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She was young and fresh, only 15 but she had the body and poise of an
older girl more like nineteen or twenty. Lucy was a popular girl and doing
well at school. Lucy had deep blue eyes and full soft lips and her
pretty face was edged by long blonde hair. Her boobs were not large at
34C but on her slim frame they looked a lot bigger. They were firm
with small delicate pink nipples while her waist was trim and her bum was,
well peachy was probably the best way to describe it round yet firm.
Lucy knew she attracted a lot of hungry stares from men especially
older men, men with beer bellies and thinning hair. It
didn't disgust her but she knew she could do better and liked buff boys.

Like most girls her age she loved music, rap, hip hop and she loved
the black guys that dominated this type of music. Many times in bed
alone her hands would start to wonder over her body, gently rubbing
her breasts pulling on the pink nipples making them stiffen until they
stood hard and proud on top of her firm breasts. One hand would begin
to work its way down her body, over her flat stomach until it reached
the soft curls of her pubes. Lucy would slowly begin making wide
circles around her pubes, stroking the inside of her thighs getting
closer and closer to the ultimate target. Gently Lucy would stroke one
finger up and down her swollen and moist lips, a soft moan came from
her mouth as her finger continued to work its way up and down, her
other hand tugging on her hard nipples. Feeling the heat of her pussy
increasing Lucy slipped one finger in between her lips using small
circular motions searching for her g-spot Lucy's breath became quicker
and her breasts heaved and now using her thumb she began to put
pressure on her clit. Lucy could feel her orgasm building and she kept
the pressure up wanting to prolong it but also wanting the release it
would bring. Finally she could bear it no longer and slipping a second
finger into her pussy, Lucy's back arched as she rubbed her g-spot and
clit simultaneously, pulling hard on her right nipple Lucy came,
really hard and she felt the wetness cover her hand. Lucy continued to
rub her pussy enjoying the heat and wetness as her orgasm subsided.
Then taking her fingers out she sucked them clean tasting her own juices.
Satisfied Lucy would curl up and drift off to sleep thinking naughty
dreams of those gangsta rappers.

When Lucy woke the next day she decided that she would get herself a
black boyfriend just like the music guys she admired so. It shouldn't
be too hard she giggled to herself, those rappers are always saying how horny
they are, well she was going help to satisfy that need. Lucy didn't know
of any blackmen that lived near her so she decided she would have to
go to the poorer estate. By hanging around there she figured she was
bound to attract some attention from the men she wanted. Dressed in a tight pink
t-shirt with a v-neck which showed a fair amount of cleavage and tight
denim miniskirt with her favourite lacy white thong underneath.

Lucy took the bus and smiled to herself as she felt the driver's eyes
linger on her boobs and bore into her tight ass as she walked to her
seat, she was feeling very excited, her pussy was already beginning to
get wet, as she got closer and closer to the estate. Getting off the
bus she immediately notice several heads turn and stare at her. Lucy
wasn't sure where to go so after hesitating for a few moments she
walked down the road towards a parade of shops. Lucy could see a gang
of youths hanging around the shops and as her excitement began to
build she felt her nipples harden under the matching lacy white bra
she wore. As she approached the gang
of youths she noticed all the men turn and smile broadly, flashing
their white teeth between big lips, admiring her bouncing breasts and
wiggling ass. She could hear several whistles and comments coming from
the group. "Fine piece of ass" "Whoa baby" "Where have you been all my
life" not all the comments were complimentary a couple of girls hissed
"White trash" and "Black Mans whore" at her, Lucy ignored those
comments but she couldn't ignore one particular guy. He was 6'3",
shaven head and his muscled arms were heavily tattooed. He had several
thick gold chains round his neck and both wrists. Lucy tried to keep
cool but she could feel her pussy getting wetter. The tattooed black
man brazenly strode forward to block her path "Hey baby" he drawled
"whe're you goin?" Lucy didn't know what to say and with her heart
beating faster and her cheeks blushing she stammered "Nowhere" Lucy's
eyes glanced down and she could see a large bulge in his baggy jeans,
she blushed some more "Nowhere" The black man smiled broadly at Lucy
making her heart skip a beat "Then you won't mind if I join you" It
wasn't said as a question
more of a command. Lucy flushed even more this was going quicker than
she had ever imagined perhaps too quickly. "My name's Jerome but most
people call me JB what's your name?" His voice was deep and
creamy and his dark eyes bored into Lucy. "My my name's Lucy" "Well
pleased to meet your Lucy" and they started walking down the road.
JB continue to chat finding out more about her and Lucy still in a
whirlwind of emotion was not really paying attention but could hear
more laughter and comments coming from the group as they walked
further on.

