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My God daughter needed my special help
My husband John has been kind to relay my experiences of sexual re-awakening. I thought I should have a go myself telling of a rather meaningful recent encounter. My good Friend Jess has a younger daughter Kimberly, who somehow got the nickname Bamber as a child and it stuck. She is my God-daughter and I have always treated her like my own daughter. Bamber was the last to leave the nest and recently married a lovely guy named Alexander. They have a place in Surrey – in the next county - and he has just landed a great job in the city. He is still on his PhD and combining that with work is apparently taking a toll on their relationship. They met at University and seemed so ideal together. I remember when John started teaching and he had not yet finished his dissertation – it was a nightmare for our early relationship.

Alex is tall – about 6 foot two and athletic with a shock of unruly black hair. Bamber is also on the tall side – about 5 foot 11 and she is anything but athletic. I can’t remember her ever doing anything athletic. How she keeps her hourglass figure is down to nature’s good graces - unlike her mother who has no discernible figure. Bamber has waist length dark red hair almost auburn and the light green sparkly eyes. Her skin is pale almost alabaster and she has a penchant for too much makeup. Typical of young women today she dresses like a slut and has appalling manners even with the constant effort of her mother when growing up – or as a result of Jess’s constant efforts. As the youngest and a surprise late pregnancy she has been rather spoilt and has nothing in common with her much older sisters – who I adore as well. They both now live in America and we see them only at Christmas or a family event. I must take some of the blame for Bamber. When Jess wouldn’t give her what she wanted Aunt Ali was always ready and willing. It isn’t a bad relationship between mother and daughter but Bamber always seemed to pour her heart out to me rather than face the scorn or her mother.
Recently she went to see her mother for a heart to heart about Alex. As usual they didn’t see the same reality and Bamber came over to my place. John had already left for work when Bamber came ambling up the drive. I was in the conservatory at the back of the house having just got out of the shower after a good workout in my home gym. I had made a tea and was still in my robe and sat in my favourite Lloyd loom arm chair looking out the opened French doors onto the back yard and on down the hill of our place. We live in a very hilly and wooded part of North Hampshire. I was day dreaming and had let my robe fall open and was rather absentmindedly caressing my pussy and playing with my clit – when Bamber rounded the corner from the front. I first heard the gravel crunching on the path and was able to compose myself just in time. I must have looked flustered or Bamber had seen more than I thought.

“You all right Aunt Ali?”

“Yes dear I’m fine - just lost in thought. Nice to see you.” I got up to embrace my God daughter and my robe fell open.

“Wow sexy.” I hurriedly pulled my robe together and realised I didn’t have a sash. I had a Teri cloth robe on after the shower to dry and had changed into this cream linen shorty that I love. However it is a bit revealing and my nipples were still erect from earlier and quite visible through the very thin fabric.
“Oh stop now – don’t be crude - and give me a cuddle.”

“I don’t know - those hard nipples might bruise my delicate skin.” Bamber had a way of talking that just cut away all subtlety. As we embraced I could feel she was upset.

“I’m sorry let me put something on.”

“No no sorry – it’s not that … me and Mother have had a row.” It was always the more formal ‘mother’ - when they didn’t see eye to eye and ‘mommy’ - when things went Bamber’s way.

“Oh I see – mother problems huh?”

“No … it’s actually Alex problems and mom said I should come over and have a talk with my Aunt Ali.” That was my other role - at least for Jess – to act as a sounding board and try to get to the bottom of things when the two of them couldn’t communicate. She put her arms out and we had a good long cuddle. “Jesus you do smell good Aunt Ali.”

“Thank you dear.” But I knew that she wasn’t smelling perfume – I wasn’t wearing any - or bath products because all mine are scent free. No - she was smelling my pheromones from playing with myself for the last half an hour. I had been licking the pussy juices from my fingers – I love the taste – and now Bamber was cheek to cheek smelling them almost first hand. As I had put my arms around her shoulders my robe re-opened and her bare midriff outfit was against my stomach. With her in just a flimsy top and no bra we were practically Skin on Skin and it was electric. I’m sure Bamber was aware. As we pulled away her nipples were erect and she was a little flushed. As I pulled my robe together again I brushed against her breast and could feel her now hard nipples. “And you can talk about my nipples.” She defensively crossed her arms across her chest and gave me a coy look. “Come on sit down and I’ll make you a cup of tea.” As I walked over to the island in the kitchen I could feel her eyes all over me, as I turned around to ask her what tea she wanted – she was right behind me crying. “Please Bamber don’t get upset by what I said.”

