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This is only a fantasy involving my daughter and myself
This is a fantasy that I might or might not want to actually go


It is payday and I have been out paying bills. I am just

arriving home and am a little tired from all of my errands. I

have a few groceries that I am getting out of the car and have

my daughter's favorite ice cream and toppings since it is her

birthday today. We are average looking people, not super

beautiful or fit or anything like that but I love my daughter

more than anything or anyone else.

As I enter the house and put the groceries away I realize that

I hear some sounds coming from my daughter's bedroom. I go down

the hall and her door is open a crack so I listen before

knocking and am kind of glad that I didn't knock just yet. I

hear several voices along with hers. I peek into the room and

see one of the most exciting things to ever see. My daughter is

naked and has 5 black guys in her room. She is on her knees and

telling them to pull out their big black cocks so she can see

since she has taken off her clothes first.

As the black guys drop their pants she says that their cocks

are very nice. I watch as she reaches out and starts stroking 2

of them and gets them hard. She takes one of the larger black

cocks into her mouth and the contrast of her white skin and

pinkish lips wrapping around it gives me an instant hard on.

She sucks in as much of the black cock as she can and is

stroking one in each hand and watching the other 2 as they come

near her. She then starts taking turns sucking and licking each

of them and stroking their cocks as much as she can. She gets

all 5 of them hard and then tells them that she has always

wanted to be gangbanged by 5 big black cocks. They tell her

that her wish is going to come true today.

They stand her up on her feet and start rubbing her all over as

they undress. I must admit that I am impressed with the size of

their cocks myself, the smallest looks to be 7 inches and the

largest seems to be about 10. As I watch them rubbing her tits

and seeing the contrast again of their black hands rubbing her

body I am very hard and excited.

Then she starts kissing them all as if she is trying to enter

their bodies from their mouths. This is very hot and I am

getting so horny watching. They take turns taking her 34b tits

in their hands and mouths making her nipples appear as if they

got any harder and stood out any further they might break off.

She is moaning and I can see her nearly bald pussy oozing

juices out. She is again sucking a big black cock and stroking

2 while one is eating her pussy and the other is licking her


They start finger fucking her in her pussy and ass as she is

sucking them. She then tells them that she wants to start

fucking their big black cocks but from the smallest to the

largest in order. So the guy with the 7 inch cock lays down on

the floor and she stands over him. She slowly squats down and

takes his cock in her hand and guides it to her pussy. It is so

wet that she simply slides right down on it with no hesitation.

Watching my daughter as she starts riding up and down on this

black cock makes me pull my own cock out and start stroking


As she is riding him she starts sucking the others in turn

again. They are constantly rubbing and playing with her tits

and the sight has my cock so hard I think it will break. After

a few minutes she gets off of the one she is on and says she is

ready for a bigger one. I am watching and stroking myself

watching her ride each black cock in turn as she is working up

to the largest one. I can not believe that I am watching my

daughter with black hands all over her and black cocks all in

her mouth and pussy. Just when I think it can't get better she

suprises me with what she says next. She tells them that she

wants her ass fucked in the same way that she has been fucking

with her pussy.

They start taking turns while she is constantly sucking on

their big black cocks and she is moaning loudly. She then says

she wants big black cocks in all of her holes. "The largest

cock goes in my ass and someone else in my pussy while I suck

and stroke the rest of your big black cocks" she says. I feel

as if I will cum a gallon when I get close.

Then it happened!!

My daughter who is riding a black cock, has a black cock in her

ass, a black cock in each hand and a black cock in her mouth...
She looks straight at me, looking me right in the eyes and

winks at me.

She takes the black cock out of her mouth and then smiles at me

and says "Come on in Dad, I need some help." Then she puts the

black cock back into her mouth while looking at my cock in my


I enter the room taking off my clothes and say " I don't know

baby, it looks like you have it all under control." She takes

the black cock out of her mouth again and says "Daddy, it is my

birthday and I want this to be something special. I have

watched you watching me and I want to fuck you too Daddy. That

is only part of what will make this special though Daddy."

She tells me to come to her and we start kissing. During this

time none of the black guys have stopped fucking her and do not

seem to be bothered that I am there. After we have kissed

deeply for a minute or two she takes one of the black cocks

back into her mouth looking into my eyes the whole time and

smiling as best she can.

