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I was always afraid coming home late at nights. My usual shift was over before six but I needed the extra hours to pay my bills and rent that was necessary. I
I was always afraid coming home late at nights. My usual shift was over before six but I needed the extra hours to pay my bills and rent that was necessary. I walked through the dark alleys and crossed the streets, no one was around at this time, it was really late and my pace was fast. I rounded my block and sighed in relief as I saw the entrance of my building being lit up by late nights.

I walked up the stairs and pulled out my keys, there was a man waiting and ringing a door bell, I smiled at him and let him in. I didn’t know who the man was, but since he was ringing someone up, he was probably some guest in someone’s house.

He smiled back at me, his sandy blonde hair and green eyes looked really good on him, I might have preferred him but he looked like he was in his forties and already married, the ring on his finger was proof enough.

I pressed the up button on the elevator and the doors opened, no one was around and coming late at this time during the night, the elevators were all free, the two other elevators opened as well. I entered the middle one and the attractive man came in as well. I wondered why he hadn’t gone in the other two elevators but when he said ‘thank you’ I realized he was just being thankful for letting him in. “You’re welcome.” I told him, my face blushing as I watched his eyes travel down to my perky breasts.

I pressed the button to my floor and the man pressed the one above it. The few seconds that we spent in the elevator, the man did nothing but stare at my breasts and his eyes falling on my mini skirt and intently watching my long legs.

When the doors opened, I stepped out and smiled at him. “Goodbye.” I said and walked towards my apartment, pulling my keys out of my purse and opening the door. Just as the door opened, someone pushed me in and I fell flat on my face.

“What the hell.” I whispered as I turned around. The attractive man from the elevator came inside my apartment and closed the door behind him. My heart sank and I quickly stood up, not believing my eyes. “What do you want?” I asked, throwing my purse and running inside my living room.

The man searched around the wall and came across the light switch, turning it on and smirking. “You are very beautiful.” He said his voice smooth and calming. “I want to repay you for being so nice to me.”
I curled my fingers and stood still while the man came closer to me. I had a small apartment, running away wouldn’t do anything. “It’s okay. I don’t need anything, please leave.”

The man came face to face with me and slapped me hard in the face. I fell to the floor and started crying, my face stinging and dread falling over me, “You will get what I give you.” He says and picked me up by the hair. I started crying even more when he threw me on the sofa and slapped my ass so hard it burned.

He came closer to me and took of my heels, throwing them anywhere. I looked up at him, my tears blurring my vision as fear took over my body. I couldn’t defend myself, the man was too big and I was too small to do anything. He told me to stand up and I lifted myself from the sofa and stood there, waiting for something frightening the man would do.

“Turn around.” He ordered and more tears filled my eyes as I did just that. Seconds later, he slapped my ass again and I fell forwards. My hands fell on the sofa to protect me from completely falling down. I pressed my hands on my ass, the burning sensation to strong. The man slapped my hands away and pinched my butt cheek.

“Please, stop hurting me.” I told him as I straightened myself out; again the man slapped my ass.

Horrifying as it was, the man behind me chuckle, he was enjoying this and having fun. “Please, stop this.” Another slap on my ass and I was on the floor, writhing away.

The man unbuckled his belt and my eyes widened, “What are you doing?” I asked, fearing for the worst.
“I’m going to fuck you.” He says and removes his t-shirt over his head. I watch as a masculine tone is revealed with four pack abs, there was no way I was going to defend myself from him. Before the man can throw his shirt away, I quickly rose up and ran towards the bathroom. The man watching in amusement as I shuffled my ass out of there.

He caught up to me rather quickly, pulling me by my hair and dragging me out before I could even enter the bathroom. He squeezed my breast and I screamed, he ripped my blouse and shredded it away, I was only in my bra and he threw me back on the floor. Next he dragged my skirt out, letting me be in only my panties and bra. He stood their smugly as I cowered on the floor.

He licked his lips and pressed his hand on his dick, “Fuck yeah.” He said and I squirmed.

“Don’t do this.” I begged as he reached down and pulled me up.

“Let’s go to your bedroom.” He ordered, turning me around and slapping my ass yet again. I cried all the way to my bedroom, he kept smacking my ass and I didn’t have the power to stop him. He threw me on my bed and sudden realization hit me, I was going to be fucked by a total stranger, the man was going to rape me because he wanted to repay me.

He quickly took of his jeans and slid down his underwear, a very impressive eight inch dick stood up and I screamed. He grabbed both side of my hips and ripped away my panties, my slick vagina getting exposed as the stranger’s eyes stared right into them. I covered my pussy with both my hands, being revealed like that was embarrassing and shameful, this was sickening and I wished I would just pass out.

The man took a hold of both my wrists and held them above my head, his other hand removing my bra. Now, not only was my pussy exposed but so were my breasts. The stranger looked very excited and kissed my lips, tugging on my lower lip and biting me to open them up. I did so and the man tongued his way inside, tasting me and bruising my lips. He kissed my breast and sucked on my nipples, again he came up to kiss me.

