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A Rich man wanted to marry.
three girls offered to marry him.
Man tested them giving them a 1000 bucks each to spend.
first bought a new dress and said that she wanted to look for him.
second got him few shirts,ties and perfumes and said she wanted him to look good.
third gal invested the money in market,got profit and returned the original amount,saying that she saved the rest for their future.
now here comes the decision
he decided to marry the girl who had

"the bigger boobs...!!!"
One mORE FOR you

Historical Thought!!!!
History always tells a story.
That's why you must always clear it before your dad uses the computer!

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2014-01-30 14:10:13
My name is shakil homans to jolt

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2012-05-11 04:21:36
A competent writer could make a funny joke out of that.

You aren't a competent writer.

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