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What goes on in vegas, stays in vegas. What a man does with his winnings.
He let go of the button and the loud buzzing ring from inside seemed to go on forever before it quit. He still couldn't believe he had mustered up the nerve to do it. Would his wife be able to tell; would he give it away? The buzz of the liquor still washing over his reality as his brain strained to its limits to keep his balance. He gently swayed back and forth as the huge man emerged from inside.

The place isn't what he'd imagined. There was a tall fence around the property--- to keep peeping toms out he surmised. It looked almost like a house, only with more bedrooms than normal. He thought about how strange a place looks when you view it as someone that works there versus when you take a wrong turn trying to find a bathroom in some restaurant and wind up in the kitchen. Or how the once routine kitchen when you go back years later, somewhat familiar but no longer a place of comfort.

He couldn't imagine what it must be like to work there and call this place familiar, it just looked so foreign compared to establishments he was used to patronizing. The huge man had startled him from his thoughts.

He had made his way to the gate and without opening up asked to see some cash or a credit card. This surprised the visitor and it must have shown on his face. The burly man told him in a surprisingly nice tone that several people in the past used to come around just looking and not really having enough money to purchase the services. He needed to be sure since he didn't recognize him.

The visitor fumbled with his wallet and showed off several hundreds he'd won at the roulette table just hours ago. This satisfied the guard who opened up and started sharing secrets. He said that it is best just to go with the first pick cause it almost always worked out for the best. "Most people don't even know what hit 'em," he added, "just go with the flow and it will be more enjoyable."

As they entered the big guy rang a bell just inside the door. Deep inside, past the room they were entering, a doorbell chime aroused the locals. The room was dark and had a comfortable lounge area decorated with furniture you would find in a home. All the seats were empty but there was a man at the bar. A girl wearing white lingerie greeted the visitor with a smile and asked if this was his first time he had visited Jenny's Kitten Ranch.

"Visited" he thought was a strange choice of words as he was beginning to have second thoughts. He certainly didn't think this girl was all that pretty and wasn't to thrilled about getting stuck with her cause he was too nice to protest and hurt her feelings. He answered her and she introduced herself as Jenny and asked whom he would like to be referred to as. Another strange question he thought to which he replied with his first name.

She took him by the arm and said, "Come on in and have a seat, would you like a drink before you make your selection for the evening?"

Oh hell yeah he thought as he was led to one of the seats. He could hear a couple of high heels clicking down a hall behind some doors of to the side of the room. Well a chance to strengthen his buzz and getting choose his entertainer made him noticeably relax.

He asked for a Long Island Iced Tea and then gazed around the room as she went to the bar. The lights were the indirect type that point upward to the ceiling and light up the room without shadows. They were turned dim and the ceiling was in good shape, no cracks or discoloring of the paint and cobweb free. This somewhat surprised him, cause very few buildings were so well taken care of. Especially a place like this.

The artwork in the room was colorful yet very tastefully done. There were paintings that were in the same frames and matting to contrast the walls that were painted in white with golden tones and black streaks faux style that made them appear as marble. Each painting had been painted with one color of paint. The hue varied, but the scenes were only one color with some white and black tossed in for highlighting. One was of a tree near water in red; another was of a bus heading down a steep hill in blue. The yellow picture was hard to see but looked like a barn or a farmhouse. The purple one was his favorite it was a snow-peaked mountain with clouds moving in. The green one was a strange scene of items sitting on possibly a desk. The orange one was a poor attempt at a sunset, in his view anyway.

Jenny delivered the drink and had a martini for herself. She sat down across the coffee table sitting on one leg and flirtatiously taking a sip of the martini and biting the olive. She asked what picture was his favorite. He told her and then asked which was hers. She said the white one and pointed behind him. He turned to see a painting of a polar bear that was done in white with slight tinges of gray so that it could barely be seen.

When he turned back around he saw a woman approaching the seat next to Jenny. As she took her seat he noticed he was stunned by her beauty, he couldn’t help but study her long legs. Her hair was long and straight and her face was like that of a model. Her hazel eyes stood out framed by her dark brown eyebrows. She stared straight into his eyes with a smile on her face. She was wearing purple lingerie.

He couldn't say anything, he simply stared back for what seemed minutes but was probably only 10 seconds. "My name is Stephie," she told him, "are you happy with your selection?"

He didn't really know what to say confused that he had made a selection already, but he answered that he was happy because she seemed very friendly.