“That mouth is going to taste even better when it’s on my dick.” He says when he lets me go. “Get on your hands and knees.”

I stare at him a little before alerting my eyes away and doing as I was told. “Please, please, please.” I say, the man not even caring that I was crying and so scared.

He swiped his tongue over his hand and slapped my ass, the pain shuddering my body and my nipples jerking up. Again my ass was punished.

“Alright, spread that pussy.”

I sniffed and bit my lip. “Please, I don’t want to.”

The man didn’t care, he slapped my ass. “SPREAD IT.” He screamed and my heart dropped. I spread my legs apart, the man helping me as he shoved my head to the mattress and my ass was held up in the air.

The man licked his lips and watched me. He didn’t do anything but watch. I saw him as he grabbed his dick and rubbed it in his hands, “Fuck yeah.” He walked around the bed and lifted my face, “open your mouth.”

I started crying immediately as his huge dick pressed against my lips, I reluctantly opened my mouth and shoved his dick in. His dick was hard and wet, pre-cum sliding out every now and then as I moved my mouth up and down to where his balls were. The salty taste mixed with sweat was intensive and I tried very hard not to gag.

“Ahh,” he sighed, “that’s enough.” He said as he moved back and stood behind my cunt, I knew he couldn’t wait to fuck me, I could see it in his eyes.

I whimpered and stifled, he was about to fuck me. Tears streamed down my face as I felt a hand massage my butt cheek, his hand sliding down to my cunt, he squeezed and I wriggled away. “Please.” I say as he shoves his middle finger into me. I screamed as the forbidden sensation hits me, so hard, the finger with no mercy fucks me as I press myself more and more into bed.

His finger is long, it’s like a long dick fucking me but as another finger shoves in, it’s even harder. There’s a wet feeling between my legs and the man pulls his fingers out and I sob. “So fucking wet.” He says, licking his fingers that were just in my cunt.

I curl my fingers into the blanket as the man gets on the bed, knees spread and ready to shove his dick in. The tip on his manliness presses into my hole and I bite my lip, more of his dick squeezes into my cunt and I let out a stifled moan and then his entire dick is in me with a final shove.

I holler as his dick stays in my pussy as he proudly looks down. He looks at me with an intense glare and I just stare back. My pussy hot and wet and gripping his dick. “Please,” I say, but this time, it’s for something else.

I have a really tight pussy, I’ve only been fucked twice, once in high school and the second time in college which was two years ago.

The man must be really happy to have a tight pussy like mine, punishing me and overpowering me like this. He probably wanted to fuck me and get it over with, but he hadn’t expected a tight pussy like mine and I knew the darkness in his eyes meant he was going to enjoy me for a very long time.

My butt cheeks pressed into him and his dick was getting harder inside me and I waited for the man to shove his dick out but nothing was happening. I looked at my rapist and there was an aggressive look in his face, a look so scary that I had to look away. What was he doing, was he just going to leave his dick inside me? I cleared out my tears as my pussy began to burn and a familiar sensation started to boil up. I cursed at myself, I was getting turned on and I felt so wrong.

The man growled and I shifted my pussy, the tip of his dick hitting a good spot inside me as I let out a loud moan. Oh, no.

Finally the man takes his dick out of my cunt and I look at the straight hard penis with wide eyes. There’s cum on his dick and it’s doesn’t belong to him, it belongs to me.

He shoved his dick half way in and takes it out, he was starting to fuck me and hard. I moaned and moaned, his dick was hard and he was fucking me at a speed so fast, I started crying. He was turned on by my cunt and was banging me like I was a whore. My tight pussy was being stretched and my slits were inviting his dick in, wanting more and more. I was so repulsed with myself, I was enjoying myself, I liked the fact that I was being raped and my pussy was being pounded so hard.

I involuntarily started moaning louder and louder, eventually the words, “faster and more” escaping my lips more than a few dozen times. I and my rapist found a rhythm and he fucked me like an animal, the harsh groans escaping his lips and I letting out sounds of enjoyment really kept him going strong. For thirty minutes he pounded my pussy while it was up in the air and now he shoved his dick out and turned me around.

The sudden loss for his dick made me whimper and disappointed. He crawled over my body and held my wrists above my head, his face inches from mine. His other hand guided his dick back into my pussy and started rocking me.

I licked my lips and let out a long moan. I spread my pussy, and my feet rose up in air and wrapped around his waist. While he was fucking me, he was also watching my face and looking at me. The smug look on his face was making me angry so I looked away. This man beat my pussy for so long, made me whimper and moan and I enjoyed it so much. I was left asking for more and more and his dick was taking me so hard.

I felt so much like a whore. My pussy was being stretched forcefully and I didn’t want it to end. “Don’t make me into your whore.” I said, my eyes closed and my breath hot, “Please, don’t make me into your whore.” I begged him while his dick rocked me. My eyes spread wide open and tears filled my eyes as my body shuddered, I came so hard, my cum flew out of my stretched cunt and I screamed, “Why?” I asked him, my whorish cunt not getting enough of the still hard dick. He started laughing, a genuine smile on his face.

