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Again a man's wife surprises him with new lovers
Surprised Once More

I didn’t recognize the ass of the woman sitting on my wife’s face and grinding her cunt up and down so my wife could tongue her entire crack from ass hole to clit. Her hands were kneading her breasts and she was moaning loudly as our neighbor licked and sucked at my wife’s cunt at the same time. I have seen a lot of women come and go and a lot of breasts and cunts but this one I was sure I had never seen before.
I continued to watch the three women for a time then wandered off. When I came back, my wife was on top of the woman she had been sucking, fucking her with long thrusts of a huge dildo strapped around her waist. The woman had her legs up over my wife’s shoulders and was yelping every time my wife thrust into her soaking cunt.
It then dawned upon me who she was. She was the school librarian that my wife had told me about. It seems that when she went to the school to pick up our son the other day, she ran into this woman. The woman had asked her to come to her office in the library and had closed the door, which was uncommon. She then proceeded to question my wife on the rumor she had heard about her.
My wife sat very primly for a minute then opened her legs a little, giving the librarian a peek at her bare cunt. That took the wind right out of the woman who couldn’t help but stare at my wife’s bare cunt. She apparently got quite flustered and finally stopped talking altogether, just sat and stared at my wife’s cunt.
My wife opened her legs a little further and her short skirt hiked up her thighs until her cunt and ass hole were clearly visible to the woman. My wife then kicked her shoes off and squirmed in her seat just enough so that her skirt rode right up to her waist, exposing her entire crack and cunt. The woman just stared for a moment then got up on shaky legs and came around the desk. She fell to her knees between my wife's legs and leaned forward, sticking her tongue deep into my wife’s cunt. My wife held the woman’s head in place for a few moments then pulled her away. She then stood and took off her blouse and skirt. Laying on her back on the woman’s desk, she spread her legs wide and invited the woman to help herself, which she did.
If there has been anyone in the library at the time, they would have heard the two women moaning and groaning as the librarian ate my wife’s cunt. My wife raised her legs high up in the air and the librarian licked and sucked up and down her entire crack, concentrating on my wife’s wet cunt and puckered ass hole. She then stuck two fingers into my wife’s ass and finger fucked her while she ate her cunt. After about half an hour, the two women parted, smoothing their clothes a little before opening the door. So that’s how this woman ended up sitting on my wife’s face in our bed and having her cunt fucked hard by a strap on dildo, a large one.
This was a surprise as the woman was known as being quite a prude and very standoffish so to see her naked, kneading her breasts and getting fucked was quite a surprise. It didn’t end there either. Just as I thought she had had enough, my wife brought one of our dogs into the bedroom and the woman was now on her hands and knees with a large dog cock buried in her cunt. She was howling as the dog pounded in and out of her. Once he slipped out and instead of finding her cunt again, he found her ass hole and ground his cock into her even harder as she yelped and howled even louder.
I could see she was enjoying it as she was pushing back against the dog’s thrusts. She leaned forward to rest more on her arms and pushed her ass higher in the air. The dog responded by thrusting even faster and soon was filling the wanton ass hole of the woman with hot, slippery dog come that oozed out of her cunt when he pulled out of her.
She didn’t have time to rest though as my wife quickly got behind her and flipping her over onto her back, found her clit with her hot tongue and licked and lapped at the woman cunt with full abandon. The woman was completely spent when my wife finished tongue fucking her cunt and asked that she be able to rest for a minute.
My wife looked at me and nodded. I moved over to the woman who had her eyes closed. I moved between her legs and spread them open, exposing her soaking wet cunt. I leaned forward and my cock slid into her easily which brought her to complete attention as I started to fuck her with long, slow thrusts. She looked up into my face and smiled before raising her legs higher on my back giving me more access to her cunt. My cock went into her deeper when she did that and soon I lifted her legs completely over my shoulders and leaned back, thrusting my full 8 inches deep into her cunt. She was moaning a little but now she was openly telling me to fuck her harder and deeper. I tried and before I could move, I felt something pushing against my ass hole. I quickly looked around and found our neighbor wearing a strap on, pushing the head of it against my ass hole. I pushed back and the fake cock slid into me fully.
As I fucked the librarian, my neighbor fucked me. We got into a rhythm and soon the three of us were moaning and groaning loudly as we all came within seconds of each other. When I pulled out of the librarian, hot come came with me and started to pool under her cheeks. She didn’t care as she just lowered her legs and rasped that she had had enough.
Several days later she was back for another go round. This time she got fucked by both dogs, which she seemed to enjoy immensely, more than getting fucked by my wife or me. She explained that she had often thought about having a dog fuck her but had never had the chance to try it until now. She said she was hooked and loved the feeling of the dog’s hot hard cocks pounding in and out of her cunt. She proceeded to reach over and start to rub the dog’s cock again until it was hard. She lay down on her back and pulled the dog over her, raising her hips up off the floor, wrapping her legs around the dog’s middle. She pulled the dog again slightly until his cock was pointed at her ass hole. The dog took over from there, wildly thrusting until he found her hole then exploded into her. She yelped as the dog started to wildly fuck her ass hole with quick thrusts.
Before long, she was panting loudly as the dog continued to fuck her fast and hard until he started to whine signaling he was coming, she quickly pushed him away from her and he came all over her, spraying her arms, legs, chest and face with hot sticky dog come. She lapped at it while pulling the other dog over to her. He soon was fucking her ass hole too as she yelped and howled in pleasure. He came soon after and again she pushed him away just as he came. He too sprayed her body with his hot come while she rubbed it into her chest and breasts, licking it off her face as best she could.
A few days later when I came home, there was another new body in our bed with my wife and neighbor. This time the woman was between my wife’s legs, lapping at her wet cunt while our neighbor was behind the woman, fucking her with a strap on. The three of them were breathing heavily as they fucked and the room smelled of sex and cunt. I was overwhelmed and was soon beside my wife, watching her getting her cunt eaten by this woman.
It turned out to be the neighbor’s mother in law who has come over for a visit and got more than just that. Apparently, my wife was over at the neighbors when her mother in law arrived and soon the three of them were on their way over to my wife’s bed. My wife had given the woman a full view of her bare cunt and the woman had responded immediately by caressing my wife‘s cunt and finger fucking her. They were soon in a jumble of bodies with the mother in law between my wife’s legs, lapping at her cunt while our neighbor had her mother in law’s cheeks spread and was lapping at her ass hole. Now they were all naked on our bed, fucking and sucking for all they were worth. They soon changed positions so my wife was on top of the neighbor while her mother in law was between her daughter in law’s legs, lapping at her cunt while my wife used a large dildo to fuck our neighbor. This was getting crazy as now almost every time I came home, there were different women in our bed either fucking or getting fucked by my wife and others.
Weekends were hectic as my wife never wore any clothes for the entire time. She rarely got up as she was always, it seemed busy with another woman or women. One weekend, there were twenty women in our house in different rooms, all fucking and sucking each other. Over the last year, I have seen so many cunts and ass holes both bare and filled that it was unimaginable to even think about it.
Myself, I didn’t get to fuck many of the women but used the dogs to pleasure myself. Once in a while, I would get to fuck an ass hole or soaking cunt while being fucked at the same time. The women seemed to enjoy seeing that and participating in that too. Now how could my wife surprise me again?


