The blonde is back with a vengeance
Beautiful Stranger III

The 17 year old stud’s tool slams full force into the wet pussy yet again, forcing yet another moan from his beautiful partner. The blue eyed young stud, with his curly blonde hair, can’t believe his good luck. I knew when she told me that she’s 22,that she would be experienced, but I had no idea that she would be this good, the stud thinks as he pulls back his hips and then thrusts them forward again. Soon, the stud can feel the first spasms deep in his balls. He accelerates his thrusting as the slut underneath him begins to moan continuously, punctuating her moaning with an occasional scream. Finally, after a heroic effort, the young stud can hold out no longer, and his tool begins to spurt. Groaning, he can feel his balls draining as his tool pumps globs of his thick white love paste into the wet, eager pussy of his anonymous partner. Soon, after the lovemaking, the two are laying in each other’s arms. “You were so good, baby,” purrs the beautiful slut, running her fingers through the stud’s blonde curls. “So you really like younger guys,” the stud replies, pleased that his carnal efforts have impressed this obviously experienced woman. “Yeah, baby. I just love guys your age,” she intones breathlessly. “When did you say your parents would be home?” she then asks almost abruptly. “Not for hours. They’re both at work,” the young stud replies. “Let’s do it again, baby. Do you have any condoms?” the slut now asks. “Yeah, I should have some in my dresser,” the puzzled stud replies. “Go get one baby. I want to do it again!” the slut enthusiastically exhorts him. The bewildered stud climbs out of bed and walks over to his dresser. Why does she want me to wear a fucking condom now? he wonders. She just let me dump my load in her. The buck naked young stud rifles through the dresser drawer, his back turned to the bed and his delectable partner.

So stealthy is the killer’s approach that the young stud never hears it. He only becomes aware of his peril suddenly, brutally, when he feels the cord tossed over his head and around his neck, and feels it pulled tight. What the fuck? he exclaims in his own mind, as he feels a brutal backwards yank on the cord that rocks him back onto his heels. His hands convulsively reach for his throat in a vain attempt to claw at the cord that is biting deeper and deeper into his neck and beginning to crush his trachea. Holy fuck! he cries out to himself in anguish, thrashing violently, even as he feels his fate closing in on him with unforgiving finality. Now gasping for breath, his vision narrows as his eyes roll back in his head for one last fleeting glimpse of his bedroom ceiling before the eternal darkness engulfs his eyes.

The blonde walks along the beach, her bountiful breasts almost spilling out of her bikini top, her beautiful toes slicing through the sand. It felt so good killing that guy yesterday, she reflects with delight. He’s the first one since Halloween. Has it really been that long? she asks herself. It’s now June. I’ve got a lot of catching up to do, she muses in a determined frame of mind. As if on cue, she catches sight of them. She’s been prowling the beach every day for a week now, and they’ve always been here. Better still, she knows that she’s caught their collective eye. She’s always observed them from a distance, but today, her steps take her in close to them. There are five of them, all blonde, tanned, and young. Now she slows her pace as she walks past them, so close that she can reach out and touch them if she wants to. She looks deeply into each of the five pairs of hungry eyes that are devouring her body as she glides past, the studs not even remotely suspecting that they are the real prey. Her senses are thoroughly aroused and she can feel the wetness in her pussy, as she drinks in the muscular bare chests and arms, broad shoulders and square jaws of the five young studs. Some have blue eyes, some brown, but all have blonde hair bleached by the summer sun, the dense hair on their legs bleached to a shimmering gold. To her satisfaction, she sees young penises begin to stiffen as her leisurely walk by exerts its biological magic over the horny young human males. Yes, they belong to me. They all belong to me, the blonde affirms to herself. She continues on her way, basking in the radiance of the sun, glorying in the soft, gentle breeze that kisses her face, taking delight in the very deliciousness of being alive.