JB abruptly stopped and turned to Lucy saying "Well I'm here now I
guess I'll be seeing you" Lucy stopped and turned, looking around she
had no idea where she was or how far they had walked "But but" was all
she could stammer. "What's the matter sweet little Lucy?" Don't won't
it to end yet" Taking hold of her tiny hand JB started walking
the short distance to a block of flats. Lucy couldn't
speak she wanted to go home but didn't know where she was, Lucy didn't know
if it was fear or excitement that was building up in her tummy anyway
she could hardly run away while JB's big black hand had a tight grip on hers.
Before she could get her thoughts straight Lucy found herself in a
dingy flat Lucy noted how JB thoughtfully stood up an empty milk
bottle that had fallen down before entering the flat. JB took her into
the front room and sat her down on the sofa. JB asked if she wanted a
drink, Lucy nodded and tried to
compose herself. JB sat right next to her on the sofa his strong
leg pressed against hers and he offered Lucy a drink that looked like
coke. Lucy took a swig to help clear her throat but the drink rasped
her throat and made her cough. Whatever she was drinking was more
alcohol than coke "Easy" JB drawled "Take another sip it will taste
better" Lucy did and it didn't rasp as much but she felt he head
beginning to swim as she was not used to alcohol. "Now that feels
better doesn't it" As JB spoke he took her hand and placed it on
his cock. Lucy didn't try to stop him and she could feel his cock swelling
in his jeans. It felt huge much bigger than anything Lucy had felt
before. She wasn't a virgin she had given a couple of blowjobs and the
only boy to have had sex with her had exploded inside he after just a few
seconds leaving her very frustrated. JB would be much more experiecenced
"That's it baby rub your hand up and down feel it grow" and it did
Lucy gasped as the cock under her hand continued to grow to its full
nine inches, but it wasn't just the length it was the thickness of it,
thicker than her wrist she felt herself getting excited and her
nipples began to harden. JB took one of his big black hands and cupped
Lucy's left breast, squeezing it her reached over and started to kiss
Lucy sticking his
tongue in her soft mouth. All thought of leaving left Lucy's mind all she could
concentrate on was the kissing from JB and wanting to see his hard
cock. JB pulled away and started to pull Lucy's t-shirt up and over
her head. Lucy offered no resistance raising her arms obediently JB
threw the pink t-shirt on the floor. "Ohh baby" he smiled appreciatory
at Lucy as he traced the outline of her hard nipples through her lacy bra.
"Stand up and take your miniskirt off baby" Lucy giggled then stood up
turned around and wiggled her tight white ass before slowly unzipping
the miniskirt, tugging on it gently so as not to move her lacy white
thong. Lucy slipped the miniskirt down her hips and it dropped to the
floor, Lucy stepped out of it and kicked it near her t-shirt as she
stood in front of him in just her underwear. JB's grin grew even
broader "Dance for me baby" Lucy knew what he meant and the drink had
helped to remove any inhibitions she might have had. Lucy started to
move her body turning her back to JB showing her tight
white ass and bending forward so he could see the tiny string of her
white thong as it ran between her ass cheeks and just covering her
puckered anus and with small tufts of blonde pubes peeking out showing
where her wet pussy was barely concealed "That's it baby, show me
more" Lucy carried on dancing, pulling the thong hard so it slipped
between her lips, trying to be really dirty like a lap dancer,
squatting down shaking her blonde hair and rubbing her breasts. Lucy
unclipped her bra and slowly let it drop away from her breasts. JB
gasped as he saw her hard pink nipples and reached for his cock. Lucy
pinched and pulled her hard nipples before cupping her firm 34C
breasts and offering them to JB. Lucy then placed her hands on her
hips and started to roll the thong off her thighs until it dropped to
the floor and she quickly stepped out of it. Standing naked in front
of him he took a long look at her body, his eyes rested on the blonde
pubes. Lucy took her finger and brushed it across her lips then slowly
moving it down her chin and
neck she continued to move her finger onto her left breast until she
found the hard nipple. Lucy circled the nipple before continuing to
following the contours of her breast and over to her right nipple. Her
finger continued to trace its downward progress over her soft white
skin down her flat stomach to the patch of curly blonde fuzz covering
her pussy. Lucy slipped the finger between her wet pussy lips and when
she pulled it out JB could see the wetness on her finger as Lucy
brought the finger back up and put it in her mouth, sucking on it
lightly. "Get on you knees and come to daddy" JB ordered while holding
his cock through his jeans. Lucy
got on her hands and knees and crawled over to him and put her head
right in his crotch she could feel the heat of his cock through his
jeans and Lucy licked her lips in anticipation while rubbing her forehead
along his huge cock. So hard so long. JB pulled his sleeveless t-shirt
off and tore his jeans open. His huge cock strained beneath his
boxers. "Take it out baby" He ordered. Lucy reached one hand inside the boxers
feeling the heat, she gasped as her hand found the hot hard black
cock her other hand run over JB's broad chest feeling the hard
muscles. Lucy tugged his jeans and boxer shorts off and this huge
cock sprung in front of her. Lucy reached out and gripped the hard
black rod with her slim white fingers and started long slow strokes up
and down the hard black cock in front of her. Marvelling at the size
of it and the big heavy balls below ."Suck it baby, suck it now" JB
ordered. Lucy opened her mouth, she hesitated convinced it wouldn't
fit in and JB could feel her hot breath on his head before she flicked
her tongue out and licked the head.JB let out a low satisfied moan.
Slowly she eased her warm mouth over the head and sucked hard while
Still stroking his erect cock. Lucy loved the slightly salty taste of
his hard black cock
"Take easy baby or you'll have me shootin' too soon" He drawled.
Lucy continued to suck working more of his cock into her mouth taking
three then four inches before having to pull back. Lucy used her
tongue to trace a line from the base of his cock all the way to the
head licking the pre-cum that was leaking out of the head and then
back down again. "Go on baby suck those balls" He ordered
Lucy stopped and looked at the heavy balls imagining how much spunk
was in there and it shooting up her tight white pussy. She took the
balls in one hand and felt the weight of them. "Ohh are they full of hot creamy
spunk for me" she breathed Lucy used her tongue all over the balls
before taking one and sucking it Into her mouth, then repeating the
process with the other ball. She knew it was working from the groans
coming from JB. Lucy started to stroke his cock again while sucking on
his balls. Lucy was torn between wanting see his spunk shooting from
the top of his cock and tasting the creamy white paste in her mouth.
JB made the decision for her, he wasn't about to let her have what she
wanted just yet. He wanted to fuck that white pussy but first he would
make her come, that way she would be his and do anything he wanted.
With a real effort he pulled her away from his balls "Get up baby …
show me that pussy of yours" Lucy got up and sat on the sofa and
spread her slim white legs. Her swollen wet pussy lips was surrounded
by soft blonde pubes. JB bent forward and kissed her nipples hard,
Lucy gasped as his other crept up her thigh towards her dripping
pussy. JB gently traced his finger around the outside of her pussy
wanting to plunge his fingers into her but holding back knowing he had
to break her in gently so she could take on his monster cock. He
slipped one long finger into her pussy, boy she was wet but she was
also tight. Working his finger in deeper he started making a small
circular motion with it. Lucy's breathing got harder as he slipped a
second finger into her pussy feeling it tighten
around them. She could feel her orgasm building, waves of pleasure was
flowing over her body radiating out from her very wet pussy. JB then
applied pressure to her clit with his tongue. This was too much
for Lucy and her orgasm burst out from her, her juices flooding his
powerful hand and her breasts heaving as Lucy gasped for air "Ohh yes,
yes yessss" Lucy screamed as her orgasm wracked her tiny white body.
JB eased his finger out of her and let her calm down a bit. "Did
you cum good baby?" he asked nonchalantly. "Yes … Yes thank you" Said
Lucy remembering her manners. "Good girl, wanna help me with this
now?" JB asked as he waved his hard cock at her. Lucy smiled, she
couldn't wait to feel that huge cock in her tight pussy. Getting up
she straddled the massive
cock and started to lower herself onto it. JB put both of his black hands
on her ass to take her weight as the head of his cock pushed against
her puffy lips. Lucy even as wet as she was felt herself being
stretched as never before and started to think that JB's huge black
cock would never fit in her tiny white pussy. JB had to lift her body
up and down. With each downward movement another inch of his cock
slipped inside. Her pussy was being stretched by this monster black
cock. Lucy felt another orgasm building in her tight pussy. Lucy
screamed as her pussy flooded with more juices and finally she took
his full length In her tiny white pussy. JBs powerful arms lifted her
up and down his thick black cock. Thrusting into her harder and harder.
He could feel the spunk rising from his balls Wanting to hold back but
also wanting to fill this tight white pussy with his hot Blackman
spunk. JB grunted no longer able to how back and shouted "Ohh fuck
I'm cuming" before pushing Lucy down on his black cock to the hilt.
Lucy felt yet another orgasm crash through her body as this huge black
cock erupted inside
of her, filling her womb with spurt after spurt of his hot spunk.
Slowly she felt the cock inside of begin to soften and JB slid Lucy
off his cock and dropped her on the sofa, Her pussy was gaping wide
open and a mixture of her juices and his spunk was running down her
legs. "Did enjoy that baby?" He asked already knowing the answer. Lucy
couldn't speak but he knew she was his now. Lucy began to feel a bit
awkward, when she had left home that day she wasn't sure she would
even get to speak to a Blackman today and now she was naked with a her
pussy full of hot Blackman spunk in a flat less than an hour after
meeting, her pussy full of Blackman spunk. JB wanted more, he was
always amazed at just how easy white girls could be, even a girl as
hot as Lucy.

