before putting on her clothes and leavin the room.

I was passed out on the bed with nothing but my shirt on. I was exhausted and I awoke the next day...


This is my first story, so please give me as much advice and criticism as you can. I also am not a native English speaker, so correct me, if it bothers you. I appreciate all and I hope to make it a long story.

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2012-10-05 00:12:02
I went to tons of links before this, what was I thkiinng?


2012-05-07 17:20:02
Deion, plot. Check. Thank you. I will try to get it better next time.


2012-05-07 17:19:15
If someone says it is bad, you should include a reason. Maybe even a tip how to make it better, not just knock.

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I think the story was good. It needs a bit more deion maybe a better plot but it was good

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Dont bother. The story isnt worth it.

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