“No it’s not what you said … it’s Alex. We haven’t had sex in over a month.” Trust Bamber to cut right to the issue. “I think he might be having an affair in town with his research assistant.” I stepped around the other side of the kitchen island tired of trying to keep my robe together - at least my pussy wouldn’t be on display just my breasts and those pesky hard nipples. I began to make the tea.

“I’m sure you have it all wrong – Alex is working hard and he loves you very much.” I thought to myself - love isn’t always a reason not to have sex with another. I didn’t have to look any further than myself. I love my husband desperately and yet I let the young DHL delivery man fuck me right here in the kitchen just yesterday. I confidently put that down to maturity. I am confident in my situation and agreement to an open relationship with John. Bamber is at that ownership age where she feels betrayed by even a lack of attention and creates scenarios to fuel her suspicions. “When John and I first married he was working and trying to finish his doctorate just like Alex. Believe me he was too tired and focused to even look at his assistant – besides I don’t think he fancied his bald headed geriatric clerk.” We had a good laugh.

“Oh Aunt Ali I know you’re probably right – it’s just I get so frustrated. I talked to mom and she said you would have a solution”. I spit my mouthful of tea in the sink and coughed loudly.

“I would have a solution – whatever does she mean?”

“I don’t know – but she said it was sure proofed.”

“Go ahead and make yourself a tea – you know where everything is – I’ll be right back I need my glasses – left them in the bedroom upstairs.” I slowly walked down the hall and rushed upstairs closing the bedroom behind me. I went over to the bedside table and grabbed my mobile and called Jess.

“Hello 2783.” She still had the annoying habit of answering the phone with the last four digits of her number.

“What do mean telling Bamber I have a solution to her sexual frustration?”

“Well you do don’t you – it hangs between your legs.”

“Are you seriously saying I should fuck your daughter?” I couldn’t believe I was even saying this.

“Why not - you fucked me last week end at our BBQ – remember? Hell Ali don’t be such a prude – for Christ’s sake you fucked Bamber’s father last month if I can remember correctly.”

“Yeah but that’s us - we have a pact.”

“Oh right and I guess Jerome at the underwear shop is part of the pact.”

“No – but … this is Bamber you’re little girl. How can you suggest this?”

“You’re not seriously thinking I could … I’m her God damned mother”

“No … No … I didn't mean that.”

“I guess I could have sent her over to Robin and let her and Richard relieve her sexual tensions – they would be more than happy.”

“Don’t be ridiculous Jess.”

“Well okay … you gonna help my little girl out – bring her into the fold?”

“What! - The pact?”

“Yeah – show her there is more to life than waiting for a limp dick husband full of himself.”

“You want her to know about you, me and Robin and our pact?”

“Oh course – I don’t want my little girl to be locked in a miserable sexless marriage until she grows up and finally has the penny drop that there’s more to life than fidelity.” I couldn’t believe my ears. I know we swore a pack to be true to ourselves and share ourselves with each other. But offering up our children.

“Okay Jess – but I’m not really comfortable …”

“Get in between her legs and you’ll get comfortable – give me back my confident cocky little girl.” We hung up and I stood there for a minute. First thing find that fucking robe sash. I opened the closet door and there was my cock hanging on the rail. I went to put it on and thought – no. Maybe the first time a fondling and pussy sucking would be enough. Then I thought back and knew that it wouldn’t have been enough for me. So I put the cock on and changed into a long more substantial cotton robe with a bloody sash and returned to the kitchen.

Bamber was sitting on the couch in the conservatory having her tea. I poured myself a coffee from the pot and walked over to the couch. I didn’t enjoy coffee – but I needed it and a drink would have been too much. She had taken off her jeans jacket and military boots and wool socks. Honestly what girls will wear today. With her feet tucked up on the couch her shorts left nothing to the imagination. I could see her ass cheeks and her red panties. This was either going to be impossible or extremely easy. I sat down next to her. “Feeling a little better?”

