Bad Choice of a Picnic Place – Part One
Nina slowed the car “Hey I never noticed that there was a public beach here. Let’s try it. It’ll save quite a drive.” The sign was very clear “Public Beach Access. Swimming and Picnics allowed. No Boat Launching.”

Not waiting for the other three to agree, she turned the car onto a track that vanished round a bend behind some trees. With the car out of sight there was no way they’d see the man who came out of the bushes. He took down the sign, padlocked the gate shut, fished his backpack out from behind a bush, and jogged through the woods in the direction they had driven. He was grinning as he thought of what was to come.

Nina drove slowly, as the hard dirt road was bumpy. She hadn’t had her car long and didn’t want to damage it. They must have driven half a mile before the lake came into view. “Wow, that’s great! We’ve got it all to ourselves at the moment. Let’s find a spot where we can lay out the towels and enjoy the sun.”

Her three passengers tumbled out of the car, full of energy. Fourteen-year-old Claudia, and her friend Sophie were ready to jump in the lake. Claudia immediately stripped off her top and shorts, telling Sophie to come along. Sophie, with a rather guilty look at the other two, obeyed her friend, slipping off her skirt and shirt. The two girls ran into the water leaving Nina and ten year old Ria to unpack the car. These two started pulling out the towels and the picnic stuff. Ria pouted and said it wasn’t fair that she had to work when the others didn’t. Nina sighed and said that she’d finish if Ria wanted to swim. But Ria was sulking. She said she didn’t want to go in the water with those two and she was going to explore. Nina told her not to go too far and then forgot about her as she opened the books that she had to read over the summer for her college classes.

None of the four realized that they were being watched from the cover of the woods. If they had known what the watcher had in store for them they would have been sick with fear. Ria wandered into the woods. Her bright yellow cotton sleeveless sundress made her easy to spot as she meandered between the trees. It was her favorite summer dress and she’d worn it a lot the summer before. Her mother had said something about it being rather short this year as Ria had grown quite a lot over the winter but Ria was good at getting her own way and her mother gave in and let her keep wearing it. Ria liked how she looked in it. She thought it went well with her eyes and hair. Ria also liked the thought that her short skirt showed her legs off to an advantage. As she walked through the woods she made sure that she stayed clear of twigs and thorns so her smooth skin wouldn’t get ugly scratches.

Ria knew she was more mature than the other girls in her class and liked looking at herself in the mirror. Ever since she was little, lots of grownups had told her that she was very pretty with her oval face, full lips, deep brown eyes with long lashes, smooth skin and curly brown hair. She knew now that her hips were swelling and so, too, were her breasts. Ria thought that she could be a model and had been bugging her mother to send her to modeling classes. She had finally given in and promised her daughter that she would go in the Fall. Ria’s real name was Maria but she thought Ria was more exotic and better suited for a model. She insisted that everybody called her by that name.

The thoughts of the man who was watching were very close to Ria’s own. He, too, liked her long legs, and her curly brown hair. He liked the way the yellow dress swayed on her hips as she moved. He imagined all that he’d do with her and was eager to move to the capture. His mouth was dry as he thought of getting his hands on her body, of letting them roam over her firm, young flesh. It was only by chance that she was going to be the first to be caught. She’d decided that when she wandered off into the woods in her little huff. Now she would be the first of his captures.

He wanted to get all four of them and knew he had to grab them when they weren’t together. He didn’t want any of them to be warned and manage to escape. So he’d been pleased with Ria’s wandering and followed her quietly until they were out of earshot of the girls playing in the lake.

He moved up behind his quarry as silently as he could. Somehow she seemed to sense a presence, beginning to turn around as he reached her. Her mouth opened to scream when she saw him. Before she could make a sound, his hand clamped down; muffling any sounds. At the same time his other arm caught her round the waist; pinning her arms to her sides. With little effort he lifted her off the ground, her legs dangling. She tried to struggle but he was so much bigger and stronger that she didn’t stand a chance.

