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Spent my college sophmore Christmas Break with my Sister
My older sister Nancy and I overlapped college years by two. During my sophomore year, she was a senior and since our mother and aunt went on one of their first decent vacation trips by themselves at Christmas that year, I traveled the the couple hundred miles over to Nancy's school to see her at Christmas break. Her dorm building was nearly empty - maybe only ten percent of the students had stayed behind over the break. Her roommate was going home, so our plans were for me to just stay with her in her room over the break.

I got to her campus in the latter part of the afternoon and saw a lot of kids headed the opposite way. I knew where her room was so I just went up to it and knocked on the door. No answer. So I pulled out the key she'd mailed me and let myself in. This dorm had shared baths and shower rooms on each floor and though I would have loved a shower about then, I didn't want to go take one without further information from Nancy about which one to use, when to use it, etc. I didn't want to walk in on somebody and cause problems.

I put my small duffle in the corner out of the way, tossed my jacket on it, and took a good look around the room, surmising from the decorations which bed was Nancy's. Looking in the little cube refrigerator I found a Coke, popped it open, kicked off my shoes and flopped back on Nancy's bed to relax. The room felt like the heat was on too high so I pulled off my jeans and my sweatshirt and laid back down in my underpants. I wondered where Nancy was, but not too hard before I dozed off.

I woke up when I heard Nancy say something like "Well, that's my baby brother, Hut. Like I've told you before, we couldn't keep clothes on him at home either." I awoke with kind of a kicked in the head and confused feeling and it took me a few seconds to remember where I was. As I became aware, I turned my head and saw Nancy standing there with another girl her age, sat up quickly, and swung my feet off the bed onto the floor. As I stood up, I realized that I didn't have my underwear on. Since I'd slept naked for years, I apparently pulled them off after I fell asleep and dropped them next to the bed on the floor where they now lay in a little heap. I must've briefly had a shocked look on my face as I made an instinctive move to lean down and grab my underpants.

The girl with Nancy said something like "He doesn't look like a baby to me. Don't worry about it, Hut. Nancy's told me all about your preference of clothes when you make yourself comfortable." I stood there looking sheepish as my sleep erection faded to just a nice hang.

Nancy told me that the girl with her was her roommate, Danni. I mentioned something about her having not left for home yet and Danni said that her plans had changed, her parents were going out of town so she decided to remain at school over the break with Nancy rather than be at home alone. She told me she was glad I had come over to spend the break with Nancy since three was more fun that just two. Nancy echoed her comment saying that we could have a great time over the break. They knew a lot of neat cafes to eat at since the dining hall was closed over the holiday, and there were other things around town she wanted to show me. Standing there chatting like that, I virtually forgot I was standing naked in front of these two girls, my sister and her friend. When that thought popped back in my mind I realized that the girls, actually all three of us, were comfortable with it, too and I began to enjoy it - even more than when I was naked in front of my mother and two sisters back home. I leaned over to pick up my underwear and Nancy said something like "You're not gonna' get dressed, are you, Hut?" with a bit of disappointment in her voice.

I told her no and just put my underwear over on my jeans and t-shirt at the foot of the bed then then stood there looking at them looking at me. I realized that the room door was still open when another girl walked by in the hall calling out "Good bye, see you after the first." to Nancy and Danni. As she passed by the door, the girl looked in and smiled. She appeared back in the door, stepped partially into the room, and told Nancy "If I had known that you were going to have a naked house boy in for the holidays, I would've stayed here with you."

Nancy just told her that I was her brother and they'd walked in on me asleep and surprised me. The other girl said "Obviously. Well I'll see you in the new year. I've gotta' get going." Then she smiled, gave me one last look up and down, and left, just like that.

Danni said something about how they were going to be the talk of the dorm after the first when Elizabeth returned and started yapping about the naked guy in their room for the break. Nancy just told her "He's my little brother and I don't care what they say."

I looked at the clock and saw that it was almost six o'clock and asked Nancy if they were hungry and gonna' take me to a good place to eat. She told me "Sure, if you're ready to eat, we can do that."

I told her that actually I'd like to grab a shower first if she could point me in the right direction. She got me a towel, washcloth, and soap, tossed me the towel and said come on, I'll show you the way. I wrapped the towel around myself and padded off down the hall following Nancy. I realized that Danni was right behind me as I followed Nancy to the shower. When we got to the bathroom, I saw that it was like a locker room, but without the lockers. It was in the core of the building and so had an entry door on two sides, one on each of the two main corridors on the floor. Nancy said "There's two like this, one at each end of the building. This is the one that visiting guys are supposed to use." As she led me through the bathroom, I saw that stalls were on one side of a center divider while sinks were on the other side. Across from the sinks were two benches set into the floor and then an open doorway that led into the gang type shower. The shower room itself had two shower units standing up in the floor with four shower heads on each, each 90 degrees apart around the stand, above a small shelf for your stuff that went all the way around the unit like a collar. Each shower head had its own controls so it was a pretty good setup. Eight people could shower in there at once without getting in the way of or crowding anyone else.

Nancy told me, "You're supposed to lock the two doors when a guy is in here, but we'll just stay in here and stand guard instead."

"Fine with me" I said as I hung my towel on a hook on the wall near the doorway, took the soap and washcloth and headed over to the shower unit furthest away from the doorway. Then I thought better of it and went to the unit closer to the doorway where Nancy and Danni were standing. Standing away from the spray, I turned on the control, waited for the hot water to get there, adjusted the water temperature, then stepped under the spray. It felt great and I washed myself up just like I was alone. No big deal. When I glanced over at Nancy and Danni, I saw that they had both sat down on the bench just outside the doorway and weren't paying much attention to me as they talked about something I couldn't hear over the noise of the shower. When I finished rinsing off, I turned off the shower, walked over to the hook near the doorway, grabbed my towel and started drying my hair with it. When I'd turned off the shower, Nancy and Danni stopped talking, looked up at me, and watched as I dried my hair and then started drying my body.

Nancy asked me "Do you want me to dry your back since mom isn't here?" I looked at her a little startled and she said "Do you think I was so stupid that I didn't notice what was going on? I walked by the bathroom door on more than one occasion when she was drying your back... ...and other stuff." And I had thought that nobody else in the house knew about how when I was 17 I started letting my mother dry my back because she enjoyed doing it , the back drying sessions usually ending with me cumming in the towel as Mom rubbed my balls and penis with it.

