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More visitors to the lake
Alan was sitting on his patio one evening when he saw what looked like a camp fire at the other end of the lake. He put on some jeans and his shoes and strapped his pistol on his hip and began to walk around the lake to investigate. As he approached the end of the lake he could see a camp fire and a tent. He watched for a while to see who and how many were there. He heard female voices coming from the lake and saw a girl step out of the tent wearing shorts and a tee shirt. She called out to the others to come and help fix dinner.

A minute later two other girls came out of the water wearing bikinis and began to dry themselves off with their towels. Not seeing anyone else around Alan called out, “Hello the camp.”

He walked out of the darkness into the firelight and confronted the women.

“Who are you and why are you trespassing on my property?”

The women were surprised at his appearance and one stepped out and replied, “Excuse me but I believe this is public land. Who are you?”

“I am Alan Denning and I own this lake and the surrounding land.”

The woman replied, “My map says that Lake Tremain is public property and we can camp anywhere we want.”

“That may be true but this is Lake Tannin. Lake Tremain is at least five miles south of here. You obviously don’t know how to read a map. Now, I ask again who are you and how did you get here?”

“We hiked in from a turnoff on Billings road. I am Carol Hill and my friends here are Mary Jennings and Paula Parker. Are you sure this is Lake Tannin?”

“That light you see at the other end of the lake is my home and I’m pretty sure I know where I live. I don’t allow camping around here and I certainly don’t allow open fires. You will have to put out the fire and leave my property as soon as you can.”

“It’s too dark to leave tonight. We will get lost.”

“You got lost when it was light. What’s the difference?”

“Please, let us at least stay the night and we will leave in the morning.”

“You can stay the night but you have to douse the fire. I can’t chance getting burnt out because a few careless women don’t know where they are going.”

“We haven’t eaten yet. How will we cook our food?”

“You won’t. Put out the fire and follow me back to my home. I will see that you are fed and bedded down. You can return in the morning to retrieve your belongings. You might want to put some clothes on also.”

The women began to get their clothes in order and put out the fire. He made sure they drenched it with water and buried it to make sure it didn’t flare up again. When they were ready they followed him down the path to his house.

As they approached the patio Ashley met them and asked Alan where he picked up the women.

“They were trying to get to Lake Tremain and got lost. They need to be fed and we need to find them a place to sleep for tonight.”

Alan introduced the women to Ashley and she herded them into the house and began to fix them a meal. She talked with them as she worked.

Paula said, “I can’t believe we missed the lake by five miles. I thought Mary could read the map.”

Mary replied, “So did I, we must have taken the wrong cutoff. I’m sorry for putting you to all this trouble Ashley. It is very kind of you.”

Ashley replied, “It’s not a problem. I enjoy having company and we have plenty of room. It’s just too bad that your camping trip is ruined.”

“Alan seemed very upset,” said Carol. “We didn’t do it on purpose. I hope he understands.”

Ashley laughed and said, “Alan isn’t angry. He loves this lake and he is very protective about it. Believe me he would never get angry at great looking women like you three. I’m surprised he didn’t hit on you.”

“On me,” Carol asked?

“No, all three of you. Believe me he is good enough to take care of all of you.”

Paula laughed and then caught herself. “I’m sorry; he’s your husband isn’t he?”

“No, we aren’t married. We have a deal. He can do whatever he wants as long as he is in my bed each night. I love him but I don’t own him.”

Paula said, “You mean you wouldn’t care if he fucked us?”

At that time Alan walked in and the room got very quiet.

“Either I did something wrong or you were talking about me. Do I want to know which?”

Ashley stood up and kissed him. “Don’t worry darling, I promise we won’t hurt you. I was just telling them how good you are at making love. They were thinking you were upset with them.”

Alan hugged her and said, “It wouldn’t do me any good to be upset. When I get around beautiful women I have learned it is best if I just do what they tell me to. It stops me from making stupid mistakes. I not only keep out of trouble but I also usually wind up getting more pussy that way.”

Paula giggled and asked, “Do we have to draw straws or go alphabetically?”

Alan replied, “I usually let the women decide on who’s next. It’s getting late and I think it is bed time. Ashley why don’t you show these ladies where they can sleep. Good night all.”

Ashley led the three back to their rooms.
“These three bedrooms are ready for you. You may pick which ever you wish. The bathroom is at the end of the hall and there are towels in this linen closet. If you get up before we do you know where the kitchen is. You may help yourselves. Good night.”

