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The blow job
Sister – Brother – Lover

Chapter Three

Whatever force had blessed me must have taken the day off. Despite my fervent wishing mom hung around the house the next day. Pat and I spent some time together but it was fully clothed with the door open. I told her some of what I had learned about her condition and showed her the web sites. She spent some time reading them and quietly discussing it with me.

What was nice was the closeness. Not only were we sharing her most intimate secret but there was a new degree of physical interaction. She didn’t just look over my shoulder; she held me and pressed her breasts against my back. Sitting next to me her thigh would press against mine and her hand would sometimes stroke my thigh. When we talked she leaned her face close to mine sometimes whispering in my ear. The door was open and there was nothing overtly sexual but it was a good thing that mom was avoiding us or I am certain she would have noticed.

Dinner was better. Mom and dad at least made an effort to ask about school and discuss their days. The conversation was awkward and carefully avoided Pat’s condition and the emotional turmoil she was dealing with. I still appreciated that they were making an effort.

After dinner I didn’t see Pat and did the usual things until bed time. I had trouble getting to sleep and consoled my self by hoping that tomorrow Pat and I would have some time together.

I was just starting to drift off to sleep when I heard my door close and the lock click. I could only see shadow but someone came over to the bed and slipped in beside me. I could tell it was Pat and she snuggled next to me and gave me a kiss on the lips.

I began to wonder if my sister’s condition had driven her mad. Sneaking into my bed while my parents were both home! What was she thinking? Crazy or not, the kiss and the warm body pressed against me convinced me to humor her condition.

Pat squirmed next to me pulling her pajama top up above her tits. My left hand was wrapped around her so I used my right to cup and hold her breasts. She lay on her back allowing my hand to roam from breast to breast. Her nipples hardened and, based on the way she would suddenly inhale and arch under my attention, became more sensitive as I played with them.

After a few minutes Pat pulled my head down to her nipple so I could kiss, lick, and suck on her tit. Sucking on one tit while my hand played with the other I spent the next ten minutes enjoying myself.

I was startled when Pat spoke softly. "I was wondering. When I am giving you a blowjob what do I do when you shoot?"

I gave her nipple a good suck and let my teeth gently touch it before releasing. I lay back on the pillow with my mouth next to her ear while my hand continued to caress her breasts. “I’ve never had one but I have read about it.” Of course I had also watched more than a bit of porn. “I think there are three things you could do. One is that I tell you when and you switch to using your hand.” I could feel her head nod in understanding. “The second way is that I shoot into your mouth and after you spit it out.” She hesitated, thinking about that, and then nodded.

When I didn’t say more she whispered. “You said there were three ways.”

“The third way is to swallow it.” I was literally in the dark as I could not see her face to know how she was reacting to this. Was she grossed out?

I assumed she was thinking about the choices so I stayed silent and continued to gently caress her boobs. After a minute she sat up and began pushing the covers down. When she got to my shorts she pushed them down too having to lift the elastic over my erection. I raised my hips to help but otherwise let her take control.

It would have been nice to watch her but the darkness added its own excitement. I had no warning when I felt her lips kiss the tip of my penis. Kissing up and down my shaft turned into licking it. Then she took the head of my cock in her mouth and sucked and it was all I could do to hold still.

Pat sucked and licked me trying different techniques and noticing how they felt and how I responded. I didn’t offer any guidance. She was very good at sensing what excited me and soon took me deeper and then began stroking her lips up and down. Her hands held my hip and thigh with only her mouth on my throbbing shaft.

The anticipation I had felt all afternoon along with the afternoon sitting close to her had primed me to blow. All too soon I felt myself getting to the point of no return and whispered. “I am going to shoot.” Would she switch to her hand?

She kept sucking away and I felt my shaft tense and then I was shooting into her mouth. Having watched me spray sperm two times had prepared her. She took me into her mouth and I waited for her to spit but all I felt was her sucking as I spurted and I realized she was swallowing. I finally stopped and she held my hardness in her mouth.

I felt relaxed, satisfied, and grateful. I waited for her to release me and move up so I could kiss her and let her know how great it had been but she continued to hold me in her mouth not moving. We lay there for a minute and I thought how nice she had made it.

Then I felt her move but it was not to pull away. Her lips started sliding up and down my shaft and her tongue swirled around the head. What was going on? I had started to soften but in seconds she had me throbbing hard again. There was no gentle kissing, no playful licks, just steady up and down sucking combined with her tongue doing things I couldn’t understand but which felt wonderful.

I lay there under her administrations and silently apologized for doubting whatever force was watching over me. In spite of her relentless motions I lasted longer this time. Finally I felt myself getting close and tensed up trying to make it last just a little longer. A minute later I blurted out “I’m gonna” but that was all I got out before I erupted. She sucked me hard just as my first ejaculation shot out and I felt like my balls were going with it. She continued to suck and swallow until I was done and then proceeded to suck and lick me clean.

Pat finally released my penis and lay back beside me. I pulled her close and kissed her deeply. Breaking the kiss I just whispered “Wow!”

There was a pride and amusement in her voice. “Was that better than my hand?”

“Oh yea.” I replied. “The first time was a lot better. The second time was incredible. Why did you blow me twice?”

Pat’s response was very serious. “You told me that when you were horny it took two times.”

I pulled her close and kissed her again. We snuggled for a few more minutes and then she slipped out of bed. I heard her carefully unlock and open my door trying to be as quiet as possible. Then she was gone.

I lay there wondering what was behind all this. Fourteen year old girls do not sneak into their brother’s room at night and blow them, twice. Part of me wanted to ask her why she was doing this. The other part said shut up and enjoy it. If she was acting unhappy or depressed I would have felt differently but instead she acted like I was helping her out.

The lateness of the hour, along with the two blowjobs, took their toll and I drifted off to sleep thinking I should just wait and see.


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When do they go on a date ? Cinema, miniature golf, and bicycle to ice cream shop.

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This is GREAT!! But I think he should find out how she is "different" - he has to be curious, and she must be willing to let him have a look-feel to find out. Didn't she begin to feel kind of "funny" during a time some nice young doctor was examining her? Won;t she feel much the same if her brother checks her out? Go on from there!

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Continue making this serious man

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nice continuous work [continuous is probs spelled wrong].

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