I said sure, tossed the towel to Nancy, and turned around to face away from her. I felt the towel begin on my shoulders, then rub briskly down my back to my crack where she began to dry down between my legs. I bowed my legs out some and the towel rubbed forward to the back of my scrotum. With a hand on my hip, just like mom did, she began to turn me around to face her. Nancy must've seen plenty back home since she was doing it exactly like mom did it. When I turned around, I saw it was Danni drying me, not Nancy. Nancy giggled. She must've told Danni exactly what to do because Danni dried my scrotum, my now erect penis, then handed me the towel - just like mom used to do minus the orgasm into the towel. I finished drying off then said I was done. Nancy told me not to forget her washcloth and soap, so I went back to the shower unit, wrung out the washcloth and picked up the soap with it so I wouldn't get it all over my hand.

I slung the towel over my shoulder as we headed out of the bathroom door and back down the now deserted hall to their room. Once we got back there, Nancy asked "Do you think you can put on some clothes long enough for us to go eat?"

I heard Danni chuckle at the remark as I told her "Yeah, I can handle that."

I pulled a clean pair of jeans out of my duffle along with a clean T-shirt. Without underwear, I stepped into each leg of the jeans and pulled them up, arranged myself, fastened them, then pulled the T-shirt on, pushed my feet into my sneakers, picked up my wallet and my jacket, and said "There, I'm ready. Is that good enough?"

They led the way out of the room, downstairs, and out to Nancy's car. They took me to a really nice little hole in the wall Italian place where the food was good and the prices college student low. By the time we got back to the dorm room it was past nine o'clock. Danni said she was going to get a shower and Nancy said she was, too. I jokingly asked if I could come along and they just said "No" in almost perfect unison. Aw shucks.

So I sat down on Nancy's bed, picked up the remote, and turned on the local news. They gathered their stuff and left. When they returned about twenty minutes later, Danni was dressed in a modest night gown of some sort with a light robe over it. Like at home, Nancy had on an oversize sleep shirt and, I assumed, underwear. They each extracted hair dryers from their respective dresser drawers and began drying their hair. The two hair dryers immediately made the room begin to heat up. When I complained about it getting hot, Nancy just tossed back over her shoulder "Then do whatever you gotta' do, Hut. Don't whine to us."

OK, that sounded like an invite to get comfortable again, so I kicked off my sneakers, undid and removed my jeans, folding them fairly neatly on the foot of the bed, then pulled my T-shirt off over my head and folded it. I stacked the almost clean clothes on my duffle out of the way for tomorrow, then reclined back on the bed with one arm behind my head to continue watching the news. Glancing over at the two girls standing there drying their hair, I realized that when Nancy reached up with both arms and her T-shirt rode up some it exposed a completely bare butt. Hmmm.

When they finished dryng their hair, Nancy came and sat cross legged on the bed down near my feet. When her T-shirt rode up as she sat down and drew her feet up to cross her legs, it was very clear that she wasn't wearing underpants. It suddenly dawned on me that, with Danni here for the holidays, there was three of us for only two beds. I told Nancy "I need to go down to my truck and get my sleeping bag so I can bunk on the floor since Danni's here and there's no free bed.

Nancy said "Yeah, you could do that, or you could just sleep with me."

"But I sleep naked" I reminded her. "Is that gonna' be a problem?"

"If it's not a problem for you, it's not for me. Besides, I sleep naked, too, now. Have been for a number of years. Learned that from you" she shot back. "But we're sister and brother so I think we can behave, can't we?"

I told her I guessed we could, but deep inside I wondered.

Danni crossed to her bed, removed her robe, pulled back her covers, climbed in and said "Good night you two" as she laid her head on her pillow, facing toward us. She was laying there with her eyes open, watching us, I guess, when Nancy asked me "You ready to go to bed?" I told her I needed to hit the head first. She said "You know where it is."

Naked, I got up crossed to the door, and went out and down the corridor to the bath room. When I returned to the room, just the bedlamp next to Nancy's bed was on and Nancy was under the covers. She looked at me, patted the side of the bed behind her toward the wall and said "You get the wall side." She turned back that side of the covers and patted the bed again.

I saw that Danni's eyes were closed as I crossed to the bed, crawled over Nancy, and scooted under the covers. Just as I did that, Nancy reached up and switched off the bedlamp. When I scooted myself around facing Nancy's back, I rubbed up against it and all I felt was skin. Damn, I'm here naked in bed with a beautiful girl who is also naked and she's off limits. As I was thinking about that, Nancy scooted back toward me until her back was against my chest. I could feel my penis down in her butt crack. Surely she felt it, too. Then I was wondering what the hell to do with my left arm. My right arm was fine, kind of up and across the bed, a little bit under Nancy's pillow but my left arm was in the way. I didn't know what to do with it. Finally I gently laid it over Nancy outside of the bedspread. After a couple of moments, she began to shift around and I thought she probably wanted me to move it but when I lifted it to pull it back, she reached out from under the covers, took my hand, and drew it under the covers, flipping the covers up over my left shoulder. She held my hand in hers down near her abdomen and whispered "It feels good to lie close with you. Better than I ever imagined and believe me, I've thought about it over the years. You've always been my hero, little brother. I love you."

I told her "I love you, too, Nancy. I've always felt close to you." With that, I could feel my penis engorging and I know Nancy must have felt it to.

She cracked softly "Is that a banana down there or are you just happy to see me, sailor?"

I told her "Sorry. You know it has a mind of its own." She didn't say anything, she just took her hand off of mine, reached around behind her and patted my penis like a puppy. Then she put her hand back on mine and moved it, placing it gently up against her right breast lying on the bed. I said "I thought you said no hanky panky."

She said "Right, but your hand does feel nice there."

I grunted an agreement but kept my hand perfectly still. She was right, her breast did feel real good. Lying there up against her felt real good. With my raging erection laying neatly in her butt crack and my hand on her breast, we both fell asleep. When I next awoke, the room was still dark, my left arm was still around Nancy but she was now facing me, lying close but not up against me. I gently pulled her close to me and with a soft murmer, she scooted over against me without waking up. I fell back to sleep, with her up against me from my chest down to our legs which were somewhat entwined.

When I woke up to a lightening room, I was still on my right side but was leaning up against the wall. I soon realized that Nancy was awake, facing me, and had one hand on my penis and the other on my scrotum gently massaging them both. I whispered to her "I thought you said no hanky panky."

She smiled and replied "That's right, but there's nothing wrong with a massage. Besides, after being hard all night it probably needs one."

I told her "It doesn't stay like that all night."

She replied "Everytime I woke up it was, and it was poking up against me. I don't know how you guys walk around those things between your legs." With that she gave me a little peck on the cheek and said "I've gotta' go pee" as she flipped the covers off of herself and got up. Damn her body looked nice as she pulled her T-shirt on before heading for the door.