He felt his cock begin to harden again, he wanted more and he was going
push and see what else Lucy would do without scaring her off.
Lucy saw the black monster begin to twitch as it started to grow
again. She was transfixed by it and couldn't take her eyes off. JB
saw this and said "Touch it baby, it's all yours, have fun" She
wrapped both hands around it and started to stroke it again. Feeling
the thick black cock grow to its full length .JB made Lucy turn
around and got her on her hands and knees "Arch your back baby" and as
she compiled JB smiled as her saw her crinkly asshole open before him.
He would fuck that hole but not today he had to work on this one
slowly. Pushing forward his cock began to ease its way into Lucy's
pussy, Lucy gasped as he kept pushing until his full length was inside
of her. He began to work his hard black cock in
and out of her pussy slowly as first then faster and harder. Lucy
gripped the sofa tightly as JB now slammed into her tight pussy, again
and again he speared her
forcing his previous load deeper into her womb. Lucy could feel
another orgasm building in her and JB sensing this wetted his thumb
and started to push it against her tight pink asshole. Lucy should
have said no but as her
orgasm hit her she was unable to do so and gradually the black thumb
pressed harder against the ring of muscle before slipping into her ass
making Lucy feel fuller than ever before and JB smiled as he now knew
she would
willingly let him to fuck her in the ass. JB kept on and on until
after fifteen minutes he knew he could hold back no longer he carefully slid his
thumb out of her ass and then pulled his throbbing cock out of her
pussy. "Come on baby turn round" Lucy did as she was told and came face to
face with the monster black cock glistening with her juices. JB
began to stroke it fast with one hand the other hand rested behind
Lucy's head. Not to force her onto his cock but to make sure she
didn't pull away when he shot his load "Open your mouth" he commanded
again Lucy responded immediately by opening her mouth as JB wanked his
cock "Aww shit I'm cumming" He shouted as a huge stream of white hot
spunk hit Lucy in the face and hair, Lucy did pull back in surprise
but JB's hand held her head in place as a second stream of hot sticky
cum shot straight into her mouth
"Suck it " he bellowed and Lucy put her lips over the massive head as
JB continued to wank even more spunk into her mouth. Lucy swallowed
the creamy spunk it because there was so much of it and she didn't
want to take his lovely cock out of her mouth enjoying the taste of
her juices and JB's cum. "Ohh baby that was good" he said and Lucy
smiled with spunk dripping from her chin and down onto her firm 34C
breasts the nipples still standing proud. Lucy scooped up some spunk
off her breasts with her finger, and put it in her mouth so JB could
see before swallowing it down. Feeling proud with herself at making
him produce so much spunk. Laying next to him on the sofa Lucy
marvelled at the contrast of his dark skin against her slim white body
and she knew at that moment she would do anything to please him.