The 17 year old stud lies naked on the examination table, his flesh as cold as the steel table itself. A beautiful young woman has brutally snuffed the life from his body, and now it is another beautiful young woman who looks down upon the empty shell. The blonde, 29 year old deputy medical examiner reads the young stud’s name on the tag tied to his big toe. Preliminary examination of the crime scene indicates that the stud had engaged in sexual intercourse before his death, and the autopsy will confirm this by measuring the level of seminal fluid remaining in his testicles, the beautiful blonde M.E. reflects. I hope he got off one last time before he died, she can’t help but think to herself. He must have been murdered right after he had sex with his girlfriend and she left the house, she reasons. If the police can find his girlfriend, she might be the key to solving this, she muses. She suddenly flushes deeply and can feel the wetness far below. The young stud is still handsome even in death, and the M.E. can’t help but admire the muscular arms and chest, the broad shoulders, and the hang of the young, now forever slumbering tool and its accompanying jewel pouch. I fucked quite a few boys just like him when I was 17, she reflects dreamily. Quickly pulling herself together, the M.E. forces herself back into her role of cold, clinical professional, and begins the autopsy.

The 17 year old stud groans with pleasure as his tool spurts deep inside the beautiful dark haired slut that he has smuggled into the house while his parents are at work. Just another teenage boy achieving much needed sexual release, with a willing young vixen as his accomplice. For her part, the girl has enjoyed the sex, but she completely concurs with the blonde’s philosophy. Now that the young stud has achieved climax, and satisfied himself, as well as her, he is completely disposable. She does not pity him for his youth; once the male has fulfilled his duty to satisfy the female, it is time for him to be disposed of. “Can we do it again, baby?” she asks in a cloying voice, even as her hand feels for her purse, on the floor at the side of the bed. “Sure. My parents are going to be gone all day,” the young stud replies casually. He is lying on his back, looking up at the ceiling, his erection slowly beginning to subside. He knows that soon enough, he will again achieve erection, and his tool will be ready to propel yet another load into the eager young pussy lying beside him. The girl’s hand is now holding the long, straight bladed screwdriver with a firm grip. With a powerfully delivered upward thrust, the screwdriver’s blade punches into the stud’s ear and plows deep into his brain, obliterating all consciousness before he can even blink his eyes. The girl is almost surprised that the stud does not cry out. With the screwdriver’s blade plunged into the stud’s ear to the hilt, the girl holds the death dealing implement in place for a long moment. Still no sound, no movement. She slowly withdraws her weapon and turns her head on the pillow to look at her companion. He lays perfectly still, eyes wide open and gazing upward, even as a thin stream of blood begins to flow from his ear. The girl now climbs out of bed. As she is getting dressed, she looks down in satisfaction at her handiwork. The young stud’s sightless eyes are fixed on the ceiling, and an expanding pool of blood is now saturating the pillow beneath his head. A job well done, the girl congratulates herself as she exits the room, shutting the door behind her.

The blonde is alerted to a text message on her cell phone. “One,” is the single word message that pops up on the screen. With almost orgasmic joy, she texts back the one word query, “Age?” “17” is the prompt reply. The blonde only suppresses her desire to scream with joy with the utmost difficulty. She can’t cry out in ecstasy since she’s eating lunch in a crowded restaurant, but she can feel the warmth and wetness far below. She herself has taken one, and now the girl has taken her first man as well. Best of all, both studs were virile young boys, at the testosterone fueled peak of male sexual potency. There will be many, many more, the blonde smiles to herself with cruel satisfaction.

The girl lies in bed that night, savoring the pleasure of her first kill since Halloween. By the light of the lamp on her nightstand, she admiringly contemplates her pretty little foot, with its bright red toenails and delights in the feel of her own soft, bare flesh against the cool sheets on her bed. The blonde has taught her how to use her body as a weapon, luring men into the trap with the sight of her bountiful breasts, the sound of her alluring voice and the sensual caresses of her hands. Once in the trap, she renders men helpless with her skilled lips and tongue, and her wet, eager womanhood. She now thinks back to another summer night, two years ago, even before she met the blonde. She has told the blonde about this night, portraying herself as an innocent victim who panicked and killed the two men who had tried to force themselves on her. The reality was far different. And why can’t I tell the blonde? the girl wonders to herself.