At that Jenny got up and went to the bar and brought back a drink in a purple glass for Stephie. She set the glass on the table in front of Stephie and touched her on the shoulder. She left her hand there and looked at the patron commenting that she will see him in a while and to enjoy his company. She then looked back at Stephie only making eye contact as far as he could tell. She then removed her hand from Stephie's shoulder letting it slide away as she walked to leave the room.

He was fascinated by the touch. It left him amazed that viewing such simple personal contact could stir him. Stephie let her new friend know that whenever he liked they could go to her room but that she wouldn't mind finishing their drinks first if that were ok with him.

She said, "my room," he thought to himself, and she had put a slight emphasis on the words slowing down and raising the pitch on the word "room" almost as if it was the wrong word but that none was better suited.

It was like that proverbial picture that is worth a thousand words. So too can one word be worth many if you hear it spoken and fully in context. Like most of learning a foreign language is not the actual words and how to make them sound, but more importantly, which words to use when and how to slightly alter them to fit the exact meaning needed to explain any given idea. The ice cubes came loose and tumbled in the glass down to his lips and nose. He realized that he had just downed the drink absent mindedly while not even responding to her last comment.

She giggled and put her hand to her mouth. "Wow, I have never seen anyone so excited to get back there," she told him with a full smile. She had a very pretty smile and her teeth were perfectly straight and very white. She radiated beauty, he was thinking as he felt his cheeks warming to show a tinge of redness. Now realizing that he must have subconsciously decided it was time to finish the drink and get back there.

"I was just thirsty," finally adding to the conversation as he set his now empty glass down. He wiped the wetness from his face like someone checking his goatee after finishing a meal. He let her know that he insisted she finish her drink before they head back.

She asked him a few questions, such as where he was from and why he was vacationing here. They were simply pleasantries to build rapport he figured. But it was kind of nice to chat with her. He asked a few questions himself, although it was harder not to intrude on the taboo nature of their relationship. He didn't want to even think that she did this all day long with other guys, but she never really went down that path and even helped him steer clear of it with a few of her answers.

She finally set her glass down and stood up. He watched her leg muscles tighten and could see nothing but sexy curves on her everywhere he looked. She slid her fingers behind the material covering her pubic area and rubbed up and down slightly flexing and bending her fingers as she did so.

"Are you as ready as I am?" she asked in a somewhat shy manner.

Even with the drinks pulsing through him he could feel the blood rushing and throbbing to fill his overly excited member. His mouth visibly hung open as she offered her hand to help him up, her fingertips glistening ever so slightly in the low illumination. He had never been party to such raw sexuality that seemed so real and intense he could hardly focus his thoughts on getting up.

She led him by the hand back to her room. The long corridor had several short hallways each with a different color of carpet. When they reached the end of the purple hall she grasped the knob of the door and pushed him in with her other hand on his ass.

"You are such a gentleman," she reported in a sexy whisper, "But, for now I want you to let go of that, you are here to take a wonderful memory home. Don't hold back because you are worried what I will think. You need to have me lick your ass, and I want you to send your precious cum into my wanting mouth. Take advantages of your chance to let go and experience sexual energy like you have never before imagined."

She maneuvered him to a bench seat and sat him down while placing her hands on his face and running one through his hair. She put her lips to his ear and asked if he was hard. She told him that he could tell anyone he wants about what is going to happen tonight but just to portray it as a dream. She then stood back up and with her legs touching his spread her feet apart and reach for the fabric over her mound again.

Stephie stretched the fabric to one side exposing her bare naked pussy. It was the most beautiful pussy he had ever seen. The hair was gone and her mound, the pale fleshy outer lips, were pushed apart in the center by her clitoris atop two skinny inner labia that were thin and perfectly pink with a droplet of fluid gathering at the base. It looked as appetizing as a piece of chocolate created in a specialty house. The various parts fit together perfect after years of perfection to create a dazzling delicate and luscious piece of chocolate candy. He gazed upon her beautiful vaginal mound. The wet pink slit in the middle was so gorgeous he wanted to lean in and taste her flavor. There wasn't anything he wouldn't do to this woman.

"I want you to just buy my special anything goes package for 750 so we can get right to it," she pitched while thrusting her mound closer to his face. "I think we can even take an extra long time to make sure you are satisfied, what do you say?" She knew what she wanted to do to him already when he accepted.