Lucy didn't want to leave but JB had told her that his Mother was
coming back and she being a good Chuch going Christian would not
approve if she found them both naked He promised Lucy that he would
see again soon and ordered a taxi that would take her home as it was
getting late now. Lucy knew that this meant he loved her just as much
as she loved him. Well he wouldn't go to so much trouble would he and
as she got dressed she imagined their life together would be like. As
he watched Lucy getting into the taxi JB thought to himself what a
slut this little white girl was he would call her but not straight
away, He was prepared to invest some time into this slut but he needed to
make sure she was in love with him first. Lucy giggled as taxi drove away
wondering how shocked her parents would be if they knew what she had
been doing and her pussy was still leaking spunk but she knew she had
been right to get herself a Blackman as a boyfriend.
Did he care that she was only fifteen? "Fuckin dumb white bitch" JB
laughed to himself, he had plans for her, she would be well worth
the investment.Lucy had never felt such strong feelings for anyone in her life, and
was so happy that she couldn't wait to see JB again, he had promised he
would call but when he didn't the doubts began to creep in? Did he
think she was a slag for sleeping with him straight away? She hadn't
planned that it way it had just happened. Lucy felt tearful all the
time why hadn't got in contact, the bastard, she felt cheap and used as she
went to school that day, if it ever happened again she would make sure
the bastard used a condom.

After being dropped outside of school Lucy waved to some friends and then walked
towards the school, a car pulled up along side her and tooted its
horn, Lucy didn't look but could feel eyes staring at her, just
another old perv staring at her she thought. When the horn tooted
again Lucy looked and saw JB smiling at her and motioning her to get
into the car. Lucy's heart began to race and a big smile spread across
her pretty face as she jumped into the passenger seat. "Hi Baby" said
JB, Lucy smiled, she wanted to be angry but she was so
happy at seeing JB again that she forgot all about that as JB drove off
he explained how he had lost his mobile and hadn't been able to call
her. Lucy didn't care she just wanted to go somewhere and get fucked
again. She could feel her pussy getting wet already and school was
already a distant memory. JB took her back to the flat and once again
Lucy noted how he
picked the milk bottle which had been knocked over. Once inside
the flat Lucy was all over JB kissing him, feeling his hard body. JB
responded in kind his big black hands groped Lucy's breasts through
her school uniform and went under her skirt to feel her panty clad
bottom. Lucy could feel JB's cock growing as he pressed her to
him. Taking her to the bedroom JB started to undress Lucy while
planting soft kisses on her face, Lucy was just in her bra and panties
when JB stood back and removed his
clothes his huge black cock twitched in front of Lucy as without asking
she dropped to her knees. "That's it baby suck my cock" JB ordered.
Lucy ran her hands up JB's legs towards his cock, scratching his skin
with her fingernails. The massive cock throbbed again, Lucy gripped
the shaft with one hand and pointed the head down to her soft warm
mouth, her other hand cradled JB's balls. Lucy planted soft kisses on
the head and shaft before taking the head in her mouth and sucking
hard. Lucy took the cock out of her mouth and started stroking the
cock up and down, looking lovingly at the head which glistened where
Lucy had sucked it. JB wanted Lucy to suck more of his cock down "Suck
it some more baby" he said while taking his hand and gently pushing
her head back down onto his cock. Lucy smiled and opened her mouth to
let the big cock in and she sucked and swallowed down four inches of his
cock before starting and rhythmic up and down motion with her head on
his cock This felt very good and JB moaned in pleasure but he still
wanted more so while still holding Lucy's head he started to thrust into
her soft white mouth forcing his cock further in. Lucy felt she was
going to gag and
couldn't breath properly as JB fucked her mouth harder. She tried to
pull away but JB's strong hand held her tight. "Keep sucking baby
....that's it I'm cumming" JB moaned before releasing a jet of hot
spunk deep in Lucy's mouth, as Lucy tried to breath the spunk went
straight down her throat causing her to gag. JB let go of her head and
Lucy sprung back from the softening cock put her hand over her mouth,
ran to the bathroom before retching. JB called to Lucy to come back to
the bedroom and she apologised to him but said that she had panicked
when she couldn't breath. JB smiled and said not to worry that it was
fine and that her would help her overcome this problem she had to
trust him that was all. Lucy nodded "I do JB I know you only want to
make me happy". JB thought for a moment before deciding some help
would come in handy.
Lying on the bed together Lucy couldn't be happier she looked at JB's
cock now at rest against his thigh and she reached over to stroke it. JB smiled
and picked his phone up from the bedside table while Lucy started to
tongue his balls. His cock grew steadily and Lucy felt JB's other hand
reaching down to cup her breasts and pinch her nipples. JB finished
the call with a "See you soon dude" and then motioned Lucy to straddle
his face so he could taste her sweet white pussy. Lucy had two
shattering orgasms as JB's tongue had lashed her tiny pussy and hard
clit. She slid down his hard body and kissed him tasting her own cum on his
lips. She really wanted his cock in her pussy and was reaching down for it when
she heard the bedroom door swing open. Lucy turned and let out a small
scream when she saw another Blackman standing in the doorway. She
tried to get
behind JB so as to cover her naked body. The stranger just smiled " I
got here a quick as I could ...Wow she sure is fine" JB laughed "Good
to see you, Lucy meet Reggie, Reggie meet Lucy" "Hi Lucy, you sure are
pretty" said Reggie. Lucy was still shocked but relaxed at the
friendly way Reggie spoke to her and replied "Hi Reggie" Lucy expected
Reggie to leave the bedroom but instead he started to get undressed
Lucy looked at JB as she didn't understand what was going on "It's
okay baby you want to please me don't you?" Lucy nodded "Well I asked
Reggie to join us and I want you be nice to both of us" With that her
reached over and kissed Lucy pulling her on top on him. Reggie now
joined them on the bed and started to stoke Lucy's back and feeling
the crack between her ass checks. JB shifted his body and rolled Lucy
so she was on her back between the two men. Lucy still felt shy and
didn't look Reggie in the eye. He was not as tall or muscular as JB,
about 5'9" shaven head with a small goatee beard and his cock was
smaller and thinner.
Reggie groped Lucy's breasts and bent to kiss the hard nipples. "Nooo
I don't want this" Lucy said and tried to push Reggie off her nipples.
JB grabbed her wrist and pulled her arm back Reggie held her other arm
and her breasts were now defenceless against Reggie's onslaught, the
small beard tickling her skin. JB spoke firmly "You said you loved me
Lucy, you said you would do anything for me don't make me disappointed
in you babe" There was an implicit threat in what JB said and Lucy did
say would do anything for JB so she would do this if it meant she
could be with him.