When Ashley got to the bedroom Alan was already in the shower. He felt the cool breeze when the shower door opened and closed. He next felt Ashley against his back as she wrapped her arms around him. She rubbed his stomach and chest and playfully pinched at his nipples. He could feel her hard nipples pressing into his back and her hips against his buttocks.

Ashley kissed the back of his neck and whispered in his ear, “I love the feel of your body against me.”

Alan took her hand and kissed her fingers one by one and turned it to kiss her palm and then the pulse point at the inside of her wrist. A shiver ran down her spine and she moaned softly against him as she had an orgasm.

Alan laughed as he turned in her arms and pressed her to the wall. He held her face in his hands as he tenderly kissed her. “Have I told you how much I love you?” He again kissed her and this was not a fuck me kiss but it was an expression of the love between them. It was a joining of their souls that transcended anything else in their lives. At that moment they were one being. Ashley let her hands slide down his chest and pushed him away far enough so she could drop to her knees and take his cock into her mouth. She sucked and licked his shaft until he began to squirm. She pulled him from her lips and moved her mouth to the side of his cock. Ashley bit his cock only hard enough to get his attention.

“That is for laughing at me you beast.”

He lifted her and slipped his hands down her back to cradle her bottom and he lifted her far enough to let his cock find her ready and dripping pussy lips. He moved into her with a slow deliberate joining that reinforced their emotional connection. Nothing else in the world existed as he held her, their bodies barely moving. The walls of her love canal pulsed and squeezed his man shaft and their lips were welded together.

Ashley crooned into his ear, “I love the feel of your cock in me. I love the way you hold me. I have never felt as loved and as safe as I do in your arms. I love the way you fuck me. I want your cum in me now.”

Without any other stimulation his cock began to pulse and throb as his load of cum sprayed into her depths and she met him with her orgasm, flooding his cock and balls with her own essence. They stood that way for several minutes before he released her to the floor. Without another word they finished washing and drying each other. He took her by the hand and led her to their bed. They lay together with Ashley’s head on his shoulder and her leg on his. They fell asleep like that and he still held her when they woke in the morning.

As she opened her eyes she kissed his chest and he ran his fingers through her hair pulling her lips to his. He knew that there was no better way to start a day than to have her in his arms.

Ashley reached down and finding his cock she placed it at the opening of her cunt and slipped down to fill herself. She sat up and looking into his face she began to ride him. She threw her head back and he played with her breasts as she pummeled him. Her hips bounced up and down sliding his cock to rub every part of her hot eager cunt. They ravaged each other for almost twenty minutes before Ashley lost control with a shattering orgasm that was followed by another from Alan.

She collapsed on his chest while they both recovered before pulling him out of bed and back to the shower.
As they finally wandered out to the kitchen looking for coffee they found the three friends enjoying breakfast.

“Good morning. I hope you all had a pleasant night.”

Carol replied, “We all slept well thank you. We were just looking at our map and were trying to decide what we should do. We thought we would hike across country to Lake Tremain but the map shows that the country between here and there is pretty rugged. We would have to return the way we came and then take a different route to the other lake. We wouldn’t arrive until late tonight and then we would have maybe a half a day before we would need to leave again.”

Mary said, “It doesn’t seem worth it. I guess we will just have to go home and mark it up to a lost vacation.”

Ashley and Alan looked at each other and he nodded to her. He knew how she thought and he let her know he would agree.

Ashley said, “Why don’t you go pack up your campsite and bring everything down here. You can stay with us this weekend and on Sunday we will give you a ride back to your car. It won’t be exactly camping but we can cook out and you can swim in the lake.”

Carol said, “You would do that for us? That would be wonderful. How could we ever thank you?”

“Like I said last night, I like having company and we have plenty of room.”

After the girls finished cleaning up the kitchen they hiked back to pack up their belongings. When they returned they found Ashley and Alan down at the dock. Ashley was swimming and Alan was reading a book.
After leaving their equipment on the patio Carol, Mary and Paula walked down to the dock. Ashley called out to them to join her in the water.

Paula called back, “Give us a few minutes to get our swimming suits and we will.”

Ashley climbed the ladder up onto the dock and they saw that she was naked.

Alan looked up and told them that the lake had become clothing optional. The three women looked at each other and it didn’t take long before their clothing had disappeared and there were four naked women swimming and splashing in the water.

A short time later Alan looked up and saw Jenny and Susan coming down the path. When they arrived they stripped and joined the others. Ashley introduced them all around.