She lets go of on of the black cocks in her hand and pulls my

face to hers pushing my mouth against her cheek untill I start

kissing her again.

She then takes the black cock out of her mouth and says "Daddy

you are going to be my slut today." Then she starts kissing me

deeply again. As she is kissing me I feel her rubbing the black

cock that she was sucking on all over my face while we are

still kissing.

Then she slides the black cock in between our kisses and so now

we are both kissing this black cock. Her eyes dance with

pleasure and she moans very loudly some more. She takes the

black cock back into her mouth while I am still kissing it for

her. Then my daughter takes this black cock and slides it

between my lips. She pushes my head as far onto it as I can go

and she starts licking this black cock and my lips together.

She then pulls the one that she is still stroking on over to us

and puts it into her mouth so that we are now both suckinng big

black cocks together while she strokes the other one and still

has a black cock in her pussy and her ass all at the same time.

She then swaps over to the one I am sucking on and pulls the

black cock out of my mouth and starts licking it while looking

at me. I then start licking it with her and our tongues dance

together touching all up and down this black cock.

She then tells me to start sucking and nibbling on her tits, so

I do with pleasure now. She again takes turns sucking the 3

black cocks that aren't in her pussy and ass. She then tells

me to help her suck all 3 of them.

We take turns with each of the 3 black cocks in our mouths

while she is being fucked inn her pussy and ass. She tells me

that they feel so good in her and she wants me to enjoy it too.

She makes the 2 fucking her stop and lies on the floor and

tells me to put my cock into her but not to move. I do as I

wonder what she intends.

She then tells the guy with the smallest cock, 7 inches worth,

to put his black cock into my ass while I am fucking her. She

takes one of the other black cocks and guides it into my mouth

and says that is to muffle my noises some.

Once I am sucking the black cock again she tells the 7 incher

to enter very slowly so as not to cause me too much pain. Then

she starts sucking another black cock and stroking the other 4

in turns.

I feel the 7 inch guy getting behind me and can do nothing to

stop him as my daughter has me with a black cock in my mouth,

and her mouth and hands while she is still looking me right in

the eyes with pleasure and happiness.

I feel the guy using his fingers on my ass first and it is a

little uncomfortable for a moment as I feel him pushing one,

then 2 and three fingers into my asshole spreading it some for

his black cock. All of their black cocks are dripping wet from

fucking her pussy and ass and mouth so there is no need for any

lube at all.

I feel his black cock going easily into my asshole and I squirm

a bit as it is very uncomfortable for me, feeling a cock in my

ass for the first time. She then starts kissing me deeply and

places black cocks into my hands and tells me to start fucking


This makes me feel pretty wierd, not because I am fuckinng my

daughter which I have wanted to do for some time, but because

as I fuck her I am fucking the black cock in my ass. We both

are back to sucking black cocks and I am starting to feel

easier and getting into the swing of things now.

It is actually getting me excited thinking about this scene: me

fucking my daughter whiel we both suck black cocks and stroke

more black cocks while there is a black cock in my ass that I

am fucking while I fuck her.

Then she tells one of the black guys to get on the floor. Tells

me to slide my ass on his cock. Then she slides her soaking wet

pussy back onto my cock and tells one of the other guys to fuck

her ass while we are all fucking.

Then she and I suck black cocks into our mouths hungrily and

stare into each others eyes. After a while I tell her that I am

about to explode inside her and she makes me stop.

She rearranges us into positions so that she can suck my white

cock while she put 2 black cocks back into her pussy and ass

and tells me to start sucking the others and not to stop until

we all explode in cum.

This does not take very long and I shoot loads of my cum into

her mouth. She stats kissing me deeply with my cum in her mouth

and we share it. Then each of the black cocks take turns

cumming in our faces and we share it all.

The guys leave and my daughter and I lick each other clean and

start fucking slow and long. Then we take a shower and just lay

on the bed together and go to sleep with smiles on our faces.

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2012-05-09 15:24:49
Sounds like you are an Asian from Rochdale....

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2012-05-09 14:59:31
For a 45 year old guy you right like you're 10

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