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Chapter 17

The feeling that overwhelmed my body was nothing like I imagined it would be, it has never felt so good to be caught doing something I knew I shouldn’t be doing. My heart pounding at my chest, cold chills consuming my body I could only stand and stare at my beautiful daughter sitting in front of me dressed in the sexy outfit that she had bought for me. The sound from the movie slowly faded as thoughts of what to say filled my head, I knew I couldn’t play dumb since it was clearly her in the pictures and video. Still unable to speak my trance was broken by her sweet voice.

“Let me see here.” she breathed as she scrolled through her thread and stopped on one of my own comments and started reading it word for word. “You look fantastic, I would love to see more of that sweet pussy.” she scrolled down to another one “I can only imagine filling that tight ass of yours with my thick cock” she read it and turned and looked straight ahead at my throbbing cock only feet from her face. She clicked on a previous page and found the pictures of her sucking my dick while I pretended to be asleep and spun around in the chair facing me with her red stockings covered legs spread wide showing me her red lace covered crotch. “I have a felling you were awake, huh? Did you like me sucking your dick daddy, did you like your daughter sucking your dick? Does your little girl turn you on, I know how you like young girls I bet you jack off looking at me don’t you.” Amber said in a sexy voice. I finally calmed down enough to speak “I’m sorry honey I couldn’t help it, you have been driving me crazy walking around here naked. I mean look at you sitting there in that sexy outfit, you know you are driving me crazy.” Amber just smiled and placed her right hand on her stomach and slowly moved it toward the red lace “Do you like this outfit, I bought it just for you. I had planned on letting you take it off of me tonight but I think I will make you wait since you have made me wait, you knew I wanted you or I wouldn’t have sucked your dick while I thought you were asleep. You could have been fucking me but you made me wait so I think I will tease you some more.” Amber said as she slid her hand into the red panties and smiled. “You are a dirty girl Amber with her hand stirring in her panties she looks at my dick and says “You mean you jack off to my pictures but your gonna just stand there and watch. Let me see you jack off.” I wrapped my hand around my dick and started stroking it as my eyes scanned the beauty in front of me. “There you go, stoke that nice dick for me.”

My attention was broke when Emily walked into the room still wearing the white outfit stopping to look at me and then Amber playing with herself in front of the pictures of her sucking my dick and then back to Amber. “Hey sexy your just in time for the show. Guess who is one of our biggest fans on the forum, it seems he likes jacking off looking at our pics so I am gonna let him see it in person. Would you like to join me?” Emily quickly agreed and walked over to Amber and placed her hands on her legs bending over giving me a perfect view of her open crotch framed in the white lace garter straps running across her tight ass cheeks. As she leaned in Amber slid her hand from her panties and shoved two glistening finger into Emily’s mouth which she slowly cleaned before Amber lowered her hand back into her panties and welcomed her with a slow deep kiss. I watched as Emily slowly worked her kisses across the red lace bra stopping to give her nipples a little attention and worked her way across her stomach where she fell to her knees between Amber’s legs, with her hand still working furiously under the red lace the other reached and pulled Emily’s head between her legs. Emily slowly licked the inside of her legs before running her tongue across the lace pushing it deep into the material as she slid her hands up Amber’s thighs grabbing the sides of her panties and pulled on them as she pushed her tongue deeper, still pulling on her panties she licked down Amber’s leg pulling the red lace panties down exposing the three fingers being pushed into the slick pussy of my little girl. Emily slid the panties over her feet before placing them at her nose and taking a deep breath and turning to her side and wrapping them around my dick while getting in a few firm stokes before leaning over taking my dick into her mouth burying her nose in the wet panties, I stood nervously watching Amber watch me get a blowjob form her best friend but she didn’t seem to have a problem with it. My attention quickly turned back to my girl filling her slick pussy with her fingers as I felt the oh familiar feeling in my balls, I was about the fill Emily’s mouth with my load.