Before the words "ok" were even completely past his tongue she lifted a leg up on the bench next to him and met them by mashing her pussy into his mouth. Her excitement was obvious as his tongue was covered with her slick natural lubrication as he probed inside her vagina. She grabbed his head and began to work it around pleasuring herself with her head thrown back and eyes shut.

Her hips ground up and down, as he tasted every part of her anatomy. "Go ahead and lick my ass too if you like it," she blurt out while pushing his head back and lower to get a better angle.

"I am going to be so horny you are going to get the best blow job I have ever given," she said as she coaxed him down. He had never licked an ass before, but she was so hot and sexy he wanted to find out what it was like. He would never have imagined he would look forward to a moment such as this. His tongue pressed against the creases on her ass hole as his chin nestled against her sexy cheeks. He licked right over her ass hole time and time again feeling the shape of her ringed muscle. He shaped his tongue wide as if licking a fruitsicle and massaged her opening with his mouth.

He could see her clitoris poking out and her whole pussy was fully engorged with blood. He could smell the wonderful scent of her pussy right above his nose and just kept licking her ass. His cock hardened further knowing he was pleasing this sexy woman beyond anything he had ever managed before. The look of pleasure on her face as she alternated looking down at him and tilting her head back made his dick leak pre-cum as it never had before.

She loved making guys lick her ass, because it made her feel powerful. She could not believe how well this guy was getting her off. The money was nice, but the orgasms made it all worth it. She unsnapped the bottom of her outfit and pulled it over her head hardly getting in his way as he was now rubbing his flattened tongue in circles over the top of her sphincter. She wanted him to point his tongue and cram it inside a little. The feeling of her ass being rubbed with all the little tiny taste buds was like velvety sandpaper that made her ass start to feel a little numb. It was more than she had expected.

She began to rub her clit with her middle finger. She dipped it inside her cunt and masturbated with quick motions vibrating back and forth. Every once in a while she would dip her finger in and rub the back of it on his nose. Her thick juices now covered her finger and she left visible wet globules of fluid on his nose and upper lip as he munched away. She was getting close to her first orgasm.

As he rubbed his tongue in circles her masturbation made him proud at how well he was getting her off. She was getting crazy with her slopping around down in her cunt for the juices she was using to furiously whip her clit back and forth and was getting some on his face. He loved it. She smelled so sexy and the look on her face now looked of pure pain, a good sign she was close. Her nipples were poked out hard as he could now see them released from the lingerie. He could actually feel wetness in his underwear at the tip of his cock. He needed to get his clothes off too.

His tongue was starting to feel a little strange, not really numb, but slightly tingling with all the pressure and straining to lick her ass with the fervor she was enjoying. She kept pushing down on his head once in a while like she wanted something more. So he started moving in smaller circles and then back and forth. He could feel the tiny creases of her ass hole and the tiny ring of muscle start to relax. He probed with the tip of his tongue to better sense how it felt. She started to moan which urged him on.

His tongue tip poked inside and felt the slick skin between the two muscles as she began to lose control. She was now holding his head with one hand for support as her other brought her to a powerful orgasm. Her eyes now closed focused on the feeling in her body. What she saw was like a picture drawn with the sense of touch.

The foreground was out of focus, but in general was the feeling her clit was reporting. The center of the picture, in her minds eye amidst the rush of an impending orgasm, in clear focus was the feeling in her ass as his tongue started to push inside ever so slightly. Her gasping breaths revealed the pleasure of the artwork.

Her finger had completed the task and now she firmly held his head with both hands. Her sense of balance was beginning to fail slightly. She groaned through clenched teeth as the orgasm engulfed her. Eyes closed, voice out of control, unable to hear anything intelligible, and feeling as though her legs would collapse she felt total pleasure bath her body.

She finally pushed his head back as she needed a rest from the intense feeling. She was lightly perspiring and her hair now slid a piece over the side of her flushed face. She smiled at him and let him know how well her performed by locking in a passionate kiss. There was saliva and pussy juice covering his chin and she simply didn't care as their tongues explored together.

"Oh my God, that was so wonderful," she exclaimed into his ear faces pressed together as she now guided him backwards to the bed. She was worn out a bit and still weak in the knees, but knew how eager he was and could not take any time to wait. She wanted him to feel ultimate pleasure as well, and interrupting the moment was no way to treat the man who had just given her the best ass licking she had ever felt.