2013-12-04 05:15:49
My sentiments are very much in line with those or "anonymous #1" -- It definitely made my cock big & hard -- that rates as great literature for old horndogs like me. Any mention of a slutty whore wife always gets my cock's full attention. Now if the slut whore wife's cunt is getting fucked by well-endowed red-dick males, I'll soon have my cum loads dripping down from the ceiling. Please write more.

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2013-01-23 15:49:17
she had made the controversial' steaemtnts about homosexuality and then at the time when she was having her affair, defended them when asked. They played a clip of doing just that, replying to a reporter who asked if she stood by her comments by stating that homosexuals could be forgiven by the blood of our Lord or some such babbling garbage. It seemed pretty clear the inference they were inviting the viewer to draw, and it wasn't that she was a classy bird VA:F [1.9.11_1134]

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2012-12-21 10:32:00
For the first time in my 45 years I'm ashamed of being a paddy. We have this cunt and we have the bhmpsleay' laws. Ireland is now worse than it was when it's greatest citizen (Joyce) thought fuck this toilet of a country, I'm gonna try my luck in Italy and Switzerland 'Ireland: you are doomed. Thank Satan I have a British passport .VA:F [1.9.11_1134]

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2012-06-04 12:43:29
Sensational What a life .... miles and miles of vertical smiles ...and dog cock to boot ....Dam ....magic
Love your work ...and your life

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2012-05-31 03:21:52
Do they give you any kind of refund? Here, they cnaecl a zillion trains and they might give you a free 2 hour pass to make up for it. Providing you have a 10 year pass and can have your mum write a note saying that you bought it with your own money.

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