Exposing my nude wife to my friend
Hello people, this is my first post here. And please excuse me for my broken english - I'm not a native speaker.

It was that very hot summer in Russia, and needless to say me and my wife was totally naked in our home all the month. The weather was really hot, it was like 30 Celcius or even more during the day and like 28 during the night. It was like a constant torture, but I've found a way how to turn this torture to pleasure.

The other day I was talking by cellphone to one of my close friends. I knew that my wife was attracted to him in a sexual manner, she told me some fantasies about him and whenever I was talking about him she became a bit excited. So I invited him to our home on the next day. My plan was not to say about it to my wife, I just told her that tomorrow when I will come from work we would have some family concerns. I was hoping that she will be naked as usual.

So the next day I've met my friend and we both was heading to our home. I opened the door and let him to come in first. Things was as I expected - the wife was totally nude, on her way from the room to the kitchen, waiting for me and thinking about that family concerns. When she saw my friend staying in the door in front of her she was completely surprised. She apologized for her nudity and ran to the room to get some dress.

So three of us spend the evening chatting about things and my friend was pretendig like nothing unusual has happened, but my wife was visibly red faced and excited in the same time. And when I asked her the next day about her feelings she said that it was very pleasurable and sketchy experience, and even that she fell in love with my friend a little bit. And I was happy to make her feel in such a manner and nevertheless I was proud of her naked
beauty and was thinking that none of my friends girlfriends could be compared with my wife.

My strange fetish for cum
So, first post here. Quite exciting to open up publicly even though i’m anonymous here. Want to share my experience with cum with you and how it formed me.

Let’s start at the beginning. I was born in 1991 in a small town in the Netherlands and my first sexual memory was when I first saw my parents have sex. I must have been something like 11 years old and by accident I walked up on the stairs while my parents had their bedroom door open and I saw my dad having sex with my mom. My mom was with her head in his lap. I remember the feeling in my belly. I was shocked as well but never lost the memory. And somehow afterwards it kept in my mind.
I think after that moment I was intrigued by it. Even hoped I would see my mom with my dad again. We already had internet back then and googled for sex and looked at pictures. I remember the feeling in my tummy, when I watched it. I was always as long as I can remember triggered by pictures of guys that were cumming. The pictures fascinated (and fascinate) me. The pictures of the white stuff coming from a men’s penis was the most sexy to me. It seemed magic to me when it comes out of a man. I loved watching the movies and the pictures. I would always masturbate on pictures with cum on it. I was wondering how it felt or tasted or smelled. It might sound stupid now, but it was almost always on my mind. I remember sitting in the class in high school and fantasizing if the guys in my class would cum as well. As how it would smell.

I was quite good at school. And think nobody ever really noticed what fascinated me. I knew I was probably crazy so I never dared to tell any friends about my fantasies. Somehow in my fantasies I felt quite lonely, because I knew it was not normal. I preferred to go home quite soon after school and play with my computer and watch pictures or read stories. My parents have never been open about sex, so I learned most about it from the internet I think.
First time I really smelled cum I was 13 (if I remember right) and my parents and brothers, who then were 16 and 17, were off to do some shopping. I liked to rumour around on my brother’s room. He had naughty books and I liked to run through it if he wasn’t there. Somehow I looked in his dustbin and saw some crusted tissues. I realized it must be cum it. I knew it wasn’t right but wanted to smell it. So got a tissue out of the dustbin and smelled it. It wasn’t like a perfume but it turned me on. From the first smell. Maybe because it was forbidden or its really the smell. I had been masturbating for 2 years and thinking of how it would smell. I liked the smell. It was sexy to me. Then I grabbed a few tissues and took them to my room. I wanted to masturbate while smelling them. I really liked it so much. Somehow it got in my system. That when my brothers where away I would sneak in their room and look for tissues and then sneak to my room afterwards. This is how I tasted it the first time as well. One morning my brother left early and I found a wet tissue in his dustbin. I could help myself, sneaked to my room and touched it with my tongue. It felt strange but was so sexy to me. I think I crossed a border looking backwards when I took the first tissue to smell it and this is how it got worse. I always wanted to find the wet tissues afterwards and I even took risks I think. But never was caught and I’m quite sure they never found out. The wet tissues were the best to me. I would put them in my mouth and make them wetter with my saliva and then the taste would come in my mouth. And like that I loved to masturbate. I think this went on for about a year.

Then one of my brothers got a girlfriend. That felt very strange to me, I must have been 14. Like if she took him away from me. But maybe every young sister has that. She would sometimes stay at our place. And as my brothers room was next to mine. I would always try to listen to what they did or said. I was wondering if they had sex. After a month or so they had the first time sex as I remember. When they left afterwards I sneaked in his room and found for the first time a filled condom. It felt as when I found the tissues for the first time or when I saw my parents have sex for the first time. I took the condom back to my room. Now I really saw how the cum looked. The condom was tied in a knot. And I played with it. I smelled it. My heart was racing in my chest. I could smell the cum through the condom. I tried to untie the condom, but my fingers were shaking a bit. I wanted so much to really feel cum now and smell it and taste it. It was a very intense feeling. When I finally had it open, I dipped my finger it and licked it off. I really felt as if I almost came. I fantasized so much about this moment. I liked it. Loved it. It was still warm and tasted so much nicer than from a tissue. Then I took the condom and emptied it in my mouth as I had seen in the movies. And then I masturbated with the cum in my mouth. I swallowed and never had came so nice and hard in my whole life. I think then I got hooked.

Hope you enjoyed my first experience with cum, please be respectful. I quite ashamed, but the feeling I describe are very real. Is there anybody who shares my experience? Who has the same urges, did the same things?
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