“Mmmmm, ahhhh, ahhh, please, there, right there...” I guided the man to fuck me in all the good spots; he was being so rough and aggressive but doing what he wanted. He was getting what he wanted, he came here to fuck me and he was doing it. It didn’t matter if I wanted to fuck or not, it was his say and not mine. He was taking what he wanted.

His dick was so hard; I wondered how much longer he was going to go on. My pussy was going to be so soar, I bit my lip, and it could be soar for an entire week. This man’s eight inch dick was thick enough to pounded a prostitute and make her pussy seem tight enough.

More cum flew out of my cunt as the man pulled his dick away. I untangle my legs away from his waist and he puts me into a doggy position, I was kind of glad that he was going to fuck me more and not just end it. Then he pulled my hands behind my back and held them with his one hand and the other pulled my hair, his dick was back in my freshly stretched cunt and started pounding me more.

“ERRR-” He was being so hard, and making animalistic sounds, “FUCK-” he screamed and shoved his dick more and more inside me, the bed was moving hard as he raped me but that didn’t stop him.

“Ahhhh, ahh, ahh, yes, yes, yes”

“You like that don’t you?” he asked me, and I pressed my lips together.

I couldn’t help myself, I was trying so hard not to moan but it wasn’t working, “ahhh,” He let go of my hair and hands and I sighed in relief. I was back on my hands and knees and I looked back at his, he was very close to cumming. His entire body screamed for an orgasm and he was about to burst.

“Don’t cum in my pussy.” I tell him, our eyes locking, “You better not cum in my pussy.”

“Fuck you, bitch.” He tells me and more tears start filling my eyes.


After a few minutes of fucking me, he cummed, hot semen bursting in my cunt and filling me. I started crying and he pulled his dick. I was so angry and embarrassed and I quickly wanted to clean myself from cum that had covered my pussy up.

Of course he was going to cum inside, why had I even bother to ask. I moved away from the bed and when I stood, I realized my legs were too weak to hold me and I fell. Semen dripped between my legs and covered my thighs, decorating me.

“Open your mouth.” He told me, oh no, I cried, he wanted another blow job.

He shoved his dick in me, his cum tasted so hot and salty; I wanted this to be over so I just took it. There was nothing I could have done to stop this, I was raped because I helped him and he enjoyed himself.

I cried and cried, my sobs muffled in his dick. The vibration had been more enjoyable to him.

He came again and filled my mouth, I was forced to swallow his cum but not all of it made it into my mouth. After he was done, he just looked at me, smiled and went out the door. I curled myself into a ball and cried myself to sleep.

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2014-11-18 07:22:01
Mrs. Loving, I am not a sissy and not interested in other males. However I found your web site and the mere thuoght of being under your total control makes my knees weak. I could fall in love with you. I have never indulged, admitted nor communicated this fantasy to anyone even though I am 62 years of age.

anonymous readerReport

2013-02-07 07:20:50
Sorry to say this really but that was a really like I don't even have words to say which is bad
It's not rape if your helping the rapist and what rapist would actually let the raped see thief face unless they were going to kill them or their was a d/s or bd/sm contract the spanking part was good but what you should do to improve your writing so you wont get so many negatives go search rape porn or read some off of this sight like read some stories from doomcock and fjamie l did not get this book b/c it didn't really make any sense and as for the reading errors I still was able to understand the words but language teachers most likely probably read porn and since they know language they probably be like what is this And how old is this person I remember when I was younger my teacher would be like spelled wrong and I'd have marks covering the paper so fix language errors so a teacher doesn't leave negative comments to good job though

anonymous readerReport

2012-07-16 12:49:34
Woow there is a lot of hate for this story, its really good, and while a lot of rape use Stockholm syndrome to poor effect the line "“Don’t make me into your whore.” I said, my eyes closed and my breath hot, “Please, don’t make me into your whore.”" Really stuck with me.

As for the spelling, all the mistakes were in words that could be seen either way and are phonetically spelt, so it hardly breaks the flow.

Also I enjoy how at the end she still didn't like the whole affair and would rather it not have happened, even though she enjoyed it. Cleverly done in my opinion, not worth all the hate.

anonymous readerReport

2012-05-09 05:23:49
Who fucking cares about the spelling errors!? What ruined this story and made it fucking stupid and ridiculous, was the same shit that most worthless rape stories inevitably fall victim too. A good hard rape turned into an unbelievable pile of dog shit when the victim starts to cum. So fucking retarded. I wish people would learn that nothing remotely close to that would ever happen, so every time it is put in a fucking story, the story immediately loses all credibility, and ends up like the rest of the trash out there. So fucking annoying.

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2012-05-08 18:44:43
didn't think i would like this, almost repulsed, but was wet and fingering myself by the end. not sure i would ever have a change of heart like she did, but . . . continue to write

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