Reggie started to move down Lucy's body towards her very wet pussy,
Lucy was determined not to enjoy what Reggie was doing to her until he
pushed two fingers into her wet pussy. With his tongue on her clit
Reggie had her gasping in seconds and after she had come he offered
his fingers to Lucy to lick clean which she eagerly did. Reggie got onto his
knees and offered his now hard cock to Lucy JB got her up onto her hands and
knees so she could suck Reggies cock, "Take it deep baby while I do
you from behind" With that JB started to push his large black cock
into her wet pussy and Lucy was getting her first
roasting. The harder JB fucked her the more she choked down on
Reggie cock. Lucy could feel hands all over her body and she felt her
orgasm building. Reggie grabbed her by the hair hard and forced his
cock as far down her throat as he could, as it was much slimmer than
JB's it didn't make her gag in the same way as JB's. In fact Lucy was
moaning in pleasure. Meanwhile JB was watching Lucy's tight little
anus winking at him as he pushed his cock in and out, he would have
her ass and pulled his cock out from Lucy's pussy and pressed the head
against her little pink anus. The tight ring of muscle contracted so JB
pushed harder causing Lucy to yelp in pain. JB eased off and then pushed
again but Lucy's anus was not having it and shut tight Lucy screamed in pain
dropping Reggie's slim black cock from her mouth. JB looked at Reggie
and shook his head he then stuck his cock back in Lucy's pussy "Don't worry
babe is okay" said JB and Lucy resumed her cock sucking.
For the moment Lucy was JB's bitch and only he could fuck her, he would
be the first to stick a cock in her ass he just needed to use a different
tack, JB would not be denied, Lucy had to be broken in so as he could
get the return he wanted on his investment. JB continued to pound her
from behind before he pulled out and told Lucy to stop sucking
Reggie's cock.
JB made her sit on the edge of the bed while both men stood in front
of her. "Get your head back and open your mouth babe" commanded JB.
Lucy looked at both men "Come on .. cover me in your hot spunk" she said
in her most sluttish voice and then kissed both cock heads. Reggie was
wanking his cock hard and shouted "Ohh fuck yess" before shooting a
load of hot spunk over Lucy's upturned face and into her mouth, JB
then groaned and unloaded his balls all over Lucy's face and breasts,
a trail of white spunk hung from one of Lucy's hard nipples
and she swallowed the spunk that had gone into her mouth.. JB brought
his cock up to Lucy's mouth so she could suck him
clean, then she did the same for Reggie. "We're soo nasty" said Reggie
and then both men laughed and thanked Lucy before getting dressed and leaving
Lucy to lay on the bed feeling terribly naughty but pleased at having
proved to JB how much she loved him. Her hand wondered down to the
sticky mess that was her pussy and she scooped up some of the cum off
her face and started to finger herself with this she was only interrupted
when JB called to tell Lucy to get cleaned up and dressed as he had to
go on out business and would drop her off near home on his way. Before
they left JB gave Lucy a mobile phone, she was not to ring him but he
would contact her telling her where and when they could meet. Lucy
was so happy that she kissed both JB and Reggie. What a way to spend
your first day bunked off school Lucy thought