“No … if it’s true he’s just working hard - this is gonna go on another two years. Sorry but my pussy will dry up from lack of action.” Right to the point – so Bamber. I pulled her hair back from her shoulders to reveal a lovely rose tattoo.

“What a lovely tattoo – when did you get that?”

“You see that’s typical – mother sees a tattoo and thinks the world is coming to an end and my Aunt Ali thinks it’s beautiful.”

“Don’t be too hard on your mother – I’ll tell you a secret … she has a tattoo.”

“No way … get outta here – mom has a tattoo – where?”

“You know she had that lump removed from her right breast last year. After the scar healed she had ‘OUCH’ tattooed underneath the scar – you can’t see it - even in her bikini.”

“That’s so cool – right on mom. Does dad know?”

“Of course he knows. Your dad is not the dried up old man you think.”

“Wow I never thought of my parents in that way.”

“What way?”

“You know anything but ordinary – stuck up county people.” I put my hand on her shoulder.

“Any other tattoos?” And as I put my hand on her breast, “Nothing on these lovely breasts?” Bamber didn’t recoil as I expected but a quizzical look did come across her face.

“No.” Then I could see she was hesitating then she plunged in. “Do you have any tattoos Aunt Ali?”
“Let’s drop the Aunt title - you’re a little old for that don’t you think? And yes I have a tattoo.” I figured now or never take the plunge. Before she could say where - I opened my robe to reveal my cock and I pointed at the head. “A heart on the head of my cock.” Bamber couldn’t believe her eyes and this time she did recoil.

“OH – MY – GOD. What the fuck is that?”

“It’s my cock sweetheart – do you want to touch it?” I could see the doubt in her eyes, which was quickly overpowered by curiosity. She reached her hand out and touched the head were the red heart was printed. “Your mother has a diamond on the head of her cock and Robin has a black spade.”

“What!! Mother has one of these. Oh my God.” Then the curiosity kicked in. “What do you do with them?”
“I fucked your mother day before yesterday in your old bedroom – a long slow fuck – she cummed so much I thought she was going to pass out from the pleasure. Jess is a good fuck.” I figured on using shock and awe – get it all out in the open and there would be less awkwardness. Or if I was horribly mistaken completely destroy our relationship.

“You fucked mom… on my bed?”

“No in the bay window and on the floor – your mother can get rather physical … and loud.”

“No way mom is a stuck up bitch - a frustrated housewife.”

“Your mother young lady can deep throat all 8 inches of this.” I lifted my cock up and squeezed my balls a bit to release some fluid out of the head and then stroked it the whole length to moisten the shaft. Bamber was dumb founded and mesmerized at the same time. She reached out a put her hand around the shaft.

“My God it feels real – it’s warm.” I was pulling the strings of her shirt off her shoulder and then cupped her naked breast in my hand. As I worked a couple of fingers on her nipple she began to moan and then she began to play with the head of my cock.

“I can’t believe it feels so real and so big. God damn I wish Alex was this big.”

“Forget about Alex for a while”. I pulled her close and cupped her other breast and kissed her full on the mouth parting her lips with my tongue. She melted in my arms. We explored each other’s mouths for a few minutes and then I put my lips over her nipple. She moaned and arched her back. This was all it took to send her into her first climax. “Get on your knees and suck me Bamber.”

“Oh God yes. I probably can’t deep throat …”

“Don’t worry you have plenty of time to learn.” She slid down between my legs and took my cock in her hand. She awkwardly placed her lips around the head.

“Oh that tastes salty.” It was obvious - she had never tasted Alex’s cum. The way she tried to suck cock it was also obvious she was a novice cocksucker. It’s easy to forget we lose the sucking skills we are born with as we nurse at the tit and must relearn to suck cock. She wasn’t getting any enjoyment out of sucking and I pulled my cock out of her mouth and pulled her up to her feet.

“Let’s get comfortable in the den.” As we walked through to the den she was shedding her clothes. “Bamber you are stunning baby.”