“Be a sensible girl and don’t struggle or you’ll tear your pretty dress. If you do as I tell you I won’t hurt you. Do you understand?”

Ria nodded her head and the man dropped her so her feet were back on the ground. Then, with another warning, he took his hand off her mouth. She stood quietly, trembling, frightened that he would hurt her if she did anything to anger him. Following his instructions she put her arms behind her back. She felt him tying her wrists securely. Getting her courage back she opened her mouth to ask him to let her go. The words were immediately muffled, as a strip of rag was thrust between her lips and tied tightly behind her head.

With the gag in place the man relaxed a bit. He let his hands stroke Ria’s hair as it fell down to her shoulders. He could take a little time to enjoy the feel of his first capture. He ran his hands down her arms and back up onto her shoulders. He quivered with pleasure at the feel of her smooth, warm skin. Next he moved his hands down onto her chest to feel her budding breasts as they pushed against the material of her dress. From there his hands slipped further down over the gentle curve of her belly to rub the front of her groin before curving round onto the swell of her hips and the firm cheeks of her bottom. Her body was good; full of promise. He pulled her back against him and rubbed his groin against those firm arse cheeks.

Once again his hands moved back up the soft skin of her arms. When his fingers had found their way back to her shoulders he pressed down, telling Ria to get onto her knees. With no other choice she did as she was told, trembling from the effects of his hands exploring her body, fearful of what was next. The man tie her ankles together, as he’d tied her wrists; tight enough that she’d have no chance to work herself free.

Next he pulled her upright and walked round in front of her. It was the first time Ria had a good view of her captor. He was quite big and muscular, naked to the waist and very suntanned. He looked at her and she blushed with the intensity of his stare. He gave a quiet laugh of satisfaction.

“Time to put you in storage for a while” he said. He bent at the knees and, with no great effort, picked her up and slung her over his shoulder with her legs in front of him and her gagged face bouncing against his back. Through the discomfort of being carried that way Ria was aware of the man’s hand stroking up her leg along her thigh, higher and higher under her skirt and onto her panties. His fingers pushed between her thighs to touch her groin and a wave of sensation filled her. It was a strange mix of excitement and apprehension. Instinctively she felt that he was going to do things to her that she’d heard her sister and friends whispering and giggling about.

It wasn’t long until the man slipped her down off his shoulder. He took Ria into a sort of shelter, in a hollow under some big rocks. There was a tree growing, all twisted, out of a crack between the rocks. The man laid Ria down on her side and tied her wrists to a strong root. Tied like that she had no chance to move more than a few inches. His hands were back on her thighs. He tugged her dress up to her waist, exposing the pale blue bikini pants that she was wearing.

“You’re going to have to wait there until I’m ready to spend some quality time with you.” His smile wasn’t pleasant as he turned and walked out of sight. Ria tried to wriggle her dress back down to cover herself but she was unable to move enough to push the skirt over her hips. For years Ria had felt she could get adults to do what she wanted, either with cuteness, stubbornness, pouting, or even tantrums. She realized that, now, she’d met a man who wasn’t interested in what she wanted. He was only interested in what he wanted. She found that she was shivering as she began to guess what that would mean.

After he’d left Ria, the man went back to the spot where he’d captured her and picked up his backpack. It was filled with the lengths of cord and cloth for gags that he’d need when he captured the other three girls. He slung the backpack over his shoulder and jogged off back towards the lake.

When he got near to the lake he slowed down and moved forward quietly, being sure to keep under cover. From the sounds he could tell that the two girls were still in the water.
The sound of their screams, laughter and splashes carried clearly.

Peering out at the beach clearing, he saw the girl who drove sitting with her back against a rock, reading. She had taken off her jeans and shirt and was wearing an attractive white bikini cut high on the leg and low on the breast so that all her curves were displayed. He appreciated them. The girl looked to be either a senior in high school or in the first couple of years of college. She had a pile of heavy books beside her and was making occasional notes on a pad as she read the book on her lap. She wore nothing else –except for a pair of sunglasses. One leg was stretched out in front of her while the other was bent to support the book she was reading. She had lifted her long, blonde hair up and pinned it, leaving her graceful neck bare. He was glad to see that she had earphones on. It would make it easier to approach without being heard.

