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This time I made this by myself, much better than studying for finals. Tribute to Dylan for liking my stories and telling me to continue them. :)

My name is Minato Namikaze, at the age of 15 I am at 5'9 and around 150. I go to school in Japan and live mostly alone in a quiet town with around 150 or so residents. Our town is famous for the ancient ruins and is located at the base of the famous “Face Mountain.” The “Face Mountain” has many rumors surrounding it some saying that etched into the mountainside were the “God’s Faces” others saying the great men who slayed the dragons like it was said it in the local nursery rhymes were etched there,
“The four great men stood together,
Facing all of hell,
They fought for their families,
Brandished their swords,
And drove back all of hell.”
But the rumor that interested me most was the one where if you climbed the top on a full moon the thing you wanted most would come true. I liked this one the most because, that is exactly what I planned to do. I planned to invite my loved one to climb the face with me where at the top I would confess to her my love.
It was around eleven o’clock and earlier in the day during school I asked my childhood friend, my loved one, Kushina Uzumaki, to meet me at the face of the mountain.
Kushina was excited to try out what I had in mind because I usually had good ideas, I say usually because one time I landed us both a two week suspension but that’s another story. Kushina was two years older than me but that didn’t get in the way of our friendship. We always hung out, ALWAYS. At school our nickname was the inseparable pair but we had a good reason to be inseparable, other than the fact we both liked each other, we lost both our parents in the same car accident. Ever since then I had always admired her, after all she had taken care of me since that incident but, when I reached puberty that admiration started to turn to love much to my unaware. By the age of fourteen, everything the mature sixteen year old did gave me a boner, a benign boner but a boner nonetheless. Sometimes I wondered if she teased me on purpose, like the countless times when she would come over to my house just to take a shower and when she was done she would parade around in her towel, talking to me like she was dressed normally. Once or twice I saw her drop her towel and she would bend over pretending to be hasty about recovering herself. But one day all this changed for me, that day I realized how much I loved her and wanted her sexually, the day I caught her masturbating.
The day started off as a normal one. The teacher’s wife was sick so cram school was cut short. When I arrived at the door to my house, I was surprised to find that it was unlocked. I entered cautiously, waiting for an assailant to reveal their self, but no assailant came. I went about my house cautiously, I then went upstairs to check up there when halfway up I thought I heard my name being moaned by what sounded like Kushina. I quickly finished walking up the stairs and located where the sound it was coming from, my room.
I tiptoed over to my room and peeked inside…., there on my bed was Kushina naked. It looked like she had just taken a shower by the fact that her hair was wet and there were water droplets shining all over her body. All she had done was take a shower and then plopped down on top of my bed naked where, I don’t know what went through her mind, but then decided to masturbate. I looked at Kushina again no longer caring what had happened prior to her laying on my bed to masturbate, her back was against my back board with her ass was on my pillows. In her right hand was a picture frame she seemed hell bent on licking and her left hand was buried into her cleanly shaven pussy.
I pulled my dick out of my pants as she started to moan even louder, “Ohh yess!!! NNNNNMMMMMMHHMMMNNNNNNNNN! Push your big dick into my dirty pussy even further!” Her hand was now sliding in and out of her pussy as fast as a humming bird’s wings. She had stopped licking the photo and had started to use the bottom of the picture frame to stimulate her clit. Kushina moved aside her fingering hand’s wrist and used the picture frame like a spatula hitting her extended clit every time she moved the frame back and forth. At the start of doing this she arched her back so hard it put her neck in an awkward position.
“OH MY GOD, YESSS Harder, PUSH IT INTO ME FURTHER UNHNHNHNNNNNNHH BABY!!!!!” Her hand was a blur as it slapped against the picture frame and her pussy. I was sure someone had heard her by now but I couldn’t care less because I was too enraptured and I knew she didn’t care at all because she was lost in the sex.
“Unh Unh Unh Ung NNNNNhhh Unh, OHhhhh yes, yes, YESSSS, It feels soooo good Minato!!!!” I was surprised when I heard her call out my name but I didn’t pay too much attention to it because the writhing woman was much more interesting. She was kicking at my bed and sheets pushing he head even further into the back board. I saw her bite her lower, seeing her like this, biting her lower lip, writhing in my bed, arching her back, her hair strewn all over, made my dick quiver with anticipation as I slowly massaged it.
She started biting her lower lip so hard that she was drawing blood. “UNNNHHHHNNNNNNNNNHHHHHHHHNHNMMMN, I AM COMING MINATOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!” Her pussy liquid came flying out like she was a human squirt gun soaking my bed sheets. She released the picture frame and pulled out her fingers, using her hands to squeeze her tits as hard as possible. I looked at picture frame now soaked in her juices; the photo was one of me that I swear she had taken only two days ago. It turned me on that she was using a photo of me to jack off, but my thoughts of that were soon broken as she started grunting like an animal still pinching her tits. She was still squirting although the speed at which it came out flying at first was less and therefore dribbled all over my pillows soaking them so the white linen turned gray.
Eventually her cum was no longer squirting out but just dribbled and I saw it streaming down her back. After no more cum came out for a second, she arched her back to the max once more and then collapsed with a small, cute humph. I took a good look at the surroundings and then at her, on my floor was her towel along my comforter lying crumpled up at the foot of my bed. The bed’s sheets were all messed up from the constant kicking, while masturbating, the top sheet was close to falling off and the bottom sheet was no longer hooked to the bottom of my mattress. I directed my stare to Kushina’s naked body once more, her hair was a mess, and it was strewn all over my bed and her front, mostly sticking to her red breasts. Her entire body now no longer had just water on it but was drenched in her shimmering sweat. I looked downwards, her vagina lips were puffy, and red as a strawberry, as well as covered in her own cum along with her thighs. But despite how messy she was she wore a triumphant smile.
I put away my dick blue balling myself; I decided that I wouldn’t cum until I could cum with Kushina. It was that day that Kushina became sexual to me and I realized how much I would enjoy fucking her harder than she had just masturbated. But I decided to wait, I wanted to share our feelings face-to-face before making love and that was exactly what I planned to do tonight.
========END OF CHAPTER 1=======
Author’s Note:
I know that some of you have realized that the Character’s names are from a popular anime show, Naruto. Pat yourself on the back that was intentional although Naruto doesn’t really have to do with anything except I suppose the 4 heroes(hokage) (kind of). There will be a chapter two, unless you guys end up hating this. Please Comment and Vote (hopefully positive). Comments please make them however you want but do please comment, I love feedback, THANK YOU!!
P.S. Eunoterpsia is in fact a word……


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I created an alternate universe to this story, :P. I am pretty inconsistent with stories. Sorry.

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I created an alternate universe to this story, :P. I am pretty inconsistent with stories. Sorry.

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I created an alternate universe to this story, :P. I am pretty inconsistent with stories. Sorry.


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