I told her to wait a minute, I've gotta' go, too, as I jumped out of bed and followed her out the door and down the hall. In side by side stalls we were both peeing when Nancy called out to me "What do you want to do today?"

I told her "This is your town so you tell me." Almost in unison, we finished up and both went around to the sinks to wash our hands. I leaned over, filled my hands with cold water and splashed it on my face several times.

As we were walking back to the room, Nancy asked me "Did you sleep OK?"

I told her "Yeah. I only remember waking up once."

She said "That was about the same for me." When we went back into the room, Danni was sitting up on the edge of her bed rubbing her eyes. Her night gown was hiked up around her hips and it was obvious that she, too, had on no underpants. Nancy told her "You're giving Hut a show there, Danni."

Danni just said "Whatever" as she stood up and her gown dropped back to its full length down around mid thigh. She headed out the door as Nancy went over to her dresser, pulled her T-shirt up and off over her head, put it in a drawer then picked up her brush and began brushing out her hair.

She tossed back over her shoulder "Get dressed, Hut and we'll go get some breakfast. Oh and Danni's not much of a morning person sometimes, just so you know." I got up, retrieved my T-shirt and jeans from my duffel, then rummaged in it to pull out a pair of boxers. Stepping into them, I was bent over facing away from the door when Danni came back in the room.

"Whoa cowboy," she said "That's not a view I need first thing in the morning."

I said "Sorry" and turned around as I pulled them up and arranged myself."

She looked at Nancy, standing there naked brushing her hair and said "Talk about ME giving Hut a show..."

As she turned around Nancy told her "He's my brother - it's nothing he hasn't seen before." And that was true, but even though we had masturbated together often over a few years, I'd never looked my sister quite like I was looking at her now as she bent over to step into her underpants. Her breasts, smaller than mom's and our oldest sister's, but none the less very nicely sized, hung away from her body as she bent over and I could feel my penis engorging in my boxers. I stood up, turned around, and pulled on my jeans. After I'd pulled on my T-Shirt and turned around, I saw that Danni was over by her dresser, getting dressed modestly facing away from me. Nancy was dressed, save for her long sleeved T-shirt which she pulled on, causing her breasts to sway back and forth as she wiggled into it without a bra. All dressed now, I told them I needed to brush my teeth as I found my tooth brush and toothpaste and headed down the hall. As I was standing at a sink, giving my teeth a good workover, another girl came into the bathroom. She hesitated for a moment then headed for the end sink and started brushing her teeth. Danni and Nancy came in and each went to a sink with their stuff and the other girl looked up.

She asked "Nancy, is this your naked houseboy that Elizabeth told me about?"

Nancy asked "When the hell did she have time to tell you that? She was headed out for home when she saw him. Besides Jean, he's just my little brother."

Jean replied "Yeah, I know, but I couldn't resist" and chuckled. She looked at me and said "Hut, that's your name, right? Are you staying through the holidays?"

Before I could answer, Nancy told her "Yeah he is, Jean, and you leave him alone. He's my little brother."

As she gathered her stuff up, Jean smiled and said "More than a little protective of him aren't you? He looks like he can take care of himself, can't you, Hut?"

With my toothbrush still in my mouth I mumbled a "yeah, probably" as she went out the bathroom door. I looked at Nancy and Danni and shrugged my shoulders then headed back to their room. Nancy and Danni came back in the door as I was putting away my toothbrush. I asked "What's with that other girl?"

Nancy said "She's a bitch and she treats every boy she dates like shit. She's bad news."

I just said "OK" dragging out the "O" to about two seconds or more.

As she was putting on her jacket, Nancy said "Let's go."

I grabbed my heavily lined denim jacket and headed out the door behind her. Danni was following along behind. She trotted past me to catch up with Nancy and they were talking back and forth too low for me to hear as I trailed along behind them. Danni tossed back over her shoulder "We're gonna' walk to a diner that's only a few blocks off campus, OK?"

I just said "Sure" and followed my leaders as they strode down the sidewalk. The diner was a small storefront place that looked real promising to me. After the walk in the cold air the lack of bras on both Nancy and Danni was pretty apparent when they pulled off their jackets. We sat in a booth, them on one side and me across. They told me what was good there, we ordered, ate breakfast, and talked about the day. They wanted to take me to see some sights around the area and were busily coming up with a lot of places to see. I told them it sounded like a lot more than we could do in one day.

Nancy told me "Yeah, but you'll be here for ten days. So we have plenty of time. We'll just write everything down and check'em off as we do them." That's Nancy - always efficient and organized, just like mom. It was kind of funny. Our oldest sister Lynette favored our mom in stature - thicker and larger breasted than Nancy but she was disorgainzed like our father had been while Nancy favored our father more in stature, taller and more slender (with the exception of her breasts) but was very organized and methodical like our mom.

So we had a fairly full day of sightseeing and carousing around that day, ending up by leaving the car back at the dorm and walking to a nearby tavern for beer and some good old tavern food. After a couple of beers, I had to go to the can and get rid of them. Walking back to the booth I saw that Nancy and Danni were in a rather animated conversation. As I slid into my seat across from them they stopped and both looked at me. I said "What?"

Nancy said "Danni wants to know how we can sleep together like last night without anything happening."

I looked at Danni and said "Beats me - this is the first time we've ever done it since we were very young. I don't know."

Danni said "It just seems weird to me, but at the same time, very nice. I've never been that close to anyone in my family. That's amazing. No, it's nice, really nice."

Nancy said "It's not perfect though. I had to put up with his old hard on poking me in the back all night."

Danni looked at me and I felt my face flush as I said "It doesn't listen to me. It has a mind of its own and does what it wants to do." Danni stared at me for a few seconds then burst out laughing. As Nancy joined in I looked at them and said "What?"

Nancy told Danni "I told Hut I don't know how guys walk around with those things between their legs" causing both of them to laugh even harder and louder.

The lone server in the tavern sauntered over and said "You seem to be having a good time here - do we need another round?"

I shook my head and said "No, I'm about done" while the girls did the same. So we paid our bill and walked back to campus while we could. The December night air had a particular bite to it, felt like it was cutting right through my jacket and jeans. The girls felt it, too, and they each grabbed one of my arms and snuggled up against me under my jacket on each side wrapping an arm around my back and wrapping my arms around each of their shoulders.

In a pretty good imitation of a sultry voice, Danni said "Keep us warm, big boy" then both of the girls burst into laughter again. They seemed to have the silly giggles going on or something.

As I began to see more and more of Danni's sense of humor, I could see why she and Nancy got along so well together. They shared a very similar whacked sense of humor that was fun to be around. I asked "How could it any better than this. I'm real glad I decided to come over here for Christmas. You two are a lot of fun."