It didn’t take long before the girls attacked Alan and pulling his shorts off they threw him into the lake. Soon he had hands full of tits and pussys and there was no lack of hands grabbing at his big cock. Jenny kept trying to give him an underwater blowjob but she couldn’t hold her breath long enough. After a while Alan was worn out and retreated to his lounge.

Paula followed him moments later and as he lay back she sat across his legs and took hold of his cock. She wasted no time before she started to give him a blow job. She licked the length of his cock and swirled her tongue around the head finding the sensitive area just below. She was able to get most of him into her mouth before hitting the back of her throat. She sucked him for a few minutes before lifting off and sliding up his legs to settle her cunt over his shaft and working it into her pussy.

“Mmm… You have a delicious cock and I am going to enjoy fucking it into me until you squirt your cum. Oh Alan you fill me up. Make me cum big boy.”

“I guess you won the coin toss Paula.

Paula had her hands on his chest as she began to raise and lower herself on his stiff cock. He grasped her small breasts and plucked at her nipples. Paula squealed and laughed and was thoroughly enjoying herself. The other women gathered around to watch as Alan placed his hands on her hips to help support her as she began to lose control. Her pussy began to spasm and clenches his meat rod until all she could do was rock back and forth as her orgasm overcame her. She squirted her juices onto his belly and they dripped down his balls triggering his orgasm. He pumped his cum into her in spurt after spurt of thick white streams. When they had recovered the others applauded and Mary wanted to be next.

Paula rose from Alan and thanked him with a kiss. As she began to step away, Jenny said, “Wait a minute Paula. You forgot to clean up your mess.”

Paula blushed and said, “Sorry, I almost forgot.”

She knelt at Alan’s side and began to lick his cock shaft collecting their combined cum. She moved down to his balls and his thighs and back to take his cock back into her mouth swallowing all of their juices. When she had his cock clean she licked his belly where she had squirted when she came. When she was satisfied she stroked his cock back to erection and said, “Now it is ready for the next contestant.”

Mary came forward and said to Alan, “Do you take special requests?”

“That depends on what they are.”

“I want you to fuck me doggy style until I cum but I want you to finish in my mouth. Would you do that for me?”

“That is a request that I would be most happy to grant. Get on your knees and rest your head on the lounger.”

Alan got behind Mary and began to lick her pussy lips as she lifted her ass. When he was satisfied that she was ready he slid his cock slowly into her cunt. When he had worked it deep enough he began to move faster and soon was pounding into her. At each thrust he could hear his balls slap against her clit.

Mary cried out, “Oh yes, fuck that cunt harder. Fill me with your hard cock and make me cum.”

As they were engaged in their activities, Carol looked at the other women and asked, “Do I have to suck his cock too? I’ve never done that.”

Susan rolled her eyes and replied, “If Alan is good enough to fuck you, you should be nice enough to show your gratitude. We don’t need any selfish lovers here. If you can’t clean the kitchen, you can’t cook the meal.”

Carol shuddered and walked back to sit on the dock while the others continued to watch as Mary was thrusting back against Alan and meeting his every thrust with one of her own.

Mary suddenly cried out, “Yes… YES… OH GOOOOODDD IT’S SOOOO GOOOD.”

She writhed and shivered as she came on Alan’s man pole. Her cum was dripping onto the ground as her cunt grabbed at his cock. She finally began to release him and he sat on the lounge as she placed herself between his legs and took him into her mouth.

Mary took his full length all the way into her throat and her cheeks collapsed as she sucked and withdrew until just the head was between her lips. She again dove down to bury him and press her face against his abdomen. Her deep throat skills showed that this wasn’t her first blowjob.

She released his cock long enough to exclaim, “Alan, cum in my mouth I want to drink all of your tasty cum. Fuck my throat with that big cock.”

She again swallowed his meat pole and sucked him fast and deep. He was soon holding the back of her head and face fucking her. He drove his cock into her throat and with a wordless cry he began to pump his load into her sucking hot mouth. Mary swallowed his cum like a starving animal. She took every mouthful he could pump into her and never missed a drop. She didn’t stop sucking and licking until she felt his cock wilting.

The others cheered as she sat back and looked around. “Mmm…. That was yummy. I could eat your cum ten times a day. Thank you Alan.”

Paula laughed and said, “Damn Mary, I didn’t know you were such a cum slut.”

Alan leaned forward and kissed Mary and said, “That was as fine a blowjob as I have ever had. Thank you Mary.”