The man knew he couldn’t catch her and tie her up without the two younger girls noticing and was wondering what to do next when, with a last spraying of water, the girls decided that it was time to get out of the lake. They ran back up the beach, grabbed their towels and started to dry themselves off. One of them took of her bikini top to dry her breasts. He guessed she was the sister of the girl he’d already grabbed, as her face looked rather similar. She had the same full lips, brown eyes and flawless skin. Her breasts were full and firm, jiggling as the towel was rubbed across them.
The other girl looked shocked at her nudity. “You shouldn’t do that Claudia. What if some man saw you?” Claudia laughed at her friend. “Sophie you are so uptight. Relax a little. There’s no one here. There’s no dirty old man hiding in the woods.”

Provocatively Claudia pulled the pants of her bikini off too so she was completely naked and finished toweling herself dry. The watcher in the woods could see the mound of curly brown pubic hair. Maybe this one would be more fun even that her little sister. Finally dry, Claudia draped her wet swimsuit on the hood of the car and, without any underwear, put her tight white shorts and red halter top back on. The man wiped sweaty hands on his pant legs as he thought of pleasures to come.

Sophie didn’t want to take her bikini off like that. But she knew that Claudia would laugh at her if she wrapped a towel around herself. Sophie wasn’t too comfortable with Claudia. Being new in the school she didn’t have friends and had appreciated it when Claudia has started being to hang out with her. However Claudia had been bossy from the start and, recently, she’d started saying stuff that Sophie found embarrassing; lots about sex and kissing. Sophie was shy and unsure of herself so she found herself going along with Claudia, not being able to say no to this invitation even when she’d rather not have come.

To avoid the awkwardness of undressing she said that she was going to dry in the sun. She spread her on the grass and began to lie down. Claudia objected saying there’d be plenty of time to sunbath after the picnic and she wanted to explore. As always, Sophie gave in and got back up. She wrapped her skirt around her and put on her sneakers. Her short, pale green skirt moved with the movement of her hips and the watcher licked his lips as he looked at her. When Claudia said that they, too, would go explore the woods Sophie slipped her matching green and white checked blouse over her bikini bra. She tied the ends up leaving her waist was uncovered.

The man watched as they set off into the woods. After asking Nina what direction Ria went Claudia steered them in a different direction. As they disappeared from sight he imagined the pleasure from them both. The one called Claudia was a couple of inches taller than her friend; probably about five foot six. She was very attractive with her full breasts moving beneath her halter. She had generous hips that were well displayed by her shorts.

The other one was different but also desirable. She was thinner than her friend and with a really slim waist. However, she too was very feminine with long legs and firm little breasts. Her hair was black and long, falling to the middle of her back when Claudia’s hair was cut shorter. Oh yes, he’d get a lot of pleasure from them both – and soon. It was amusing that they’d taken a direction that was likely to lead them to his cabin. That would simplify things for him later.

But now it was time to decide what to do about Nina. Her liked knowing the names of his prey. It made the pain and humiliation he inflicted more personal and that increased his pleasure. His lips split in a smile; that was what it was all about, the pleasure that comes from doing what he wanted without a care for other people or the rules.

Taking two girls at one was always likely to be more risky that a victim on her own so it would be best to have Nina neutralized before he went after the other two. Hidden in the woods he stared at the young woman as he waited for the two girls to be out of earshot. As he waited he saw Nina start to move. She pulled the towel from behind her back, where it had been cushioning her against the rock. She laid it out on the grass and put her book on it. Reaching behind her back she undid the tie of her bikini top and took it off exposing her breasts before she lay on her front. She propped herself up on her elbows and continued to read.

He judged the time had come. He moved out of the cover of the woods and approached her carefully from behind. He got all the way to her without her noticing anything. He stood for a moment gloating before he pounced.