A few days later she got a text from JB to say she should come to the
flat after school. It was the longest day ever and her nipples were so
hard they ached and pussy felt it was on fire. When she was out side
of the flat she noticed the empty milk bottle still there and standing
upright. JB opened the door in just some jogging bottoms his cock was
sticking proudly out rock hard, and let her in. Lucy flung her arms
around JB and kissed him passionately. "Easy baby I got a surprise for
you in the bedroom" Lucy was expecting another present as she squealed
"What .. what is it" rushing into the bedroom. When Lucy threw open
the door she stopped in her tracks on the bed was a naked black girl.
JB was behind Lucy and pushed her into the bedroom "Say hello to Josie,
she's going teach you a few tricks" Josie smiled at Lucy who was looking
confused and shocked "Don't worry honey, I don't bite and I promise
you'll have lots of fun" Josie said while making no attempt to cover
herself. Lucy looked at Josie, she had a round face with an easy smile.
She was taller than Lucy and slightly plumper . Her breasts were very
large with big black nipples with a narrow waist and big hips. Her
pussy was completely shaved. "Get undressed" JB ordered as he removed
his jogging bottoms and joined the Josie on the bed. They kissed and her
hand reached out and started to wank his still hard cock. Lucy
felt a pang of jealousy as she quickly removed her clothes. Joining Josie
and JB on the bed Lucy tried to crawl over Josie to get to JB but he was
not having any of it and told Lucy to kiss Josie. As the two girls kissed
Lucy thought she had better make it look convincing and thrust her
tongue down Josie's throat. Seeing her enthusiasm JB said "Good baby,
that's it, keep me hard for you" Josie now rolled over so she was on top
of Lucy and started to kiss her all over her face, down her neck and
onto her breasts, sucking on Lucy's hard nipples Lucy really appreciated
the way Josie's mouth and tongue knew just how hard and where to kiss
her. Lucy breathing became more ragged as Josie continued to work her way
down Lucy's body lick around the area where Lucy's blond pubes began
and then down onto her sopping wet pussy. Josie's tongue ran up
and down Lucy's wet pussy "Damm you sure have a sweet little pussy
honey" When Josie started to suck on her clit, well it was just too
much for Lucy and she screamed in pleasure as the orgasms just kept on
cumming. Lucy wasn't sure but felt she must have passed out because
the next thing she remembered was seeing Josie sucking on JB's cock,
JB was knelling and Josie just kept swallowing until JB's heavy balls
rested on her chin. Lucy was upset as she knew this is what JB wanted
but she couldn't help gagging. Josie stopped sucking JB's cock and
explained to Lucy that she had to breath through her nose and relax her
throat to allow JB's cock in. It wasn't easy but after a few false starts
and plenty of encouragement Lucy relaxed enough to let JB's cock go all
the way down and she felt triumphant when his black balls tickled her chin.
JB could hold out no longer and released a torrent of sticky cum straight
down Lucy's throat. "Ohh babe that was good , real good" he said. Lucy
laughed and said "My pleasure to serve you JB"