She relives that night in her memory, bathed in her own sweat as well as her lover’s as he thrusts deeply into her. They are consummating their lust in the back seat of a car on a steamy August night. The girl can hear the stud’s heavy breathing, mingled with her own soft moans as his rock hard tool slides in and out of her thoroughly saturated pussy. His sweat soaked skin feels cool to the touch as she slides her hands down his back, giving his hairy ass cheeks a lustful squeeze. The girl has willingly gone to this isolated spot to fuck both well hung 17 year old football players. The car’s owner, now hovering somewhere in the darkness, has already dumped his load into her, and her pussy craves the second male love offering so soon to be released. With a groan, the second stud ejaculates his load deep inside the girl, and soon the sperm of the two virile male animals blend together into a writhing, thrashing sea of gametes swarming about the girl’s temple of love. The girl is well pleased with herself. This will teach her boyfriend to ignore her! The girl quickly puts her tank top back on, pulls on her jean shorts, and slips her feet back into her flip flops. The blonde stud merely pulls his jeans back on, remaining bare chested and barefoot on this still sultry night. Clutching her purse, the girl gets out of the car with the stud. In her purse is the .44 Magnum revolver that her dad has given her; almost as if she were expecting trouble, she made sure that it was fully loaded before she left the house. The isolated countryside is bathed in the light of a full moon. Emerging from the trees, zipping up his jeans, is the dark haired stud, also bare chested and barefoot. The two studs laughingly high five as the girl hangs back and watches them. “Did you call those other dudes?” the blonde stud asks his friend. “I tried. But we’re so far out I can’t get a signal,” replies the other stud. “Who are you guys trying to call?” the girl asks quizzically. “We’re trying to get some other dudes out here for you,” answers the dark haired stud. “Why?” the girl asks in a bewildered tone. “Well, now that we know what a slut you are, we figured you’d want to get as much cock as you could,” the blonde stud replies with a sneer. “Don’t call me that!” the girl answers in a voice choked with bewildered rage. “Why not? That’s what you are! A little slut!” counters the blonde boy as he and his friend laugh at the girl’s shame. Her anger and despair mounting, the girl reaches into her purse. “Just wait until we tell everybody at school what Little Miss Innocent did tonight,” the blonde stud goes on, taunting the girl to the limit. “Sorry you got sloppy seconds, dude,” the dark haired stud addresses his buddy as they share another chuckle. Their laughter dies abruptly as they hear the cocking of the .44.

“Take me home, now!” the girl commands, training her pistol on the dark haired stud. Fully aware of the power of the weapon she is wielding, the girl tightly grips the .44 with both hands, her feet planted wide apart and firmly on the ground, ready to absorb the gun’s powerful kick. She is confident in her proficiency with the weapon; hours of target shooting has made her a crack shot. “Put the gun down,” the dark haired stud says slowly, the smile dying on his face. “Yeah, we’ll take you home and tell everybody what a little slut you are,” the blonde stud taunts her, nothing daunted by the pistol trained on his friend. Without saying a word, the girl swivels the barrel of the pistol slightly and squeezes the trigger twice. In the moonlight, she just catches the startled look on the blonde stud’s face as the two slugs thump into his muscular chest, blowing him off his feet. “What the fuck did you just do?” the other stud cries out in bewilderment. Without saying a word, the girl again trains her pistol at the dark haired stud and again squeezes the trigger twice. Like his friend, the second stud is also blasted off his feet, also nursing two bullets in his chest. Lowering her pistol, the girl approaches the two sprawled out bodies lying in front of her. The blonde stud is moaning in agony. The dark haired stud is silent, but as the girl stoops over him, she can hear his shallow, labored breathing. The stud’s hand twitches as the girl’s hand brushes against it, scooping the car keys out of the upraised palm. He’ll be dead soon, she reflects with satisfaction. Standing up, she looks over at the blonde stud, gasping in agony. That’s what you get for calling me a slut, she thinks to herself. She briefly considers putting a bullet through his head, but decides against it. Let him suffer. They’ll both be dead by the time anyone finds them out here in the middle of nowhere. Glistening with perspiration, she gets behind the wheel of the car, and starts the engine. The car lurches forward, leaving the two prone figures lying on the ground. Unending darkness soon mercifully veils the eyes of the dark haired stud. The blonde stud painfully fights to draw breath a little longer, clinging to the remnants of a life that now gives him only agony. He wants to get to his feet, but his body will no longer obey his commands. Lying flat on his back, eyes wide open, he begins to feel a strange coldness settling in over his body, even as the brightness of the stars begins to dim. Finally, his well developed chests heaves with two last painful gasps, and all goes dark. His wide eyed corpse lies just several feet away from the bullet perforated body of his friend, who has now become his brother in death. The girl is soon far away, making her way down the twisting back country roads, on her way to the life of a nomadic fugitive, eventually to unite her destiny with that of the blonde, and steep her hands even deeper in human blood. Deep inside her the genetic legacy of the two studs lives a little bit longer. The sperm of both boys is potent, but the girl’s birth control thwarts the planting of a seed. Finally, the last surviving swimmer gives a final feeble thrash of its tail, and the last vestige of the two young human males is extinguished within the body of the girl who loved them both and then destroyed them.