Susan walked up to Alan and put her arms around his neck and whispered in his ear. “Carol has decided to pass on her turn. She has never given a blowjob and doesn’t seem to want to now. I more or less told her if she can’t suck, she can’t fuck.”

Alan replied, “That’s a shame but I respect her choice.”

“I would love to let you fuck me stupid as soon as you have a chance to rest for a while. I think Jenny wants a turn today too. We haven’t had a chance to play with you lately and we are both getting horny.”

Susan began to kiss Alan’s ear and neck. He brought his hands up to cradle her breasts and tweak her nipples. “I’m sorry I have been neglecting you. I would be happy to make it up to you later.”

They all went back to swimming and Alan dove in to join in the water play. Jenny kept jumping on his back and rubbing her pussy against him. She whispered in his ear, “I can’t believe that carol doesn’t want your tasty cock in her mouth. I love when your cum squirts in my mouth and slides down my throat. It makes me cum just thinking about it.”

Soon they were all getting a little tired and Ashley suggested they all break for lunch. They followed her to the house and her and Alan began to gather the fixings for a meal. It didn’t take long before Alan was chased out of the kitchen to rest while the women took over the kitchen duties.

It wasn’t long before they were all sitting back on the patio and quietly talking with full bellies. They were all still naked and Alan looked around and thought to himself, “How lucky can a guy be to have six beautiful naked women gathered around and be able to fuck any of them that I want.” The longer he sat there thinking those thoughts the more apparent his growing erection was becoming.

Susan finally said, “Okay cowboy, you have rested enough. I want that cock in me now so if you are going to fuck me stupid, you had better get moving.”

Alan got up and moved over to a lounge and lay on his back with his cock waving in the air. Susan came over and knelt at his side and began to lick the shaft of his cock and trace the veins from the bottom to the top. She sucked his balls and let the tip of her tongue tease his puckered ass hole before taking his cock into her mouth and getting it wet with her saliva. When it was sloppy wet she straddled his hips and aimed his cock at her pussy. She rubbed the tip up and down between her lips before dropping down to encase it in her hot wet tight cunt.

Alan reached and held her breasts as she rocked back and forth on his manhood. He tweaked her nipples and pulled her down for a long kiss.

Jenny said, “Okay, I can’t wait any longer. You can have his cock but I need his tongue now.”

With that she threw a leg over his head and lowered her teenage pussy to hover over his face. Alan smiled and raised his head enough to reach her pink lips and taste the juices that were already flowing from her love canal. She dropped down and he began to thrust his tongue into her cunt with the same rhythm as he pushed his cock into her sister’s cunt. The two sisters both began to moan and squirm on his body as they got more and more excited. His tongue battered at Jenny’s clit and he sucked her girl juice into his mouth. Susan lifted and lowered herself on his cock as she rode him. Alan could feel as Susan’s cunt walls began to tighten and draw him in. She rocked harder and faster as her orgasm began to take over her body and she screamed when she came. It was as if she had a seizure when she quivered and shook. His cum slammed into the back of her cunt in spurt after spurt of hot white liquid filled her cunt.

The sight of her sister cumming on his cock triggered Jenny’s orgasm and her cunt flooded Alan’s mouth with her sweet girl cum. He lapped and swallowed as much as he could as his face was bathed in her juices. Jenny trembled and jerked when she came and as she recovered she lifted and brought her face down to his in a passionate kiss that ended with her licking his face clean of her cum.

Alan was panting to catch his breath when Susan lifted off his cock and kneeling over his legs she began to lick and suck on his cock. She loved the taste of their combined cum mixed with the salty sweat of their bodies. Jenny jumped up and dropped to her knees behind her sister and drove her face between Susan’s legs and sucked Alan’s cum from her sister’s cunt. She lapped and dipped her fingers in to pull out the thick gobs of sperm. She ate her sister’s pussy and licked her thighs until they were clean of the combined juices.

Ashley laughed and said, “Damn ladies, I hope you leave enough for me tonight. I won’t be able to sleep unless I get a good load of that big cock.”

They all laughed except for Carol. She slipped away mumbling something about going for a walk. As she left, they all looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders.

Alan excused himself and went in to take a shower and left the women to talk and compare notes on his performance. After giving orgasms to five of the six women he decided after his shower he needed a nap.
It was early evening when he woke up. He pulled on a pair of shorts and a tee shirt and left his room. Susan and Jenny had gone home and the other four women were dressed and sitting around the living room watching a movie. He entered the room and dropped down by Ashley and gave her a big kiss. She snuggled up against his side and pulled his arm around her shoulders.