He lye down on the bed and she placed his hands up above his head as though she had tied him with fake constraints. She unbuttoned and unzipped his pants and slid them down to just above his knees. She could see his muscular thighs and was surprised they were silky smooth. She licked one just below his v-shaped briefs just to feel how smooth his skin was. It felt like a woman’s leg without the hair, but looked strong like a man's. She was intrigued with this man. There was a wet spot on his underwear up near the tip of his cock where it was straining and nearly poking out the top.

"Well, well, what do we have here," she said as she ran her nails down inside his shirt to the top of the elastic band. She pulled it up and out to reveal his pre-cum partially soaked into the red cotton. The sticky mess still clung to the material and a bit was left on his throbbing head. The tip of his cock with each throb was now so hard and he was so horny it bobbed slightly with hi heartbeat and pumped a tiny stream of jism out.

She pulled his red briefs down to his pants and told him, "You have the sexiest thighs and the most beautiful penis I have ever seen."

He looked down and could see the pre-cum still leaking from his cock and was slightly embarrassed. What did she think? He was also now proud of his decision to take his swimming more seriously and shave the hair for the reduced drag in the water. Even though he knew it didn't make much difference at his level, his wife and now this beautiful sex goddess loved it.

Stephie put her finger on the tip of his head and lifted it up to cause a sting of cum to stretch three inches before it broke and left a droplet on her finger.

"That's nice, you are so sexy and so horny I can't believe how excited it is making me," as she moved her finger slowly around the bulging head of his cock. She made one more string of cum stretch and break and to his surprise she put it in her mouth and tasted it. It was as though she was curious what it would taste like.

After savoring it for a second with a sultry smile on her lips she responded, "Mmmmmm, I love the taste of your cum."

His already achingly hard cock jumped up a notch harder. The skin stretched a bit tighter and something he had never really seen happen before, his cocked squirted a large amount of pre-cum. It was nothing like when he had an orgasm, but there was a significant amount of fluid pumping from his tightly stretched to its limit hard on.

This woman had him so hot it was a constant tiny stream. She sent her finger back for more and got another taste, this time showing it as she wiped it on her outstretched tongue.

"That's nice," is all she said and he was almost beside himself with glee.

She grabbed another finger full and this time put it to his lips and asked, "See?"

She held it there and his initial inclination to pull away just didn't materialize into action. Instead he opened his mouth and licked her finger off. This pleased her even more than he could have imagined and she scooted up on the bed to stare closely at his well-groomed genitals.

He had tasted his cum before during sex, but always from kissing after a blowjob or one time licking a little from his wife’s nipples to see if it excited her. This tasted different, there was no salty flavor, and it was more of a slick textureless drop. Not unlike something he might expect a woman’s juices to taste like. The fact that it pleased her made him like it more.

She cuddled up to one thigh and rubbed the other. She then slid his pants off and let his legs move slightly apart. She then moved them even further apart and massaged his shaven balls. His sack was tightened with all the excitement and she began to caress it. It was a lovely change from most unkempt men’s pubic hair.

The hair above his cock was trimmed to less than a quarter inch and everything below including his legs was completely gone. She began showering the area with kisses and quick licks with her tongue. She had a sense that he was not going to last long after she started sucking his rod with passion, so she wanted to avoid the area for a while.

"Your legs and balls are so sexy, they are just gorgeous," she again declared as this time she began licking them in earnest. His tightened nut sack was very wet with her saliva and she just kept licking and sucking and every once in a while would lick up a section and spit it out on his cock. Soon her saliva was all over his rod, beside it, coating his balls, dripping down his ass into a puddle on the edge of the bed.

She lifted up his shirt and as the saliva kept flowing out she kept licking it back up and spitting it on his head and lower stomach. He has never been so covered with spit and it kept getting slicker and slicker as she licked his whole area: stomach, pubic hair, balls, legs, and even down to his perineum a couple times as she licked up another mouthful and spit it back up on him.

She asked if he was ready to be sucked of if he wanted his ass licked too. He hesitated and then told her he would like to be sucked. She read him perfectly.

"I told you to let go and not hold back. Tell me you want you ass licked." She shot back.

"Lick it, lick my ass please," he said.

She told him to wait for one second that she will be right back and disappeared into the bathroom. Before he had time to even wonder what the hell she was doing he heard the water turn on and she said she would be right back with a surprise.

She came back in with a metal bowl big enough to hold half a gallon. She set it on the bed and grabbed a washcloth from the steaming water and wrung it out part way. Then she laid the cloth across his cock and balls. He jumped as the hot cloth touched his groin. It was still full of water and she spread it around bathing him clean.