“You’re not so bad yourself – I would never have thought …”

“That you would get fucked by your Auntie.” She didn’t answer and walked into the den and lay down on the white shag carpet. I kneeled down between her legs and started caressing her thighs. Kissing behind her knees and drawing my tongue down her legs. When I reached her shaven pussy mound she arched her back – off again. This time she climaxed a little longer and harder. My face was between her legs and the smell of her juices was intoxicating. I licked the whole length of her pussy and stopped to lock my lips around her now protruding clit. I played with my tongue and then started sucking. She rocked her hips and opened her legs wide. Oh to be that young and flexible – she was almost doing the splits. I reached back and took my cock by the base and guided it to the lips of her inviting pussy. I had powdered and oiled this pussy all those years ago and now I was about to fuck the life out of it. As my cock head split her pussy open she moaned loudly.

“Oh – My – God Ali … fuck me.” I wasn’t four or five inches in her womb when I could feel her vaginal muscles started to tense up and try to block my further entrance.

“Relax girl you’re gonna take all this cock and beg for more. The more will be with Robin’s 10 inch cock, wait until see fucks you – it’s like fucking an animal – that Italian blood gets hot and takes over.” As she relaxed and I was able to give her a little more – then I started to slowly pump in and out. In less than a few strokes she was climaxing again. This time very loudly.

“Oh God fuck me – don’t stop – please don’t stop – don’t pull out.” Obviously another of Alex’s faults. It was over all too soon and we were both bathed in sweat cuddling in each other’s arms. I can’t believe that Ali – you are fantastic. I’m sorry you didn’t cum as well.”

“I did cum - twice. I have a Ben Wa balls in my pussy and a butt plug in my asshole giving me constant pleasure every time I thrust into you.

“Ben Wa balls?"

“You have a lot to learn Bamber. And who better to teach you than your own Godmother?”

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Erection she reached down and held it . I moaned.dos it feel good when I touch it she ask . Oh yes feels good.I poked all my fingers in her hole pushing harder faster . You like how I poke you aunty yes baby yes then she stroked me up and down I sucked.her tits poke her cunt . Then she rolled on.her back I ended up between her legs laying on her she open her legs wide raising them in the air then she.grab my Dick told me to put it in her I took my hand out of her hole she guided my Dick grab my ass pushed my ass so my Dick sank inside her she told me pump it in and out as I began she would pump back she grab my face kissing my lips her tong darting out into my mouth she would suck my face nibble my ear telling me she always wanted a little boy to put his Dick in her . Do you like doing this she asked I said oh aunty so good yes I like doing this with you then she clamp her legs around me as she moan laud her body shaking she suck my mouth then I felt her hand cup and grab my b

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Play with her tit sucking it threw her shirt coping it too from my ARM I move so my hand is holding her mound she moan slowly hand I grip it harder and harder it would get so wet my hand be soaked in cunt juice . Then she lift her shirt up letting me under then cover my head to my waist I would grab her tits suck them she help me holding it whispering put the whole thing in your mouth open wider I take it all now suck harder she tell me . Then she grab my.hand putting my fingers inside a wet hole she tell me push it in and out like this she show me . She then take my shirt off and then my shorts . She moan talking to me saying do you like what your doing I say oh yea . Have you touch a girl before I say no I'm the first she asked I told her oh yea . Have you thought of doing this to your godmother yes I said lots of times I think of you I would get a tingle in between my legs I told her she ask were show her . So I pointed at my little was pointing in erecti

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I have a godmother so attractive . She was a pagent queen ,.model . When I was little she always kissed me held me to her breast put me on.her thighs . She stood 6'2" all hips legs and round ass cheecks . I stayed with.her offen because of my mom & dad divorced . She lived alone and when I was over she cuddled me a lot sometimes wearing a oversized shirt no panties or bra . Holding me as I sit on her thighs my leg would rub agAinst her pussy her bush scratching my leg . When we lay down she is behind me I would turn pretend to nap my mouth on her tit I would cup them sometimes too .she put her leg over my hips then one of my.hands would work its way so my four ARM be between her legs against her pussy . I would move my ARM to massage her cunt she would hump or pump back . I know she liked it cause her cunt would get wet and she stop what she is doing mostly reading put the book or paper down cradle my head against her tit clamp her legs so her pussy be against my ARM . I would

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I think that a sequel to this would be welcome. Thank you.

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