The first thing Nina knew her face was suddenly pushed into her book muffling her scream. She was held there by a strong hand on the back of her neck. She started to struggle as the earphones were ripped from her head. A man’s voice snarled “Don’t struggle or I’ll hurt you bad. All I want is to take your car. Be sensible and everything will be O.K.”

Not thinking that she had any other choice Nina stopped struggling. She told him where the car keys were. He said he’d have to tie her up so she couldn’t go for help too soon. She begged him not to, promising to wait, but he said he had to be sure. Unwillingly she put her hands behind her back when he told her to. She felt strong cord being tied around her wrists and then around her ankles. She began to feel some relief at the thought that he’d soon be gone and the girls would be back to set her free.

That feeling vanished as he turned her over onto her back. She felt she was being devoured by his look. This was not someone who just wanted to steal her car. As he dropped on his knees his hands found her breasts and started to squeeze them. Nina cried out with fright and then with pain as his grip got tighter. “If you thought I’d leave a girl like you unfucked you must be pretty stupid.” The man said as he watched her eyes fill with tears. “I can’t spend too much time with you at the moment but I’ll give you something to remember me by.” He unzipped his pants and pulled out his penis, which was already swollen. He masturbated with one hand as he pulled on her tits with the other one. As his breathing got faster and faster he sat up and, with a grunt, spewed a stream of semen over his helpless victim’s breasts and face.

Nina was spluttering, trying to spit the warm, sticky liquid from her mouth as he stuffed a gag between her teeth. Roughly he lifted her head and tied the gag securing before dropping her head back onto the ground.

He got to his feet and looked down at her as he zipped up his pants. “I’ve got a date with a couple of cute girls, now.” he said “You just be good and wait ‘til I can get back to you.” With that he stepped back out of sight. When she got over her shock Nina started to struggle with the ropes that tied her but it was no good. The ropes that bound her had been tied by an expert; all she was doing was rubbing her wrists and ankles sore.

At the time that Nina was struggling with her aggressor Claudia and Sophie were moving deeper into the woods. By chance they found a path and, at Claudia’s suggestion, they followed it. Claudia was getting frustrated with Sophie. When she had decided to become friends she had done so for two reasons. Firstly it was clear that Sophie was unsure of herself and could be easily led or pushed to do what Claudia wanted and Claudia liked being in charge. Secondly Claudia found herself physically attracted to the other girl and wanted to have sex with her. Having been sexually active, to a degree since sixth grade she had let boys kiss and touch her. At one party where there were older high school boys she’d even sucked some dicks. Other than getting a high from doing things that would horrify her mother Claudia found that it didn’t give her any pleasure.

Claudia had been finding that she got more excited in the locker room, as she saw the other girls changing after P.E. or sports, than she did when she saw a boy with his prick hanging out. All that the other girls talked about was boys and, when she’d dropped some comment about sex between girls, they’d all been loud in saying that they’d never do that. So, when Sophie arrived in the school just before the end of the year, Claudia thought she might have a chance to get her to try something.

But, so far, either Sophie hadn’t understood or had ignored, the hints that Claudia dropped. As they walked Claudia decided that, if she didn’t get somewhere with Sophie soon, she’d drop her as a friend.

Suddenly the path opened into a little clearing and they found themselves standing in front of a roughly built shack. It looked as though it had been built as a fishing hut. Claudia immediately went to the door and tried the handle. The door opened and she stepped inside. “You shouldn’t do that,” said Sophie “that belongs to someone else.” In her mind Claudia wondered how anyone could be so timid; she couldn’t take much more of someone so scared. “It may have been somebody’s sometime but this is a public park now and it’s unlocked. Come on, don’t be so wet.” She went on in and, reluctantly, Sophie followed her.

Once inside Sophie found more reasons to worry when she saw a bed with an old mattress on it and a small camp stove. Claudia just said that maybe a park ranger took his lunch breaks there but anyway they weren’t hurting anything. Always curious about other people’s things Claudia was poking about. She opened an old cupboard where she found a pile of short lengths of cord, but nothing interesting. Then she moved to a pile of magazines on a shelf.