Nancy said "I'm glad you came over, too, baby brother."

Back in the dorm, Nancy asked "Are you going to get comfortable, baby brother?" Danni glanced over and grinned.

I said "I'm gonna' grab a shower to warm up" and began to shuck my clothes, piling them more or less neatly on the foot of the bed.

As she pulled her T-shirt off over her head, Nancy asked "Do you mind if I just join you and get mine, too? I'll wash your back if you'll wash mine" she said with a funny wiggle of her shoulders making her breasts sway back and forth a bit, then laughed. She asked "Danni, you gonna' come along."

Danni rolled her eyes and said "I don't think so. I'll come down and brush my teeth, get ready, then jump in there when you're done. I can watch the door." I picked up my stuff, wrapped the towel around my waist, and headed down the hall. About the time I got to the bathroom door I heard them coming down the hall, still giggling and I decided to wait for them before I went in to make sure that I wasn't walking in on anyone else who had stayed around for Christmas break.

Nancy, dressed in her oversized sleep shirt, went by me, shoved the door open and said "Well, come on, brother." I followed her in, holding the door open for Danni behind me. Danni went to a sink and began taking care of her business while Nancy and I walked into the shower room. She pulled her sleep shirt off over her head and hung it and her towel on a hook. I hung my towel up, headed for a shower unit, turned on two adjacent showers and waited for the hot water to come. Nancy walked over, wrapped an arm around one of mine and leaned against me saying "Some of the girls in this dorm don't like to shower when even another girl is around. Can you believe that? Some of them are so uptight about nudity. I guess they weren't raised by a mother like ours who made sure we didn't have hangups like that."

As I adjusted the water temperature on my shower I said "Yeah." And she was right. Our parents didn't make a big deal about it either way. They just treated it like it was a normal, enjoyable thing. My sisters had become a bit more modest after they developed and matured but I saw what hellions they really were when we began to all masturbate together (including our cousin Kathy) after they caught me jacking off one time in my bathroom. After that they began to walk around the house more in bras and panties, sometimes just panties and occasionally nothing at all.

Stepping into the warm spray of water, I closed my eyes, stuck my head directly under the shower head and enjoyed the water running over my head and body. I heard Nancy say "Come here, Hut." I pulled my head out of the spray, shook the water off, and opened my eyes. Nancy was standing next to me, between the sprays of our two shower heads. She was completely wet down and holding her shampoo bottle in her hand. She said "Here, Hut, let me wash your hair."

I turned to her; she poured some shampoo in her hand, reached up with both hands, and began working the shampoo into my hair. Though I wore my hair pretty short she was giving me a very nice scalp massage. I could feel myself becoming erect under her touch as I watched her breasts move in unison with her hands and arms. When she was done, I turned into the shower spray and rinsed my hair out asking her if she wanted me to wash her hair. She said "No way. I'll take care of it, thank you." I turned back to my shower spray and saw Danni sitting on the bench just outside the shower room doorway, watching us. When we made eye contact she smiled at me and I returned a smile to her.

I soaped up my washcloth as Nancy washed her hair. With a hand on her shoulder, I gently prompted her to turn around and, after she did, I scrubbed her back from the top of her shoulders to her butt. By then she was finished lathering up her hair and she picked up her wash cloth to soap it up. I began washing my face and then down my body. With my eyes closed I felt her hand on my shoulder turning me so I faced away from her. She began at the top of my shoulders and scrubbed my back down to my butt. She scrubbed into my butt crack and I bowed my legs a little. She continued to scrub up to the back of my scrotum then I felt her hand on my hip turning me toward her. As I turned, I paused in the shower spray and rinsed off my face so I could open my eyes. When I did, I saw that Nancy was stooping down, about eye level to my penis and scrotum and she proceded to gently scrub them with the washcloth. Any chance of my erection fading was definitely gone for a while. When she stood up, I turned back to the spray and rinsed off. I saw Danni sitting there on the bench, still watching us fairly intently.

I was done, so I turned off my shower, walked over to my towel and began drying off. Danni asked "Do you want me to dry your back again?"

By way of answer, I handed her my towel and turned away from her. She dried my back from top to bottom and under to the front just as she had the night before only this time I knew it was her the whole time rather than thinking it was Nancy until I turned around. When I did turn around she rubbed my scrotum with the towel in one hand while her other hand wrapped the towel around my penis to rub it for a few moments. When Nancy turned off her shower, she gathered up the washcloths, soap, and shampoo and walked over to where I was standing with Danni and pulled her towel off the hook after setting her stuff down on the bench. I slung my towel over my shoulder and gathered up the stuff off the bench and told Danni "The shower is yours, madam" as I walked over to the furthest sink. I had extracted my toothbrush and toothpaste and started working on my teeth when Nancy came out, her hair wrapped up in her towel and nothing else on. She started brushing her teeth and the motions of doing so made those damn breasts start jiggling back and forth. My erection which had faded a bit suddenly regrew itself until my penis was standing up near my abdomen. Nancy looked at it, then me and shook her head saying through a mouthfull of toothpaste "That little bastard has a one track mind, doesn't it?"

I said "I guess it can't help it. The sight of your boobs swinging back and forth sends it to attention everytime."

She shook her head again and said "What is it with you guys and breasts?" before returning to brushing her teeth. We both finished at the sink at about the same time. Nancy pulled her towel out of her hair, wiggled into her sleep shirt and said "There, maybe it can think about something else for a while, huh?"

I just grinned at her, picked up the stuff, and headed for the door. We walked back to her room together and went in. I hung up my towel, flopped down on Nancy's bed, turned on the TV as Nancy began drying her hair. She looked like she was about done when Danni returned. Just as Danni finished hanging up her stuff and putting away things, the telephone in the room rang. Danni answered it and told Nancy it was for her. Nancy didn't hear her well over the noise of the hair dryer and turned it off and said "What?"

Danni held out the phone to her and said "It's for you."

They had an animated conversation and from Nancy's side of it I figured out it was somebody in our family asking if I was there. She eventually said "Here, you tell him that" as she held her hand out toward me with the phone. "Kathy wants to talk to you."

Oh, it was our cousin, Kathy. I took the phone and Kathy chewed me out playfully about my coming over to see Nancy without telling her about it. She said she was going to pop over the next day to see me. I said "OK fine, I'm looking forward to seeing you. See you then." I gave the phone back to Nancy. We hadn't seen each other since late summer so I was genuine when I said I was looking forward to seeing her.

