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This is a true story from the other night
This is a true story from the other night…

My other true stories are on my blog:


We were curled up on the couch, just relaxing watching TV. Nothing exciting to mention. I was bored though. I was just running my hand up his leg, touching my fingertips against him. Massaging gently. He was sitting next to me. I touched my fingertips into his jeans, the seam in the denim rough. I intentionally caught my fingernails in the seam, just to make the pants move a little. Just a tease.

I teased him for about half an hour, running my fingers over his cock, his pants tight. His pants were tight to start with, and I knew they were getting uncomfortable. He unzipped his pants, allowing his hard cock to push through, the fabric of his boxers tight. I stroked him through the fabric. His boxers were cotton. Expensive, designer label.

I allowed my index finger to slip through the hole in the front of his boxers, lightly brushing his shaft then the head of his hard cock. I kept stroking him through the fabric of his boxer shorts. I looked up, my head was rested against his chest. He had his eyes closed. The television was playing for its own sake.

I paused for a moment, I pulled my hand away. His chest tensed. His legs tensed. I licked my fingers. Then I slipped his cock out through the unbuttoned fly of his boxers and started to stroke him. Slowly and gently. I was in no hurry to rush him to orgasm. I stroked him gently, occasionally squeezing tighter, sometimes faster. Mostly I just worked slowly. Up and down, turning my hand, enjoying the feeling of his hard cock in my hand. I rewet my hand in my mouth. I stroked him more vigorously. I could hear him moaning.

I rolled over onto my stomach on the couch, leaning over his lap. I poked my tongue out a little, resting the head of his cock on the middle of my tongue for a moment, before running it around my lips. I licked down the underside of his cock, looking up at him. His hand squeezed my ass, my jeans pulled tight as I bent over. I pulled my shirt off, and my purple Victoria Secret bra let my breasts brush against his thigh as I pulled the head of his cock into my mouth. I licked around the head, flicking my tongue across the underside a few times. I worked slowly and carefully, making sure the pink tip of my tongue stroked every part of him.

With my left hand I held his balls carefully, and with my right I reached up and caressed his chest occasionally. I pressed my lips together, kissing down his shaft. I was being a tease. I felt his fingers dig into my back. I started to suck hard, pulling him deep into my throat, massaging his hard dick with my tongue as he pressed the head of his cock into my throat. I pushed so deep that my nose was touching against his skin.

I sucked, allowing my throat to do some of the hard work, swallowing a little sometimes so my throat would massage his cock as well as my tongue. I felt him tense. He was almost ready to come.

I pulled back.

I rubbed his cock around my lips like a woman applying lipstick, kissing gently, allowing him to breathe. "Oh you're cruel" he murmured. I smiled. "Are you enjoying this?" He asked tentatively. "It's your birthday, after all."
"Yes, I love this" I said. My lips pressed against the underside of his cock, looking up at him. I licked around the head of his cock. "This is perfect" I smiled.
He leaned back, eyes closed, hand relaxed on my back. He drifted back from the edge of orgasm.
I started to suck again. Carefully, working him into my throat, my head bobbing up and down as he touched against the back of my throat. He brushed a tendril of brown hair away from my face.
"You're so beautiful" he whispered.
I didn't pause. I just kept sucking and enjoying the feeling of working him up. His fingers touched the nape of my neck gently. I felt his hands tremble. He was getting close. I wanted him to come now. I'd teased him for more than an hour, I'd been sucking him for forty minutes. I was ready. I kept stroking his balls carefully through the fabric of his boxers, never once letting them go. I took his cock in my right hand, starting to massage carefully with my fingertips. I worked him down into my throat again, massaging with my tongue sucking, swallowing. He stroked my cheek then dug his fingers into my back. He came, shooting his load straight into my mouth. I swallowed every drop of his come.

I rested my head against his stomach, his hand rested on my hair, fingertips stroking my cheek.
"That was amazing." he gasped. I leaned up, his hand dropping to my shoulder and kissed him. He was sweating. I'd pushed him pretty hard. I rested my head back on his stomach. I held his cock in my hand as it went soft.

We curled up, idly watching the movie. I wriggled, and got us both a drink. I curled up next to him, the characters on TV were an hour ahead of where we'd seen. We flicked back through. He'd tucked himself back into his pants. I rested my hand high up on his thigh. He kissed me gently but firmly. Pressing his lips against mine, massaging my tongue with his. He leaned forward, kissing my neck and whispered "You're amazing." He was unusually full of compliments. I squeezed his thigh as he kissed my neck. I felt him twitch again.

Moments later, I had his cock out of his pants, and I was brushing and licking and sucking. I kissed every millimetre of him. I looked up at him, his face a mixture of surprise and joy. I sucked him into my throat. I wanted him to come this time. I'd teased him enough last time. I sucked and massaged, enjoying the feelings from earlier, allowing them to wash over me again. I rubbed the head of his cock along the roof of my mouth, letting the different sensations of my lips and tongue and throat and mouth tantalise him,

He touched my hair. I pressed my lips against the head of his cock "That's it, babe, touch my hair, I love it when you show me what you want." He gasped and pressed my head down, pulling me up slightly by the hair. It wasn't rough, just directive. He was showing me exactly what to do this time.

I heard his moaning, I felt his grip on my hair tighten, the desperation of a closing orgasm. I sucked hard. As he was ready he pulled my head so the head of his cock was pressed against the middle of my tongue. I stroked him with the tip of my tongue. He came. Less this time, but I heard his breathing, sharp and ragged. His grip released on my hair. He went back to stroking my cheek gently with his fingertips. I let his cock go soft in my mouth. I tucked his cock back into his pants. I curled up next to him.

He smiled at me. "That was the best blowjobs". I smiled. I think it was probably two of my better efforts...

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2016-08-30 18:47:19
If only my wife liked to suck cock like you do !!
She won't even taste my pre-cum but it doesn't stop me from eating her till she cums at least 30 times!! And she is 85 years old, it doesn't have to stop when you get old !!

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2014-01-30 17:22:21
C0X6nq Appreciate you sharing, great post.

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2013-09-12 16:12:19
2shod5 I really like and appreciate your blog.Thanks Again.

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2012-05-09 00:50:36
Well, you've done it again. Another extraordinary story. The level of detail in this was just...sublime.


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