When she opened one of the magazines she stopped short and stared. It was full of photos of naked women tied up in different places and different ways. At the first sight she felt herself getting damp between the legs as her whole body reacted. This is something she’d like – to have a girl naked and helpless so she could do whatever she wanted with her – and here she was, alone with Sophie. How could she manage it?

Claudia remembered the pile of cord in the cupboard and got excited again. She realized that, probably, somebody had had a girl tied up in this very hut. She was sure that, with a little cunning, she could get Sophie tied up by pretending it was a game. Then she could decide what she did with her. She’d keep it as a game so Sophie wouldn’t really be able to tell anyone. The most she would do if she didn’t like it would be to stop being friends and that wasn’t bad.

Casually calling Sophie over, Claudia showed her the photos. Sophie blushed and said that it was shocking. Claudia ignored her comments and started wondering out loud what it would be like to be tied up. As if she’d suddenly though of it, she mentioned the lengths of cord that she’d discovered, went to the cupboard and pulled one out. Playfully she asked Sophie if she’d like to be tied up and Sophie said that she wouldn’t.

Claudia started teasing her friend, saying she was a chicken and too afraid to do anything. Finally, near tears, Sophie gave in. Obediently she turned around and put her hands behind her back so Claudia could tie her wrists together, which she did; making sure that Sophie couldn’t free herself.

Claudia spun her friend around so that she could look at her. She gloated over the fact that she’d managed to do just as she’d wanted. Sophie was already looking uncomfortable. “This is a mistake. Please untie me.” Claudia smiled and shook her head. “Oh no, the game’s just starting. You’re my prisoner and you have to do what I want before I let you go. You can do the same to me after. I promise.”

Sophie shrugged her shoulders and asked what she had to do to be freed. Her friend had already been thinking and demanded a kiss, on the lips. Sophie said she didn’t want to but Claudia wouldn’t change. If Sophie wanted to be untied she had to kiss her on the lips. At last, the unhappy girl gave in and let her friend kiss her on the lips. But Claudia wasn’t happy and demanded that Sophie open her mouth and French kiss.

On the edge of tears Sophie obeyed. She felt her friend’s tongue explore the inside of her mouth and the tears began to flow. When Claudia finally stopped kissing her, Sophie begged to be untied. By this time Claudia was excited by the game and enjoying her power too much to stop. “No” she said. “There’s more you’ll have to do first.” She touched Sophie’s tear stained cheeks. “It’s only a game. Let’s see what’s next. I know, kiss these!” Claudia pulled her halter-top over her head and threw it onto the mattress. Her breasts, bounced at their release from the constraint of the material.

Sophie’s eyes got huge and she started shaking her head in refusal. Claudia grabbed her by the hair and pulled her face to smash it in her breasts. With her hands tightly tied, Sophie could do little to resist. When she found it hard to breath she stopped struggling and said she’d do it. Claudia let go of Sophie’s hair as the poor girl started kissing her breasts. Then she was ordered to lick them and, once she had obeyed, to suck on the nipples. Each time Sophie did as she was ordered, hoping that her friend would be satisfied and let her go.

But it was not to be. “Fair’s fair” Claudia grinned “You got to kiss my tits. Now I’m going to kiss yours.” Her hands moved to undo Sophie’s blouse. In panic Sophie tore herself free and pulled back violently. There was no way Claudia would let her get away, she was pushed down onto the mattress with her bound wrists trapped under her. As Sophie twisted desperately, Claudia pinned her down with one hand - holding her by the neck, while the other hand continued to undo the blouse.

As Sophie struggled harder, the pressure on her throat got worse and she started gasping for air. Realizing that she couldn’t stop her friend’s assault, Sophie gave up struggling and lay limply as Claudia finished undoing her blouse and then untied the bows that held her bikini bra. Soon, that too was undone and dropped on the floor. First Claudia’s hands and then her mouth and tongue explored Sophie’s breasts as she sobbed loudly.