I heard Nancy saying to her on the phone "Yes, of course he is. Danni and I can't keep clothes on him any better than mom could so nothing's changed." Kathy was laughing so hard that Nancy had to hold the phone away from her ear and I could hear her laughter through the receiver from where I sat. Nancy finished up the conversation and hung up the phone. Danni took the phone from her and gathered up the long cord to toss under the table as she sat the phone down. No cordless phones in that day.

Danni said "I don't know about you guys but I'm about whipped. I'm going to bed." With that, she removed her robe, crawled into bed under the covers and said "Good night."

We told her good night back then Nancy said "Aren't we a wild bunch? It's not even 11:00 o'clock and we're all done in. What a joke."

I just shrugged my shoulders at her and she walked over, turned on her bedside lamp then went around the dorm room turning off the other lights that were on. She asked "Was the wall side OK for you last night? Or do you want to switch?"

I got up off the bed and said it was fine and then with that I lifted up the covers and crawled inside. I scooted all the way over till my back was against the wall and settled into my pillow. Nancy pulled her sleep shirt off over her head, laid it on the bed, then crawled in facing me as she laid down. "Do you think it's bad that we're sleeping together like this?" she asked.

"I guess as long as we're comfortable with the arrangement, that's all that counts. And I'm fine with it. I don't guess I'd want to advertise it to folks back home. We'll be needing to make sure Kathy understands that." I replied.

"Oh, I think she'll be fine with it, too" she said.

"Speaking of that, where will she sleep?"

"She can sleep with Danni."

"Oh, OK. I was afraid I was gonna' get kicked out of this nice comfy bed or something."

As she scooted over till her body was against mine Nancy said "Nope, no way. You keep me nice and warm, baby brother." I felt my penis engorge and Nancy said "There it is again - you can't make it a half hour with getting a hard on."

"What do you expect when your boobs are squashed up against me like this. I'm only a man. What do really expect it to do?"

"Well, it needs to behave around your older sister."

"Yeah, right."

With that I began to drift off to sleep, arm wrapped around my sister, our legs intertwined in an embrace, and my hard on poking her in the abdomen.

I don't remember waking up even once during the night. When I did wake up, the room was still pretty dark. Nancy was lying very close with her back up against my chest. My arm was wrapped around her under the covers and she was holding my hand almost up under her breast. I strained to see the hands of the clock but couldn't quite make them out in the dimness. I thought she was asleep but then she said "It's about 6:30."

I didn't know how she knew that but I accepted it with a simple "Oh" then closed my eyes and tried to drift off back to sleep. Next thing I knew, Nancy was saying "Time to get up, baby brother. It's so late that even Danni is in a good mood."

I opened my eyes as I heard Danni saying "Hardy har har, smart ass."

Nancy was standing by the bed in her sleep shirt. From my angle I could clearly see up under her shirt to her dark pubic hair. I flipped the covers back, reached out and wrapped an arm around her legs about thigh height and pulled her over on top of me. As she fell on top of me I turned to face up at her and we were kind of face to face. She said "Hey, I'm serious. It's time to get going if we're gonna' do anything today before we have to be back to greet Kathy."

Danni said "If you want me to leave, I can."

I told Nancy "You sound like mom when you act so organized and on your plan."

Nancy pushed herself up off of me and just said "Get up, lazy. We've already brushed out teeth and hair and are getting dressed."

I said "It doesn't look like you've made much progress."

Nancy grabbed one of the pillows and shove it down over my face like she was gonna' suffocate me. I wiggled around a bit then went limp. I heard Danni say "Oh my God, Nancy. You've killed him." She was real good at emoting.

Nancy removed the pillow and flipped back the covers. "No, he's still got a hard on. I think his heart has to be beating to do that." Danni laughed and I could stay still no more. I jumped up and grabbed Nancy in a bear hug, lifting her off her feet and shaking her back and forth before setting her back down on her feet. She said "Get going, mister."

Nancy pulled her sleep shirt off over her head, threw it in may face, walked over to her dresser, and started seaching through her drawers trying to decide what to wear. I noticed that Danni wasn't turning her back to me to get dressed so she must've been getting comfortable with my hanging around. I saw her naked for the first time. She was slender like Nancy but her breasts were proportional to her size rather than a bit oversized like Nancy's. She had a very attractive body but I've always been more attracted to breasts that big enough to have a bit of sag.

I stood there for a moment trying to figure out if I needed to pee first or if I had enough time to get dressed first, deciding on getting dressed. So I dug out a fresh T-shirt, socks and boxers and started getting them on. By the time I had everything on I was just about to the point of dancing, I had to pee so bad. So I jammed my feet in my sneakers, said "I gotta' go" and almost ran out of the room. I heard them laughing behind me.

We hit the diner for breakfast, went out and toured some sights, and were back at the dorm by about 2:30 PM since Nancy expected Kathy there by about 3:00 o'clock. I flopped down on the bed while the girls were fussing around with something.

I actually dozed off until I heard the phone ring waking me up. Nancy answered it, said "yeah, 364" then said "OK." "That was Kathy. She's downstairs and couldn't remember our room number. So she's on the way up." Nancy said.

I was trying to clear my head when the door flew open and Kathy came in. Kathy and Nancy went through the typical female dance hugging each other, jumping up and down, lots of noise. When that subsided Kathy looked at me sitting up on the side of the bed and just about jumped on me, knocking me back on the bed. From her position on top of me she kissed me on my nose and asked "What the hell were you thinking, coming over here without telling me?"

"I can't breathe" I said.

"Are you saying I'm heavy?" she asked.

I rolled her off of me and said "Oh no, I'd never say that." Continuing to roll, I had her under me and kissed her on the lips and said "It's good to see you, Kathy." Then I rolled off of her and stood up next to the bed. Kathy got up and pulled off her jacket, throwing it on the bed.

"From what Nancy told me, I figured you'd be laying around here naked like you're so fond of" Kathy teased.

Nancy said "He just hasn't had time yet to jump out of his clothes. Give him a few minutes."

I said "I think I'll keep'em on for now." Kathy looked and me and feigned great sadness then all three of them started laughing. Nancy and Kathy sat down and started talking so fast that neither Danni or I could keep up with them.

She asked me "Are they always like this?"

"Only when they're awake, I think."

Danni said "You and Nancy have something really special. I'm not very close with my brother - actually we barely tolerate each other. And we were raised in a house where nobody ever saw anybody without clothes. It just wasn't done. It took me almost my whole freshman year to get comfortable with the communal bathrooms and showers here in the dorm. It's just the way I was raised. I feel better now about it, but it took some effort."

"I can understand that. Our parents, and my aunts and uncles raised the kids to just not really think about, to accept it as normal, no big deal" I said "So we've always been that way to some degree."