Why can’t I tell the blonde the truth about that night? the girl now wonders as she lies still awake in bed. Maybe I just don’t want her to know how slutty I was that night, fucking both of those guys. I’m deceiving her about it, but am I also deceiving myself? I took the gun with me that night, because I knew I was going to kill them, no matter what happened, she finally admits to herself. But why? That’s the only question I don’t have an answer to. I could never understand what drives the blonde, but that’s only because I can’t understand what drives me either, she reflects as she turns off the lamp and falls into a surprisingly untroubled sleep.

The blonde slams her hips down with another powerful thrust as she rides another teenage stud to climax. Even as she moans in ecstasy, she coldly calculates her next move. This really is like shooting fish in a barrel, she reflects. Another 17 year old. It’s summer time, and all these horny young studs are out of school, in empty houses with their parents at work. As she continues to bounce up and down on the young stud’s tool, the blonde reaches for her panties, and tantalizingly dangles them in front of the stud’s face. “You like that smell?” she asks her partner in an almost breathless voice. “Fuck yeah!” the stud gasps in response. “Cum for me baby!” the blonde exhorts her young stud, increasing the speed of her downward hip thrusts, even as she rubs her love soaked panties in the stud’s face. The boy can take no more. “I’m gonna cum!” he announces, even as his tool blasts the first spurt of molten love lava upwards into the blonde’s welcoming pussy.

Now! the blonde almost screams to herself as she brutally and forcefully pushes the lacy panties past the stud’s lips and into his mouth. In mid orgasm, the young stud is not only experiencing the ecstasy of male climax, he is also in the most vulnerable position for any man. Feeling his tool spurt a second time, he is confused by this new sex game that his slutty partner has just initiated. Confusion is rapidly transformed into alarm, as he begins to gag, even as his tool belches a third time. He pulls his hands off the blonde’s hips in a convulsive movement to his face, but the blonde grabs both his wrists with her hands and slams both his hands, palms up, onto the pillow on either side of his head. “That’s right! Cum for me baby!” the blonde purrs in her most seductive voice, looking into the now fearful eyes of the stud, even as his face reddens and he begins to choke. The young stud feels yet another contraction deep within his balls as more of his milky genetic product is propelled at high velocity into the wet, welcoming pussy engulfing his rigid tool. Eyes now staring wide in terror, the stud chokes violently as he heaves his body upward, desperately trying to break free from the blonde’s death embrace. His efforts are of no avail. His rigid pivot of flesh locks him into place beneath the blonde, who grinds her hips into his, while firmly holding his hands down on the pillow. The stud’s heart is now beating so wildly, that the blonde can hear it thumping in his chest. The boy’s face is now crimson and as his body convulses with choking, the blonde’s thighs quiver with an orgasm. Man and woman share mutual ecstasy, with the blonde’s orgasm enhanced by the knowledge that she is destroying her male partner, and that he is experiencing his very last climax beneath her. The last spurts of sperm from the young stud’s tool mingle with the flood of the blonde’s love juices, as darkness begins to veil his eyes. Finally, one last convulsive heave, as the blonde watches the stud’s face turn blue and his eyes roll back in his head. Quickly releasing his hands, the blonde takes the thumb and forefinger of her right hand and pinches the stud’s nostrils closed. Like all the air deflating from a balloon, the blonde can feel the stud’s entire body go slack beneath her. The wild beating of the stud’s heart shudders to a sudden stop. The blonde keeps her fingers on the stud’s nose for a prolonged moment, ensuring that he drops further and further into the arms of the eternal darkness that hungrily takes him into its embrace. “You’re not coming back, sweetie,” she murmurs in a loving voice to the now still form that lies beneath her. With methodical cruelty, she reaches for the stud’s wrist with her left hand. No pulse. She waits for another long moment to ensure that the last brain waves flicker into nothingness, and then finally, she takes her fingers off the stud’s nose. She slides herself off the stud’s still rigid tool, and pulls both of his arms down to his sides. She grasps the dead, stiffened tool with her right hand and gives it a squeeze, while holding her left hand beneath the slit. A final glob of sperm plops into the palm of her left hand, and she greedily laps it up with her tongue, savoring its masculine saltiness and dispatching this last legacy of her young lover to her belly. “You taste so yummy, sweetie,” she purrs at the corpse, as she proudly surveys her handiwork. She has consumed this young man in every way possible, down to his last drop of genetic fluid, and now she is ready to leave the empty shell behind. Now fully dressed, she takes one last look at her latest conquest, and pulls the sheet over his head, mercifully covering the contorted face. It’ll be easier on his parents this way when they find him, she thoughtfully muses to herself as she shuts the bedroom door behind her and makes her way to the back door of the house.