“Did you have a good nap baby?”

“Yea honey, I needed it.”

Ashley leaned up and whispered in his ear, “I love you baby. You make us all so happy.”

Alan looked down into her eyes and said, “I love you too sweetheart.”

Alan’s stomach growled and that was a signal for Ashley to head back to the kitchen to begin to prepare dinner. Mary and Paula went to help.

Carol got up and crossed to where Alan sat and asked, “Alan may I talk to you privately for a minute?”

“Sure, come on back to my office. We won’t be disturbed there.”

She followed him to his office and he directed her to a chair and he turned his desk chair to face her.

“What do you want to talk about?”

“I’m sorry about this afternoon. I don’t want you to think I’m some kind of prude or something. I have just never been in that kind of situation before.”

“Carol you don’t have to feel bad. I don’t want anyone to ever do anything they are not comfortable with. I don’t judge you and it’s not as if there wasn’t anyone else that wanted to fuck me.”

“But I did… do want to fuck you. I have just never given anyone a blowjob before. I didn’t want to screw it up and have everyone laugh at me.”

“Are you saying you want to try it?”

“I think I do but not in front of anyone else if that’s okay with you.”

“I understand and we can do it here if you want. Ashley knows that if my office door is closed not to disturb me. You are safe here and we can do anything you want.”

“Will you teach me how to give you a blowjob?”

“Okay, come over here and get on your knees.”

Alan had her open his shorts and lower them to the floor. He showed her how to hold his cock and instructed her to lick the shaft to get it wet. She looked at the thick rod in her hand and with just the tip of her tongue she explored the length of his cock. As she got more confident he told her to taste the precum from the tip. She dipped her finger into the growing puddle of liquid and touched it to her tongue. Satisfied that it didn’t taste bad, she began to lick the head and touch her lips to the slick head. It didn’t take long before her lips opened and she began to slide them down his cock. He cautioned her to only take as much as she felt comfortable with. He told her to go down as far as she could but to stop if she was going to choke. Carol started to move more confidently and take him deeper.

She drew back and asked, “Am I doing it right Alan?”

“You are doing fine Carol. Go ahead and continue. Just remember to keep your tongue moving along the shaft and lick around the head on the upstroke.”

Carol resumed sucking his cock and licking. She seemed to be enjoying being able to control the level of excitement Alan experienced. She speeded up and then slowed as she felt his orgasm approaching. She smiled up at Alan and he cautioned her that he was ready to cum. It was now time for Carol to decide what she was going to do when he begins to shoot his load. She hesitated and thought she would let him shoot in the air but when his first pulse of cum erupted she held him in her mouth. As he unloaded his balls into her mouth she began to swallow as fast as she could. His cum dripped out the corners of her mouth as his throbbing cock finished unloading his hot batch of baby juice. She let his cock slide from her lips and she giggled as she tried to retrieve the stray globs of cum. She lapped them up and sat back with a smile on her face.

“That was a lot more fun than I expected Alan. Your cum is just as tasty as the other girls said. Thank you for teaching me what I have been missing.”

Alan kissed her and said, “Now it is my turn to give you your reward for a job well done.”

He stood her up and removed her clothes. He guided her back into her chair and knelt between her legs. He pulled her bottom to the edge of the chair and began to trace her nether lips with the tip of his tongue. He dragged it from the bottom of her slit to the top and circled around her clit. He took her clit between his lips and sucked it while teasing it with his tongue. He moved back and buried his tongue as deep into her cunt as he could go. He sucked her juices and swallowed the thick liquid that he collected on his tongue. He spread her legs farther and lifted her until he could reach her puckered rosebud. He rimmed her ass and sucked the area between her ass and her pussy.

Carol writhed and bounced her hips as she tried to push his face deeper into her cunt. She cried out wordlessly as she felt a passion like she had never experienced in her life. She came hard into his mouth and he renewed his efforts as she recovered. He again pulled her clit into his mouth and danced his tongue across it driving Carol to another orgasm that had her trying to climb backwards as Alan held her to his face. She finally cried out enough as her third orgasm wracked her body and she pushed his head away.

Alan laughed at the look on her face and as she recovered she joined him in laughing. She fell into his arms and they shared a kiss as she was able to taste herself for the first time.

“Mmm… I taste pretty good.” She quipped, “I think I would like to taste your cock after you fucked my pussy. I bet we would taste pretty good together.”