I realized that the room was quiet. Nancy and Kathy had stopped chattering and were looking at Danni and me. Kathy looked around and asked "So where are you sleeping, Hut?"

Nancy said "He's sleeping in my bed."

"Oh, so you're sleeping with Danni in hers?"

"Uh well, no. I'm sleeping in my bed, too."

Kathy was silent for a few moments then said "OK, whatever works."

Nancy warned her "We don't want you mentioning this to anybody else. Nothing's going on but you know what people might think."

Kathy asked "You don't want me mentioning what?"

Nancy laughed at the response.

Danni suggested "Let's go to the tavern."

Kathy said "Great idea!" So we began donning jackets and moving toward the door. Walking off campus, Nancy and Kathy were in the lead trailed closely by Danni, and I was following all three of them, listening to them chatter, all the way off campus to the tavern.

Getting to the tavern around 4:00 o'clock meant I definitely needed to pace myself - I can't drink that much. And I didn't feel like being in a dorm room with three females who had had way too much to drink, either. So I attmepted to indirectly pace their drinking, too. So I steered them away from a pitcher of beer to just glasses of draft "Each glass is fresher that way" I told them. So we drank glasses of draft and ate appetizers and talked. Talked a lot. Well actually, the females talked a lot. I pretty much felt like a spectator at a tennis match trying to keep up with where the ball is.

At about 9:00 o'clock, I was sitting there with both elbows on the table, hands clasped together, semi dozing with my chin resting on my hands when I was jarred back to reality by a poke in my side. "We keeping you up past your bedtime?" Kathy was asking me.

I said "Yeah, I guess so."

Nancy said "Maybe we better get Hut back to the dorm, give him his bath, and bundle him off to bed" which brought gales of laughter from Kathy and Danni.

"Pick on me if you wish, but without me here to protect you there'd be some n'er do well here bothering you." I stated in my best arrogant voice.

"Look around, Hut. Who might that be who would be bothering us? This place is almost empty with Christmas break. Hardly any students are in town and we're most of the business." Nancy said.

"OK fine. With so folks here it would be easier for some crank to make off with one of you. Fewer witnesses, you see." I replied.

"Yeah, right." Danni said. "I think we better get him back to the dorm, girls. He's really confused."

Kathy said "Hell, he was born like that and never got any better. You shoulda' seen the confused look on his face when Nancy and I caught him jacking off in his bathroom."

Danni said "Yeah, I heard all about that." Nancy laughed. Then she looked at me and shrugged her shoulders like little Miss Innocent.

"But I don't know where she would've heard that?" she claimed.

Oh great. I wonder how many other folks have heard about that. Danni seemed to read my mind and said "But don't worry, Hut. Hardly anybody else knows about it, well besides all the girls on this campus, anyway."

I must've turned red because Danni slapped my arm and said "Only kidding, Hut, only kidding. Don't be lookin' for a building to jump off of."

Kathy added "Yeah, it'll make too big a mess for somebody to clean up." and they all laughed.

Nancy said "Let's head back. Hut, this is on us girls."

I headed toward the door while they settled the tab and then they joined me out in the cold air. We started back to campus in roughly the same formation we walked over in except they were laughing even more on the way back than they had on the way over. When we got back to the dorm room, Nancy asked me if I was gonna' get my shower then. I said "I guess so."

She said "Well we'll come in and watch the door and be ready to jump in when you're done."

I said fine as I found my stuff, stripped off my clothes, and headed for the door with my towel and other stuff. I asked "Are you guys coming or not?"

Kathy giggled and said "We'll be right there."

I mumbled "Whatever" and headed on down the hall. Not waiting for them, I stuck my head in the bathroom door and listened. It was stone silent. So I pushed the door open and headed in. I put my stuff on the bench, hung up my towel, took my soap and washcloth over and turned on a shower. As the water was heating up I heard them out in the bathroom and they soon appeared in the doorway.

"Well, hurry up, Hut. We don't have all day." Kathy said.

"I'm just waiting for the hot water." I shot back. The water warmed up, I adjusted the temperature, then stuck my head under it. The hot water felt real good after the cold walk back from the tavern. Using my soap, I lathered up my hair then started soaping up my washcloth. Starting with my face I scrubbed myself from there down, eyes closed, holding onto the shower shelf for balance when I lifted up and washed first one foot and then the other.

"Whatcha' doing big boy?" I heard Danni's sultry voice impression. I stuck my face under the shower to rinse it off and opened my eyes. All three of them were in there. When I looked around at each of them, they started giggling. Danni asked "Did you really wash your hair with bath soap? That's disgusting."

I said "Soap is soap."

"And your hair shows it, too" Danni said. The other two laughed.

I asked her "So what are you doing in here. You didn't want to join Nancy and me last night in here."

Kathy acted indignent and asked Nancy "You were taking a shower with Hut last night before I got here? How dare you!"

Kathy looked at me and laughed "Only kidding, Hut. I already knew about it." That was probably the source of at least some of the laughter I'd been hearing.

I looked at Danni and she answered my almost forgotten question "I saw how much fun you and Nancy were having in here last night and wished I was in here with you but I just couldn't quite work up the guts to do it. Now I've had twenty-four hours so I'm ready to take the plunge. Now, about your hair. Which shampoo should we use on him girls?"

"Use mine." Kathy said. "It's supposed to make hair thicker. He can use all of that he can get." Laughter all around.

I deadpanned with my best serious look "I'm glad I can provide so much entertainment for you ladies."

Nancy said "Well you are just a man. Isn't that what men are for? To entertain us ladies?" More laughter all around.

Danni took the shampoo from Kathy, poured a generous quantity in the palm of her hand and slapped it onto the top of my head, working up a good lather with her fingertips as she massaged around mys scalp. "Now, rinse that out" she said. I stuck my head under the spray and Danni worked her finger tips all around my scalp until she was satisfied the shampoo was all rinsed out. "Now feel your hair now. That's what it's supposed to feel like" she told me.

I ran my hands all around on my head and agreed with her, "Yes it feels better. But will it be unmanageable in the morning?" I asked with my hand on my hip. That brought more laughter from the three girls. "I'm done" I said.

Nancy said "No wait. Nobody has done your back yet."

Kathy said "I will" and took my washcloth, working up a good lather on it with the soap. "Now, turn around."