One final, powerfully delivered pelvic thrust and the sweaty, dark haired 16 year old stud can feel his tool begin to spurt deep inside his partner’s pussy. “Oh, baby!” the girl gasps in ecstasy, looking up into the young stud’s lust suffused eyes. He’s good, the girl marvels to herself appreciatively, as the groaning stud’s tool continues to pump sperm into her yearning temple of love. At last, his tool ceases to spurt, and withdrawing his cum oozing implement of love, he plops heavily onto his back next to the girl. “You were so, so good, baby!” the girl purrs to her partner, rolling onto her side to lovingly caress his well muscled young shoulders and biceps. For a few idyllic minutes, the young lovers snuggle together in bed, bathed in the sweat soaked afterglow of their lovemaking. The girl now slides her hand down to the stud’s still semi erect tool. “You’re going to be ready again real soon, baby,” she exclaims in excited tones to her partner. “Yeah, I will,” the stud replies, even as his tool begins to stiffen again in response to the feminine hand now caressing it.

“Come on, baby, I’ll get you ready to go again,” the girl almost whispers in her most seductive voice, coaxing the stud into lifting himself into a sitting position in bed, even as she furtively slides her purse from the nightstand onto the pillow behind her. Assuming a sitting position behind the stud, she presses her body into his, delighting in the feel of her bare, bountiful breasts against the stud’s bare back. Sliding her gift for the stud underneath the pillow, she begins to massage her lover’s shoulders with both hands, while sensually grinding her body into his. Peeping over his shoulder, the girl notes with satisfaction that the stud’s tool has once again stiffened into a full erection. “Oh yeah, baby!” the girl exclaims delightedly as the stud inclines his head backwards towards his beautiful partner. The time is now ripe. The girl reaches under the pillow with her right hand, while drawing her left arm across the stud’s chest and gripping his right shoulder with her left hand. The movement is so swift that the unsuspecting stud has no warning before he feels the excruciating burn just under his left ear. The pain inflicted by the razor sharp blade of the girl’s combat knife sears into him like a red hot iron, and is multiplied a thousand times as the blade slices through his throat like butter. The hot, red jet of blood leaps out from the stud’s throat and hits the sheets beneath him with an audible splash. Savoring the feel of cold steel carving through male flesh, the girl slides the knife steadily to the right along its gory path, taking sadistic delight in the gurgling, choking gasps emanating from the stud. His body lurches forward convulsively, but the girl’s restraining left arm holds him firmly in place while she completes the kill. Rapidly spiraling into shock, the stud is bewildered by the sight of his own blood inundating the sheets in front of him even as his eyesight swiftly dims. Complete darkness veils the stud’s wide open eyes by the time the girl’s blade comes to rest just beneath his right ear. Withdrawing her left arm, she gives the stud’s sagging body a firm thump on the back, propelling his already lifeless shell face down onto the blood saturated sheets. The red tide spreads its dark stain across the sheets, and the thirsty mattress begins to drink deeply of human gore. The girl carefully, methodically, draws both sides of her well used blade across the sheets next to the stud’s body, wiping clean the implement of death. Just as slowly and methodically, taking quick, periodic glances at her new conquest, the girl puts her clothes back on. Now once again fully dressed, she puts her knife back in her purse, and pulls out her cell phone. “Two” she texts to the blonde, indicating that she has added a second corpse to her tally of death. Grabbing the dead stud by the hair, she flips him onto his back. Before leaving, she takes one last long look at her young lover, his head resting once more on his pillow, his wide open eyes staring at the ceiling, his throat slashed from ear to ear. As she closes the bedroom door behind her, she can hear the soft music made by the boy’s blood splashing on the floor next to his bed.

