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Now that I had fucked my God daughter - I needed to smooth things over.
As we lay there in the den on the rug propped up against the settee, drinking our tea – we had a good ole’ chin wag – a girls morning in. Bamber had loads of questions about me, her mother and Robin and our pact.

“Is it like a pack of she wolves?”

“No sweetheart not a P.A.C.K. and PACT – more like an understanding between like-minded women. We have all suffered the loss of sex for various reason and decided to join together to solve our mutual problems.”

“That sounds so cool. How many more members are you looking for?”

“We’re not evangelical – it’s not a recruiting agency. It’s just the three of us and the two husbands – John and your father. Richard is a bit of a stick in the mud so we felt it better to not even bring him into our circle. Robin doesn’t have a problem with that.”

“Am I part of the pact now?”

“I don’t know - we haven’t had any other thoughts on others joining. I talked to your mother just after you came over this morning and she wanted you to know about us – but I don’t think it will be possible. Isn’t it good enough to have sex with me and explore your inner woman?”

“Yes – Yes – I’m not saying that – it’s just …”

“You’re curious I know and we can see each other whenever you want.” I cupped her breast and gave her a long and penetrating kiss. I kissed her neck under the chin and traced my lips down her neck. I kissed the soft flesh of her breast and circled her nipple with my tongue making it moist. Then I took her nipple in my mouth and gently sucked until it was hard and protruding. “You have lovely breasts baby and your nipples are dark and exotic - such a contrast to your pale skin. I love sucking your nipples.” All the time Bamber was stroking my cock and squeezing my balls to bring out more fluid from the piss hole in the cock head - to lubricate the shaft. She was expecting another go. Instead I traced my lips down from her breasts along her stomach and abdomen. She let go of my cock and spread her legs. I slid between her legs and placed my mouth over her clit which was hard and waiting. She slid down flat on the rug and I pulled her legs further apart.

I continued kissing her legs and behind her knees. When I returned to her pussy she was wet and quivering. I dove my tongue into the folds of her pussy lips and pushed deeper into her womb. As I worked her clit she arched her back and let out a slight moan – she was climaxing and I could taste her fluid as it began to flow. I pushed her knees back exposing her pert little asshole. It was puckering and I ran my tongue all around her opening. Then I stuck my tongue in her hole and began to lick her out.

“Oh - God damn Ali - what are you doing?”

“Why I’m giving your asshole a rim job sweetie. Don’t you like it?”

“Oh My God - fucking too right I like it. I never …”

“There seems to be a lot you never …” Then I put my index finger in her asshole and my thumb in her pussy and massaged between the two holes applying a sqeezing pressure. My asshole is so sensitive and I knew she would enjoy it to. She began to shudder and had another orgasim. This one was longer and more intense. It gave me great pleasure to make my God daughter cum – she had been so frustrated with the lack of attention from Alex. Poor fellow he just wasn’t aware of a woman’s needs - only his own. My John had been that way for a long time. I think if more men paid closer attention to what women really need from sex there would be a lot less tension in the world.

When Bamber relaxed we got up and I led her to my home gym. “I’ll show you my steam room – let’s take a little steam and shower. As we sat on the wooden bench in the steam room we continued to kiss and play with each other’s breasts. When Bamber put her hand down to my pussy she found my cord.

“What’s this?”

“My Ben Wa balls sweetie. Pull the cord slowly.” She began pulling and the first stainless steel ball popped out of my pussy.

“Oh god – it’s big.” She continued to pull the cord and my second ball came out and she held them up. “What do these do for you?”

“They keep me aware of my pussy and as I sit I can contract my cervix and sometimes they will be positioned just right applying pressure on the inside of my clit and I cum. Nothing intense – but it’s nice to have a little pleasure through the day.”

“Damn it – I don’t know any fucking thing.”

“That’s why you’re here to learn. Now come on let’s shower and get dressed.” Afterwards I loaned her a linen skirt and t-shirt to wear home. An excuse to bring them back. Didn’t go too well with her combat boots – but there you are. I drove her to the train station and saw her off. Back home I called Jess.

“Well how did it go?”

“Bamber is no longer tense – confused – curious – but definitely not tense.”

“You little pervert - fucking my daughter. Well … I couldn’t think of anyone better. Thanks Ali. I’ll have to figure a way to tell Leigh – that won’t be easy.”

“Maybe when he’s got a cock up his ass would be a good time.” We had a good laugh – but I knew what she was saying. “Robin’s gonna be jealous when she finds out.”

“That’s alright I wouldn’t let that Amazon fuck my little girl – she would have torn her up. You know how she is when she gets going. So what are you doing this afternoon?”


2014-12-28 19:33:15
pretty nice writing, not totally sure its real, but that is not the point. the point being the story was very erotic and nice to read. ANd I enjoyed the Hell out of it.

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2012-08-18 05:21:30
Keep wrighting more of yr horny wifes exploys lots more of the ones with her goddaughter

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