“That’s enough we don’t want him cumming yet.” said Amber. Emily slowly released my ready to explode dick from her mouth and found her way back between the waiting legs of my little girl as she slid her sloppy fingers from her pussy so Emily could have her turn. I slowly made my way to their side for a better look, the site of my baby getting her pussy ate was more than I could handle. I couldn’t stop this one I had to cum, with a quick stroke on my panty covered dick I exploded a long stream of cum across Amber’s stomach only to be followed by two more. Amber smiled as she looked down at my cum covering her stomach, Emily quickly saw what the moaning she heard was from. With her hands on her hips Emily licked up her stomach taking in a mouthful of my cum and returning to the waiting pussy, I watched as she sank her tongue deep into Amber’s pussy pushing my cum in with it. Not wasting any she licked all of my cum from her stomach swallowing some and filling Amber’s pussy with the rest. With Emily’s tongue waiting I watched Amber push what cum she could from her pussy on the waiting tongue, with an open mouth Amber waited as the load was brought to her where she sucked it from Emily’s tongue. With the two deep in a kiss I knew I needed to get involved I couldn’t stand and watch anymore so with Emily standing between Amber’s legs holding them spread I crawled between her legs and tasted my little girl’s pussy for the first time. My heart pounded as reality hit me, I was between my daughter’s legs eating her pussy as she swapped my cum with her best friend, the smell of her young pussy quickly drove me back to full length. Emily stepped from her straddling position letting me see my girl as I licked on her pussy, she had pulled her bra down and rubbing her firm tits as her eyes opened. With her looking in my eyes I lifted my mouth from her pussy “I love you baby.” I whispered. She quickly confirmed she was ok with what we were doing by telling me she loved me too. Feeling better I raised my hand sinking my thumb in her sloppy pussy as I crossed it stopping to rub her clit as I licked away at her sweet love hole.

I was so into pleasing my baby I hadn’t noticed Emily had laid on my bed watching us, her hands slowly rubbing between her legs. With our attention she smiled “Why don’t you come over here so we can give him a good show?” she said. Amber looked at me “Come on, we cant leave her out.” I stood between her legs my dick only inches from her pussy, I reached out as she took my hand and lead her to my bed where she crawled between Emily’s open legs giving me what I have wanted to see. Her thick ass stretched the garter straps tight against her cheeks, I stood and watched her thick ass wiggle as she lapped at Emily’s pussy. I was standing by the bed with my dick only inches from her ready holes not sure how long I could resist sticking it in one of them. I knew I wanted the night to last so grabbed the garter straps and pulled my face between her thick cheeks, I had the part of her body I wanted the most at my mercy. “Lick my ass daddy. I want you to lick my ass.” Amber gave me my instructions and I happily obliged her running my tongue across her puckered hole. It only took a couple licks before her tight little ass had opened up welcoming my tongue.

“Oh my god, your ass is awesome!” I mumbled between licks.

“Is he eating that ass good for ya? Can he eat it as good as me?” asked Emily.

What I heard next let me know I was being too easy on her. “No baby, nobody eats ass like you!” answered Amber. With that I knew I needed to pick up the pace so I grabbed her left cheek and spread it wide as I pushed my thumb into her ass, I heard her moan with every push.

“Sounds like hes doing it right now.” said Emily. Ambers moans only got louder as I licked my way down to her pussy while fucking her ass with my thumb. After taking turns on her holes for a while I was ready to step it up again, so I reached wrapped my arms around her and rolled her over to her back laying her beside Emily and laid between them putting a hand between each of their legs and rubbing their pussies. Amber quickly put her attention to my hard dick between them while Emily laid and enjoyed the fingering I was giving her.

“This time you don’t have to act like your asleep.” said Amber as she took my dick in her mouth. With Amber obviously trying hard to impress my with her cock sucking skills (Doing a great job of it I may add) my assault on Emily’s pussy began to slow, eager to be involved she crawled to her knees next to me and joined my horny daughter in sucking my cock. With her sweet hole only inches from my face I quickly filled it with my fingers as I watched the two take turns licking my balls then swallowing my shaft. My fingers deep in Emily’s pussy seemed to be doing the job, with a quick moan and a lot of shaking I watched Emily’s juices cover my hand as I brought her to her first orgasm of the night. Emily watched as I pulled my sticky finger from her quivering hole and licked her sweet nectar from my fingers “Oh you wan to taste this sweet pussy do ya, I’ll give it to ya.” said Emily as she stretched her leg across my face for me to eat her sweet pussy, the white lace skirt barely covering her ass cheeks. Before I had a chance to lick her sweet slit a watched as she pushed the rest of her juices from her hole, with a nice pearl of cum dripping from her lips I slowly licked her folds clean before grabbing handfuls of the lace skirt and sinking my tongue deep between her swollen lips. Unable to watch Amber suck my dick I would look around Emily’s white stocking covered leg to catch a peek of Amber’s nice thick ass stuck up in the air.

Suddenly I noticed Amber had relieved herself of her cock sucking and was sitting astraddle me in a deep kiss with Emily.

“Should we let him watch?” asked Amber. “I think so.” replied Emily as she raised up giving me a clear view of both their pussies straddling me. Unable to reach Amber I could only watch as she grabbed my dick and held it straight up in the air and slowly lowered her body to my waiting dick.

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