The blonde casts her mind back to the plans she had made with the girl only short weeks before. The women had not killed since the weekend of carnage at Halloween, and both were growing hungry again. They could never again hope to duplicate their exploit at the Miller Mansion, but it didn’t take the blonde long to come up with an alternate plan. “Summer’s ready to start, so you know what that means?” she queries the girl. “Hot weather?” the girl replies laughingly. “No. School’s out,” the blonde replies, silencing the girl’s giggle with the determined look in her eye. “That means all across the country, millions of horny teenage boys with lots of time on their hands, looking for pussy. Both parents are at work, so why not bring a girl back to the house for a little fun?” the blonde continues, even as the girl’s eyes light up in growing comprehension of the master plan. “Sixteen and seventeen year olds. We’ll take them young. You start out on one coast and I’ll start out on the other. We won’t stay in any one place for very long. That way, it’ll be harder for the cops to figure out what’s going on. By the end of the summer, we’ll meet in the middle of the country, and who knows, maybe we can even set up another big killing.” For a moment the two women lock eyes in silence. “Do you know how many we can take before the cops even get a clue about what we’re doing?” the girl asks in almost breathless amazement at the plan’s cunning simplicity. “Hundreds,” the blonde replies, on the verge of orgasm as she contemplates the prospect of young male corpses, like so much discarded trash, littering the pathways of the two beautiful angels of death.

Even as the blonde strolls along the beach, her fertile mind is working overtime. As she has told the girl, another Halloween Mansion style massacre is out of the question, but with enough planning and skill, smaller groups of boys can be destroyed before moving on to the next town. She’s rented the 3 bedroom beach house for the weekend, as usual under an assumed name. And there is a group that she must destroy before she leaves this sleepy little beachfront resort. Fortunately, she has traveled to other towns to kill her first two studs, so no one here is alarmed at the prospect of a potential serial killer. It’s now Friday afternoon, and she has the beach house until Monday morning. Sixty hours to wreak as much havoc as she can before moving on. She then catches sight of them, and her heart sinks. Yes, those are her blonde studs, but there are only three of them. Where are the other two? Could it be that they have left town for the weekend? No, it can’t be, she tells herself determinedly, as she begins to slowly walk towards the trio. They all belong to me, and I won’t be satisfied with less than all five. She watches as one of the studs nudges his two friends and with a quick whisper calls their attention to the approaching hottie who’s been eyeing them up for days now. The blonde can feel the increasing wetness between her thighs overcoming her disappointment at not snaring all five in her net. It has to be done this weekend, and three is better than none. Suddenly, as she draws yet closer to her prey, the shouted exchange of male greetings rings like music in her ears. The two missing bare chested studs join their friends, even as the blonde glides to a halt in front of them. “Hey, guys,” she purrs them a greeting. Five deep male voices chorus in reply. “Hey!” “What’s up?” “How’s it goin’?”

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