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This is about a school boy having a great day, or....
This is our first part of our first story, this is just a bit of a preview. Please rate us good and leave nice comments :).

Naughty Lily

I never was a very shy person, but what happened last month was truly surprising to me. I study surgery in a University close to my house, and instead of the usual girls you see in such a University, the girls here were very pretty. Never before I’ve seen that many beautiful girls. One girl in particular keeps catching my attention: Lily.
She has beautiful blonde hair with gorgeous green eyes. She always wears a skirt which is way too small for her big ass, and a very small shirt which shows almost half of her boobs. I didn't dare to look to her until a few weeks after she arrived when she became my partner for a report. When we were working we didn’t talk at all and I thought she was very shy but that was in contrast with her clothes. When she bent over to pick up her bag, one of her boobs popped out of her bra. To my surprise her nipple was erected. She quickly put her boob back in her bra and looked away ashamed. I decided to say nothing more about it and returned to work. However my huge boner i got was clearly visible, I excused and went to the toilet to jerk off. When I came back she was constantly looking at my shirt. After a while I looked as well and saw that there was still cum on my shirt. I blushed and mumbled: ’I was ehm...’ She interrupted me saying: ‘spare me the details please,' then she took a tissue out of her bag and slowly cleaned the cum of my shirt. She accidentally touched my penis in the process. I didn’t know if she knew she was touching my penis but I instantly had a boner again. She pulled back her hand and looked surprised, now I did know for certain that she knew she had touched my penis, partly because it had risen up to my belly button

I tried to apologize but she put her finger on my mouth and said: ’you don't need to.’ Then her hand reached down and started to massage my balls. I started sweating heavily because she was the first girl who had touched me. She then asked: 'can I take it out?' Within a second my pants were off and I was struggling to get my underwear off. We started kissing while I was half naked, and my cock was touching her stomach again and again. She pushed me on the ground and took off her shirt. She sat on my stomach and put my hand on her bra. Then she whispered: take off my bra, sexy boy. I hesitated for a second but then I ripped of her bra, revealing her beautiful C-cup breasts. They had a tanned colour and her nipples clearly pink. I immediately took them in my hands and stroked them. She noticed I got turned on even more, and she bent over putting her breasts in my face. I gently started to lick one of her nipples. After I had sucked on her other nipple she went down to my cock. She grabbed my balls and began to lick them while she was giving me a hand job. I never felt so good in my life. She went up to my cock from the bottom to the top. My cock was now about 11 inches. She then put my whole cock in her mouth, up until her throat. It felt like a warm, moistly ring was around my cock. It was the greatest feeling the world. She was playing with my dick with her tongue and touching the top of it with her tongue once in a while because she discovered I loved that. She noticed I was close to my climax and stopped sucking. She removed my cock from her mouth, positioned her ass to my face and placed my cock between her beautiful tits. I took off her string and stared at her wet pussy. I never licked a pussy before and said to her: ‘you know it’s my first time right?’ She turned around smiling and responded: ‘For everything is a first time.’ This gave me enough confidence to give it a try and I put my tongue against her pussy. First licking her out labia and inner labia only to realise the clitoris was the best spot. I took it in my mouth and played with it. I made circles with my tongue around her clitoris, of which she responded with a moan. After a few more play sessions she had her orgasm and her fluids poured over my face. This made my come as well and I shot my whole load in her mouth and onto her face. She was about to swallow it all when I heard someone had opened the door. I thought astonished: we are still at school.


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2013-01-23 01:56:46
This IS definitely your most beufitaul piece T- I teared up within the first couple of words. It is without a doubt Mom is wanting you to know that you're doing a great job, and she loves and misses you. I saw her in a dream the other morning, and I really wish I knew what she was trying to tell me. Do you remember she used to wear another kind of perfume too, but I can't for the life of me remember the name of it, but I do remember the smell and the bottle? We need to remember her as the happy, healthy Mom, not when she was so sick. Mom would be very proud to read this from you, honoring her memory. I'm so lucky and honoured to have a sister like you- I love you tons xoxoPS- has the baby squirrel found its way out yet?

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2012-05-10 19:20:05

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2012-05-10 07:41:28
Fuckin my moms tight pussy makes me want to come to this story

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2012-05-10 07:40:25
Im at school and i just came in my pants at the toilet, because this story is just awesome

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2012-05-10 07:36:59

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