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true story
This is my story on how an amazing guy never gave up on me. This boy saved me from my self and I am so proud to say I am in love with him. At first I am less than pleasent but I soon warm up to him.

So a little back ground on me. I am Lucas Hilton and I am from Buckingham, England (U.K) I am 20 years old. I come from a wealthy family but I have never had the pleasure of metting them. My parents died when I was 17 and I was left the money and estate. I closed my self of to the idea of love because all love has ever brought me was pain. Like I said my parents died and my family did not want to know me for reason I did not know. I am currently at a College of the Arts as arts is one of my main passions. so that me,

So I was at College one day. In my lesson of colours, Tints and Tones when my teacher introducted a new guy called Jason. He was kind of cute but I was not going to tell him that. So he said hello to everyone and made his greetings then he walked over to me

"Hi i'm Jason" he exstended his arms to me but I did not take it.

"Hello, I am Lucas. Do not try to kiss my ass becuase I will not be kissing yours"

I have to admit that Jason was not with out his charms. So time moved us on as it always will and Jason become just a normal guy at the College. Lunch time was apon us and I went outside for my Ciggarette. As I was smoking away Jason came up to me and took the Ciggarette from me

"These are bad for you. don't you know?"

"I am well aware thank you. But I do care to know who gives you the fucking right to take my fag out of my mouth and put it out?"

Jason looked shocked at what I had just said and replied with.

"I'm sorry Luke, I just kinda feel protective over you"

"first of it is I am not I'm. My name is Lucas not Luke and if I wanted protection I would hire a body guard"

So I walked away from Jason and returned to class. Where of course he would be in. So we went back into class and Jason kept looking at me but I carried on with my painting. I could hear Jason talking to the guy next to him about me he was saying

"Whats the deal with Lucas?"

"You mean you don't know?"

"No, what should I know"

So I interupted and said

"My parents died when I was 17. I am known as the hard ass bastard because I am not unable to love people" So class continued and it was time to go home. Jason came behind me and said "Wanna ride home" I looked at him and said "No, Thank you. You have a 206 where as I have a Mercades"

So when I got home I unpacked my bag and had a bath. There was a knock on the door so I put on my bath robes and answered the door to Jason. Jason invited him self inside and said "you gotta nice place here" I tried my best but had to correct him and said "You have a nice place. Besides what do you want Jason. I get it you like me but I am unable to love people. So do not waste your time" Jason just looked at me with a smile and said "Am I that obvious?" "I seen straight though you the moment you locked eyes on me. Would you care for a drink?" Jason looked at me for a few moments and said "Sure some coffee would be nice" "How would you like it? cream?, suger?, milk?" So he told me and I made him his drink and I opened a bottle of Wine and drank from the bottle. After I had finshed 3/4th of the bottle Jason said "Don't you think you have had enought?" and tried to take the bottle way from me. I said to Jason "What the fuck? Can you just piss off. Go find someone else and stop trying to save me. Because it is never going to happen" I walked over to Jason and gave him a kiss on the lips and said "I can kiss you all day long, I could fuck you all day long and I could even tell you I love you but it would not mean shit to me so fuck off" Jason walked out of my house and went home.

The next day at College Jason was not there and I could not help but feel it was my fault. Jason was a nice guy and all but I could not help thinking if I let him in I would just get hurt again.So after College I drove over to Jason's house. His house was really small it looked like a 2 bedroom house.When I was finished looking at the house I walked over to the door. I took a few seconds and a few deep breaths before I knocked on the door and waited for a reply. The door swang open and a lady answer it. She said "Can I help you?" I looked at the woman that I now know to be Jasons mum and said "Yes, I am Lucas Hilton I was wondering if Jason was home please?" Jason's mum told me to come in and said "His room is at the top of the stairs on your left" So I went upstair and went into Jason's room

When I went in, Jason was in bed so, I walked over and said "Jason? Are you okay?" Jason got out of bed and he was not wearing a stitch of clothing. I like everyone else would instantly looked at his dick and said "Your bigger than I thought you would be" Jason walked over to me with his dick swinging and said "Have you been thinking about me naked Lucas?" I smiled a little and said "maybe" Jason came a little closer and said "Do you wanna closer look or prehaps a taste?"

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2012-08-22 18:48:29
whens the 3rd part comming????

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2012-05-28 22:17:14
That's a story good… :))) Keep it up!!!!


2012-05-11 12:56:34
I am sorry who is Leon and who are you?

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2012-05-11 12:24:03
This is obviously the same author that made up those terrible Leon stories, what a pathetic person. This is all a lie

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2012-05-11 01:52:48
Compared to Lucas' corrections to Jason's grammar, the writer's grammar is atrocious. I'll read part two when the aspirin wins.

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