Alan sat back in his chair and invited Carol to ride his again hard cock. She smiled at him as she straddled his lap and lowered her hot wet pussy onto his big cock. She rocked back and forth as Alan sucked at her nipples and bit them lightly. He ran his hands up her back and he nibbled at her neck. He teased her clit with his finger as she bucked against him. She rocked faster and faster as she pulled up and down on his long shaft. They matched their writhing bodies as their orgasms approached the tipping point. Alan felt his orgasm beginning to overcome him and he reached behind Carol and pushed a finger up her ass to the second knuckle. She exploded and he began to pump his cum deep into her clinging cunt. Their combined cum flooded from her cunt to flow down his balls into the crack of his ass pooling on the floor. Carol kissed Alan and dropped to her knees to taste her cum from his slippery dick. She licked and sucked up all of the cum she could find and didn’t stop until he was clean.

They dressed and as they left the office they were greeted by a smiling Ashley. She kissed Alan and winked at a blushing Carol as she told them that dinner was ready. They went to the dining room where the table was set and the other women were waiting.

After dinner they moved the party to the living room where the women had decided on a chick flick to watch. Alan and Ashley curled up together and cuddled on a sofa Alan could not resist letting his hands roam and fondle his sister’s treasures. He slipped his hand into her shirt and played with her nipples. She soon was laying with her head in his lap and she gave a contented sigh as she enjoyed the feel of his hands tenderly brushing her skin. When the movie ended they all decided to call it a night. The three women went to find their beds and Ashley pulled Alan to their room and undressed him. When she had him stripped she began to remove her own clothes and they walked into the shower. After bonding as they washed each other they made their way to their bed.

Alan and Ashley tenderly made love to each other through the night. They fondled and tasted and cuddled. They fell asleep and awakened to continue their pleasure. Alan and his sister never tired of expressing their love for each other. The morning sun found them with Ashley cradled in Alan’s arms with her head on his shoulder. He kissed her hair and then her lips when she looked up at him. They hugged for a while until Alan picked her up and carried her into the shower. Alan soaped her body and massaged her breasts until she was moaning his name and kissing him. He pushed her against the wall and holding her butt cheeks he lifted her enough that he could slip his turgid cock between her pussy lips and enter deeply into her cunt. He ground his body against her as he found her depths with his steel hard cock. He pounded her pussy and ravaged her tits with his mouth. She wrapped her legs around his hips and met him stroke for stroke. They came within a few seconds of each other and Ashley went limp as he held her up to prevent her from falling to the floor. After they had finished their shower and dressed they again joined their guests in the kitchen. It was almost noon and the three guests had eaten and gathered their belongings so they would be ready for Alan to drive them to their car. Ashley fixed herself and Alan a quick meal while he drank his coffee.

Alan said, “It’s too bad you ladies don’t have more time to spend with us. It has been fun having you.”

Paula replied, “Thank you for inviting us to share your home. I am actually glad that we can’t read a map. We have enjoyed being here and speaking for myself I have to say that I have not been fucked so thoroughly in my life and I will truly miss that big tasty cock of yours.”

The other two women seconded her statement.

Ashley gave them her phone number and said that perhaps they could get together again sometime. They all piled into Alan’s SUV with the camping equipment in back and Alan drove them to their vehicle. He kissed each of them goodbye and watched as they drove away.

Ashley gave her brother a hug and a kiss and told him that it was really nice of him to let the three women stay. He told her it was really nice of her to let him fuck all three of them.

Alan thought to himself, “Life has turned out to be really good on Lake Tannin”

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I have read each of these stories for the third or fourth time. I read good books or stories that are worthy several times. This is a good series. I will admit that the third part is a little far fetched is a wonder that Alan Dick didn't fall off but still a good story. I hope there are at least 8-10 parts due to the endless possibilities left open. Please don't let this one die here.

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lan was sitting on his patio one evening when he saw what looked like a camp fire at the other end of the lake. He put on some jeans and his shoes and strapped his pistol on his hip and began to walk around the lake to investigate. As he approached the end of the lake he could see a camp fire and a tent. He watched for a while to see who and how many were there. He heard female voices coming from the lake and saw a girl step out of the tent wearing shorts and a tee shirt. She called out to the others to come and help fix dinner.

A minute later two other girls came out of the water wearing bikinis and began to dry themselves off with their towels. Not seeing anyone else around Alan called out, “Hello the camp.”

He walked out of the darkness into the firelight and confronted the women.

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That scene where the guests "take turns" doing Alan is stupid

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Part 1 and 2 were really good, but this one is just a biiit too fantastic for me. Still not a bad read, though, probably an 8/10.

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