Next the helpless girl was roughly pulled up into a sitting position so that Claudia could push her blouse over her shoulders and down to her wrists. Then she was shoved back down onto the mattress as Claudia, more and more excited, let her hands roam over Sophie’s body from her shoulders to her waist. Soon even this was not enough and her hands slipped downwards, smoothing the material of Sophie’s dress. First, her palm enjoyed the flatness of her captive’s belly and then, traced the curves of her hips, following them down to her thighs.

Here Claudia’s hands left the material of the skirt and felt the warm smooth skin of the upper thigh. She slid her hands under Sophie’s skirt onto her inner thigh. Sophie began to moan and squirm as Claudia’s fingers touched the material of her bikini pants where they were stretched tight over her groin. Humiliated and terrified, she put her legs tight together and started screaming that, if Claudia didn’t stop, she’d tell and get her into lots of trouble.

Claudia stood up, with a grim face, and slapped Sophie viciously on the cheek and across her breasts so that she cried out in pain. “You’re a frightened little bitch. I don’t think you’re going to tell. Are you?” She slapped the defenseless girl again with all her strength. Sophie screamed and begged not to be hit again. She promised that she wouldn’t tell.

Claudia smiled, “Now you’re being sensible.” Sitting down on the bed next to her victim, she told her to behave herself like a good girl so she wouldn’t need to hit her again. All Sophie needed to do was to do as she was told while Claudia did what she wanted. Tears streaming from her eyes, Sophie nodded submissively.

Claudia bent over and kissed her on the lips, tasting her victory over the dominated girl. Her hand went back between Sophie’s thighs and met no resistance as she pushed them apart. Now her fingers went beneath the bikini pants. Finding Sophie’s clitoris and slit Claudia started to stroke them, slipping deeper and deeper.

Sophie’s moans began louder and her hips moved uncontrollably as her body responded to the unwanted stimulation. Claudia’s breathing was getting louder and faster as her violation of her friend went further and further. She slipped off the bed to kneel between Sophie’s legs. With her two hands she pulled the panties down Sophie’s unresisting legs and off.

The sight of her victim’s undefended sex wound Claudia up even more, spreading Sophie’s thighs further apart, she pushed her head between them. Now she could smell her friend. She smelled different from the smell on Claudia’s fingers when she masturbated herself. She liked Sophie’s smell. She slipped her tongue between the labia and licked the musky dampness.

One of Claudia’s hands was in Sophie’s pubic hair and the other was inside her shorts, between her own legs, rousing herself as her tongue worked on Sophie. For a minute or two there were no sounds other than the gasps and moans of Sophie as she felt herself being gay raped. Then Claudia pulled her mouth away as she felt herself coming to a climax and her moans of pleasure mixed with Sophie’s moans of pain, shock and humiliation.

Claudia got to her feet. She had never felt anything as completely, overwhelmingly satisfying before. She looked down at Sophie as she lay sobbing on the bed, her skirt pushed up around her waist. Now that her needs had been met she began to feel sorry for her friend.

“There” she said “That wasn’t bad. It was only a game.” She paused, “You can do it to me if you like.”

Sophie shuddered in disgust. “Just untie me.” Was all she said. Claudia rolled her over onto her front so she could get to her wrists. Before she started to untie them she said “Remember you promised that you wouldn’t tell.”

Before Sophie had a chance to answer a man’s voice said “Don’t worry, she won’t have a chance.”

Before Claudia could recover enough to react, the man was across the room and on her. She found herself face down on the bed beside Sophie. She was unable to fight the man’s strength as he tied her hands behind her back. Slowly she began to realize that now she too was a victim. She would be helpless to stop the man from whatever he wanted to do to her, like Sophie had been unable to stop her. She hoped that he wouldn’t be too rough, wouldn’t hurt her too much when he raped her.

The man smiled to himself. Now that he had all four safe the fun could begin.


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