Josie hugged Lucy telling her how well she had done and was now ready for
the next lesson. JB grinned this is what he had been waiting for, he
knew Josie was good and he had fucked her ass many times, with her
help he knew he would claim his ultimate prize. Josie got some lube
and rubbed it around her own asshole then getting into a 69 position with
her on top of Lucy Josie explained that she wanted Lucy to watch
closely and then she started to lick Lucy's tiny white pussy again and
Lucy responded by licking the wet pussy in front of her. JB
was soon hard again and kneeling by Lucy began to push his hard cock
into Josie's asshole, Josie was very relaxed and her anus opened up easily
to allow this massive cock into her arse. Lucy was mesmerised she
forgot about licking the juicy black pussy in front of her and
couldn't believe such a small hole could ever take something so big
but it was right her before her eyes JB's cock was sliding in and out
of Josie's ass, and from the noises she was making Josie was enjoying it.
JB upped the pace he wanted Lucy to see what a woman was capable of
before he fucked her arse. As JB pounded away a sticky white mucus
started to dribble out of Josie's ass and down onto Lucy's face and
using her tongue like a cat Lucy licked it up savouring the not
unpleasant taste. JB stopped with his cock deep inside Josie as she
had her orgasm, he felt her anus tighten trying to make him come but
he had to hold back and save it for Lucy. Slowly he pulled his big
cock out, the head causing a popping sound when it was finally released
JB got up "Your turn now babe , I'll be back in a minute" he said and
went to the bathroom. Josie looked disappointed but remembered she was
being well paid for this so reached over to kiss Lucy on the lips.
Lucy tried to protest "Nooo it will hurt too much, it will never fit" But
Josie kissed her again and reassured her that it would be okay. Lucy got on
top of Josie's face and Josie quickly started to work on Lucy's sweet
pussy. Licking up and down the lips, sticking a finger in to massage
her g-spot. When JB returned from cleaning his cock he was pleased to
see Josie working hard on Lucy pussy making sure she would be relaxed
He smiled Josie was good very good he had chosen well. JB took the
lube and squeezed it around Lucy pink anus. Josie took her finger and
circled Lucy's anus before gently inserting it up to the knuckle Lucy
anus gripped the finger tight and Josie loved the feeling, she could
understand why JB had been so insistent on her coming over today and
she wasn't disappointed Lucy was hot and fucking her was a joy.
Feeling the tight ring of muscle relax slightly Josie began to push a
second finger in to. Lucy gasped as Josie's tongue was doing amazing
things to her clit but the fingers in her arse also felt good as well.
Lucy was a little disappointed when Josie eased the fingers out but it
was soon replaced with something much bigger. She felt herself tense
as JB's big cock head started to push against her anus. Josie talked
soothingly to her encouraging Lucy to relax while caressing the soft
white skin of her thighs and ass and then she felt it, her ass did
relax a little and with a sharp jolt of pain the big head of JB's cock
slipped inside. JB moaned "Slowly nice and slow" Josie told her to
"Relax don't rush it let your ass tell you when it's ready" After what
seemed like ages JB felt Lucy contracting her ass muscles and he
slowly started to push an inch at a time before pulling back and then
pushing again only slightly harder. Lucy gripped the bed sheet so hard
her knuckles were turning white this was hurting but she was
doing it for JB and she hoped it would get better. Josie continued to
suck on her clit while JB eased his monster cock into her tight white
ass. Deeper and deeper he went each time until feeling the orgasm
building in him he had to push harder. Lucy screamed as JB pushed all
his weight into her and the huge cock sank all the way into her ass, his
balls slapping against her pussy. JB rubbed Lucy's ass cheeks "Well done
baby, that's it now let me fuck you" and he started to move his cock in
and out of Lucy white ass. Gradually Lucy began to push back wanting that big
black cock deep in her ass and she called out "Yess fuck me JB fuck my
ass hard". He knew he couldn't hold out much longer
so he quickened his pace slamming his cock into Lucy's ass. The
combined pressure on her clit and JB's cock was too much and Lucy
moaning out loud had another shattering orgasm. JB feeling Lucy's anus tighten
on his cock drove deep into Lucy, all the way to the hilt before
shouting "Take it
baby, I'm cummimg" and releasing another huge load of hot cum but this time
deep in Lucy's bowels. It was sometime before anyone spoke. JB waited
until Lucy anus had stopped milking his now softening cock before
sliding it out. There was so much cum that it started to dribble out
of Lucy ass which was still gaping wide open from the pounding it had just
taken. Josie wasn't going to let that spunk go to waste so she started
to lap the spunk up before sticking her tongue into Lucy asshole and
sucking out more spunk. Lucy pushed her anus out and released even
more spunk into Josie's greedy mouth. While Josie sucked the cum out
of Lucy her finger worked on her clit bringing Lucy to yet another

JB was pleased he had finally taken this white bitch's ass he normally
didn't have to wait so long but Lucy was worth the extra effort, Lucy was
a damm good lay. He had got what he wanted and could now seek to get
some return on his investment Lucy would prove to be very popular he
was sure of that. As for Lucy she was in a daze as to what she had
done. Only a caring boyfriend would go to so much trouble too make
sure their girlfriend could please them. She could think of nothing else
her parents, school, her friends were all forgotten. Lucy had never felt
so wanted before, all she needed was JB and she would be everything
he needed.

Lucy had now known JB for a month and in that time they had fucked
many times Lucy was turning into a proper slut, as their lovemaking
often involved a third person and she really enjoyed taking in the
ass. Lucy loved the feeling of being fucked by two men. Especially
when JB fucked her deep in her soft white ass. Lucy's cock sucking
skills had also grown and she was something of a deep throat
specialist. Lucy hadn't met a man black or white that didn't love the
way she could swallow their hard dicks and let them shoot their hot
spunk straight down her throat. JB was always pleased when she had
satisfied them. Lucy was very happy with JB but her schoolwork had
gone awry and as she approached her 16th Birthday she regularly bunked
off school to be with JB and at home she argued with her parents all
the time. They did not approve of her new boyfriend but Lucy was
having too much fun to care

When the text came in on the mobile that JB had given her it was no
surprise to Lucy telling her to be at the flat at midday. Lucy dressed
for school but had no intention of going. Her blonde hair was tied
into two little pig tails which JB always liked. She didn't bother
wearing any panties either under her short black skirt. She knew they
wouldn't be on long enough to matter. She hung around some shops for a
while before getting the bus to the flat.