I turned and faced away from her and she started scrubbing up at the top of my shoulders then worked her way down my back fairly slowly. What's with these girls, I wondered. They're all doing it exactly the same way. Discussing that probably accounts for more of the laughter I've been hearing. I realized that she was washing my crack and bowed my legs a bit. I wanted to see if she'd do everything exactly the same as the others. She did, she washed forward to my scrotum then prompted me to turn around with a hand on my hip. Up until now, I hadn't even been thinking about any of this in a sexual way and hadn't become erect. It was like we were all just platonic friends, doing something normal friends do together. When I turned around and Kathy saw my flaccid penis she put a real pouty look on her face and asked "What? I'm not good enough for you to stand up to greet me? I hear you did for Nancy and Danni. Now you hurt my feelings, Hut."

I said "You're not finished yet. Maybe he'll wake up."

She said "Oh yeah, maybe you're right" and she resumed scrubbing my scrotum gently then my penis, then she had her bare hand wrapped around my penis while her other hand with the washcloth was under my scrotum. I felt the blood begin to stir and as I looked down at her, leaned over slightly to reach me there, her breasts jiggled slightly in time with the movement of her arms. That was pretty much all I needed and I felt my penis go quickly to a full erection. Kathy said "There he is" and straightened up, backed off a step, and made a big show of admiring the results of her efforts. Danni and Kathy laughed at her antics as I slipped under the spray to rinse off.

"Now I think I am done" I said and I headed for my towel over by the door.

Nancy said "You've got to wait for us."

I asked "Who says?"

She said "Your big sister, baby brother."

"So what am I supposed to do in the meantime?" I asked.

"We need our backs scrubbed, Hut" Danni said "So get over here and take care of it... ...please, I mean" Both Kathy and Nancy echoed her thoughts with a "Yeah" so I headed back over there to take care of business. Danni and Nancy handed me their lathered up washcloths and turned around to face away from me. I pushed them together so they were standing fairly close to each other then started working on both of them, each with one wash cloth ladened hand.

Massaging their shoulders from one side to another, I paused on the nape of their necks to give them a little massage then continued across to the other shoulder. Then I worked my way down their backs to their butts where I lingered to massage each cheek fairly thoroughly. Danni said "He's pretty good at this."

Nancy said "Yeah he is. If I knew he was this good, I'd have had him washing my back years ago before we left home."

Having reached the end of the road on their backs I skimmed the washcloths up and around their outboard sides and quickly went around to the front and started washing a breast on each of them. Nancy said "Whoa... never mind." She turned around to face me and said "Finish what you started, Hut." I was finding it difficult to coordinate my hands now, my right reaching around Danni to her right breast and my left on Nancy's breasts facing me.

I said "I can't do this all at once. It's like trying rub your head and pat your stomach at the same time."

Danni turned around, "Is this better?"

Nancy said "There, no more lame excuses."

I said "OK, I'll try my best."

Nancy said "None of that trying bullshit, you'll do your best."

I washed around and under Nancy's breasts, lifting each of the when I went underneath then letting it slide by the washcloth. Danni's smaller breasts got a general figure eight and up and down scrubbing. On one of my passes around Nancy's breasts the washcloth got knocked off my hand. I continued the motions with my soapy left hand. Kathy must have been getting impatient because the said "No hogging the masseur, Nancy. That's not fair. She kind of shoved Nancy out of the way, moved in facing me, and handed me her washcloth.

I said "Back first, Kathy. Then if you behave we'll consider continuing." She pouted out her lower lip but turned around. The two different motions, left hand on Kathy's back and right on Danni's breasts left me completely disoriented. I couldn't do them both at the same time.

Danni could see that I wasn't coordinated enough to handle it and said "Here, I need to wash my hair now." With that she took her washcloth, draped it on the shower shelf and started lathering up her hair. Handling only one motion now I was able to finish Kathy's back like I did the others and then reach around her left side and start working on her left breast. Kathy turned toward my hand and spun around to face me. I continued on her breasts with my left hand and the washcloth until the reached out and grabbed my right hand, pulling it up to put it on her right breast.

I dropped the washcloth from my left hand and just started rubbing her soapy skin all over with my bare hands. After a bit, I stopped and just pulled her toward me and enveloped her in an embrace and kissed her on the left side of her face and left ear. My erect penis was poking her on her stomach.

When I let go of her, rubbing her stomach, she told Nancy "I know what you mean about his old hard on poking you all night." All of them laughed at the remark. I asked if I could go now and Kathy told me "Yeah, we're done with you for now but don't go far." There was more laughter from all of them. I rinsed the soap off of myself and headed over to my towel to dry off. After I was reasonably dry, I hung my towel over my shoulder and went to a sink to brush my teeth. While I was leaning over the sink, working on my teeth, the bathroom door opened and Jean, the girl Nancy called a bitch, came in dressed in a robe and carrying a towel and other stuff.

She looked at me and said "You're supposed to lock the doors when your in here."

I motioned toward the shower room and and said "They were supposed to be watching it for me. I guess they didn't do a very good job." About that time there was laughter from the shower room. "I'll be out of here in a couple of minutes if you want to wait for me to vacate the premises."

Jean said "I'll just go to the other bathroom" turned on her heels and walked out of there, opening the door so hard it banged into the wall behind it before swinging shut on its door closer.

I heard Nancy ask "What was that?" and when I looked over at the shower doorway she was standing there with shampoo lather in her hair and soap all over her body.

I said "It was your friend, Jean. I don't think she liked me being in here."

"Tough shit" Nancy said "She's just jealous of us having a little fun" and then she disappeared back into the shower room. Soon after I heard more laughter.

Done with my teeth, I walked to the shower doorway and said "I'm going back to the room."

Danni said "Don't get lost, Hut" to peals of laughter from the other two. I turned around and headed out and down the hall to Nancy and Danni's room. Once there I hung up my towel and washcloth and flopped down on the bed with the TV remote. With the TV in the background I couldn't keep my eyes open and dozed off on top of Nancy's bed - our bed.

The next thing I knew I heard one of them say "Shhhhh, he's asleep."

Another said "Isn't he cute? Let's let him sleep."

Somebody else said "Nah!" and I heard them rushing the bed. They all started trying to tickle me and I opened my eyes. Nancy and Kathy were naked while Danni had her robe on but open in front and nothing under it. I'm not usually that ticklish at first, but if somebody gets me going I become ticklish as hell. I withstood their attempts for what seemed like a long time but then lost it. I was squirming around but couldn't get away from them.

One by one they stopped until just Nancy was still tickling me. I reached up and grabbed her and pulled her down on top of me. Our naked bodies were against each other from chest to feet and I held her tightly. She pushed up off the bed with her hands, raising her shoulders a little bit. I looked down and saw her breasts pressed into my chest. They were squashed and a little splayed out. Looking at that and feeling her against me raised an immediate erection that caused Nancy to push free and jump up. "There's that hard on again, poking me in the stomach." Danni had started drying her hair while Kathy was just brushing hers out wet. Nancy went over and pulled her hair dryer out and started on her hair.