The heat made his balls tighten and he felt as though he was going to cum right there from the feeling. She lifted the washcloth and dipped it in the water again. This time when she placed it on him it was lower, and less of a shock as he knew how good it felt. She spread his legs and washed his ass with hot water. It too was hairless.

The hot water made his ass feel great. He had always liked his ass touched and this was better than it ever had felt, with a woman he did not know but that she owed him. She placed the bowl on the floor and was now in a position to dive in. Her tongue pressed up against his perineum and licked his sack, and then dove back down below to poke into his ass.

She put a hand on his cock and started stroking him as she tongued his ass. She could tell he liked it and had done this before. She was wrong about him needing to let go, he had already experienced this before and loved every second. She circled his ass and played with his cock for a several minutes. He was writhing around like a half killed and tortured beast. It was time to end the pained look on his face.

He simply kept his arms above him as if tied on the bed the whole time. She was making him feel like a sex object. He loved every second of her attention. He wanted to feel his cock explode in her mouth. The erection was becoming painful and needed to be taken violently to the state of orgasm. She seemed to sense his need and ended her tongue thrashing of his ass.

"Give me your cum," were the only words she spoke as she moved up and took his rod in her mouth.

She started to bounce her head up and down and he could feel his cock ramming the back of her mouth and fit nicely into the opening of her throat with each strike downward. She accidentally hit her gag reflex a couple of times and when her mouth opened he could see thick strings of spit connecting his tool to the back of her mouth.
The thick liquid was part pre-cum, part saliva and filled with bubbles from all the force with which she slammed her head down on his cock. The chemistry of the liquid was changed to the thick and juicy lubricant that makes a deep throat blowjob feel so slick and satisfying. He began to thrust his hips up in an attempt to fuck her mouth, as he was now so close to the end.

He took one final look in admiration at her face as she pounded back against the fury of his thrusting cock. He closed his eyes and tilted his head back as she now got another taste of an extra shot of his pre-cum.

Her eyes were watering and she knew it was only a few strokes left. It almost hurt as the thrust was now less controlled and hitting the back of her mouth harder, but she knew how much pleasure she was creating and had to bring her masterpiece forth.

She took one hands and grasped his slick tight nut sack and rubbed his now less sensitive balls up and down with each stroke. She took her other hand and started to play with his ass again. She knew these two extra sensory stimulations would sharply intensify the looming explosion. She was about to get a huge mouthful of his semen and wanted to make it worth it for him. Without question she already had.

She felt the first shot of cum as he grunted and tightened his pelvic muscles. She concentrated on keeping her strokes at the same speed to get every ounce of pleasure out of the orgasm. The load started to fill her mouth and leak out with each stroke as she made sure to keep the pace and stroke intensity constant. She lovingly brought forth the orgasm and nursed it to completion with her fancy tongue work. She now licked the base of his cock each stroke downward and most of the cum that coated her mouth and throat was now slathered all about his cock and dripping onto his balls and into his pubic hair.

The intensity of the wave after wave of orgasm was greater than he ever experienced before. He now looked up and was feeling the sensation overload that made him need to get his cock out of her mouth before it started to tickle. As he looked at her again he saw the biggest load of cum all over her mouth, lips, and his cock spilling over him that he had ever remembered seeing. He was proud of the giant load he had given, and she impressed she was still wading in it giving him the ultimate satisfaction that not only does she love to have sex with him, but that he performed well.

She rubbed her face around on his cock some more, and although it wasn't rock solid like before it still qualified as a raging erection. She slowly caressed it with her cheeks and pushed his cum around with her chin and tongue. His nut sack started to become softer and she put her nose and face down in it rubbing in little circles. She got his cum all over her face as much as she could. She could tell that he loved the after play of her little affair with his seed. The smell of a man's sex organ after being blown hard and covered with cum turned her on.

But she knew she would have to wait a few minutes before she could continue...


2006-03-25 22:39:02
Man oral isn't that great you also got to put in some proper fucking next time try doing some cock to vagina and you'll get my 10/10


2005-06-12 02:39:31
it was fucking amazing. the details and deions were awesome. u know what to write and how to write it keep up the good work and for gods sake please hurry with the sequel


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2005-01-26 14:56:00
750,00 for that?


2005-01-26 12:40:17
Thanks for the great comments. I am glad to hear that in general it is liked, and even loved by some. I have submitted another one, although it takes a bit of time for it to be posted for some reason.

I will get started on the second part of this one.

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