When Lucy got to the flat she could hear music coming from inside, JB
opened the door there was quite a lot of men already in the flat
standing around drinking and smoking. On the sofa was another white
girl, she was naked with short brunette hair and was sucking one man
off. JB got Lucy a drink and offered her a smoke he then strode over
and pushed the other man away spread the girl's legs showing her hairy
wet pussy. He pulled out his hard cock and shoved it all the way up
making the girl scream in pain and then moan in pleasure as he began
to fuck her. Lucy knew JB was only doing this to make her jealous so
she went over and started to caress the girl's breasts making her
nipples hard and tehn kissed her hard on the mouth. Two can play at
that came thought Lucy. JB smiled he still couldn't believe what Lucy
would let him get away with, it made him want to push her further to
see how much of slut Lucy really was.JB ordered Lucy to strip. Lucy
hesitated as there was lots of strange men in the room but JB's
serious look told her not to argue. She took off her white school
blouse and her nipples were hard beneath the white lacy bra she wore.
Lucy undid her skirt and let it fall to the floor, there were gasps
from around the room. Lucy had forgotten she was not wearing any
panties, the men had heard she was a hot little slut and twelve black
dicks instantly started to harden when they saw the light covering of
blonde pubes that covered her pussy and her tight white ass. Lucy put
her hand over her pussy in an attempt to cover herself and JB just
laughed "Show 'em your tits baby" Lucy unclipped her bra and showed
her full firm tits with hard nipples to the room. Standing their naked
Lucy looked round and saw the hungry lust filled eyes staring at her
pussy and tits. Lucy felt her pussy getting wet knowing all these men
wanted her, loving the attention. The other girl moaned and her body
shock as her orgasm crashed through her body. JB pulled his cock from
her pussy and stroked it a few times before shooting a load of hot cum
over her stomach and tits "Get down here and lick my spunk up" JB
ordered, Lucy didn't need to be asked twice she loved the taste of
JB's cum and obediently kneeled down and started to lap the creamy
white spunk off the other girl's body. When Lucy had finished JB
pulled her up by her arm and pushed her into the bedroom "Come on guys
enjoy yourselves and fuck this slut into next week" JB called out and
the other men laughing started to gather around Lucy in the bedroom
and she had hands all over her body, caressing her pert breasts and
ass. stroking her thighs. An older man said "You sure are one hot
little bitch" as his finger slipped between Lucy's wet pussy lips he
seemed to take command and as Lucy looked around hoping to see Reggie
and smiling when she spotted him, the other men either nodded or
smiled in agreement. "Get on your knees bitch" the older man said and
pushed down on Lucy's shoulder as she dropped to her knees the older
unzipped his trousers. Lucy obediently opened her mouth and started to
suck on his fat black cock. After a few minutes he pulled his now hard
cock out and it was replaced by another cock Lucy noticed that this
cock belonged to a boy younger than her 12 or 13 maybe, as soon as
Lucy had closed her lips over his cock the boy started to cum and he
pulled out shooting a stream of cum into Lucy's hair and down her
cheek Lucy smiled at the boy wanting to reassure him that it was okay
but the boy thought Lucy was laughing at him "Fuckin slut" he screamed
at her and spat in her face. Lucy was shocked and the older man pushed
the boy away saying sternly "Easy boy gotta treat her nice" Lucy's
jaw began to ache as she had to service cock after cock and still she
could feel hands groping every part of her body. Lucy pussy was so wet
and she felt so horny that she needed to fuck real bad. The older man
ordered Lucy onto the bed and climbed on top of her, he kissed her
hard on the mouth before kissing each nipple. Lucy felt her white
thighs being spread wide open and pushed his fat black cock against
her wet pussy lips. Lucy moaned with pleasure as he thrust his hard
cock slowly inside of her. Within just a couple of minutes of him
thrusting into her Lucy could feel her orgasm wash over her and and
she said "Thank You" as the man pulled out of her panting as he rolled
off her body and his place was taken by another man almost immediately
this time he just drove straight into her pussy. Lucy enjoyed being
used and she could smell stale sweat on him and he pumped quickly
calling Lucy a whore before taking his cock out and shooting a load
over her face and tits. Lucy loved the feeling of hot creamy spunk on
her skin. He got up and stuck his cock in Lucy's mouth "Suck it clean
bitch" The next man looked at Lucy's well fucked pussy and stuck a
long finger inside feeling the wetness.The older man stepped forward
again his cock still hard laying on the bed he got Lucy to squat down
on his cock. Lucy felt the big head pushng against her tight pink
asshole. Grimacing in pain waiting for the moment when the head would
break through and then the pleasure starts. The older man put his big
black hands on Lucy's waist and pulled her down filling her white ass
with his thick cock until Lucy could feel his rough pubic hair
scratching her ass checks. "Ohh Fuck yesss" cried Lucy "Fuck my ass".
As the man started to her ass, slowly at frst then faster and harder
Lucy's legs were spread wide apart showing her wet swollen pussy
waiting to be filled. She wasn't dissapointed for long as Reggie got
in front of her and while the older man underneath her continued to
fuck her ass he slid his black cock into her pussy. Lucy loved the
feeling of fullness this gave her and she could feel another orgasm
building in her she kissed Reggie as he fucked her hard and with a
final hard thrust he released a torrent of cum into her pussy, Reggie
kept pummping stream after stream of cum into Lucy. The older man
could no longer hold back and he fired loads of spunk into Lucy's ass
triggering Lucy to have her second orgasm. Reggie got off Lucy and the
older man pulled out of Lucy's ass, she pulled her legs up so that her
pussy and ass were on diplay to everyone watching the hungry looks on
the men surrounding her, Lucy laughed. Reggie smiled dipping his
finger into her pussy he scooped some cum out and smeared it around
her hard nipples before kissing her again Lucy then sucked his
softening cock clean. Lucy was then rolled over onto her stomach and
she obligingly pushed her tight white ass into the air "Com'on boys I
need more fucking" she smiled and she got just that cock after cock
thrust into her white body for another hour filling her pussy and ass
with even more spunk. As some men left JB, Reggie and the older man
got Lucy to lay on the bed while they all wanked their cocks shooting
long streams of white hot spunk over her pretty face and into her
willing mouth. Lucy now satisfied rolled over wanting to sleep and
could feel the creamy spunk dribbling out of her well fucked pussy and

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