Kathy said "Hut, I forgot my shampoo in the shower. Can you be a sweetheart and go get it?" By way of answer I hopped up and headed back down the hall. I thought I heard the hair dryers stop when I was partway to the bathroom. I retrieved her shampoo bottle and returned down the hall. When I got to the room, the door was locked. I jiggled the door handle then knocked on the door.

"Hey, the door is locked! Open the door!" I called out.

I heard Danni yell back "We don't want any. Sleep in the hall tonight." Hoping they were kidding, I just waited, leaning against the wall. In a couple of minutes I heard the hair dryers start again and then Kathy opened the door.

"Only kidding, little guy. Come on in" she said. I handed her the shampoo and walked by her. I immediately saw what they'd been up to. The two beds were pushed together in the middle of the room. The covers looked like they'd been kind of interlaced together to cover what had become a king sized bed. The hair dryers stopped again.

"What's this? What are you guys up to?" I asked.

"Kathy was whining about sleeping with me while Nancy slept with you. I thought this is a good compromise. Neither gets you while both get you." Danni said "And I get to sleep on the other side so I'm not being poked by that hard on of yours that Nancy's been complaining about keeping her awake all night."

"Yeah right. She's slept just fine. Haven't you heard her snoring?" I asked.

Nancy shot back "I don't snore!"

"Whatever" I said "I'm ready for bed. I feel like I'm about ready to fall asleep."

"Then go ahead, party pooper," said Nancy "but leave room for us." She turned her

I crawled under the covers then flipped them back so that I was uncovered from the waist up lying there on my back. It felt warm in the room as Danni and Nancy turned their hair dryers back on. Kathy came to the side of the bed and asked "Can I come in?"

I said "Come ahead" and she lifted the covers and slid under them.

"Can I come over there?" she asked.

"Where? Here?" I asked.

"Yes, moron." she said.

"Ahh, glad to see that you still know how to compliment me in a way that really makes me feel good." I said.

She didn't wait for an answer and just scooted over against me, pulled my left arm out so she could lie on it and the pillow. She snuggled in against me and drew her left knee up over my legs. Her body felt hot up against me while her wet hair on my shoulder and arm felt cool against my skin. It was an interesting and very nice contrast. "I've missed you, Hut." she said "We haven't really seen each other almost a year."

"I know. I've missed you, too. I don't think it really hit me how much I've missed up till Nancy told me you were coming over. Sometimes you don't realize what's missing until it somehow hits you in the face. I'm really glad you came over."

"Me, too." she said. She moved slightly and rearranged her breasts a little against my side. "I was crushing them." she said. "So, is there anything up between you and Nancy?"

"What are you asking?"

"Are you sleeping together?" she asked.

"You mean, are we having sex? She's my sister, Kathy."

"Well, I just wondered. You know when we were little, about eight I think, and you were six, we used to argue over which of us was going to marry you when we all grew up. We used to plan the wedding and everything. Then when we got older and found out about sex and all, we both wanted you to be the first boy we made love with. We'd talk about it for hours; each time we talked about it we would build a fantasy where you swept us off our feet like a prince in a fairy tale to some secret place and ravish us like a character in a romance novel. Nancy used to get your mom's romance novels and we'd spend hours doing our research about how it should be. Isn't that silly?

"Then we began trying to sneak ways to peek at you when you weren't dressed. A few years later after we caught you jacking off that time and..."

"And told everyone, probably." I interjected.

"No, that was our secret, the three of us and you. We didn't want anybody to find out that your two sisters, me and you were masturbating together on a regular basis, now did we? Anyway, after that happened and we started doing that together, it kinda' changed things a bit. We no longer had fantasies about making love with you. We were having sex with, or at least in your company, all of us together. So it kinda' fulfilled that fantasy. You know what I mean?"

"I guess I do, Kathy." I said. "But anyway, no we're not having sex. We haven't even really touched each other in a sexual way. Well maybe a little but not much. We haven't even masturbated or anything like that. I doubt that Nancy would want Danni to know about that."

"What makes you think she doesn't know?" Kathy asked. "I think Nancy's told her all her fantasies. And whatever she hasn't told her, I probably have. It's girl talk, you know."

"Damn. I can just imagine how I probably look in those stories you've told her." I said. "Sheesh."

"Oh, don't worry, moron. You come out pretty good in all the stories. The little brother and cousin who stood up for us in school even though you got the shit kicked out of you a few times."

"Yeah, but remember I had the last word with that son of a bitch." I reminded her.

"You call that sucker punch you decked him with a 'word'? You humiliated him in front of his little gang. We were afraid he was going to kill you or something." she said.

"He never bothered you or me again, now did he?" I asked.

"No he didn't. But anyway, you come off pretty good anytime we tell anyone about you, little cousin." Kathy said and then stretched her neck to give me a kiss on the cheek. "I love you, Hut. You're a special guy, a heck of a cousin, and a helluva friend." With all that my eyes started to tear up and I got a choking feeling in my throat. Kathy asked "You're not gonna' spoil this by crying, are you, Hut?" I was choked up, choked up realizing that along with my mother, Nancy and Kathy seemed to be the only humans on the face of the earth that felt unconditional love for me. I was at that transition in life where as a sophomore in college, I thought I knew everything but at the same time the future scared the hell out of me. I was still very close to mom while on the other hand I was trying to be my own person.

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Thanks Matt, I like to hear your talking with Nancy! Thanks Nancy for the itsiiranpons I got listening.First: We tend to Make a difference between CoPs and Networks: CoPs basically being driven by individual interest and initiative and networks rather driven by an institutional motivation and interest.Second: Within our organisation Swiss Development Cooperation there are (thematic) networks established on gender, health, political economy and the like. These have an institutional mandate to care for thematic professionality. Within these networks CoPs emerge and reflect some network members interests to go beyond and share and learn in a particular field. Of course, such CoPs do exist as well outside of the formal networks.Best regardsManuel

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It was okay. There isn't any 'consensual sex' or 'oral sex' in it though. Mistagged. All those showers got a little tedious. Technically competent, though. 6/10


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why would you stay when the three of them started teasing you in the tavern it would have been a lot smarter for you to have said when you got to the dorm "you go up i need to get something from the truck "and when they were inside get in the truck and leave you sound pretty stupid and it shows more since you can't finish any of your stories


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Why couldn`t it have just been the guy and his sister.


2007-10-21 20:07:39
when you went to get kathys shampoo and came back and the door was locked and danni said we don't want any sleep in the hall why didn't you say fine ill go see if jean wants company that would have ticked nancy off especaly if when they opened the door you weren't there

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